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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 22 2022

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‘Naïve’ to think Russia will lose war, says Dr Jordan Peterson

Russian Mobilization Could End Ukraine War Soon


Situation in #Lyman Direction at 18:00 on 22 Sep 2022⚡️

Ukrainian formations develop an offensive against the positions of the Russian Forces on the eastern bank of the #Oskol River. The key objective is to take #Lyman, #Svatovo and advance deep into the Lugansk People’s Republic.

An Ukrainian armoured group broke through the front northwest of #Lyman. The enemy motorized infantry from the villages of #Rubtsy and #Lozovoye cut into the Russian Forces’ defensive lines near #Redkodub and #Karlovka.

The Ukrainian armoured group was spotted in time by air reconnaissance. It was taken under heavy fire.

Currently, fighting is taking place in the fields between the villages of #Karlovka and #Lozovoye. Ukrainian forces are not giving up their attempts to encircle #Lyman.

RuMOD briefing on special military operation:

🔹 After negotiations, 55 Russian, LPR and DPR forces servicemen returned to Russia;
🔹 ZSU fired 13 shells on Enerhodar and territory adjacent to Zaporizha NPP; Russian artillery returned fire, suppressing ZSU firing positions;
🔹 Two ZSU units and Kyiv Foreign Legion lost around 150 servicemen in Zaporizha after RuAF strikes;
🔹 Russian forces eliminated around 100 personnel and 20 combat vehicles of ZSU mechanized brigade in Kharkiv Oblast, including 1 HIMARS launcher;  
🔹 ZSU failed an attempt to cross Oskol river, losing around 30 troops;
🔹 At least 90 ZSU personnel, 15 combat vehicles and over 1000 mortar rounds destroyed near Seversk (DPR);
🔹 Massive Russian strikes incapacitated ZSU infantry battalion in Kherson Oblast.  

Headquarters of Territorial Defense of Donetsk Republic announces that Russian-led forces take control of settlement of Zhovanka in Donetsk region, putting allied forces in a strengthened position to launch an assault on Artyomovsk.

Ukrainian forces BLOW UP bridge in Artyomovsk, Donetsk region, in attempt to slow down advancing Russian-led troops, with Kiev’s army already destroying railway bridge and pedestrian bridge in preparation for Russian assault into city center.

As Ukrainian troops launch counteroffensive in Kharkov region, East Ukraine, aiming to break defense line of Russian-led forces and reach borders of Lugansk People’s Republic, Russian missile strikes DESTROY ( Ukrainian crossing over Oskol river, HALTING advance of Kiev’s soldiers and armor.

Offensive on Donbass: situation in eastern Ukraine by the end of September 22, 2022

🔻Border territories of the Russian Federation:
▪️Ukrainian formations fired on the village of Dvulichnoe and the Verigovka border crossing in the Valuysky district of the Belgorod region.

🔻Limansk direction:
▪️In the morning, Ukrainian troops attempted to storm Liman from the south from the settlements of Dibrova and Shchurovo, but the Russian Armed Forces managed to counterattack.

▪️The Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to surround Liman from the north-western direction. The Ukrainian armored group broke through the front to the north-west of Liman. Enemy motorized infantry from the villages of Rubtsy and Lozovoe advanced to the second line of defense of the RF Armed Forces in the area of the villages of Redkoduba and Karlovka. The armored group was detected in a timely manner by means of aerial reconnaissance: a fire defeat was inflicted on it. Fighting is still going on in the fields between the villages of Karpovka and Lozovoe.

▪️Fighting for the settlement continues for the third day in the vicinity of Drobyshevo. Despite the lack of serious successes, the Ukrainian command intends to transfer additional reserves to the front.

▪️Additional forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as several MLRS installations, have been deployed to the Yarovaya area. Military personnel of the 103rd Terodefense Brigade arrived in the vicinity of Yampol.

🔻Bakhmut (Artemovskoye) direction:
▪️Fighting in the area of Disputable, Belogorovka, Verkhnekamensky acquired a positional character.

▪️In Bakhmut, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up a road bridge between the eastern and central parts of the city in order to stop the advance of the Wagner PMC units.

🔻Donetsk direction:
▪️Ukrainian Armed Forces are undertaking regular unsuccessful counterattacks in the direction of the village of Peski from Vodiane and Pervomaisky.

Main thing in Kherson, [22/09/2022 17:15]

Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts of the Kherson region on September 22

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to regroup in the South and does not undertake new attacks.

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past day:

Posad-Pokrovsky and Alexandrovsky section of the front:
As elsewhere, there are local battles, the AFU is waiting for replenishment after heavy losses, the Russian Armed Forces are waiting for the arrival of new soldiers after the announcement of partial mobilization.

▫️Andreevsky section of the front:
The AFU maintains a bridgehead near Andreevka, while there is no news about its expansion.

The Olginsky-Mirolyubovsky section of the front:
The AFU tank reserves expected by Kiev, which could reverse the situation here, apparently left for Izyum.

