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Q News - Satanic Agenda? - Who Do They Secretly Worship? - Video

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JustInformed Talk

Published on Aug 17, 2019



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Kathleen 168

Kathleen 1684 hours ago

This is more reinforcement to love President Trump.

Lu Larsen

Lu Larsen4 hours ago

IMAM OBAMA IS NOT A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT THEREFORE his presidency is dissolved!! Therefore all pardons cancelled!!???


dreamwithme234 hours ago

Remain close to your faith🙏 God will always WIN so make sure you’re in the right team 🇺🇸

Theodore Roosevelt Charleston

Theodore Roosevelt Charleston4 hours ago

Repent,and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins,and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.


keverc3 hours ago

Ephesians 6:11: “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Kathleen Parr

Kathleen Parr3 hours ago

I Stand With My President Trump!

Peter J. Taylor

Peter J. Taylor4 hours ago

Greetings Craig excellent reporting mate ….. loving it from N.Z

Ignatius humble

Ignatius humble4 hours ago

The satanic influence has been there since the beginning of American via the Free Masons.

jockser 104

jockser 1044 hours ago

You can’t be pardoned for treason ! Justice coming soon ! Get your popcorn 🍿

Michelle Mohr

Michelle Mohr4 hours ago (edited)

I can’t get over how your confidence has grown since you first started. about 4 yrs ago. How terrified you sounded, and how incredibly relaxed you have become. Great job!


dreamwithme234 hours ago

They have ALL made deals with the DE👹IL

austin Jackson

austin Jackson3 hours ago

Hollywood, Music Industry, mainstream media are all on the same team and it’s not the good one!!

Nunoyer Dammedbiz

Nunoyer Dammedbiz4 hours ago

China is looking like 1992 USSR… just about to break up.. economy is collapsing, people are waking up and fighting back, their only option is to go to war or fall apart.

Debra Fuller

Debra Fuller4 hours ago


alan young

alan young3 hours ago

But remember if Obama is striped of his presedentcy (TREASON) the pardens given by obama will become null and void.

mamabear1691 Wojo

mamabear1691 Wojo3 hours ago

I rebuke Satan away from you in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord. God bless you and keep you safe.

Michael Whittle

Michael Whittle4 hours ago

Note to self : The Winds of Change has Arrived ?…..( John 1 : 5 – 7 )….. Prepped and Ready….. Enjoy The Show……kek…… Happy Patriot’s WW……m (UK)

Juanita Gonzalez

Juanita Gonzalez4 hours ago

I knew it for all my life that the Government we have is from Satan . He is the ruler of this world after all . When man oped for Men to rule them and not God ,the Jews wanted to be ruled like the people around them ,by a earthly king not a heavenly king (God ) when chooce a early king they opened the door for evil . THE BIBLE TELLS US WHAT HAPPENED AFTER WARDS Satanic rulership took over the world . Man is unable to rule himself without God . We proved it .Madam Butterfly

Madam Butterfly4 hours ago

Sociopaths all of them… scary to think these people have so much power… America hope you get your country back…make it great again…


Richard3 hours ago

News Flash from Tomorrow !! Satan lost and is being locked up again for 1000 yrs…[email protected] it is said and so it is done. Amen …


dreamwithme234 hours ago

I’m here waiting 👍❤️😘🇺🇸

Michael James

Michael James4 hours ago

We are so impressed with your diligence and resilience Craig. Thank you for your sacrifice to keep exposing these things and corruption we saw infiltrating our society 35+ years ago! Please though!!!! Please do NOT make the mistake of calling our Constitutional Republic a Democracy!!!!!! It is a critical mistake almost everyone makes now, which is part of the problem changing the clarity the Constitution once created. Change the meaning, change the government,. Change the moral code, change society…meaning, destroy both. We need to claim back the genius and vision our Founding Fathers & Mothers had of a unified but diverse Promised Land for all lovers of Liberty! 🇺🇸

Calledby Grace77 L.P.

