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Scientist Blows the Cover on This Bizarre Phenomenon Taking the World By Surprise: Vile Vortices, Nephilim Portals, Bermuda Triangle, Disappearances and More Frightening Truths about the Devils Graveyard You Need To Hear...

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A few weeks ago History Channel 2 aired a program called “Bermuda Triangle Reveled: The Devils Graveyard.” This documentary not only caught my attention but sparked my curiosity. It portrayed the 12 vile vortices supposedly scattered throughout the globe in specific locations that are believed to cause strange phenomena such as bizarre animal attacks, strange weather, disappearances, and more. One of the most famous of these locations is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Other locations include: the North and South Pole, the Devil’s Sea (aka: Dragon’s Triangle), Easter Island, Zimbabwe Megaliths, Hamakulia (near Hawaii), Mohenjo-daro, Algerian Megaliths, South Atlantic Anomaly, New Hebrides Trench (near Fiji Island), and the Wharton Basin.



It is at these locations that reports reveal electromagnetic “aberrations” which many believe are causing these strange anomalies. In the video below I dive into not only the working behind these mysterious vortices but also what a scientist reveals about this unique phenomenon…..



Here are a clip from the H2 documentary that are rather interesting…



I guess the ultimate choice is yours. Are they real? If so, what and why are they here? Or is it just some type of elaborate hoax…. Well, you be the judge…



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For More Information See:

History Channel Program:

Vile Vortices:

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    • rustywhite


      holy cow girl…..maybe you ought to go into porn…

      you make things so bad that I think maybe the karma ouuta come back on you..

      What in the hell kinda world do you live in?

      I would HATE to have to come home to you every evening and listen to your babble over a glass of wine and dinner….

      Are you a total physcho?


      • Anon8

        Honestly, I’m really surprised all of the time here at BIN why Lisa gets the same dis as her cohort, Lyn. Lisa gives some really good recaps and honest reporting within a Christian framework – if you’re not Christian or take offense, then don’t listen. I get a lot out of her reports and she’s a modest Christian wife and mother giving of her gifts to us. She’s not posing in bizarre poses and refusing to hear people’s loud complaints as the other one does, and she can be very accurate and thorough. Give the girl a break – she’s doing some good stuff and really doesn’t deserve this — imo of course. So, just let’s be civil here.

        • Andoron

          I agree with the being civil comment; however, she tends to give the devil and his minions a lot more power than they actually have. The devil couldn’t even harm Job unless God allowed it.

          • dquinonees

            :mad: that’s not the story of Joe says. When Satan ask God for permission was protected by a hedge. Not every human has a smidge. You’re his righteous. Satan is the enemy of all men. He is also the God of this age. Unfortunately most people don’t understand that this is a realm is ago and also populated by really visible to see.

          • Kyle Schumacher

            giving the devil and his minions more power than they have???

            [Eph 6:12 KJV] 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

            you should get out of the matrix you’ve created for yourself and study your Bible more. spiritual warfare obviously isn’t showing itself to you because it knows you are blind to it at the moment.


          • Everette

            But GOD did allow it . He even provoked Satan to try Job . Read again Job chapters 1-2 . Hiding our heads in the sand saying demons no longer exist is bologna . The bible says as it was in the days of Noah so will it be in the last days . So what was happening in Noah’s days . They were killing , stealing , raping , and GOD even said that their imaginations were only evil continually . Giants roamed the land and were eating people . And yes they did exist . Look up giants bones being unearthed . Lately our army encountered a 15 ft. Giant in Afghanistan with 6 fingures and 6 toes that attacked our troops , look that up . They had to shoot it in the face to kill it . It had red hair . This world is not what we have been told it is . The only reason America has not experienced this yet is because it was a GOD fearing nation . But the Muslim in the white house has destroyed many people’s faith . Soon we will start seeing what the other world is now seeing because we have left our faith in GOD ! Satan will get to claim our faithlessness !

        • dquinonees

          @rustywhite You’re entitled to your opinions but your comment is crass and disrespectful prompting me to wonder About the nature of your reality. I would hate to come home and hear you babble incessantly about people who fail to live up to your skewed standards.

        • Jacko

          Monetized vids tell it all. You’re being duped.

      • Mayhem

        Way to counter, rustywhite, the ad hominem. We’ve never seen that before.

