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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on November 25 2022

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Vladimir Putin has met with the mothers of Russian soldiers who have been sent to Ukraine, telling them that he personally “feels their pain”.

‘We share your pain’: Putin’s meeting with soldiers’ mothers criticised by advocacy groups

The President of Russia holds a meeting with the mothers of soldiers serving in the SMO

▪️ Mothers of mobilized, cadre military and volunteers are invited to the meeting.

The President expressed his condolences to the parents who lost their children. The whole country shares the pain of mothers who lost their sons during the fighting;
The authorities of the country will do everything so that the mothers of the deceased soldiers do not feel forgotten.

▪️ Military personnel taking part in the fighting are heroes;

- Putin said that he personally spoke on the phone with some military personnel in the zone of a special military operation, they did not expect these calls, but surprised him with “their positive mood.”

Putin’s statements during the meeting with the mothers of the soldiers:

It is inherent in the Russian military, including fighters from the Caucasus, to perform their military duty with dignity. The important thing is that we are all mortals, someday we will leave this world, the question is how we lived.

▪️ I know that the “BARS” fight well (volunteer reserve detachments in the Russian army).

▪️ it is necessary to introduce a system of benefits for residents of Donbass who participated in the defense since 2014.

▪️ The Ministry of Defense is setting up work on the supply of military personnel in the SMO zone, the topic is discussed daily.

- Ukrainians are used as cannon fodder, those who refuse to comply with the decrees are shot.

▪️ Russia feels that it is doing the right thing by defending Donbass. The reunification of Russia with Donbass should have happened earlier, maybe there would not have been so many victims then.

Since 2014, the Russian authorities sincerely hoped to agree that Donbass would return to Ukraine, but they did not feel the mood of the people until the end.

The main things from Putin’s meeting with the mothers of servicemen who take part in the SVO

🟢Nothing can replace the loss of a son

🟢The President of the Russian Federation said that he personally shares the pain of mothers who lost their sons in hostilities.

🟢Putin said that he spoke on the phone with some military men in the Northern Military District, they did not expect these calls, but surprised him with “their mood”

“The authorities of the Russian Federation will do everything so that the mothers of the dead soldiers do not feel forgotten,” the president added.

Putin – to the question why the annexation of Donbass did not take place in 2014: “Of course, in hindsight, we are all smart. We proceeded from the fact that it might be possible to reach an agreement, and Luhansk and Donetsk, within the framework of the Minsk agreements, would be able to somehow reunite with Ukraine. We sincerely went for it. But we did not fully feel the mood of the people, it was impossible to fully understand what was happening there. But now it has become obvious that this reunion should have happened sooner. Maybe there would not have been so many casualties among civilians, so many children who died under shelling.”

Chronicle of a special military operation For November 25, 2022

🔻Republic of Crimea:

▪️On the outskirts of Armyansk, Russian air defence forces destroyed an enemy drone attempting to attack local infrastructure.

🔻Belgorod region:

▪️Ukrainian formations shelled the villages of Stary Khutor, Biryuch and the village of Leninsky in the Belgorod region, damaging several civilian facilities.

🔻Starobel direction:

▪️On the Kupian-Svatovsky section, fighters of the 32nd TRO Osb are planning an offensive in the Sinkovka-Petropavlovka section to reach Liman 1 and Olshane.

To the west of Kuzemivka there is fighting in the area of Novoselovka.

▪️In the Liman area, the AFU command continues to pull manpower and equipment to its positions from the Kherson direction. UAV operators are being trained.

🔻Soldar direction:

▪️Significant changes on the front line are absent. Fighting with the enemy continues in the south-east of Bakhmut (Artemivsk) and near the Bakhmut – Soledar highway.

🔻Lugansk People’s Republic:

▪️Ukrainian formations shelled Svatovo with barrel and rocket artillery. One of the strikes by HIMARS MLRS destroyed a local dental clinic.

🔻Donetsk direction:

▪️The enemy continued shelling the civilian infrastructure of Donetsk, Makiivka, Horlivka and other settlements in the Donetsk agglomeration.

🔻Zaporizhzhya direction:

▪️The enemy continues to redeploy additional forces to the area: a column of about 25 vehicles passed in the direction of Orekhovo and Veselyanka.

▪️The Russian Armed Forces destroyed a stronghold of the 1st Battalion of the 65th AFU Orekhove Orekhovo with an artillery strike.

