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Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace (1)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2014.01.08 Nigeria Kano 3 12 Boko Haram is suspected of spraying a rival mosque with bullets, killing three worshippers.
2014.01.07 Iraq Jurf al-Sakhar 4 0 A child is among four people killed when al-Qaeda set off a bomb at a house.
2014.01.07 Iraq Baghdad 12 0 Muslim fundamentalists shoot a dozen sinners to death at a brothel.
2014.01.07 Pakistan Karachi 6 0 Sunni fundamentalists cut the throats of six Sufis for visiting a shrine.
2014.01.06 Nigeria Riyom 30 25 Thirty villagers are massacred by Fulani raiders.
2014.01.06 Pakistan Hangu 1 2 A 14-year-old boy bleeds to death following a suicide bombing at his school.
2014.01.05 Iraq Adhaim 6 0 al-Qaeda gunmen summarily execute six civilians.
2014.01.04 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A man drinking tea at a shop is shot three times in the head by Muslim terrorists.
2014.01.03 Egypt Cairo 1 0 Muslim Brotherhood activists shoot dead a man who ‘yelled insults’ from the window of his house.
2014.01.02 Lebanon Beirut 5 77 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber takes out five people outside a restaurant.
2014.01.02 Kenya Mombasa 0 10 Fundamentalists are suspected of throwing a grenade into a pool hall.
2014.01.02 Iraq Balad Ruz 19 37 Nineteen people at a car dealership are pulled into pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.01.02 Iraq Latifiya 5 9 Muslim militants wipe out five shoppers at a market with a well-planted bomb.
2014.01.02 Thailand Yala 1 0 Muslim ‘separatists’ shoot a civilian to death.
2014.01.02 Yemen Aden 1 0 A man is gunned down by al-Qaeda.
2014.01.02 DRC North Kivu 3 0 Foreign Islamists kill three local soldiers.
2014.01.01 Somalia Mogadishu 20 30 A suicide blast outside a hotel leaves twenty dead.
2014.01.01 Pakistan Quetta 3 31 A bus carrying Shia pilgrims is hit by Sunni suicide bomber, leaving three dead.
2014.01.01 Iraq Tarmiya 4 12 Sunni radicals storm a police station and kill four officers.
2014.01.01 Iraq Rutba 2 7 A suicide bomber murders two Iraqis.
2013.12.31 Yemen Aden 4 3 Fedayeen suicide car bombers strike a police station, killing at least four.
2013.12.31 Pakistan Peshawar 3 4 Children are among the casualties of a bomb blast in a residential area.
2013.12.31 Nigeria Maikatako 2 16 Fulani gunmen fire into a church during a New Years Eve service, killing two worshippers.
2013.12.31 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Islamic terrorists storm a home and shoot a married couple to death.
2013.12.31 Philippines Basilan 6 6 An Abu Sayyaf group is thought responsible for a vicious attack on a New Year’s Eve party that leaves a half-dozen dead.
2013.12.31 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 Sunnis murder two Shia with a bomb mounted on a truck.
2013.12.31 Iraq Baghdad 4 0 ‘Insurgents’ fire mortars into a housing project, killing four innocents.
2013.12.31 Iraq Baghdad 7 7 Seven residents of a Shiite neighborhood are dismantled by al-Qaeda bombs.
2013.12.31 Egypt Ain Shams 1 0 Muslim Brotherhood members shoot a young Christian in the head outside a church.
2013.12.30 Pakistan Pashtunabad 0 2 A woman and child are hurt when terrorists throw a hand grenade at a polio team.
2013.12.30 Pakistan Charsadda 3 1 Suspected Islamists plant a bomb inside a home which kills a woman and her two children.
2013.12.30 Russia Volgograd 16 35 A bus is blown up by a suicide bomber, leaving at least sixteen dead commuters.
2013.12.30 Iraq Baiji 2 9 A man and his son are murdered by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.12.30 Dagestan Khasavyurt 2 5 An Islamist IED takes the lives of two passersby.
