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Alien Races - Over 82 Species on Earth and in Contact with Earth Right Now

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This highly fascinating compilation features photos of alleged alien species. 

 According to whistleblower and former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer, there are alien races on Earth. 
Leaked military guides and other sources inform us that aliens have been living on planet Earth before the human race came to be. 

Discover the wealth of other intelligent life in the Universe and from nearby star systems (e.g. Alpha Draconis, Zeta Reticula, Pleiades, etc.). 

Whether mammalian, reptilian, amphibian or insectoid, there is a vast array of life forms awaiting our contact


Do you believe in Extraterrestrial Intelligence? What about the idea that not only do they exist, but that they are in contact with the Earth currently? 

All of the evidence I’ve seen has pointed to this being true, and if you have seen some of the information out there, I’m sure this idea doesn’t come as being far fetched to you.  This article will expose the undercover story, and introduce you to the species you can make direct contact with right now.

Humans have already discovered 2,000 exoplanets in our Universe, with over 500 discovered this year alone. These planets are potentially suitable for life and have the right conditions to support it, including perhaps oxygen, carbon, and water.

Our continued study of space has only led us to realize that it is very likely that the Universe is absolutely teeming with life, especially when you take into account that there are an estimated 100 billion galaxies in our Universe.
 Some people may think it’s impossible that aliens would be able to exist, and doubly impossible that they would be able to travel light years to visit us.  But think about this:

Our earth is only 4 billion years old in a universe that is 14 billion years old.  What could a species learn, create, and do that has a 2 or 3 billion year head start on us?

Proven contact

Humans who act as Spiritual Channels have been pushing up against mainstream consensus for years, sharing that they have directly had contact with extraterrestrials.  

Abductees, military personnel, whistleblowers, even reputable scientists have been thoroughly tested by a vast range of neurologists, hypnotists, psychologists, etc., proving undisputedly that these people have had contact with ETs, some of which is reported to be both positive and negative.

If this is coming as news to you, here is the former Minister of National Defense of Canada Paul Hellyer giving full disclosure within parliament about the UFO coverup stories and ET contacts we have made.  He explains in front of a room of government officials that there are over 80 species of aliens we are aware of, and 4 of them in particular that we have made direct contact with on earth:
 It is believed that all of the ones who have contacted us so far are benevolent and want to help us. Some of these beings may appear odd or paranormal in nature to us, and that from what I understand it’s because it is hard for us to fully understand their consciousness, intelligence and the way they interface with reality.

Not to mention, that their existence alone shifts our understanding of the Universe and our place within it so dramatically that it is very natural for us to be inclined to reject that which is so unfamiliar and challenging to us.  I also know this is a highly controversial conversation to be starting, but the world needs to know this information.

I do believe the time has to  begin to consciously interact with these beings, to create a new relationship with them and open the bridge of communication. 

I have experienced this firsthand myself, and many others have as well. I truly believe it’s part of our future destiny as a species, and is an organic part of maturing into being an intelligent, loving and compassionate planet.

So without further adieu, here are the 5 main ETs that are in contact with earth.  Please keep in mind this information is not being made up.  This is coming from the high levels of government and military personnel, scientists, and first-hand contacts.


How to contact these beings

I recommend you create a time to meditate each day at the exact same time. Cleanse your space, get comfortable and take a few deep breaths.  

Create an invocation to welcome them into your space. And then just meditate… go quiet & listen. Perhaps ask a question and see what kind of responses you get.

As Max Plank once said, the number of minds in the universe is one. These beings have thousands and millions of years of evolution on us, so things like telepathy, ESP, and physic transmission are as easy for them as sending a radio signal is for us.

The ancients knew this

ET visitations have been recorded for thousands of  years, and ALL ancient cultures talk about the “gods” that would “come down from the sky” with a bright light and given them knowledge, tools, technology and culture. 

These beings are usually depicted having shiny skin or wearing some kind of space gear, and have generally have large heads and wide large eyes.

Chariots of the Gods is a wonderful read summarizing the vast amount of evidence that ancient man was visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings and they they created art, cave paintings, and sculptures of these distant visitors to describe the experiences they had of them.

These are the 5 main races in contact with earth. Again, I would like to stress that this is not New Age mumbo jumbo. This information comes from the highest levels of the military industrial complex, government, and first hand contacts.

There are many more in contact with us right now, and many more who desire to contact us.  Maybe they are waiting for us to open our minds and our hearts, let go of our greed and pride, grow up a bit, and make more spiritual progress before they make their presence known to the whole world.

If you ever hit any blocks or get stuck, it’s likely you are dealing with resistance. Resistance can easily block us from tuning in or focusing our intentions. 

