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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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You Won't Believe What Spies On Malaysia Plane Were Doing

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       Military intelligence is heavily involved in Malaysia Airlines 370, but contradicting itself and denying the public from needed information, thus increasing speculations officials are unauthorized by the military to disclose the craft’s whereabouts and intel by 25 high-tech passengers, employed by five major defense contractor technology companies, was liekly valued enough to seize the plane.

        Two Chinese companies represented on the plane’s manifest list are declared U.S. national security risk due to its spying with backdoor computer technology. Congress ousted them from business in the U.S. and warned American companies to halt busines with them, only two of five such companies tight with military


This Is What Cyber Wars Look Like


         A massive military search operation for Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER has resulted in no credible trace of the aircraft or its 239 passengers and crew. Search and rescue vessels from Malaysia’s maritime enforcement agency reached where the plane last made contact, reporting no wreckage sign. Vietnam’s rescue planes spotted two large oil slicks about 15 km (9 miles) long, and a smoke column, also false alarms. China and the Philippines sent ships to help. The U.S., Philippines and Singapore dispatched military planes. China has more ships and aircraft on standby. The FBI sent agents and technical staff to join the investigation, since four Americans are on the manifest list. Crowdsourcing has been activated, so even the public can help. The search operation, however, is said ti have no formal entity to lead it.

    Chinese passengers’ relatives angrily accuse the airline of keeping them in the dark, and even thrown bottles at officials. Approximately  20-30 families were kept in an airport holding room, guarded by security officials to keep them away from reporters. 

       ”There’s no one from the company here, we can’t find a single person,” said a middle-aged man at a hotel near Beijing airport where relatives were taken. “They’ve just shut us in this room and told us to wait.”

        Malaysian authorities say they’re working in co-operation with other countries in the  investigation.  “Once the location of the airplane is determined, International Civil Aviation Organization protocols will determine which country will lead the investigation,” the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said. Until then, it’s tough keeping the story straight with so many fingers in the pie. 

        Demanding that the military and FBI be honest and open is like trying to get them to never frame, falsely arrest and detain, harm or kill.  Conflicting and confusing accounts of the plane’s potential whereabouts and false alarms compound stress and anxiety of passengers’ friends and family. After days, they were finally ushered unseen out of the airport to their homes after told to mentally prepare for the worst, According to Hugh Dunleavy, commercial director at Malaysia Airlines, that’s too big of an ask. It’s especially difficult when faint signs of life continued, such as loved ones’ phones still ringing with no explanation and the “heard but not seen jet,” both long after the plane vanished.

        Meanwhile, precious time is still being lost due to a lack of a lead investigating agency with legal clout in the early days, according to some aviation industry observers. Others speculate means and motives as military investigators keep everyone in the dark.

Motive, Means, Iranian Connection

       One motive to capture a craft is its highly valued cargo or passengers. MH370 possibly carries both. The Obama administration and U.S. spymasters have accused China’s government of using computer hackers to steal American businesses’ secrets to benefit China’s private sector. The world is angry at the U.S. for its NSA spying. One means an aircraft can seemingly vanish is with hi-tech military electronic weaponry (EW) designed specifically to “disappear” crafts. U.S. and Chinese military boast of having this capacity. The US has used it elsewhere. [Malaysia Plane Hidden With Electronic Weapon? 20 Hi-Tech EW Defense Passengers]  

          In 2005, an FBI investigation codenamed Titan Rain revealed Chinese hackers in Guangdong stole from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and stole flight-planning software from the Air Force. The hackers accessed systems at defense contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, and the World Bank. China’s hacking drove Google out of China. WikiLeaks quoted a U.S. Embassy official saying contacts told the U.S. that the Chinese government was behind internet hacking attacks on not only Google, but also Western governments.