Calledby Grace77 L.P.3 hours ago

3rd painting showing 6 fingers. Obammy, Billie-girl & this one. They are NOT of us.


jadecamaro4 hours ago

Can’t wait to watch! You do great work Craig!!


fairmaidenwhite3 hours ago

My QMAP app had an update this morning. Maybe we might be seeing more from our favourite Anon sometime soon?

Saddle Tramp

Saddle Tramp1 hour ago

They publicly worship themselves. Narcissistic spirit cooking demons.

Marion Melody

Marion Melody3 hours ago

Good work, thanks Craig God bless you and all going against this evil. 🧚‍♂️♥️

Ilene Billingsley

Ilene Billingsley1 hour ago

How would Obummers pardons even be legal when he wasn’t even a legal citizen of our United States, not even a legal President.??

jessie wright

jessie wright3 hours ago

I’ve been doing massive research and the deep state goes back 5000 years into the samaryian days

Brian Hill

Brian Hill3 hours ago

Satan is their god. Good against evil. GOT WILL WIN.


zapperbunny14 hours ago

You called them Democratic Again! The Dimocrats are no more democratic than a tarantula wasp!

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark2 hours ago (edited)

Obama is a illegitimate president so his pardons don’t mean squat

Risa Langdon

Risa Langdon3 hours ago

Wonder how many terrorist type people fell off the customs watch list while their systems were down.


RED BALL731 hour ago

Katy Perry in trouble for Fondling people? You cant make this stuff up. Lol smh


Valliek3 hours ago

I am trying to share your video but when I click on share, it doesn’t come up or open. YouTube is really censoring so all the Patriots. Great video Craig, I really appreciate you.

Keith Holloman

Keith Holloman2 hours ago

Rescend E.O. 13489 and ALL of obama’s pardons, actions, and appointments ARE null and void.

Lyle Ford

Lyle Ford3 hours ago

“We struggle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and wickedness in high places.” Bad, fallen angels, and demons. That’s who our struggle is against.

Paul Huria

Paul Huria4 hours ago

Epstein is a dog and pony show, the real Pedo crap is below the Getty Center LA.

Louis pokriefka

Louis pokriefka4 hours ago

Check out Melissa at Freedom Force Battalion. She does a great job in tying all this up in the word of God and the Bible. It’s amazing. God bless!

Anthony Imperato

Anthony Imperato2 hours ago


Robin Mead

Robin Mead3 hours ago (edited)

Can we please look at Haiti find out where 18 billion dollars went and get it back to the Haitian people? Haiti ended up having 4 hurricanes in 3 WEEKS IN 2008, WITH $8 BILLION OF DAMAGE around the same time Bill Clinton and his Global Initiative started eyeballing Haiti. Then in 2010, an earthquake, seven points on the Richter scale , struck Haiti with peculiar seismic precursors, destroying the already devastated country. The vultures came after that. It is a wrong that must be righted. There are crimes against humanity that we cannot and will not allow to be pardoned by the President.


Warminster1004 hours ago (edited)

Want to know how the “Deep State” attains so much wealth and control? They worship the devil! Luke 4:5-7 “The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me, it will all be yours.”

Ilene Billingsley

Ilene Billingsley1 hour ago

Wow President Trump just put it all out there !! Thank you President Trump! He knows exactly what the hell is going on ….I think he is AWSOME!! WWG1WGA MAGA KAG 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Professional Shitposter

Professional Shitposter1 hour ago

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places… This is as real as it gets folks, be safe and God bless all of you #WWG1WGA

Evets Smada

Evets Smada4 hours ago (edited)

I wish I could donate financially but currently I cannot… Until then, I give my heart, trust and faith to God, Trump and your AMAZING VIDEOS / REAL NEWS 🙏 Ps > it’s telling me there are only “4″ comments but I count “14″!

