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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on October 01 2022

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Ukraine Captures Lyman | Colossal Amount of Russian Equipment On the Move

Lyman falls to Ukrainian soldiers | Ukrainian soldiers geolocated entering Lyman

Report on Liman withdrawal, Oct 1, 2022

This will always be considered “The Great Telegram War.”

Communication at 6 am. I will call up the leopards in Zarechny. So far, nothing has changed in the situation. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have been continuously inflicting fire damage on the enemy since the beginning of the withdrawal from Krasny Liman. Aviation works.
The guys have settled in. Reserve 58A and 20A in place.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are concentrating in Liman. They are pulling reserves under constant fire. Not all is well there either. Fighting spirit is suppressed. 6 days assault did not change even without sleep. The prisoners are hungry and dissatisfied. There are not so many mercenaries, as they say in these telegrams of yours. Mostly Poles. Heavy equipment is also not as much as everyone thought. Basically, attack aircraft from the landing and artillery work.
They don’t have a task to meddle further than Liman yet, they are performing the main task of securing in Liman.
Let it be for now. It will be clearer in the morning. And we continue to work in Artyomovsk.

Map of hostilities and the situation on the fronts on the evening of October 1

Ours were forced to leave Krasny Liman, after its heroic defense for three weeks. Experts reasonably point out that this should have happened back in early September, when the Izyum defeat happened, but the heroism of the BARS and Lugansk reservists thwarted the rapid attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, forced them to beat their foreheads against the approaches to the city. At the cost of considerable and tangible losses, the enemy still managed to surround the city, to which they threw a myriad of people and equipment. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported today: in connection with the creation of a threat of encirclement, Russian troops were withdrawn from Krasny Liman to more advantageous positions.

The situation on the fronts for the past day:

▫️In the Krasnolimansky direction, Krasny Liman was released at night, apparently in order to withdraw the garrison of the city’s defenders. Now the main points of our defense are the northern cities of the Lugansk region – Svatovo and Kremennaya. The surviving garrison was taken to the latter. At the moment, it is known that positions are being strengthened on the Kremennaya-Torskoye highway.

▫️South direction:
- At the Andreevsky site, after yesterday’s unsuccessful attempt to attack Davydov Brod, the Armed Forces of Ukraine today undertook a new maneuver on our positions in this settlement in order to cut the road to Belogorka. Enemies used a lot of automotive and armored vehicles, Russian artillery worked on them. The attack was repulsed, but fighting in the area continues.

- In the Olginsky sector, the enemy went on the attack in the Vysokopolie area with a tank group, heavy fighting continues all day and still.

Arrivals – Militants unleashed artillery fire on Donetsk, 7 people were killed in a day, 9 were injured. Novaya Kakhovka was fired on, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also targeting Lisichansk at crowds of people in queues for humanitarian aid, water, and pensions.

In the world, the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN summed up the results of the meeting of the Security Council of the organization on sabotage at the Nord Streams. The main thesis: “Council members have long been living in a world that does not recognize the truth.”

Of the interesting – The loss of the Russian city of Krasny Liman today raised a wave of indignation on the network. A heated discussion in the open spaces of Telegram with the active participation of Ramzan Kadyrov and Yevgeny Prigozhin about the perpetrators of the failure led to a very ambiguous result. This aroused ardent approval among a part of the population – defamation of the guilty, which, in fact, did not bring any constructive. And in Kyiv, meanwhile, they rub their hands, satisfied with this “case”. Why their own “hot heads” are sometimes worse than the enemy in the information war – explains Readovka.  

Take this with a grain of salt but the current speculation or projection is that the Russians will try to establish a new frontline anchored on Kremenaya and Krasnorechensk

By Lyman.

I wrote yesterday, after the conclusion of the contracts and the concert, that we should not rejoice too much. And it’s too early to be proud of yourself.

Plowing, difficult and bloody, is still very, very much ahead. We still have to go and go until the real holidays.
Don’t be enamored and you won’t be disappointed. Do not be seduced, and you will be able to look at everything objectively.

And here it is objectively.
Was the situation with Lyman predictable? Yes.
Could it have been prevented? Under certain conditions, yes. But these conditions did not exist. Including the lack of personnel affected.

This is a catastrophe? No. But a serious reputational blow. Because of course, now, of course, Kyiv will begin to rock the theme of another great victory. All the more so because yesterday NATO shat the heads of Ukrainian politicians. Gotta wash off. And then the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the city, which had become Russian the day before.

Therefore, they will download the winning case along Liman. And attack wherever possible. It is necessary to show success after Russia de facto reunited with Novorossiya. So, for a second, the Russian border has formally become a little closer to Kyiv.

