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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on March 30 2023

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Is Bakhmut falling?

Wagner Has Destroyed The Ukrainian Army In Bakhmut!

Wagner Advances To Bakhmut FREEDOM SQUARE

Zelenskyy urges support from allies as Bakhmut fighting continues

In Bakhmut, Russia-Ukraine fight Europe’s bloodiest infantry battle since world war II

Russian Forces Advance in North and South of Bakhmut

The situation in Artyomovsk: Musicians completely control the districts of Sobachevka and Budyonovka

 Fierce fighting continues:

- in the central area (Svoboda square);
- in the Vodokanal area;
- in the area of the Northern Headquarters;
- in the AZOM industrial zone – not to be confused with the AZOM plant itself, which has already been liberated by the Orchestra divisions. “AZOM industrial zone” is the entire northern industrial zone, separately marked on the map

Prigozhinites continue to grind the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Military correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny:

It’s reported a new strike on the enemy’s temporary deployment Point in Konstantinovka. Earlier, the locations of the AFU reserves transferred from the Dnipropetrovsk region were hit by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and in Druzhkovka

AFU losses in Artemovsk increased to 500 people per day

Since March 3, the largest losses in the Artemovsky direction have been recorded in 13 brigades.

The total daily casualties killed in these units within the administrative borders of Artemovsk (Bakhmut), as well as in the nearest districts (Krasnoe (Ivanovskoye), Khromovo (Artemovskoye), Stupochki, Bogdanovka, Minkovka, Kalinovka and Chas Yar) amount to 230-240 people.

About 150-170 people a day are seriously injured and cannot continue fighting, about 35-50 more people go missing.

Since the beginning of March, from 20 to 60 Ukrainian soldiers have been surrendered in the Artemivsk direction every 24 hours. Taking into account the killed, wounded, prisoners and missing, the total irretrievable losses of Ukrainian troops in this area in March amounted to 450-480 people per day.

There is a statue of an angel in the southern part of Bakhmut, next to which was the medical evacuation point of the Wagner PMC during the musicians’ assault on the Sobachevka area.

The guys consider this statue as their guardian angel. And not only because of visual component, during the shelling during evacuation of the wounded the statue took up shrapnel, none of the guys were hurt. “The angel protects and supports us in the right cause, and for our enemies he has a punishing sword.”

Ukrainian 46  Brigade From fellow Bakhmut residents.
“Right now, those who are holding Ivanivske are practically holding Bakhmut. The surrender of Ivanivske will dramatically worsen the situation in the area of Lyatok and, in addition to giving physical control over the road to Chasiv Yar, will practically allow us to go to the rear and flank from the south. At the same time, those who hold the plane are holding the flank of the guys in Ivanivske. So the situation is quite fragile, and the heroism of the guys near the road is simply the greatest.
Despite the increase in the intensity of artillery and air support for the Wagnerites, it is noticeable that the orcs have not had any success for several days. This is evident in Khromove and Orikhovo-Vasylivka. Tactical advances are minimal. Despite the intensity of the fighting. At the same time, they have now moved to strike our operational rear. Apparently, they assume that this will deter our counteroffensive. We are working.”

⚡️ (🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Battle for #Bakhmut – Situation until 18:00 on 30 Mar 2023⚡️

🔹The Assault on the industrial zone of the Artyomovsk Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant (AZOM) continues in the north of #Bakhmut. At the moment there is fighting in the Selishche area near the football stadium next to Levanevskogo Street, as well as near the houses next to the AZOM.

🔹The Southern Districts of #Bakhmut’s Sobachevsky and Budyonovsky districts have been completely cleared. Wagner PMC assault squads are attacking Ukrainian army positions north of Shirokaya and Mariupolskaya Streets.

🔹 In Addition, Russian units have advanced from the central market to the north to Nizhnyaya Street, and are also engaged in fierce fighting near the #Bakhmut city administration building.

🔹 In the Outskirts of #Bakhmut near #Krasnoye, #Khromovo and Orekhovo-Vasilyevka, positional stalling battles continue. The “Wagnerians”, supported by artillery and aviation, are holding the AFU at the site, preventing the transfer of reserves to other directions.


Raising the Russian flag over administrative quarters of Artyomovsk is a matter of days

Voenkor Alexander Matyushin from the Artyomovsky direction:

 Last night, assault detachments launched an offensive towards the administrative center of Artyomovsk. Quarters near Independence, Svoboda and Pershina streets have already been cleared.

 The issue of raising the flag of Russia over the administrative buildings of the city is a matter of days .
At the same time, the offensive is going on simultaneously with the cleansing of the territory of the AZOM industrial zone, the advance is going along Geroev Truda Street.

