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Reader Says CDS Water Is Helping Her to Recover from Lyme (Updated!)

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Reader Says CDS Water Is Helping Her to Recover from Lyme

[Editor's Note: Just about everyone in North America has Lyme antigens in their blood because they've been dropping some form of Lyme in chemtrails for 15 or 20 years. It's also true that many people get Lyme symptoms from being bitten by an infected tick. In any event, it's possible to not only get Lyme under control, but to keep it so suppressed that you never have to experience the symptoms again and live symptom-free for the rest of your life. Chlorine Dioxide Solution Water (CDS Water) is one very inexpensive, yet highly successful protocol for taking care of Lyme that seems to work. So before you spend $2,000 or $20,000 or $36,000 on over-priced scalpers, get yourself some CDS Water - for next to nothing - and find out for yourself exactly what this woman is trying to explain to you in these emails. You can successfully treat Lyme yourself at home - for very little cost - if you know what works. This article explains what works...Ken Adachi]

From Ken Adachi, Editor

June 19, 2018

Reader Says CDS Water Is Helping Her to Recover from Lyme (June 19, 2018)

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New Addendum, March 3, 2019:
I was sent a very useful and informative 20 page guide for people who are treating themselves for Lyme at home. Well worth your time:

The Ross Lyme Support Protocol, Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines for Home Treatment


[Editor's Note: "CDS" = Chlorine Dioxide Solution. Chlorine Dioxide, a gas extracted from activaed MMS solution and is infused into distilled water. It is then called "CDS Water"]

On June 18, 2018, Eileen wrote:


I have a question about how CDS might react to Kombucha. I’ve been told not to take CDS within two hours of drinking vinegar, and kombucha is a fermented drink, so would the CDS and kombucha have any interaction, or would they cancel out the each other? Both are great for health.



On 6/18/2018 10:40 PM, Ken Adachi wrote:

Hi Eileen,

CDS water is an oxidizer and will oxidize anything in the stomach, but two hours is plenty of in-between time though. CDS gets used up within 20 minutes or so after drinking.

Do you buy CDS or make your own?



On June 18, 2018, Eileen wrote: :

Thank you. I buy it pre-mixed


On 6/19/2018, Ken Adachi wrote:

I was just curious. You can make your own for a fraction of the cost of ready made (if interested) and have it whenever and wherever you need it.

How to Make CDS Water, the World’s Most Powerful Germ Killer & Disease Eradicator at Home ~ For Next to Nothing

Regards, Ken


On June 19, 2018, Eileen wrote:

Thank you for the info. I’ve saved it in case I find time to experiment in the future. BTW, I read on one of the web sites (don’t know whose), but they were saying MMS or CDS is good for cancer, but won’t help with Lyme. In case you heard that, too, it is not true.

I had Lyme disease, and it was purely CDS that cured it. However, it has to be taken long enough to kill all the little spirochete hatchlings. If you stop before all the eggs are hatched, it just starts all over, again.



On 6/19/2018, Ken Adachi wrote:

Hi Eileen,

I’m so glad you took the time to tell me that about your Lyme. First hand testimony is the best way to convince people that it works. Can you give me the details of how you achieved your elimination of Lyme symptoms? I’d like for other people to read what you have to say. When did you start? How much, how often, at what ppm, etc. If you are buying 4oz CDS concentrated at say 3000ppm, how long does that last you at the rate and ppm you are taking it?

Please tell me as much detail as you care to talk about. I really want other people to know of your experience. A lot of people have Lyme symptoms.

Thanks, Ken


From Eileen
June 19, 2018
To: Ken Adachi<[email protected]>
Re: Question on CDS

Hi Ken,

Sure, would love to help anyone afflicted with Lyme. I recently heard a doctor being interviewed who said that he doesn’t believe ticks cause Lyme. He said every Lyme patient he has talked to, had dental work before they became ill. Well, I can’t verify that because I was bitten by a tick. I had the bulls eye, I had fever and chills (like a 24 hour flu) three times consecutively every two weeks. My immune system was fighting it. However, I also had some dental work done around the same time, either
before or after the tick bite, I cannot recall. But, I’ve had a LOT of dental work in my lifetime and never suffered afterward, so who knows?

This was 2008. I woke one morning a month or so after the tick bite, with tendonitis in the left hip and down to below the knee, and I am still dealing with the leftover tendonitis near the knee! I was five years into it before I was diagnosed by a naturopathic doctor [2013], even though I went to an MD right away with the tendonitis, but the MD ignored what I told him about the tick bite, so I got no help from him.