What do we need? Stop turning into Ukrainians and stop falling into a hysterical-emotional swing, where on the one hand there is victory on the other.
War is a complex process. Major victory is determined by the sum of battles won, not by a single advance or retreat.

From the Liman situation, the military leadership should draw serious conclusions, but they probably understand this anyway. Hope so. He himself is not ready to write who is to blame, which general did not do what. To do this, you need to have the facts on hand. I don’t have them. But I can simply repeat once again – the generals will not rebuild tactics for modern warfare, not only will we not win, but much worse.

And we need to understand one thing.
We all have an obligation to unconditionally and unequivocally support our army. Fighters and officers. It won’t end quickly. The rear is no less important than the front. He said more than once that modern warfare is multidimensional. The psyche of the peoples involved in the conflict is also a battlefield. If we hand it over to the enemy ourselves, we will lose everything forever. Our soldiers and officers must certainly understand that we are with them. They have a rear. This is us. And where are the military rear services, they will ask me again? Do you definitely need an answer, or do you just want to hear from me what you understand or what you yourself guess? So no answer. We will continue to help the guys. Fees. Equipment. Than we can.

We must be clear about ourselves. Our path is difficult. It will still have losses. Sometimes heavy. They didn’t grapple with some garbage, nevertheless, with the NATO bloc. There will be victories too. Bright. Because a block is a block, and we are Russians. Do not grieve on the days of defeat. And do not rejoice in the days of victories. Be aware that we have to live with all this for a long time. No heart is enough to accept everything emotionally every time.

I read here about the need for executions and SMERSH. Well I do not know. Usually everyone calls for repression until people with red “crusts” appear on their doorstep.
Although conclusions are needed. And actions are needed based on them. Yes, this has already been written a hundred times. Something is changing. But very slowly. That’s not the point. We are wasting time, and this is the most important resource right now. When we lose time, we lose initiative.

However, we will return Liman. And we will go to the borders of the Novorossiysk regions. And let’s go further. Until the main victory. It will be difficult, and not fast, but we will do it. Where do we go.

#YURI Review of last two days: Krasni Liman, after 3 weeks of stubborn defence causing very heavy losses on the enemy, have been left by the Russian troops. Within the time it has left until the new contigents of the Russian Army reach the front lines, the enemy probably will try to exploit its advantage and undertake another offensive operation towards Svatovo that may fall as well. After that, any further offensive by the AFU will be hardly if at all possible.

Yuri concurs with the opinion expressed by Col. Khodakovsky, that the 3-week heroic defense of Liman bogged down the enemy offensive, and bought time the rest of the Army, making the enemy spend their best troops and reserves.

Also, Yuri notes the improvement in the Russian MoD – unusually, they recognized the loss of Liman the very day it happened, and hopes that the improvements there won’t be limited to their deficient PR, very much criticized by Yuri and many other observers. 

It is reported that only 500 Lugansk Cossacks and Cuban Cossacks (volunteers from Russia) were defending Lyman / Krasny Liman for around 2 weeks.

Russian Armed Forces 20th Guards Combined Arms Army were providing long range artillery support without any frontline presence, according to Russian reports over the weeks.

Ukrainian forces attacking the settlement were numbering 6 to 9 thousand troops.

Lyman / Krasny Lyman has received a disproportionate amount of attention. We have never focused on this settlement, not in May, not in September. We never reported on it in depth. In our opinion, there’s one far more important battle taking place, and that is the battle for Bakhmut.

Lyman is another Snake Island. At the moment, it is the only place where the Ukrainian armed forces offensive succeeded: so it is being reported on extensively. The offensive has failed everywhere else along the entire frontline; especially in Kherson. This can always change, but factually, the only party at the moment capturing strategically important territory is the Russian side in the southern direction, specifically in Bakhmut.

That is not to minimize the tactics employed by the Ukrainians, they displayed an excellent strategy around Lyman / Krasny Lyman and there was little the small number of militia fighters could do to counter it; they just focused their tactics on the wrong place. Holding Lyman will not give the Ukrainian Armed Forces any strategic advantage. In fact, it’s highly likely that Lyman is in range of Russian artillery crews who will almost certainly level it with the ground.

For now, we’ll leave Lyman / Krasny Lyman alone and report on the situation in a few days — if there are any changes.

Ramzan Kadyrov says I have always said: there is nothing better than the voiced truth, albeit bitter, offensive, but the truth. This is the only way to move forward. Therefore, I cannot remain silent about what happened in Krasny Liman.

