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Is Trump the Real Deal or a Trojan Horse Part II

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Is Trump the Real Deal or a Trojan Horse Part II

About a year ago I wrote an article called “Is Trump the Real Deal or a Trojan Horse,” and here we are 1 year into the Trump presidency. It is been a crazy year for sure with many things happening all over the world. Looking at things from a big picture perspective, it is still hard to know which side Trump is working for. We live in a very strange world these days, which I have called parallel universes. On the one side you have the main stream media, which attacks Trump 24 hours a day, no matter what he does and on the other we have the alternative media which often only looks at the good things Trump has done, but complete ignores the bad. There are very few people out there that will take an objective look at the first year of Trump’s administration. In order to get a proper perspective we have to examine both the good and bad things, Trump has done for the American people. One example of what I mean by parallel universes is with the various investigations going on. If you are one that only listens to the MSM (everything except Fox) you would think that Mueller is about to bring charges on Trump any day now. After the charges come out, Trump will be impeached and thrown of office shortly thereafter. If on the other hand you listen to the alternative/conservative media you would think that Hillary, Obama, and many of the other globalists are going to be arrested any day now and put on trial for treason against the United States. Most of the people that listen to the MSM do not even know there are several congressional investigations going on into various crimes that Hillary may have committed during the campaign. If you only listen to alternative media you think there is absolutely nothing to the Mueller investigation and Trump will walk free without anything happening to him.

While the media sensationalizes both narratives constantly the truth is probably somewhere in-between. While I do not believe at all that Trump colluded with the Russians in any way, the truth is Mueller and his team might very well charge him with obstruction of Justice (remember Bill Clinton) or some technicality and an impeachment vote would follow. What will happen with that vote I have no idea, but there is certainly a chance Trump could be impeached in the House. With regards to Hillary I do believe she committed numerous crimes including the emails, Uranium One, the fake dossier, the FISA warrants to spy on trump, and numerous others with the Clinton Foundation, but to the best of my knowledge congress really does not have any power to do anything about it other than investigate. If Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not appoint a second special counsel to look into Hillary, then an indictment will never be issued and she will walk free, just like she has been doing for decades. So far it does not look like Sessions is going to appoint a second special counsel, so unless a major change happens or a bombshell comes out, prosecution of Hillary does not look good.

Now that I have gone off on that tangent I want to get to the real purpose of this article, namely who does Trump really work for? In my original article, I stated that Trump won the election either by a miracle from God or because the elite wanted him there all along. So what has Trump done in the first year of his presidency to support one conclusion or another? In my view as far as Trump’s policies are concerned he is about 50/50 in my book. In order to look into this we need to completely ignore what Trump says each day, which sends the media into a frenzy and just focus on policies he has instituted. The more I look into this the more I personally believe that Trump is at least being controlled by the globalists, but he is being allowed to do certain things to keep this grand illusion alive. That is my personal opinion however, and I cannot say with 100 percent certainty, which side Trump is truly on. Let’s take a look at some of the conservative policies he has put forth first and then the policies that fit with the globalist agenda.

Here is a list of the some of the conservative policies that Trump has instituted during his first year.

  1. Trump signed the tax cut bill into law during the month of December.
  2. The repeal of the individual mandate was part of the tax cut legislation.
  3. The TPP trade deal that was not law but the globalists wanted to make it such.
  4. The Paris Climate Change agreement.
  5. Judge Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court
  6. Executive order to stop public funding to organizations that promote or perform abortions in foreign countries.
  7. Executive order to repeal the Johnson amendment that gave government the power to go after 501c3 organizations (ie mostly churches) for political statements they deemed to be inappropriate.
  8. Appointed many conservative judges to the federal appellate and circuit courts.
  9. Cut many regulations for businesses and corporations.
  10. Negotiated with many companies to bring jobs and some manufacturing back to the US.
  11. Has not started any new wars yet.
  12. Has helped greatly reduce the Isis territory in both Iraq and Syria.
  13. During the first few months of his presidency, Trump increased border security and illegal’s crossing into the US dropped off quite a bit at least until the last few months.
  14. Declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. This is a mix because as you will see below he did not say it was the undivided capital of Israel.
  15. Did a good job with relief efforts after the hurricanes in Florida and Texas this past summer, although maybe not as much in the Caribbean after those storms.
  16. Instituted the Travel ban against 6 Muslim majority countries.
  17. Approved the building of the Keystone and XL pipeline that Obama did not allow for 8 years.
  18. Part of what was in the tax bill also allowed the opening up of Anwar on the north slope of Alaska for oil drilling.

