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A 21-Truth Salute to Activists and the Alternative Media: The Journey From Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy Fact

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The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.  Martin Luther King, Strength to Love

By: Activist Post and Zen Gardner
Date: 2011-08-03

Our media is mired in cynicism, regardless of the label of mainstream or alternative.  Sadly, it is what seems to drive the news.  People flock to the latest disaster, scenario of hopelessness, or individual story that proves things can get so much worse for us . . . personally.  The media preys on our instinct of self-preservation, rather than promote this instinct as an example of what drives us toward self-empowerment.

We’d like to present an overview of issues demonstrating that all is not lost.  Just the opposite, in fact.  The powers-that-be have admitted that they are scrambling for purchase amid humanity’s global awakening. This new knowledge has led to an increasing number of people being exposed to alternative information that questions the official version of events, and the underlying secret mechanisms of control. 

This worldwide wake-up call has led to a great many conspiracy theories becoming conspiracy facts.  The only thing left for these agents of darkness to do now is spin the information that has been uncovered.  Let’s continue to keep in mind that if their overall intentions are as benevolent as they suggest, then why did it require investigation and research to dig them up as though the planet was one big crime scene? 

So, instead of self-defeatism and relinquishing our power voluntarily through apathy and cynicism, let’s revel in our 21 key victories of truth over lies.  There are many more omitted, and many more to come: 

Secret Societies: Once-secret societies denied by the mainstream media have had to be addressed due to courageous research and information sharing by alternative media. As a result, Skull and Bones made a 60 Minutes appearance, Bilderberg Group was finally covered by Time, and Bohemian Grove was the recent focus of a large outpouring of activist calls to major media. These secret societies were formally clandestine meeting grounds for world controllers to decide the fate of nations; now the light of awareness has been pointed in their direction and they are running for cover.  The desire for secrecy forms the foundation for the overall campaign of deceit against the people of the world.  Only by knowing who the controllers are can we continue to expose their divide-and-conquer strategies.

False Left-Right Political Paradigm:  The fact that Democrats and Republicans are two heads on the body of the same vulture is now widely accepted across American society.  Even those who choose to vote for one or the other have lost the illusion that it is a vote for anything other than the lesser of two evils.  The whole political system is under intense criticism as it continues to operate without regard to the will of the American people.  Even the current debt ceiling “crisis” theater is not fooling anyone, as both parties are being excoriated for their failure to entertain real solutions.  Congress’ approval is at an all-time low, with just 6% of those polled rating their job as “good” or “excellent.” Although Ron Paul is running as a Republican, his platform is based on exposing the inconsistencies of both parties, and his poll numbers are rising rapidly as a result.   

World Government (NWO): This was the grandaddy of all conspiracies shouted about for decades.  Now, reference to a “new world order” can be found routinely across mainstream media, while globalists themselves write books called The New World Order.  Just about all of their methods have been exposed by independent researchers who have looked into documents and books by the globalists that admit to plans involving staged revolutions, co-opting activists and youth movements, as well as a wide variety of political destablization programs.  However, the implementation of this part of the agenda is being counterbalanced by a real revolution of understanding.  The regionalization of economies such as the Eurozone, along with various free trade agreements were more than a subtle hint toward globalist intentions.  They have managed to install a few of their puppets in destabalized countries, but the call for a return to sovereignty has begun to get louder as people awaken to life under such a regime. 

Global Private Banking Cartel: In the back pocket of the globalists is a de facto one world government based on a one world currency.  But even here independent researchers such as G. Edward Griffin have long been discussing an engineered collapse of the world economy by private banking interests in order to gain even more control.   Ron Paul was another who accepted the “conspiracy theorist” label by suggesting that the Federal Reserve was not federal at all.  As a result of these pioneers, the Fed recently admitted openly that its 12 banks are private.   In fact, the Fed Reserve is one of the primary players in the push for global governance and currency.  The entire scenario is being stage-managed by a banking cartel that will only ramp up its looting under a global structure, just as they have done to each sovereign nation they have put under IMF and World Bank receivership. The results of such control are becoming obvious and the globe has been alerted to their schemes.  Encouragingly, Britain is showing signs of throwing out corrupt bankers and their media apologists. 

