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By John Rolls (Reporter)
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Trump Signs Insurrection Act! General Michael Flynn to Be Appointed Vice President! - Must Video

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It has been confirmed that President Trump has signed the Insurrection Act.

General Flynn to be appointed as Vice President.

Pakistan in Blackout.

The end of the Catholic religion and the Pope to be arrested as a Pedophile.

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    Total 67 comments
    • Anonymous

      ***** FAKE NEWS ***** As if we don’t have enough in BIN already. :cool:

      • PeacePlanet

        Of course, it’s all true!

        Doesn’t everyone know that Pakistan being blacked out is a sure sign of the implementation of Insurrection Act?

        And who wouldn’t trust some guy in a red T-shirt with a British accent?

        C’mon man!

      • B_idensL_aptopM_atters

        Your life has been fake news, shilling for the slaverc*k gobbler, child molester party. HicK.

        • 2QIK4U

          True ! This guy on the Video gives 0 evidence Though.. just ” trust me” sound familiar ? … Trust the sQam… I hear nobody is Arrested yet and it’s yet another day closer to the 20th ! BIN is BINNED by the looks of it if they keep producing Nothing Media !

        • Anonymous

          “you’re”. It’s a proven fact that Trumpturds like you can’t read or write. Plus, you’re (notice I didn’t say your) one stupid fucktard.

          • nill

            he used your correctly.

            • Anonymous

              Your kidding, aren’t you? That was my bad. But that doesn’t make him any smarter. :cool:

          • Lieutenant Derby, USAF

            And I guess it is you that can’t spell or read. Cheers.

            • Anonymous

              I guess you are right. Cheers. :cool:

    • Rumblings In The Grapevine

      Seriously were do people get this fake news from? Is there an author block link somewhere?

    • Redlist Renegade

      I Hope this is REAL !!! Time will tell and we Don’t have much time left now before whatever Does happen actually happens !!!

    • Zinja

      This could be real. Airspace over washington is closed and has anybody else noticed how slow the mainstream stories are being published. 1 story lasting 6 hours or more and thats across sites. Looks like BIN is being attacked as well. Getting cloud flare errors all the time but still showing due to cache. Interesting they just announced the popes Dr has just died – will the pope be next???

      • Anonymous

        That’s every day with my sorry cable service.

      • 2QIK4U

        I’m getting the same and I don’t usually

      • 2QIK4U

        At most all we know is Trump probably left washington

      • Kingfish Stevens

        It seems like if this were truly a pandemic, there would be daily stories about dead celebs and the like. I have not seen anything resembling that. Its a total hoax.

        • Anonymous

          Celebs are smarter than you. They have been masked up since Day One. They keep a safe distance from other people. They are the very first to get vaccinated because they are rich. But yes, some have died. But in general, they know what a virus is, and how to protect themselves. :cool:

    • DangerWillRoberson

      nice :idea:

    • CensorDeezNutz

      So this idiot in his rooms of pyramids has a source of all sources..that tells him… Oh yes… It’s on…

    • HfjNUlYZ

      At this stage of the game, the only thing to do is wait a bit and see if what they are predictions will come to pass. Just a few weeks now. After the end of January, if none of what they say happens, then they are even faker than MSM fake news

      • 2QIK4U

        Week and a half. 10 days ! 9 now 😭

        • Anonymous

          Get ready for another BIN big, fat nothing burger. Hold the meat. And everything else. :shock: :shock: :eek:

    • Gray_Matter

      :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: SOUND THE ALARM!
      Yes, for whom the bell tolls….might be a great idea as someone ANYONE cares to explain who & why so-called ‘police’ wear ‘bicycle gear’ (0_o)
      FOCUS on timeframe 0:13 and at timeframe 0:30, look carefully at that ‘officer’s protective umm…gear’! And specifically, please stop the video at timeframe 1:36>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>That bicycle gear helmut boy is easy to identify. If I had the money, I’d give $1 million dollars if someone ANYONE can place his face in with actual identification to prove his identity to be a REAL ‘police officer’

      The real problem DOES NOT come from the outside.

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Funny little cabal forming:

      Robert David Steels
      Simon Parkes
      Juan O Savin
      Charlie Ward

      The man who disables comments. And there’s often more info in the comments than in his show.
      If comments are disabled I don’t bother with the article.

      You are either for or against censorship, with serious profanity being the only exception as far as I’m concerned.

      • Lavada

        I agree on the comments. I tend to learn more info from them than the actual article. Those who post their articles at BIN are running out of time with all their hype about what Trump is going to do. Your credibity is on the line. When will the “January surprise” occur? Time is of the essence. Either the White Hats prevail or its back to the New World Order agenda of open borders, cheap llabor, gun control, identity politics, toilets for trannies and one world government.

      • Anonymous

        Why should serious profanity be any different? You have freedom of speech or you don’t. You don’t have part freedom of speech. :cool:

    • Boxed in Freight

      :evil: Trump and his miscreant followers are guilty of the insurrection, they alone caused the deaths of Americans. The military will not follow Trump because Congress is impeaching him again and V.P. Pence is threatening to invoke the 25 Amendment to remove him from office.

      YOU’RE NUTS ! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • PeacePlanet

        You should be boxed in as freight, jackass SOB.


