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Trumps First 5 Months in Office

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Trumps first 5 Months in Office

   Shortly after Trump was elected President I wrote an article called is “Trump the Real Deal or a Trojan Horse”. After 5 months in office I still have not made up my mind. Some of the things he has done are completely against the globalist’s plans while others go right along with them. Much of his foreign policy has gone right along with the globalists, while his domestic policy has been more anti-globalist and for the people. While I am not sure if Trump is part of the system or truly outside of it, but there is no question he is at least being somewhat controlled by them. I think if he has been part of the system all along, he is being allowed to do certain things to keep the illusion alive that he is on the side of the people. On the other hand if he is truly an outsider, which it looks like on the surface, because the establishment is fighting him so much, then he is doing things little by little rather than going up full force against the system. So far while he has done many things I like, he still has not done any of the big things that would make me think he is truly an outsider. I am still hoping he will do some of these things in the future. Whether he is in insider or an outsider, there is no question that it is better to have him in there then Hillary, so on that note onto the rest of the article. Below is a list of Trump accomplishments that I see which are antiestablishment and against what the globalists want to do. After that I have a list of things that Trump has done that go along with what the globalists want to do. You can make up your own mind, which side he is truly on.

Trump accomplishments (Anti-globalist)

1. Signed an executive order to build the wall. This is a law that Congress had passed several years ago then refused to fund it. Trump wanted to enforce the law that was already on the books, which was to build 722 miles of the wall, so he decided to move forward. Now, the Republicans in Congress have decided to not fund the wall again, mainly because the Democrats have threatened to shut down the government if they put funding for it in the spending bill. Now Trump says he will try again in September, but I do not think it will ever happen now. Ted Cruz did introduce a bill recently that says the money we seized from El Capo’s drug cartel should be used to fund the wall, which was about 12 billion. That is about what they are estimating to build the wall. On this issue, I think it is great that Trump tried to get it done, but I think he should continue to fight for it. Trump also signed the CR bill to keep the government running through October 1st without putting up any resistance that there was no funding for the wall. This issue is kind of a 50/50 at this point.

2. Hired 5000 more border patrol agents to guard the borders. This has worked out well, because border crossings since Trump got into office have dropped by about 50 to 60 percent according to most estimates.

3. Signed an executive order to end the TPP. This is one of the most significant accomplishments that is anti-globalist in my opinion. The elite have been destroying our manufacturing base, since Clinton signed NAFTA into law in the 90s and this bill would have accelerated that process.

4. Signed an executive order to end US funding of abortions to foreign organizations. That is great news to at least stop our tax money from killing children in other countries.

5. Negotiated with several companies to bring back jobs to the US. This is great, but it seems he has stopped doing this in recent weeks. He needs to continue to negotiate with these companies.

6. Got Judge Gorsuch confirmed on the Supreme Court. This is one of the few accomplishments from a legislative standpoint that Trump has got through the Congress. The Democrats tried to stop it, but had very little to stand on.

7. Put forth a tax plan that would change the tax system from 7 tiers down to 3, double the standard deduction for individuals and married couples, eliminate the death tax, and lower the corporate and small business rate to 15 percent. This all sounds good, but needs a lot more details and also has to be accompanied with spending cuts in order to pay for the increased deficits. The Democrats said the deficit did not matter during the Obama administration, but now that Trump is in there they have done a 180 on that subject. I have been talking about the debt and deficit for decades and have not changed my view, no matter which party was in power.

8. The Travel Ban. This is a good idea, but of course the courts blocked it. What I think he should have done with the original order was to say anyone who has a visa already or is in the process of getting one can come in. After that we are not going to issue any new visas until a full review of the process has been done and we can make improvements to it. There are also laws on the books already that allow the President to stop any immigrants or refugees from coming in for a variety of reasons, so all Trump has to do is use those laws and the courts cannot stop it. There are ways to get this done. I also think Trump should add Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to the list instead of taking countries off

9. The de-funding of sanctuary cities. This is another good idea, but the courts have again blocked it. The justice department needs to appeal this all the way up the Supreme Court and have the court decide on the issue. Here again Trump also signed the CR that kept the funding for Sanctuary Cities, without putting up any type of a fight.

