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Russian Collusion, Zion Theater, Pedogate, and the Bannon Threat

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Russian Collusion, Zion Theater, Pedogate, and the Bannon Threat


7th Planet Broadcasting 01.10.18  

Video Report



Hilllary Clinton (HRC) most likely felt very threatened by Donald J. Trump (DJT) were he to become the US president in the 2016 election, in which he would then have the power to subsequently expose both her and the Clinton Foundation scandal.  She had good reason to believe this.  “I am going to appoint a special counsel to look into your situation” DJT  stated during the campaign to her face on stage.


Hillary had access to intelligence assets given she was Secretary of State under President Obama, before Bengazi got to be too much and she was replaced.  Her intelligence contacts would minimally be in the UK and CIA, NSA, and FBI as well as will Israeli Mossad.  The FBI agent Peter Strzok arrives on the scene as he was heavily involved in managing the data relative to HRC regarding the criminal use of unauthorized email servers handling classified information while serving as Secretary of State.  FBI agent Peter Strzok was tasked to manage a “Russian Dossier” research report looking for dirt on DJT and his contact with Putin.  Why one ponders.  Was it due to the fact that she knew about the Putin sponsored human trafficking list with her name on it?  Paying $12 Million USD for a “Russian Dossier” by HRC is a lot of money for research report of this poor quality.  Why did the dossier not contain information about the legal documents which were offered to the Trump team by the Kremlin lawyer?  That was the smoking gun they sought after all, as the Russian Collusion investigation focus under Robert Mueller targeted the meeting that happened at the Trump Tower with the Russian dirt (HRC plus others?) being made known.

HRC had to know from her intelligence networks what Putin was up to regarding child trafficking and his disdainful public treatment of Zionist George Soros, whom HRC worked with closely.  She had to be spooked by Putin’s power to influence the election (using RT and the KGB) and potentially sway the populist opinion about her, a big factor in the 2016 race after the debacle years under Obama.   Recall that Putin had previously banned Americans from adopting Russian children, not due to sanctions from the US, but may be related.   This is the premise that the Kremlin lawyer was sent to discuss with the Trump team, a cover story. 


Russian President Putin voices limited public support for DJT via RT News,  subsequently triggering the mainstream media to begin the attack campaign against DJT ( This was preconceived ruse by the Zion media owners to make DJT look like an outsider, Zion owned media attacking Zion owned president, what theater).  In the meantime, HRC gets very nervous as she knows about the Magnitsky act used to punish Russia financially, and the ban on adoptions due to a hardline stance in Russia over child abuse and trafficking, a Clinton Foundation specialty, could have repercussions, like leaks about Uranium One, high treason.  Putin appears to have set up the criminal cabal in America with the Uranium One sting operation.  It worked, they showed up with greedy paws getting paid cash on camera as evidence.  Gotcha…


President Putin initiated laws to stop child trafficking in Russia like any good leader would do, leading to banning Americans from adopting Russian children in 2012.  The surface reason provided was for mistreatment and eventual death of a Russian child that was adopted into America.  It appears to go much deeper than a single child’s death.  Whether due to unwarranted US sanctions and hostilities towards President Putin and Russia in general, or due to the illegal US wars conducted on behalf of the Zionist handlers (especially Syria), Russia appears to be leading a global takedown of pedogate human traffickers.  Knowing that your enemies are involved in dark activities that cross the red line for every parent, Putin is wielding some pretty heavy dirt over other country’s leader(s), especially at election time.


Russia’s president Putin, playing global chess,  dispatches a Kremlin lawyer to meet with the Trump team under the ruse of discussing the Magnitsky Act and child adoption laws.  According to the report and his word, DJT did not attend meeting to create cover and space over the dirt being shown on HRC.  Could DJT have been on a list of sorts too for his blackmail dirt held over him by the Zion puppet masters?  The infamous meeting summary is:


Trump campaign–Russian meeting

Main article: Trump campaign–Russian meeting


In June 2016, a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was hired to lobby against the Magnitsky Act in the US, set up a Trump campaign–Russia meeting with Donald Trump, Jr., purportedly to discuss altering the Russian Duma’s sanctions against American adoption of Russian children along with other illegal activities. On July 11, 2017, Reuters US reported of the meeting that “[Russia] offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to [Trump Jr.'s] father”.  Donald Trump Jr. insisted that Veselnitskaya did not reveal any damaging information about Secretary Clinton as his correspondents had suggested. Trump Jr. subsequently released to the public via his personal records and correspondence between the Trump campaign team and Robert Goldstone, a longtime business partner and friend of Trump Sr., who actively represents several Russian interests and first pitched the meeting to Trump Jr.[28]

World laughs at ‘Russia dossier’: Team Trump to sue creators of collusion reports


Steve Bannon had to know about what was transpiring at the Trump Tower meeting, although it was reported that he was not present The Russian legal documents with HRC’s supposed name on them could be used to expose her and win the election for the Trump team in 2016, then only months away.  This election leverage dirt on HRC appears to be what was being offered to the Trump team from Putin via the Russian lawyer.


