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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on October 6 2022

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Putin no longer believes the WEST

#YURI Attacks on Kherson continue against the lines where our troops retreated and entrenched recently. Today’s attack, another recon by combat with forces of up to four battalions, was unsuccessful for the enemy that retreated with serious losses. Also, a threat exists in Zaporozhye direction, where the vecinity of the nuclear power station have been shelled heavily, and a significant enemy concentration is observed. The enemy group near Svatovo, near the new Russian border, did not  manage to execute recon by combat as their formations were hit by missiles and drones. Russian missiles hit a number of power supply substations near Kharkov, to disable the railway junction of the city. Wagner men advance near Bakhmut, taking a number of settlements, and, if the impulse is maintained, an operational crisis similar to ours in Liman may happen to the enemy there.

In the Kupyansk area, the 2nd and 3rd battalions of the Ukr 14th Mech Bgd made an unsuccessful attempt to storm the positions of Russian troops in Tavolzhanka and Olshan.

At the Petropavlovsk site, units of the 14th and 92nd ombr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to advance on the Kislovka — Orlyanka borders. During the fighting, Ukrainian formations retreated to Petropavlovsk due to losses.

Enemy forces are finishing regrouping for further attacks on Kremennaya and Svatovo. The backbone of the AFU grouping consists of units of the 25th separate airborne brigade.


In the Kupyansk direction, the enemy, with forces of up to three battalion tactical groups, made an unsuccessful attempt to resume the offensive in the PERSHOTRAVNEVOE, KISLOVKA and BERESTOVOE directions. All the attacks were repulsed by the decisive actions of the Russian troops. More than 120 AFU servicemen, 5 tanks, 12 armored combat vehicles and 14 light vehicles were destroyed.

🔻 Soledar direction:

The detachments of the Wagner PMCs established control over Otradovka, continuing the offensive in the direction of Kurdyumovka. At the same time, the Wagnerians are fighting in the western part of the village of Zaitsevo, south of Bakhmut.

▪️ During the offensive in the direction of Ivangrad, the detachments of the Wagner PMCs liberated the Merry Valley (Vesela Dolina)



▪️ In the Artemovsk (Bakhmut) direction, as a result of the offensive actions of the Allied forces, the settlement of Zaitsevo was liberated. More than 120 servicemen of the 58th Motorized Infantry and 128th Mountain Assault Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed, as well as three infantry fighting vehicles.

In the area of the settlement of NOVY KOMAR, up to 60 servicemen of the 56th Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, two tanks and five units of automotive equipment were destroyed by strikes of the army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces. — MOD RF

NEW – Ukraine’s Zelensky calls on NATO to launch “preemptive strikes” against Russia to “eliminate the possibility” of a Russian nuclear strike.

Zelensky’s statements [about preventive nuclear strikes against the Russian Federation] are nothing more than a call to start a world war with unpredictable monstrous consequences.
 / Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov /

The West is inciting a nuclear war, unbalanced Zelensky has turned into a monster, his hands can destroy the planet – Russian Foreign Ministry 

President of Poland Duda: “The problem lies primarily in the fact that we do not have nuclear weapons.  And there are no signs that we, Poland, will receive it anytime soon.  There is always a potential opportunity to participate in Nuclear Sharing.  We have discussed with American leaders whether the United States is considering such a possibility.  The topic is open.

 President of Belarus Lukashenko: “What does this mean? That we are really facing an attack with tactical nuclear weapons. We need to take measures, we don’t have any”

 President of Ukraine Zelensky: “NATO must deliver preventive nuclear strikes against Russia.”

 The West is fueling a nuclear war.  Every person on the planet must realize that the puppet and unbalanced character Zelensky, pumped up with weapons, has turned into a monster whose hands can destroy the planet.

Dva majors: The topic of the use of nuclear weapons has moved out of the “unthinkable” category, slipped through the “possible” stage, and entered the “discussed” stage.
 It’s in the information field.  Everyone understands what the military of the NATO countries are preparing for.
 If Zelensky during his election campaign had said that he was not the president of the world, but a president who would soon call for a nuclear war, no one would have believed him.
 I wonder how long we will regard the conduct of hostilities against such an enemy with the mobilization of the population on the territory of the Russian Federation as a “special military operation.”  And offer negotiations, by the way.
 Not only has this format completely outlived its usefulness, it also does not allow organizing the entire system into a fist in order to focus efforts specifically on war.
 The question remains unanswered, who received and reported to the Supreme Commander the data that we would be “greeted with flowers” ​​there and planned all this action precisely as a special operation?
 Apparently, we will have to wait for Kadyrov’s next post to find out the answer, sorry.

