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ISIS update 8/24/2016.. Turkish troops have entered Northern Syria to liberate Jarablus

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Syrian War Report – August 24, 2016: Turkish Intervention Started

Turkish special forces enter Syria

Turkey says will support operation to free Syria’s Jarabulus

“Turkey operation targets PYD, Daesh in Syria”

Syria Condemns Turkish Invasion As “Breach Of Sovereignty” While Joe Biden Meets With Erdogan

Syria’s Foreign Ministry, which has the backing of Russia and as of last week, China, condemned Turkey’s military incursion against an Islamic State-held Syrian town near its border, aided by aircraft from a U.S.-led coalition, as a breach of its sovereignty, Syrian state television reported. It added that any counter terrorism operations inside its borders had to be conducted in coordination with Damascus and accused Ankara of launching the incursion to replace Islamic State with “other terrorist groups” a reference to rebels. There has already been speculation that Turkey’s latest incursion into Syrian territory has little to do with the stated purpose of cleansing ISIS forces close to its border following this weekend’s Gaziantep suicide bombing which was promptly blamed on ISIS, and is merely the latest escalation in Erdogan’s ongoing conflict with militant Kurdish forces located in the region.

As reported earlier, Turkish special forces, tanks and jets backed by planes from the U.S.-led coalition launched their first co-ordinated offensive into Syria on Wednesday to try to drive Islamic State from the border and prevent further gains by Kurdish militia fighters. Turkish tank units and Syrian rebels backed by the NATO member crossed into northern Syria to push Islamic State out of the border town of Jarablus, military sources said. “Euphrates Shield”, named after the river running nearby, is Turkey’s first major military operation since the abortive coup. It was the first time warplanes from Turkey have struck in Syria since November, when Turkey downed a Russian warplane near the border, and the first significant incursion by Turkish special forces since a brief operation to relocate the tomb of Suleyman Shah, a revered Ottoman figure, in February 2015. The operation comes four days after a suicide bomber suspected of links to the group killed 54 people at a wedding in the southeastern city of Gaziantep.

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan said the operation was targeting Islamic State and the Kurdish PYD party, whose gains in northern Syria have alarmed Turkey. Ankara views the PYD as an extension of Kurdish militants fighting an insurgency on its own soil, putting it at odds with Washington, which sees the group as an ally in the fight against Islamic State. Kurdish fighters have captured large areas of territory since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011, and Ankara has long declared the Euphrates river, which runs just east of Jarablus, a red line which it does not want them to cross. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Kurdish fighters must return east of the Euphrates or Turkey would “do what is necessary”. According to Reuters, Turkey and the United States hope that by removing Islamic State from the border, they can deprive it of a smuggling route which long saw its ranks swollen with foreign fighters and its coffers boosted by illicit trade. Which, of course, is ironic since for over a year Turkey was allegedly the main provider of financial support for ISIS in exchange for the Islamic State’s oil “exports.”

White and gray plumes of smoke rose from the rolling hills around Jarablus, visible from the Turkish town of Karkamis across the border. The boom of artillery rounds was audible as advancing Turkish tanks opened fire. Turkish military sources said the air strikes had hit 12 Islamic State targets, while artillery fire hit 70 targets. “The aim of the operation is to ensure border security and Syria’s territorial integrity while supporting the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State,” one military source said, adding work to open a passage for ground forces was under way. Erdogan said Turkey was determined that Syria should retain its territorial integrity and would take matters into its own hands if required to ensure that was the case. But Saleh Muslim, head of the Kurdish PYD, wrote in a tweet that Turkey was entering a “quagmire” in Syria and faced defeat there like Islamic State. Considering historical anecdotes about “land wars” in Asia, he may have a point.

Coincidentally, the invasion takes place just as U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has arrived in Turkey hours after operations began on a pre-planned trip, the most senior U.S. official to visit since a failed July 15 coup shook confidence in Turkey’s ability to step up the fight against Islamic State.