      Five major technological communications military contractor companies have high-tech employees and executives on the MH370 passenger manifest, two American and three Asia Pacific – each strongly tied to military: China Telecom, Business Machines Corp., Austin-based Freescale, International Business Machines (IBM), ZTE Corp., and Huawei Technologies Co. Combined, they have 26 high-tech experts on the passenger manifest list, including two executives. One of these companies refused to identify its employees onboard, and investigators also withheld those identities.

      China Telecom executive Hualian “Happy” Zhang, network planning vice president for China Telecom Global, is on the passenger manifest, number 207. Zhang was reportedly returning from Kuala Lumpur after signing a construction/maintenance agreement for Sea-Me-We-5, a submarine cable to stretch 20,000 km from Singapore to Europe. Fiber optic cables are of prime importance to U.S. military, NSA and intelligence agencies, with expanding operations requiring more and more bandwidth for spying and other operations. (Dana Priest, William Arkin,Top Secret America: The Rise of The New American Security State)

        ZTE employee Li Yanlin, an engineer who is part of the company’s telecom gear installation and maintenance team boarded the plane. In May, 2010, India banned telecommunications firms from importing from ZTE and any other Chinese networking equipment companies due to fears that they were riddled with information-stealing spywareTwo years later, Reuters reported ZTE helped funnel software and hardware from US firms Oracle, Microsoft and Cisco Systems to the Iranian government in 2010 to build a $130m nation-wide surveillance system.  

      Two young Iranians are among those on the passenger manifest. Officials say they would be unlikely to be connected with the plane’s disappearance, but are leaving no stone unturned. The two Iranians traveled on passports stolen about a year ago, possibly bought on the black market, and claimed to be seeking asylum, but asylum from what has been unreported.

      ZTE’s thievery and spying support to Iran violated an American embargo on technology sales to the Iranian government. It put ZTE’s U.S. partners in hot water. In May 2012, Ashley Kyle Yablon, ZTE’s Texas-based general counsel, gave to the FBI an affidavit alleging the company plotted to cover up sales to Iran. ZTE then placed Yablon on administrative leave, according to his attorney, Tom Mills.

     Huawei China-based telecom company with military ties has two employees on the manifest list, but declined identifying them. Not surprising considering its past spying for Chinese military, according to US officials. Huawei had to ”exit the U.S. market” last year after Congress’s House Intelligence Committee accused it of spying in the U.S. for China’s military. Based in Shenzhen in China’s Guangdong province, Huawei is the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, employing 140,000 people world-wide. It’s a chief competitor to US-based firms like Cisco Systems, that’s seen Huawei eat into its market share, especially in developing markets.  The committee investigated Huawei in 2012 due to: 1) it potentially including surveillance back doors in telecommunications equipment sold to the U.S. and 2) its CEO Ren Zhengfei having been a military technologist for the People’s Liberation Army, the military of the Communist Party of China (CPC).  

     At the same time, the committee investigated ZTE, noting “companies around the United States” had experienced “odd or alerting incidents using Huawei or ZTE equipment.” The report alluded to classified intelligence even more damning. “This highlights a broader mistrust that China-based tech companies are connected with Chinese intelligence,” reported US News last year. “ Internet companies based in the U.S. may soon face a similar chilly reception in foreign markets following reports of the National Security Agency accessing data from American digital networks.” (Emphasis added) 

     After the investigation, committee Chair Mike Rogers, R-Mich., and Ranking Member C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, D-Md., cautioned U.S. companies that “installing Huawei equipment on telecom networks is a potential risk to national security.” (US News) Australia and the U.K. invoked national security to impose limits on deals carriers in their countries could make to purchase Huawei telecommunications equipment. National security risk concerns might extend to other China-based information technology companies wanting to enter American markets, according to Stewart Baker, former general counsel for the NSA and former assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security. 

     Freescale Semiconductor, a major U.S. defense contractor based in Austin, has 20 employees on the passenger manifest, 12 Malaysian and 8 Chinese. 