In 2013, the naturopath asked about my pain, and where it was, and he asked if it jumped from joint to joint? “Yes, absolutely it would go from my shoulder joint to my wrists and back to my shoulder, and my knees were affected, and once I woke with pain going down my neck, through my shoulder and down my arm to my fingers.” I was on pain pills and other stuff for about 3 months for that. That was his first clue, so he sent me for blood tests, and they came back with 5 of the 8 markers for Lyme. He said most doctors won’t diagnose it as Lyme unless all 8 markers are there, but he said if there were 5 markers and the symptoms were there, it would be ridiculous to say it was not Lyme just because there were only 5 markers. So finally, I knew what was wrong, but, unfortunately, he did not know how to treat it.

By 2014, I needed a walker to get around, my knees were so bad, but I don’t think knee replacement would help me walk any better considering the tendons and muscles around the left knee restricted my walking ability. Lyme attacks muscles as well as joints. It even attacks the heart.

In 2014 I found out about a company called “Healers Who Share.” They use frequency waters to cure disease, so I took their frequency waters for about $2000, and felt I was healed of Lyme, and for another $2400 I got rid of about 80% of the tendonitis which had plagued me for so long, and that was a great blessing. (There are clinics which charge $36,000 to treat Lyme, so I felt lucky.) I may or may not have been healed of Lyme.

I was definitely better for some time, but back to the doctor who said Lyme is preceded by dental work. I then went to a dentist to have a root canal tooth removed. He is a biological dentist, and I thought I would be okay. After a year, I started feeling like maybe I was not completely healed, so the question in my mind now is, did we just kill off the adult spirochete with the frequency waters, allowing the spirochete babies to re-colonize, or did we get it all, and did the dental work restart everything? I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

However, the important thing is how to get rid of it. I connected with a naturopathic doctor in Hawaii who specializes in muscle testing, which he can do long-distance, fortunately, because I am not in Hawaii. He asked for a urine sample, and he uses it as a “witness,” when he does the muscle testing. He determined that I did, in fact, still (or again) have Lyme disease. He recommended I use CDS, so I studied on it, bought some and started using it. He also said my heart was only operating at 40% capacity, and my arteries were blocked.

I used a pre-mixed preparation that is 3000 ppm. I used 15 drops in 1/2 cup distilled water, and I drank 1/2 cup an hour. I usually took it 5-7 times a day. That was actually more than the doctor said to take, but that was the protocol recommended. Actually, they recommend doing it 8 times a day, but my bottle only holds enough for 7 times during the day, and I prepared it every morning and kept it on my desk. I started this in March of 2016, and the doctor continued to monitor my progress, letting me know periodically what headway I was making. When all the adult spirochetes were killed off, he told me I could cut down on the amount and frequency, but to continue taking the CDS until all the eggs had hatched and been killed off. I believe I was done with it by August of that year [6 months]. Without the doctor’s help, I would not have known when all the spirochetes were killed off, so I recommend anyone using this for Lyme, without an expert kinesiologist, should do it at least 6 months, and then continue on a maintenance dose for a couple months to be on the safe side, because if you don’t kill all the eggs as they hatch, the disease will start all over again.

One thing for sure, if I ever have any dental work done in the future, I’ll be taking CDS before and after for some time, because if it was the dental work that caused the Lyme, I don’t want any more of it. Eight years of Lyme disease (with perhaps a 2 year break after the frequency waters) has deteriorated my spine. It used to be straight and healthy, and now it has scoliosis, deteriorated and compressed discs, and my pelvic region was frozen in place, which put tension on my thighs and caused a loss of flexibility and motion. Getting treatment for that now, and things are getting better. My heart is fine now, as I was taking [1] Co-Q-10, [2] Alpha Lipoic Acid and [3[ Nattokinase along with the [4] CDS.

However, since then, I have developed a malignant tumor, and the Hawaiian doctor said there are two more tumors that had not taken root yet, just getting started. So I am back on the CDS, and have been for maybe three weeks, at the most. His muscle testing says the tumor is reduced 21% just since I started the CDS, and I can feel the tumor is smaller than when I first mentioned it to him. Another thing he has me do is take a teaspoon of baking soda before bed, which reduces inflammation, and baking soda is also a cancer cure.

This world is so poisonous now, and there are so many things wrong that tend to cause tension in the body and angry emotions (which affect one’s health) that perhaps I should just continue the CDS forever! I just listened to a video interview with a doctor who uses CDS for autistic children with great success. She said the CDS will break down the biofilm caused by Glyphosate, which is what I think is in Roundup, and is causing a lot of health problems and food allergies.

