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Try the 90 Day 6-Cup Epsom Salt Bath Nano Metal Detox Marathon (and See How Much Better You Feel)

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Try the 90 Day 6-Cup Epsom Salt Bath Nano Metal Detox Marathon
(& See How Much Better You Feel)


From Ken Adachi, Editor
Try the 90 Day 6-Cup Epsom Salt Bath Nano Metal Detox Marathon (& See How Much Better You Feel) January 5, 2018

I decided to get serious about taking a 6-cup Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) bath every single night of the week for at least 3 months after spending a couple of days editing the transcript and the audio recording of “Lookoutfa Charlie’s” Jan. 13, 2017 Youtube video titled “The End of Electronic Harassment Symptoms,” which I posted to this web site on Dec, 24, 2017.

Like most people, I don’t suffer from electronic harassment symptoms, but I have been accumulating Nano size metals in my body from breathing chemtrail fallout since late 1997 and I’ve been ingesting Nano particles from contaminated food, apparently since the early 1970s (and so have you). While I was fully aware of the presence of Nano size metal particles being dropped in chemtrails since 1998, especially barium and aluminum, and that these metals were poisonous to the body, I didn’t completely understand the transhumanist/altering DNA part of the Nano technology agenda until I saw some videos in 2017.

I started to take Epsom salt baths fairly regularly after listening to Lookoutfa Charlie videos, but I was only putting in 2 pounds per bath, trying to stretch out an 8 pound bag of Epsom salt into 4 separate baths. I also added a couple of handfuls of TSP (TriSodium Phosphate) and Borax to each bath. After listening to Charlie’s videos and reading many Youtube comments, however, I realized that a larger amount of Epsom salt would accomplish more than a modest amount, so I increased the Epsom salt to 6 cups per bath.

I got out a Pyrex measuring cup and carefully measured out 2 cups of Epsom salt and weighed it. I did it 3 times to get an average weight and decided on

550 grams = 2 cups of Epsom salt.

Therefore, 6 cups of Epsom salt = 1650 grams.

An 8 pound bag of Epsom salt will weigh 3620 grams.

1650 grams x 2 = 3300 grams = 2 separate baths of 6 cups each, plus 320 grams of Epsom salt left over for the next bath.

Here in southern California, we buy Epsom salt in 8 pounds bags at CVS Drugs for $8 at full retail, but most often we use their 30% off or 40% off discount coupon to buy a larger quantity of 8 pound bags at about $5 per bag. There may only be 2 or 3 bags on the shelf, but I’ll ask the store clerk if they have any in stock and they usually do. I told the clerk I would take everything they had in stock. It’s usually 8 or 10 bags. So 6 cups of Epsom salt is costing me about $2.50 per bath.

Now, if you’re really rolling in dough and can afford to put all 8 pounds of Epsom salt into each and every bath, then you should do that, as you will see faster results in detoxing.

In addition to 6 cups of Epsom salt, I’m adding 1/2 cups of TSP and 1/2 cup of Borax. I’ll also add 2 pounds of Baking Soda if I can find it at discount.

I’m filling up the bath tub with water as hot as I can stand it. I fold a wash cloth twice and stretching the ends tightly, I’ll jam the cloth into the underside slot on the overflow tube to prevent the water from going out and allow me to fill the tub to within one inch of the top edge of the tub to cover myself in as much water as possible.

Since the water is quite hot, your body may tell you to get out after only 10 or 15 minutes. In the beginning, I stayed for at least 20 minutes, but I now lay in the tub for 16 minutes (I’m using a digital timer); I get out for 10 minutes to recover; and then get back in the tub for another 16 minutes. I’ll gradually work my way up to 35, then 40 minutes, then eventually 1 hour. The longer you take the baths regularly, the hotter the water you can handle (and the longer you can stay in the bath without feeling completely wiped out). But use common sense and work up gradually. Don’t overdo it. Listen to your body.

I started my nightly Epsom salt marathon baths on Dec, 23, 2017. I’m going to do them for at least 90 consecutive days, but I may well decide to go for 120 days to see what kind of results I get.

In addition to the Epsom salt baths, I’m now also taking 6 drops of 5% Lugol’s solution in water, 4 times per day. I’ll be ordering the Potassium Iodide powder and make a one ounce bottle of 100% Saturated Solution and take that daily in the amounts recommended by Charlie and see what kind of results I get there too. I’ll write about the Potassium Iodide in a separate article.

Just for the heck of it, I created an email account dedicated to email reporting on your observations and results in taking the Epsom salt bath detox marathon for at least 3 months. Here’s the address:

[email protected]

I don’t know if anyone will be inspired enough to try the 90 day Epsom salt detox bath marathon based on this article, but I think you might be pleasantly surprised at what health improvements you may notice after completing the 90 day course. Based on what I’ve been reading on YouTube comments, many people have found great relief from the symptoms of Nano metal poisoning by taking the baths daily for 3-4 months. Please realize that everyone in North America and western Europe, at the very least, has Nano metal poisoning. The sooner you get these metal particles out of your body, the sooner you will realize just how much of your fatigue, brain fog and nervous system debilitations (fibromyalgia symptoms, tremors, etc) are really due to Nano particle poisoning.