      International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), a major U.S. defense contractor, has a passenger on the manifest list, an executive, Philip Wood, 50. He’d been working in Beijing, was about to start a new assignment in Kuala Lumpur, and visited his family in the U.S. the week before the missing plane operation. His family says it’s been communicating with the State Department and the embassy in Kuala Lumpur, but only knows about as much as everyone following the story.


NSA Compromising National Security, Risking American Lives 

   In the cyber warfield arena, of course China’s not alone. From U.S. and Israeli interests creating Stuxnet computer worm to damage Iran’s nuclear development, to NSA’s global spy scandal, the U.S. is angering people globally and putting Americans at risk of retaliation. News today of the advancement of NSA’s spying is even more disturbing, as seen below. 

     The “most significant revelations to date,”  “This is huge, in scale and in implications,”  and “Disturbing” are people’s respondes today after reading a report by journalist Glenn Greenwald and his colleague at The Intercept, Ryan Gallagher on documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, in their news story, ‘How the NSA Plans to Infect ‘Millions’ of Computers with Malware.“ Greenwald and Gallager explore internal NSA slides and documents showing the  agency  dramatically  ”expanding its ability to covertly hack into computers on a mass scale.” The report shows NSA has  ”aggressively accelerated its hacking initiatives” by supplanting operations once done manually by human operators with automated systems that “reduce the level of human oversight.” NSA  us using a series of sophisticated hacking programs, malware for targeted infiltrations of computers and even broader mass surveillance over entire networks.  

      International concern about NSA’s digital spying could compromise U.S. companies’ ability to gain customers in the growing cloud-computing business, possibly costing them up to $35 billion through 2016, an Information Technology and Innovation Foundation think tank reported. Greenwald and Gallagher revelations today would add to foreign nation’s hostility that already exists against Top Secret America’s spy machine.


MH370 official reports changed 

     The fate of flight MH370, its crew and passengers remains a mystery since last communicating with air traffic control over four days ago, early Saturday morning, so the military tells the public.  MH370′s flight path scheduled the plane to depart from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, head north over the Gulf of Thailand, fly over Vietnam, and then onward to Beijing where scheduled arrival was at 6.30am. 

    What the world’s been told is that after departing at 12:41 a.m. Saturday, the plane’s first radar appearance was at 12:43 a.m. Malaysia Airlines reported air traffic control lost contact about two hours later, at 2:40 a.m. That time, however, later got changed (or “corrected”) to 1:30 a.m.,  just short of an hour after departing.  The timing is important. To help track the missing plane, authorities needed to have pinpointed the last reported contact, as the Globe and Mail reports.

     The Boeing 777′s transponder and other tracking systems were either shut off or malfunctioning when communications with air traffic control ended, the story goes. That would have prevented secondary radar used by civilian authorities from identifying it, but not primary radar used by the military.  For example, Phnom Penh military sight’s radar would have capacity to make proper identification under any circumstance  – unless not authorized to do so.

      John Goglia, former board member of the National Transportation Safety Board, the U.S. agency that investigates plane crashes, said the lack of a distress call suggested either the plane experienced an explosive decompression or was destroyed by an explosive device.

       It is speculated that Malaysian officials are under a gag order by a military or other nefarious entity. Numerous militaries are now involved in the event, as is the FBI – all of whom remain silent about their involvement and findings other than they are floating around on ships or on planes “searching.” Criticism of the Malaysian military’s and other investigators’ refusal to reveal all they know continues mounting. 

     Yesterday, Vietnam announced it was discontinuing its involvement in the search, but alas, that changed today. China claims to be intensifying its resources in the investigation. Malaysian authorities insist they’re doing their best to solve the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. They might also be doing their best to inform the public. Malaysia government, including the military, and airline officials, however, have offered imprecise, incomplete and inaccurate information, with civilian officials, contradicting military leaders.

