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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on January 26 2023

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Russian mass missile attacks day after west agrees to send tanks to Ukraine

Russia launches waves of missiles after drone attacks

Cruise missile strike on Ukraine, Russian offensives

‘They fired 55 Missiles’ says Ukraine on air raids

Ukrainians shelter in metro station

Russian Armed Forces Massive Missile Strike on Infrastructure in #Ukraine; 26 Jan 2023 – what is known by 14:00

💥 Russian forces have once again struck various infrastructure facilities on the territory of #Ukraine.

The missile attack the night before was preceded by active work of Russian kamikaze drones Geran-2. Apparently, the RF Armed Forces, in addition to direct strikes, were identifying the enemy’s air defence positions in this way.

♦️ So far we have been able to gather the following information about the results of the firing:

🔹 #Odessa: The Novoodesskaya 330 and Usatovo 330 substations near the city have been hit again. Water and electricity supplies are partially missing in Odessa, with local authorities announcing long periods of power cuts.

🔹 #Kiev: The Russian Armed Forces hit an unnamed facility in the city’s Goloseevsky district. Some representatives of the Ukrainian authorities believe that the strikes were carried out by ballistic missiles.

🔹 #Kiev region: Information was widely circulated on the web suggesting that the Kiev hydroelectric power plant might have been hit, but there is no confirmation. At the same time, the local administration has confirmed a hit on one of the energy facilities in the region.

🔹 #Vinnitsa: Several explosions have occurred in the outskirts of the city itself and in the region today. Ladyzhinskaya TPP could have been hit.

🔹 #Zaporozhye: The RF Armed Forces launched a powerful rocket attack on an industrial facility in the suburban town of #Volnyansk.

🔹 #Kramatorsk: A shell hit one of the medical facilities in #Ivanovka, not far from #Kramatorsk, where Ukrainian servicemen were stationed.

🔹 #Lvov: local sources reported a shell hit one of the infrastructure facilities, but it later turned out that this information was false.

🔹 In #Dnepropetrovsk, #Zhytomyr and #Nikolayev regions, air defences were triggered.

Shortly before the missile attack, authorities in #Kherson, #Cherkasy, #Kiev, #Dnepropetrovsk, #Zaporozhye and other regions of the country preemptively conducted emergency power cuts.

📌 This time, the Russian attack was smaller in the number of launches and affected sites than the previous ones. However, it also achieved its goal. The #Usatovo and Novoodesskaya substations in the south are now unable to receive electricity.

Nevertheless, it is not enough to disable the enemy’s power system if the Russian command still sets itself such a goal.


Retaliation Strikes: New 2023 Edition: Summary for January 26, 2023 as of 11:30 Moscow time

Since early this morning, air-raid alarms have been sounding all over Ukraine as the Air Force conducts targeted strikes in different regions of the country. After the missiles flew over, a number of explosions were heard in the cities, and pillars of smoke rose at the sites of the arrivals. In some regions, mass blackouts have already begun.

⚠️Confirmed damage to critical infrastructure in:

—Kyiv city ;
— Kyiv region (Kyiv state hydro power plant)
— Odessa region (Substation near Usatovo);
— Odessa region (Substation in Mayakov area);
— Odessa region (Substation in Malinovsky district);
— Odessa region (Substation SS 110/35/6 kV “Chumka”);
— Zaporozhye region;
— Nikolaev region;
— Dnepropetrovsk region;
— Vinnitsa region.

⚡️Emergency shutdowns in:

— Odessa;
— Odessa region;
— Vinnitsa region;
— Nikolaev region;
—Kyiv region.

💧Problems with water supply in:

- Odessa. 

Destruction of AFU Air Defence Positioning Area in #Kharkov Region

Russian missile forces today hit a Ukrainian army’s S-300 air defence positioning area with a precision strike of the Iskander operational-tactical missile system.

The Ukrainian troops deployed at least four launchers in pairs a few metres apart, as well as an air target detection radar, in a forest belt northwest of the village of Lesnaya Stenka on the bank of the Oskol River.