10. Signed an order to reduce regulations on businesses. This is long overdue.

11. Got rid of some of the environmental regulations signed under Obama.

12. Placed a hiring freeze on all federal agencies, although I think this has been lifted already.

13. Approved the building of the Keystone and XL oil pipelines. This will create thousands of jobs and help us be less dependent on oil from the Middle East.

14. Got us out of the Paris Climate Change Treaty. This is great and along with the TPP are the two biggest things Trump has done, that go against the globalists plans. This is a horrible treaty which makes us pay billions into a climate fund and the money gets redistributed to other countries that do not have to comply with the same carbon emissions standards that the US has. It is also the start of a carbon credit system, which only the large corporations will benefit from while small businesses would be hurt.

Trump concerns (these are the things that Trump was done, which go along with the globalists plans)

1. The attack on Syria. I was against this from the start. It makes no sense that Assad would have attacked his citizens using chemical weapons, when he was on the verge of driving Isis out of the country and signing an agreement to stay in power after the war is over. We know this was a false flag attack just like the one in 2013 was. We also know it was not Saran gas that was used, because the people treating the victims were not wearing gloves and one drop of Saran can kill a person in seconds. The US has also put some kind of sanctions on the people that were trying to investigate the incident. What probably happened is Assad bombed a warehouse that the rebels controlled and inside the warehouse were chemical weapons. It was also probably Chlorine gas that was dispersed and not Saran. If Trump goes forward with regime change, which has been our foreign policy going back to Bush Sr, then it will be a huge mistake. Isis or other terrorist groups will take over Damascus and it will be their biggest victory to date, when we are driving them back right now. I am very much against regime change in Syria and think it will be a disaster if we go forward with it. I am hoping that the missile attack will be the last one and we will back off. This could also bring us to war with Russia and Iran as well which would not be good. Our military has also been building up forces on the Iraqi/Syrian border in the south and bringing in military assets from the North through Lebanon. It looks like we are getting ready for a full scale assault on Damascus to take out Assad.

2. The continued build up of NATO forces in Eastern Europe on the Russian border. This started under Obama and has continued under Trump. This is only making our relations with Russia worse than they were. We do not want a war with Russia; because the two countries could pretty much destroy the entire earth. Does anyone remember the Cuban missile crisis? We are in another similar situation right now.

3. The North Korean situation is not good either. While we know that Kim Jung Un is a lunatic, I would doubt that he will launch nukes. He knows that if he launches even one, that his country will become a parking lot within hours. While I think we have to watch him closely and have our missile defense system ready in South Korea and Japan in case he does launch a nuke, I do not think we have to go in there and take him out unless, he has one ready to go on a launch pad. We should keep our troops in South Korea ready in case he does something, but not be moving thousands of more troops and aircraft carriers over there to inflame the situation even more. We are talking about a potential nuclear war and we need to try to calm things down and put more pressure on China to negotiate with Kim rather than saying things like, a Major military conflict is possible. If he actually does launch a nuke or invades South Korea then I am all for going in and taking care of problem, but for now keep him as isolated as possible.

4. Flipping on the repeal of NAFTA. A month or so ago Trump said he wanted to get rid of NAFTA, which has cost us millions of manufacturing jobs since it was signed into law by Clinton in 1994 I believe. The day after Trump said he would leave NAFTA in place and renegotiate it. I think we should get rid of NAFTA, and then negotiate a better deal from the start. This is a flip flop in my view. Trump also has a tendency to constantly change his views on a lot of things, which I do not like. He also has problems saying one thing while someone else in his cabinet says something completely the opposite. This is a huge problem in my view and needs to be addressed. You really do not know what they are doing half the time and what polices they support and do not support.