2013.12.30 Pakistan Rawalpindi 2 1 Two guards outside a Shia mosque are taken down by Sunni rivals.
2013.12.30 Iraq Mosul 4 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four bystanders.
2013.12.29 Iraq Abu Ghraib 6 6 al-Qaeda shooting and bombing attacks leave six dead.
2013.12.29 Pakistan Karachi 5 2 Five Shia are shot to death in two separate attacks by dedicated Sunnis.
2013.12.29 Iraq Garma 4 10 Islamic militants kill four Iraqis in a shooting attack.
2013.12.29 Nigeria Kwajffa 4 0 Boko Haram shoot four people to death at a Christian village.
2013.12.29 Iraq Mosul 5 3 A child is among five people who bleed to death following two Mujahideen bombings.
2013.12.29 Iraq Mosul 8 13 A suicide bomber takes out eight Iraqis.
2013.12.29 Russia Volgograd 18 51 Children are among the casualties when a female suicide bomber detonates at a train station, killing at least eighteen.
2013.12.28 Pakistan Peshawar 1 1 Fundamentalists shoot a polio worker to death at a clinic where children are being immunized.
2013.12.28 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Sunni radicals fire on a rival religious scholar, killing two of his guards.
2013.12.28 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim ‘separatists’ shoot a 5-year-old girl in the head.
2013.12.28 Pakistan Nowshera 2 0 An 18-year-old girl and 22-year-old man are shot to death by her conservative family for an ‘illicit’ relationship.
2013.12.28 Afghanistan Nawagai 1 1 The Taliban fire a rocket into a village, killing a local.
2013.12.28 Nigeria Tashan Alede 8 3 Pro-Sharia advocates storm a bachelor party and randomly shoot guests.
2013.12.27 Lebanon Beirut 7 70 Hezbollah assassinates a former minister and six others with a car bomb.
2013.12.27 Afghanistan Kabul 3 7 A suicide bomber attacks a NATO convoy, killing three.
2013.12.27 Somalia Mogadishu 11 7 Islamists plant a bomb in a restaurant that kills seven patrons.
2013.12.27 Russia Pyatigorsk 3 0 Islamic militants detonate a car bomb that takes three lives.
2013.12.26 Iraq Mosul 2 1 ‘Insurgents’ invade a home and riddle a family with bullets.
2013.12.26 Egypt Cairo 1 3 Suspected Islamists kill one person with a bomb attack on a bus.
2013.12.26 Iraq Baghdad 3 50 Three Iranian dissidents were killed during a targeted Shia attack.
2013.12.26 Yemen Hadramawt 3 0 Three local soldiers are machine-gunned point-blank by al-Qaeda.
2013.12.26 Iraq Diyala 4 0 Four Iraqis are kidnapped from their homes and murdered by terrorists.
2013.12.25 Pakistan Karachi 4 23 Two teens are among four persons killed in separate bomb blasts.
2013.12.25 Dagestan Mutsalaul 1 2 A family is attacked for selling alcohol. Fundamentalists manage to kill an 11-year-old girl.
2013.12.25 Iraq Baghdad 11 21 Holy Warriors target a market in a Christian area, killing at least eleven patrons in two blasts.
2013.12.25 Iraq Baghdad 26 38 Over two dozen innocents outside a Catholic church are massacred by Religion of Peace bombers.
2013.12.25 Afghanistan Logar 6 13 Six people are killed when Islamic extremists detonate a bicycle bomb outside a humanitarian aid office.
2013.12.25 Thailand Yala 1 3 A 58-year-old civilian is shot to death outside a mosque by Islamic ‘insurgents’.
2013.12.25 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Jihadi bombers murder four people at a soccer field.