If interested, see it here:
[ Jan. 2018: Kerri Rivera & Dr Stephanie Seneff ~ Glyphosate and Chlorine Dioxide]



On June 19, 2018, Ken Adachi wrote:

Hi Eileen,

Thanks for providing all of this info. You did a great job. It helps more than you know, which I will explain in a minute.

First, I wanted to determine how much ppm of CDS you are taking 7 times a day. Using your info, I get:

4 oz = 2368 drops
2368 drops divide by 15 drops = 157.8 times diluted
3000ppm diluted 158 times = 19ppm

This is a much lower ppm than I had assumed was being used for problems like Lyme, so that was a surprise. However, I found a similar key in other therapeutic protocols such as using colloidal silver for instance, to knock down a big problem, the key is taking it REGULARLY throughout the day on an hourly or 30 minute basis for weeks or even months consecutively. So even in a dose as low as 19ppm, you’re getting a steady, slow drip kill off of those bugs.

Since you already hinted at it, I was going to tell you that the general idea is to KEEP taking CDS on a maintenance basis for the duration. Jim Humble has recommended this from the very beginning. He talks about different ideas on what is considered maintenance in his books and videos, but you could figure out your own schedule by trial. You have to remember that you don’t want to be taking anything that serves as an ANTI-OXIDANT, such as Vit. C, at the same time that you’re drinking CDS because ANY anti-oxidant (including green tea or citric fruit, or fruit juice, etc.) will cancel out the action of the CDS. So if you took 4 doses of CDS in the morning spread out over 30 minutes or 1 hour intervals, for instance, then you’re done for the day and can take other supplement in PM, and Evening. Maybe just doing that every other day would be a sufficient maintenance regimen. Since you have the tumors, however, you need to be taking CDS until they’re gone and then do a more rigorous maintenance dose than someone who never had cancer to remain cancer free. Where is the tumor by the way? Was this verified by MRI or blood test, or just based on muscle testing ?

Everyone should be taking baking soda before going to sleep. Besides knocking down cancer, it will raise your pH, over time, into a more alkaline range which will help you in many ways, besides preventing cancer (which requires an acid cellular environment and low oxygen to grow).

Kerri Rivera jumped into MMS and then CDS water somewhere around 2010 or 2011 to help her kids get over autism, which I assume was related to vaccination poisoning. I posted a video of her and Andreas Kalcker back in a 2012 conference in which she talked about the uses of MMS and then CDS Water with children, in enemas, etc. The video you sent is another important piece of info re. biofilm which is implicated in many of the Lyme-like, ‘mysterious’ diseases that so many people have symptoms of.

There is a lot to talk about Glyphosate. Biofilm production is the body’s defense mechanism in response to NANO particles (metals and polymers in the BILLIONTH meter size range) that we are ALL ingesting via contaminated crops and BREATHING air from chemtrail fallout. Bbiofilm is the body’s only way to try and snag these particles — which you will be shocked to find out is FORMING themselves into Neural network assemblies INSIDE our bodies and are PRODUCING many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, Lyme, joint pain, scoliosis, chronic fatigue, etc, etc.

Regards, Ken

© Copyright 2018  All Rights Reserved.


Autism is ‘Truly Curable’ Using MMS: Kerri Rivera Explains at the 2012 Autism One Confernce (Video) August 21, 2013

How to Make CDS Water, the World’s Most Powerful Germ Killer & Disease Eradicator, at Home ~ For Next to Nothing (March 15, 2013)

The Basic Science of MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) Sep. 4, 2012

Is Syringe Injection a Better Technique for Making CDS Water? (March 26, 2016)

MMS Newsletter, August 29, 2013: MMS as a Preventative (& Cure) for Cancer, Malaria, and Many Diseases (‘August 31, 2013)

Jim Humble Newsletter 8/16/13: Red Cross Trying to Cover Up 100% Cure of 154 Milaria Cases Using MMS in Documented Uganda Trial Conducted in December 2012 (August 16, 2013)