🔻 Southern front: Kherson direction

▪️Ukrainian command withdraws forces from Kherson region, redeploying troops to Starobelsk, Zaporizhzhia and Soledar directions.

▪️Russian DRG carried out a raid on the positions of the 3rd battalion of the 28th AFU Ombra near Antonivka, killing two Ukrainian fighters and wounding four more.

🇺🇺🇦 War map and situation on the fronts on the evening of November 25.

⚡️ Today the Commander-in-Chief met with the mothers of the participants of the special operation. At the meeting, he drew attention to the heroic exploits of Russian soldiers, as well as the family’s contribution to it. The President also said that the Defense Ministry is trying to establish work on the uniforms of the soldiers and this issue is being discussed on a daily basis. In addition, one of Putin’s main statements of the year was made today. The Supreme acknowledged that the reunification of Donbass should have happened much earlier and the hopes for a peaceful reunification of the region with Ukraine were not fulfilled.

The situation on the fronts in the outgoing 24 hours:

◽️Swatovo-Kreminna direction:
According to military correspondents, the Russian army entered Novoselovskoye LNR, the storming of the settlement continues. Also near Stelmakhovka and Chervonopopovka LNR up to 70 militants, one tank and four armored vehicles were destroyed by artillery and aviation fire.

Also in the vicinity of Velykiye Khutora, Kharkiv Oblast, up to 200 militants were destroyed as a result of high-precision air strikes by the Russian Air Force against the Polish mercenaries’ temporary deployment sites.

◽️Ugledar direction:
The militants attempted to counterattack our positions near Novomikhailovka, Novodonetskoye and Novodorovka, but were pushed back to their initial positions by Russian army forces supported by artillery. The enemy lost more than 50 soldiers, two armored vehicles and two pickup trucks.

🤚 Prigozhin, in an interview with Finnish journalists, told about the presence of their compatriots in the Wagner PMC. There are not many of them, about 20 people, but they are motivated and very ideological professionals. At the moment they are fighting in the British battalion of “orchestrants”, whose commander is a former U.S. Marine Corps general.

Russian troops have successfully advanced in the Svatovo direction and entered Novoselovskoye, where they are now conducting assault operations to liberate the village, which was occupied by the enemy during the autumn offensive.

Novoselovskoye is about halfway between Svatovo and Kupiansk.
Relying on Novoselovskoye, the enemy has tried several times to attack Kuzemovka, located to the east of it, to advance northwest of Svatovo. Should the enemy lose Novoselovskoye, an attack on Svatovo from the Kupyansk direction would be problematic. The Russian Armed Forces, in turn, by controlling Novoselovskoye, could begin to set the stage for offensive actions to the southeast of Kupyansk during the winter campaign.

Footage shows aftermath of Russian shelling in Kherson

Russian missiles hit Kherson killing at least four

Russia Captures Novoselivs’ke | Winter Offensive Plan the same (Only More Troops)

There are reports that the village of Novoselovskoye is already fully under the control of the Russian forces. The Ukrainian forces have retreated with heavy losses

Despite the fact that the village is small, this is a very important result, given that Ukrainе still has the initiative, and the number of personnel and equipment they have in this direction is very significant.

Starshe Eddy (

@brussinf Movements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Konstantinovka (Bakhmut direction).
My source in the city said that units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to arrive here. They are being transferred from Kherson. Another batch was unloaded yesterday. Also yesterday, one column advanced towards Bakhmut (Artemovsk).

This suggests that the military leadership of Ukraine continues to try to contain the offensive of the “musicians” and prevent the loss of Bakhmut. Obviously, in the near future, the strengthening of the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction will continue.

Military Expert Boris Rozhin on the Highlights of Russia’s Special Military Operation in #Ukraine until 25 Nov 2022, 17:43⚡️

1. #Svatovo Direction:

Slight advance of our troops. We approached #Novoselovskoye, for which the fighting has been going on since morning.
If we manage to liberate it completely, it will be a good tactical achievement that will make it difficult for the AFU to implement their plans for an offensive on #Svatovo.

2. #Artemovsk (#Bakhmut) Direction:

No significant changes. The enemy is holding at #Opytnoye and #Kurdyumovka, the redeployment of reserves to #Artemovsk and Chasov Yar area continues.
The Russian Armed Forces are working on the enemy reinforcements moving through #Slavyansk and #Kramatorsk.
There are no changes in #Soledar and #Belogorovka.

