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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 19 2022

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The week was hard, lots of emotions, lots of questions. And the main question is, have the conclusions been drawn? I assure you that the conclusions are made. And we will definitely win.

Situation in the #Donetsk Direction at 18:00 on 19 Sep 2022⚡️

Ukrainian commanders are attempting to halt the advance of allied forces in the #Avdeevka sector as they continue shelling civilian facilities in the #Donetsk agglomeration.

▪️ In an attempt to halt the advance of Allied Forces into the defence lines, the AFU is shelling Donetsk, Yasynuvata, Sladkoye, Maryinka, Peski and Staromikhailovka indiscriminately.

▪️ Ukrainian formations have regularly counter-attacked (up to five per day) on #Maryinka and #Peski in recent days. During the fighting, the AFU’s 115th Brigade and others suffer significant losses of personnel and equipment, with virtually nothing achieved.

▪️ The command of the Donetsk AFU grouping withdrew the remaining units of the 115th Brigade to Novoselidovka, where mobilised civilians also arrived. The surviving members of the 115th Brigade, together with the reserve, will be transferred to the 56th Infantry Brigade. Their accelerated training will be conducted on the training grounds  in Sukhikh Yalakh and Druzhkovka.

▪️ The Donetsk Brigade will be equipped with 155 mm long-range artillery, including M109 self-propelled howitzers and CAESARs, to hold the lines it occupies.

▪️ In the frontline #Ugledar, Ukrainian Forces are expecting an offensive by Allied Forces near #Pavlovka with further access to #Ugledar. Reconnaissance drones are deployed to monitor the movements of Russian troops.

Boris Rozhin, briefly at 18:00

1. In the #Zaitsevo area and near the Artemovsk-#Dzerzhinsk highway, Wagner is amplifying. Reports that the enemy is withdrawing from Zaitsevo have not yet been confirmed.

2. Wagner is making small advances in #Artemovsk industrial zone. The enemy is taking casualties, the topic of clips complaining about inadequate command and heavy losses at the AFU has escalated again.

3. Street fighting in #Soledar. No significant advances. #Belogorovka and #Yakovlevka are under AFU control.

4. #Spornoye (or rather its ruins) is under the AFU. Wagner is storming it today and we will see how it goes.

⚠️  5. The AFU advanced to #Belogorovka and at least part of the village is under the enemy (possibly the entire village, given the attempt to move towards #Kremennaya, which were repulsed).

6. #Yampol and Krasny #Lyman under the RF Armed Forces. Enemy SRGs continue to climb near #Shchurovo, #Dibrovo and #Yarovaya.


#YURI Moscow responds subtly to the arrogant negotiation terms of Zelensky, as Donetsk, Lugansk and Kherson called to hold referendums to join the Russian Federation immediately. Simply put: “We are going to take several regions for now, later the conditions will be worse”.

Militarily, not a very eventful day, but political repercussions of the referendum will likely affect the fronts. Andreevka bridgehead group is still getting pounded, and slowly retreats towards the river, unable to do anything. Ukrainian group destroyed attempting to cross Oskol river. The attacks on Krasny Liman are loosing momentum, but there are signs that enemy may be regroping, so another attack is possible. Russians took initiative near Ugledar taking several enemy positions in a reconnaissance by combat. Small skirmishes in Zaporozhye. Small advances in Bakhmut.  Barbaric Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk.

The situation on the fronts for the past day:

◽️In the Izyum direction, the Russian army retains control over the eastern part of Kupyansk, despite the shelling of the city by Ukrainian militants. Yampol and Krasny Lyman are still held by our troops, and Svyatogorsk, at the moment, is still in the gray zone. There is also information that the enemy has entered Belogorovka (LPR).

◽️Soledar direction. Street fighting continues in Soledar. At the moment, Belogorovka (DPR, on the Artemovsk-Lysichansk highway) and Yakovlevka are held by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and battles are being fought for Disputed, “orchestras” have joined.

◽️On the Artemovsk (Bakhmut) direction, PMC “Wagner” storm Zaitsevo and fortified positions in the area of   the Artemovsk-Dzerzhinsk highway. There is also a promotion in the industrial zone of Artemovsk.

◽️ No significant changes in the South direction today. Against the backdrop of heavy losses, as a result of unsuccessful offensive attempts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on the defensive in several areas. Also, our air defense shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 near Aleksandrovka, Kherson region.

- In the Posad-Pokrovsky section, units of the RF Armed Forces and the NM of the DPR repulsed an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the settlement Ternovye Pod, the militants suffered heavy losses, our trophies and prisoners were captured.