I’ve included some YouTube comments below from Lookoutfa Charlie’s Jan. 13, 2017 video so you can read what he has to say about the importance of DAILY Epsom salt detox baths and the length of time it takes to fully defeat this artificially-created (GMO) sporotrichosis fungal condition in the body – which we all have – but don’t see it or realize we have it because most of us are in a sub-clinical stage of Nano poisoning.

Ken Adachi

© Copyright 2018  All Rights Reserved.

Comments from Lookoutfa Charlie posted to Jan. 13, 2017 video on Ending Electronic Harassment Symptoms


This vid has had over 1,100 hits since going up on the 13th of January. And that’s if the count is right. Could be more. Either way, I said I wouldn’t argue with people about this subject on this video and I won’t. Most of it was already covered in the video and if people had listened carefully, I state most
of the stuff people are emailing or messaging me about. Let’s go over it.

“I already tried this. Didn’t work.”

Really? In two days? You are treating for a GMO variant of a HARDCORE fungal infection. This means getting not only the pansy Potassium Iodide drops from the vitamin shop or health food store, but ALSO getting POTASSIUM IODIDE POWDER grade KI (SSKI) and making a SATURATED SOLUTION. You will drink this in the same dosages you would for SPOROTRICHOSIS. It is hardcore. It’s [sporotrichosis] designed to last on your body for a lifetime. Since most people don’t treat hardcore fungal infections, they [the perps] count on it being there forever. It’s the glue that binds the program together! This is a GMO fungal infection. It’s not only reacts to RF signals, it glues all the other good stuff to the body on the inside and out. And it IS on your skin. 100%.

It shows up more on some people than others. Especially when you drink or eat refined sugar and it grows on your face or other parts too thick and too quickly. Then it can be obvious. It’s strong enough to glue small, light hairs on the body right to the skin.

You will fight this hardcore. Like a trooper. And you will win. People that have done this after me have got the same results. They may still be getting there…but they are feeling their targeting vanish. So I’m not “wrong”. It takes patience and time. And tenacity. After hardcore and long heavily dosed EPSOM baths and continuously rubbing the skin (No soap!), you will start to see results usually in 4-7 days. In the tub, after a good 45 minutes to an hour during one of your latter baths, you will be rubbing and things will start to peel…like a sunburn. That is the point where you have this falling off the skin. At that point, you will soon be able to get it to rub off everywhere. Keep the film/fungus and look what is in it later. This WILL come off you. It may even be a couple weeks. But for most people I’ve worked with, it’s 4-7 days of doing it DAILY. If you half-ass this, it will not work. You may alleviate a little…but it will grow right back.

“You’re wrong. Nano is used.”


I never said NANO wasn’t used. I just hate the term “nano” because Joe Plumber thinks of that show “Revolution” or some other science fiction crap. There is nano aluminum / barium and other metals everywhere. This fungus acts like a glue for these small particles (call them NANO all you want!) to
stick to us and build up in layers. I have photos of this. These small particles build up until you hit what I refer to as “The Tipping Point”..The tipping point is where there is enough for you to “come online” and start feeling Electronic Harassment (I hate that word/term too…but it gets attention)



I will not turn it down. I will turn it up until people realize what I’m actually saying. Also, I’ve been called “asshole” my entire life. Asshole, to me, means an uncompromising, opinionated, loud mouth. I’ll always be a recovering punk rock kid and a recovering art scene victim. So being called an asshole
in a world full of emasculated men with estrogen mimicker egos is surely a badge of honor. Thank you.

Statement – “A doctor confirmed chips in me. You’re wrong.”

Okay. A) I’d need proof of this from paperwork to the doctor doing an interview. But I’ll bite anyway. Question – How did the doctor know they were actual circuit chips and not the “dirty boards” (copyright 2016 lookoutfa.charlie) I speak of in the video? The fungus lays the nesting ground
for all this to attach to. Also, fungus reacts to RF fields. So your doctor could have found a chip with an RF meter that was just another one of these dirty boards I speak of in the video. If he removed it, it probably looked fleshy and weird…which is EXACTLY what I’m talking about in my video. So show
us the chip and the doctor in your own video. I did say no opinion and no BS before..but I took a bite anyway. No one can point to some mind tech that was patented in the 70′s but says nothing about wireless. We have to stay with the facts. For example, magnetic and ferromagnetic tattoo inks in
the form of dust are great practical jokes and / or targeting weapons…but only if you have this fungus on your skin which will make it stick there semi-permanently.

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January 5, 2018



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