3. #Avdeyevka Direction:

The Russian Armed Forces are storming #Vodyanoye and #Pervomayskoye.
The enemy is preparing defensive lines to the north of #Vodyanoye, expecting an offensive by the RF Armed Forces in the direction of #Tonenkoye. The Russian Armed Forces are also conducting an offensive on #Nevelskoye. The enemy is holding the fortifications adjacent to the settlement.

4. #Ugledar Direction:

No particular changes so far.
The Russian Armed Forces are working on AFU positions in #Ugledar and adjacent areas.
The AFU is shelling #Pavlovka and #Nikolskoye.
There has been no particular progress so far near #Novomikhailovka.
Street battles continue in #Maryinka for the city’s administrative centre. /@boris_rozhin/@voenkorKotenok/#smo/

Update on Zaporozie Disruption of AFU offensive in Zaporizhzhya: details

On the morning of 25 November, a large AFU force was destroyed while trying to probe the Russian Armed Forces’ defense line in the Pohohovskyy district of the Zaporizhzhya Region. Up to five battalions of the 65th and 110th mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian army were involved in the attack.

The offensive was launched south of Hulaypil and the village of Zheleznodorozhnoye (25 km north of the town of Polohy).

A few hours before the main strike, officers of the 3rd Separate Regiment of the AFU Special Operations Forces and officers of the SBU’s Centre A with NLAW anti-tank complexes were eliminated near the positions of the Russian Armed Forces. Their conversations were detected by the Leer-3 electronic reconnaissance complex.

The AFU convoy was detected by an Orlan-30 drone on T-04-01. As expected, the shortage of heavy equipment forced the Ukrainian troops to advance lightly: instead of a dozen tanks, British Husky TSVs and Mastiff armored vehicles were thrown into combat. Two T-64BV tanks of the 1st Tank Brigade of the AFU covered the movement. They were destroyed by guided Krasnopol shells of 152 mm caliber.

After the artillery strike, Mi-28NM attack helicopters arrived at the location of the AFU convoy and finished off the Ukrainian troops with 30 mm 2A42 cannons and Ataka anti-tank guided missiles.

The attempt to identify weaknesses in the Russian Armed Forces’ defense cost the AFU at least 40 people killed and some 200 seriously wounded. Many of the “three hundredths” were abandoned as the AFU fled into the fields between Gulyaypol and Dorozhnyanka.

The main thing from Putin’s today’s speech at an event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Rostec:
- Experience in countering modern Western weapons during a special operation should be used to improve the quality of defense products;
- It is necessary to increase the production and deliveries of the entire range of products required by the RF Armed Forces. Accurately, qualitatively, strictly within the established deadlines to achieve state goals;
- The maximum load of factories to meet the needs of the army will give a unique impetus to the development of high-tech areas

Head of the Chechen Republic,Ramzan Kadyrov :

Today, at a meeting with the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, we discussed the participation of Chechen units in Ukraine. He reported on the successful manning of new units of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Federal Guard Service in the Chechen Republic by fighters who already had experience in combat operations. They are on the front line and are fulfilling a number of strategic tasks for the Special Operations Command.
He also reported on the supply of our units, their equipment, and their tactical capabilities.

In the course of the dialogue, Vladimir Vladimirovich noted the region’s great contribution to the SMO, in particular, the achievements of our fighters on the frontline, their combat spirit and experience, the staffing of military units, and the training of volunteer detachments. The Commander-in-Chief stressed that today Russia is a country of united patriots that copes with Western attacks as one large and friendly family. Vladimir Vladimirovich thanked our guys for their dedication, patriotism, and high performance on the front line.
I thanked our president for his anxious attention to the soldiers and his words of support.

I do not doubt for a second that Russia, led by our strong president, will win this war against neo-Nazism and NATO aggression.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukrainian Defense Ministry denied rumours that Belarus was preparing to attack Ukraine before November 29. It also denied rumours that the invasion would be preceded by a massive missile strike.

According to the intelligence, there are no signs of the formation of a strike force in Belarus. And the purpose of the rumours is to force the Ukrainian Armed Forces to redeploy troops to the northern borders

Kiev is preparing for a new offensive of the Russian army – the mayor’s office publishes a photo of fortifications being built north of the capital.

