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Breaking Now! Stew Peters & Dr. Jane Ruby Rip The Killer Jab & Whistleblower MOABS By Project Veritas Will Blow Your Mind! Must See Video!

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FEAST YOUR EYES AND EARS upon this DELICIOUSLY DELIGHTFUL DOSE of “…DARE YOU WATCH?!…” as we travel down this BOTTOMLESS RABBIT HOLE, because this is an episode you WILL NOT want to miss, Patriots!  For those who require a FULL QUENCHING of the UNCENSORED TRUTH, you’ll be DRENCHED in a veritable GOLD MINE of TRUTH in this GEM! The next phase by the ‘Dark Rulers of This World’ is coming to fruition as you sit and watch this EYE-OPENING exposé of TRUTHS REVEALED!  We start this adventure with the Conservative Beast, Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby and they summarily RIP THE EYEBALLS OUT OF THE DEMONIC EVIL-DOERS’ FACES for attempting to subvert the will of ‘We The People’ by FAILING TO DISCOSE the use of ‘MURDERED BABY JUICE’ in the Killer Jabs!  But that’s not even the scary part:  On top of that, the Dynamite Duo REVEALS MORE DASTARDLY items DISCOVERED in the ‘TROJAN HORSE DEATH JAB’, items whose DEADLY PAYLOAD is unpacked inside the bloodstream of the IGNORANTLY WILLING RECIPIENTS!  

And I hate to sound cliché, “…BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!..”  Project Verritas’ James O’Keefe’s LATEST EPIC UNDERCOVER VIDEO shows a Pfizer Scientist OUTRIGHT ADMIT that a person’s IMMUNE SYSTEM is BETTER than the ‘so-called’ KILLER JAB!  Patriots, this could very well be, perhaps, the MOST EYE-BULGING VIDEO you will EVER SEE on the topic of the Killer Jabs, FILLED TO THE BRIM with GUT-WRENCHING ADMISSIONS by this Pfizer Whistleblower and TRUTHS that MUST BE HEARD!  But, perhaps the greatest, real tragedy is that the ‘PURVEYORS OF THE PRICK’ have released a BIOWEAPON onto the population (COVID), followed by MANDATING (forced) injections of the Killer Jab and we all now begin to find ourselves living in this Orwellian, nightmarish WORLD OF CRAP!  Grab the POPCORN and BUCKLE UP, Patriots, this is going to be a WILD RIDE!

EVERY ORDER in October will receive a VALUABLE FREE Brand New Style $1 Million 24K Gold Trump Banknote NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE (a $29.99 value!) & other Awesome Gifts!  NO MINIMUM purchase required!   Visit today!



SEE MORE LATE BREAKING VIDEOS BELOW, STARTING WITH:  Newest Lin Wood Interview! Kim Clement’s Biden Prophesy! Trump’s Still POTUS, Civil War Coming? A Brand New America! Epic Must See Video!

AFTER WATCHING LIN WOOD’S NEWEST, MASTERFULLY CRAFTED, MIND-BENDING INTERVIEW, it will become clear to you that THE DEPTH OF THIS RABBIT HOLE KNOWS NO BOUNDS!! Within this interview, many TRUTHS will unfold – BUT ARE YOU READY FOR THEM?! Why is Congress working on HR666 and HR6666….?!  IS CIVIL WAR COMING?!  I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, right now, Patriots: TRUMP IS STILL POTUS! It’s certainly NOT the Demonically-Controlled BIDEN CLONE…and why was KIM CLEMENT prophesying about Joe Biden back in 2013?  Many people weren’t even aware that Kim Clement PROPHESIED about the ‘Bumbling Brainless Biden’ way back in 2013, and what he foretold is MIND-BOGGLING! But, the ACTION doesn’t stop there, Patriots, because unbeknownst to even MORE people is the fact that SEVERAL MODERN-DAY PROPHETS have foretold events that POINT TO THIS VERY TIME IN OUR HISTORY, about the events that are unfolding before our very eyes at this very moment!This EARTH-SHATTERING EPIC REVEAL has ABSURD amounts of EYE-BULGING REVELATIONS and will leave your heart POUNDING, Patriots! So, pull up a seat, GRAB THE POPCORN and LET THE TRUTH UNFOLD before your very eyes, because in this EPIC INTERVIEW w/ Clay Clark, LIN WOOD lays it ALL OUT for the entire world to see when it’s revealed that “…These people are FRAUDS! It was a COMPLETELY BOGUS and FAKE INAUGURATION….” and anyone with an MINUTE amount of COMMON SENSE and LOGICAL DISCERNMENT can see that, clear as a bell! BIDEN IS NOT RUNNING OUR GOVERNMENT! Buckle up and ENJOY THE SHOW,  and whatever you do, Patriots, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!  WWG1WGA!