The defense of this section was led by the commander of the Central Military District, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin. The same Lapin, who received the star of the Hero of Russia for the capture of Lisichansk, although de facto he was not there and was not around. Lapin was also given over to the troops of the Western Military District.

The colonel-general deployed mobilized fighters from the LPR and other units on all frontiers of the Liman direction, but did not provide them with the necessary communications, interaction and the supply of ammunition. Two weeks ago, Major General Commander of the special forces “Akhmat”, my dear BROTHER Apty Alaudinov, personally reported to me that our fighters could become an easy target. In turn, I informed Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, about the danger. But the general assured me that he had no doubts about Lapin’s leadership talent and did not believe that a retreat was possible in Krasny Liman and its environs.

A week later, Lapin moves his headquarters to Starobilsk, a hundred kilometers from his subordinates, while he sits himself in Lugansk. How can you quickly manage units, being 150 km away from them? Due to the lack of elementary military logistics, today we have left several settlements and a large piece of territory.

It’s not a shame that Lapin is mediocre. And the fact that he is covered at the top by the leaders in the General Staff. If I had my way, I would have demoted Lapin to the rank of private, would have deprived him of his awards and, with a machine gun in his hands, would have sent him to the front lines to wash away my shame with blood.

Army nepotism will not lead to good. In the army, it is necessary to appoint people of a strong character, courageous, principled, who worry about their fighters, who tear their teeth for their soldier, who know that a subordinate cannot be left without help and support. There is no place for nepotism in the army, especially in difficult times.

We didn’t have enough raisins? Even then, I said: shoot at the enemy’s military concentration in the Izyum captured by the Nazis, especially since our artillery at that time had such an opportunity. They would have done away with the main Satanists and fascists at once. We must carry out NWO in the full sense of the word, and not flirt. Use every opportunity and every weapon to defend OUR territory. Donetsk is still being shelled. Residents of the joined 4 territories want to be protected.

I don’t know what the RF Ministry of Defense reports to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, but in my personal opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, up to the declaration of martial law in the border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons. It is not necessary to take every decision with an eye on the Western American community – it has already said so and done a lot against us.
Yesterday there was a parade in Izyum, today a flag in Liman, and what tomorrow?
Everything would be fine if it weren’t so bad.

Today, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, spoke about the situation in Liman, from where, according to the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, troops were withdrawn due to the creation of an encirclement threat.

We publish a comment by Evgeny Viktorovich:
“Kadyrov’s expressive statement, of course, is not at all in my style. But I can say: “Ramzan, well done, keep burning them.” All these assholes — with machine guns in hands and barefoot to the front.”


Evgeny Poddubny the military reporter who was with our guys in Liman:

“While the topic has gone political, I will return my subscribers to the situation on the LBS. Our group works in Kremennaya. We talked with the fighters and commanders, looked at the new reality. The front line is built around this large settlement. The enemy now has two possible directions for the development of success in our sector: Svatov and Rubezhnoye.

And on the first and on the second, the men who came out of the Krasny Liman are now fixed. The men are grated and experienced. And they’re fine.

I’ll just write it here, because I have repeatedly repeated the same thing non-publicly:

Gotta take care of communications, interaction, HANDS, intelligence means, though in reports.”

Hard day And there have been many. There will be even more of them.

What to do? Bring victory closer. Every day.

To tell the truth, as Kadyrov and Prigogine and many others did today. Work on mistakes, recognize their presence and eliminate them.

Fight like the Crimean 8th Artillery Regiment and 126th Guards Brigade do. Gather beznopila and doshirak for husbands to war, as military wives do in the Crimea and Stavropol.

Harvest logs for the supporters in the Belgorod region, carry food to the peasants and much more, as a restaurant does. Collect things, like a group Help 31. Help, even if there are few of you, like the Crimean fairies.

Collect packages with cargo and personally carry them to the front, risking their lives, as RomanovLight does. And after the trip, immediately plan another one, to a new hot section, in order to deliver greenhouses to the border guards

As a colonel, Hero of Russia, organize people around you and deliver drones to the frontier guards

Puzzle how to collect a huge amount of 381 artillery regiments from the Rostov region.

Write recommendations to mobiles and volunteers what to take with them.

Unite. Help the front. Each other. As you can see, a lot has already been done. You.

In the autumn of 1941, when government departments were taking archives to the Urals, no one knew that we would win. Our ancestors believed in this in the most difficult situations and gave their lives for the Victory, which was not even visible.

Remember the stickers: “we can do it again”? We will repeat. Because each of us will do what we feel we should do. Even if it is a pack of doshirak, 50 rubles or one log for a dugout.

