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By Jeffery Pritchett
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Large Gray Aliens Require Full Disclosure by 2015

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Large Gray Aliens Require Full Disclosure by 2015

Large Gray Alien
Allegedly a former treaty made with the large Gray Aliens requires complete disclosure by 2015.
In an article titled “Secret Space War VIII: Alien Quantum Computing and the End of Secrecy?” on the Veterans Today website the author Dr. James Preston refers to a treaty that may have been created between the large Gray alien race and the Secret Shadow Government. The article describes several alleged treaties between several different alien races and various nations here on earth.
This alleged treaty states that the SSG must provide Complete Disclosure soon or the large alien Grays will allegedly make massive public displays of themselves and their anti-gravity crafts (AGCs) and disclose everything themselves directly to the American people, including the temporary use of the major mass media.
It has been claimed that a certain prior treaty with the large alien Grays requires complete disclosure of alien presence and technology by a certain date or these aliens will supposedly make large public landings in every major city of the world, guaranteeing a systematic but rapidly developing complete end to secrecy and especially the deep black and beyond black programs previously protected by immediate assassinations.


As in a previous post we did about the Majestic 12 titled “Is This The beginning of Full Disclosure” this article also suggests there is a split between the older members and the younger ones who want complete disclosure to be attained in logical steps done in a manner preventing public panic or out of control business changes from occurring too rapidly.
The article also mentions a few other alleged treaties.
The Nazi/Tall White Nordic Treaty.
Tall Nordic White Alien 
The first alleged treaty was between the Thules of Germany using the Vril girls as go-betweens, and this was in the early 1900’s perhaps sometime between 1912 and 1933.
This treaty was between the Tall Nordics and involved trading anti-gravity and advanced weapons technology in exchange for a promise to eventually establish a world kingdom interbred of their hybrids.
This treaty changed when the Nazis lost WW2 and became bifurcated with some of their scientists working on alien technology moved to alien bases in the southern part of South America and German designated territories in Antarctica, and the rest going to America given complete immunity to work under Operation Paperclip.
The Grenada/Eisenhower Treaty.
The next alleged treaty known was the alleged “Grenada Treaty” between the US Army and the Alien Tall Grays and was based on an exchange where the aliens would provide high tech anti-gravity, communications, weapons in exchange for the right to conduct abductions of humans to gain biological/genetic samples as long as they kept records and released the abductees with no harm done to them and with their memories wiped clean to prevent PSTD.
The Technician/Scientist Exchange Treaty.
Apparently a later additional treaty with the tall Grays was negotiated later and part of this treaty allegedly included exchange of technicians/scientists between the aliens and the Americans and advanced high tech psychotronic mindkontrol technology.
Several years later more than one crashed UFO was recovered with dissected humans and body parts and some evidence that suggested humans were being kidnapped outside the allowed program with no required records and murdered and butchered for food.
It has since been learned that tall Grays have cloned numerous little grays which act as obedient servants and appear to be hived creatures that operate very mechanically.
There is rumor of a new treaty between the Chinese and the Reptoid alien race.
Reptoid Alien
It is now rumored that the Chinese have entered into a special treaty with Reptoids which is supposed to provide them with the deep secrets and technology of quantum computing. If this is true the Chinese would be able to assert worldwide control over all cybernetics and crypto, thus being able to bring down any nation they wished at will if properly executed. Insiders have reported that the initial source of all fiber-optics, micro-circuits, solid state electronics, and toroidal/scalar communications equipment, as well as the idea of quantum computing which later appeared on the scene was gained from aliens as a condition of certain treaties and back-engineering of recovered alien anti-gravity vehicles (AGCs) and their component assemblies that crashed.
The article goes on to explain the results of these treaties and the effects they have worldwide. It also explains the quantum computing technology; although I understand the concept of the technology I don’t have complete comprehension of it to contribute any intelligent thoughts.
You can read the article in its entirety HERE.

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      Wow great article – now let’s see how it plays out.

    • hostile177

      Why? What does an Earth year even mean to them? Are they from this universe or trans-dimensional? What do they gain from full disclosure? If the cretins currently running world governments had something to gain, they would have disclosed long ago.

      • Gil Carlson

        Aliens have been involved in human DNA manipulations throughout most of human existence and may have been the ones behind the “Adam and Eve” experiment that created us. Ready to discover more about the aliens?

        • privatess


    • simpel

      The Reality Of The Extraterrestrial Life Visiting Our World
      There have been visitations throughout human history, but nothing of this magnitude. Now our world is being visited by several alien races and by several different organization. They are resource explorers & economic collective and are here for our biological resources.
      They do not only have advanced technology, but also strong social cohesion and are able to influence thought in mental environment. It represent a set of skills that humanity is only beginning to discover.
      Do not be confused over the physical reality with the spiritual reality. People think the visitors are either angels or monsters. But in reality, they are very much like us in needs. They seek to have people believe that they are beings of love and light. They will like to represent themselves as the spiritually advanced beings. They want us to believe they are our family, brothers and sisters, they will promise anything and do anything to achieve their goal. The promise of greater power, great technology and world domination will intrigue and incite many individuals.
      In reality they do not comprehend or understand individual freedom. They are like many technologically advanced societies in the Greater Community who function both within their respective worlds and in their establishments across vast reaches of space, utilizing a very well- established and rigid form of government and organization.
      ET Intervention: ‘Allies Of Humanity Briefings’ FREE Download Marshall Vian Summers

      Extraterrestrial Intruders: The Reality Of The Extraterrestrial Life Visiting Our World
      free ebook about life in the Universe:

    • Who dat

      It’s Marty Mc Fly’s fault, everyone now wants a hover board

    • dogface
      • privatess

        nope it really doesn’t.