Man-made Global Warming: Since the time that hacktivsts revealed what has come to be known as Climategate, it has become increasingly obvious that the science behind man-made global warming has been distorted.  This attempted cover-up casts further doubt about the validity of the climate crusade and the proposed solutions to man-made global warming of the banking and globalist interests that have provably created other pyramid schemes to loot taxpayers.  The proposed global carbon taxes associated will serve to enrich the very few who have already demonstrated little care about real environmental destruction such as GMOs and industrial pollution. The way that man-made global warming is being used is to “unite” the world against a common threat in order to justify global solutions.

Agenda 21: A big part of the globalist agenda is the all-encompassing management of resources under the direction of the United Nations. The fascist model proposed by Agenda 21 under the guise of saving the environment has now been shot through from all angles. Each country is quite obviously taking a coordinated action of land grabbing, land use restrictions, and the bureaucratic regulation over all human activity.  As the mainstream media is beginning to announce smart meters, U.N. green helmet peacekeepers and tattletale energy squads, people are waking up to the real meaning of environmentalism under Agenda 21, as independent researchers have been exposing in the alternative media.

Big Brother: Once relegated to fiction, it has now been openly announced that all of the gadgets and technological conveniences that have been peddled to consumers are indeed for tracking your every move through a variety of built-in backdoor mechanisms. This electronic prison includes cell phones, the smart grid, computer applications, and the Internet itself.  All data is collected, stored and filtered through by intelligence agencies within the electronic and virtual spectrum.  Meanwhile, out in the real world, the presence of Big Brother has become undeniable, as surveillance cameras scan the streets of just about every modern country on the planet.  The War on Terror has been the major justification for all of this.  In America, the TSA, VIPR teams, and citizen spies represent the Orwellian Homeland Security Big Brother Grid of intimidation, surveillance, and brutality that “fringe” alternative media knew was coming due to the predictive programming in media by books such as Orwell’s 1984.

Black ops (even black helicopters):  Non-Western nations have known for a long time the tactics employed by economic (and real) hit men.  This has included state sponsored assassinations, clandestine operations to overthrow democratically elected governments, sheltering of war criminals, and more.  With the arrival of the War on Terror, this apparatus of killing, torture, and deception has come out into the open in the apparent hope that it will be embraced as a necessary evil.  When Leon Panetta recently announced that black ops would be a major part of foreign policy, he was announcing that no man, woman, or child is truly safe on any part of the globe. Perhaps it always has been this way, but the steady uncovering of the network of intelligence agencies and mercenary crimes could be leading to their forced openness.  We generally owe this revealing to the most courageous of all activists: whistleblowers; and, naturally, the government has waged war on them.  These are the people who confront the system from the inside at the greatest of personal risk.  Through their articles, books, and speaking engagements they have helped to break through the naive mindset that has been engineered through a steady dose of government propaganda.  We’d better wake up quickly, because the black ops program and its mercenaries are apparently heading into cyberspace

War crimes:  The establishment media of any country is loath to admit to war crimes.  It is generally on-the-ground activists and independent journalists that have been most instrumental in revealing the atrocities which have occurred, and continue to occur in places such as Africa, Latin America, Gaza, and the six countries where the U.S. is currently engaged in widespread military activity.  Drone attacks on civilians and depleted uranium that harms generations have been well documented and are leading people to question just how humanitarian these missions of democracy really are.  As a consequence of these war crimes being revealed, protests have increased as the myth of imperialist democracy is beginning to shatter even within the nations responsible for such actions.  We are now beginning to see the veil of false democracy lift, and the tyranny that lies beneath is showing its true face. 

9/11 Truth: The mainstream media has been forced to tip-toe into the truth arena by at least acknowledging that Building 7 did exist and that its collapse makes no sense within the official version of events.  The 10th anniversary this September will bring more people to this information as massive demonstrations are being planned, as well as new international hearings to be held in Toronto.  Millions have now awoken to the concept of false flag terrorism.