Susan C

Susan C3 hours ago


Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison3 hours ago

Please check out Genie Oil and Gas company. It’s a red flag on the Golan Heights. These guys are trying to invoke Gog and Magog 🚩

Eddie Zielinski

Eddie Zielinski1 hour ago

When I read the Word of God concerning the end times it clearly tells me that many will depart the faith, it tells me the love of many will wax cold. It tells me that people will surround themselves with those telling them what they want to hear. It telks me there will be many false teachers who decieve many. Most importantly it tells me that WE, as a body or church qill be protected. Wether that is here on earth or we are raptured it doesnt really matter, we will be kept safe. Carry on, enjoy your life, fight the good fight but do not fear, we are the victors.

Dee Cee

Dee Cee4 hours ago

And winning and winning and winning and winning. …

Regina Marie

Regina Marie4 hours ago

Thank you for standing in Righteousness and Truth

thomas ackerman

thomas ackerman2 hours ago

Satanism is all ways an inversion of unselfish qualities. Selfishness at its extreme is by default Satanism even if not consciously acknowledged.

Teri Marshall

Teri Marshall3 hours ago

I share all your videos on Facebook. Of course some that are on left, always say it’s all President Trump . I will nit debate only keep sharing. When they are ready I will help them.

Nicole Preston

Nicole Preston2 hours ago

I pray that their Satanic ways are exposed & the American public wakes up to this evil. God bless you all fellow patriots! God bless you all ✌️🙏😍😎 🇺🇸

Mary Flanagan

Mary Flanagan4 hours ago

Our country is run by psychopaths


TheOnlyCartel™3 hours ago (edited)

Right to her demonic face 😂😂✌🏽🇺🇸💯 We have to get over the political and ethnic distractions because satan worshippers come in ALL shapes, sizes and ethnicities 😳💯


gardengnome12344 hours ago

Love the Brave browser. As fast or faster than Google Chrome…

Don Smith

Don Smith4 hours ago

Are you sure the “See something, say something wasn’t the rice cookers??? 😳😳😳


Richard3 hours ago (edited)

We will go black come back up with the new system that removes them from the internet . . Thanks (lol) for all their work The Fathers job is amazing he just takes their systems away from them… And there is Nothing they can do to stop the judgement agaisnt them For they are Hell bound… [email protected] YESHUA !!

Brooke Federline

Brooke Federline4 hours ago

secretly they are lucifer worshippers first then baal Moloch satan and the rest.

Marie Ferriera

Marie Ferriera2 hours ago

Say what’s on your mind..President Donald Trump.. I LOVE THAT!! I WILL ALWAYS TRUST THAT…😘🙏💖🇺🇸

Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson1 hour ago (edited)

Satan comes only to kill, steal and destroy. That’s bible. Thank you for the report and God Bless DJT, Q and the anons (patriots)!❤️🇺🇸🍿🤠

Tic Toc

Tic Toc1 hour ago

All this sickening crime and no one is indicted let alone arrested. The criminals have no fear of justice. Sickening

Tuhoe Te Uruwera

Tuhoe Te Uruwera4 hours ago (edited)