It’s important you transform your relationship with resistance if you are looking to better your life. 
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    • my2pesos

      Alien Races ~ A Line Ra CE’s
      Variety ~ VI RA I ‘y’ ET

      • PeoplePower

        NASA Are Liars & You’ve Been Lied Too..

        Flat Earth and The NASA (SAtAN) Serpent Exposed:


        “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”-William Paley

        NASA Deception and the Flat Earth –  Flat Earth Facts:

        Everything we have been taught since a young age is a lie, and I mean everything..

        The mystery of the universe has been solved.  The emperor has no clothes.

        Bible Proof The Earth Is Flat. 

        Genesis 1:6-8: “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day. And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas…” We are introduced to the cosmology of the ancient Hebrews only six verses into the beginning of the first book in the Bible, Genesis.”

        • Bobwire

          Dude dont bogart that joint my friend

        • Syco

          Flat Earth = Flat wave on a brain scan… for real, that has to be a serious medical condition, you should look into it. :lol:

        • The Troubles

          As a Life Long Bible Scholar, I must agree with your statements of fact. It is all there, written for anyone to see. All they have to do is read the Holy Bible with COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING, Chapter by Chapter, Line by line, verse by verse. Reading it more than twice, all the way through, grants the reader with proven ancient knowledge, insight and answers many questions that Earthly humans of flesh seek to unlock. These answers are unlocked with the “Key of David” which in fact involve the human experience and about our visit to our Flesh home, also known as the Plane(t) called earth. It’s the “Owners Manual for Living in the Flesh”. Pick it up, gain knowledge and peace of mind. Free.

          Fact: There are 31,124 Verses in the Holy Bible (KJV).
          1,239 Prophesies in the “Old Testament”
          578 Prophesies in the “New Testament”
          These above stated Prophesies combined make up a total of 8,352 total verses.

          Time and time again, the uneducated, unschooled, those lacking very basic knowledge of the Holy Bible, cast stones and mock the teachers and messengers of GOD’s Fatherly wisdom, teachings and proven writings. We have a term for this in Biblical Scholastic Studies: Its called, “When Fools Rush In.”

          Stay strong in the “LORD our GOD” Power of His Might. His truth is a two edged sword. It Cuts Both Ways. The TRUE word of GOD. Jesus not only LIVES, He Saves humans from their blinded and willful ignorance. All that is required is repentance, and acceptance with a sincere desire to let Jesus Christ, his spirit to come into the human flesh heart. The heart and soul of humans. That is the end prize and the first step to unlocking the Mystery of the Holy Bible.

    • unidentified

      why are they interested in this planet? there are millions of other planets they could visit besides this planet, are we that unique and interesting to them

      • lucid_ity

        could be because there’s a Show about to start here. some ancient writings say that this world has been built and destroyed multiple times, and this time will be the finale.

    • Sucking Chest Wound

      Some say that there are huge planets out there somewhere, that are entirely made of pure diamond.

      I’d just like to let those 82 species of assorted space travelers know, (who no doubt pass the aforementioned type of planet during their daily commute,) that for a mere wheelbarrow full of the common-as-dirt stuff, I’d come and clean their house, buff their UFO’s and cook for their family…hive….gang…nest for a whole year……and I give good tentacle and carry my own lube.

      • The Clucker

        Sounds legit.

    • aquarius

      WHAT A LOT OF BULL! If ”Draconians” or any other advanced alien species would want to exterminate humans, reduce pollution and supress technology, they could easily have launched EMP bombs ages ago!! There’s great possibility that Earth is flat and if so, whoever created and is managing the environment that we live on, wants to give us this ”Alien Illusion” to confuse us even more!!

    • Maximumload

      Total and absolute bull!!

      There is no Planet X/ Niburu.

      There are no aliens on earth – only DEMONS – incarnations of the fallen angels and Lucifer/ Satan.

      The whole idea of the aliens/ planet Niburu idiocy is to make us feel insignificant. The fact is there is only us and the demons on earth. Trust in God my friends.

      • TuffENuff

        When you get right down to it, God is actually an alien.

    • Big Craig

      “Our earth is only 4 billion years old in a universe that is 14 billion years old.”

      but we have only been intelligent for the few minutes or so.

      and where is that Gil fella spruking his project blueboom malarky? Until that appears this article can’t be taking seriously

    • jknbt

      meditation can open you up to demons….beware…


      The Draconians are subtle snakes in the grass. Wear knee high boots with steel inserts whenever getting around these things. At least make them break a tooth when they bite you.

    • Williams

      The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)
      That warning came in 1951…

      This warning (and it has the same message) came in 1986:

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