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  • 4 quakes in 5 different days show numerical counterclockwise
    7-based pattern

  • 28 SEP> Strong Volcanic Eruption Registered in Red Sea

  • 4 quakes in 5 different days show numerical counterclockwise
    7-based pattern
  • Nicaragua Volcano is 77th eruption this year and blows its lid on SEP 26th
  • Mexico City Mega Quake Overdue, expected to occur by the end of the year
  • Possible BIG ONE to hit California if pattern continues
  • Non-human intelligences behind quakes?
  • 7 Events Code Decoded: God is in control!


By Alexander Backman | |

“Beware the quakes of September.”—Alexander Backman, 2010

NOTE: A Special Video Update has been prepared for this post.

UPDATE>@11:50  SEP 30, 2013- Did you see the date on the recent mega underwater Volcanic Eruption from the Jebel Zubair Volcano?

Well, this eruption happened on 28 SEP 2013. This date, again, fulfills the 7-based pattern that I have uncovered on recent earth changes. That’s, count them, 5 SEVENS, four 7s that add up to 28, the date, and SEPTember having a SEVEN in its name. 7+7+7+7+7. This is a 5th 7. Two more to go.

Although it started erupting spewing out SO2 thus forming a new island in 2011, on Sep 28 2013, it had a massive eruption.  Read more here:

Amazing pictures show Red Sea volcanic eruption creates new land …

Strong submarine eruption of Jebel Zubair volcano, Red Sea

Curiously, Jebel means mountian in Arabic. Zubair stems fromt Urdu, and its means Iron and when it refers to people it means wise and strong. It is a diminutive of Zubrah, a small piece of iron, a brave and wise person.

So the Iron Mountain has erupted. Does that word mean anything to you? It should if you understand what the UN is doing to confiscate the guns of all Americans.

Curiously, the 7-base pattern of earth changes stopped after this even7.

Data below…. in Spanish

Thanks to Hecktor the Collecktor for this one!

SHORT UPDATE! @ 01.37 on SEP 28 2013 -A 6.8 reshock of the 7.7 MegaQuake that rocked Pakistan has occurred.

LONG UPDATE! @ 02:16AM on SEP 27-2013-You guys are not going to believe this, but for a 3rd day straight, the sequences of number 7s with regard to earth changes is continuing on Earth. As I reported, at least 3 major earthquakes, all containing the pattern of 7s, have jolted the planet. Here is the list:

Sep 24 – Pakistan 7.7°
Sep 25 – Peru 7.0° (USGS downgraded the quake because they are redacting the data at an administrative level, not at the scientific level.)
Sep 26 – Off the coast from the Chiapas-Guatemala border 6.1° (6+1=7)


And at the end of today, this headline from the Extinction Protocol blog site left me in total awe! Truly! I mean what are the odds of these events all being 7s. And now this happens…

Here is the headline:

77: Nicaragua’s Telica volcano shaken by violent explosion and eruption

Here is the image. Click to enlarge. I highlighted the important parts. So you can verify it for yourself.

I was like, what is that 77: doing there at the beginning of the headline? As I read below, one of the comments had this to say:

Cheryl F. Wright says:

September 26, 2013 at 4:55 am

Is that number 77 for the year?


And the Extinction Protocol administrator responded:

The Extinction Protocol says:

September 26, 2013 at 4:25 pm

77, yes. We have now tied the record for all of 2012, and still have three months remaining in the year. 78, when we include the eruption of the mud volcano off the southern coast of Pakistan. And to think many thought 2012 would be the year the world would end…

We’re just getting started


Again, here is the image as proof.

Read the last comment again. We already tied the record three months ahead of 2012! That means 25% more, surface eruptions have occured! More than 260 volcanoes are active and erupting intermitently. Mexico’s POPOcatepetl is about to blow according to a Government whsitleblower whom I met with personally in Mexico City 4 weeks ago. They know it is going to have a massive eruption and do not want to tell the people about it. READ MY REPORT HERE.

This is the confirmation that irrefutably says to anyone, no matter how Boolean and fuzzy the logic might be, that there is a definite sequence here and it is a driven or preprogrammed sequence based on the number SEVEN. Who or what is driving these events. I would venture by saying that it is not just some other advanced intelligence or entity, but GOD HIMSELF.