….The king’s (Globalists or New World Order Elite) of the Earth set themselves, and the rulers (Rulers as in Ephesians 6:12…communicating with the spirit world of the fallen entities) take counsel together (pagan satanic worship and also find ways of committing treason against the people in America on a global scale all around the Earth) against the Lord and against his anointed (the called out chosen ones) saying LET US break their bands asunder (LETS CAUSE A DIVISION AMONGST THE PEOPLE THROUGH THE FALSE MEDIA) AND cast away their cords from us. (ANNIHILATE ANYONE WHO STANDS IN OUR WAY WHETHER IT BE ASSASSINATING THEIR CHARACTER (eg: mass attacks on Trump) THROUGH THE MEDIA OR THROUGH MEDIA, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL CHEM-TRAIL WARFARE) HE that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh,(GOD SCOFFS AT THESE EVIL DOERS, these Global corporate nephelim giant entities that try to defy God by devouring the family values that were set in place for the people to give glory and honor to The Lord God Almighty) HE WILL DESTROY THEIR REIGN OF TYRANNY Starting with America only to go GLOBALLY) THE LORD will have them in derision ( GOD will end their legacy through mockery and ridicule. He WILL also CAST THEM OUT IN PLACES OF POWER AND AUTHORITY AND THEY WILL BECOME OBSOLETE IN ANY PLACES POWER..eg take down the new world orders legacy!) PSALMS 2:2-4 FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY for America!….. ITS ALREADY COMING TO PASS AND HAPPENING BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES!! Obama is the trojan horse of America’s economy and it’s Rider on the beast is Hillary Clinton! Their end will come to desolate ruin and all those involved! 37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For as in the days that were before the flood (judgement of God on the ungodly e.g:…Giants in the land drowning from the judgement of God…the judgement of these giant corporate entities devouring in the form of multi-trilateral global businesses…e.g: bio-metric companies our family values will stop and cease through a flood of judgement that God will bring to the leadership on america) they were eating (cannibalizing)and drinking (drinking the innocence of blood), marrying (taking whoever they felt like and forcing themselves on whomever) and giving in marriage (raping and creating genetics through satanic witchcraft in the form of trans-humanism,) until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.—This whole beast system under the leadership of Satan with his minions of demonic horde entities manifested through corporate giants in the business world will come to nile! And the serpent [Satanic Globalist Corporate Government] cast out of his mouth[Media Outlets] water——[VENOM]——{[Fake Media] as a flood[World Wide mass controlled media through Mind Control swaying the thoughts of the people] after the woman[church = called out ones that stand up for righteousness and truth...the remnant], that he might cause her[believers] to be carried away[deceived] of the flood[World Wide mass controlled media].Revelation 12:9…[[[DON'T LISTEN TO THE SATANIC MEDIA Or Venomous Poisonous fake media outlets otherwise it will paralysis your senses and blind your judgement]]]….Satanic Globalist News outlet….eg: CNN Criminal Nazi NewS The eagle will cut off the dragons head…@ [[And to the woman were given two wings of a GREAT EAGLE = AMERICA, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. Revelation 12:4]] dragon means dracoon which means serpent’s head. America will rise like an Eagle financially…they will dominate all the currencies of the world… China [The Dragon] will plumet to it’s death financially!! It will happen when we least expect it in the near future. The judgement on the wicked is the restoration of the righteous… America’s leadership in government is entering into God’s judgement…the restoration of the righteous is found in Jesus Christ…he is our place of safety in the midst of a storm.


madeleine73 hours ago (edited)

Thank you so much! You are absolutely right! It is a Spiritual Battle! Evil against Good. Much bigger than just a political, under-age girls, pedophilia or Celebrity issue. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen warned us about all this, over 70 years ago. President Trump leads the “Forces of GOOD” and the Pope leads the “Forces of Evil!” I AM a Catholic, by the way, but incensed as to how Evil has taken control of the Church! I am now convinced that some-one from the Vatican performed those Black Masses on Epstein Island where babies, little kids were tortured, abused, raped and sacrificed to Satan on the altars of those underground “Temples!” Q Anon posted Security Camera footage of those Temples over a year ago. Hag Hellary is clearly visible. The footage is horrendous. No wonder they have found ( FBI and NYPD) little skulls and tiny bones in the sea under that “Temple” on the Island. Said remains had been evacuated as “waste” via pipes, which discarded this “rubbish” in the sea.

Juanita Gonzalez

Juanita Gonzalez4 hours ago

We can not for get and put the real reason we have to put a end to the Devils work as children of the light And that reason it the Children .Each day Thousands are offered on alters to Satan . We must stop the abortions of children and the Trafficking of children ,in this country we have children brides sold to grown men on the dark web . I know if they want to really know what happened at Ebstins locations all they need to do is Spray elumelu for blood traces and it will show the truth . Blood is not washed up with Clorox . We have to save the children , we have to ……… The blood cries out .


MARLO2 hours ago

Satanic Pedophiles run the world!