      • Astral Silence

        This is what is what I call a “failtroll”. He wants to troll so badly, but he doesn’t really have anything funny or witty or original to say, so he takes the easiest route by spouting out generic insults to try and be “offensive” to the writer. He hopes others will also be offended, but really the only offensive thing is how disappointing their attempt at trolling was. Yes, disappointing is a very good way to describe you rusty.

      • Eggzactly

        You need to go back to the kim kardashian selfie buttock pics and not here, Why do you have to HATE on her? You don’t come home to her anyway and probably never will either.

      • Nancy636

        I feel sad for people like you. She is only trying to get through to people. We will see you when we are all judged. Ponder this, what if it is true? Research it, NASA admits there are portals. Turn off the tv and think for yourself, there is no excuse to be willfully blind these days. It is not all about empirical knowledge.

        • JasonN

          please enlighten me on the evidence that NASA has admitted there are portals…

          oh and here is a thought for you to ponder…

          neither science nor religion can explain how existence came to be. both are equally as believable as the other… except that science actually is provable in relation to current existence.

      • twodads

        Lisa, Lisa, Lisa…….I would love to come home to you every evening and listen to your babble over wine & dinner. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

        @rustywhite…….stop being a clown ya clown. Where are your stories?

        peace from down under

      • Watt B Wong

        4 more years for B0. Only Hillary Clinton can save our nation. Screw Trump and the rest of you losers.

    • Terminator

      Lisa Heaven

      I really want to recommend you a book that all this explains very well.

      Hidden science for the last 30 years.

      You will find your answers in this book. Believe me there is nothing connected with the devil. LOL

      However you need to know that devil was king of reptilians. Soulful being made of plasma (smokeless fire).
      Today we have here on our planet 3 dimensional reptilians that working for the 4th dimensional reptilians (devils).
      USA reptilian kingdom (All Free Masons on 33rd degree, and up are implanted, so they have no personal thought-they are collective mind that reptoids created).
      Free Masons created USA.
      The biggest mistake was that President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty was signed (Greada treaty).
      Reptilans now completely controls the biggest in USA Dulce Base.
      They are here now legally. No one cannot do anything about this.

      Evidence and photos!

      • max jones

        Reptoids and all the other ‘alien’ races’ ARE fallen angels….The “invasion” we are witnessing is a set-up. :cool:

        • Gil Carlson

          And don’t forget about the many underground bases such as DULCE BASE…

          Did you realize that alien/human genetic experiments by our government with reptilian aliens may have been going on for years?

          Find out what the aliens are doing with what they take from cattle mutilations in the underground Dulce Base – this is not science fiction, this is so much worse!

    • Sean

      There is another Devils Triangle talked about in Charles Forts 1st Book called the London Triangle, guess its where the “City of London” Sits.

    • Quantum Kev

      It’s so funny – all I have to do anymore is look at the title of a post here on BIN, and I can automatically determine that it has been posted by either Lisa Haven, or her “twin” Lyn Leahz. Incredible! You HAVE To see this! Mind-blowing! This is it! Shocking!

      So far, I have yet to read any of their posts that are any of these things. Here – let me save you a BUNCH of reading/watching of videos : Satan is coming to get us all, Revelations is happening, demons are all around us, and you need to get some Jesus into you life.

      Read their next 50 posts, and see if that doesn’t pretty much summarize all of them. You’re welcome! :lol:

      • max jones

        Both are absolutely correct.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Based on the setting and the wall art, I take it you are a teacher?

      HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad you ain’t one of my kids teachers….. WOW….

    • Alan

      Fake and gay and wrong.. chart… :razz:

    • tboneharbinger

      Sigh. Vortex is singular. Vortices is plural. Vortisee is not a word.

    • Bucky

      BIN is great. I don’t even see the articles much anymore. Just read all the nutjob comments.

      • Beaver Hunter

        The Devils “Triangle” may be inside her Undies.

      • anonymous

        Welcome fellow nutjob… Something keeps bringing everyone back…

    • HotFish

      White people serve Satan.

      • Bill Lyle

        ALL people serve me. They just don’t realize it. You serve me, too.

        • Mayhem

          @theonetruesatan. Who said…

          “They just don’t realize it”

          … ah yes, the great deception.

        • anonymous

          And you serve me. Remember, you are only Jesus, but I AM GOD! You as Jesus is my son, and do not have more power in heaven as I do! Bow to me Jesus! If it wasn’t for me, you’d be a nobody…. Think about it…

      • Danishsaxonblood

        Your mamas mama serves satan ho

      • Beaver Hunter

        Damn, So I chose the wrong color to incarnate into? The movie the “JERK” is a lie?