SEE MORE LATE BREAKING VIDEOS BELOW, STARTING WITH:  Lin Wood’s Second Newest, Explosive Interview Reveals Trump Still POTUS, Exposes Biden Clone, Killer Jab, Soros, Gates, Milley & More! Durham Drops The Hammer! Must See Video!

You’re gonna need a MEGA BOTTLE of DRAMAMINE for this one, Patriots, because SO MANY MOABS are dropped by Lin Wood that IT WILL LITERALLY MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN!  NEVER BEFORE has SO MUCH TRUTH been dropped in one video than in the one you’re getting ready to watch RIGHT NOW!  First, we learn that Trump is STILL POTUS, then Lin goes on to RIP the BRAINLESS HEADS right off of the Biden Clone and General Milley, affectionately named “The Dumb Ass” by POTUS Trump.  And I hate to sound cliché….”BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!”  Are Genl. Milley and Bill Barr really TRAITORS..?!  Then Lin moves on to EXPOSE the Killer Jab, the Luciferase mRNA, Forced Inoculations and reveals that people are NOT dying from COVID, THEY ARE DYING FROM THE DEMONIC ‘TREATMENT’!  And these things ARE JUST BEGINNING of this Enlightening yet Dark Journey DEEP DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!  

This EPIC PRESENTATION, has Copious amounts of EYE-POPPING REVELATIONS and PULLS NO PUNCHES as we also discuss Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Vladamir Zalenko, Deep Fake videos, Mask Mandates and how the Demonic Demons in the Democrat Party, aided by their  Complicit Cohorts, China, the RINOs and the Fake News Media are TRYING TO DECIMATE THE WORLD’S POPULATION, coupled with news about the Luciferian Plan that was SUPPOSED to happen in Hillary’s LAST YEAR of her first term as POTUS!  Guess what?  THEIR PLAN IS IN FULL FORCE AS WE SPEAK!  You do NOT want to miss this MIND-BLOWING Special Presentation, Patriots, you’ll HATE YOURSELF if you do!  And whatever you do, Patriots, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!  WWG1WGA!

SEE MORE LATE BREAKING VIDEOS BELOW, STARTING WITH:  Special Presentation!  Your Mind Is About To Be Blown! Dr. Peter McCullough Drops Major COVID Bombs! Share This Everywhere!

FINALLY, the FIRST DOMINO FELL and the WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN as ARIZONA’S ELECTION CANVASSING results were just released! But, HOW FAR will these EVIL PEOPLE go in order to take COMPLETE CONTROL over our country (and the world’s population)…?! We all sat and watched in UTTER DISBELIEF as their ‘Evil Plan’ was unveiled when ‘FAKE POTUS’ Biden was ILLEGALLY and FORCEFULLY installed by China and the Demonically Possessed Freaks in the Democrat Party, while being aided by their Complicit Cohorts, the RINOs (and spread by their Fake News Media Demons), but WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN ARIZONA and WILL IT REALLY MATTER?! Wonder no more, Patriots, as this EVISCERATION of the ‘Fake POTUS Biden’ win narrative takes shape while watching this EPIC UNVEILING OF TRUTH! So, with these MAJOR REVELATIONS, some VERY DISTURBING & SORDID FACTS that seemed to be HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT are LAID BARE for the entire world to see, and when all the dust has settled, it will be known that ONE VERY CLEAR FACT REMAINS: TRUMP WON! Hold onto your seats, Patriots, because this Genius Trio lays out the reality of the ‘Arizona Debacle’ and DESTROY the BIDEN LIE!  BOOOM-DIGITY!

SEE MORE LATE BREAKING VIDEOS BELOW, STARTING WITH:  Mass Death Event Exposed!!  Nations Procuring ‘Mass Cadaver Storage Facilities’!  CDC Concentration Camps & Forced Vaccinations Coming!  Must See Video!

