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Dr. John Rohner announcement: President Bill Clinton and Senator Harry Reid agree to fund Inteligentry

Thursday, August 9, 2012 11:07
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Dr. John Rohner, holder of two top secret PhD’s from MIT and  the President/Treasurer/Director of Inteligentry/Plasmerg along with his wife Margret C Rohner who is the secretary has Issued a newly released report that President Bill Clinton and Senator Harry Reid have agree to promote the discoveries of Dr. Rohner’s companies. In addition, Dr. Rohner states that President Clinton and Senator Reid have agreed to order the IRS and other federal and state bureaus to investigate all of his competitors.

In regards to Dr. Rohner’s presentation reportedly made at  Clean Energy Summit 5 held in Las Vegas on August 7,  the two are claiming to have had extensive discussions with Senator Harry Reid and President Bill Clinton who they now feel free to affectionately refer to as “Bill and Harry”.  Apparently they were not only receptive to Dr. Rohner’s presentation, but will be meeting with him next week to facilitate the movement of his operations into some “REAL” well-funded labs.

By Dr. Rohner’s statements,  Senator Reid and President Clinton were shown a video of the Rohner Group’s (a competitor) Tesla Tech presentation made just last week. Apparently, at this time Dr. Rohner also presented the two with private corporate documents belonging to his competitors. Dr. Rohner goes on to say that after viewing these videos and documents, Senator Reid and President Clinton agreed that there was hanky-panky involved as well as possible bribery and other form of incompetence displayed by an employee.  Dr. Rohner says he presented these men with evidence that money under the table had been paid,  taxes were evaded, and money laundered. He also charged that this key figure had prevented SRI from joining with Inteligentry in the engine research. According to Dr Rohner, the result of this delay has denied the world his astounding though unseen and unverified technology for over three years.  Dr. Rohner states that Senator Reid has promised to order a complete investigation of the matter and will direct the IRS to do the same.

As yet, none of this story has been verified and we are attempting to obtain comments from Senator Reid’s and President Clinton’s staff on the authenticity of these claims and when they will be meeting with Dr. Rohner next week.  We will provide addition information as it becomes available and plan to attend the meeting if given the time and place.

Senator Harry Reid      522 Hart Senate Office Bldg • Washington, DC 20510 Phone: 202-224-3542•

President Bill Clinton     55 W. 125th Street, New York, NY 10027, Phone: 212-348-8882

As a footnote to this report, Dr. Rohner points out that even though he lost his voting rights as a convicted felon that he has had them somehow reinstated. Congratulation and the point being…

From JP Rohner post:

As to Bill and Harry they were very receptive to our engine, as were many others at the show.

We passed out over 800 of our fliers and have had to reorder business cards because we are

almost empty.  I hear you had no such things for your One day at the 3 day event.

Meetings with them next week for moving the project into several “well funded” REAL labs

to continue. They also were provided your video presentation and McKumbrees comments and

lack of understanding and the “fact” his lab gets government grants, yet 15 years later, and

according to your spread sheets, from CEI, has been paid “under the table”, since Stanford

has no record of such, an average of $60K per year, probably, he knows nothing. Reid plans

to look at that facilities cost and “lack” of taking a project like ours “independent” and if

Mckumbree had any influence in their not doing it. I did explain it was “simple” to define

and could have been developed there years ago. I hope I helped him out. They also will be

having the IRS look into CEI and it’s scams and “money laundering”. It’s good to know

senators. FYI, I can most certainly vote. Some things even you do not know.


The possibility exists that Dr. Rohner is actually quite sick and dellusional, For that reason the balance of this post will not be presented. Dr. Rohner’s post  went on  to accuse his brother Bob of murdering his brother Tom by exposing him to Thorium ( a relatively harmless radioactive substance ) along with the help of a doctor friend. 

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  • Anonymous

    This is, as his claim that the USPTO, us patent office, sterling, I and My lawyer were in a conspiracy, Pure BS (Bob Speak). Totally false reporting. Inteligentry did attend the Summit
    and the presentations from Both men. Any public disclosure of anything else has never happened by anyone form the company. As stated above they were very receptive and supportive of Clean energy, in any form.
    The rest6 has to do with the fact that Bob was so embarrassed at the “Tesla” convention that he did not stay for Saturday or Sunday, just ran home to mama. (FACT).
    It is also a fact that the CEI member, and good DR. stated he has been working with Bob on this for 15 years, see video, and he is supposedly a member of a institute that is publicly funded under Stanford university. (Also a FACT from his mouth). What will be with that fact is not my business.
    Bob had also stated he was at this same Summit, yet he was not seen nor is on any register.
    As to him Killing my brother Tom I only equated the fact that the “Radioactive” elements he subjected Tom to are known to cause the same cancer that killed tom and asked the natural question.
    This like his former post here is all fantasy and Bob Speak (BS)
    As the head of the Rohner family I apologize for the Addict behavior of my Brother. He does have that problem.

  • the rear guard

    The above is a word for word quote from Dr. Rohner’s about his and Inteligentry/Plasmerg’s activities at the Clean Energy Summit. After calling the post a fake, Dr. Rohner go on to discuss his accusations of murder he presented on the same post. Hardly a coincidence. Whether Dr. Rohner likes or dislikes another presentation made at another show by another company has no relevance. We are still awaiting a response from the offices of Senator Reid and President Clinton.

