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The Economic Collapse and the start of the Tribulation

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The Economic Collapse and the start of the Tribulation

    I have written a couple articles in the past about similar subjects and today I felt like the Lord was leading me to write another one.  While we can probably not stop what is coming in the near future, I feel like my duty as a Christian is too try and warn people of what is happening, so they can hopefully get at least somewhat prepared spiritually and physically.  The people who are prepared and understand what is going on will be better off when these events start to take place.  I am certainly not the only one out there saying these things and my articles are just a small part in a sea of literature that is available. The literature stretches through the entire political, religious, and moral perspectives of people on this earth.  I figure if just one person can read an article I have written and while that person may not agree with everything I say, they can at least come to the conclusion that something is not right and maybe a little preparing is necessary, but most importantly if that person gives their life over to Christ it is well worth it.  Even the mainstream news has a hard time hiding that fact that we are now in perilous times, although they try their best.  I truly believe there is very little time left in this country until things start to unravel, like they are doing in much of the world.  Although, I get most of my information from multiple sources around the internet, I try to write these articles as opinion pieces.  The reason is because I do not like reading articles with dozens of links to go too, which makes it sometimes overwhelming for the average reader.  I only will site things if it is a specific quote or information from some kind of exclusive source, but if it is general information that comes from multiple sources, than you can do the research and easily look up where it came from.  My main purpose is to try and write articles, which put the larger puzzle together so readers can understand the magnitude of what we are facing.  I find that most of the information on the internet is specific to one aspect of the puzzle, but people have a hard time connecting the dots and there is so much information out there good and bad, that it is overwhelming.  Most people do not have the amount of time available to put the big picture together.  

    If we first look at the US economy, we see a sort of illusion that has developed over the years that everything is fine and the collapse we faced in 2008-2009 is over.  The main stream media and the government want us to believe that we are on the rebound.  Nothing could be further from the truth as I see it.  I believe in 2008-2009 we experienced the complete collapse of the economy, but the PTB were able to come in and put us on life support for another 7 years.  In March of 2009 after the markets were down over 50 percent from their highs a few years before, the Federal Reserve and the central banks of the world started printing trillions of dollars and injecting it into the system in order to keep the economy from fully going to zero essentially.  For all intents and purposes the economy was dead and was not coming back at that point, but with some money injections the Fed stabilized things and after a year or two a very modest rebound started.  In some areas the rebound has been substantial and things are quite a bit better than they were, while in others things are still in horrible shape. I live on the Front Range in Colorado and it is hard convincing anyone around here that things are still on the brink of collapse, because the economy is doing fairly well.  Also in places like Texas, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Montana, and some other states where oil is plentiful the economy has done quite well over the last 6-7 years, but in places like the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and parts of the West Coast it is not so rosy.

   Anyway, while the government and the MSM tell us that unemployment is at 5.5 percent the reality is it is not.  The 5.5 percent number is just people on unemployment insurance and does not include the millions that have exhausted their benefits, but still do not have a job.  If you look at numbers like the U6 unemployment, the labor force participation rate, gallups survey of unemployment, and John Williams shadow stats numbers you will see that unemployment is much higher than is being reported.  There are now over 93 million people between the ages of 16-65 that are not in the labor force.  While some of those people are still in school and others may have retired early, that number has skyrocketed by over 17 million people since 2008 and many of those people just don’t have a job, but would like one.  While John Williams still calculates unemployment the way it was done before it was changed in the 90s, his estimate the last time I checked was around 23 percent, when you include all the part time and discouraged workers who only have part time jobs, but need full time in order to fully sustain themselves.  Also we have over 46 million people who are on food stamps, something like 50 million who are living in poverty, 12 million on full disability, 1.3 trillion in student loan debt, an 18.1 trillion dollar national debt, over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and over 300 trillion in derivative contracts.  Because Congress passed the so called Cromnibus bill late last year the American tax payers are responsible for these derivatives if the market falls apart.   Looking at all these numbers together paints a scary picture of our economy.  The main reason we have not had hyperinflation yet, even though trillions have been pumped into the system is because the US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency, but even that is changing quickly.  With the recent rise of the BRICS nation’s coalition and the decline of the west, more and more countries are moving away from the US dollar.  They are headed towards the east and starting to trade in the Chinese Yuan.  Pretty soon the US dollar will not be considered the world’s reserve currency anymore and as countries dump their dollars a financial tsunami will hit the US and also affect the entire world.