5. The repeal of Obama care. While I am all for repealing and replacing the law, the new bill Ryan got passed in the House was basically Obama Care light and does not change it fundamentally. Trump then agreed with the plan rather than saying let’s scrap this and put something on the table that everyone agrees with. I think we should first pass a law to repeal the plan completely, just like the House did on at least 4 occasions when Obama was in office. Once it is repealed you pass laws individually to change the system adding things that everyone agrees with. First you say that insurance companies cannot deny people with pre-existing conditions, then you say people can buy insurance across state lines, expand health savings accounts, allow portability where people can transfer their plans when they change jobs, you put in the provision that allows kids to stay on their parents plans until 26 or I would say a bit younger in my view, and you put some kind of reform on malpractice insurance. Make these reforms as simple as possible and not thousands of pages long that no one understands. I am sure there are other things that need to be changed as well, but that is a good start. Trump has to start using some of his so called negotiation skills to get this stuff done.

6. The increase of 54 to 58 billion in the military budget on his budget proposal. The Department of Defense already gets about 600 billion a year and does not need another 50 plus billion. There was a report that came out some weeks ago that says the Department of Defense wastes about 100 billion a year, so getting rid of the waste could actually lower the budget and the military would function more efficiently. While I agree with many of the cuts he proposed for other departments such as State, Energy, EPA, and Education I don’t think we should reallocate those funds for the military. We should just make the cuts and that would help pay for the tax cuts. We need to actually lower spending, which no one is willing to do or the government will default one of these days.

7. Don’t give up authorization to use force. It seems Trump may have given at least some of his authority to use force over to the generals and the Department of Defense rather then keep it himself. One reporter asked him whether he authorized the use of the MOAB (mother of all bombs) in Afghanistan about a month ago and he would not answer the question. Trump says we have a wonderful military, but would not answer the question on whether he gave the order. Also he said that the USS Carl Vincent was headed to the Korean Peninsula several weeks ago and at the time it was headed to Australia. This could mean that Trump has lost control of the military and it is operating on its own without civilian oversight. This is very dangerous, because we know the military industrial complex will get us into more wars if they are operating under their own authority. We know that a military conflict with North Korea could be close and if left unchecked, I think we will go to war with Assad and Iran as well during the Trump administration. This is more regime change that needs to be halted right now unless we are under direct threat, which I do not think any one of these three countries posses right now (NK being the most problematic). If Trump has given the authority directly to the military to authorize military force when necessary, he needs to take it back right away and reassert his Constitutional authority. We know in the Cuban missile crisis that the military would have gone to war if it was up to them and none of us would be sitting here reading this today. It was only through Kennedy’s negotiations and keeping the military at bay somewhat that we were able to avert a nuclear war back then. While I know Trump wants to focus on domestic policy he needs to keep a close eye on foreign policy and the military as well, so they do not get out of control.

8. Signed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia to sell them 350 billion dollars worth over a 10 year period. This is also a bad idea since Saudi Arabia is one of the top state sponsors of terrorism in the world. This is the country we should have gone to war with back in 2003 instead of Iraq. Most of the terrorists on the planes during the 911 attacks were Saudi and many think that the 28 redacted pages of the 911 report lays out some of the details of how Saudi Arabia funded and supported the attacks. To give Saudi Arabia 350 billion dollars of arms will only embolden them to continue expanding terrorism funding and support worldwide.

9. Signed the waiver to hold back the moving of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem for another 6 months at least. While I know this is controversial to say the least, I think Trump should move the embassy there, because it would show that we stand firmly behind Israel and think that Jerusalem should be their capital.

10. Signed the CR bill that keeps the government funded until the end of September. Trump should never have signed this bill in its current form and should have threatened to let the government shut down if some things were not changed. The Democrats had 5 demands to allow this bill to be passed and they got all 5. The 5 demands were to fully fund Obama Care subsides, give a bailout to Puerto Rico, to fully fund planned parenthood, not allow any funding for the wall, and continue funding sanctuary cities. Instead of putting up any kind of fight on this bill the Republicans caved on all of these demands and Trump went along with it. The Republicans should have at least said we are going to not agree to 2 or 3 of these and if it were me I would have not agree to any of the 5. The Republicans have the majority in both Houses, but refuse to use their power to get some of the things done that Conservatives want. In my view there is really only one party up there with some elements of opposition to it.


