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Situation Update, 8/4/21 - Extreme Threats, Witch Hunt Tactics Force Dr. Mercola To Take Down His Entire Website! - Mike Adams Must Video

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(Natural News) Big Pharma’s media lackeys — “journo-terrorists” — have struck again, this time unleashing a wave of death threats and vitriol against Dr. Joseph Mercola of, who just announced he’s been forced to take down his entire website of articles and interviews. His work represents 25 years of research and writing about nutrition, wellness, disease prevention and natural immunity, and the taking down of his site is no doubt being celebrated by the pharma-funded criminals who are conspiring with Big Tech and the White House to target and destroy the most influential educators on nutrition and wellness.

This is nothing less than a war against humanity, all justified under the cover of “covid,” a faked plandemic that’s so fake, no laboratory in America can yet produce an isolated reference material standard of covid-19 viral particles that are proven to sicken anyone. The entire thing is a deliberate sham, engineered to push toxic vaccines and a global depopulation agenda for planetary-scale extermination of billions of human beings. But to carry out this mass extermination, they can’t have people like Dr. Mercola teaching the public about vitamin D or ivermectim, for example, since natural immunity is relatively easy to enhance with simple nutrition. (And covid-19 kills almost no one by itself, which is why Cuomo needed to use ventilator-assisted medical murder to pump up the death statistics in New York.)

Mainstream media “journalists” spew slanderous hate campaigns designed to provoke violence against doctors and natural health educators

Under the cover of covid, many of today’s so-called “journalists” have become terrorists, waging hate-motivated campaigns against targeted individuals — the “dirty dozen” — that involve threatening their employees and family members. Their goal is simple: Intimidate and destroy anyone who stands in the way of the global vaccine depopulation agenda. No human must be left unvaccinated in the short term, or left alive in the long run, they believe. In an age where “online bullying” is supposed to be a crime that’s condemned by all, the NYT, Washington Post, CNN, NBC News and other pharma-funded media outlets have become the most outrageous and aggressive bullies of all, issuing a relentless barrage of false, defamatory smear articles that are clearly designed to whip up irrational hatred and violence against their intended targets such as Dr. Mercola.

If the FBI or DOJ really wanted to investigate actual domestic terrorism in America, they should start by investigating NBC News, the NYT and other journo-terrorism organizations that are knowingly whipping up hatred and threats of violence against health educators like the Bollingers, or Sayer Ji, Del Bigtree and RFK, Jr. Yet there will be no such investigations for the obvious reason: The Biden regime is a pharma-controlled medical dictatorship and criminal racketeering / organized crime syndicate that launders money through covid payouts (for vaccines, stimulus money, etc.) to pay off top pharma donors who also prop up the media propagandists with Big Pharma advertising money. It’s all a racket.

The threats against Dr. Mercola are so intense that he has now been forced to delete his entire website of content, spanning 25 years of articles and interviews, many of which are widely cited by other publishers due to the meticulous fact-checking that employs. Dr. Mercola is almost obsessed with accuracy, and his articles are extremely well researched and cited, unlike the vaccine-pimping media “journalists” who merely read teleprompters and repeat whatever pro-pharma propaganda is placed in front of them on any given day.

The mainstream media now functions as the authoritarian propaganda branch of Big Pharma. Even worse, they run “black hat” operations to attack, smear, defame and deplatform anyone who won’t go along with their anti-human, anti-America lies and propaganda. We are now living under a medical dictatorship in America, with the Mayor of New York City now declaring that unvaccinated people are a new sub-class of humans who shall be denied access to restaurants, gyms and bars, with grocery stores no doubt soon to follow.

I thought America had already decided as a nation that declaring one group of people to be a sub-human class of degenerates was morally wrong, yet the unvaccinated have now become America’s new class of shunned sub-humans, with governors, mayors and even the President now openly encouraging bigotry and discrimination based on who you are.

Vaccine passports are the new “slave papers,” warned the Democrat Mayor of Boston, a black woman who is now warning of what happens in society when one group of people demands segregation and denial of services based on some dividing attribute.

In America today, thanks to the limitless evil of the medical dictatorship now in power, people who choose to rely on natural immunity will be discriminated against and denied access to basic services while those who attempt to educate the public about nutrition and wellness will be demonized, vilified and likely soon attacked by angry, hysterical mobs whipped into a state of intense anger by the journo-terrorism media. Read more about all this at

This has gone too far. All those pushing this discrimination, bigotry and hate campaign attacks against nutrition educators need to be arrested and charged for their own role in these coordinated crimes against humanity.