The relationship with the globalists, especially Shomer Chabbad Zionist Jared Kushner, now a family member through marriage with Ivanka Trump, probably led to a coverup and removal of any dirt that would have exposed Zion control of HRC and DJT through the blackmail data on the Russian legal documents.  After all, the Zionists control boths sides, red and blue in Washington DC.  That means HRC and DJT.


Steve Bannon is a nationalist (according to Blackstone Intelligence Reports)  and attempted to keep DJT on course to honor the grass roots populist party that voted for him, and would have seen the activities with both the Zionists and with the Russian meeting exposing HRC blackmail dirt as treasonous, dangerous for the campaign and perhaps alarming as to the level of outside control was being exerted over DJT leading to the election.  


For all we know, there could have been mention in the Russian Documents about Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile pals that fly via Lolita Express to Epstein island.  This link would potentially expose the relationship DJT had with Epstein (a known pedophile) for about 15 years, to include partying with him in his New York City luxury properties, luring underage girls under the guises of making them models, then having their way with them.  One of the driving forces behind the human trafficking network is the customers that pay for it.  There are court documents online referencing some of the legal trouble DJT found himself in hanging with Jeffrey Epstein, including criminal cases involving 13 year old girls on multiple occasions.  


Could this dirt have made its way to the Russian documents with the legal team as well, if so then the visit threatened the very Zionist lid that Jared Kushner was there to monitor against DJT.  If the Russian legal team had the right dirt on DJT, perhaps better than the extortion monetary control held by Jewish banksters, and the reality that they have married into his family completely, then not only would DJT run for president be in jeopardy, the Zionist puppets would also be exposed.  Putin was playing advanced chess while the Trump team shows up without even a legal representative, although Jared did study law at Harvard and probably convinced DJT and Bannon that he and his crew could handle it.  They were wrong.


Trump Team Responds to Russian Data

Two scenarios are possible, (1.  expose the HRC blackmail dirt and let the legal process do its job which would look political, but would not make covering for such a heinous crime an accessory by keeping quiet about it.  (2. The second vignette is playing out now:  leak the data from HRC emails using Wikileaks for anonymity over the Russian source, thereby exposing the same issues presented to the Trump Team on the Russian legal docs during the infamous meeting.  Some of the leaks may have come from the nationalist and very concerned Steve Bannon, not sure.  He has been accused of being the insider leak for the email scandal.  


HRC loses the election (rigging it all the while) and is mired in legal morass, but has to come up with a way to keep DJT blackmail dirt from surfacing.  Especially if he becomes president and decides to take revenge on her nasty campaign tactics.  Suppressing the Russian dirt on HRC and potentially DJT as well is easy, given the fact that the media owner (Zionists) that selected DJT for the presidency, minimally own him financially due to his excessive debt as early as 1997, and need to keep their dirt on DJT private for extortion means later as needed.  That is why HRC and her Soros handlers did not want the data leaked, as it would damage her election campaign for presidency. 


Notice that not one time has it come up why Steve Bannon thought that the meeting was treasonous at the Trump towers.  Acting on behalf of globalist puppet masters versus the populist base that voted for you is an act of treason it seems to Bannon.  This was clearly the setup with Jared Kushner in the meeting, managing the globalist agenda, but DJT stayed upstairs out of contact with the meeting attendees, his cover story being “I was not there”.  Notice the complete Zionist infiltration of the DJT family.  How telling, just look at who they are in bed with.

Figure DJT Family Tree with Zion


This is where Wikileaks comes into play.  Trump works with the secret agencies ruled by the Zionists, to shut HRC down with Julian Assange and insider leaks right before the election in 2016.  This is done for various reasons, first to win the election with the introduction of a special council headed by James Comey, a Clinton defender.   He pardons her with assistance from Peter Strzok at the FBI.  After being fired, James Comey drops out of the scene, but not completely.  The FBI brings on Robert Mueller team to continue the investigation about Russian collusion exposed by Julian Assange via Wikileaks incriminating Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedeen, John Podesta and The Clinton Foundation cabal, using the excuse of an unsecured email server, a federal crime.  