In this DOUBLE-WHAMMY, ORWELLIAN Segment, Stew Peters is joined by DeAnna Lorraine and Patrick Howley as they take turns GOUGING THE EYEBALLS OUT of the Deep State DEMONS who persist in attempting to FORCE the Killer Jab onto the members of the US Military and other citizens of this nation!  DID YOU KNOW that there are nations who are, as you read this, in the process of procuring ‘MASS CADAVER STORAGE FACILITIES’, because they are, obviously, preparing for what’s to  come:  a MASS DEATH EVENT!  Are they the ONLY ONES making such preparations, Patriots..?!  DID YOU ALSO KNOW that the BRAINLESS FREAKS at the CDC have a PROTOCOL IN PLACE – RIGHT NOW - to transport “HIGH RISK” (aka UNVACCINATED) people to “Green Zone Shelters”where they will be SEGREGATED for LONG PERIODS OF TIME – poissibly INDEFINITELY, based on the BS LIE called the FAKE PLANDEMIC…?!  All this, according to an ORWELLIAN DOCUMENT entitled “Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings” The CDC even OUTRIGHT ADMITS that it plans on rounding up all unvaccinated citizensand placing them into what amounts to be concentration camps.  One of the questions I had when putting this together was ‘WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP TO THESE DE-POP DEMONS, TAKE A STAND AND JUST SAY “NO!”….?!  You really should HANG ON TIGHT for this one, Patriots, because THIS ONE’s gonna TICK YOU OFF and make you SCREAM!

SEE MORE LATE BREAKING VIDEOS BELOW, STARTING WITH:  Banned From YouTube! A Modern Day Horror Story: Extinction Level Events Exposed! They Hide This From You At All Cost! Must See Documentary!

Is ANYONE Safe..?!  ANYWHERE..?!  Let us begin with ONE UNDENIABLE FACT:  This MIND-BLOWING, Laboriously Researched Documentary about Modern S.M.A.R.T Technologies will have you literally GLUED TO THE SCREEN throughout its entirety, as it EXPOSES some of the MOST WELL-HIDDEN SECRETS of modern time!  Finally, a film that LAYS BARE the Demonically Sordid Facts behind these EXISTENTIAL THREATS TO HUMANITY – in a superlative way never before imagined possible!  This ABSOLUTE MUST Feature Film EXPOSES the VERY REAL TRUTH about S.M.AR.T. TECHNOLOGIES, including the 5G technology that can ‘…..COOK YOUR EYEBALLS LIKE EGGS….!”  Featured in this EPIC PRESENTATION are a MYRIAD of WHISTLEBLOWERS who are Special Weapons Development Experts, Micro-Biologists, Molecular & Cellular Level Biologists, Blood Microscopists, Activists, as well as (some of the) Good & Decent Leaders out there on the Frontlines of this ‘Invisible & VERY Deadly Battlefield’.  Please SHARE this EPIC DOCUMENTARY as far and as wide as you possibly can, and make sure you target your local Bureaucrats, Technocrats, Health Practitioners, Local and Federal Government Agencies – and more than anyone else….your family and friends.  All I can say about THIS one, Patriots, is GRAB THE ‘OH CRAP!’ HANDLES and GET READY TO HAVE YOUR MIND COMPLETELY BLOWN!  

SEE MORE LATE BREAKING VIDEOS BELOW, STARTING WITH:  It’s Official! We’re At War!  Dr Tenpenny, Dr McCullough & Dr Palevsky Drop Bombs On The COVID Scam!  ’A Sea Of Lies!’  Must Video!

This EPIC video begins with Dr. Peter McCullough COMPLETELY SMASHING The PLANdemic LIES With 5 UNDENIABLE & IRREFUTABLE COVID FACTS.  This SPECIAL SEGMENT is a hard-hitting BARRAGE OF TRUTH that will leave even the most pro-vax sheep stopping to think about what the Killer Jab REALLY is!  Then, we move on to watch Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Larry Palevsky SKEWER the DEMONIC Killer Jab and all those who perpetuate the GREAT LIE by outlining 24 UNDENIABLE FACTS that will leave you COMPLETELY BREATHLESS, your mind SPINNING, as you try and comprehend the ASTRONOMICAL LEVEL of complete and total MORONIC IGNORANCE that must be permeating our citizenry in order for the Demonic Democrats, the Removed-From-God RINOs and their Complicit Cohorts, the Fake News Media, to get away with the MASS GENOCIDE they are now perpetrating across the world!  Get BUCKLED IN for this AMAZING episode, as we take a DEEP DIVE down into the Rabbit Hole, Patriots – this episode is one you will NOT want to miss!  