Nuclear Threat, But by Whom?

Russia is riding out Ukraine’s offensive, knowing once it is done there is no way to replace Ukrainian losses leaving Ukrainian forces vulnerable and overextended.

Russia’s next move will be fielding 300,000+ forces to take advantage of this. Russia is in no way in need of using nuclear weapons.

The US knows all of this. Once the Ukrainian offensive reaches its full extent something needs to be done because it will be Ukraine and its sponsors left in a desperate position with no options.

Nuclear false flag? US first strike? Difficult to know but something we need to be aware of, ask about, and raise awareness regarding the dangers of this reality.

Tomorrow Putin will be 70 years old.

Patriarch Kirill called on the clergy and faithful Russians to pray for two days “for the health” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The Patriarch’s Administration sent out a circular with instructions to the dioceses in the regions.  The text of the prayer is proposed to be pronounced as follows: “We still pray to You, our Lord God, for the Head of State of the Russian Vladimir Vladimirovich, and for the hedgehog to give him Your rich mercy and generosity, to grant him health and longevity, and deliver us from all the visible and invisible enemies, in wisdom  and establish spiritual strengths, with the help of all, Lord, hear and have mercy.  

 Abroad, the focus is on the economic agenda, with Ukraine flashing in the background.

 French television urges Africans to believe the Ukrainian foreign minister, who said Russia stole the bread.

 Russian television covers the liquidation of the Russian state border with the Donbass, the problems of the mobilized and the successful repulse of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine along the entire line of contact.

 The deputy head of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region, a former Ukrainian journalist Kirill Stremousov, recorded a video in which he accused the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry of “mistakes” and expressed the idea that if Sergei Shoigu were a real officer, he would have shot himself.

 Oleg Tsarev commented on this in such a way that one could at least resign.  According to him, “by their actions or inaction, the leadership of the ministry led to the fact that they put Russia at risk of existence, and brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.”

 And then Vladimir Solovyov said on the air of his YouTube channel that he “read the post of Oleg Tsarev”, he is “very tough”, but “he has the right message”.  And he added: “The time has come to speak the truth.  And finally act!  Act.  Take down with firepower.  Or will it turn out that it is not there, as with the form for the mobilized …?

The words of a Russian warrior with which I fully agree.  Ukraine will be destroyed inevitably and inevitably.  Everyone knows this, however.  

“On the march”:  Guys, when I tell you that Ukrainians won’t go to Svatovo and Kremennaya now, you don’t believe it.  I am also now sure that there are no 70 or even 40 thousand in the area of ​​Krasny Liman and Yampol.  As well as there are no 300 thousand groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction.  These are all fairy tales for TV.  Although they are depleting forces along the line of contact, and there are indeed many of them.  And in the plans of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, somewhere very deep there is a brilliant idea to go on the offensive and reach the Crimea.  And like people they have both equipment and BC.  Only Zaluzhny clearly understands that this will now be their last battle.  Whatever you want to call it – the Battle for Kherson or for Zaporozhye and Melitopol.  The last one for all of them.  They will lose it.
 He is a good strategist and tactician, and the APU turned out to be mirror warriors with good combat skills.  But!
 The Russian Army is now such a skating rink.  Dirty, old, a little worn out, covered in fuel oil, but he goes.  And it goes mostly forward from the mountain, albeit with small hillocks.  And the skating rink that rolls down the mountain cannot be stopped, you can only lie under it or you can drive on it.  So now we are all riding on this rink!
 Your Commander.

Ukraine is revising its coveted weapons list as winter approaches, reports news website Politico

As Ukrainian troops continue to advance, Kiev is revising its list of coveted weapons from Western countries as troops prepare for fierce winter fighting.

“Ukraine has managed to prevent most Russian attacks, but we can expect more Russian missile strikes on critical Ukrainian targets in the near future,” former NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in an interview.

However, the $625 million military aid package announced on Tuesday did not include new air defence equipment, instead the US focused on high-precision artillery and missile systems and ammunition.