   You might be asking what about the housing market?  While the housing market has made somewhat of a recovery over recent years the main reason for that is because of near zero interest rates from the fed, which is the only reason some average people can afford a home at all.  We see that the stock markets completely freak out whenever there is a rumor that Fed is about to raise interest rates, because they know that when rates start to go back up the housing market will completely implode again.  We know that the expensive homes are selling very well and many are paid for with cash.  Much of that is due to foreigners and investment people buying these homes who can afford to pay 2-4 million dollars in cash for a house.  I do not know any middle class family that has millions of dollars lying around.  Because of the tighter lending standards that were put in after the financial collapse of 2008-2009 middle class families have a hard time putting 20 percent down on an average 200-400K house.  While some are still buying because of low interest rates, the reality is overall the market is not as good as it once was.  The 1 million dollar plus homes greatly distorts things, because if you sell a 2 dollar million home for instance it is the equivalent of selling 5 or 6 average middle class homes.  So while the money might be coming in for the high priced homes the amount of structures, being sold is still a lot lower then back in the early 2000s when everything was booming.  As soon as the interest rates start to rise, the housing market will go back down the drain and the American economy will falter again.  I believe we are in the final economic cycle for this country before the whole thing falls apart and the total reset of the system happens.  I am certainly not an expert on housing, but this is just the way I see it right now.

   If you put all this together with my recent articles about the Shemitah, blood moons, what is going on in Middle East, and across the world the puzzle starts to become clearer.  Things seem to be escalating every day and not for the better. The Middle East is on fire, we still have the situation in Ukraine, the economy is still on the brink of collapse, the worst drought in the history of California, and Fukushima is still destroying the entire Pacific Ocean, which no one is even talking about anymore.  We have a situation that can spiral out of control at any time and I don’t think the elite can hold the system together much longer.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I believe that a possible scenario could take place over the next several months, which will bring us to the start of the tribulation period.   The following is a possible scenario (although I am certainly not saying this is going to happen for sure) of what could unfold from now through September of this year.

   First, we are currently in the middle of the Blood Moon Tetrad cycle, which has only happened four times in the last 500 years.  What I mean by this is that we have 4 blood moons that are taking place in a row, all on Jewish Feast Days.  The last 3 times this has happened was in 1967-1968, 1947-1948, and 1492-1493.  While I will not go through all the events that happened during the last 3 times this phenomenon has occurred, I will say if you want to learn more please check out the work of Mark Blitz and John Hagee. They have both written books and Hagee came out with a movie recently about all this.  In addition to the blood moons we are also in the middle of Shemitah year, which is very interesting as well.  To find out more information on this, please read the work of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.  Also a good back round too all this is in Jonathan Cahn’s previous book called the Harbingers as well which all ties together.

    While all this is happening we also see in the Middle East that everything is falling apart.  There are several wars going on all at once and while the politics of it all are very complicated, the main thing to keep in mind is that all these Muslim groups want to destroy Israel and the West in some way, shape, or form.  The groups disagree on how to do this and they have centuries old scores to settle, which is why we have complete chaos.  I believe at some point these terrorist and different factions will loosely unite with the goal of attacking Israel rather than killing themselves.  This may happen very soon like within the next few months.  I believe that there is high probability that a major Muslim attack will come on Israel, sometime this summer possible during the 9th of Av or July 25-26th.  Israel will retaliate of course and may take out the nuclear plants in Iran at that time.  Also if Israel feels like they are about to be overrun they will not hesitate to use the Sampson Option and fire the nukes at the invading armies.   If this happens millions will die instantly and it will be much worse, then what happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of World War II.  With millions dead and the world in complete shock this could be the time that the antichrist has been waiting for to come onto the world scene.  I believe that the current pope could be the false prophet and together these two will rise to power very quickly.