     Monday in the United States, the public learned that Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) chief General Tan Sri Rodzali Daud said the military received “signals” Saturday showing after the aircraft’s last communications with ground controllers, it sharply changed course from heading northeast to heading west. According to the military account, the last sign of the plane was recorded at 2:40 a.m. Saturday when the aircraft was near Pulau Perak, a tiny island over 160 kilometres off the western shore of the Malaysian Peninsula. [Read: Malaysia Airlines 370 In New Location, Military Intel Adds Puzzle Piece (Photos)]

     Officials had already said, however, that they were expanding their search to include the western vicinity. Gen. Rodzali Daud’s new information about this stunned the world, from aviation experts to China officials, who’d been repeatedly told that authorities lost contact with the plane over an hour earlier, when it was on course over the Gulf of Thailand, east of the peninsula.  Berita Harian reported the general had confirmed that RMAF Butterworth airbase detected the location signal of the airliner as indicating it turned back from its original heading toward Kota Bharu, Kelantan and was believed to have passed through the airspace of the East Coast and Northern Peninsular of Malaysia.

      Had the aircraft made it all the way to just off Thailand’s coast, and then changed course 270 degrees toward Malaysia and as far as Pulau Perak, it would have been the exact same distance as the first leg of the flight, 432.4 miles. Not only that, Gen. Rodzali Daud’s new military account seemed to fit with an unexplained decision the day before, Monday, to expand the search to waters west of the peninsula. 

Pulau Perak, Malaysia

      Malaysia government seems evasive and confused, as David Learmount, operations and safety editor at Flightglobal, an aviation news and data service, says. If remarks attributed to Gen. Daud Rodzali were true, why did the Malaysian government wait so long to reveal evidence about a western flight path? he questions, echoing millions of people globally watching the disastrous humanitarian event.

      Then, Tuesday, Gen. Rodzali Daud denied he’d ever said MH370 was last detected near Pulau Perek. He rejected the report that said he’d confirmed the RMAF base in Butterworth had detected the location signal of the missing MH370 flight near Pulau Perak in the Straits of Malacca at 2.40am Saturday.  He claimed the report in Malay-language daily Berita Harian on Tuesday misquoted him.

     “I wish to state that I did not make such statements,” Gen. Rodzell Daud said in a written statement Tuesday. “I request this misreporting be amended and corrected to prevent further misinterpretations of what is clearly an inaccurate and incorrect report.” 

      According to Gen. Rodzali Daud, the Berita Harian reporter asked if such an incident occurred as detailed in their story, but he did not answer the question: “What I said to the reporter was to refer to the statement which I have already made on March 9, 2014 during the press conference with the Armed Forces Chief at the Sama-Sama Hotel, Kuala Lumpur International Airport,” he said.

       At the press conference, Rodzali said: “The RMAF has not ruled out the possibility of an air turn back on a reciprocal heading before the aircraft vanished from the radar and this resulted in the Search and Rescue Operations being widened to the vicinity of the waters off Penang.” 

     His confusing statements, however, do not correspond with another military official’s statement: “[T]he aircraft changed its course after passing Kota Bharu. It then descended to a lower altitude and flew over the Straits of Malacca,’ a ”senior Malaysian armed forces officer” briefed on investigations reported to Reuters.

        The media report Tuesday indicated inconsistencies from the first Malaysia Airlines statement a few hours after its Boeing 777-200 disappeared from the radar screens. According to its March 8 statement, flight MH370 was last detected in South China Sea, close to Vietnam’s shores. Its last contact with air traffic controllers was when it was 120 nautical miles off the east coast of the Malaysian town of Kota Bharu. Flight tracking website showed it flew northeast after takeoff, climbed 35,000 feet and was still climbing when vanishing from tracking records. Residents along the plane’s route claimed to have seen a low-flying aircraft around the time it disappeared. 

