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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Malaysia Plane CoverUp: Passengers' Cell Phones Ringing, GPS Information Kept Secret

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“Mystery” has turned to “Coverup” regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, to the point that relations are outraged with officials for refusing to disclose what they know, especially after authorities tightened security around the hotel where the loved ones are, keeping them more in the dark, from the rest of the world.


Outrage over the Malaysia Airlines missing jet coverup and resulted in family members throwing objects at officials because they are hiding information learned about the plane that vanished three days ago. 


Angry family members threw water bottles at an MAS spokesman and threatened to protest in front of the Malaysian embassy in China if the airline did not “disclose” the “truth,” according to International Business Times.


Chinese media reports several of the passengers’ mobile phones were connecting when called by relatives, but the calls were not picked up.


“This morning, around 11:40 [am], I called my older brother’s number twice, and I got the ringing tone,” said Bian Liangwei, sister of one of the passengers. At 2:00 pm, Bian called again and heard it ringing again.


“If I could get through, the police could locate the position, and there’s a chance he could still be alive.”


She has passed on the number to Malaysia Airlines and the Chinese police.



“The world is speculating whether the stolen passport holders were terrorists,” while Interpol asks why only a handful of countries world-wide took care to ensure persons possessing stolen passports are not boarding international flights, said Ronald Noble, secretary-general of Interpol on Sunday.


Relatives of the passengers are urging the authorities to search for the location of phones that rang using the Global Positioning System.


At a press conference in Beijing, however, MAS spokesman Ignatius Ong said one of the numbers that had been passed on to the airline’s command office in Kuala Lumpur failed to get through.


“I myself have called the number five times while the airline’s command centre also called the number. We got no answering tone,” said Ong.


A phone company in Singapore that was investigating this number said the number was out of credit. But that’s only one phone. Numerous relations have provided cell phone numbers of loved ones that they said ring when dialed. reported 19 families signed a joint statement saying their family members’ cell phones connected, but the calls hung up. Relatives have asked Malaysia Airlines to reveal any information they might be hiding, seeking an explanation for the eerie phone connections. The relatives have complained that the Malaysia Airlines is not responding as actively as it should.



Debris and oil not from plane



As officials waited to test receovered debris thought to possibly be from the  missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane, secuirty tightened at the hotel where family and other loved ones of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 passengers have agonized over 48 hours. 



Authorities tightened security yesterday morning at Everly Hotel outside Kuala Lumpur where families of passengers on missing plane continued their painful watch for news of loved ones and officials withheld from them the possibility that debris found was from the jet.


Late Sunday night, a Vietnamese search and rescue plane spotted possible fragments of the missing plane around 50 miles south-southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu island. Malaysia Airlines said late Sunday it had received no confirmation regarding the suspected debris. Volunteer workers in the Everly Hotel say Malaysia Airlines has not yet told the families about the sighted debris.  Just as well, because it was another false alarm. Same with the oil slick spotted. According to fingerprints, the oil is not from the missing plane.


”We also don’t know,” said one member of Malaysia Airlines’ crisis management team. “It has not been confirmed (as Flight MH370 debris),” he said.


“A Malaysian team of investigators stands ready to travel to Vietnam or the crash site,” Gaurav Raghuvanshi reports from livestreaming. “But it’s waiting for a ‘positive’ confirmation, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director general of Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation told The Wall Street Journal on Monday.” 


Authorities in Vietnam claimed seeing parts such as life jackets and a door lining. It’s been confirmed, however, that those objects were not from the missing Boeing 777-200 jet that  went off the radar over the Gulf of Thailand 


“We don’t know if anything has been recovered,” Mr. Azharuddin said, adding that his department is in constant touch with authorities in Vietnam. 


Making matters worse, at 11.19 A.M. Malaysian time, the Associated Press reported that  Vietnam said it could not locate the debris spotted from the air Sunday. Doan Huu Gia, chief of the search and rescue coordination center, said Monday that six planes and seven ships from Vietnam were searching for the object in the area where the possible plane parts were spotted but nothing had been found.