Always yours, Two majors

About Ramzan Kadyrov’s accusations against the commander of the Central Military District Alexander Lapin in the retreat near Liman, in fairness, it is necessary to refute the untruth:

All the conclusions of the emotional text of the head of Chechnya are based on incorrect information: General Lapin DID NOT COMMAND THE DEFENSE OF THE estuary and did not sit out in the rear.
▪️To blame the retreat in the Kharkov direction, the general, who did not lead the defense of this sector, but was thrown at it WITH A SMALL PART OF HIS TROOPS, as reinforcements and the last attempt to correct the most difficult situation at the front, is extremely wrong.
▪️Alexander Lapin never sat in the rear. This can be confirmed by everyone who has ever encountered him. Be it Syria, be it Ukraine, where almost all the fighters of the “O” group know this. This is probably the only group commander who has been in the battle formations of his troops since the beginning of the operation. Therefore, the statement that Lapin was holed up in Lugansk is not true.
Of course, it is necessary to look for the guilty, but blaming the commander for everything, whose area of ​​responsibility was a completely different sector of the front, is to make a gross mistake, from which in the end it will not be possible to draw the right conclusions.

Fighters of the group “Brave”

General Gurulev on Liman: Liman is abandoned.

I cannot explain this surrender from a military point of view. This is probably a milestone not only military, but also political, especially now.

This was not a short-lived battle, not only the forces of the LDNR were defending there, the unit of the 20th combined arms army and the 144th division, which worked there in full growth, was worthy of the defense. I have no complaints about the guys, they specifically fought.

It is not clear to me why for all the time they did not correctly assess the situation, did not strengthen the grouping. Yes, guys are heroes, but there is an elementary calculation of forces and means that no one has done correctly.

I fully agree with Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov in this part.

The problem is not that the commander of the grouping of the Central Military District misjudged the situation. The problem is the general lies, the report of a good situation. This system goes from top to bottom.

We did not know the number of forces and means that were advancing on Liman? If they didn’t know, then where was intelligence? The 144th division worked perfectly there, army aviation worked perfectly, artillery did not stop working at all.

The whole problem is not on the ground, but on Frunzenskaya Embankment, where they still do not understand, do not own the situation. We need our own Kvashnin, who gave commands, wrote a directive, went to the trench to see the soldier to see how his task was being carried out. That is why we successfully completed the Second Chechen campaign.

Until something completely different appears in the General Staff, nothing will change. Everything else is a consequence of the policy pursued from there.


The situation in the Nikolaevsko-Krivoy Rog direction by the end of October 1, 2022

Starting from noon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on the attack in several sectors of the front.

🔻Andreevsky area

After yesterday’s unsuccessful assault on the village of Davydov Brod, Ukrainian formations launched another offensive against the positions of the RF Armed Forces with the support of several dozen vehicles and armored vehicles.

Russian artillery and aviation attacked the combat formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the fire destruction of one of the columns, the enemy threw 13 pieces of equipment, including 3 Kozak armored vehicles and 1 VAB (4×4). However, the other part crossed over the pontoon, induced through the Ingulets in the area of ​​Belaya Krinitsa.

Ukrainian formations are trying to gain a foothold on the bridgehead and dig in in a forest plantation near the river. The further goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is access to Davydov Brod from the west in order to surround the Russian units in the village.

🔻Olginsky section

In the afternoon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked from Osokorovka and Petrovka. There are heavy battles along the line of contact, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to take several positions of the RF Armed Forces.

Russian units managed to destroy at least two Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicles and inflict losses in manpower, but the onslaught of the enemy is not weakening.

In the future, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will try to gain a foothold on the taken lines and develop an offensive towards Dudchan.

🔻Posad-Pokrovsky area

In the evening, Ukrainian formations once again tried to storm the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in the Pravdino area, where two armored groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated during an unsuccessful offensive attempt last week.

This time, only a few enemy units participated in the attack. They came under fire from Russian artillery and withdrew to their starting lines without achieving any success.  

Dear friends I ask you once again not to fall for the “info inserts”. We have retreated from some village called Liman.

Sinse it is so important let’s remember it the future  and  let’s make a camping there or something so that the locals make money. Otherwise do not turn it into a big deal.

Russians are making a big deal otta it for the same reason you guys do: “Our super heroes can not fail”.

This is a  radical view.

Thanks to this accident that btw have reduced the satanic ukro gang dramatically we were finally able to burst the zig. This is why Russians are so intense about this, not because this endangers things. And you over react like on CNN.

Don’t do it is bad for health.

P.s. CNN is paid for it, ykro PR is paid for it and you are doing it for free.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine [1 Oct 2022] ‘today’

PUTIN: West Is “Openly SATANIC”

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