All the while, the Magnitsky Act was made global by the US congress, further attempting to punish Russia and others financially with an asset seizure vehicle.  This Act may have been adopted to punish Russia and others financially, but it also put Zionist in the oversight position surrounding DJT to provide media and legal cover to any of dual citizens of Israel from being exposed or included in the HRC blackmail documents, and those involved with Babylonian sponsored Luciferian child trafficking, a sin hated by by Putin and his DUMA bent on bringing justice to the pedoverts and their networks.


Q-Anon and The Deep State Takedown Psyop


Q-Anon breadcrumbs leaked to coincide with headlines known apriori, satiates the enranged wanting justice over pedogate, for a while.  This psyop appears to have had multiple purpsoes, one of which served to delay the American anger and potential riots over pedogate, until it was replaced by some other distraction, like war with Iran on behalf of Zionist Israel, or war with North Korea.


Americans waited patiently to see all the supposed sealed indictments acted upon, but there ensued no pedowalk in America.  Even though the issue was a CIA coup to overthrow the Turkish leader, Erdogan gets points for showing how it is done.   All those involved were rounded up in broad daylight and walked out of in hand cuffs and taken to prison awaiting trial.  

The Q-Anon hopeful for justice under DJT found out the hard way that the agents of Zion are running his agenda, not the populists that voted for him, and the idea of him taking down his handlers is ludicrous.  Q-Anon was a psyop shown to be a fake affiliated with Wikileaks Julian Assange and insiders at the three-letter agencies run by Zionists.  A supplemental reason for the psyop may have  probably been used to get a new list of patriots and breadcrumb following dissidents that could be dangerous to the Zionist PTB.  Q-Anon followers will be good targets for Soros funded ANTIFA provocateurs during street protests.  Facial recognition makes realtime operations possible.  Watch out Q-Anon patriots, they could have your number and your face in a database now.  Make sure you have your best image posted to Facebook so they can add it to your profile.


With Kushner Zionist oversight, the threatening populists like Steve Bannon guiding a hopefully nationalist president like DJT, are eliminated from Trump’s team, one by one, especially Steve Bannon, the last one.  The Zion handlers used the populist puppet DJT to get him elected, but they have no interest in any national agenda, especially one that does not serve Zion goals.   Steve Bannon is therefore dangerous to the agents of Zion alive, given the fact that he knows the truth about HRC appearing on the Russian legal document involving child trafficking, and possibly also knowing all the skeletons in DJT’s closet guarded by agents of Zion for the right time to use it. He was the campaign manager after all and would have to have had a plan to manage any past indiscretions that HRC might dig up and use against him in the campaign.   I suggest that the time might be near to throw DJT to the wolves as Jerusalem is in the bag as a payback to BBNetanyahu for his Zionist clan help in winning the election for DJT.  


The USD is in decline and the Zion controlled Federal Reserve is tightening its belt as a collapse is planned, but not before the overinflated stock market is pillaged and all the remaining silver and gold are in Zion control.  The treasury notes they print are worthless paper and they know the petrodollar is coming to an end.  The question is what will happen if DJT handlers throw him under the bus now?  Will it trigger further civil unrest, possibly a civil war?  I suspect they will start a war and drag the US into it full force to shut down the pedogate probings that are now going international, thanks to Putin and the other nations that have joined suit in shutting down the global human trafficking networks. 


For those in the know, this horrific crime against humanity leads to the Vatican and the Pope directly.  Putin knows this and has made public statements to the effect that he sees the Pope as part of the problem and I would not be surprised to see the pedogate focus land squarely on the Vatican and its control by Marduk-Lucifer and his Draco child-eating alliance as part of the Dark Brothers.  All one need do is read the Babylonian Talmud, the reverred book of Zionist Jews, and you will see how pedophilia, deviant sex, and perverse thinking is promoted against the goyim, especially Christian children.


Children that have been recently tortured and used  in dark rituals serving Lucifer-Marduk-Molech affiliated with the Vatican pedophile cult, are being intercepted by organizations like the International Tribunal for Crimes against Church and State ( among others.  The Catholic Church has been legally designated an International Criminal Organization that protects pedophiles.  By this international court ruling, any affiliated members of the Catholic Church are subject to arrest by willing authorities, just for being a member of this Roman mafia religious death cult.

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