       Then, eight people near Marang, on Malaysia’s eastern coast filed police reports stating they heard a loud and frightening noise approximately nine hours after the plane took off, but could not see the source. They heard a “loud and frightening noise” for about two minutes Saturday, ran toward the odd sound. Whatever made the roar, however, seemed invisible. (See: Malaysia 370 Sound Of Life: Heard But Invisible, Police Reports Say]

       The plane remains invisible, if not to military operatives somewhere, at least to the public.


Sources: Wall Street Journal, Astro Wani, Reuters, The Telegraph, Before It’s News, The Globe and Mail, US News, Top Secret America: The Rise of The New American Security State

Photos: Asia Sentinel, Wikipedia


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    • paul brown

      Remarkable investigative journalism, putting all these pieces together. Congratulations.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Awe, Mr. Brown. Thank you. What a kind comment. Best to you and yours.

      • fineline920

        Well said!!!

      • Ted

        You’ve finally come out with a series of articles worthy of the time required to read them. Congratulations and thank you.

      • Omega Files

        paul brown… you crack me up.

    • Banderman

      There are 1,071 operational satellites in orbit around the Earth. 50 percent of which were launched by the United States. One and only ONE Chinese satellite was able to spot this alleged wreckage? B.S.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Totally agree with you, Banderman. Biggest cover up in a while. Naw – just the one getting best coverage. Secrecy is the name of the game: Top Secret America.

      • Gil Carlson

        I wonder if REMOTE VIEWERS have been used to try and locate this missing plane? I know that they have had success locating downed planes in the past.

        Did you realize that some amazing Info has even been obtained by several Remote Viewers who have actually viewed aliens! There’s a book out there detailing some of these remote viewers interactions with aliens.

        Now, using the same procedures used by the military to spy on enemy targets, with a very high success rate, some of these military remote viewers have actually spied on aliens! Not only on or near our planet, but also some more distant locations!

        Check out this website to see how it works:

        • Ted

          The cell phones “that are still ringing” (GPS), would lead anyone who has access to the network to the exact hangar the aircraft was taken to. They know where that aircraft is, they most likely have surveillance satellites parked over it as we speak. Anyone aboard who was of no use to the organization that took it, is probably already dead.

        • Ted

          While I’m at it; the plane is probably sitting in North Korea or Iran.

        • Mike Rotchurts

          In answer to ted…anyone with a laptop and internet connection can track an iphone to within 10 metres. I know as I can do it with my laptop and phone…so why didn’t one of these high tech peoples relatives do the same?

        • HatchetJack

          @Mike Rotchurts…how the heck can you do that??

        • Merkin

          @ TED

          “While I’m at it; the plane is probably sitting in North Korea or Iran.”

          What makes you draw that deep conclusion?

    • Decode the World

      Excellent work, Deborah. A series of remarkable stories you’ve put together here at BIN, you should put all the links to the other stories at the bottom of this story, to make it easier for people to find them.

      • Deborah Dupre

        A hearty thank you, Chris. Will do.

    • Leigh

      I agree, great work Deborah! I think the motive was silencing some of those engineers over stealing their information. If anyone has the means to thwart the plane’s radars, it’s Freescale. I also think CNN reporter Richard Quest was involved. He happened to fly in the cockpit with the lead pilot from the missing plane only weeks earlier. CNN and Freescale are both owned by J. Rothschild. If anyone can piece it together, you can Deborah!

      Here’s Richard Quest talking about the story (and his “piece”) on CNN:

      Oh, and his private life may be blackmail-able. Here’s an article about Richard Quest’s arrest in a Central Park in a sex, rope and drug scandal:

    • paul brown

      These stories are far more responsible than the other stories on this event. You present hard facts, point out links between facts, and keep your speculation to a minimum. Much better than the “reporters” who claim the flight was captured by a UFO or hijacked by an AWACS, or flown to North Korea.