2013.12.25 Iraq Balad 8 13 A bomb near a playground leaves eight dead.
2013.12.25 Iraq Tal Afar 1 17 Bombs targeting Shia pilgrims leave at least one dead.
2013.12.24 Iraq Bartala 2 17 Two Shia pilgrims are sent to Allah by Sunni bombers.
2013.12.24 Iraq Tikrit 5 18 A suicide bombing is one of several that leave five dead Iraqis.
2013.12.24 Israel Nachal Oz 1 0 A civilian is picked off across the border by a Palestinian sniper.
2013.12.24 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two brothers are gunned down by Mujahid.
2013.12.23 Egypt Cairo 16 100 A suicide bomber detonates at a police station, ending over a dozen lives in horrible fashion.
2013.12.23 Iraq Tikrit 5 5 Five journalists are killed during an al-Qaeda suicide assault on their office.
2013.12.23 Dagestan Tsuntinsky 4 0 Four people, including a border guard, are taken out by pro-Caliphate gunmen.
2013.12.23 Thailand Yala 1 3 A 12-year-old is among the casualties of a terrorist shooting.
2013.12.23 Iraq Baqubah 3 6 Three commuters are shot to death by al-Qaeda.
2013.12.23 Iraq Baghdad 3 9 Three Shiites are blown to bits by Sunni bombers at a market.
2013.12.23 Iraq Baghdad 2 9 Islamic militants open fire on a bus, killing three passengers.
2013.12.23 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Islamists are suspected in the torture and murder of three kidnapped members of a secular-leaning party.
2013.12.23 Iraq Tikrit 4 0 Four college students are murdered by Mujahid gunmen.
2013.12.22 Libya Aguiria 13 3 Thirteen people are pulled into pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.12.22 Nigeria Chanchu 2 4 A 4-year-old is among two villagers shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2013.12.22 Iraq Baghdad 13 34 A university student is among thirteen people shot to death by Mujahideen.
2013.12.22 Thailand Songkhla 0 27 Muslim ‘insurgents’ detonate a car bomb outside a hotel.
2013.12.22 Syria Homs 7 0 Terrorists snag five schoolchildren and two others with a car bomb.
2013.12.21 Pakistan Jamrud 1 0 A polio worker is machine-gunned in his clinic by Muslim radicals.
2013.12.21 Iraq Rutba 18 32 Eighteen Iraqis soldiers are killed during an al-Qaeda ambush.
2013.12.21 Syria Aleppo 5 8 Women and children are killed by an Islamist mortar attack on a residential neighborhood.
2013.12.21 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim assassins shoot a man in the back of the head as he is eating lunch.
2013.12.21 Iraq Shirqat 6 5 Mujahideen kill six Iraqis with two bombs.
2013.12.21 Iraq Hawija 5 6 Five people, including an old woman, are dismantled by a Sunni bomb blast at their home.
2013.12.21 Iraq Latifiya 3 6 Three Shiite pilgrims are sent straight to Allah by terrorists.
2013.12.21 Syria Daraa 12 10 Twelve people are reported killed when Islamists shell a church distributing aid to the needy.
2013.12.20 Iraq Hawija 6 0 Six young men are pulled out of their homes and executed by suspected al-Qaeda.
2013.12.20 Pakistan Karachi 2 25 Two people lose their lives to a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.12.20 Iraq Tuz Khurmato 12 31 A vicious double-bombing at a livestock market shreds a dozen patrons.
2013.12.20 Iraq Tuz Khurmato 4 5 A sectarian bombing at a cemetery leaves four dead.
2013.12.20 Nigeria Bama 20 12 Twenty people, including women and children, are killed during a raid by a pro-Caliphate group.
2013.12.20 Pakistan Mauripur 2 24 The Taliban is thought responsible for a bombing that leaves two dead.
2013.12.19 Thailand Beaver Ridge WV Canaan 1 0 A 52-year-old Buddhist woman is cut down outside her home by Muslim gunmen.