❗️В The hit caused a secondary detonation of the ammunition on two of the complexes. At least two S-300s were completely destroyed, the other two and the radar are also likely to have been disabled by shrapnel from the Iskander shell and flying parts of the SAMs.

🔻 The RF Armed Forces have resumed work on systematically suppressing enemy air defences. The ongoing supply of weapons from NATO countries, including SAMs, poses a serious problem for the Russian army in the long run, which needs to be dealt with immediately.

At the same time, the Ukrainian formations themselves began to completely neglect elementary precautions. The S-300 position area in the amount of at least five launchers was located 21 km from the line of contact.

For such carelessness they paid the price. The Russian UAV operators easily detected the anti-aircraft systems on duty and promptly targeted the missile forces, hitting several SAMs at once with a single shot.

This example once again proves the effectiveness of linking reconnaissance assets with high-precision strike weapons. The “detect – aim – strike” system should become a standard set of actions on the front line.

At the same time it is by no means necessary to forget the elementary safety requirements: the example of the AFU proves that placing several units of equipment in one location is the best gift for the enemy.

We have been inside for a long time that the RF Armed Forces are targeting Ukrainian air defense. On January 9, we pointed out that air defense is “expensive toys.”

After the drone attack, we insided that the Russians were detecting air defense (UAVs are bait), as a result of a missile attack, they destroyed the air defense / radar installations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

By nightfall, Russian publics began publishing a video of an Iskander missile hitting an S-300 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region. Two more installations and a radar station were also damaged.
The approximate cost of damage is from 5 to 25 million dollars.

We have been inside for a long time that now the tactics of the RF Armed Forces is the destruction of the closest targets to the front line. Disabling Ukrainian air defense near the front line threatens that Russian aviation and combat UAVs will be able to feel imposing in the sky, attacking the defensive groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Recall that the deficit of air defense in Ukraine remains, and such losses only increase holes in the defense.

Our source reports that Ukraine can receive F-16 fighters and other Western counterparts only after a successful territorial offensive.

There is another version that they can also give after some large-scale tragedy, which will entail many human casualties among the civilian population of Ukraine.

Russia says tank deliveries to Ukraine “direct involvement” by West in conflict

Tucker Carlson explains the possibility of nuclear war as Western countries continue sending aid to Ukraine

‘It’s one thing supplying these tanks, it’s another thing training’ Ukrainian crews to operate them

The M1 Abrams to Ukraine

Military expert Murakhovsky stated that Western tanks are unsuitable for combat in the SMO zone: what is known about Western tanks
⚡️Limitations of visibility. 55% of Ukraine’s territory is considered closed terrain with a line-of-sight range of less than 500 m. And the armor of NATO tanks is adapted to a range of more than 2,000 m.  
⚡️Unlike Russian tanks, these tanks are not equipped with dynamic protection against cumulative ammunition.
 ⚡️Big dimensions. Their dimensions will be convenient to hit at ranges up to 300 m.
 ⚡️Another disadvantage is the weight of the vehicles. The lightest tank of this range is the Leopard 2A6 – 62.3 tons. This means that these tanks will tend to move along the roads, it is purely speculative to meet them on the ground.  
 ⚡️The Russian Armed Forces have a real capability to defeat and destroy both Abrams and Leopard tanks.  
 At the same time, the expert pointed out that Western tanks have serious firepower that cannot be written off.
All tanks are equipped with modern fire control system, saturated with other electronics. This will require our anti-tankers to choose their firing positions more carefully. But the Western tanks will not have any effect on the situation in the area of the SMO, Murakhovsky noted.

Croatian President Milanovic expresses doubts that supply of Western tanks will help Kiev

I don’t know how tanks will help Ukraine. Perhaps they will burn down just like in Iraq – Milanovic.

US warehouses do not have the necessary tanks for Ukraine – Pentagon.

Politico, citing sources, reported that the only Abrams assembly plant in the United States was completely filled with orders for Taiwan and Poland, and its production line capacity was 12 tanks per month.

What a beautiful move by the USA: to force Europe to get involved in this carousel, and not to supply it themselves.