      • Busta Myth

        That’s the Red dude with the pointy horns and bad breathe isn’t it ? :twisted:

        Not this White boy

        • Syco247

          Who me? :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

    • rustywhite

      Whatever Mayhem,

      Because of this article from her, I just gave my life to jesus (kinda scary) cause I Know in my heart I need to give all my power to someone else.

      All the things she has posted are about to come true and I am in the process right now..hang on… of digging a bunker in my backyard,

      I have convinced all the neighbors that this big Apocalypse is coming, based on her articles, and we are all gonna hunker down in our underground bunker in 777 hours…It is coming…Be afraid… Be VERY afraid….

      I want to say that I have been wrong and there is a god who has a pissed off son and they are gonna come down and annihilate us in a fashion that has never been seen….It will be mayhem I tell mayhem…..

      Happy now?


      • Mayhem

        I can’t work out most of that so i’ll comment on the conclusion. Yes it will be bedlam but only 90% will be killed. And i’m generally happy, thanks for asking, peace.

        • rustywhite

          It’s called “satire”………..

          Easy enough?


    • rustywhite


      I am sure you and I would get along in person, but I seem to take some of your articles personally…..It must be the context…

      However, try this on for size and see what you think…

      Go to each of these websites and do the tests and come back and tell us the results and I will either follow you anywhere or I will continue to question….

      I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t find you interesting enough to read..


    • Jiliane

      They are here for the earths resources.
      Those in power will not admit this for they have no defense.

    • Ashmine

      There are no hybrids or the like. That concept comes from satanism via cabalism, gnosticism, mysticism, various Eastern religions, etc. Think of the bible (ie KJV) as a preemptive strike. The closest and only thing mentioned about so-called hybrids was the punishment of Nebuchadnezzar (the teaching that Genesis, et al, mentions hybrids is a LIE). The irony is that in the real bible, watchers aren’t demons. Nebuchadnezzar, the only one who was “changed”, had only undergone two minute residual changes (longer hair and nails). Why? Because evil has much less power than good, and no one can even come close to God’s level. To say that there are hybrids, etc, is to say that Satan is godlike or God. Only the real God has the power to change someone’s genetic makeup,etc, yet never has. To believe otherwise is to fall for Satan’s lies and, therefore, follow the same “luciferianism” that you decry.

      Daniel 4:25,33-That they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field, and they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and they shall wet thee with the dew of heaven, and seven times shall pass over thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will….The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar: and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles’ feathers, and his nails like birds’ claws.

    • NWO for Dummies.

      There are many more than twelve and they were all created by the ancients, “men of renoun” as the Bible rightly calls them. The ones’ in the southern hemisphere at least all seem to be perfectly aligned. They may have simply been transport stations where you enter a portal and get off somewhere else on the planet at another portal, much like train stops or airports perhaps, only the transport is instant. The explosion puts me in mind of the debris fields scattered all over the other planets and the moon which show up occasionally on the net, somehow managing to escape the censors. They are definitely associated with Energy lines of the earth but are these creations of the ancients as well? I believe they had a good purpose originally. The energy is subtle but can be experienced by the human body.

      Christ was crucified on an Energy line and the earthquake which followed as recorded in the bible split rocks in distant places all over the earth along those energy lines. Thus his crucifixion was a worldwide phenomenon in more ways than one. The ancients had iron which never rusts :wink:

      • FindtheTruth

        Are you Russian?

    • Deputy Dawg

      I will reserve comment on this but will comment on the discontent. It is like television. If you don’t like the station then turn the station. Lighten up on Lisa she does her best to contribute. What are your contributions? Just saying! Anyway I was grateful for the link to another video that appeared at the end of one of the clips so kindly provided by Lisa. It is this link It is History Channel’s version of the origin of the pagan holiday Christmas. If you honestly still believe it has to do with the birth of our lord and advocate Jesus Christ you may wish to pop some popcorn, follow the link and sit back for what can be quit an emotional ride.