SEE MORE LATE BREAKING VIDEOS BELOW, STARTING WITH:  MOAB! Dr Jane Ruby Reveals Massive CDC Cover-Ups: Does Delta Variant Come From Being Vaxxed?! ‘Door-To-Door Jab Squads’?! Huge Number of Kids Dying From Killer Jab! Unbelievable Video!

You will NOT believe your ears or your eyes as you watch this BREAKING & DAMNING interview with Dr. Jane Ruby.  She reveals a MASSIVE CDC COVER-UP, using date FROM THE CDC’s VERY OWN WEBSITE, no less!  BOOM!  And the Evil Elite Globalists, with the aid of the Complicit Cohorts, the Demonic Democrats, the Removed-From-God RINOs and the Fake News Mockingbird Media are hiding the TRUTHS from you, starting with the very REAL possibility that the Delta Variant is not really the ‘stronger version’ of the COVID-19 virus.  Rather, the ‘Delta Variant’ is actually just ‘what happens when you get vaccinated’..!  SAY WHAAAAAT?!?!  That’s right, it’s not the ‘variant virus’ that it’s being spun to be, but a SIDE EFFECT of getting the KILLER JAB!  And if THAT wasn’t enough of a BOMBSHELL for you, just wait til you hear how many of OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING and NEARLY DYING all because of the EVIL KILLER CONCOCTION being SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS!  Patriots, the facts are clear:  DO NOT GET THE KILLER JAB and make DARN sure you keep your kids out of their harm’s way!  You have been warned!   PLEASE SHARE this video as far and as wide as you can!  You will NOT want to miss this EPIC EPISODE!


SEE MORE LATE BREAKING VIDEOS BELOW, STARTING WITH:  “The Vaccines Are Total Bullsh*t & Will Decimate The Global Population!  Don’t Believe The Lies!” Dr Bhakdi Exposes It All!  Must Video!

This could very well be the MOST TERRIFYING INTERVIEW you will EVER see on the topic of the KILLER JABS!  Famed Microbiologist Dr. Bhakdi, who warned of “IMPENDING DOOM” during a VIRAL Fox News interview, CALLS FOR CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS of the people responsible for CREATING & PUSHING the KILLER CONCOCTIONS!  ”We are seeing a STRING OF DEATHS happening all around the world due to these vaccines!”  He also calls for an IMMEDIATE HALT to this GLOBAL DEPOPULATION EXPERIMENT, saying, unequivocally, that the “…SYMPTOMS & HARM coming from the vaccinations GET FAR WORSE WITH EACH SUBSEQUENT INOCULATION”! Furthermore, he warns that the COVID HYSTERIA is based on COMPLETELY FABRICATED LIES and PROPAGANDA and that the COVID “vaccines” are a DEATH SENTENCE to those who take them.  Dr. Bhakdi  states that these JABS are set to cause a GLOBAL CATASTROPHE and a MASSIVE DECIMATION of the human population.   What you will LOVE about this interview is that Dr. Bhakdi explains (in terms and analogies that anyone can understand) that the PCR test has been abused to produce fear in in the population to get them to take the jab! Then, he explains what the mRNA vaccines are going to do to the human body. Among other concerns, he expects massive deadly clotting as well as immune system responses that will destroy the human body.  After watching this TERRIFYING interview, you have an urge to SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN!  You will NOT want to miss this EPIC EPISODE!

NEXT VIDEO BELOW:  Military Insider Reveals Election Fraud Bombshell! Trump Won!  Fauci’s Treason Trial?!  The ‘Disinformation Dozen’ Speak Out!  Must See!!

Perhaps it wasn’t enough for the Deep State Cabal to SLOWLY erode our GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS; perhaps they needed it to happen IMMEDIATELY.  BEFORE the 2022 Election Cycle.  We ALL know, or at least those of us who seek out TRUTH do, anyway, that the DEMONIC PLAN of the Globalists is MASSIVE GLOBAL DEPOPULATION.  But HOW do you think they could accomplish that feat, which would be no small task, indeed, without having TOTAL & IMMEDIATE POWER over MOST, if not ALL, branches of government?  Captain Seth Keshel, one of Lt. General Michael Flynn’s Captains, brings forth some VERY DAMNING, BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE that the 2020 Election was EXACTLY what we ALL KNEW it was:  a TOTAL and COMPLETE FRAUD perpetrated by the Demonic Rules of this Dark World!  This is information that we have not yet become privy to, UNTIL NOW, so buckle up for this EPIC segment!  Next, Dr. Andy Wakefield SLAMS Big Pharma, Fakestream Medicine and literally CALLS OUT FAUCI the FRAUD for the TREACHOROUS TRAITOR that he has proven to be, more than worthy of the penalties which that charge brings!  And if those two segments weren’t enough, the ‘DISINFORMATION DOZEN’ simply CAN NOT HOLD THEIR TONGUES any longer, so a few of them take turns RIPPING THE EYEBALLS OUT OF THE DEMONIC LEFT and their COMPLICIT COHORTS, the Backsliding, Bumbling RINOs, when they TELL IT LIKE IT IS with some hard-hitting FACTS!  Don’t take this lying down, Patriots, IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! You will NOT want to miss this EPIC EPISODE!