   I think Congress is the biggest obstacle to Trump’s campaign agenda. The Democrats and many of the Republicans in Congress have been against Trump from the beginning, so instead of doing something good for the country the Republicans in congress are fighting him tooth and nail. The Republican leadership in Congress are some of the most pathetic people on earth. While I do not agree with almost everything the Democrats believe in at least they will stand up and fight for it. The Republicans have no backbone and are in my estimation no different from the Democrats on most issues. This is why I have been saying for a long time that we basically live in a country that has one party rule and it is only an illusion that the parties are against each other. Most of the people up there are globalists that want to dissolve our system of government and move us into the New World Order. This is our last chance to stop this and if something does not change soon it will be too late. The only way to change the complexion of Congress is to pass term limits. If term limits were in place, then these people might actually try to do something that would benefit the people rather than their own wallets. Of course that would take a Constitutional amendment, which I do not think will happen either even though most of the population agrees this needs to be done.

   I mentioned at the start of this article that Trump has not done any of the big things; I think need to be done for the good of the country and would truly convince me he was anti-globalist. I lean in the direction that he is at least partially if not fully controlled by the globalists, but I am not fully convinced of that yet. The two things he has been allowed to do that are the most anti-globalists on the list are getting us out of the TPP agreement and ending the Paris climate treaty. Those two accomplishments give me hope for him, because while the globalists will allow him to nip around the edges on many things, I do not think they truly wanted him to get us out of those two agreements. Below is a list of the real big things I think he still needs to at least try and do however. Since this article is long already I will just list them and not give an explanation. If you want to get a better explanation of why I think these policies need to be implemented, please read my article “How to Make America Great Again”.


  1. Get rid of the Federal Reserve
  2. Go back to a Gold Standard
  3. Bring back Glass Stengel
  4. Present the information that the FBI has on the Hillary email investigation to a grand jury and let them decide if there should be an indictment or not
  5. Fully defund planned parenthood
  6. Present enough spending cuts to bring us to a balanced budget
  7. Repeal all of the Free Trade Agreements
  8. Defund Sanctuary Cities
  9. Bring back voluntary prayer in public schools
  10. End Common Core in public schools
  11. End or at least restrict abortion as much as possible
  12. End gay marriage

   If Trump can get any of these things fully accomplished especially the first 5, I would truly believe he is outside of the globalist system and is a true patriot. Although I think Trump will be allowed by the globalists to do certain things while in office, I do not think he will be able to get any of the big things that truly need to be done, in order to save this nation from destruction. If Hillary had won the election the country was finished, so what we did with Trump is at least buy some time, but I think that is about it. In the end the globalists are still going to bring this country down and fully implement their new world order at some point.

   As I say in all of my articles the only way to truly know you will get through all this, that is about to transpire is to put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ. I have been studying this stuff for over 20 years and have come to the conclusion that the Holy Bible is the true word of God and is the only book that tells the complete truth from start to finish. If you do not believe in this I will only say to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. If you come to the same conclusion I have, then please ask the Lord Jesus into your life and ask him to save you from your sins. Also you must repent of your sins and turn toward righteousness as well. If you genuinely do this you will know where your next stop is after leaving this earth. I believe there are only 2 stops after this world either to heaven or hell, and I believe there is only one way to heaven and that is putting or faith and trust and Jesus Christ. Please do your own research on this subject, but do it quickly, because time is running out.

   Overall I think Trump has done a pretty good job domestically, but has run into a brick wall called Congress who is trying to stop most of his legislative agenda. On the foreign policy front I do not think he is doing a good job and the globalists are probably controlling much of his foreign agenda decisions. If I were giving him a grade thus far it would be a C plus or B minus at this point.



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