    • MrAnthony

      It is the height of tastelessness and low class to call people “spies” when their plane may have crashed into the ocean. Until you have some concrete evidence and not empty speculation based on their involvement in electronics, this just comes across as trashy tabloid allegations. All we know is that the plane is missing. I hope survivors are found.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you, Mr. Anthony. Too much evidence exists pointing away from a crash and toward nefarious activities by someone. If anything, this article might give unintentional false hope. Believe me, I thought long and hard before publishing this and even tried under different titles that the public found of no interest. Now, it is read and I stand by my belief this includes valuable information in the best interest of the public – as all reporters once strived to provide.

        In fact, based on Malaysian Prime Minister’s briefing in the middle of the night last night (that I thought was imp enough to lose sleep over to ensure I report fairly) the investigative team also concurs that each passenger needs to be better scrutinized. Not nice, but needed in the investigation.

        This is a criminal investigation – indicating someone somewhere is responsible. The companies represented on the manifest are heavily involved in surveillance – or spying. They hold valuable intel that could possibly be used against them and all of us. I truly feel the pain for their loved ones.

    • Eva

      Deborah, best article I have seen on MH 370. My suggestion for investigation is to check travel records for any who have spent extended periods of time in the USA and check to see if any of these have taken flying lessons in airplanes such as the 777. All US flight schools should check their records of students against the passenger manifest of those the age who may have been students. Other countries that offer such should also check for this. I believe the US offers the best opportunity for such training but do not know if Australia and other countries offer as well.
      If some one or group did overtake the pilot and co-pilot to take control of flight 370 then they had to have extensive knowledge of this aircraft. The background and any flight training of additional crew members also needs to be checked.

    • Robert Harrison

      Hi Ms. Dupre, I agree with the other commenters here that this was good investigative reporting. I do have one small piece of constructive criticism. There are numerous editing errors that take away from the quality of the report. I always have to wait before sending material and re-read with a critical eye. Other than that, I signed up to your site for a reason. Cheers. :lol:

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you, Robert. Oh, how I’d appreciate an editor or a few. It’s next to impossible for a writer to see their text flaws and even worse at this age. Sincerely – if (when) you notice such errors and have time to help a little, here’s my email address for a kind heads up: [email protected] Thanks again.

    • christina

      ** Check this out:

      It’s all there for anyone to see for themselves.

      • Karen Brown


        Hi Christina,

        I saw that site the other day and I absolutely love it!
        The site itself is epic.
        Great insight into the coming satanic New World Order, and the deceptions bringing it to reality.

    • Yvette

      Thank you Deborah for your excellent insight as to why the Chinese Nationals were actually in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately worldwide media have focused and reported only on “a missing plane” without any direct reference to it’s passenger manifest and their political/military/business ties and/or agenda. A great investigative report that people from all around the world need to read.

    • Anonymous

      MOSSAD stole that plane …… for whatever reason ….. maybe ANOTHER 9/11

    • Rumplestilskin

      Maybe someone with hacking ability can hack one of the satellites and then use it to drill down of Diego Garcia, where the Russians believe the plane was taken by navy intelligence.

      With some quick figuring on the plane’s fuel capacity needed to get to Beijing China and flying speed along with what intelligence has said was another seven hours of flying time, it would put that aircraft within the range of that island, which is an American B-52 bomber and KC-135 refueling aircraft base. That extra seven hours of flying time was figured because the engines of the plane were pinging their information to satellites for that length of time.

      So, we must address why would our navy take remote command of that aircraft to bring it to an base that is fairly secret and where no one would be the wiser except the American military.

      If you drill down with Google Earth you’ll see that there seven bombers and six tankers on the flight line. There is only one, what looks like an unfinished hanger, that could even be capable of hiding a Boeing 777 outright. Then maintain that surveillance to see if anything comes out of the unfinished hanger for the next month.