NEXT VIDEO BELOW:  Exclusive! Big Pharma Whistleblower Bombshell: “It’s An Evil Agenda Designed To Poison, Harm & Kill!” Excellent Stew Peters Video!

“HOW FAR will these EVIL PEOPLE go in order to TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL over the world’s population…?!” This BIG PHARMA WHISTLEBLOWER felt COMPELLED to come forward with this EARTH-SHATTERING and INDISPUTABLE DOCUMENTATION that she feels MUST be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD! The ‘Killer Jab’ inoculation, being referred to as ‘COVID Vaccines’ are a POISONOUS DEATH SENTENCE specifically designed to MAME, HARM POISON & KILL all those who (accept the Mark of the Beast) – and she goes on to unequivocally say that NOBODY should subject themselves to this EVIL CONCOCTION! This TRULY BRAVE PATRIOT lays it ALL out on the line in this MASTERFUL FLOGGING of the ‘KILLER JAB‘ – and EXPOSES the Demonic Democrats and the Ragtag RINOs for being COMPLICIT in the PRE-MEDITATED MURDER OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD! This TELL-ALL interview, hosted by the Conservative BEAST, Stew Peters, will PROVE beyond ANY doubt that “It’s ALL a HUGE SCAM, one of the BIGGEST human PsyOp’s of ALL Time!” Do NOT miss this MAGNIFICENT SMACKDOWN of the Deep State, Big Pharma Derelicts! Watch and learn Patriots!  You will NOT want to miss this EPIC EPISODE!

NEXT VIDEO BELOW:  Mel K & Clay Clark w/ Ann Vandersteel! Surviving & Identifying Luciferian Attacks! Exposing Klaus Schwab, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Marina Abramovic & More! Must See Video!

Patriots, I can tell you right now that there are NEFARIOUS REASONS for things happening in the world today and NEFARIOUS PEOPLE who are perpetrating them! Why, EXACTLY, are the Luciferian Freaks FRANTICALLY DEFENDING their ‘right’ to PERFORM CHILD SACRIFICES & RITUAL ABORTIONS?! Does the MARK OF THE BEAST Technology now exist and WHAT IS IT?! Why are CHRISTIANS the ONLY ONES who REALLY KNOW what the events (unfolding) today REALLY mean?! And better yet, WHY are these Luciferian Freaks SO OBSESSED with WEARING MASKS and STANDING 6 FEET apart?!  EVERY PATRIOT IN THE WORLD wants to know HOW TO IDENTIFY & SURVIVE THE LUCIFERIAN ATTACKS being perpetrated upon us by the DEEP STATE GLOBALIST CABAL and their Complicit Cohorts: the DEMONIC DEMOCRATS and the Removed-From-God RINOs – and in this EPIC INTERVIEW featuring the Magnificent MEL K and Freedom-Focused CLAY CLARK & also including Special Guest ANN VANDERSTEEL), you will be left with the ANSWERS THAT WE ALL CRAVE!  Also REVEALED in this MIND-BLOWING TSUNAMI OF TRUTH are the close ties between KLAUS SCHWAB, JEFFREY EPSTEIN, BILL CLINTON & BILL GATES and you’ll FINALLY understand WHY Celebrities and Politicians are seeking the “Advice, Guidance & Wisdom” of the Self-Professed Satanist, MARINA ABRAMOVIC?!  Patriots, one thing I can definitely tell you is that after absorbing this DELUGE OF TRUTH, We Patriots will STAND FIRM in the knowledge that ‘WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE MAJORITY & IN THE END, GOD WINS!’  You will NOT want to miss this EPIC EPISODE!

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      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Do not ever trust the medical industrial complex. This has happened before. Remember the swine flu fiasco in1976.
      “60 Minutes Mike Wallace Exposes the 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine Injuries”
      My opinion. Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23 Pls like & link this video thank you. Over 12,800 views.

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