Ships and aircraft from over six nations including Malaysia, the U.S. and Singapore are scouring a wide area in the South China Sea where the plane was last seen on radar.


Meanwhile, 20 passengers on the missing plane are world-class electronic geeks for a major Defense contracting company that specializing in such things as weapons that disappear planes and ships for the battlefield.


They are employed by a company designing and manufacturing cutting edge electronic weaponry for the Department of Defense. Such weaponry includes those making it possible to vanish planes off the radar, as Deborah Dupré reported this weekend in the article, Malaysia Plane Hidden With Electronic Weaponry? 20 High-Tech EW Defense Passengers.


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    • paul brown

      If they were over the South China Sea when contact was lost, debris in the Gulf of Thailand could only be from this flight if it had turned around, I believe.


        HOAX ALERT: This the real story. Don’t bother with the trolls…

        Hijacked? Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 May Be Used In Chinese 9/11-Style Attack on U.S.


        • Earl Scheib

          No, the real story is that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 diverted to the Ukraine to pick up a stock pile of gold.

        • bdn

          The problem with your theory is that real planes weren’t used in the 9-11 attacks. Real planes have engines and wheels that would have been found on the ground, black boxes and every part labeled with a serial numbers showing it went that plane. Yet we have NONE of that stuff from any of the 4 flights of 9-11.

          Get informed about 9-11 the info is out there in overwhelming abundance.

        • LifeIs

          djfxw landing gear found (A) not seen, in Manhattan, in 12 years time (B) found in 2013 (C) with rope tied to it — the rope used to lower it into place.

        • bdn

          11 years later and with the serial numbers how convenient. How gullible are we all? And where is the same at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania? Where are the seats?

          djfxw = government Internet minder shill. Pathetic.


      Geeks. I bet you they are playing the fool.

      • ed

        Yep a whole bunch of them. The truth is when an airplane goes in to the Water the Black box
        (really Orange) sets off an under water beacon that ping a signal and it can then be found from the Radio Frequency from the beacon. No One seems to be talking about it.

    • Who dat

      Interesting story, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a cover up, it’s not the The USA this time, they have millions of planes sat in the desert, they wouldn’t need a stolen one, they still have the two that were supposed to have hit the twin towers and the one that allegedly hit the pentagon.

      • Faye

        Now what sound plausible to me … is that the four people using stolen pass ports and those plus twenty people on board the plane said to be involved in cutting edge electric technology … may have in their knowledge of technology activated an electrical charged field around the craft causing it to vanish from one sky position and land in some other location on the planet …

        which reminded me of that TV show last year where some human aliens were holding the president family hostage and to demonstrate their power, made a plan vanish from the skies just before crashing and landed it on some unknown island ..

    • Anonymous

      Comet Ison hit that plane and the lizard aliens ate the passengers. I detected this from the brain waves of Susan Ducklos, who is busy writing a huge FEEEEER POOOORN© article at this moment. AAAARRRGHHHHHHHH!

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Authorities will only start the search when the phones no longer ring…. so probably in about 6 months or so…. or in their time frame especially Chinese; probably in 2057 AD

    • Light

      An interesting event.

      This appears to be primarily about the accessibility and control over certain high technology that is extremely advanced by modern standards.

      The two Govt.s involved in this “engineered vanishing” are currently in negotiation, communication and reconciliation between these politically and militarily powerful forces.

      And, of course there is always the potential that these two powerful forces might lose control and move into greater conflict and create even more mysterious events but that does not appear to be the case in this situation.

      The primary plan now, from their perspective, is to defuse and negotiate and come to some kind of reconciliation so that a working relationship can continue.

      Congratulations Deborah on your intuitive hunches, as this appears to be one of your supportive skills that can and often does guide you closer to the truth.

      Keep up the good work as it appears that you are respected and admired by many here and also in your daily interactions.

      P.S. Look to the latter part of March 2014, around the 22nd – 25th. for more secret activities being spotlighted, involving Banks and a new monetary system that is already in place. This of course, is not a ‘guaranteed’ event merely a strong plan or ‘potential’ event being determined by those “Powers That Be” and whether or not they ‘feel ready’ to implement this engineered event or not.