Radmila Gasper

Radmila Gasper4 hours ago

Of course this is evel trying to fight the final fight to dominate us……God has his earth angel soldiers in place and he is making sure that they are safe..sometimes the man chosen is least like what we would think he is. Do not forget humans have to deal with their personalities and do GOD work….POTUS HAS A HAND OF GOD ON HIM ,,,,,THERE IS A REASON SO MANY LIGHTWORKERS, EMPATHS ARE ON EARTH AT THIS TIME,,,,,,,,GODS ARMY IS READY,,,WWG1WGA…LOVE AND LIGHT SURROUNDS THE TRUTH, BLACK EYES OF THE DEVIL ARE EASILY SEEN JUST K LOOK AT ZUCK, AND EVEN MANY TV ANCHORS, THEIR EYES TURN BLACK WHEN HEATED SUBJECTS ARE DISCUSSED ,LIKE HATERED FOR POTUS

The Lord Pickles

The Lord Pickles4 hours ago

its no secret for those who has eyes to see. and can read the lines. they worship the god of this world. the light bearer Lucifer the enlightened one.


TrexSA2 hours ago

You do know that these videos are not only informative about Q, but I have found my self drawn back to my religion, what I stand for and hope in humanity which I was confused about for a longtime. Getting told your evil because your a white male and Christian for the past 25 years has taken its role. Thanks for the videos from South Africa


you20994 hours ago

So, 8 Chan won’t testify b4 Congress for several weeks? Sounds like a Setup.

Defiant Christian Kufir

Defiant Christian Kufir4 hours ago (edited)

The global cabal-ist brood of vipers are worshipers of their father Lucifer. Like the Gnostics they consider Lucifer, their god of light and enlightenment, the good guy with a black label. They are the tares sown among the wheat, the seed of the serpent out to destroy the seed of the woman. They have reduced humans to their livestock and playthings (think pedophile island) for thousands of years. It is by them in their positions of power that their father Satan rules the kingdoms of this world.

User Name

User Name1 hour ago

Who took the computer border grid down? Drug related? Deep state?


Rebel2 hours ago

why should we honor obozo’s pardons since he was never a legitimate citizen of the United States?


rwvant102 hours ago

Paintings could be crimes they got away with…?

James Burnett

James Burnett3 hours ago

23:25 it was not Monica’s dress it was like one Killary wore.

Deborah Whaley

Deborah Whaley2 hours ago

Hong Kong is supposed to keep their sovereignty until 2049. China is pushing communism early. That is why the protests.

Misty Kimm

Misty Kimm3 hours ago

Isiah 5:9 woe unto them that call good evil and evil good. That put darkness for light and light for darkness. That put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. That verse in this movement I see in a whole knew light! Make America Christian again! People god will protect those that come to him in times of darkness and sadness! We can not forget that theres going to be much darker times in this world but remember theres hope always hope! I’m going through a terrible time right now and that hope that tiny bit of light will get me through. If anyone reads this a feels they should pray for me I’d really really appreciate it. I need it so bad right now. My name is misty! Much love from PA! Godbless 😘

Deplorable Dave

Deplorable Dave1 hour ago

In this case, the student will NEVER defeat the MASTER……

Truth Is Buoyant

Truth Is Buoyant2 hours ago

I’m aorry but there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. Our values are vastly different

Robin Mead

Robin Mead2 hours ago (edited)

We know President Obama was complicit… how can he pardon anyone?

James Wilcock

James Wilcock3 hours ago

Eddie Bravo recommends listening to Just Informed Talk.


clintb783 hours ago (edited)

THEY’RE COMMUNISTS. All the years after the “end” of the Cold War, China and Russia are still run by communist dictators. We didn’t win anything, and now they are deep inside our country.

Robert Facer

Robert Facer3 hours ago

Brave is a great browser. No annoying ad’s. it also blocks trackers. I will never go back to google

Laleesh Pleetu

Laleesh Pleetu4 hours ago

For those of you who haven’t seen, watch ALEX JONES & STEVEN CROWDER #2 “FULL UNCUT”. My, my, my – you will come to understand Q’s telling us how unbelievably horrendous things are below the surface and how this surely is a spiritual war we are smack dab in the middle of. I think big prayer is in order!