2013.12.19 Iraq Baghdad 17 35 Seventeen Shia pilgrims on foot are blown to bits by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2013.12.19 Nigeria Mubi 22 24 Nearly two dozen people are killed when Boko Haram militants storm a market.
2013.12.19 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 61-year-old man is murdered by Muslim ‘separatists’ yards away from his family.
2013.12.19 Iraq Abu Ghraib 5 0 A family of five, including three children are exterminated in their home by al-Qaeda.
2013.12.19 Iraq Yusifiyah 8 32 A Fedayeen suicide bomber strikes a tent holding Shia pilgrims, taking out at least eight.
2013.12.19 Libya Benghazi 2 0 Ansar al-Sharia is suspected in the beheading of one local and the shooting of another.
2013.12.19 Iraq Latifiya 9 23 Nine Shiite pilgrims on foot are sent straight to Allah by the Sunni brothers.
2013.12.19 Yemen Kitaf 9 6 Nine people are killed when religious Sunni and Shia clash.
2013.12.19 Pakistan Bahawalpur 1 1 A Shia leader is gunned down by sectarian Jihadis.
2013.12.18 Somalia Afgoye 6 1 Six fully-trained doctors are pulled out of their vehicle and summarily executed.
2013.12.18 Pakistan Karachi 0 2 A female suicide bomber detonates too early while trying to enter a rival mosque.
2013.12.18 Afghanistan Torkahm 1 5 One Afghani is killed during a Taliban attack.
2013.12.18 Afghanistan Landikotal 6 8 Six local soldiers are machine-gunned at a terminal by Islamic extremists.
2013.12.18 Pakistan Miranshah 5 34 At least five are killed by a Fedayeen suicide car-bomber.
2013.12.18 Iran Saravan 3 0 Jaish al-Adl take out three Shiites with a roadside bomb.
2013.12.18 Iraq Samarrah 3 12 Three Shia pilgrims are sent to the great beyond by their Sunni co-religionists.
2013.12.18 Kenya Diani 1 0 Islamists gun down a rival cleric.
2013.12.18 Iraq Samarrah 1 1 A Shia child is machine-gunned by Sunni terrorists.
2013.12.18 Iraq Khalis 6 15 A suicide bomber attacks a Shia procession, killing six pilgrims.
2013.12.18 Iraq Hamdiya 2 5 Two Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.12.17 Kenya Malindi 1 0 A man is kidnapped and beheaded by religious radicals.
2013.12.17 Pakistan Rawalpindi 4 13 A suicide bomber detonates at a rival mosque, sending four ‘apostates’ to Allah.
2013.12.17 Pakistan Kurram 3 2 Sectarian Jihadis take the lives of three civilians with a roadside bomb.
2013.12.17 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 3 A group of Islamists open fire on police, killing one.
2013.12.17 Iraq Mahmoudiya 6 16 A half-dozen Shia pilgrims are exterminated by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2013.12.17 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Four Shiite pilgrims are laid out by Sunni car bombers.
2013.12.17 Iraq Baghdad 3 14 A Sunni hurls a grenade at a group of Shia pilgrims, killing three.
2013.12.17 Pakistan Miranshah 0 29 A series of Religion of Peace blasts leave twenty-nine in agony.
2013.12.17 Nigeria Gwol 6 4 Four very young children are among a family of Christians massacred in their own home by Fulani militants.
2013.12.16 Iraq Tikrit 2 7 Two civilians are blown to bits by three Shahid suicide bombers.
2013.12.16 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist bread vendor is murdered by suspected ‘insurgents’.
2013.12.16 Pakistan Peshawar 4 1 Terrorists remotely detonate a bomb while it is being examined. Four disposal experts are killed in the blast.
2013.12.16 China Kashgar 2 0 Two policemen are reportedly beaten to death by a Muslim mob.
2013.12.16 Iraq Mosul 12 8 al-Qaeda gunmen board a bus and summarily execute a dozen Shiite pilgrims.
2013.12.16 Iraq Rashid 23 55 Two dozen pilgrims are sent straight to Allah by a brutal Sunni double car-bombing.
2013.12.16 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 Another healthcare professional is murdered by suspected Islamists.
