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By Josey Wales (Reporter)
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X22Report: Government’s Secret Black Book On How Individuals Are Placed On The Terrorist List (Video)

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By Josey Wales

This is the most recent X22Report, it walks you through the latest economic reports and the facts you need to know that are being hidden from you.

The coming war that is taking shape but not being talked about. Funding for ISIS to over throw Syria and much more.

Consumer price index prints at the smallest possible increase. Really hourly wages are dropping and are not keeping up with inflation.

Retail chain stores sales declining.

Real estate imploding, loan gauge down once again.

Russia says it can sustain the ruble as the US central bankers try to crush their economy. Secret government rule book to put people on the terrorist watch list.

Gunmen shoot out in Canada, false flag event. Liberia will not be the guinea pig for the new ebola drug. US Aid helping fund the Islamic State.

Syria claims it destroyed the jets that the Islamic State captured. No need for a no fly zone.

Facebook is threatening to sue the government for setting up fake Facebook profiles, FB demands that all profiles be closed and all pages and groups be removed.

The government’s black book on how individuals are being placed on the terrorist watch list is near the 17 minute mark. You’ll be surprised at the criteria used to target someone, have you said negative comments on social media about the government or a political figure? Are you on the watch list?

All source links to the report can be found on the site.


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    • The Watcher

      A BIG chunk of that is ALL NON-WHITES!

    • Busta Myth

      lol, America has been turned in to the Vatican/Nazi/Amerikan Fourth Reich Twighlight Zone :twisted:

      Prescott Bush, wallstreet Banksters and the Vatican are the ones that funded Adolf Hitlers rise to power and gave him 60% of his money

      Even AFTER WW2 it was the Vatican that helped smuggled out loads of top Nazis and their loot through the Vatican Ratlines and the Vatican Bank and Prince Bilderterd Bernhart the “ex Nazi” Bank in Holland

      America HIRED about 100,000 Nazi War Criminals AFTER WW2 and gave them new identities and jobs in “Science”, the Military and Intelligence

      America HIRED Adolf Hitlers Intelligence crew AFTER WW2 including Reinhart Gehlen and Klaus Barbie aka the infamous Butcher of Lyon

      America HIRED the head of the Ukraine Nazis AFTER WW2

      America HIRED Adolf Hitlers Arab Nazis aka The Muslim Brotherhood AFTER WW2 and sent them to live in SAUDI ARABIA, it was those very same Arab Nazis that taught OSAMA BIN LADEN and then America hired OSAMA BIN LADEN and the SAUDI ARAB NAZIS to fight the commie russians in the first Afghanistan war

      America is now backing and arming Ukraine Nazi thugs to kill old men, women and children using German made Leopard Tanks and they are flattening villages, towns and cities in East Ukraine, not to mention it was a Ukraine Jet that shot the c rap out of the MALAYSIAN PASSENGER PLANE

      America is giving arms to so-called “moderate Muslim terrorists” in the Middle east and they are slaughtering both Muslims and Christians with them

      America has been giving guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels


      And these Insane WAR MONGERING F****RS have the nerve to call other decent people “Terrorists” …..WTH?

      What Nazi lover Bush must have meant to say was; “if you are NOT with OUR TERRORISTS…then you are a Terrorist !”

      What a bunch of SICK NAZI LOVING FREAKS :twisted:

      America’s Nazi Secrets by Ex US Justice Department Investigator John Loftus

      • why Me?

        Very, Very accurate information, Busta Myth
        Of course, the rest of the World thinks the united Fascist states of MILITARY TERROR are a BUNCH OF NAZI’S!
        Look at this country’s track record over just the last 60 years (since the Nazi’s arrived and were employed by the Federal government)!!!

        All fingers point to the united Fascist states of MILITARY TEROR as the HOARDING, WAR CRIMINAL that started the current Ebola Plague AND HAS RELEASED MILLIONS OF TONS OF RADIATION THROUGH THEIR USE (AND ISRA-hell’s use) OF Depleted Uranium Munitions!

        I have watched IN HORROR as the vast majority of you ameriiscums “volunteer”, “follow the orders” and kill on command like well conditioned ATTACK DOGS over the last 60+ years!

        These repulsive, hypnotized, so-called “human beings” CALLED “christians” in the united Fascist states of MILITARY TERROR have killed 30 million people since WW2!

        Your “free” country has started 201 of 248 armed conflicts since the end of WW2.

        Your “country”, brain-washed from birth ameriiiscums, has started 81% of all “wars”, and HAVE KILLED 30 million people SO FAR, JUST SINCE 1950 AND LATER!

        You and your “country” MAKE Nazi’s look like “kindergarteners”!

        You are all succulent KILLERS, for christ, of course!
        AND YOU ULTRA-VIOLENT “LUNATICS” actually “think” “you” are “the good guys”!

        They (christo-LOONS) are the “willing” Cannon Fodder for every war their EVIL country has waged!

        AND THESE ULTRA-VIOLENT “LUNATICS” actually “think” “christians” are “the good guys”!

        Let’s talk about something “christians”, as a group, do very well!

        KILLING, under the guise of WAR!

        Boy, just listening to the marketing/advertising directed to the ameriiiscum chris0creep sums up their brain-washed “morality”!

        Here are “phrases” that SELL in their warped country!

        WAR ON DRUGS



        WAR ON GANGS

        WAR ON christians (a recent BIN headline…………..HAHAHAHAHA)

        WAR ON “this, that, and the other thing”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Just beyond “redemption”, the vast majority of the ameriiiscum chris0creeps located within the united Fascist states of MILITARY
        TERROR (that “christians take credit for “creating” and “fashioning” to the form they wanted)!!!!!!