- On the Andreevsky site, our troops pushed the enemy back 2 kilometers from Davydov Brod. The militants have heavy losses, up to 10 units of military equipment have been destroyed.

Ukrainian terrorists continue to exterminate the local population of the DPR

At least 13 civilians were killed as a result of the strike on the Baku Commissars Square in Donetsk.

Artemovsk (Bakhmut) now.

I can recall two times previously when the shelling of Donetsk was as dense and horrific as it was today. The first was during the siege of Mariupol and the second was the collapse of the Lisichansk pocket. The shelling is not only a terror act against civilians, it’s a strategic action to destroy moral of the LPR/DPR who are fighting the hardest and supporting the most in this conflict. It can also be a way to force reinforcements to Donetsk to push harder there and force back Ukrainian artillery. Why now though? The Artemovsk/Bukhmut line is collapsing and this will destroy the defenses of the whole Donbass. They’re desperate to alleviate pressure from the city and the results you get are dead, innocent, people who need assistance liberating themselves from this tyranny that’s held them prisoner for 8 years soon to be 9. I like to stay analytical in my approach, almost to a fault, but this situation always gets under my skin.  It’s the blatant and premeditated destruction of innocent lives in a “strategic” manner to achieve “victory”. In my opinion the decisions of weak men in desperate circumstances. Stay strong everyone, the horrific scenes unfolding before us will be finished soon.

@Wargonzo reports: Urgent: Krasny Liman is currently under attack from two directions at once.

This is reported by @wargonzo’s sources on the Donbass frontline.

Defenders of the city report the following, word-for-word:

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces have again launched an assault on Liman from two directions—from the west and north-west. We have losses. We are holding on and fighting as hard as we can.”

It should be recalled that volunteers from the Kuban detachment, supported by Lugansk Cossacks and the Russian Army artillery units, have been repelling massive attacks on the administrative centre of the DPR’s Krasny Liman district by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and their mercenaries for two weeks now.

Following the news about the referendums, the enemy has stepped up fire pressure.

Report from the strategically important substation “Donbasska”, which the day before the fighters of PMC “Wagner” recaptured from the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The liberation of “Donbasskaya”, located on a dominant height, allows our units to take under fire control all enemy movements on the outskirts of Bakhmut, in Zaitsevo and Vesela Dolina.

In addition, it became possible to restore the work of the substation and uninterruptedly provide electricity to the entire north of Donbass.

@Cmiye (BlueBeard) reports: Kherson defenders on the line: “We pushed the Ukrainians 2 km from Davydov Brod. Eliminated 4 tanks, 3 artillery pieces, 2 pickup trucks. The enemy suffered heavy losses in personnel.

We work actively—we launch 400 shells a day, we destroy forested strips, that they cannot hide. A lot of shells are being brought in, a lot of aviation and new drones are working too.  Air defence is also working, 6 missiles were shot down today.

Plus our infantry is coming. The mood is great, everyone in the East should not be discouraged! Victory will be ours anyway!”

@WarGonzo reports: The situation in the Kupyansk district as of 09/19/22

At this time, the eastern part of Kupyansk along the Oskol River is under the control of the Russian army.

But the entrance to the city is actively fired upon by the Ukrainian army—a drone constantly hangs in the sky, which aims a mortar, the shelling begins literally 5 minutes after the discovery of equipment or a vehicle.

Kislovka is the last settlement in the Kupyansk district, where you can get relatively safely.

Briefly on the Belgorod Front. The enemy continues to accumulate manpower in the immediate vicinity of our border. These are rather not large military formations, but many small groups, among them a large number of mercenaries are noted. Accumulate in villages near Volchansk. Yesterday a Ukrainian tank came out and worked on our fortifications near the border. Ukrainians actively uses UAVs, strikes with artillery.

From the fighters from the spot: the 3rd brigade of the DPR took the fortified area near Gorlovka,completely freeing Zaitsevo

Today,the forces of the 3rd brigade of the DPR entered completed the liberation of Zaitsevo,and then approaching Mayorsk, located 2 km to the left

From Zluchkatactical chat: On the graves in Izyum.

Half of these graves are the dead soldiers of the 93rd brigade and some kind of TRO, I don’t know which one, but there is a story with them on YouTube on the Gromadskoye channel. They hung out there in the Grushevakha area.

And note that no one threw them in a pile into a mass grave dug out by a military excavator.
They were buried by our soldiers, put in graves with crosses and tablets.
They buried their dead enemies like human beings.