False Flag Terror:  The War on Terror that began with a 9/11 false flag event has been the victim of blowback.  The level of coverup on 9/11, and the extraordinary amount of research that has gone into demolishing the official version, has woken up nearly the entire globe to the concept of government-run false flag terror.   Sadly, U.S. history is replete with many other examples of lies that have led to war. Governments the world over have staged false flag events throughout history as a pretext to grab more power — it is the historical rule, rather than the exception.  The world is now awake enough to correctly presume that major terrorist events will be the work of intelligence agencies and government sponsorship, rather than lone nuts and loosely organized groups of “extremists.”  Governments are responsible for over 200 million deaths in the 20th century — perhaps approaching 400 million when combat-related deaths in various wars, civil wars, and rebellions are added to this numberthe greatest mass murderer in human history.  The mainstream media was recently forced to confront a false flag setup program when the ATF was caught red-handed supplying guns to Mexican gangs which they knew would be used to kill Americans as part of the wider War on Drugs.  Even though the operation has been admitted to, the event is already being used by the Obama administration to intimidate gun dealers to report on buyers, outside the rule of law.

Martial law in the U.S.:  This is another area that until now has been primarily reserved for far-right conspiracy groups that seek to justify their building of militias, according to the mainstream media.  Now it is undeniable, as martial law has been rolled out in various cities across America, such as Quartzsite, AZ.  It will probably never be announced as such, but it is recognizable as the suspension of habeas corpus and posse comitatus, foreign troops on US soil, restriction of free speech, imposed curfews, arrests and convictions of Constitutional activities, and the militarization of police.  Middle-class America might have deluded itself to think that police brutality was something heard about only in drug and crime infested inner cities — or Third World dictatorships — but any search of YouTube police brutality irrevocably alters that notion.  The ongoing debt crisis in the U.S. has also generated discussion about possible economic martial law being declared.  We saw this threat being leveled by Henry Paulson at the onset of the 2008 economic crisis.  Alternative media trend forecaster, Gerald Celente, is already on the case to expose this as just another means of financially terrorizing the populace to adopt bankster austerity and a draconian open police state in America.  However, despite these plans to turn our protectors against us, the terrific work of activist groups such as Oath Keepers, continue to encourage police and military to choose the side of liberty, which foreshadows the true resistance against tyranny.

FEMA camps:  Large containment facilities have been videotaped and conclusively documented by activists as well as high-profile people such as former governor Jesse Ventura in his now infamous police state episode.  Previous denial has turned to spin in a classic pattern of admission and redirection.  These huge facilities are now admitted to, as well as large-scale disaster preparation drills for social chaos due to natural disaster or economic collapse, but they are asserted to be part of the normal course of sound preparation policies.  The FEMA response from disasters such as Katrina and the BP Gulf Oil Spill have shown that FEMA is better prepared for roundup, detainment, and martial law, then it is for anything that could be called help.  For additional information about the planned role for FEMA, see the list of FEMA executive orders.

Mind control: This takes many forms and works best through subliminal techniques such as predictive programming.  However, mainstream media has been particularly open in discussing the mission of Big Pharma to literally control people’s minds through drugs — even suggesting that the anti-psychotic, Lithium, be added to the water supply to make people docile. Another example of direct mind control research comes from a DARPA admission that the military has announced that it is researching transcranial ultrasonic mind control in soldiers’ helmets.  We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore and, yet, the concept of drugging and military mind control have been discussed in the alternative media for decades. 

Weather Modification: Globalists have overplayed climate change by admitting to atmospheric geoengineering (aka chemtrails) and weather modification programs.  The alternative media has been instrumental in warning the public about overlooked documents such as a white paper submitted to the Air Force in 1996 titled, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 (PDF).  Elite think-tanks have openly published their gatherings about the structure of governing such an initiative.  The great work of so many researchers who took the label of tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists has lately been brought into the mainstream by the film What in the World are They Spraying? which presents the mounting evidence that these previously secret weather modification programs are indeed something to be very concerned about. 

GMO Dangers:  The full spectrum dangers of GM food continues to be exposed by researchers, activists, and honest science.  Additionally, the horrendous deceptions and abuses conducted by the corporations like Monsanto have been thoroughly documented, leading to a mass awakening to the games and cover-ups being played in this arena.  GM crops and pesticides are also being revealed as something straight out of a science fiction nightmare with the arrival of super weeds. The tampering with our food supply is one of the most irresponsible and unforgivable betrayals by science.  The good news is that there is a global wave of consumer activism that has resulted in many recent victories toward at least providing accurate labeling of products.  Meanwhile, in many countries, outright sabotage of GM crops has been the result of the ongoing environmental pollution and destruction of family farms and businesses.   