  • the rear guard

    As a follow-up:

    Despite his earlier claims, Dr Rohner/Inteligentry now clearly admits to lying about any formal presentation being made at the Clean Energy Summit. “we did not have a booth there”.

    In a new statement he goes on to say: “We were at both Clinton’s and Reid’s talks….. Both are planning to have some form of conversation, probably by staffers, with us soon.” What remains unclear from his new postings is whether the proposed meeting next week, promises of funded labs, and IRS involvement were simply additional lies or not. Is he still claiming to have had intimate discussions with “Bill and Harry”?

    Perhaps the proposed meeting or the use of the IRS as a personal harassment tool were intended to be conducted secretly, however, both would be a gross illegal use of power by Senator Reid and President Clinton. As of yet, we have not received a response from the either politician. This matter will not be allowed to drop. Our government representatives cannot be allowed to conduct themselves in such a gestapo-like manner.

  • the rear guard

    Another Follow-up

    In their newest post, Dr. Rohner / Inteligentry are now admitting they were lying about
    having a meeting scheduled for next week with Senator Reid and President Clinton. They now state that nothing should happen in this regard until December.

    Also in this latest post is a new claim that “Harry” Senator Reid is making some sort of secret deal have President Obama visit them. It is not clear if President Obama is “on board” with Senator Reid and President Clinton’s plans to target Dr. Rohners competition with the IRS and other federal agencies. We have added President Obama and Fox news to our mailing list for answers. Does the gross abuse of power reach clear to the top??

    The Dr. Rohner/Inteligentry/Plasmerg post reads in full: ” Do we expect much will happen between now and our public showing in December? NO. But after that we do. So we do know there are unfounded reports that one of this countries best presidents is coming to visit us and Harry is “on board” these are conjecture of something that may happen, or not.
    We are NOT sleeping with the enemy nor are we charming the snake. YET!!
    We were the only representative of our technology there, also contrary to published reports by a “unnamed” person.”

    • Anonymous

      This whole report is a fantasy created by one Robert Rohner, the rear guard guarding his rear, trying to make silk from his crap. Evidently he does not know anything about the best president we have had lately, before Georgie Jr cam and damn near bankrupted us and the “Tea Beggars” made Washington useless. We all know how much WMD was found in Iraq, ZERO.
      So he is trying to convince you that these polititians are bad and thus we are bad because we might work with them.
      HE made up this whole story.
      Please go to to read the REAL story. Bob also stated he was at this show, but no one of my people or the shows people saw him, and then he decided he was coming to Vegas last Friday to beat me up, never showed. It is just more of his addict behavior.
      Oh and don’t forget he already got on here and stated that I and the USPTO were in a collusion to defraud the government because they published MY patent.
      He drinks a lot..

      As the head of the Rohner family I apologize for the addict behavior, lies etc.of my poor brother and feel sad he needs to do it.

  • the rear guard

    Dr. Rohner(Anonymous) continues to claim as false, quotes taken word-word from his self-proclaimed REAL sources. He continues to utter unrelated mumbo-jumbo having nothing to do with the REAL story at hand. My political views or his is certainly irrelevant to this story and hardly newsworthy.

    Can’t Dr. Rohner, chief of Inteligentry/Plasmerg/Plasmic/PTP, simply respond both directly and coherently to the facts as presented? Did he or did he not say: “They” (Bill and Harry) “also will be having the IRS look into CEI and it’s scams and “money laundering” It’s good to know senators.”?. Is this exact quote somehow a made-up fantasy? Does Dr. Rohner believe the IRS is a pawn to be directed against his competitors by Senator Reid and President Clinton? Is there any other interpretation possible?

    When pushed, Dr. Rohner has already admitted to lying twice about the story. There was NO presentation at the Clean Energy Seminar. There was NO “meetings with them next week for moving the project into several “well funded” REAL labs”. As the story emerges,
    it is highly probable more lies will emerge.

    Just perhaps, Dr Rohner and his wife simply “made up this whole story.”!!! We will see.

    • Anonymous

      The Rear guard, or rather Robert J Rohner using our late brother Toms company as a cover, Is still spouting Bob Speak (BS). He will tell you that getting radioactive elements on you is “safe” yet one he uses is proven to cause “Pancreatic Cancer” even in LAB clothed persons. Keep also in Mind that my youngest brother Tom died from this same “Pancreatic Cancer” and he was subjected to it by Bob for some time. But It is “SAFE”?

      Whether we work with Clinton or Reid is immaterial to anyone with any brains. Fact is we have taken space at the Power Gen Show in Orlando, FL Dec 11-13 to show off our new technology, patented, engines and after 33 years of trying and millions of dollars collected from “investors” he has a popper that is years from being close to what we do.

      We do hope he does make his engine run as we will get royalties from every one. We have the patents. It is this problem he is trying to solve by posting these unfounded “news” stories.

      As the head of the Rohner family I apologize for the addict behavior, lies etc.of my poor brother and feel sad he needs to do it.

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