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    • Hsaive

      Can’t get full-screen to work.

      • Equalizer

        Do NOT take the Death Jab!!!

        • Equalizer

          Absolutely no mention of “Graphene Oxide” in the Jab??? WTF?

          • HypothesisFree

            Or perhaps more importantly, “Graphene Hydroxide”?

    • Anonymous

      Everything you ever wanted to know how this hoax was set up.

    • KenK

      Mass Formation Psychosis is the real pandemic. Wished many more people could listen to this interview. Failure to get more people to snap out of the hypnotic and psychotic grip being sold as covid and its jab, would definitely lead to a very terrible end. Thank you Dr Malone for all you’ve been doing. History will surely remember you as one of the few good guys.

    • Red

      I could only watch 2 hrs of this bs.
      Rogen failed to ask Dr. Malone the following:

      Dr Malone, let me make a couple of points, then I will ask you a question for your comment.

      1. The CDC, FDA and many well known Virologist such as
      Dr Michael Yeadon have confirmed that the COVID-19 virus has never been isolated, which tells us COVID-19 virus and its variants do not exist. COVID-19 has never been seen with a microscope.

      2. FDA and CDC are pulling the PCR test because it does not work and was never designed to prove the existence of COVID-19. Computer modeling is not medical science and should not be used to prove the existence of COVID-19.

      3. Knowing the above two points, why are you pretending that COVID-19 exists?

      4. Dr Malone, tell us about the Graphene Oxide present in many of these jabs and why this cell poison is being put in the jab.

      • Red

        It is very obviously to me that Joe Rohan and Dr Malone are skirting the real dangers and motive of the jab. Seems to me they are setting the stage to quietly let the jab fade off into the sunset until the medical community can re evaluate the jab.

        My opinion is these two are paid opposition to the truth.

      • Parjaroguy

        I am at 18:35 and I am already hearing “The Skirt”.

      • 2QIK4U

        Exactly right. Rogen Sold out long ago while trying to be an Alex Jones.. I actually believe Alex more than Rogan

    • neverending

      lol there all going to love hell.

      • neverending

        lol to the day there is no 911.

    • Johnny B Good

      Order any drug you need online including viral
      No script required Ship World Wide Bitcoin accepted
      Pharmacy has been online since 2005
      Free Self help videos, audio and books

      Excel Well LLC

    • Greybeard

      The greatest wisdom is seeing the right in wrong and the wrong in right……what seems good now is just the foot in the door for the wrong that comes later…

      and there’s a whole history of that with Gov’s

    • Greybeard

      For all those vaccers against those not vaccinated……well you still getting it….but if you so worried about someone who is un-vaccinated……then you best kill your children’s pets….don’t go to the zoos nor the bush …nor the beach…cause all the animals will get you!!

      what?….you gonna run and hide all your life….cause some suit who only cares about money and control says so….like there’s no history of Gov or corp ever lying to you!!!?

      • Greybeard

        Hippos test positive for Covid-19 in Belgium zoo – CNN

        6/12/2021 · Runny-nosed hippos test positive for Covid-19 in Belgium. The hippos, named Imani and Hermien, have shown no symptoms “other than runny noses,” the zoo said. (CNN) Two hippos at a zoo in Antwerp …

        ….anything that breaths air!……..

        28/12/2021 • Mon 27 Dec 2021 23.12 EST. A bird flu outbreak in northern Israel has killed at least 5,200 migratory cranes and forced farmers to slaughter hundreds of thousands of chickens as authorities try to…

        ……run little vaccer’s ….run….hahaha

    • LonePatriot3

      While the MSM condemns the use of ivermectin, the most populated state in India just declared they are officially COVID free after promoting widespread use of the safe, proven medicine. In addition to this, Ivermectin attaches to covid spikes and prevents them from binding to ACE2. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

    • Greybeard

      Just because you jumped off a cliff not seeing the bottom….then demand everyone else to jump off who can see the bottom is your choice to do so….but you still getting it …..still being dictated too…..still jumping through hoops……all so GoV. can push their vaccine passports so in future they can dictate what where and when you can do something …just by saying have this jab have that pill or you can’t do whatever…..

      bet once the vaccine passport/qr codes are the norm pandemic will be over with!!!!

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      This is a copy of a post by someone called Dream.Walker:

      Is Dr. Peter A McCullough a Controlled Opposition Agent engaged in a Limited Hangout (damage control) ?

      Peter A McCullough
      Allopathic & Osteopathic Physicians
      Internal Medicine
      Cardiovascular Disease

      Lately, we see McCullough in media (Joe Rogan show) talking about how the COVID-19 vaccine is causing illness and death.
      He has been saying that the vaccine has caused the death of 4 to 5 times the number listed in VAERS (~20,000),
      thus totaling approx. 80,000 to 100,000 dead Americans from the deadly bioweapon.
      Is this the actual number ?
      Isn’t it much higher ?
      Is Peter McCullough part of a limited hangout enganged in damage control for BigPharma and the Khazarian Globalists ?

      The Columbia University Study found that the minimum number of deaths caused by the vaccine is at least
      twenty (20) times higher than the number reported in VAERS.
      This means more than 400,000 Americans have been murdered by this COVID vaccine.
      This number is more than five (5) times the number that McCullough is admitting to.