      The story of Easter is just as spiritually enlightening, however I have yet to run across a video that speaks to how accepting this single sinister adherence totally corrupts the only evidence Jesus provided the Pharisees when prodded that he was the Messiah. God defines a day in the Book of Genesis as being from eve to evening. If Christ was crucified on the torture stake and died “Good Friday” or Friday afternoon and was raised by the Father early Sunday morning this time frame falls far short of the “three days” required to fulfill the proof Jesus offered. Think this seductive holiday and all that goes with it might have been devised by a cunning adversary of God maybe?

      How about that Sun-Day worship thing? When God demands that we keep His sabbath and other appointed times sacred requiring that we honor it from generation to generation until time indefinite it should be compelling at minimum. When we know for absolute certain the forth commandment reflects exactly this obligation. Many seem to forget that we are acting off God’s script, He wrote the book and we have no spiritual authority to expand on it or edit from it.

      There are many antichrists out there who will try to pollute your mind with cheap justifications like “we don’t recognize the forth commandment because Christ fulfilled all things” yet these same people accept and adhere to the remaining nine commandments as gospel. See the irony here? Truth is, Jesus assured us in the Book of Matthew that not one jot, not one title of God’s Law would be changed until the fulfillment of all things. I understanding God’s plan for the incarnation of man into Elohim and knowing that the fulfillment is yet a ways off, I can personally assure you the fat lady has not sung. That means God’s sabbath requirement must be strictly adhered to or you’ve sinned. If you fail to repent of it, unrepented is unpardonable sin and the penalty for sin is death. Now that’s a sure fire way to throw the wonderful gift God offers right out the window!

      Sunday, the first day of the week remarkbly is exactly opposite of what God requires in obedience. It is also the precise day of the week which is set aside for the pagan worship of Mithra the son god. It’s not difficult to imagine when considering simple scriptural facts who is behind this bit of distorted doctrine and believe this; no matter what he tells you he’s not divine!

      Anyway thanks Lisa for all your hard work and sorry I got a bit off topic. It is my nature to run my mouth out of turn. My bad!


    • FindtheTruth

      I don’t really give a crap if Lisa or Leah hype things up. Much of what they say is true or ends up true, so don’t knock it or mock them.

    • ritamarg

      I also saw this episode on the History Channel. They state that the airplane from Malaysia may have disappeared into one of these vortices. No part of this plane was ever found. Basically, all these vortices located in 12 different parts of the world are causing the turning of the earth to slow down. Eventually, causing no life on earth. Now I realize why NASA is spending so much money to get to the moon, and that guy who is selling tickets for rides to outer space; people already buying them. The rich are using their riches to get themselves out of here. This world is not supposed to last forever. I believe the scriptures of the bible that say Jesus will come to take those who belong to Him out of the earth; those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, and without getting into more detail, will return with us to the new earth, the New Jerusalem. Read the bible, all that is happening in relation to Israel, Isis, etc. is in that book, the written Word of God.

    • Nancy636

      NASA has admitted there are portal that open and close.

      • Busta Myth

        Did you know that LOADS of NAZIS went to work at NASA after WW2 ?

        It was called Project Paperclip

        If they tell you to step inside and take a quick shower…don’t beleive them…THEY LIE, BIG LIES!

        Project Paperclip

    • Anonymous

      Ugh. LISA HAVEN again. Figures.

    • Busta Myth

      I lived in Bermuda for over 10 years and spent a lot of my time out on the water playing on my stand up Jet-Ski

      In all that time living there I never heard of ANY planes or boats mysteriously go missing

      … but there were plenty of Mopeds that vanished in to thin air :roll:

    • FirstFirstFirst

      1962 Nuclear Test….. please google “Project Starfish Prime”
      The test results now declassified available online in pdf.

      Basically a 1.4 Megaton blast 250 miles altitude knocked out
      street lights, microwave towers almost 900 miles away in Hawaii,
      also 1/3 of the satellites in service at the time, though not all failed
      immediately, some later.

    • Anonymous

      just wondering if anyone went back to the site and double checked if the radiation is gone? At the very least
      , they didn’t die for nothing.

    • Brandon De

      :shock: :idea: I looked up that doctor Joseph Spencer :idea: and the story about his sons death in allgeria.Well that is all a made up story because there is nothing on that doctor dying or his son or any of what was said in that history channel story :eek: .So when people wanna do things like this they should look into it a little bit farther.But hey it is nice to see a beautiful lady :wink: putting in some work on something she thinks might be important to the earth.But hey I’ll give ya an A+ for the effort…… :razz: Also I wouldn’t mind coming home to ya every night and listening to ya :wink: :wink: :oops:

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