The Kiev regime is moving its forces and resources towards Zaporizhzhya. The alleged targets are the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and the city of Energodar.

Ukrainian “Points of invincibility” (points of heating and recharging gadgets promoted by Zelensky) for the most part turned out to be crooked leaky tents, where it is problematic to warm up. And in terms of recharging phones, “invincibility” turned out to be funny in general – in Kyiv, for example, “Points of invincibility” were closed due to lack of … electricity.

Ukrainians gather in shelters for warmth after nationwide power outages

Freezing Ukraine tries to restore power

Jeremy Hunt: Stop Heating Homes To Beat Putin 😡 🤔 WHAT!!!

Britain must cut energy usage by 15% to defeat Vladimir Putin, UK chancellor Jeremy Hunt has said as the country scrambles to head off potential disruption this winter.

When we talk about strikes on the Ukrainian energy system, the comments on the posts often include staff members of the Ukrainian IPSO centers and (if we put aside the forms this is packaged in) wonder: “what are we in for?”. Emphasis is placed on the fact that “civilians” suffer.
The answer is.
Your Western partners – the notorious “whole world with us” – have long and methodically used the principle of collective responsibility against Russia. Sanctions, the cancellation of visas, the “abolition of culture”, bans on athletes (including Paralympians) – all these weapons are far from being selective. According to the bright-faced West, every Russian should be responsible for the policies of the country’s leadership. And we, in general, agree with this. So do the Ukrainian Nazis, although no one asked them.
The West makes no secret of the fact that the sanctions on Russia are aimed at swaying society to protest. That is, it is nothing more than an attempt to cause the destruction of Russia from within. According to the idea of the bright-faced strategists, the Russians, deprived of Coca-Cola and trips to Europe, should in an uncontrollable impulse overthrow the government and go into “pay and repent” mode. This is roughly what our homegrown liberals were doing from the inside, until they went to faraway countries to avoid criminal liability for their words and actions.  
Regarding the civilians of Ukraine. When the rabid Nazis, who were given carte blanche on the Maidan, were shelling the same civilians in Donbass who didn’t want to live in a Bandera state, “the people were speechless”. And those who tried to protest were dealt with in the best traditions of the UPA. Do you remember how you rejoiced at the “shish-kebab of the kolorads” in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa? When they made a blackout in the Crimea and cut off the water to the peninsula – how much joy there was in the pro-Ukrainian subpublics, have you forgotten? And what did the “civilians” do when Ukrainian saboteurs attacked the Crimean bridge? They ran to take pictures with a stamp that captured this “outstanding” event in advance.  
And now the payback has come. Today, the residents of Ukraine have a unique opportunity to experience for themselves what it is like to sit without light and water. “Our children will go to school and their children will sit in basements,” Poroshenko once boasted. Remember your president’s statement, Ukrainians?   
The people of Donbass have been living in such conditions for almost 9 years, whose only fault is that they consider themselves part of the Russian world and organically do not tolerate your ideology or your idols led by the ghoul Bandera. This has not broken them, has not forced them to bow down to you – all your efforts have only strengthened the confidence of the Donbass that the choice was the right one.  
Your bloody leaders, on the other hand, are very nervous. Recently, Kiev’s mayor Klitschko, in a burst of short-tempered candor, gave away their secret fears: “the refrigerator can beat the TV.” You understand that behind your aspiration for the European Union there was a banal love for freebies, don’t you? Even now you do not stop begging the world for money and arms. You demand to be supported and fed. And as soon as the West gives up its burdensome sponger, the whole Bandera system will collapse – it will be demolished by the same Maidan horses. Today, every blow to the energy system brings closer the hour of reckoning. And the fact that Ukrainians are sitting without light and water is exactly the principle of collective responsibility, which both you and the West approve of in relation to the people of Russia.
The destruction of the Bandera regime cannot go without pain. Normal Ukrainians understand this. And they are ready to tolerate it. Because the alternative is to turn into “fried kolorads” or be shot without trial when the Nazis get their hands on them.

German military preparing for potential war with Russia, leaked internal report reveals

Blood drenched NATO states – Mick Wallace

NATO is Discouraged┃Russia launched its Newest ‘Unmanned Reconnaissance Strike System’ in Ukraine

MAIMED In A PLAYGROUND By Ukrainian Petal Mine

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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