      The Harvard-Pilgrim Study found that the VAERS is under-reported by a factor of 100, resulting in over two (2) million deaths from the vaccine.
      This number is more than twenty (20) times the deaths that McCullough is talking about.

      Is McCullough telling us the truth about how deadly the vaccine really is ?
      A third estimate comes from the whistleblower data from a CMS database analyst…

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      found by attorney Tom Renz.
      The numbers from this CMS database indicate as many as two (2) million may have been murdered by the vaccine.

      Why does Dr.Peter McCullough say that VAERS is under-reported by only four (4) to five (5) times when the above data shows that it is monstrously higher ?

      What if I told you that Dr. Peter A McCullough has been paid more than a million dollars by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, of the manufacturers of this deadly bioweapon vaccine ?
      What would you think then about McCullough’s credibility ?

      Using the OpenPayments database website we can find at least a partial listing of the payments that have been made to any doctor particularly Dr. Peter A McCullough.
      What does OpenPayments say about McCullough ?
      Let’s find out.
      Year=All Year
      Payment Type=General Payments
      Company Making Payments=AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
      Nautre of payment=All Natures of payment
      Totals by payment type in All Years:
      …………General Payments= $190,821.17
      …………Associated Research Funding=$1,490,803.22

      Dr. Peter A McCullough has been paid by one of the vaccine manufacturers to the tune of almost $1.5 million.
      Keep in mind, this is only a partial listing. We don’t have all of the financial compensation information that OpenPayments does not cover.

      With the above in mind, do you really expect McCullough to tell you the truth about the deadly…

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      nature of
      the bioweapon known as the vaccine when he has been paid by one of the manufacturers of said vaccine almost $1.5 million ?

      Is McCullough performing damage control for BigPharma ?
      Is McCullough lying and covering up the actual vaccine deaths because he has been paid $1.5 million by AstraZeneca ?
      Is Dr. Peter McCullough a controlled opposition agent performing damage control via a limited hangout ?
      It sure looks like that.

      And remember this:
      McCullough still insists that COVID is real, that there is a pandemic and that the SARS-Cov-2 virus exists.
      All evidence shows that there is no COVID since there is no clinical diagnosis for it nor is there any test,
      All evidence shows that there is no pandemic, the 800,000 COVID deaths are according to CDC inflated by over 1800%.
      The CDC reports that only 5% of the 800,000 (40,000) are actual COVID deaths, the rest are co-morbidities (e.g. cancer, heart disease, gunshot wound).
      It’s on the CDC’s own website.
      Finally, there is no virus. SARS-Cov-2 has never been isolated nor purified (Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr.Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Stefan Lanka).
      McCullough knows all of this.
      He is a lying piece of moral filth.

      Dr. Peter A McCullough = Controlled Opposition Agent performing damage control (limited hangout) for BigPharma.

      P.S. You can check the data and payments yourself using OpenPaymentsData on the internet.
      The urls are given below.
      Type in one of your own doctors but be warned, you may not like what you find.

      Year=All Year
      Payment Type=General Payments
      Company Making Payments=AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
      Nautre of payment=All Natures of payment
      Totals by payment type in All Years:
      …………General Payments= $190,821.17
      …………Associated Research Funding=$1,490,803.22

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Then we have Joe Rogan, the man who not long ago said how good a president Michelle Obama would make. The bloke is all over the shop and has ‘agenda’ all over him. I wouldn’t trust him an inch.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        Joe Rogan joins GETTR ???

        I came across this thread on Twitter that pretty clearly indicates that the founder of GETTR received his funding from someone with direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I recommend reading through the entire thread. I would also be really careful about being involved in any social media product that may be controlled by the CCP

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          Why is everyone and their dog suddenly suggesting everyone should ‘get on GETTR’ ???
          Why is Bitchute scrubbing content and accounts, not just mine.

          Who are the current crop of grifters that all appeared more or less together.
          Why do most of them disable comments?

          Who is left of the ‘old guard’?

          Was Cirsten going off script?

          SOMETHING is very very wrong. My spidey sense is off the charts.

    • Nomorelies

      For your information JOE!!! The insurrection took place on November 3 2020 not January 6 2021!!!!!! from we the people by the deep state you fking moron. Trump won and you know it jackass!!

    • LonePatriot3

      Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said anyone that willfully vilified and obstructed access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 is guilty of first degree capital murder, genocide, and crimes against humanity. They are trying to jab as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation plan work. I believe in God & Jesus. If I get sick I will take my Ivermectin that I stashed just in case and leave rest to God. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      There’s something VERY wrong with Dr. Robert W. Malone!
      by State of the Nation
      Posted on January 6, 2022

      Dr. Malone received two Covid ‘vaccine(s)’ himself. He even often says that he fully believes in the nation’s Super Vaccination Agenda. That’s right—he still believes in vaccines for the young and old, sick and well, rich and poor.

      Hence, Malone appears to be a highly credentialed and ostensibly trustworthy Trojan horse who was strategically positioned within the Truth Movement in order to ensure that confidence is not lost by parents in the overwhelming childhood vaccination schedules which are vital to the timely implementation of the New World Order agenda.

      Likewise, the avuncular Malone appears to engender faith in the annual adult flu vaccination programs across the country, which are also pivotal to various NWO schemes.

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