Scholz on the supply of Leopard tanks to Ukraine: There are many citizens in our country who are concerned about this decision and the size of these weapons, so I would like to tell these citizens here and now that you should trust the federal government more. We will continue coordinated work at the international level so that this support is possible without risks for our country growing in the wrong direction. That is why we are doing it and will continue to do it with our allies.

Dmitry Medvedev about Zelensky : This creature is not even a clown anymore, but just a circus dog, a poodle at the trainer’s feet, who yaps at his hand clap. Everyone understands this.

Not very healthy people have a tendency to imbue others with their phobias and problems.

A kind of psychological projection, when one’s own fear is perceived as
created from the outside, inherent in someone else. Here’s the obvious: the ridiculous operetta-like figure in the green, greasy T-shirt is 1000% dependent on NATO weapons and Western money. Without them, neither Ukraine nor he and his cabal would last a day. This creature is not even a clown anymore, but just a circus dog, a poodle at the feet of the trainer, who yaps at his clapping hands. Everyone understands that. But the creature, with an important and husky tone, utters: “I have nothing to talk about and no one to talk to, and in general, I do not understand who makes decisions in Russia.” And here you can see who, admire: Only I am a powerful, battle-hardened commander, a great statesman, the head of the country (chamber) 404,almost a hetman, a figure of the world on a, shall we say, universal scale.

Obviously, this is a real psychological problem that may soon become a psychiatric problem as well. But the outwardly meaningless statements of the patient in green also have a concrete purpose. They serve as justification for new handouts. “Come on, make up your mind already.” I’m alive now, and I control everyone around me. Give me more guns and dough, and more, for our enemy is obscure, cunning, and dangerous. But I will not surrender to the enemy, I am very, very strong, no negotiations, no contact. and in general. “The enemy is almost afraid of me already.” And such a mantra every white day. and every hospital night. It’s likely that the hallucinating creature in the green T-shirt already believes in his paranoid delusion.
All the more so because the delusions are supported in every way possible by Western medical doctors, who regularly visit the patient at his place of residence. They also give the patient in Room 404 monetary, weaponized, and verbal injections that stimulate his delirium.

Why? After all, the legendary Pug was glorified throughout the ages for his remarkable strength and desperate courage, primarily due to the hormones boiling in him, the street gawkers, and the patience of the elephant…

Ugledar now targeted by the Russian side.

Ukrainian sources report that the village of Bohoyavlenko, located north of Ugledar, is being heavily shelled by the Russian Armed Forces. Ugledar is now being stormed by the Russian army

This battle will decide the outcome of the war in the south: the Russians are storming Ugledar, concentrating brigades of marines and paratroopers there for this.
This was stated by the Ukrainian military propagandist Butusov, again disgracing the silent General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
▪️”The battle for Vuhledar will determine the entire course of further warfare in southern Ukraine in 2023.”
▪️”Ugledar is of paramount importance for the Russian Federation, it is a strategically important communication point in the south of Donbass, a frontier for the deployment of a future Ukrainian offensive on the Crimean corridor.”
▪️ “The capture of Vuhledar will significantly improve the strategic position of the Russian army in Donbass, allow deepening the defense. The goal of the Russian command in the 2023 campaign is to capture the entire Donbass or move the Armed Forces of Ukraine away from the Crimean corridor. To capture Vuhledar, the Russians concentrated formations of their best brigade troops marines and airborne troops, stockpiles of ammunition”

Ugledar Will Fall

Sources in the 105th Regiment of the DPR People’s Militia believe that an overnight assault on Ugledar today could put an end to the enemy grouping in the city by the morning.  The supply of the AFU grouping in Ugledar has already been cut off. The routes are under fire control of the Russian Armed Forces.  Next is the ultimatum to surrender and mopping up.

GB: The supply route through Perechistovka—Velikaya Novoselka—Pokrovskoye—Zaparozhye has been cut for quite some time, ever since the Russian Army re-liberated Pavlovka. The twin slicing attacks from Pavlovka and Nikolskoye this week terminated the remaining communications of the Ukrainian Ugledar grouping.