2013.12.16 Iraq Beiji 8 5 Four Fedayeen suicide bombers kill eight local policemen.
2013.12.16 Iraq Baghdad 6 12 An al-Qaeda car bomb at a parking lot produces six dead Iraqis.
2013.12.16 Iraq Baghdad 4 11 Terrorists take out four shoppers at an outdoor market.
2013.12.16 Egypt Cairo 1 0 Muslim Brotherhood supporters slit the throat of a cab driver.
2013.12.16 Iraq Baghdad 4 14 A bloody bomb attack on a bus station by Islamists leaves four dead.
2013.12.16 Iraq Baghdad 5 14 Five people in a residential neighborhood are reduced to pulp by Islamic bombers.
2013.12.15 Afghanistan Nangarhar 4 7 Taliban bombers take down four Afghans.
2013.12.15 Afghanistan Kunar 4 1 Four civilians are pulled into pieces by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.12.15 Somalia Elbur 1 0 Pro-Sharia activists kidnap and murder a tribal elder.
2013.12.15 Iraq Baghdad 9 27 Sunnis take out nine Shiites with two bombs.
2013.12.15 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Fundamentalists shoot a female TV host to death.
2013.12.15 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 A Buddhist couple in their 60′s are shot to death by Muslim ‘separatists’.
2013.12.15 Iraq Khanaqin 5 0 Three Shia children and their parents are exterminated by Sunni bombers.
2013.12.15 Libya Sidon 1 3 A suicide bomber steps out of a car and kills a Lebanese soldier at a checkpoint.
2013.12.15 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A prominent Shia cleric is assassinated by Sunni rivals.
2013.12.15 Bangladesh Nilphamari 5 50 Islami Chhatra Shibir kill five rivals.
2013.12.15 Libya Benghazi 1 0 A man dies an agonizing death in the aftermath of an Ansar al-Sharia car bombing.
2013.12.15 Israel Rosh Hanikra 1 0 A Hezbollah sniper shoots an IDF soldier across the border.
2013.12.14 Kenya Nairobi 6 24 Islamic militants toss a grenade at a mini-bus, killing six passengers.
2013.12.14 Mali Kidal 2 5 Two UN troops guarding a bank are wiped out by a suicide bomber.
2013.12.14 Iraq Baghdad 5 14 Five shoppers at a market are sectionalized by Jihadi car bombers.
2013.12.14 Iraq Husseiniyah 2 7 Two patrons at a restaurant are disassembled in mid-bite by a Sunni bomb blast.
2013.12.14 CAR Bangui 1 0 A Bible translator is shot and killed by Christian-seeking Muslims.
2013.12.14 Iraq Baghdad 7 16 Seven Shiite pilgrims are sent straight to Allah by their Sunni brothers.
2013.12.14 Syria Atmeh 3 0 Three secular Sunnis are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic Front.
2013.12.14 Nigeria Arboko 4 0 Islamists attack a Christian village, slaughtering four inhabitants and burning on-hundred homes.
2013.12.14 DRC North Kivu 21 3 ADF-Nalu terrorists massacre twenty-one villagers, including children.
2013.12.13 Pakistan Jamrud 1 0 A medical worker is shot to death by religious fundamentalists.
2013.12.13 Syria Adra 80 0 At least eighty ordinary Shiites are executed by Sunni radicals over a two-day spree.
2013.12.13 Iraq Imam Wais 18 6 Eighteen oil workers are massacred by Islamic militants at a pipeline.
2013.12.13 Pakistan Swabi 2 0 Four gunmen murder two guards providing security for polio workers.
2013.12.13 Iraq Madaen 6 18 A half-dozen people lose their lives to a Mujahid car bomb.
2013.12.13 Iraq Ramadi 5 7 A suicide bomber sends five other souls to Allah.
2013.12.13 Iraq Bahgdad 5 14 Jihadi car bombers aerate five Iraqis.
2013.12.13 Bangladesh Satkhira 2 0 Jamaat-e-Islami militants hack a man to death and gun down a kindergarten student.
2013.12.13 Pakistan Faisalabad 1 0 A 35-year-old single woman is beaten to death on suspicion of having sexual relations.