Teewriter1 hour ago

If she doesn’t corrupt you, she kills you👺☠️☠️☠️👺

Manuel Avila

Manuel Avila43 minutes ago (edited)

i was a big Sanders supporter, and what Trump said in the beginning is the absolute truth

Not Pilled

Not Pilled3 hours ago (edited)

Any Gmail email that passes in or out of the borders of the United States is picked up and stored by the NSA.This could simply happen if an email bounces between two international Gmail servers, the country of origin or recipient is irrelevant.


RipperYou4 hours ago

Bring back burning on the stake.

helen cheung

helen cheung2 hours ago

You have made several f actual errors re Hong Kong. I’m a subscriber from HK and your errors are puting a dent in my confidence in how thorough your reseach is.

Rogue Antilles

Rogue Antilles2 hours ago

If you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at who he gives it to.

Workin Man

Workin Man3 hours ago

if president trump would give me a pardon…i would go hunting

Mark Machado

Mark Machado3 hours ago (edited)

Absolutely at least back to Clinton bush crime family and importing drugs while slick was governor of Arkansas. Even further everyone masons. Any outbof d.c. Obalisks lining up around the world.

Mike Dorsey

Mike Dorsey4 hours ago

I would like to talk to you some time. I have some video links to share with you. I do not want to share anything on your channel that you have not previewed first. Then if you feel that you want to share them, that would be up to you. I love the work you do, we are certainly brethren in the Lord God Almighty! Did you know that the word blessing in the sermon on the mount is actually blessing(s) plural. Have fun looking that up. Real easy on Blue Letter Bible AP. May Jesus give you the many blessings he has promised and protect you from attacks of the evil one! Amen!

Keith White

Keith White1 hour ago

We the American people must have accountability against politicians that are hell bent on destroying the rule of LAW.

thrifty Penny

thrifty Penny3 hours ago

I’m not so sure about rituals. I’m thinking more about actual transplants and medical treatments we can’t even comprehend. Perpetual youth supplied via Haiti’s children. Waiting lists are moot when you have millions/billions. I love your channel. Thank you.

The Lord Pickles

The Lord Pickles4 hours ago (edited)

With the Mandela effect even the holy word of God has been altered. Isiah 11:6 it says wolf. I have a leather bound bible from the 1900s. it has been altered. yet I clearly remember in church it was always the lion lays down with the lamb. now it says wolf. Christ is the LION of judah, not WOLF of judah. i vaguely remember that god shall curse any who distorts the word of God, like changes even one word and leads his flock astray. i ask if god is so powerful how and why did he allow his word to be corrupted? why does God allow his holy word to be changed? what other verses have been altered? I also remember that in revelations not all who call upon the name of the lord shall be saved. So how can we even trust the bible? compared to a personal relationship with the risen christ? good morning.

Tony A. Vollenberg

Tony A. Vollenberg3 hours ago

It’s hard to have a discussion when 60 percent of the people are still asleep and 40 percent of them are walking zombies.

Patriots Unite

Patriots Unite1 hour ago


Michelle L. Eitelbach

Michelle L. Eitelbach4 hours ago

First comment! Can’t sleep! Thanks for posting, Craig!

john Grosse

john Grosse4 hours ago

What about treason, I think the can be prosecuted. It looks like none of them are going to be locked up. I’m tired of the gerbil wheel.

RIck Parker

RIck Parker3 hours ago

Thanks so much, I’ve been following you for quite some time now, important pertinent facts all I have researched are factual information, so many are blind even in the sun of noon the time is so near progressing at supersonic speed I do my best to wake up all I can the brave VPN does a great job I help in all ways possible, GOD BLESS YOU AND AND LET US PRAY FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR GREAT PATRIOTS WHO ARE STANDING FIRM TODAY AT THE ANTIFA DEMONSTRATIONS TODAY POSSIBLE MARTIAL LAW IN MANY AREAS TODAY through the next few days. Next time every time!