And Dr. Mercola should sue the NYT for $1 billion in damages for their false, defamatory smear campaign against him.

Get the rest of the story in today’s Situation Update podcast – See Video Above!


  • Isobel Cockerell, a reporter with Coda Story, requested comments on our coverage of COVID-19, and specifically on my decision to remove COVID-related content, for an article she was writing
  • In the interest of transparency, I’ve posted the email exchange so you can read our response to her questions firsthand; unsurprisingly — none of it made it into the article
  • Cockerell’s false article claims that “pressure from lawmakers and antidiscrimination groups” prompted me to remove COVID-19 content from, in order to “avoid social media ban”
  • We provided the real reasons why COVID-19 content was removed from our site directly to Cockerell in the email exchange
  • She chose to ignore it and included nothing about the personal threats or counteroffensive assault by global terrorist and cyberwarfare experts against

(Natural News) (Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola republished from

Media organizations occasionally contact, sometimes to challenge us on the researched, fact-checked articles we post for our readers. This was the case when Isobel Cockerell, a reporter with Coda Story, requested comments on our coverage of COVID-19, and specifically on my decision to remove COVID-related content, for an article she was writing.

Her request was made on the same day the article was published. In the interest of transparency, below I’ll post the email exchange so you can read our response to her questions firsthand, as — unsurprisingly — none of it made it into the article.

May 7, 2021, Coda Story published Cockerell’s false article, claiming that “pressure from lawmakers and antidiscrimination groups” prompted me to remove COVID-19 content from, in order to “avoid social media ban.”1

Not only is this wrong, but we provided the real reasons why COVID-19 content was removed from our site directly to Cockerell in the email exchange. She chose to ignore it and included nothing about the personal threats or counteroffensive assault by global terrorist and cyberwarfare experts against, instead stating:2

Coda Story Published Outright Lies

In the current climate, if you are not compliant about blindly promoting mandatory vaccinations and their safety, you will be silenced. Digital dictatorship is escalating, and people are increasingly being conditioned to think it’s not only necessary for “misinformation” to be removed but that it’s the obligation of these essential information carriers to do so. Twice in a one-week period, was hit by cyberwarfare, taking the site down.

Still, the “threat of a social media ban” had nothing to do with my reasoning for permanently removing select content from, as Cockerell implied. Further, the article, which is really nothing more than a propaganda piece for the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), makes a number of additional, blatantly false, statements.

Among them, “Mercola, who has over a million followers on Facebook, has promoted a number of unproven treatments or cures for COVID-19, including the inhalation of bleach,” Cockerell wrote.3 Not only have I not advocated inhaling bleach, but I’ve warned against its use even in cleaning products due to its link to lung damage. The “source” Cockerell uses as “evidence” of this statement is a nonworking link to the CCDH “Anti-Vaxx Playbook.”

In its “Anti-Vaxx Playbook,”4 CCDH identified six leading online “anti-vaxxers,” which include yours truly along with Barbara Loe Fisher, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Andrew Wakefield. In the playbook, the CCDH details the messages shared by me and others during the Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination, held online October 16 through 18, 2020, such as:

  • Deaths being falsely attributed to COVID-19, thereby artificially inflating mortality statistics
  • The fact that COVID-19 has a 99+% survival rate unless you’re very old and have underlying comorbidities
  • The fact that there are now several effective therapeutics for COVID-19, making a vaccine less relevant

The CCDH report presents these messages without any counterarguments. It does not negate or even debate the accuracy of any of them. It just brushes them aside as “misinformation” and “lies” without providing any proof whatsoever, and in doing so, it actually ends up strengthening our messaging. In fact, the report summarizes our concerns so well that I’d encourage everyone to read it.

Self-Censoring? Anti-Science Movement? More Lies

In a petty move, Cockerell did not identify me as a doctor or osteopathic physician, which is just one more attempt to diminish credibility in a smear campaign. Some of the other outrageous claims made in Cockerell’s Coda Story article is a quote from Imran Ahmed, CCDH’s CEO, which states, “Joseph Mercola is a superspreader of antivaccine and COVID disinformation. The fact that he has said he will self-censor shows the impact of penalizing antivaccine propagandists.”5

The idea that I am self-censoring due to some form of unnamed penalty is quite a stretch, and makes it clear that Ahmed did not read the article I published explaining my reasoning for removing select content. Cockerell also implies that I’m part of an “anti-science movement” — another lie that’s easily “fact-checked,” considering one of the driving forces behind is to share science-backed health information — including the science that not everyone wants you to hear.

