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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 27 2022

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✔️Donetsk People’s Republic – 99.23%

✔️Lugansk People’s Republic – 98.42%

✔️Zaporozhye region – 93.11% 

✔️Kherson region – 87.05% 

Zelensky said at a meeting of the UN Security Council that if Russia recognizes the results of the referendums, then he and Putin have nothing more to talk about

Dimitri Medvedev

”The referendums have ended.

The results are obvious.

Welcome home to Russia!”

Occupied areas of Ukraine vote to join Russia

U.S. asks UN to condemn Russia’s ‘sham’ referendums

High turnout for Russia accession referendum

Referendums being held due to ‘dramatic events’ in Ukraine

Severodonetsk Votes ! (Donbass Referendum Reportage)

Tonight, and a few more days after, Russia is going to celebrate. After that, it is going to wage war. It will be ugly, it will be brutal. Lots of territories need to be returned. Then, the mission of denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine will continue. Russia can’t allow such an aggressive, animal, and barbaric ( remember the boiled head!!!) neighbor to be allowed to walk freely. Russia also has one dilemma. Will it bring down Europe or not? Will it shut down oil and gas? Kremlin strategists certainly are thinking in this direction. That’s why they constantly say ” we have time”. I was always wondering myself are they gonna do it? More effective than any nuclear weapon. Actually, more brutally. In the first case, everything is over in a blink of an eye. In the second, it will be a slow, painful torment. Russia knows that it has a small number of friends in the “Old continent”. They are not even neutral anymore but openly hostile. That gloomy, remotely, unknown giant in the East was always the source of European fear. This time, maybe they are right.

The Ukrainian TG channel “Legitimny” writes:

“Well, that’s it, in fact, the referendum has been implemented and the Kremlin has created the formalities. No matter what anyone says, but Zelensky’s chosen strategy has now led to the exact loss of 4 regions, since after their admission to Russia, they will automatically leave the list of “discussed”. (There is a risk of losing the Mykolaiv, Odessa regions, as the war does not end, but only moves to a new stage).

Here at the Istanbul talks, Ze could still return all these territories to Ukraine, except for the LDPR and Crimea (then everyone remembers, the British were against it and on the third day of the Russians’ withdrawal from Kiev, they began to promote the topic of Buchi), well, not to mention the implementation of the Minsk agreements, then the LDPR would have been part of Ukraine, but nationalists and “grant-eaters” called these territories a cancerous tumor and opposed their return (who does not remember, grant-eaters indicated that Donbass would be returned only after filtration). Such actions symbolize that the grant-eaters deliberately created such conditions and aggravated the situation, leading the whole situation to only one thing – war. Zelensky initially balked, but then probably the partners had too “thick a folder” with compromising material gathered on him and he agreed to follow the planned path of global screenwriters.

Since 2013-14, Ukraine has only been losing territories, people, and the economic, social and industrial situation is getting worse. It’s time to ask the question, what and who is doing wrong?”

Everything is wrong!

Insider Ukrainian channels report:

“MI-6 has passed intelligence to the President’s Office that Putin will not stop now and is ready to go all the way in Ukraine. The Kremlin believes that there is a struggle for Russia and its future, which means that any methods are acceptable, up to nuclear weapons strikes and disconnecting the EU from energy resources. British intelligence recommends Zelensky to prepare bomb shelters for nuclear war, and prepare society for a cold winter.”

 “US statements about the possibility of Kyiv’s strikes on the LPR and DPR bring them closer to a dangerous brink and make the United States a party to the conflict” – Russian Ambassador to Washington Antonov

We take the words of Kadyrov very seriously, his statements tend to have a weird timing. When he says something, it often is not YET the reality in the moment. But eventually, things happen exactly as he says.

Kadyrov, while being an interesting character himself – does have something none of us do: a direct line with Putin and Shoigu. The guy does not talk out of his ass.

Based on Kadyrov’s statements, we made the decision to not watch the battles day by day. What is happening now does not matter. The positions that are currently held by Ukrainians are highly likely temporary for them.

Wait for the Russian Armed Forces to build up their numbers and hardware, that is when the war starts. As Kadyrov said, things will go from 0 to 100 once the Russian Armed Forces enter the battlefield in the proposed numbers.

It is simply a waste of time and effort to focus on positional battles at the moment. Ukraine’s offensive has died one way or another. Their only activity now is near Krasnyy Lyman.

In other words, take your mental break from these events while you can 🥱

BLASTS Detected Near Nord Stream Registered As Earthquakes, Images Reveal “Huge Leak”

Aerial footage of leak in Danish waters from Nord Stream 1 pipeline

Nord stream gas pipelines leaks: Fears of sabotage as gas pour into Baltic sea

Leak from Nord Stream after sabotage. It is reasonably suspected that the pipeline was blown up by British or US intelligence agencies in order to finally close the issue of gas supplies to Germany and complete its complete economic vassalization.