      With respect…


      • Central Scrutinizer

        “P.S. Look to the latter part of March 2014, around the 22nd – 25th. for more secret activities being spotlighted, involving Banks and a new monetary system that is already in place. This of course, is not a ‘guaranteed’ event merely a strong plan or ‘potential’ event being determined by those “Powers That Be” and whether or not they ‘feel ready’ to implement this engineered event or not”.

        Nice out you took there Zippy. Post a “date” of impending doom, walk it back by saying it’s not a real guarantee, and then sum it all up by saying that the “Grand Puppeteers” pulling the “real” strings ….. may .. or .. may not .. call the plan into action. Thereby you are guaranteed to be “prophetic” no matter the final outcome.

        Well played, Zippy, well played. :razz:

        • Mike Rotchurts

          exactly as I may or may not write this post it may or may not be posted and may or may not be read by you in 2 days lol

    • Esther

      Whatever this turns out out to be, the actions of the airlines is cruel to the families. What they are doing is unconscionable.

    • Manichee

      :idea: The next thing you will hear is that it must of entered some thing like the Burmuda Triangle cause everything disappears in one? Well they got to come up with something cause what they are telling you now is BS

      • greyface

        The area that the flight vanished IS in an area similar to the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea.'s_Sea

        • DIgnified

          You’re about 1500 miles off. Malaysia, which is where the plane departed from, disappeared before Vietnam (by official accounts), which is the next country it would have come to on it’s flight path. A full 1400+ miles away from Japan; the ‘devils sea’ is located to it’s south.

    • Manichee This sounds just about right what happened to flight MH370,

    • Norm D. Plume

      How high above the ground does a nuclear weapon need to be, in order to set off a catastrophic EMP?

      Imagine this scenario:

      A jumbo jet with its transponder turned off, enters US airspace. It does not respond, in English, to hails from US air traffic control. The pilot sounds panicked, but cannot be understood, and does not speak English.

      Fighters are scrambled, to take a look. They see that it is this “missing” Malay jet.

      Will the President give the order to shoot?

    • Alan

      Wait a minute, you dont need to get through, theres a connection gps already locked, for it to ring… :neutral:

      • Deborah Dupre

        But not if its underwater, right?
        The thing that sounds odd is an official claiming to try one of 19 cell phones, nobody answers, so he says the phones give no clues:
        “At a press conference in Beijing, however, MAS spokesman Ignatius Ong said one of the numbers that had been passed on to the airline’s command office in Kuala Lumpur failed to get through….”
        What about the other 18?

        • Alan

          The phone situation is obviously outright highly questionable, and completely none excusable, very enlightening post…

    • Greg Mitchell

      You got it all wrong. The plane had two North Korean intelligence agency agents onboard with fake passports and the Chinese government helped them to return to NK because of their classified top secret mission.

      China used their AWACS system airplane to block all transmission to the airliner and from it, and stealth it from radar contact, making it “disappear”. Two chinese J-20 stealth fighters escorted, or forced th plane to land on a North Vietnamese military airport.

      I have radio conversation transcripts of this posted to me by a chinese Falung Gong favoring military official, and I am going to post the documents online here in 24 hours.

      The transcript clearly indicates the AWACS and fighter plane discussions and confirmaton of a safe landing of the airliner.

      After you have seen that,it might just change your opinion.


      • Grinandbearit

        Looking forward to seeing your documents.

        • skwirl78

          dont hold your breathe…all hot air

    • LifeIs

      The amazing amount of disinformation about this plane — accusations against Iran, North Korea, Muslims in general, China — tells you someone brought down the plane, and it wasn’t the people named.

      We’ve even gotten an SA-7 story. Though SA-7 MANPADS could not get within 6 miles
      of an airliner cruising at 35,000 feet.

      Air France 447 – in 2009 – reported reaching 35,000 feet, before they lost the ability
      to transmit. And their instruments failed. “I have no valid readings” was one of the last things said, on the cockpit voice recorder.

      And Air France 447 disappeared into the ocean. Like Malaysian Flight 370.