NewsGuard Also Reached Out for Comment

In its ongoing scrutiny and “grading” of the website, NewsGuard, the self-ascribed arbiter of the trustworthiness of internet websites, asked for information on our COVID-19 articles so NewsGuard can update its rating of’s coverage of the pandemic. The email from John Gregory, NewsGuard’s deputy editor on health, follows:

“My name is John Gregory, deputy editor on health at NewsGuard. You spoke last year with a colleague of mine for our rating on

We are updating our rating to reflect Mercola’s coverage of the novel coronavirus strain, known as COVID-19. In an article titled “Novel Coronavirus — The Latest Pandemic Scare,” the site promotes two unfounded conspiracy theories about the virus’ origins:

  • The article stated: “In January 2018, China’s first maximum security virology laboratory (biosecurity level 4) designed for the study of the world’s most dangerous pathogens opened its doors — in Wuhan. Is it pure coincidence that Wuhan City is now the epicenter of this novel coronavirus infection?”
  • There is no evidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the source of the outbreak, and genomic evidence has found that the virus is “96% percent identical at the whole-genome level to a bat coronavirus.”
  • The article also stated that “the hysteria being drummed up follows a now well-worn pattern where the population is kept in a perpetual state of anxiety and fear about microbes so that drug companies (aided by federal health officials) can come to the rescue with yet another expensive (and potentially mandatory) drug or vaccine.”
  • It later suggested the outbreak was timed to coincide with the presidential budget request in order to benefit “the Pharma and public health lobby.” No evidence is provided to back this conspiracy, nor does any appear to exist. Why did publish these claims, despite the lack of evidence backing them up?”

NewsGuard previously classified as fake news because we reported the SARS-CoV-2 virus as potentially having been leaked from the biosafety level 4 (BSL4) laboratory in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to NewsGuard, “There is no evidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the source of the outbreak, and genomic evidence has found that the virus is 96% identical at the whole-genome level to a bat coronavirus.”6 But NewsGuard’s position is in direct conflict with evidence suggesting this virus was created in a lab and not zoonotically transmitted.

For those who aren’t aware, NewsGuard is another threat to the free sharing of information. It claims to rate information as reliable or fake news, supplying you with a color-coded rating system next to Google and Bing searches, as well as on articles displayed on social media.

If you rely on NewsGuard’s ratings, you may decide to entirely skip by those with a low “red” rating in favor of the “more trustworthy” green-rated articles — but NewsGuard is in itself fraught with conflicts of interest, as it’s largely funded by Publicis, a global communications giant that’s partnered with Big Pharma, such that it may be viewed more as a censorship tool than an internet watchdog.

Full, Transparent Coda Story Email Exchange

Since Cockerell’s article on behalf of Coda Story gives no inkling of our email response, it’s published in its entirety below. You’ll see that important details were omitted from the article, like calls for cyberwarfare experts to be enlisted against vaccine safety advocates, without which it’s virtually impossible to gain an understanding of what’s really going on.

FROM: Isobel Cockerell

Dear Joseph and the press team at Mercola,

I’m writing an article about your decision to remove Covid-related content from your website. I have a few questions and would be grateful for a response – we’re publishing the piece today and it would be so helpful to have a quote from you as soon as possible.

Anti-hate groups such as the CCDH are viewing this as a huge victory for science. What’s your response to that?

Is self-censorship the only way to maintain your platform on social media?

How do you respond to claims that the content you’re sharing is dangerous misinformation and that its distribution should be reduced in order to maintain vaccine rates?

Many thanks for your help.

FROM: Mercola PR

Hi Isobel,

Since CCDH’s associate Peter Hotez publicly demanded attacks should be launched against us by terrorism and cyberwarfare experts, our website has been taken down by these attacks twice in the last week.

Dr. Mercola has encountered several serious threats to himself and his business, the damages have been really significant and we hope the digital hate group, Nature, and the Gates-funded Hotez will please call a stop for these attacks.

Dr. Mercola first reported the virus was likely leaked from the Wuhan laboratory in February 2020. Fact-checking groups had called this a conspiracy from the beginning (please see note from John Gregory). It is really difficult for the mainstream scientists and media who have been wrong about this to admit it now.

The digital hate group even utilizes this reason in their most recent report to deplatform us.

Disinformation Dozen: The Sequel

But it turns out everything we stated well over a year ago is now being validated.

The truth is really frightening for some people and industries; they will do anything to perpetuate propaganda that protects the most powerful pharmaceutical industry. It turns out that Publicis owns fact checkers like Newsguard, and they are a public relations company now being sued for illegally marketing opioids that killed thousands of people.