    The antichrist will immediately call for some kind of cease fire between the Arab nations and Israel, which everyone will agree too at the time.  A couple of months will go by and the antichrist will be working on a more permanent peace deal in the Middle East.  In the middle of September at the end of the Shemitah year the US economy will collapse throwing everything into complete chaos again.  The pope is already scheduled to be in the US in the middle of September and will speak in front of Congress and the UN while he is here.  According to what I have read the pope is supposed to call for some kind of new economic order when he is speaking before the UN.  He is also supposed to meet with many of the worlds religious leaders in trying to come up with a One World Religion.  I do not believe that when this one world religion comes together that all the other religions are just going to disappear, but the UN already has a sort of world religious governing council and each major religion will have representatives there.  This council will have the final say in religious disputes and will promote the idea of Universalism, meaning essentially that if you do more good than bad throughout your life that you will go to heaven anyway.  Any type of lifestyle is fine as long as you are not hurting others.  This is the doctrine that many religions are already promoting and adopting throughout the world as we speak.  Of course there is one religion or doctrine that will not agree with this and that is the true Christians who believe that there is only one way to heaven. True Christians believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and that he died on the cross to forgive us of our sins.  Once this One World Religious system is set up the Christians will be prosecuted for believing that there is only one way to heaven and that any other way is not valid.  If you do not believe this will happen, just take a look at what is happening in the Middle East every day with ISIS and the other terrorist groups. They are killing Christians just because they are Christians and do not believe in the Islamic doctrine.

   Going back to my theory, we will first see a major war in the Middle East, followed by a nuclear attack by Israel on the invading armies, then the antichrist will rise to power and negotiate some kind of cease fire.  In September as the rest of the economy completely implodes the pope will come, probably with the antichrist and proclaim a new economic order.  This will be embraced by most people, because they will see that the current system is falling apart.  Around September 28th the finished peace treaty will be signed by Israel and the Arab Nations, which will evenly divide up Jerusalem and let the Jewish people, start to build their third temple.  When all this happens you will know that the 7 year tribulation period has begun and the world will go down the path to the final battle between good and evil, at least for the next thousand years.  After the peace treaty is signed the Jewish people will be encouraged and allowed to return to their homeland, because they will be able to live in peace with the Arabs for the next 7 years at least.  Of course this will be promoted by the antichrist, because he will want all the Jews to be in the same place, which will make them easier to destroy later on in the tribulation.  After that the rest of the tribulation period will play out just as it says in the bible.

    Will all this happen as I have described only God knows for sure, but I think it is a real possibility.  If this or a similar scenario happens now or at some later time, we do know it is going to take place at some point so everyone needs to get prepared both spiritually and physically as best they can.  I believe the world is about to change in a major way and very soon, but most people do not and will be completely unprepared for what is about to happen.  Please do not believe me, but do your own research and see what conclusions you come up with.  Do not just listen to the 5 o clock news and believe everything they are telling you.  Read some books and internet articles, but most importantly read the bible and even if you are unsure about its content or are of another religion you can read it as a historical book and compare what it says to what is happening on the earth right now.  I think most people will come to the conclusion that what is predicted in the bible has either come true already, is happening now, or will happen in the near future.

   My last words are after you do some research of your own and if you come to the same or similar conclusions as me, please get your heart right with the living God and accept him into your heart.  Once you do you will realize that there is nothing to fear, because he will be with you always.  If you die tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or 50 years from now you will know without a shadow of a doubt where you are going next. 



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