First, the route northeast through Konstantinovka to Maryinka, then onwards to Kurakhovo and Pokrovsk, has been tenuous for a long  time due to the Russian Army’s advance in Maryinka. Nonetheless, the offensive northwest from Nikolskoye put an end to this line for good.

Second, and last, the path through Bogoyavlenka to Kurakhovo and then to the the last line of Ukrainian defence in Donbass, at Pokrovsk, then onto Pavlograd and Dnepropetrovsk, has been terminated by the northeast offensive from Pavlovka.

In this, the 105th Regiment sources are correct. All supply routes to Ugledar have been cut off. The Ukrainians should surrender or attempt to withdraw through the fields, north to Kurakhovo. However, I’ve fallen into this trap before—the Ukrainians shoudl have withdrawn from Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, and yet they preferred to lose at least ten thousand men fighting for this line of defence. The losses along the Seversk—Soledar—Artyomovsk line are countless.

The Kiev regime does not want to save its soldiers or its people. It is in place to perform a task—that of fighting Russia. I do not know whether Ugledar will fall tonight. However, it is likely to fall by the end of this week.

Vladimir Rogov. Member of Zaporozhye administration:

Positional confrontation, artillery duels continue on the Zaporozhye line. There was a development of “Geraniums”. Polite rockets in the Zaporozhye region evoke a feeling of joy in people.

Everyone understands that the parcel flew to the demilitarization, denazification of a gang of drug addicts and Nazis.

Regarding strikes on the temporarily controlled territory of the Zaporozhye region. The nearest suburb is Volnyansk. The city, which is located on the highway Zaporozhye – Donetsk. An important settlement for Ukraine. It is used by the Nazi regime to hide air defenses outside the city. Away from the line of contact. There is also a command post. Official authorities of the Zelensky regime say that energy facilities have been destroyed. And they immediately scream about the victims. And in those places where their air defense worked. Because the Armed Forces of Ukraine are crooked.

The main thing: we are advancing. Step by step. 

The situation in the Donetsk region has significantly worsened, confirmed the Gauleiter of the region Pavel Kirilenko on the air of the National Telethon
“Indeed, the situation has significantly worsened from the south to the center of the region. If the Bakhmut direction was and remains the warmest for us, however, now it is very hot in Avdiivka. We are seeing an ongoing escalation almost along the entire front line, from the south and from the north,” said the head of the Donetsk Regional Military District

The Looming Battle for Chasov Yar

Ukrainian authorities fear that this small town, or at the very least the road that runs just south of it, is next on the Kremlin’s target list. The expected push would be be an attempt to cut off and eventually surround Bakhmut.

The Ukrainian military is cautious about giving away tactical information and especially casualty figures but the picture one soldier, Roman, painted of combat around Bakhmut was brutal:

“Every day between seven and 15 of my battalion were injured or killed,’ he said. ‘The Russians had a railway car full of artillery ammunition. We just dug into our positions and they hit us with every calibre you can imagine. We had only 20 mortar shells for the whole battalion.”

Ukraine: drone footage shows residential building on fire in eastern city of Bakhmut

#Bakhmut  only one road for supply or retreat…

FULL FRONT UPDATE – Vuhledar, Donetsk, Bakhmut, Zaporizhzhia

Russian invasion of Ukraine [26 Jan 2023] ‘Today’

@Rybar siterp for January 26, 2023

Russian troops again launched massive strikes against targets in Ukraine. In Odessa and Kiev regions, as well as Kiev city, energy infrastructure facilities were hit.

At the same time, in Zaporozhye and Kramatorsk, strikes were carried out on industrial zones and other facilities used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

🔻Belgorod region:

◾️Ukrainian formations shelled the border village of Murom, damaging the power line. There were no casualties among civilians.

🔻Starobelsk sector:

▪️There are still no significant changes on the front line – positional battles and artillery duels are taking place along the line of contact.

🔻Soledar sector:

▪️In the Soledar sector, the Wagner PMC fighters are fighting on the outskirts of Razdolovka, northeast of the Sol station.

▪️In the area of ​​Krasnaya Gora and Paraskovievka, fierce battles continue for control over settlements, the release of which will cut off the enemy’s retreat from Artyomovsk in the north.