Globalist policies that Trump has instituted during his first year

  1. Signed a law to keep the government funded, but also gave full funding to Planned Parenthood without any objection.
  2. Signed a law to keep the FISA court fully funded.
  3. Sold 300 billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, which is one of the greatest sponsors of terrorism in the world.
  4. Has added thousands of more troops to Afghanistan, when we should leave there.
  5. Has continued to increase troops in Eastern Europe along with Russian border. This started under Obama but Trump has continued the buildup.
  6. Fired missiles at a Syrian base after an alleged chemical attack by Assad, which has to this day not been proven.
  7. Has helped cover up what happened during the Las Vegas massacre. We know that the official story is completely bogus and Trump should have told the FBI to tell the truth.
  8. The amount of illegal’s crossing into the US has increased to nearly record levels in the last few months and according to a recent report from Judicial watch, many of these people are still being relocated around the country by the government agencies.
  9. Still have a large amount of troops in Syria when we should be withdrawing, now that the war against Isis is winding down.
  10. When Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel he said in the same speech, that we are still open to a two state solution and the final status of the city is negotiable.
  11. Signed an executive order to protect the large banks from any type of fines or persecution for doing things like the libor rigging or manipulation of the global financial markets. Remember these banks got most of the bail out money, because they were too big to fail back in 08-09.
  12. Appointed a new Federal Reserve Chairman when we should be trying to get rid of it.
  13. While Trump got rid of the TPP, he still has not done anything about NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, or any of the other free trade agreements that need to be abolished.
  14. Has not cut any significant spending from the budget and has greatly increased it in the military.
  15. Has taken credit for the financial markets hitting record highs even though he has nothing to do with it and the system is completely controlled and manipulated by the central banking system.


As you can see from the lists above Trump has been a mixed bag, so to speak. While I never thought Trump was going to do everything he campaigned on there are some policies he has instituted, that are very disturbing and makes me think, that he is being controlled by the deep state and globalists. If you exclusively listen to the alternative conservative media, you probably have only heard about the good list. If you are strictly a person who listens to the MSM you probably only know about the bad list. Let me give you another example of what I am talking about. Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in this country. If you listen to the alternative/conservative media you know that Trump spoke at the March for Life rally via video feed in DC last weekend and he is the first president to ever do so. You also know that he signed the executive order to end funding to abortion organizations overseas. However, you would not know that he signed a CR in early 2017 that fully funded Planned Parenthood without any objection what so ever. That same CR also fully funded the Obama Care subsides, had no funding for the wall, and fully funded sanctuary cities. To this day Planned Parenthood is still being fully funded by the Federal Government and there has not been any talk recently about doing anything about it. We know from the undercover videos from the Center for American progress that Planned Parenthood has been involved in a concerted effort to perform abortions (in many cases during or after the baby is born) and then selling baby parts for profit on the open market. This organization should have been completely defunded and abolished by the federal government on day one of Trump’s presidency, but here we are one year later and it is still fully operational. Trump should never have signed a bill of any kind to give them one more penny. In my opinion this has been Trump’s biggest mistake during his first year in office. Last week the Senate was voting on a bill that would have banned all abortions after 20 weeks and it did not pass. Even though the bill would likely not have passed in the first place, Trump still should have come out in favor of the bill, instead of not saying anything at all. This is another big mistake in my opinion.

Another huge mistake Trump has made is taking credit for the rising stock market. We know that the markets are being completely controlled by the central banks. There are three main reasons why the markets are rising to record highs and none of them has to do with fundamental growth in the economy. The three main things driving the markets are the central banks direct purchasing of stocks, stock buybacks by large corporations, and the large banks also buying stocks with money loaned to them by the central banks. This is like giving more drugs to an addict and once it stops, the markets will crash. Now that Trump has taken full credit for the markets going up, the media will blame him when it crashes and there is nothing that can be done about it now. Trump should come out and tell the truth about the markets before it is too late.

While Trump has done a number of good things during his first year, none of the really big items that need to be done in order to save the country are even being considered as far as I can tell. Some of the big items that need to be done are as follows;

  1. Defund Planned Parenthood and stop abortions in this country.
  2. Abolish the Federal Reserve Central Banking System that is controlling the world.
  3. Repeal all the free trade agreements and put the tariffs back up on products coming into the country.
  4. Go back to a sound money system where the currency is backed by gold, silver, or some other commodity.
  5. Build the wall and completely shut down illegal immigration.
  6. Bring back Glass Stengel.
  7. Implement major spending cuts in the budget and reduce the size of the Federal Government.
  8. Term limits for Representatives and Senators.
  9. End the legalization of gay marriage.
  10. Bring back voluntary prayer in public schools.
  11. Defund sanctuary cities.
  12. Deport any illegal alien who has committed a felony or is on any type of welfare program.
  13. Prosecute Hillary and any government official who has been involved in any type of corruption, child trafficking, sexual abuse, gun running, drug running, and any other crime. There are many in the government that is involved in many of these crimes and generally nothing happens to them.
  14. Say that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel and do not divide the land. If we divide Jerusalem and give the Eastern part of it to the Palestinians, I believe it will bring mass destruction to the US and our land will be divided, probably via a massive earthquake on the New Madrid Fault line.