Posted at EY forum on June 20, 2018

Ken and Eileen,

Thank you for all this great information and personal experiences.
My husband and I have been fighting Lyme/MSIDS for over 5 years with everything known to man.  MSIDS stands for multi systemic infectious disease syndrome – a much better moniker than “Lyme” as ticks at this point can transmit 18 and counting pathogens into the human body.  We are almost always infected with far more than borrelia, the causative agent of Lyme and they all necessitate different medications.  Recent work has come out that the Lyme spirochete hides in worms within the human body:  Many patients improve dramatically on Ivermectin, Albenza, and Reeses’s pin worm meds.
We’ve done antibiotics, antiparasitics, antiwormers, IV ozone under UV light, high doses of IV vitamin C and other vitamins, herbs, essential oils, supplements, hormones, and stuff I’ve probably forgotten.  We are now on a maintenance program or oral essential oils taken in black seed oil.  So far so good.
In my journey, I’ve studied many modalities because at some point the antibiotics just quit working, you have significant blow back and can’t continue, or you realize it’s time to move on.  We were #3.  I must add that antibiotics were BY FAR the most helpful to us.  (Please know we hadn’t taken them for over 20 years and consider ourselves health nuts devoid of pharmaceuticals)
That said, antibiotics wouldn’t touch certain things – like pain for instance, although for me abx that cross the blood/brain barrier such as Minocycline helped immeasurably:
Interestingly, some great stuff is finally coming out regarding mental illness, inflammation, and pathogen involvement and how antibiotics and other anti-microbials can help these patients:  Inflammation can be caused by pathogens such as Lyme/MSIDS among others.
  Dr. Frid, NY, is an expert in understanding how tick borne illness presents in cognitive and psychological issues.  I believe, without a doubt, that we are going to see an explosion in this type of thing.  It’s a perfect storm of environmental toxins and pathogens.
So, hundreds of books and articles led me to this: and  Please take the time to read in its entirety as there’s much to know and contemplate.  DMSO is a wonderful thing and will reduce swelling and pain often within minutes but it’s also a “carrier” and will take any impurities directly into the body.  It MUST dry before anything touches it and anything you take WITH it must be pure.
In the article you will read that Harmut Fischer, author of the DMSO Handbook, recommends taking an oxidizer WITH DMSO.  This makes perfect sense and will be my next experiment.  While many have success with MMS on its own, the DMSO will take it deeply into the body where borrelia and other pathogens like to hide.  Often a MS diagnosis is really borrelia et al in the muscle tissue.  It eats away cartilage causing all sorts of havoc and pretty much every organ in the human body including the brain and heart and on and on.  It can cause irreversible damage that all the anti-microbials in the world can not fix at a certain point.
No one is really talking about Bartonella, but authorities state every mammal has its own strain making it potentially one of the most prolific pathogens on the planet.  It’s also a killer.  Dr. Breitsherdt, a veterinarian, is the Bart guru and his dad died from it.  His lab, Galaxy Labs, is probably the best place to be tested for it but like all things Lyme/MSIDS related, testing is extremely poor and unreliable.
I also greatly believe far more than ticks are transmitting.  I’m pretty sure I got it from my husband as a STD.  It can be spread congenially:, via breastmilk, and bodily fluids:
You can type the various pathogens into the search bar on my website for information, often including checklists.  These checklists on symptomology are far better indicators of active infection.  Here’s an example:  (Checklist within link)  All treatments should be overlapping in nature so pathogens do not become resistant.  We pulsed meds – some do not but the pathogen’s lifecycle should be taken into account for successful treatment.  Many are extremely persistent & difficult if not impossible to eradicate.  Lyme (borrelia) is one such critter.  It has been my experience that Babesia can be eradicated but it takes 9-12 months or more of steady treatment.  (We used Mepron, Artemisinin, and an intracellular).  
As far as I can tell we both had Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, and most likely Mycoplasma.  For many of you it will not surprise you that most have been bioweaponized.  Myco is a doozy and nobody’s touching that with a ten-foot pole.  It’s stealth, can’t be picked up by testing, and yet makes you want to die. A great read is by Garth Nicolson called “Project Daylily.”  The names and places within that book are real, just chanced for the book but please know cancer’s involved.  We’ll leave it at that.
Before I sign off, besides DMSO/MSM for pain (I have a recipe in there to make your own topical cream) I would recommend checking out systemic or proteolytic enzymes as well.  They, similarly to DMSO/MSM do a 1,000 beneficial things and are considered more of a therapeutic principle than a drug:  
Madison Lyme Support Group
p.s.  Ken, Kerri Rivera recommends a glass bottle like the Ello Pure BPA_FREE type with a screw-type lid that is NOT stainless steel for taking MMS for daily dosages.  Evidently stainless steel is bad with MMS.  I believe Humble then says to take the daily dose of MMS and put it into a separate glass and then drop the DMSO into it, mixing it well, and then ingesting.  This is the one I got:  

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