The Western version of the attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline will no doubt be “the Russians themselves blew up their gas pipeline.” As they have been repeating for 2 months now, “the Russians themselves are shelling the nuclear power plant where the Russian military are stationed.” And for 8 years they have been repeating “the Russians themselves are shelling all their cities in the Donbass.”

Across German Twitter.
Normally Pro American Germans are getting angry and upset at the Americans with the recent ecological terrorist attack on the NordStream pipelines.

Ukrainian experts agree that the RF Armed Forces have chosen objects in the Odessa region as targets for kamikaze drone attacks because it is quite well (compared to other places) protected by air defense. And it was used as a testing ground.

And since the effectiveness of Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems in the fight against Geraniums turned out to be low, now the blows, as experts believe, will follow military units and warehouses in Kyiv, the center of Ukraine and even in the west. They also suggest that kamikaze drones will be used to destroy the Ukrainian energy and railway infrastructure.

There were reports that allegedly Zaluzhny called Gerasimov and expressed his condolences over the massacre of children in Izhevsk. There were also reports that tomorrow negotiations between the delegations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the formats (1 to 1 and 5 to 5) may take place in Riyadh. None of the parties has officially confirmed this information.

👉Earlier it was reported that Putin asked the double agent in Ankara, to express wishes for negotiations with Zelensky…
Let’s see.

A DPR official confirmed to me that Russia is likely to elevate its special military operation to an anti-terrorist operation following the results of the referendums for Russian realignment and warned the Kiev regime may be labeled a terrorist state if it launches attacks on the regions.

Rybar claim… good news if true

❗️🇺🇦 Battle for Kherson: the situation in the Andreevsky sector as of 20.00 on September 27, 2022 ▪️Russian bomber aviation throughout the night carried out FAB strikes on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the “gut”. The contingent of the Armed Forces of Ukraine practically did not remain in the area due to the heaviest losses (more than 500 killed and wounded) in manpower and equipment. ▪️The surviving Ukrainian formations urgently left their positions in all settlements, except for Andreevka. Only artillery gunners remained in Belogorka. ▪️Trying to save their lives, Ukrainian servicemen left the bodies of the dead and dozens of wounded to their fate. Currently, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is regrouping forces. Two companies from the reserve arrived in Bereznegovatoye. They are planned to be sent to Sukhoi Stavok, which has already become a cemetery for Ukrainian personnel and equipment.

Heavy battles are going on: the enemy is throwing large forces at Krasny Lyman
Data from our site:
▪️The enemy continues to throw troops into attacks on different sectors of the front near Liman, trying to cut off our grouping.
▪️The assault company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the support of the BMP, tried to break through the defenses from the eastern side of the Liman. Having met fierce resistance from our fighters, the Nazis lost 3 infantry fighting vehicles and 2 pickup trucks, the remnants retreated to Dibrovo, not even taking the wounded and the bodies of the dead with them.
▪️In the area of ​​​​Drobyshevo and Novoselivka, 5 attempts to infiltrate Ukrainian DRGs were prevented. Novoselovka itself was practically wiped off the face of the earth, the main forces left it.
▪️The Armed Forces of Ukraine are attempting to attack from Ozerny and Shchurovo.
▪️A group of militants entrenched in the Novoye area, from where enemy troops are trying to advance in the direction of Zelenaya Dolina.
▪️The enemy is continuously attacking Drobyshevo, using artillery and helicopters, enemy attacks are repelled by the “Bars-13″ “Russian Legion” and units of the 40th army.
▪️Heavy battles in the Shandrigolov district, the enemy was able to advance here.
▪️The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to cut off the supply of the Limansky group, they are hitting the Svatovo-Kremennaya highway.
▪️Ours are deploying reinforcements and actively working with artillery.
▪️Russian Aerospace Forces continue to strike at the enemy.
▪️Reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are working in the areas of N. p. Yampol, Torskoye.

Briefly on the Oskol Front. The situation is tense, the Ukrainian do not reduce the intensity, the artillery is mainly working, covering the sorties of small groups of 15 people in pickup trucks. Tanks roll out from the south of Liman, fire at positions and checkpoints, and leave.

But our really well done. Morale is high, which is the most important component of combat work. 20 AP and the volunteers fight off the attacks without any panic. Today crest attacked n / a Kolodezi, tried to jump in from three sides at once. But the units of the “twice guards” 20 OA held their positions.