2013.12.12 Egypt Ismailiya 1 35 A bomb planted by religious radicals leaves one dead.
2013.12.12 Thailand Pattani 1 8 Muslim ‘separatists’ shoot a villager and set off a bomb at a school.
2013.12.12 Syria Gevere 4 0 Islamists butcher four villagers who came to negotiate with them, cutting off ears and noses.
2013.12.12 Pakistan Miranshah 2 7 Islamic militants murder two security personnel.
2013.12.12 Somalia Baidoa 10 9 Gunmen ‘chanting religious slogans’ shoot up a small town.
2013.12.12 Iraq Tarmiya 5 13 Five Iraqis are sectionalized by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.12.12 Bangladesh Satkhira 2 0 Islami Chhatra Shibi radicals stab two men to death.
2013.12.12 Pakistan Spinwam 4 0 Ansar-ul-Mujahideen murder four locals with a roadside bomb.
2013.12.11 Nigeria Borno 9 3 Pro-Sharia activists attack random cars on the highway, slitting the throats of nine travelers.
2013.12.11 Thailand Pattai 4 17 Four local cops are taken out by a roadside bomb.
2013.12.11 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Quran teacher is shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2013.12.11 India Srinagar 1 1 Two local soldiers guarding a highway are machine-gunned by Muslim militants.
2013.12.11 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A mob murders a man for wrapping fruit in pages from the Quran.
2013.12.11 Thailand Yala 1 0 Suspected Muslim ‘insurgents’ murder a man on his way to work.
2013.12.11 Iraq Madaen 17 11 A father and son murdered by al-Qaeda are among seventeen Iraqis taken out in various attacks.
2013.12.10 Bangladesh Gazipur 2 0 A young woman and her 7-year-old daughter are burned to a crisp when Islami Chhatra Shibir radicals set fire to their lorry.
2013.12.10 Kenya Garissa 8 0 Eight Kenyans are killed when al-Shabaab militants spray a car with automatic weapons.
2013.12.10 Iraq Baqubah 11 19 Eleven worshippers at a Shiite mosque are exterminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.12.10 Iraq Baqubah 7 0 Seven Shia shepherds are murdered in cold blood by Sunni extremists.
2013.12.10 Iraq Abara 7 0 Seven Sunni construction workers are shot to death by Mujahideen.
2013.12.10 Iraq Diyala 6 0 Six family members are torn to pieces by Mujahid bombers while preparing for a funeral.
2013.12.09 Afghanistan Saripul 3 1 A Taliban bomb produces three dead children.
2013.12.09 Dagestan Khasavyurt 1 0 A security official is picked off by suspected Hizb Ut-Tahrir.
2013.12.09 Afghanistan Badghis 6 3 A half dozen family members are crushed to death in their home by a Taliban rocket.
2013.12.09 Syria Idlib 1 0 An oil vendor is executed by Islamists for ‘blasphemy’.
2013.12.09 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 0 Jamaat-e-Islami gun down a 55-year-old man.
2013.12.09 Iraq Baghdad 3 7 Three patrons at a Shia market are laid out by Sunni bombers.
2013.12.09 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Two Iraqis are taken out by al-Qaeda bombers.
2013.12.09 Iraq Buhriz 12 24 A brutal bomb blast at a cafe kills a dozen patrons.
2013.12.09 Bangladesh Bogra 1 0 A college professor is stabbed to death by Jamaat-e-Islami students.

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