      • Greg Mitchell

        See my comment above yours, Lifels. I am posting the documents in 20 hours from now. Can you bare to wait that long before you shoot around blind foldedly?


        • LifeIs

          Greg, excuse me for just a moment,

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

          There. Back now. Ah, no, I’m not going to wait for “transcripts” of “radio conversations.”

          For one thing, I can’t read Chinese. For another thing, the destination of Malaysian Flight 370 was BEIJING. In CHINA.

          If China wanted to help North Koreans get home, all they had to do is wait for it to land. In CHINA. From there, the mythical agents could fly to North Korea. Or travel overland, if they have time.

          Vietnam is way out of their way.

      • LifeIs

        And by the way, taking over a phone number is something law enforcement does routinely. The system is set up for that.

        Just because a phone rings, doesn’t mean the phone you are dialing is ringing.

        • Deborah Dupre

          Unsure what you mean “taking over a phone number.”
          Yes, just because it’s heard ringing by the caller does not mean its ringing. Also, if underwater, the GPS would not work.

        • Deborah Dupre

          I should add that even if the GPS is nonfunctioning, families, friends and the public have a right to know that, too. Otherwise, one can still imagine, hope… the GPS’s are telling authorities more than they are exposing at this time.

        • Mike Rotchurts

          so what reason would they have for taking over the phone number at that particular time…surely that would only hinder the search especially if the phones were ringing when dialled? taking over the phone number would only return a false location on GPS searching and this does not make any logical sense

        • LifeIs

          By “taking over a phone number,” I mean the call gets routed to the police instead of to your phone. Every police department can do this.

          Say, in a hostage situation, the police take control of the phone. It’s routine. Nobody can call in except the police. The hostage-taker can’t call anyone, except the police.

          Why would someone take over the phone numbers of passengers on those planes?

          Investigation– if there’s a hijack possibility. Or, the phones were monitored for espionage or corporate espionage purposes. Or, for disinformation purposes, if someone crashed the plane and wanted to confuse people. Or some system glitch.

        • Greg Mitchell

          The radio chatter transcript documents I had promised will be published here at 12:00 UTC. I will have them translated to English by then.

          With all the respect Lifels, I am not going to argue with you oe anyone else, mere waste of time.


    • Guitarilla

      I think it was blown up by an onboard bomb or missile strike. That means that a cell phone could have survived the fall and was in floating debris.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Hoping you are wrong…
        Any motive you can see for attacking it?

        • Guitarilla

          There’s so much we’re not being told that it’s no wonder everybody’s suspicious. What did the radar show? Was there an incoming missile? Maybe North Korea’s? Did anyone’s radar show descending debris? Motives? There’s a bunch of crazies in the World that want to start WWIII while the rest of us just want to live in peace.

      • Deborah Dupre

        It seems to be pointing to an act of violence – unless the cloaking idea was used. I can see more motive for cloaking and holding hostages or using the brains on board somewhere – but what would be the motive to attack it?
        More passport intrusion and control? That’s all I can think might be cause.

        • Engineer

          Deborah, I was discussing the disapearance of this flight on another forum and gave a couple of plausible reasons why this flight may have dissapeared. The first theory pertains to black opps weaponry. ‘Particle Beam Disintegration Weaponry’ Some people call it a ‘dustification’ weapon. If you want to get rid of something, that is what weapon of choice by the PTB. If Russia has this weapon, you can bet the US and China have it to.
          The other theory is.., it could just have been an inside job. Let’s say someone knew the plane was carrying, let’s say MILLIONS IN GOLD OR SILVER, we may be looking at greed as the motivation for this hijacking. Focus on what the plane could have carried that was valuable and then investigate all employees working the flight, including the pilots. And also the two individuals who stole those passports. By the way, if done correctly, a skilled pilot could fly under radar undetected to any destination and would know that not all parts of the Pacific and Atlantic are covered by ground radar. It’s going to be interesing what they come up with.

          By the way, there was a movie done in 1977 called “Airplane 77″ with similar circumstances.
          I kid you not. :shock: Check it out. :arrow:

      • paul brown

        19 cell phones? And we’ve never heard of this happening with other plane disappearances?