      Do go here and read what it has to say on this site: /conspiracy-theories/2014/03/the-bs-story-malaysia-airlines-370-vs-the-truth-2460712.html

    • Leigh

      I think the target was ZTE employee Li Yanlin. That company is beyond sketchy to continue selling high-level military technology to Iran. The reason I believe it’s him is because of the two Iranian men on board wtih fake passports. I bet ZTE’s Yanlin was brokering a deal with Iran to resell Freescale’s newly patented technology (patent issued AFTER employees went missing). There was one or more shady Freescale employees (of the 20 on board) who was working with Yanlin. The Iranian men were going to deliver it back to Iran. I can see the NSA (in their paranoid, myopic world) could justify hijacking this plane and killing all on board with the belief that the world will be safer. Who benefits? NSA, Cisco and Freescale.

    • Light

      Hello’ Deb:

      As I have stated earlier, that this ‘vanishing’ involves two major opposing Govt. forces and that they are in a battle of conflict and that this vanishing of that plane involves those opposing Govt. forces…several individuals have asked for greater analysis and details of this event.

      And so, in looking deeper into this mysterious vanishing of this plane….it appears that one of those battling Govt. forces decided to shoot a warning shot over the bow of the other opposing Govt.

      And that this is also a new testing of newly advanced technology of that attacking Govt. in that….the new technology was mounted into small craft and these craft were given orders to destroy the opposing Govt.’ aircraft, this being the plane that vanished.

      There are ‘some’ indicators of this attacking action which was observed on radar
      where the aircraft took evasive actions, attempting to avert from its course. It was also observed that two small additional craft were seen on radar, at that time.

      This was the moment that one of the attacking small craft moved into position to destroy the plane, and this caused the pilot to react by attempting to steer the plane back and forth, in order to avoid colliding with this attacking craft.

      Now, certain individuals have stated strongly that this plane was shot down over the ocean and that they know for a fact that soon they will find some sort of wreckage or black box.

      But this does not appear to be the case.

      What is seen is that the high technology that was used to make the plane vanish was in fact a technology that can literally produce a distortion in the fabric of space and alter the natural vibratory curtains that separate the dimensions of reality and actually create a portal or opening where objects or beings of one vibratory reality can enter into the other reality.

      This was the moment when the plane disappeared from the radar screen. And yes, the people who were on-board the plane at the time of vanishing, appear to be alive but in a state of disorientation and confusion.

      And, it does not appear, at this time, that those missing people on-board will be returned, as this would place those in control of this advanced technology in great danger of exposure of said technologies.

      Again, this is not the usual technology that has been used in the past but is an entirely new level of advanced technology and that….many more new and unbelievable and strange occurrences will now be the norm.

      This is what the secret war between these Govt. forces is all about….who has the greater technology and what they are willing to do in order to retain said technologies and keep the advantage.

      This is a time of new perceptions of reality. And many new events of a surreal and extra-dimensional nature will be occurring on this planet, from this day forward.

      With respect…..


      • Leigh

        PLEASE tell me you are writing a follow-up article. I hope somebody is looking into this radar-cloaking technology Freescale is privy to because I feel it was used on that plane.

      • No time

        I think the plane and passengers are all okay, its just that they are stuck in a different dimension, a parallel universe. Hopefully the scientist on board will eventually figure out how to get back, but by the time that happens this dimension will no longer exist. At this point they will return back to the dimension that they are stuck in now, but at that point it will no longer exist either. Eventually they will arrive in a dimension inhabited by primitive beings who will mistake the crew and passengers for Gods. These new Gods will interbreed with the primitives, this will create a high breed race of rulers, which will enslave the primitives. After a few thousand years the primitives will wake up and realize these Gods and their phony religion is nothing but BS, just like the rest of this story.

    • GTTO

      GTTO has been covering this latest development. Our Reporter Kachina has done a great job in covering this Missing plane from day 1. Feel free to check us out for more information and updates as well.

    • Anonymous

      as for asylum seekers……if you are in the middle east you get to the Mediterranean / north africa or turkey and get a fake passport or visitors documents….you dont go all the way from Iran to one of the most expensive places in south east asia…to then try and fly to God knows where…

      This is Bull and I am some what bored with it……lets all keep out focus on Earth as well as cosmic changes…..