Before I elaborate, I would like to also add another event from yesterday, September 26 2013, which by the way, was also a 777 number date if we add all its components:

(2+6+2+0+1+3=14=7+7+SEP7ember=777 or 21)

In China, a swarm of HORNETS, as displayed on the headlines on the Extinction Protocol website attacked many people and killed… are you ready for this? The HORNETS killed 28 people. Is this the SIGN or code for the next series of SEVENS?

28 is also 7+7+7+7.

Take heed!

Also, it is 2×8=16=1+6=7.

Welcome to the HEPTA Revelation!

Also, this ‘understanding’ came to me… the HORNETS NEST is the unravelling of prophecy. Plagues are coming this way! The HORNed ETS… the HORNETS are a representatipn of the HORNed ETS coming this way! Now go read REVELATIONS 9 again on the Identity of these -‘LOCUSTS’ from the interdimensional underworld or HELL.

Question is, what will happen on SEPTember 27? It is a HEPTAVINTIMAL day, another word for 27 (999). And what about on SEPTember 28, an OCTAVENTIMAL day? If my ‘hunch’ serves me right—I do not like to call it a hunch, maybe my inner instinct or God-led intuition— we should see more Earth Changes related to these sequences and numbers.


Amazing! I feel almost like Nicholas Cage in the movie The Knowing, going nuts here with all these sequences and codes. The difference with him is that I am directly tapped into the SOURCE. Just like in the movie A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe where a genius who discovered Governing Dynamics, John Nash, a man who could just see CODE and understand it. Although in the movie, as sad as it may be, he was portrayed as a nutcase when in fact it has been proven that he could really talk to people from other parallel dimensions and see the codes while others could not.

Is anybody out there listening to what I am saying? Is anyone getting this?

Revelations 7 is about to begin unravelling. I feel this.


I just heard this phrase coming out of my heart as an absolute! You do not know how it feels to have your heart and mind explode with so much data at once!!! Or maybe you do.. My brain is insufficient to process all of this!


At least, I hope finally someone will begin to take me seriously when I saw I see these patterns unfolding. I know that there is an intelligence behind these even7s. In fact, there is whole story behind the last word I mistakenly wrote with a number 7 instead of a t. The word even7s was given to me by the Holy Spirit in Paris, California on January 7th, a Sabbath, while giving a training on conscious-dimensional-temporal awareness and how the human mind works through the subconscious and hyper conscious. This happened live! Right there in front of at least 14 people. I have witnesses that can back it up too! Cynthia Haas is one of them. The fact is that God revealed to me that a series of SEVEN EVEN7S would happen right before He would come to earth.

I wrote it on the digital whiteboard. The word EVEN7S. Immediately I got this BOOM! This instacognition! It is like an ABSOLUTE understanding of what this trigger word represents. I just knew! And here is the most amazing part of how God thinks and operates in all His inteligencia and magnificencia: The word in itself, EVEN7S is a sort of riddle, a code if you will.

Take away the letter and only the number 7 remains. Now, using the remaining letters try to spell one word. What word did you come up with?


Do you know understand what I am being shown? I thank the Lord Jesus Christ daily for this gift of revelation that He has given me.


I even made this wallpaper back when it all happened. Click on image for full resolution.

I think that these events have already begun. I might be wrong here. But who can tell me, in their right mind, that these 7-based events are random?

Also, that day in Paris, a man got saved, when he saw my license plate, he fell forward off his chair and passed out on the floor and started speaking uncontrollably from his subconscious asking Jesus Christ to forgive him. He shouted, ‘Please God, Please Jesus, forgive me, please forgive me!’ On and on… His glasses flew off his head when he hit the floor. I told everyone to leave him there. He was not here. Gone. As if he traveled to another world and was summoned before God. He came back eventually and was taken aback by the whole experience. What triggered him was my license plate, bit I asked him what had happened, he said that his license plate also ends in 777 and also his driver’s license! He provided this proof on that very evening.

Me and the man who got saved. His license plate also ends in 777 and his Driver’s License as well.

All these even7s in Paris happened at around 7 o’clock in the evening.