I would like to point out one interesting feature. Before the offensive, the Ukrainians conducts artillery preparation not only in the offensive sector, but along the entire front at once, apparently, so that the direction of the attack would not be calculated.

Liman Fighting update from RVoenkor

There are heavy battles: the enemy throws large forces at Liman

Data from our location:
The enemy continues to throw troops into attacks on different sections of the front near the Estuary, trying to cut off our grouping.

The assault company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the support of infantry fighting vehicles tried to break through the defense from the eastern side of the Liman. Having met fierce resistance from our fighters, the AFU lost 3 infantry fighting vehicles and 2 pickups, the remnants retreated to Dibrovo, without taking even the wounded and the bodies of the dead with them.

In the area of Drobyshevo and Novoselovka, 5 attempts to infiltrate the Ukrainian DRG were prevented. Novoselovka itself is practically wiped off the face of the earth, the main forces have left it.

The AFU is attempting an offensive from Ozernoye and Shchurovo.

A group of militants has gained a foothold in the Novoe area, from where enemy troops are trying to advance in the direction of the Green Valley.

The enemy is continuously attacking Drobyshevo, using artillery and helicopters, enemy attacks are repelled by the Bars-13 (Russian Legion) and units of the 40th Army.

Heavy fighting in the district of Shandrigolova, the enemy was able to advance here.

The AFU is trying to cut off the supply of the Limansky grouping, they are hitting the Svatovo – Kremennaya highway.

Our troops are moving reinforcements and are actively working with artillery.
The Russian Aerospace Forces continue to strike at the enemy.

The scouting groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine work in the areas of the localities of Yampol, Torskoye.

Update from Colonel Cassad on 22.10 Moscow time on 27.09.2022, for the channel voenkorKotenok Z @voenkorKotenok:

1. The enemy continues to try to bypass Liman from the north, having failed with an attempt to take it head-on. Making a roundabout maneuver, the enemy captured the Redcodub and today again took Yekaterinovka, from which he had already been knocked out earlier.
The enemy is increasing pressure in the area of Yampol.
The main goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine here is to create an immediate threat to our communications at the site, to force the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to leave Yampol, Liman and Drobyshevo to avoid encirclement.

2. There are intense battles in the Kupyansk area. The enemy occupied another piece of the Kupyansk industrial zone and Kupyansk-Uzlovaya station.
Attempts to break through the front to the north of Kupyansk are continuing, but there, while the AFU offensive is bogged down

The enemy advanced into Peski-Radkovskie to the south of Borovaya.
In general, the Kharkov sector of the front remains the most problematic for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation — full stabilization after the Balakley breakthrough of the Armed Forces has not yet come here and the fight against the consequences of the breakthrough and forced withdrawal continues.

3. In the Nikolaev and Krivoy Rog directions, the front is generally stable.
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue to methodically clean out the Andreevsky bridgehead, from where the enemy was never able to develop an offensive on Berislav, which resulted in heavy losses in people and equipment for him. The front is also stable in the area of Alexandrovka, Pravdino and Posad-Pokrovsky.
At Olgino and Arkhangelsk on the Nikopol direction — without significant changes.

4. In the Artemovsk direction, our troops continue to storm Zaitsevo, Otradovka and Podgorny.
Fighting on the eastern outskirts of Artemovsk. To the south, fighting continues in the direction of Kurdyumovka.

5. Street fighting continues in Soledar, the pace of progress here is low.
There are battles in Bakhmutsky, at Belogorovka and Berestovoye.

There are battles in the Seversk direction near Spornoe and Ivano-Dariivka. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are trying to recapture Spornoe.
The enemy did not abandon plans to regroup and try to advance in the direction of Kremennaya and Novodruzhesk.

6. Maryinka, Avdeevka, Ugledar, Dzerzhinsk, Zaporozhye direction — without significant changes.

#YURI The situation in LIman worsens as enemy managed to create a number of crossings south of the city, and will apparently attack Zarechnoye, a village that holds the key to Liman, tomorrow.
The battle for it will be very fierce. Both armies experience supply problems, but the tenacity of Liman garrison suggests that the Russian command is planning a counter-attack, moving the reinforcements. The battle cannot end in a draw anymore, it will be sink or swim for the AFU or the Russians.

Relative lull elsewhere. Andreevka bridgehead in Kherson oblast hit with a barrage of 500kg FAB bombs, leaving hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers dead or wounded. As a result, the bridgehead is reduced to a tiny patch by the river, if not relieved soon by the Ukrainian command, the bridgehead will cease to exist.

RT News | Livestream 24/7

Russian invasion of Ukraine [27 Sept 2022] ‘Today’

Ukraine open new bridgehead and cuts off Lyman-Kreminna road | First results of referendums come out


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