While I cannot be 100 percent sure, it is looking like more and more Trump is being controlled by the globalists and the so called war between him and the MSM that plays out every day, it is all an illusion to keep conservatives asleep about what is really going on. This is my theory about what happened during the 2016 election to get Trump elected. I do not have direct proof or evidence that this happened, but it is just a theory that I came up with.

As we know Trump won the election by winning the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. While everyone said the polls were way off in reality it was only in these 3 states where they were off. If you look at real clear politics average of polls for each state, the polls in 46 out of 50 states correctly predicted which candidate was going to win. The state of Nevada was virtually a dead heat and about half the polls showed Hillary winning, while the other half showed Trump. The national polls showed Hillary winning by about 3 points and she won the popular vote by 2, so they were pretty much correct as well.

If you add up the polls from the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan there was a total of 97. Out of those 97, only 3 showed Trump winning (2 in PA, and 1 in MI, and 0 in WI), 1 poll showed a tie and the other 93 showed that Hillary would win those 3 states. While we know the Diebold voting machines can be rigged and they often are, I think Hillary’s people rigged a bunch of the machines in the swing states, but did not concentrate on those three states that got Trump the presidency at all. Those 3 states where part of the so called Democratic Blue wall. The states in the blue wall had been won by the Democrats in each of the last 6 election cycles. Out of the 7 swing states (FL, VA, NC, OH, IA, NV, and NH) Hillary only needed to win 1 of these to win the election, assuming she won all the blue wall states, plus a few other states she was expected to win. She ended up winning the states of Virginia, Nevada, and New Hampshire, which would have gave her the Electoral College easily. What happens when the machines are rigged, people go in and change the settings to add or change votes in certain key precincts of close states. I fully think that Hillary’s people were in some of those swing states and rigged many of the machines for her to win. However I think that the globalists also rigged machines in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in order to give Trump the win there. The globalists knew that if he won these 3 states it would be virtually impossible for him to lose and knew the Democrats would not bother to worry about these states, because they thought those states would be won organically without help.

By allowing Trump to win it killed two birds with one stone for them. First, the globalists got rid of Hillary without her knowing what she did. She was not told and figured too many people voted against her for a variety of reasons. Hillary and Bill became too much of a liability for the elite and they could not allowed back into power. The second thing it did for the globalists is put the conservatives back to sleep. The conservative side knew that if Hillary was elected it was the end of country, and I think the elite were worried that an uprising may take place and a civil war might ensue, if she got elected. The elite were not ready for this yet and needed more time to set up the transition from the current system, into the eventual global government that would take place. By having Trump win most conservatives believed he was the answer to their prayers and they did not have to worry about it anymore. Most conservatives went back to sleep, allowing the globalists to continue on with their agenda. Through the first year of the Trump presidency they have kept the grand deception alive by allowing Trump do implement certain conservative policies, but not letting him do anything drastic against the system. I do think there are elements within the government that truly want to get rid of him, but I also think he is being supported by some of the top globalists behind the scenes as well. I think the war between him and the media is all just a reality show that is being played out by both sides, in order to keep the grand illusion alive.

The idea that Trump would go to DC and take out the globalists and deep state was hard for me to believe and it looks like after the first full year, that is not going to happen. I believe this world is run by Satan himself and he will continue to control it until Jesus comes back at the end of the tribulation period. There are still people that believe Trump has this secret plan to take down the entire globalist system, but I think it is a fantasy that is not going to come to fruition unfortunately, unless something drastically changes soon.

We need to continue to pray for the country and Trump that he will do the right thing, but we also need to be preparing for the collapse of the system to come as well very soon. My conclusion about Trump at this point is that he is a Trojan horse and most of us were hoodwinked by him including myself to some degree. The truth is America will probably never be great again as it used to be.

I hope by reading this you realize that you need a savior, in order to get through everything that is on the way. The only true savior in this world is Jesus Christ and if you want to go to heaven in the next life you must accept him in your life as your Lord and Savior. If you have decided that this is the right course of action, it is very simple to do. Please pray this prayer that is below.

Dear Lord,

I am a sinner. Please forgive me. Come into my life and cleanse me of my sins and unbelief. believe in you and in salvation through the blood of Jesus. I turn from sin and trust in Jesus alone as my savior. n Jesus name I pray, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer for the first time, let me welcome you to the family of Christ, through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Please get a bible if you do not have one and try to get set up in a church or a group of believers in order to grow in your new life. We live in incredible time and I think we are very close to the final 7 years beginning, so there is not much time left of so called normal life. Everything is about the change in a drastic way, so please learn as much as you can asap and get ready both spiritually and physically for what is coming.


God Bless



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