The license plate number I got from my current vehicle before nationalizing it was California plates 6HME777. In July 2011, another 7, Professor TRUTH ( and I met for four days in the majestic mountains of Washington State. We had so many numerical even7s and sequences, miracle after miracle, DNAs untangling, light-coupling, soul interfacing, that few on this planet could comprehend what I am explaining here. The sun was setting in the North on those days from the 1st to the 4th of July (14=7+7 and July is also a 7 thus equaling =777.) We visited and stayed at the small town of CLE ELUM (7 letters) to interview the Hekoya Medicine Man known as Red Elk. We spent 2 days with this wise man and he shared his wisdom and knowledge with us before we parted ways.

MY LICENSE PLATE: 6 is us falling into this world of flesh containers. HME represents HOME, HE+ME, “Greater is HE that is in ME than he that is in this world” says the Bible. And the 777! Notice the sticker with the year 2011 and the month of July, another 7. Professor Truth and I went to Washington on July 2011. I bought my vehicle in 2010. If you notice carefully, it shows even more numeric sequences of interest. For example, on the red sticker below the 2011, it says 8088154. Breaking it up we get: 8088 and 154. The 8088 is easy! It is a number sequence that means Jesus Christ in Greek gematria. And the 154, well, remember the 153 fish mentioned in the Gospels? This is what it is 153+1. That number 1 represent God, Jesus Christ who needs to always complete the equation. This pattern, God adding Himself to specific numbers, is in many numeric codes I have discovered.



But, that was not the real reason we were united in Cle Elum (7 letters), it was something much more transcendent that had to occur. Professor Truth is in the process of editing the video testimony of some of our experiences on that amazing trip at Mile 96 of a highway that God through His Holy Spirit directed us to go.

I will never forget what happened in Paris on that day. A miracle! That very day, more people came forward and had 7s associated with them. At least two person said they were born on July (7) 1977, 7777! Another man, the owner of the Locale, had just changed the oil in his truck and they told him to come back on July 7th. He even showed me the sticker they gave him. The receipt number they had given him also ended on 777. That day was amazing for me. I documented it. Here are some images from that historic day.

This man had the oil change sticker with the 777 on it given to him on that very day.

The 777 sticker

Reuniting the flock of Israel for Jesus Christ. me with a dear sister in Christ.

Me and Cynthia Haas, an eye-witness to what transpired on that incredible day.

The 777 group at Paris, CA on 1/7/2012.
To my left is the man that got saved and has a license plate ending in 777 and his driver’s license as well.

That is when the 7 thunders podcast I made for the Alexander Backman show was released.

This even7 was so amazing that I even went into my ‘A Brilliant Mind’ mode and started going into pure CODE. This is when I simply start connecting to IS… or ES as the Holy Spirit revelaed itself to me as the highest and most supreme form or expression of God Almighty. ES is the Espiritu Santo (ES). It IS beyond this reality, but IT IS! And IT IS OMNI in every way you can imagine. But that is another story that I might share one of these days. {In one of my phone conversations with an akin mind, Dr. Bill Deagle, a genius in his own mind, he knew exactly what I was talking about. He had also tapped into or was aware of this HIGHEST FORM OF INTELLIGENCE. The IS is ALL that IS and IT IS so much more than what we can ever comprehend. It is The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost all in ONE. It is the OMNIPRESENCE and OMNIEXISTENT God!

I have a very high Intelligence Quotient and can just break codes. Ever since I was a boy in Coronado, California where I grew up and attended Elementary school, I belong to a Government Program where, after school, men in suits would sometimes come by apart from our teacher, to monitor and give us, me and the others, these complex problems. Puzzles, number sequences, tridimensional puzzle pieces and complex riddles. I remember we would always be rewarded with special trips to see the Orcas, the dolphins and the pilot whales at Sea World in San Diego. These were private field trips just for us. Very VIP. That is where I really honed my senses and began to communicate with cetaceans.

Maybe one of these days I will share my amazing even quantum-entangled dimensional-defying experiences with these super advanced individuals in flesh bodies that are truly our brothers and sisters on this planet we call earth.

I know God Almighty is in total and full control of these events, all events for that matter. What is astonishing about this is the fact that we are closing the SEVENth month of the year if we are to respect the etymology by which SEPTember should go by: SEPT means 7 and OCT means 8.


(CRN® SEP 26 2013) – For a third consecutive day… 3 strong earthquakes have occurred around the world. This sudden uptick in the seismicity and strength of the temblors  is a clear sign of events to come.