    • StavoV

      Sattelite imagery used to look for a stream of debris in China Sea. Something is up. :???:

    • Confederate

      Deborah, you are truly pathetic to be using these peoples death to promote your own tin foil hat agenda! There is a special place in hell for pieces of sh!t like you!

      • Greg Mitchell

        With all the respect Sir, if you are not tinfoiled as the rest of us here, then what the hell are you doing here in the first place? Don’t you have anything more constructive to do than to come here at all…

        Just a mere sidenote, Sir.


      • CrowPie

        You don’t KNOW those people are dead. They may have crash landed in an obscure part of the country and not been located yet.

        I hope they find them all. With only the electronics on the plane and beacons disabled.

        The worst part of this site is the overwhelming negativity. “All is lost, All is lost.” What a self fulfilling prophecy.

        • paul brown

          How can it be self-fulfilling?

    • Warren

      At this point we’ll never be 100% sure exactly what happened with MH370. About all that can be said for sure now is, whatever happened was not the usual mundane loss of an airliner.

      We can speculate for days and weeks, and probably will. Zapped/abducted by UFOs? Dustified like the twin towers? Hijacked to (Vietnam, Ukraine, China, North Korea, Russia, … take your pick)? Entered a parallel universe? Or a more traditional demise?

      The problem we have now is that even after the authorities agree on a story line, how will be know it’s the truth? We won’t.

      • Greg Mitchell

        Please check my comment earlier:

        The radio chatter transcript documents I had promised will be published here at 12:00 UTC. I will have them translated to English by then.


        • Engineer

          Greg, you got my attention. I await your documents. Read my post above and see what you think. :idea:

        • Greg Mitchell

          And I can already tell this: the plane was enroute China and the reason it was rerouted and made to “disappear” from radar was not only because of the physical entities of the two North Korea spies that were onboard with fake passports, but it was about the cargo in the plane they were bringing with them. That required a cover up story for the disappearance of the plane to the ocean so that the cargo could be transported to North Korea.

          According to my source (please read my original message in this thread) the was more than one ground personnel at the airport from where the plane departed that are within this cargo coverup aswell.

          Please just wait for 24 hours or so, I am sure after I have released the documents I promised there will be a more serious public outbreak of the real causes behind the “disappearance” of the airliner and there will be some several serious knots to be opened publicly soon.

          According to the Chinese military jet conversation the Malaysian airliner has been escorted and forced to land on a military base in North Korea.


        • Greg Mitchell

          Radio chatter transcript will be posted here at 12:00 UTC.

          Check your local time:


        • Engineer

          Hey Greg, my second theory seems to be panning out to it being the case with the shipment cargo on that plane. :shock: I’m telling you, it’s was either GOLD or some WEAPON they were after.

        • Engineer

          I just pray these BASTARDS that planned this don’t hurt those innocent passengers. :mad:

    • Anonymous

      Just think planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle with no advanced techology–The Devil’s Sea is noted for that also..Check it. That plane just disappeared into another dimension. That is scary, too.

      • Greg Mitchell

        It did not disappear anywhere else but a North Korean military airport.

        If you would pay a second to check what AWACS technology does and what is a stealth fighter, you would not be talking tinfoil.

        Do you know how to use Google? Ok then find these “China”+”AWACS” and “China”+”J20″.


        • M19G00D13BAG

          Hey Greg, im really interested in your theory, any more news?

        • skwirl78

          and the transcripts are where? very eager to see these

    • Bridget

      The 20 Freescale employees: killed off in one foul swoop because they know too much about something? Perhaps some top secret project they’ve been working on for a person or persons unknown…

    • funseeker

      The mystery of flight 370 is told two thirds of the way down, but you need to read the whole report to learn what is actually going on. Wake Up Sheeple

    • Bridget

      Perhaps the plane was brought down by persons unknown because of the 20 employees of Freescale on board the flight. Perhaps those Freescale workers had been involved in or were working on top secret defense weapons or aircraft and now they knew too much, and getting rid of the plane that they all happened to be on board was a way to eliminate them all in one foul swoop.