Flatheadin071 hour ago

decades? way longer than decades

jimmy blais

jimmy blais1 hour ago (edited)

Let Canada hear, see the truth. That Poodoh, is exactly this! Elite. So, he thinks!

Catherine Thurner

Catherine Thurner4 hours ago

Sorry, but the Hongkong Riots have to be seen critically. They are not Grassroot and not to compare with french yello vests. Why is the MSM so eager to report on them? Because it is an Insrumentalization to weaken XiJI Ping, who has his own fight against the Deep state and the old communist garde… The demonstrants are upper class globalist students from the Transaltlantic forces….See f.ex. The Duran:ong Kong protests turn violent as China remains firm in extradition law: https://youtu.be/0jTJhxJX2Cs

Shill Shillington The troll

Shill Shillington The troll4 hours ago

NWO Agenda continues


Shellb45 minutes ago

It’s very sweet how much your love of God comes through. Thanks for your hard work


HeReigns1 hour ago

I love our President so much! He calls the devil, the devil to his/her face, AND I LOVE IT

Marcela C

Marcela C46 minutes ago

I love your beautiful words. It really touches my soul. God bless you. 🙏


col1 hour ago (edited)

Kim Clement 2006 Trump prophecy! President Trump is protected ! coltrump🇦🇺

Secture Vero

Secture Vero56 minutes ago

Portland authorities do nothing to stop ANTIFA, but arrest conservatives.

Toco Lee

Toco Lee2 hours ago

Last time I’ve read…Satan offered Jesus “ALL” authority and kingdoms of the world for 1 act of worship.


shophar1 hour ago

We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood Brothers but against Principalities and powers in dark places.

les goss

les goss3 hours ago

Both those paintings are: funny, cynical, shameful, and true.

Jeffrey Ferris

Jeffrey Ferris1 hour ago

We have a REPUBLIC, NOT a DEMOCRACY… Let’s get it right, people!

Peggy Micsky

Peggy Micsky2 hours ago

I wish I had confidence that Justice will come to any of these people but I don’t. They’ve been operating forever and getting away with it. The only justice will come from God. Money buys power in this world and these people start to feel bigger than God! Satan takes over and controls their life! That’s what the Bible means when it says, “Money is the ROOT of all evil”. God is still in control and I think he must be very disappointed in mankind. He destroyed evil once before and gave man another chance, now they’re trying to do it once again. Pray for our country, that good will overcome evil!


Gomommago!1 hour ago

re: the letter, I’m surprised to see Sherrod Brown’s name on that doc. He was in BHOs front pocket for years.

My ShadowKungFu

My ShadowKungFu1 hour ago (edited)

Some of these cowards are military and ex military cowards that couldn’t see themselves being “regular” people again after their service that they were easy pickings for rats in the intelligence agencies that use then and sit them, like dogs, in front of computer screens and monitors to watch people in their own homes. Being military does not make you anything special. But, it does give cowards with agendas a weapon to give them and edge/advantage to beat down anyone who speaks anything different than the agendas they push. These are the pieces of shit who cant go anywhere or meet anyone without talking about their titles or statuses. If they could wear their uniforms 24/7 they would. These types are cowards. Nothing more. Then you have puppets like our Presidents that continually say that everything is great with our military when they deal drugs and kill and rape on bases often times. Cowards in our “intelligence agencies” not only live on military bases, these pieces of shit “recruit kids in colleges and universities. No matter how many times they say everything is “great,” it’s a broken system that is in the hands on the puppet masters.

Jessica Kreimoyer

Jessica Kreimoyer4 hours ago (edited)

This goes BEYOND politics. We are literally witnessing God vs. Satan. Satan has been around since the garden of Eden; seeking to separate mankind from God. Satan’s greatest deception is making the world believe he doesn’t exist. ALL followers of Christ have to stay strong in prayer and fight against the principalities that we are against. Because believe you me, they are doing their rituals and sacrifices to gain strength and power. All Jesus followers MUST WAKE UP and use the authority we have been given!


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