    • Tesla1

      Hasn’t everyone noticed the bombardment of alien shows on the TV almost every day…Ancient Aliens, NASA’s Unexplained Files, Close Encounters…etc, etc. I think this is being done to seed the minds of the population, so it won’t cause complete chaos and panic when something comes to light.

      • LM

        I agree. Disclosure is under way by means of t.v. shows, such as you mentioned and by the internet.

    • WhoAmEye

      Why are some members of the American general public so full of themselves that they think that an entire world outside of the US does not exist?

      Is a comment like: ‘and disclose everything themselves directly to the American people’…purely just because you and your kind are so obsessed with yourselves and your perceived holier-than-thou continent, that aliens have to first make contact with you for some unbeknown reason? :razz:

      • COCONUT

        Yeah!! Great comment.

      • An Observer

        Nah, I’m American, and noticed that moronic comment right away as well. Not all of us are as bad your media makes us look. I mean, dont get me wrong, there are millions of dumb jerks, being commanded by dumb jerks. But I would be willing to bet your media makes Americans look bad, just like how American media makes other parts of the world look bad.

    • Bronson

      If anyone does the research, and reads the treaties they will find a lot of facts within the writings. Although it is some good reading like a sci-fi book, who really knows the truth about this kind of stuff?
      There is a lot of info on alienshift about this topic. There is no hard proof, but space is huge, and no one knows how big it is, so one cannot rule out life on other planets within other systems.

      Also with so many secrets, who do you trust anyways to even tell the truth?

    • Mariano

      I want a dollar for each time the word “allegedly” shows up in BIN.

    • Mariano

      This is pure disinformation with concepts as fake and old as “So the public won´t panic”.

      You don´t mention aliens to avoid fear? How bout nuclear war? How bout financial collapse? Disease? Etc, etc. You bombard us with all that.

      Stop buying into all this BS, people, please! Lets wise up.

    • RationalSkeptic

      Incredible. I wonder how these people get their information? Must be from fantasies in their heads.

    • truthseeker4809

      Seem like this large grey aliens are subspecies of the reptilians from alpha draconis. Their obsession with human meat has been well documented in many stories of the reptilian agenda. But I don’t see why would they disclose themselves when they can get everything they need from the secrecy. This article sounds like a huge disinformation. Preparing for the one world government or something totally controlled by reptilians? But the planet x is supposed to destroy their control net over the earth and they are ready to retreat from the earth.

    • ljfa

      These “aliens” are not alien. They live here . . . deep underground. They want souls/free will and will trade what ever technology the mafia that control governments want. They can only come interact with humans if enough humans are duped into accepting them. So they lie and deceive humans into thinking that they come from space in peace and want to be our friends/helpers/saviors BUT they’re evil. The fallen angles of the bible and their many hybrids. They are transdimensional and will use their abilities to impress us that they are our creators, that they are our god but it’s a lie. They will seat the anti-Christ, one world government and 6.5 billion human depopulation scheme. Read all of Dr. Preston’s articles on this subject. These beings did the same in the past as stated in the bible and they intend to do it again now. These are the end times and we are the last generation so don’t help them but reject them. Get informed.

      • Jack Shlitz

        They either live deep underground or in a pineapple under the sea…

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow


    • w00dg0blin

      How will the Large Greys (which kinda look like Tall Whites or even Maitre) use “major mass media”. I thought normal consensus was they communicated telepathically. How would that be transmitted over TV?

      …closed captioning and other special considerations provided by…

    • HotFish

      I cant wait to blast some tall whites.

    • haha

      I don’t believe it. The aliens will never be exposed. Everybody go back into their cubby holes and continue SLEEPING. Don’t hurt the sheeple any more please.

      If they (the aliens) wanted to be exposed they would do it themselves.

    • Jiliane

      Full disclosure….. Absurd!!
      They will wait for humanity to completely run out of resources ie: water and food.
      This is how a stronger race takes over a weaker race without firing a shot.
      It doesn’t matter how long it takes, by the time humanity figures it out it
      Will be to late. Whoever is left will be a resource or slaves to other beings that will
      Call our planet home.
      This is the race to save human civilization.
      Don’t think it can happen?
      You cannot hide under a rock.

      • real_journo

        you goose, why would they bother to wait to call earth home if we have used up all its resources.

    • The Watcher

      I’d do a treaty for 6 (need a day of rest) of them young tall blonde Nordic women!

    • tardasaurus

      Why do they aliens even need a treaty since they are obviously far advanced than us they could do whatever they want without a treaty and there is nothing we could do to stop them.
      what benefit is it for them to make a treaty and give us advanced technology when according to the story they can just do what they want and then erase our memories and we will never know that they are even here.

      “and with their memories wiped clean to prevent PSTD.”

      let`s assume that they are really good guys and they don`t want to do anything without our agreement and a treaty then why did they violate the treaty?

      nope doesn`t make any sense, they make a treaty, violate the treaty causing us to not trust them when they could easily just do everything they want without our knowledge or our memory of it.

    • Anonymous

      Well 2015 is here, at least we will all find out one way or another is this is all B S or true. I personally always held out hope for the Nordics to come riding in, never did care for the Lizards, or any of the greys.

    • truthlovingsoul

      gimme a break.

    • st

      this is the same story from a year ago. Its 2015 ?

      • SumTingWong

        Actually, he wrote this story and I use that term loosely on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 2:52

    • Mariano

      Nothing escapes Spandex, not even white supremacist extra-solar alien races.

    • beforeitsnotnews

      tHey Want A Homo AgEndA

    • Ambicatus

      There are worse things than “aliens”.

    • Lucifer Morningstar

      dem grays and lizard men.. :lol:

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