To recap, on Sep 24, a 7.7° slip-fault megathrust quake jolted Pakistan creating a new island, something heralded by Edgar Cayce, Tibetan Monks and the Bible.

Mark 13:8 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.

Also, mind you, on the very next day, September 25, a strong 7.0° struck off the Southern Peruvian coastline generating a tsunami warning for the Pacific coastlines. The warning was downgraded.

At the time of this report, being September 26, a 6.1° quake hit off the coast of Chiapas Mexico waking up the residents in the region. No people are known to be hurt as of this moment and the extent of damage, if any, is uncertain.


There is a very clear pattern of numbers forming.

That’s 3 earthquakes off major coastlines in 3 recent days that all add up to a 7. (7+7+7=21).

But wait! There is more!


  • Pakistan was a 7.7!
  • Peru was a 7! On SEP 25 which is also a 7 (2+5)
  • Chiapas was a 6.1 (6+1=7)!

Almost as if this were a domino effect in a counterclockwise formation along the Pacific Ring of Fire..

This image collage I made from the Pakistan quake even shows a watermark over the image of the new isla that was formed off the Pakistani coast with what looks to be a 7 and a dot to the right of it. The point is the island and the 7 is the number-based sequence that interconnects all of these quakes.

Click Image to Enlarge

May I remind the readers that we are on the SEVENTH month. Yes, SEPTEMBER is a 7 too. Then OCTOBER… let’s just pray that we do not get 8+ magnitude quakes in OCTober…. because we would have to say it is all over… (Pun intended) Get it? OctOVER, the month when it’s all over. Someone also brought the ending EMBER as a suffix for SEPTEMBER.

A seismologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has warned since 2010 that a major quake along the Guerrero Gap off the Acapulco coast is already overdue. He has stated that he expects an 8.0° or greater Richter event any time now. This seismologist was sinced silenced and forced to retract his statement by the authoritarian and fascist ‘democracy’.

Another analyst has warned that there is a 98% probability for a megaquake in the same region that will occur before the year ends.

Random, Acts of God, or Premeditated Quakes?

It is eery almost to have these numerical patterns forming. Almost as if an intelligence was behind these events. Are these seemingly random events not just random at all but a sign from God? Or is there a more sinister agenda being played out?

They Are Here

Last year, in July specifically, a prestigious scientist, through a colleague of mine who is in contact with this scientist, reported that since February of 2012, a series of massive ships cloaking themselves entered the Earth’s atmosphere. We are talking motherships here people. I remember in one of the encrypted communications I held with this colleague that these ships entered the oceans of the world at distinct points. From what I can recall, some of these massive craft embedded themselves off the coasts of Guatemala and Chiapas Mexico, France, Alaska and I cannot recall where else. The point is that it was mentioned that these motherships where found to be connected with seismic events in these areas and that this scientist confirmed that the US GOV knows that the quakes are also being triggered by these hostile visitors. The scientist also confirmed on-the-ground confirmation, I mean, boots on the ground confirmation and visual of these motherships cloaking and uncloaking themselves over Alaskan skies. Lastly, it was also mentioned that the motherships began to birth many more ships under the water where they are still thought to be and cloaked.


To end this report, I expect, based on the intelligent pattern discovered, that the Counterclockwise motion of these quakes will inevitably lead to a major earthquake in the San Andreas Fault or along the Juan de Fuca plate off the Oregon and California coasts.

After all, it could be that pesky Red Dwarf system known as Planet X that Alex Jones simply won’t recognize as the CLEAR AND PRESENT THREAT that is driving all these Earth Changes and driving the economic collapse, the Elites going underground, and destroying his antiglobalist gun-ho ‘let’s save America’ egomaniac alternative media Jesuit-sponsored outlet.

Oh yes, Alex Jones, publicly denied the existence of X once again yesterday. And once again, this serves as evidence of he also being an asset fo the ones behind the globalists, the Jesuits. You know, the ones who control the more than 66 observatories around the world and have the LUCIFER double lens telescope in Arizona. Those Georgetown thugs that tell Mr. Jesuit Jones what he should not dare say.

©2013 All Rights Reserved to the author. CRN- Conciencia Radio Network®



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