Massachusetts Sues Ad Agency Publicis, Alleging ‘Deceptive Marketing Schemes’ Fueled Opioid Crisis (

Brill and Crovitz Announce Launch of NewsGuard to Fight Fake News – NewsGuard (

It’s really difficult to be in a position that in order to remain on these monopoly platforms, you have to lie and not make statements that upset the global pharmaceutical operations or their fact checking front groups.

Coda Story Response: We ‘Consider the Matter Closed’

Coda Story claims that it “tells you stories you never heard before, shows you connections you never knew existed, and investigates the nuance and complexity of the world.”7 Surely, then, its reporters would be eager to dive into the counterpoints provided in our email, in order to explore, investigate and share these connections with the world.

In reality, they revealed their true colors, both with the blatant lies they published and their refusal to explore the truth further, even after it was clearly presented. In the final email response from Coda Story, Burhan Wazir, managing editor, wrote:

Thank you for contacting Coda Story about Isobel Cockerell’s brief. As you will be aware, Isobel reached out to the Mercola team for comment and we updated our story with the company representative’s position. We thank you for your cooperation and consider the matter closed.


‘The Purge’ by Big Tech targets conservatives, including us

Just when we thought the Covid-19 lockdowns were ending and our ability to stay afloat was improving, censorship reared its ugly head.

For the last few months, NOQ ReportConservative Playbook, and the American Conservative Movement have appealed to our readers for assistance in staying afloat through Covid-19 lockdowns. The downturn in the economy has limited our ability to generate proper ad revenue just as our traffic was skyrocketing. We had our first sustained stretch of three months with over a million visitors in November, December, and January, but February saw a dip.

It wasn’t just the shortened month. We expected that. We also expected the continuation of dropping traffic from “woke” Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, but it has actually been much worse than anticipated. Our Twitter account was banned. Both of our YouTube accounts were banned. Facebook “fact-checks” everything we post. Spotify canceled us. Medium canceled us. Apple canceled us. Why? Because we believe in the truth prevailing, and that means we will continue to discuss “taboo” topics.

The 2020 presidential election was stolen. You can’t say that on Big Tech platforms without risking cancellation, but we’d rather get cancelled for telling the truth rather than staying around to repeat mainstream media’s lies. They have been covering it up since before the election and they’ve convinced the vast majority of conservative news outlets that they will be harmed if they continue to discuss voter fraud. We refuse to back down. The truth is the truth.

The lies associated with Covid-19 are only slightly more prevalent than the suppression of valid scientific information that runs counter to the prescribed narrative. We should be allowed to ask questions about the vaccines, for example, as there is ample evidence for concern. One does not have to be an “anti-vaxxer” in order to want answers about vaccines that are still considered experimental and that have a track record in a short period of time of having side-effects, including death. One of our stories about the Johnson & Johnson “vaccine” causing blood clots was “fact-checked” and removed one day before the government hit the brakes on it. These questions and news items are not allowed on Big Tech which is just another reason we are getting canceled.

There are more topics that they refuse to allow. In turn, we refuse to stop discussing them. This is why we desperately need your help. The best way NOQ, CP, and ACM readers can help is to donate. Our Giving Fuel page makes it easy to donate one-time or monthly. Alternatively, you can donate through PayPal as well. We are pacing to be short by about $3700 per month in order to maintain operations.

The second way to help is to become a partner. We’ve strongly considered seeking angel investors in the past but because we were paying the bills, it didn’t seem necessary. Now, we’re struggling to pay the bills. We had 5,657,724 sessions on our website from November, 2020, through February, 2021. Our intention is to elevate that to higher levels this year by focusing on a strategy that relies on free speech rather than being beholden to progressive Big Tech companies.

During that four-month stretch, Twitter and Facebook accounted for about 20% of our traffic. We are actively working on operating as if that traffic is zero, replacing it with platforms that operate more freely such as Gab, Parler, and others. While we were never as dependent on Big Tech as most conservative sites, we’d like to be completely free from them. That doesn’t mean we will block them, but we refuse to be beholden to companies that absolutely despise us simply because of our political ideology.

We’re heading in the right direction and we believe we’re ready talk to patriotic investors who want to not only “get in on the action” but more importantly who want to help America hear the truth. Interested investors should contact me directly with the contact button above.

As the world spirals towards radical progressivism, the need for truthful journalism has never been greater. But in these times, we need as many conservative media voices as possible.

Read more at: and


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