▪️North-west of Kleshcheevka, “Wagner” are advancing towards the village of Krasnoye, through which the Bakhmut-Konstantinovka highway passes.

▪️At the Toretsk sector, the Russian Armed Forces attacked the location of the AFU  5th assault regiment, killing about 50 people.

🔻Donetsk sector:

▪️In Marinka, fighting continues on the western outskirts of the city. The number of losses of Ukrainian formations in the area is growing, but they still continue to hold the line.

▪️On the Ugledar site, the marines are clearing the southeastern suburbs of Vugledar. Last night, Russian troops entered the territory of the pumping station and entrenched themselves in a block nearby.

🔻Zaporozhye sector:

▪️In the Orekhovo sector, Russian troops are continuously shelling enemy positions near Orekhovo in anticipation of a possible new assault. The units of the RF Armed Forces also carry out raids on strongholds of the Ukrainian army.

🔻Southern Front:

Artillery duels are taking place along the entire line of contact in the Kherson direction: the Russian Armed Forces have attacked Kherson and its environs, as well as Berislav and Dudchany.

▪️In the Odessa region, the Russian Armed Forces hit the Novoodesskaya substation. In addition, despite the attack on the Usatovo substation, there is no exact confirmation of the destruction of the object – Ukrainian forces could use camouflage to hide the real state of the station.

Special Operation, 26 Jan 2023, Main; pub. 21:34

▪️ Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) reported fire strikes of the RF Armed Forces  in the #Southdonetsk, #Zaporozhye, #Kupyansk and Krasny #Liman directions;

▪️ According to MoD, in the course of offensive operations, in particular, 4 US howitzers and 2 US-made radar stations were destroyed. Also Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated two Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft in the DPR overnight;

▪️ Russian troops have taken control of the highway leading from #Pokrovskoye to #Ugledar, new positions are being taken at the outskirts of the town, Pushilin’s adviser said;

▪️ Ukrainian troops in #Ugledar tried to use aviation to push back Russian units, but they failed, the DPR adviser said;

▪️ The USA won’t be able to send Abrams tanks to #Ukraine until the spring, Nuland said;

▪️ London plans to deliver Challenger 2 tanks to #Ukraine at the end of March, the British MoD said. Kiev could receive German Leopard tanks by the end of March, Germany’s defence minister said. Canada is also going to hand over four Leopard 2 tanks;

▪️ Training for Ukrainian military to operate Marder BMPs will begin in the coming days, German MoD said;

▪️ Western arms supplies to #Ukraine indicate their direct involvement in the conflict, and it is growing, Peskov said;

▪️ Power facilities in #Ukraine’s southern, central and southwestern regions damaged in blasts on Thursday, with high-voltage equipment destroyed at one of them, Ukrenergo said.

“Washington is ready to ease sanctions against Moscow for the sake of serious negotiations on Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops from there. Also, the United States will not have time to transfer Abrams tanks to Kiev by spring”  – US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland

There are opinions that we are being offered a free cookie of delaying the Abrams in exchange for negotiations that will lead to us abanding some lands and withdrawing the troops.

Is that really so believable that 200 tanks could makes us stop?

Is that really a fact that some negotiations would lead to future security of our country?

The conclusion is they themselves know this is a hoax.

Why are they throwing this suggestion? This is simple. They are cashing out with their usual predatorial pace.

The US is a great place that 1st helped a poor invaded democracy and then helped the peaceful solution!

While Germany is devoured forever with no chance to recover, as the Russian freebies are over.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill:

“Both the Church and all those who have and can influence our society must do everything for Russia to win,” said His Holiness the Patriarch. – Because today we are faced with the greatest danger – the Western world turned against us. Why? But because we are an alternative, and the alternative is very attractive. Russia, which rejects the worst manifestations of globalization, has become a beacon for the world.”

The TRUTH is coming out in Ukraine and Zelensky is in deep trouble

In This War There is Only One Aggressor and Only One Victim

UNESCO grants Odesa’s historic centre World Heritage in Danger status

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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