    • bond007

      You need to know who was on the plane

      here is the full passenger manifest inclusive crew names:

    • Anonymous

      Could it be that the marxist-socialist American president got caught with his nsa pants down? Me think the plane is sitting in a hanger at doiago-garcia

      • Deborah Dupre

        Could work either way. If NSA is as big of a big brother as painted, US officials know exactly where that plane is and how it got there – but is not telling because US rogues are involved.

        On the other hand, if NSA eventually solves the mystery – it can be said to the angry world at it, “See how much we need NSA surveillance?”

    • Leigh

      Wow, this article connects a LOT of dots. I wish we had better information on the links between the three passengers with ZTE and Huawei Technologies.

    • Cletis

      Very good article. Good collation.

    • Bronson

      It has been in the news many times about China stealing technology. China has been laughing…….yes they sell high tech equipment to governments , the stuff is full of bugware,malware,spyware,worms,trojans,viruses,mice,spawns,rats,etc. whatever you choose to call the bogus stuff.
      So why do Gov’s purchase this stuff?, or even allow it on the markets…..shut the door on it…….guess no one wanted to sound the alarm in fear of blowing their own cover? who knows?.

      Sure with all the high tech guru techs on-board, one could very easily put the puzzle together, although no one wants to get involved in some high tech sci-fi type spy stuff.
      Interesting, like a spy movie!
      the flight numbers, 370 even match /CPU/processor numbers, and subtract the aircraft type from the flight number 370-777=407 yet another processor/cpu number…….coincidence? probably, although who knows? In this world of spy vs spy code names, tactics are used on all levels……
      For instance, all the Gov’s of the world spy on each other, and spy internally across agencies….no one is to be trusted, so they do not even trust each other within any single agency.
      These are people that have spy implants, and devices implanted in strange places, just like the movies.
      Where is all this stuff going? So far it has been a very veracious deceitful cycle, never ending like a dumb dog chasing its own tail, getting dizzy, and vomiting everyplace, and passing out, just to awake, and do it all over again…Ehhhhhh?
      No limits to what, how, when, and money…….
      They have recruits standing in line to join the spy ranks, and there are so many hackers in the world trying to hack, just to get in trouble. Yes to gain notability, so they can get recruited.
      It has always been known, that the spy agencies recruit criminal hackers…….they have handlers for this….buy the kid a bunch of snack, sodas, sugar whatever, and watch em work? who knows.
      Sharks everyplace………..
      I responded because this is just like a movie, and so many movies seem to be true.

      • qwerty

        Bronson, but the master thief and robber is still USA, United Satanic ASSociation. The HQ of dent of thieves, but loves to play victim. The first and foremost thing United Satanic ASSociation stole, is the very land it now colonized. So IF China or whatever country steal from you fellas….. take it as comeuppance.

        Btw, don’t play stupid as if China’s the one doing shit selling info & tech under the radar, your USA is also same shit, actually much worse!! Who do you think funded those terrorist in Mid East and where the heck do they procure so much weapons? You think China or even Russia alone is able to cover the WMDs market, c’mon wouldn’t it be too damn obvious, besides China still lacking in this area. The world’s most armed wth WMDs is none other than United Satanic ASSociation. World’s top military spender is not for nothing, you know?

    • Decleated

      Very interesting article – in fact one of the most researched and articulate articles that I have read on this site in a long time. While CNN is questioning “black holes” Dupre is giving us much more to ponder. Things that make ya go hmmm.

    • Blufx1963

      If you note. Looking back to the sixties. North Korea pulled a stunt before, where they took an airliner, and kept the crew, and craft, but release most of it’s passengers. I think, only a country like the North Koreans could have some motive, if only for one upmanship, to pull this type of stunt. I sincerely hope this is true, so that there is some hope for the recovery of the passengers! :cool:

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