By November, Kiev wants to receive two advanced anti-aircraft missile systems manufactured by Raytheon. These systems can shoot down drones, missiles and helicopters. However, because of such an abrupt change of plans, there are fears that these systems, as well as six more to be ordered and delivered in the future, will not arrive any time soon.

The head of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus said that the opposition forces, with the support of the West, are considering the possibility of an armed group penetrating the country and seizing one regional center to create a bridgehead for advancing to Minsk.

Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine plan to seize power in Belarus

The chairman of KGB of Belarus, Ivan Tertel, said that dissident Belarusian military formations were preparing to seize power.

The KGB chairman said that they plan to enter Belarus from Ukraine and seize border settlements, before moving on to Minsk.

“Tertel on the transitional opposition cabinet: US special services and political technologists participated in its creation

According to Ivan Tertel, the fugitive Belarusian oppositionists did not refuse to seize power in Belarus. 

“They have several plans. American political strategists and intelligence services have developed a plan for the Belarusian direction. We know their names, faces, from which state of America they operate. They developed a plan to consolidate the fugitives, a transitional cabinet, the government. They were forced to create this transitional cabinet,” said the chairman of the KGB.”

“Tertel: Armed groups are being prepared in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine to seize power in Belarus

The KGB chairman spoke about the armed formations in Ukraine, which include radical representatives of the fugitives.

— “There are not two or three such formations. They split up, and there are no more than 100 of them left. In reality, 10 or 20 people take part in the hostilities. They are closely supervised by Ukrainian military intelligence. We know all these officers,” said Ivan Tertel.”
Same as the proxy conflict in Ukraine from which everyone can see,the collective West fund,train and gather every oponnent and use it…
This is a conflict that the collective West will use and throw every ideology,dissident basically everything possible to change the regime as they always do and they did 2020–2021,when we see that,this might be true what he is claiming…

“General Gurulev explained that there was a jamb, now we have to make a “mobile defense” to retreat according to the plan, laying mines and working with artillery and airborne forces, causing damage to them until they lose the momentum, run out of steam and take an uncomfortable position. The jamb itself is a separate issue of cause…”
As the Blues Brother said: “Do you see what I see?”
So let me just summon this for you in simple words:
It is obvious that a perceptual mistake was made by the Russian commanders. They estimated that of 3 to 1 personnel ratio was more than enough to manage the AFU troops. The inability to sort out the real intel from Ukrainian fake news resulted in ignoring the real data. AFU has gathered troops with 5 to 1 ratio and moved on to Kharkov. Their commanders were not discouraged by the failure in Kherson as it should normally happen. The risk of losing personnel in huge quantities was not considered important by the AFU. They had to present some advances at the time of the Ramstein meeting. And they did. They rushed through, wiping everything off on their way to Balakleya. NATO executioner style.
This was not an elaborate Russian MOD plan. Our troops were unprepared to resist such a powefull force at once. They were caught by surprise. The number of enemy and munitions was exeeding them about 5 times over.
The decision was made to switch to “mobile defense” tactics. Which means their active force has to be guided to the point of exhaustion. Time is an important factor. Mobile defense tactics do rely on it. In this case, we stretch it. We let them through. Time and distance are working against them now. As simple as that.

At the moment AFU is losing the biggest quantity of personnel per day as it was ever known in the history of any war on this Planet.
While we preserve our boys and do the needed maneuver.
Will there be more retreats? Possibly yes: the point of exhaustion is not a point on a map.

P.S. Here is what Boris Rozhin said:
“In fact, there was a strike on the flank and rear of the Izyum group. In such a situation, not being able to close the hole at Balakleya, the withdrawal from the Izyum ledge was the only possible decision on the part of the command (letting the group die in Izyum, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine did in Mariupol, frankly, would be a mistake with much more catastrophic consequences), which made it possible to avoid the boiler and the complete collapse of the front. But in any case, at the moment the operational crisis has not yet been fully overcome. In general, the whole story is that such breakthroughs on the front should not be allowed. It will obviously remembered as the Balakleya breakthrough.”

So stop the panic and just use this tactics in everyday life

Happy birthday, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Many years of life, good health, achievements and accomplishments!

Thank you existing!

P.S. please lets start bombing ukros.

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