Turkey to clean up borders after series of attacks, turmoil

Dzharablus fell – Colonel Cassad

In the course of the morning began with the onset of the Turkish army and the pro-Turkish militants in northern Syria, the evening of the day they are almost completely captured the largest of the remaining outposts of the Caliphate in northern Syria – Dzharablus city. In the face of obviously superior enemy, the Caliphate is not particularly resisted and began to retreat from the city to the southeast, along the way being exposed to shocks Turkish and American aircraft.

In fact, Turkey’s initial task – to take control of the entire border of the Al-Rai to Dzharablusa and then start to push the Caliphate to the south, to the maximum limit the spread of the Kurds to the north-west of manbij.

YPG has already stated that the Kurds are well aware that the main objective of Turkey is not the Caliphate, and the Kurds, so are not ruled out a collision between the pro-Turkish and Kurdish militants.

Official Damascus about entering Turkish troops expressed protest in connection with the violation of its sovereignty, but it is unlikely for that something will follow, as an objective, the war of the Kurds, the Caliphate and pro-Turkish militants in northern Syria plays more into the hands of Assad, as weakens its enemies. The Russian Foreign Ministry on the subject melancholy expressed “concern”. Turkey at it said that before the introduction of troops in northern Syria this were alerted Russia, Iran and the United States. Unofficially, Russia “considered the Turkish anti-terrorist actions in northern Syria актуальными” ktualnymi-kontrterroristicheskie-dejstvi ia-turcii-v-sirii.html , indicating the presence of backroom agreements between Russia, Iran and Turkey on the Kurdish relief of the US project.

Currently, advance units of PAS moved to the south of Dzharablusa and pursue departing troops of the Caliphate. “Black” are likely to gradually withdraw troops from the border with Turkey in the direction of Al-Baba, not to be cut off from the main forces. In this regard, it can be expected that within a month the Caliphate will lose most of the controlled territory in northern Syria.

The main green power up militants “Falah al-Sham”. The composition of the group include the same militants “Jaish al-Tahrir”, “Division of Sultan Murad”, “Shamiya Front”, “Noureddine en Zina” and “Division Hamza”. The total number of groups around 2000-2500 people (it is worth noting that part of the forces of Turks took to the operation of the district of Azaz, as well as from Idlib and Latakia). They operate with the support of the Turkish battalion “purple berets”, as well as at least two BTG Turkish army operating in the border area. At the direction of the main attacks Turks concentrated about 80 guns of various calibers + MLRS and heavy mortars. From the air operation covers up to 8 F-16. It was noted, and the presence of US ground attack aircraft A-10 to the south-west of Dzharablusa.

Since the Caliphate departs on the south-west, pro-Turkish and Kurdish fighters rapidly converging. In the area of ​​the village of Amarna they have met and reported clashes near the village, as well as air strikes on Turkish F-16s.

Overall, the strategic situation is such that the primary interest here will soon submit to the war against the Caliphate, and the Kurdish-Turkish war in northern Syria. It is worth remembering that Turkey considers the Kurds of the PYD and YPG, such as terrorists, as well as the Caliphate, and thus formally untied her hands, as by Kurds strikes can go under the banner of “fighting terrorism.”

Today, Turkey has visited Biden, pledging support for US aircraft during the fighting with the Caliphate. Turkish sources also report that allegedly Erdoğan and Biden agreed that the promotion of the Kurds to the west of the Euphrates will be stopped and the Kurds will lose US support if try to move to the west of the Euphrates towards the Afrin and Al-Bab. If so, the US threw its protégé to complete, as the Kurds in such hands have to say goodbye to the idea of ​​connecting to Canton Afrin. As has already been mentioned more than once on this account, for the United States Kurds consumables, so they can easily sacrifice their interests, when it came to a normalization of relations with Turkey. 

Russia Expresses Concern about Turkish Operation in Syria

The Syrian crisis can only be resolved through dialogue and on the basis of international law, the Russian foreign Ministry said Wednesday, expressing worry over reports of Turkey’s cross-border attack into Northern Syria.

The Turkish Army with the air support of the US-led coalition launched a military operation on Wednesday to allegedly drive ISIL out of Jarabulus city.