The rest of these graves are civilians who died at the hands of Ukrainian artillerymen.
Raisins were hollowed out all spring with Hurricanes with cluster munitions.

We knew civilians who buried their grandmother just in a sheet in the yard.

So go to hell with your genocide stories.

Putin says Russia’s not responsible for the EU’s energy crisis — it just needs to ‘push the button’ on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to get more natural gas (
From Markets Insider

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied Russian responsibility for Europe’s energy crisis and said the EU can simply turn on the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline if it wants more natural gas from his country.

“The bottom line is, if you have an urge, if it’s so hard for you, just lift the sanctions on Nord Stream 2, which is 55 billion cubic metres of gas per year, just push the button and everything will get going,” said Putin after the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit.
He also criticized the “green agenda” — the EU’s renewable energy push — which he said started the energy crisis even before the war in Ukraine.

The EU is staring at an energy crisis this coming winter as Russia supplies about 40% of Europe’s natural gas, most of which is transported via pipelines.

European natural-gas prices have more than doubled from a year ago.

Residents of Soledar, located on the territory of the DPR controlled by Ukraine, refuse to comply with Kyiv’s orders to evacuate

This was told by the correspondent of The New York Times Jeffrey Gettleman.

According to him, local residents refuse to evacuate, disobeying a direct order from the Ukrainian government to leave due to the approach of troops. The journalist notes that mistrust reigns between the population and the Ukrainian military.

“The troops do not trust the people, the people do not trust the troops. Nobody trusts anyone,” the correspondent said.

The Khokhol armored group, which was accumulated in the settlement of Dvurechnoye with the aim of delivering a cutting blow to our defenses on the Oskol River, was destroyed yesterday by either aircraft or missiles. It exploded strongly, the Khokhols for a while refused to attack in this area. One thing can be said about the losses of the Ukrainian, they are very significant.

Soldiers of the Wagner Orchestra enter the city blocks of Artemovsk (Bakhmut). On Sunday evening, the complex of buildings of the Artyomovsk Champagne Winery and the surrounding neighborhoods were taken under control.

Footage released by Ukraine purports to show shelling at nuclear plant in Pivdennoukrainsk

Huge explosion near the The South Ukrainian Nuclear Power plant — powerful explosion thundered just 300 meters from the nuclear reactors. The shock wave damaged the buildings & more than 100 windows were broken.

One of the hydroelectric units of the Aleksandrovskaya NPP, which is part of the South Ukrainian energy grid, has been turned off. Three high-voltage power lines were also switched off.

Missile attack near the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power plant. This comes after Ukrainians again shelled the Zaporozhie nuclear power plant about 2 days ago

Some voltage lines were damaged and the whole building was damaged by the shockwave. The explosion occurred 300m from the nuclear reactors.

This marks a huge escalation by the Russian Armed Forces. If Ukraine hits Zaporozhie nuclear power plant, Russia will hit the southern nuclear power plant. — that is of course if it is indeed Russia carrying out these attacks.

The New York Times published an article in which Ukrainian military officers complain about Russia’s Iranian drones. They said that 1 hit of the Geran-2 “split the M777 in half”, the officer says “it’s accurate enough to hit right in the spot near the barrel where the gun powder is stored, setting off secondary explosions. I’ve never seen anything like it before. They will destroy all our artillery. 4 soldiers were killed an 16 injured” in one of the attacks, says the Ukrainian officer

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin on Monday said that the West is showing it doesn’t want to be held responsible for a defeat in Ukraine by saying it’s up to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky whether to hold talks.
“A new rhetoric is coming out of Washington and Brussels: The issue of talks on a peaceful settlement in Ukraine depends entirely on Zelensky. Previously, they insisted on the opposite. They stated that the conflict should be decided exclusively on the battlefield. They realized that there would be no victory with Zelensky. And they don’t want to bear responsibility for a defeat,” Volodin said on Telegram.
Volodin said the armed forces of Ukraine didn’t live up to the expectations in Washington and Brussels. “Zelensky promised victory. The result disappointed the Western sponsors,” the lawmaker said.
Volodin said the domestic political situation in the US and the European Union is forcing their officials to react. “Americans and Europeans began to express their position on the events in Ukraine. They are not willing to pay out of their pockets for the policy of war. . Inflation, rising prices, problems with energy resources and other difficulties that have to be faced, can’t but worry them on the eve of winter,” the Duma speaker said.


Ukraine War Map SEPT 19, 22

Ukraine continues advancing east of Kupyansk? Bilohorivka & Yarova confirmed under ukrainian control

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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