    • BeforeItsEducated

      So you’re saying nearly three days after this plane appeared that phones were turned on and within 15 kilometers of a mobile tower? Damn these guys are lucky having Nokia’s cause smart phone batteries are terrible :lol:

    • chefjim

      Who knows what this evil world is doing with people. Maybe they were skyjacked and then used in experiments by the shadow gov’t being held like rats in cages somewhere underground. Perhaps their body parts have been harvested for the council of 13 whose parts are wearing out, who knows? Not us!

    • johndoey

      Why is it that internet hacks sitting behind a desk who have NO ACCESS to anything in the intelligence or military community watch a youtube video(s) and read articles off of someone else’s conspiracy site and then THINK they have it all figured out. How does this happen.
      We are not TROLLS. We are LOGIC. Even your profile pictures show that you are about to take your daily meds.

    • bdn

      I simply don’t believe the liars in the government and the liars in the media. There are satellites all around this planet. A drone can arrive at your front door. TPTB are suppressing the info for some political reason.

      • Deborah Dupre

        I agree, bdn. There is some political reason for suppressing the rest of the story here. Thank you.

    • Puffin

      So this has nothing to do with Freescale? What cargo from Malaysia can be so important to North Korea. I don’t suppose Malaysia has top secret weaponry that they are dying to get their hands on!

    • Real American Hero

      I give Deborah credit, she typed and didn’t need to add some pointless you tube video.

      The plane, it’s anybodies guess right now….anyone claiming to know what really happened is hard up for attention, or a damned good psychic.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you, Real. Citizen reporter Youtube’s are tempting at times, but not now. You’re correct – it’s all speculation – except for some military outfit somewhere is my guess at this point. I think the military knows much more than it’s revealing.

    • billbai

      if the phones rang, theyre not underwater and the NSA has been using Echelon Tumbleweed to listed in on and track the phones, whether or not they are still with the passengers. The thing is that this phone news s a couple days old already, so if they havent used this info to track down the plane, then the problem is much bigger than we know. For me it totally seems like super secret spies were involved, because of all the strange things that are going on unexplained. Apart from the two Iranians, there was another person using a Chinese passport whose number was for someone else in Fujian, and who never reported his passport was stolen. There were also the report of 4 or 5 people buying tickets (maybe even checkin in, after which their bags were removed) which is totally what happened with Snowden when he scheduled a flight out of Moscow, a lot of people including reporters and potentially intelligence officers got on that plane, only to find that Snowden didnt get on. In this case we have an Iranian seeking asylum, but dont know if it is political asylum from what. And maybe one of the people who didnt board the plane was also a person of interest, and after he didnt board those others didnt board either.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Bill – I agree: “Super secret spies” are or have been involved. Your account of the extra passengers is what the next few days should clarify – if the public is to know the truth at all. Certainly the PTB know volumes more than they are telling.

    • conscious soul

      These are the last days. I see with my eyes and feel with my heart that the end is on approach. The word of GOD dont lie, never has never will. PLEASE accept Jesus Christ into your heart and repent… Jesus made the altimate sacrifice for ALL of us!  SO PLEASE! GOD bless and love you all

    • latedave


    • Anonymous

      What if the airplane when throw a start gate and slip into another dimension?.

    • diane nixon

      I would not put it past the Democratic Scum that surrounds the “Half Breed” in the white House for staging a “False Flag” incident to draw attention away from there various misdeeds in other areas

      • paul brown

        Scum aren’t half breeds, they’re bigots.

    • David Montaigne

      Does anyone really believe that China or the US doesn’t have the satellite capability to keep track of such a plane? That we don’t know what happened? They simply aren’t ready to spin the official version of events – yet. Someone wants to use this story to advantage, and hasn’t pressured the other side hard enough yet. Soon a decision will be made on what to say.

    • Nationcrying

      The government wants someone on this plane “disappeared”. What did they know? OR – that need to blame the hijacking of this plane on a “terrorist” i.e. rogue government CIA op’s so that we can get WWIII up and started

      • iamamerican

        Bryczinski [excuse the spelling] one of oabummers aids stated that obummer needs a 911 style event to happen in the US so that obummer can step in and be our savior and get his credibility back. So it makes one wonder if he wants WW111 to start so that we get nuked. Just a thought.