The AFU struck a fire station and crossings over the Dnieper River in Kherson. Infrastructure facilities received significant damage. During the day, Kiev’s forces fired 13 shells at Energodar.  

In the area of the settlement of Bereznegovatoye, Nikolayev region, a platoon of MLRS “HIMARS” was hit.

The AFU pulled all reserves to the Kharkov front. In fact, Kiev is going all in, trying to achieve success at any cost before 300 thousand Russian soldiers get into service.»

#YURI In a rare occasion, Yuri agrees with with the Russian MoD: the mobilization goes well, the newly trained units will start appearing on the front lines around New Year, and will be fully deployed in the coming spring. Third intent to attack Krasni Liman in Kharkov oblast, key defense node, repelled for now. The situation is still quite dangerous, despite the unprecedented intensity of Russian missile attacks, never seen even in February, and the valor of Krasni Liman defenders: storming the town, the enemy already lost more men than in entire Balakleya/Izyum operation. Tonight or tomorrow the enemy will most likely try again to turn the battle of Krasni Liman in their favor and the battle will reach its turning point.

Meanwhile, Wagners advance well in Bakhmut, forcing the Ukrainian troops to withdraw to the western part of the city blowing the only bridge behind. Successfull missile attack thwarted another possible attack on Zaporozhye. The rout of the Andreevka bridgehead continues. Español: @rpd_es

Special operation, September 22. The main points:

▪️ Moscow and Kyiv exchanged prisoners of war: 56 people were returned to the Russian Federation, including five soldiers from the DPR and opposition Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk. 215 people were handed over to Ukraine, said the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin , the Russian military suppressed enemy units with return fire.

▪️The radiation situation at the Zaporozhye NPP is normal, the Ministry of Defense clarified

▪️Russian air defense systems shot down 37 shells of Ukrainian HIMARS and Vilkha multiple launch rocket systems in a day, as well as 17 drones including the installation of the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system in the Kharkiv region. Up to 30 Ukrainian soldiers were also destroyed there, trying to cross the Oskol River

 ▪️Russian aviation, missile troops and artillery hit a platoon of HIMARS MLRS in the Nikolaev region

 ▪️Lavrov spoke at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine: he said that referendums in the DPR, Kherson regions were a response to Zelensky’s call for Russians to leave Ukraine, and stressed that Western countries that support the Kiev regime and send weapons to it become parties to the conflict

▪️Zelensky sent a video message that was broadcast in the UN General Assembly: he blamed The nuclear power plant, as well as for the attack on the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka, on the Russian side, and also asked the West for long-range strike systems, air defense systems and financial support

 ▪️4 saboteurs were detained in Kherson, planning terrorist attacks on civilian facilities to disrupt the referendum and intimidate residents, another of the saboteurs resisted during the arrest

▪️Medvedev said that Donbass and other territories after referendums and joining Russia will be significantly strengthened by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, not only mobilization capabilities, but also any Russian weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons, can be used to protect them

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave an interview to Newsweek.


- The SMO in Ukraine will continue until its tasks are completed, no matter how long it takes;

- The collective West, led by the USA, openly seeks to defeat Russia “on the battlefield” in Ukraine;

- The USA and Britain were afraid that Russia and Ukraine would come to an agreement, so they forbade Kiev to negotiate with Moscow;

- The weapons of NATO countries are used to kill civilians in the territories of the Russian Federation near Ukraine;

— DNR, LNR, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions have the right to exercise the right to self-determination in accordance with the UN Charter;

- Moscow will respect the choice of residents of DPR, LNR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions in referendums;

- The frenzied reaction of the United States and its allies to NMD drew a line under the entire phase of Russia’s interaction with the West;

— It is unlikely that the West will be able to regain confidence in itself as business partners in the foreseeable future;

- Russia will continue to adapt to the new financial reality, together with its partners will reduce the share of the US dollar in mutual trade;

Lavrov on the UN Security Council:

“The attitude of those countries that pump up Ukraine with weapons and military equipment, training the personnel of the armed forces of this country, is particularly cynical. The goal is obvious, they do not hide it and proclaim it: to prolong the hostilities as much as possible, despite the casualties and destruction, in order to separate and weaken Russia. Such a line means the direct involvement of Western countries in the Ukrainian conflict, making them a party to it.
The deliberate fomenting of this conflict by the collective West also goes unpunished. Well, indeed, you gentlemen will not punish yourselves!
We have no illusions that today the armed forces of Russia and the militias of the DPR and LNR are opposed not only by the neo-Nazi formations of the Kiev regime, but also by the military machine of the collective West. And in real time, using planes, ships, satellites, NATO provides intelligence to the armed forces of Ukraine and encourages them to punish Russia by defeating it on the battlefield and stripping it of all sovereignty. This is no longer latent racism, but the most sincere.”