“Moscow is deeply concerned about what is happening in the Syrian-Turkish border area,” the ministry said, adding that further degradation in the conflict zone and the prospect of Kurdish-Arab ethnic conflict raises alarm, Sputnik reported.

“We are convinced that the Syrian crisis can be resolved only on the solid basis of international law, through broad intra-Syrian dialogue with the participation of all ethnic and religious groups, including Kurds, and on the basis of the June 30, 2012, Geneva Communique, Resolution 2254 and other UN Security Council resolutions adopted on the initiative of the International Syria Support Group,” the ministry stressed.

Earlier today, Ankara claimed that it had informed Moscow about launching a campaign to liberate Jarablus from the ISIL.

The Syrian foreign ministry also condemned Ankara’s cross-border military operation and entry of Turkish special forces and tanks into Northern Syria.

“Damascus condemns the entry of Turkish army’s tanks into Northern Syria as a blatant violation of its sovereignty,” a Syrian foreign ministry official said on Wednesday.

The Syrian government also reacted to the Turkish officials’ claims that the Turkish troops have entered Northern Syria to fight the ISIL terrorists, and said, “Fighting the ISIL will not be realized by only running the ISIL from Northern Syria and replacing it with other terrorist groups supported by Turkey.”

Turkish special forces have also entered Syrian territory as Ankara began cross-border “Euphrates Shield” military operation against the ISIL group early on Wednesday.

CNN Turk also reported Wednesday citing military officials that Turkish battle tanks heaved over 200 projectiles hitting some 70 ISIL targets in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Jarablus. Meanwhile, the Turkish Air Force’s F-16 jets struck 11 terrorist targets.

According to the Turkish television news channel citing military sources, the operation could last 15 days, and it aims to fully liberate Jarablus from ISIL and make a progress toward the Takfiri terrorist group’s de facto capital of Raqqa.

The YPG Kurdish forces and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have both raced towards Jarabulus to take the city after ISIL started withdrawing from the Northern Aleppo city.

Meantime, Turkish President President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed on Wednesday that the aim of Ankara’s military operation in Northern Syria is to eliminate threats from both the ISIL and the Kurds.

“We started a military operation in Northern Syria at 4 a.m. this morning, aimed at eliminating the threats posed by Daesh (ISIL) and Syrian Kurds,” President Erdogan said, adding that Turkey intends to put a stop to attacks on Turkish territory from neighboring Syrian regions.

“Turkey is ready to take joint steps both with the international coalition forces and with Russia,” President Erdogan underlined.

No-fly zone: Would US target a Syrian or Russian aircraft? 22 Aug 2016

Does Syria have the right to fly aircraft over its territory?

Scott Bennett says US threat to shoot down Syrian jets declaration of war

What do you mean by “our forces”

Syrian government, Kurds agree on ceasefire in Hasakah

DoD: What’s your Plan B for Aleppo? 22 Aug 2016

Front Line Report | August 22nd 2016 | Aleppo city

Syrian army continues to advance in south Aleppo amid Jihadists collapse

The escape of terrorists Army Conquest in front of the Syrian army strikes in the south of Aleppo

The military situation at Aleppo. 24.08.2016 – Colonel Cassad

Review of the military situation at Aleppo to August 24, 2016.

1. 3000/1070 / Agrab.

In the area of ​​building 1070 army now controls about 60-70% of the houses, the militants entrenched in the south-eastern part. Without a full sweep in 1070 to develop the offensive in the direction of Hikma school would be very difficult. No just and serious progress in Agrab area and towards Rashidina. Front here in general have stabilized. About 3000 and the storming of Hamadan speech does not go. Action here has long been on the defensive, having forgotten about its announcements related to the complete capture of Aleppo.