      • Lieutenant Derby, USAF

        Yes. Definitely. The military is under orders by the standing COMMANDER IN CHIEF. The President did sign the insurrection act, therefore the military, even if Congress is unwilling, has to follow the President’s orders. Oh, and what’s more, one of the Democratic Party’s leading officials said that the party is going to secede and take all of the blue states with them. I say good luck, because they will get the PEOPLE from those states, not the land. The land is not theirs to take.

      • Anonymous

        Sweet Baby Jebus, you are entirely correct here. It’s a miracle to get a comment that makes sense in BIN. And, because it is the complete truth, expect about 100 down votes because BINNERITES are afraid of the truth, bigly. But if you would have said that Elvis was just found on the dark side of the Moon singing “Houndog”, well then you would have gotten plenty of upvotes. This is the way BIN works. :cool:

    • nill

      doesn’t need signing. i think it just needs to be invoked

    • DK

      A form of it was invoked from a letter to congress on the 5th January which was opened by House Speaker at 1206pm 6th January as entered into Congress Records, therefore the US has been under a state of emergency from that time.

      • 2QIK4U

        All this Evidence will be destroyed. ALL. EVERY SINGLE BIT FROM PIZZAGATE ONWARDS, Reddit would be purging like a bitch right now !

    • Tedx

      Good Click Bait.

      • nill

        no click bait was ever good

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Simon Parkes Update:

    • Rumblings In The Grapevine

      How is this confirmed? Needs more documentation, I say fake news and false prophet reporter.

    • Lieutenant Derby, USAF

      To settle the arguments down, the truth is this: The President signed the Insurrection Act, which mobilized the entire military. Even now, the Marines are preparing 10,000 men for dispatch in California and other states, BOTH BLUE AND RED!!! Emergency Broadcasts will be sent out periodically. I do not know when those will start, however.
      Yes, Pakistan was in major blackout due to a failure in one of their major electric stations.
      NO, the Pope is not going to be arrested, unless something is uncovered that no one knows about. All you Catholics out there, you’re safe.
      I do not know anything about the claim that people are making about retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.
      And to top it all off, there are all the signs for another “2nd wave” stock market crash, one that could devastate even Amazon. The man who projected the crash said that it could climb to 92%. That would be devastating for over half the nation.
      Well, I hope all of you stay safe. Good luck in this next year.
      Lieutenant D. Derby, USM
      P.S. I got all of this information from a very reliable but classified source. All of this information is declassified, but my source’s name is classified.

    • Voco Veritas

      Simon, the arrest of the PINO Bergoglio has nothing at all to do with the existence of the Catholic Church. Jesus said the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church so I do not accept any proclamation of the end of the Catholic Church, though getting rid of the heretic Bergoglio would be a major step in the right direction.

      To the naysayers whoever you are, a good friend who lives in DC told me Dulles was indeed shutdown yesterday Jan 10 for some time. This confirms Simon’s intel and destroys your credibility, trolls.

    • rmstock

      VIDEO: Military Armored Vehicles Rolling into New Jersey
      Date:Today 19:45 PM [2021-01-11T08:45:21-05:00]
      Last night, armored military vehicles were video recorded rolling through a service area on I-95 in my home state of New Jersey.

      I think that the Military under the Insurrection act is going to “pull a Cuomo” :

      The Battle of New Orleans

    • Real Expert

      Total crock.. Got up this morning after reading this and wanting to believe it last night.. You got me again though.
      There is absolutely nothing to show this has happened. Are we so desperate that we resort to fantasy stories now?
      Maybe we need to get a grip, go sit down and relax with a strong cup of coffee and get your mind around that
      this just is not the case and quit getting people’s hopes up, and dropping them all in the grease eh?

      Just making bad matters even worse here folks!

    • Barry

      This is the fakest news ever. Fake beyond fake.

      • CUB4DK

        Are you sure?
        Keep praying it is Fake!… :cool: :lol:

        • Barry

          A week has gone by. This was fake then and is fake now.

    • BR549

      Can someone help me identify the guy speaking in this video entitled: Military Activated Trump Invokes Insurrection Act. Where can he be followed? Thanks!

    • Zechariah S.

      Yall are full of it. Our President is not going to do anything. Get use to it we are on our own.

    • Jen the pen

      Still waiting

    • Pepperdine Law

      People actually believe this nonsense? Wow! Lots of tin foil hats here.

    • Rickenbocher

      This is the kind of crap that pisses me off. Some dipwad who says he was born from an Alien sitting in a ratty dingy apartment acts like he has major intel and people are gullible enough to believe him.

    • counselor john

      Not even fake news! Just pretend!

    • JohnnyB

      How come when you click on an up or down vote the whole section turns red or green. Seems unnecessary and overdone. Don’t know of another site anywhere that does that. What purpose does it serve?

    • Rickenbocher

      This guy is nuttier than a libtard and that’s hard to accomplish

    • Odelia

      I thought all dems were arrested? Today live on many channel Pelosi still the speaker. I thought you said she was arrested at 3am in her house. Biden & Hunter arrested. Is your channel reporting truth or things yet to happen?

    • Gray_Matter

      Stop for the most brief moment to ask yourself:

      And you can d@mn sure bet the clown farm all that has NOTHING to do with any tasty chocolate souffle: it’s political souffle slathered with lemon meringue. Which some-many-most of the buckin’ waiter/s have somehow toasted away into being capital charcoal flakes. :mrgreen:

    • betty boop

      Gen Flynn just told Doug billings Trump did NOT sign the insurrection act and the military is NOT in charge. see at 2043

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