From Dmitry Medvedev’s Telegram channel

Results of the decisions of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of 21.09.22
1. Referendums will be held, and the Donbass republics and other territories will be accepted into Russia.
2. The protection of all the territories that have joined will be significantly strengthened by the Russian Armed Forces.
3. Russia announced that not only mobilization capabilities, but also any Russian weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons and weapons based on new principles, could be used for such protection.

Therefore, various retired idiots with generals’ stripes do not need to scare us with talk about a NATO strike on Crimea. Hypersonics are guaranteed to be able to reach targets in Europe and the United States much faster.

But the Western establishment, in general, all citizens of the NATO countries need to understand that Russia has chosen its own path. There is no way back.

Elections in Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson

Donetsk Shellilng 18 + Graham Phillips Telegram

1. Tomorrow, referendums on reunification with Russia will begin in the DPR, LPR, Kherson region and Zaporozhye region.  Residents are invited to either agree or refuse to join the Russian Federation as a subject.

 2. Current sociology shows that the answers will be positive, and in the LPR and DPR, overwhelmingly positive.  Which, among other things, is due to the unrealistically long wait for this choice, which Crimea got almost for free, and in the LDNR they waited 8 years and fought for this choice.

 3. We can expect a sharp increase in shelling of civilian infrastructure by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, terrorist attacks and murders.  Undoubtedly, Ukrainian terrorists will kill a certain number of civilians in the coming days, which of course will not change either the very fact of holding referendums or their outcome.  After the referenda, a full-fledged CTO regime will most likely be introduced in the new territories of the Russian Federation and the filtration of former ATO officers and other bastards will begin.
 4. Bulletins in the DPR and LPR only in Russian, in Zaporozhye and Kherson regions in Russian and Ukrainian.  The choice is simple – Yes or No.  Both in Russian and Ukrainian.

 5. Residents of these regions, who are located on the territory of the Russian Federation, will be able to vote on the territory of Russia.  We have already prepared 4 points for voting in Sevastopol.  So the refugees are exercising their right to vote, and the hope of Ukrainian terrorists that the refugees who fled the shelling by the very fact of their absence will lower their turnout at the vote will not come true.

 6. After September 27, within 1 to 5 days, the results will be calculated and after their official announcement, applications will be submitted for joining Russia.  which will be promptly accepted.  This will ensure legal irreversibility, since by accepting these regions into the Russian Federation, any attempts to challenge their new status will be a direct violation of the Constitution, as well as touch upon issues of nuclear doctrine.

 7. Accordingly, having passed through a bifurcation point with mobilization, Russia in the next week will rapidly pass another one, connected with the consolidation of the expansion of its borders.

Boris rozhin

Thousands of candles lit at the foot of Saur-Mogila

Donbass is waiting for a referendum on joining Russia. With this conviction, our youth laid out the symbolic inscription ZO✔️ at the foot of the memorial complex.

Ukrainian channel ‘Legitimniy

“Zelensky gave an urgent order to go on the offensive at the time of the referendum.
The source indicates that this was discussed today at a conference call with the entire power bloc.
Movement is expected in different parts of the front line.
Now it has become known about the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Krasny Liman and Svatovo.”

VGTRK reporter Andrey Rudenko @RtrDonetsk  Unfortunately, the referendum on the accession of the republics to Russia is very painful. And this pain is carried by those from whom our people are fleeing.

Ukraine is a terrorist country, and this is not even debatable. Kiev only brings pain and suffering to our people as well as to its own. The closer to the voting date, the more scars appear on the hearts of the people of the DNR and LNR in the form of dates of mourning for those killed as a result of terrorist attacks by this insane country.

Today’s shelling of downtown Donetsk ( killed six people, including a 14-year-old child, and wounded six more. The day before, a Ukrainian shell killed 13 people on Bakinsky Komissarov Square. And the shelling is still going on as you read this.

Unfortunately, the Russian people have to go through this pain in order to return home. Russia is doing everything it can to protect the people. But the actions of Ukrainian Nazis are often lightning fast. Western weaponry makes it possible to shell suddenly and in a short period of time. And they are striking from several sides at once, changing positions constantly.

Our military does everything to keep people safe. They go forward day after day, digging into the ground. The partial mobilization announced by our president will allow the cleansing process to be completed in the near future. But in the meantime we must grit our teeth and do what we can for victory. It’s the only way and no other way.

Russian Recruits in Moscow (?)

Ukro channels are surprised  publishing videos with queues of mobilized Russians by the military registration and enlistment offices.

It turns out that you can come to the draft board all by yourself and you don’t have to be caught on the street or in a nightclub.

Ukraine War – Ukrainian Military Engages Russian Troops With RPGs On Short & Large Distance

Ukraine’s latest Kherson offensive fails with dozens of troops lost – Murad Gazdiev

Ukrainian forces break-through north-west of Lyman! – Major POW exchange takes place

Russian invasion of Ukraine [22 Sept 2022] ‘Today’

RT News – Sept 22 2022 (20:00 MSK)

Ukraine, Russia swap nearly 300 prisoners in surprise exchange

Captured British fighter freed in Russian-Ukraine prisoner swap thanks Zelensky for his release

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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