2. Decoupling Ramuseha / garages / Air Force College.

To the east of 1070, the army in recent days came close to the very basis of artillery, and the last 2 days was fighting directly in its territory. While it was not possible to fight off the college building itself, the success of limited occupation of several tactically important points near the base. Decoupling from Ramuseha militants in the new conditions is practically not controlled, the front line moved closer to the area of ​​garages, but these shifts are quite moderate relative spent on these efforts. Nevertheless, there is the army attempts based on the 1070 and junction area to cover both sides of the northern part of the artillery base and consolidate itself in its territory. “Al-Nusra” is well aware, therefore, has a fierce resistance, causing the government army sufficiently significant losses – in the last 2 days here army lost 4 units of armored vehicles and 40 to 60 killed. fighters losses are unknown, but given the intensity of the fighting and bombardments, they obviously also significant.

3. Ramuseh / cement plant.

Front near Ramuseha fairly stable, the militants sitting in the northern and central part of the quarter, based on the building of a bakery, post office and municipality. The main forces of the CAA and “Hezbally” sit at the cement plant and water station. Periodically, the Syrians are trying to probe defense militias in southern Ramusehe, but without much enthusiasm. Today, for example infantry CAA again seeped into the southern part Ramuseha, but there could not be fixed. Sam quarter due to continued air strikes on him heavily damaged.

4. Road Khan Tuman – Ramuseh / North Quarry / hill Al Sanobrat and mind-Kara.

After 2 days ago, the army completely took the northern quarry and adjacent to Al-Hol Sanobrat was installed direct fire control of the road Khan Tuman – Ramuseh. Since this is a tactical defeat complicated supply Ramuseha militants in the last couple of days, the militants’ Al-Nusra “several times went on the attack on the hill, but fell back with heavy losses (up to 50 killed, several tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and tachanok). As mentioned earlier, the blows from the southeast perspektivynmi look more to the CAA, because there is less residential and industrial building and is therefore easier to implement its military advantage in armored vehicles and artillery.

5. Tall Mahrukat / Al Carasso.

To the south the situation is not so blessed for the CAA. Powerful attacks CAA and “Harakat al-Nudzhba” in position “Al-Nusra” and “Falah al-Sham” were unsuccessful, and the enemy was able to maintain control over these key positions, for which account is held front to the south-west of the corridor Ramusehe. Parties declare dozens killed (on our part in this primary Iraqis) in the battle for the points in the last 3 days.

6. Route Castello / road Hanasser Aleppo.

On August 24 CAA kept under control 2 of 3 strategically important road. After the repulse an attack of “green” south of Hanassera, the army regained its position there, and retains the ability to direct traffic on this road in the eastern districts of Aleppo. The road from Kastelllo also not blocked, although occasionally it fly mines from the viewpoint of the green to the south-west of Mullagh farms. After the armistice in Hasaka, withdrawn and the issue of the threat of blockade runs Kurds quarter of Sheikh Maksoud (at least temporarily). This is no ground for an alliance between “green” and the Kurds “for the track joint strike” is not here, because the last few days, “green” from Aleppo repeatedly fired mortars and homemade rockets Kurdish quarter. So the logistics area in Aleppo CAA controls, but the potential threat of the key routes of supply is maintained and it is quite probable attempts by the “green” or “Caliphate” cause another crisis related to the threat of communications Aleppo groups CAA.

Overall, the situation remains uncertain, although it can be stated that the attack of militants has been completely stopped and forced CAA group led by “Al-Nusra” go on the defensive at most sites, and not giving it to create a full corridor of August 24. However, the CAA also has a very modest gains in recent days. The main achievement – the ability to sweep the road Khan Tuman Ramuseh and establish control over the north and the adjacent stone quarry hill. Actually the character of the current fighting once again points to the fact that all the theories about the “cunning plan” (say the militants specially surrendered base to them in the battle to grind) do not have a real basis – for their yet limited promotion, the Army pays quite tangible losses and a huge consumption of resources, which in the case of the successful retention of an artillery base, could be used to better advantage. Now, however, the effects of the tactical setbacks August 6 falls painfully correct. It is worth recalling that the battle in the south-west is already 25 days with unabated intensity, but at the cost of suitable reinforcements, the two sides have not yet exhausted so much so that the front is completely stabilized, so any time a tactical failure of the parties can begin to rapidly develop into operational implications. 


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China Increases Its Involvement in the Syrian War

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