    • Em18966

      Of course they are lying.

      They are testing us.

      They want to see what percentage of the population they can get to buy this story as being in any way plausible.

      They are messing with our minds and have been for a while, now they are testing how tight their control really is before they drag the world into another war 99% of earth’s population doesn’t want anything to do with.

    • StormyB4
    • AlienWarrior

      All this talk of cell phones ringing……
      Correct me if I am wrong but cell phones only have a range of approx’ 10 kilometres and require base stations within that distance to operate.
      I don’t think AT&T have cell towers in the ocean.
      Phones are not magic apperatus with infinite range and therefore all these references regarding phones ringing are moot.

    • Ray Alexander

      I think the plane is somewhere in the north of Vietnam….
      Look at the passenger list!

    • rex freeway

      Im not a conspiracy nut. But i think the plane in in perfect shape. Passengers executed, and a nuclear device is being loaded on it for who knows where.

      • Deborah Dupre

        I hope you’re correct on the first thought and wrong on the second. Why use that plane for a terrorist activity down the road? There are many other planes available for that.

        The passenger list or cargo should be a clue, it seems. The passenger list is weighted with spies – with intel and power to cause massive harm to millions of people.

    • MrAnthony

      Stick to your environmental disinformation. Your vague speculations about the disappearance of this jet are ridiculous. Example: the claim that the plane had hidden electronic warfare gear to make it disappear from radar. Just completely silly–nothing attracts attention like a commercial jet filled with passengers that disappears.

      Your claims involving an electronics firm are silly. If there were any magicians on board, maybe you’d say it was magic. Or maybe some people were religious–maybe God made it disappear. The leaps in logic are the same as you made.

      • paul brown

        Funny about that, there was a magician on board and thre had to have been some religious people on board (even Muslims!), but Dupre never blamed it on them.
        As for environmental disinformation, you are the disinformer, and intelligent readers realize it. Go back under your bridge.

    • paul brown

      For the latest twist in this ongoing drama, see Spies On Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane: 5 Major Defense Companies, 26 Intel Passengers, /events/2014/03/spies-on-missing-malaysia-airline-plane-5-major-defense-contractor-companies-26-intel-passengers-2432766.html. I think it takes us a long way toward understanding what’s happening.

    • Greg Mitchell


      I have heard nothing nor receved nothing from the contact; the military radio chatter conversations never came to me as promised.

      Got no idea what happened to the contact or the transcripts as he does not anymore respond to me pinging him.


      • skwirl78

        thought you had them already and were translating them to english…

      • Who dat

        What a waste of space. You lied, you said you had them!

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Question: Why are 20 DOD employees flying to China?

    • Earl Scheib

      Where is the NSA Spy Center on this….I mean the all seeing eye shpould know everything that happens

      • paul brown

        Ah, but they’re not telling. I asked them the other day where my socks went and they didn’t answer.

    • SteveQuinn

      The statement “phones are still ringing” is ludicrous. Is somebody on the end of the line hearing them ring? If so, they would probably answer. When you call a phone, you always hear the ring or a message saying the recipient isn’t available and you can leave a voice mail. It was the same way on 9/11 when people called their loved ones who worked in the Towers and their phone would ring. Of course nobody could answer them but the phones still gave hope to people that their loved ones were still alive.

    • Em18966

      Please check this out. I have been working on some stuff for a while now. I think that a lot of what is going on in the world right now – disappearing planes, potential WWIII – is all connected to something much bigger and more disturbing than most people have ever considered…

    • shanchen

      Malaysia give it to shoot down, and then clean up the scene, must be so!

    • captbob

      YOu are looking in the wrong place.; The plane is not in the water. It landing on a abandom War time airport. It might not have been long enough for a safe landing but a crash Landing wouild work. This is my guess.

    • Anonymous

      finally! something that makes sense!

    • PianoMastR64

      The possible real story:

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