Fluoride Dangers:  Amazing research and activism has been conducted by Dr. Paul Connett in making a sound case against Fluoride.  It is now becoming widely known that sodium fluoride was used by the Nazis to sterilize inmates and make them docile; it has no place being in the water supply.  Furthermore, increasing evidence points to the fact that this was done knowingly, putting many millions of people at risk of adverse health effects.  This movement against fluoride has led to a spreading crusade against water fluoridation in communities across the world, resulting in the successful removal in many cases.  A recent study revealed that fluoride can damage the brain and should be avoided by children.  The danger to children has increased the opposition to this toxin and is one of the imminent victories for health freedom. 

Vaccine Dangers:  Despite the worldwide campaign for compulsory vaccination (sometimes at gunpoint or delivered by GM Mosquitoes) conducted by partners of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the dangers of vaccines have hit the mainstream.  This is another area that was once relegated only to religious opposition, or those thought to be the member of a cult to deny the efficacy of vaccines.  The swine flu vaccine links to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, as well as the Gardasil debacle have entered the mainstream, forcing them to address the ongoing coverup by vaccine makers.  The majority of people are now being exposed to the propaganda and faulty science behind the cocktail of vaccines delivered to children.  Vaccine deaths of military personnel in the Gulf War are now common knowledge after being exposed by alternative media, calling into question continued military vaccination programs even as the corporate media has been forced to address mounting evidence. 

Health vs. Wealth: As the world awakens to the multitude of food and water toxins, there is also a simultaneous awakening to the realization that the above major examples were not mistakes — lives were put at risk purely for profit, at best.   It is now out in the open that the regulatory agencies themselves are in the back pockets of corporations and have zero concern for public health.   Fluoride dangers, vaccine dangers, GMO’s and the dangers of Big Pharma — not to mention the dangers of electromagnetic and industrial pollution — have been hidden from the public for decades.  The independent media, as well as informed activists, have made incredible strides that have cost this system countless billions of dollars.  In addition to exposing their money-making schemes, there is a push toward exposing the vast death they have collectively caused as part of an unthinkable greater agenda: eugenics. 

Eugenics:  The plan for de-population has until recently been the ultimate unbelievable conspiracy for the average person to grasp.  However, it is now being openly discussed under the guise of overpopulation, climate change, and “death panel” healthcare rationing.  The backstory to this has been covered by the alternative media courageous enough to read the white papers and books of the globalists themselves.  It is clear that their endgame is a world with a transhumanist agenda that includes a severe reduction of the global population.  All of this death, destruction and genetic tampering is now being prepared to merge with the surveillance-military-industrial complex into one big global prison camp.  Humanity has awakened to this and is now prepared to face the full magnitude of its condition. 


Clones, human/animal hybrids, and genetic engineering: A casual announcement in The Daily Mail confirms what has been investigated by “kooky conspiracy theorists” who have warned of a Planet of Dr. Moreau scenario where mad science conducts experiments on creatures great and small.  This announcement merely scratches the surface as this video demonstrates.  A scientific elite is now coming out in the open to announce their endgame.  This cracking and misuse of our genetic code is guaranteed to lead to many aberrations.  They even have admitted to the crazy conspiracy theory of Super Soldiers (PDF) through military DNA collection.  This attempt to identify “the perfect soldier” is a hallmark of a modern Hitlerian initiative brought to us by scientists at the JASON group, which has been featured in conspiracy-based novels.  Activists are well aware of this part of the endgame and have exposed the secret DNA collection that already has been sold to the medical community, as well as current DNA collection ruses as proposed by DHS at airportsthe unconstitional checkpoint system, and for anyone arrested.  Independent media continues to expose these warped initiatives.

We are clearly at a major crossroads between the awakening of humanity and those who desire to limit its freedom of choice and expression. A large part of our current predicament is rooted in intellectual apathy and self-censorship.  We must have the courage to ask controversial questions and explore some of the other conspiracy theories of today that could become the conspiracy facts of tomorrow.

For a courageous look at the edges of exposure and revealing, please read the companion article 11 Occult Truths Now in the Open penned by Zen Gardner at Before It’s News

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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