        What group WILLINGLY sent their “all volunteer” military to attack ANOTHER defenseless country (Iraq, a former ally) and kill over 900,000 civilians, radiate the county, as well as their OWN precious “heroes” with Depleted Uranium Munitions, and still whine about 4,000 of their dead “heroes” “buying the farm”?

        Answer: U.S. Christians!

        What group WILLINGLY and merrily (they see it as their “duty”) sends their OWN CHILDREN off to any foreign DEFENSELESS country to kill, rape, pillage and plunder?

        Answer: U.S. Christians!

        What group is like a “trained attack dog” ready to “kill on the command” of their very evil leaders?

        Answer: U.S. Christians!

        What group is willing to let their tax dollars be used to KILL, KILL, KILL?

        Example: Defenseless rice farmers with NO navy and NO air force, that ON COMMAND, they killed 3,000,000 of them in a 10 year time frame, while still whining about the 58,000 DEAD “heroes” that “their side” lost during the Viet Nam Massacre?

        Answer: U.S. Christians!

        What group has attacked SO MANY COUNTRIES since 1980 that they cannot name them all?

        Example: Here is the list: The United States, officially a secular nation but predominantly Christian, attacked;
        El Salvador (1980), Libya (1981), Sinai (1982), Lebanon (1982 1983), Egypt (1983), Grenada (1983), Honduras (1983), Chad (1983), Persian Gulf (1984), Libya (1986), Bolivia (1986), Iran (1987), Persian Gulf (1987), Kuwait (1987), Iran (1988), Honduras (1988), Panama (1988), Libya (1989), Panama (1989), Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru (1989), Philippines (1989), Panama (1989-1990), Liberia (1990), Saudi Arabia (1990), Iraq (1991), Zaire (1991), Sierra Leone (1992), Somalia (1992), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993 to present), Macedonia (1993), Haiti (1994), Macedonia (1994), Bosnia (1995), Liberia (1996), Central African Republic (1996), Albania (1997), Congo/Gabon (1997), Sierra Leon (1997), Cambodia (1997), Iraq (1998), Guinea/Bissau (1998), Kenya/Tanzania (1998 to 1999), Afghanistan/Sudan (1998), Liberia (1998), East Timor (1999), Serbia (1999), Sierra Leon (2000), Yemen (2000), East Timor (2000), Afghanistan (2001 to present), Yemen (2002), Philippines (2002) , Cote d’Ivoire (2002), Iraq (2003 to present), Liberia (2003), Georgia/Djibouti (2003), Haiti (2004), Georgia/Djibouti/Kenya/Ethiopia/Yemen/Eritrea War on Terror (2004), Pakistan drone attacks (2004 to present), Somalia (2007), South Ossetia/Georgia (2008), Syria (2008), Yemen (2009), Haiti (2010), etc. etc. etc. etc.

        Answer: U.S. Christians!

        What group says that “they are peaceful”, and worship the “prince of peace”?

        Answer: U.S. Christians!

        What group HOARDS more money, resources and PRIVATE PROPERTY than any other in the U.S. by creating favorable Tax laws for their “very selfish” selves, like 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-except status awarded to their perverted “churches”?

        Answer: U.S. Christians!

        What group could have provided HEALTH CARE FREE FOR ALL if they were NOT WAR-MONGERING maniacs?

        Answer: U.S. Christians!

        Let’s sing a U.S. Christian favorite Sunday Hymn together!

        They have sung this one since back when their war-like cult, evil ancestors where conducting the Crusades in Europe, where the evil religion sprang from some 1,600 years ago!

        Onward, Christian HOARDER!

        Marching off to War (Yes, AGAIN)!

        And with this battering ram cross

        I’ll come knockin down your door.

        Rape your wife, enslave your kids,

        OH, WHAT FUN IT IS!

        And at the end of the day,

        I’ll go to confession, HEY, HEY, HEY!

        And I’ll go to heaven, ANYWAY!

        End the privileged existence of Christians in the U.S., and real prosperity and good health will go to ALL!

        OUTLAW Christianity in the U.S., and WAR WILL END!

        • deano

          Well said! However, you must be specific> the JESUITS…The Society of Jesus (IHS)

          Illuminati= Jesuits….. Freemasons=Jesuits…… Skull & Bones=Jesuits….Opus Dei=Jesuits


          SMITHSONIAN. The same logo as the > JESUITS

          Rhodes Scholarships are ZIONist sponsored.(Rothschild) The Jewish Bankers of the>JESUITS

          ***Wikipedia any NWO ,Military or Political Leader, & you can be assured he went to a JESUIT College (groomed) & then a JESUIT University(trained). The EMERITU Professors (semi-retired) still call the shots, just like EMERITU Bishops of the ……………….guess?

          Google the ALUMNI(graduates)> Dick Cheney,Bush,Nepolitano,Eagleberger,ASTRONAUTS,….

          The 1st RULE of OBEDIENCE. Loyalty to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

          Mary(mother of GOD) rose in body to Heaven………….??Bless her Sacred Heart & wings?

      • Anonymous

        You sir. Are correct.

    • ichabodcrane

      It should be all military personal!

    • sean

      Facebook is threatening to sue the government for setting up fake Facebook profiles, FB demands that all profiles be closed and all pages and groups be removed. :lol: :lol: :lol: who does anyone think created FB to begin with :lol: :lol: :lol: Bill Gates from his Garage :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Anonymous

      Bill Gates never created anything.

    • NWO for Dummies.

      “……….intending to influence government policy.” puts you on a terrorist list according to the “document”……well its about time all those lobby groups in Washington were targeted.
      Now we will get a government that looks out for the people instead of lobby groups :!: ….or did I read that wrong :?: :lol:

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