The enemy is trying to transfer his forces through Khromovo, Ivanovka , where the fighting is going on. Some groups break through to Korsunskaya Street, but there they are immediately cut off by our assault detachments. Hunger in ammunition forces the enemy to come out of hiding behind them, and not everyone comes back.

 About Western weapons in the Artemov direction:

Armored personnel carriers have already appeared, there is a video of downed M113s;
No one has seen Leopards yet.

There will be an attempt to deblockade, but it will be an attempt to “throw meat”.



Hellish battles are underway”: Russian Army storms Defense of Armed Forces of Ukraine near Avdiivka
 Ukrainian military analysts report on the plight of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Avdiivka direction.
 ▪️ “The indications of AKHZ, Nevelskoye and Severny are very difficult.”
▪️ “The hellish battles continue in the Kamenka area. The Russians are successful, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preventing them from gaining a foothold and moving forward with all their might. The Ukrainian Armed Forces do not control the settlement itself,” he admits one of them.
The situation in the zone is detailed by another analyst:
 ▪️ “Heavy fighting continues south and southwest of Kamenka, RF Armed Forces guns and rocket artillery are actively working on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Kamenka itself is under the control of Russian troops. “
▪️ In Pervomaisky, the Russians advanced and took control of a number of houses. Now there are positional battles.
▪️ From Novobakhmutovka, Russian troops are conducting offensive operations towards Alexandropol and Novokalinovo

#Chronicle of the Special Military Operation for 30 Mar 2023⚡️

🔹 #Starobelsk (#Svatovo) Direction:

▪️ In the #Kupyansk sector of the front, the situation has not changed significantly: artillery duels and mutual reconnaissance continue along the line of contact.

▪️ In the #Liman direction, Russian troops are fighting positional battles at the #Torskoye – #Terny line, as well as in the Balka  Zhuravka area.

🔹#Lugansk People’s Republic:

▪️ Ukrainian terrorist formations fired at least four rockets from HIMARS rocket launchers at #Troitskoye village. Residential buildings, a hospital and a shop have been damaged. One civilian was killed and 14 others were wounded.

🔹#Soledar (#Bakhmut) Direction (MAP (

▪️ In the north of #Bakhmut, Wagner PMC assault squads are advancing in the Selishche area. Fighting is also taking place on the outskirts of Levanevsky Street and adjacent houses to the AZOM industrial zone.

▪️ In the city centre, Russian troops, after taking control of the central market area, proceeded to storm the AFU positions near Nizhnyaya Street. Heavy fighting is taking place for control of the Bakhmut City Administration building.

▪️ In the south of #Bakhmut, the Sobachevka and Budyonovka districts are fully liberated. The “Wagnerians” started a battle with Ukrainian formations north of Shirokaya and Mariupolskaya streets, expanding the zone of control.

▪️ Near #Krasnoye, #Khromovo and Orekhovo-Vasilyevka the frontline has not undergone significant changes. Fighting continues for control of key enemy positions and for the route to #Konstantinovka.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

▪️ North of Avdeyevka, Russian forces continue position fighting in the forest area near Novobakhmutovka.

▪️ Southwest of the town, the RF Armed Forces are shelling strongholds of Ukrainian formations on the outskirts of #Severnoye.

▪️ Ukrainian terrorist formations once again shelled the #Donetsk agglomeration. The machine-building plant in #Yasinovataya has also been hit, with three employees wounded.

🔹#SouthDonetsk Direction:

▪️ In #Maryinka, Russian units, with fire support from tanks and artillery, were able to advance in the centre of the town. After encircling from two sides, the enemy was forced to retreat from strongholds in the church and district council building.

🔹#Kherson Direction on #SouthFront:

▪️ Artillery duels continue along the entire line of contact, with Russian forces striking enemy targets around #Kherson and #Berislav.
➖ In turn, the enemy terrorists shelled the left bank of #Kherson region, including residential buildings in Novaya Kakhovka, Gornostayevka and #Alyoshki.

Special Operation, 30 Mar 2023, Main, pub. 21:43⚡️

▪️ Ukraine shells #Troitskoye in the LPR with HIMARS, one civilian killed, 14 injured, JCCC said;

▪️ Russian air defence forces have shot down a new Ukrainian Grom-2 operational-tactical missile for the first time in the air in the HIMARS area, the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said;

▪️ The RF Armed Forces destroyed three Ukrainian SRGs in the #Kupyansk direction and disrupted a rotation of enemy units at forward positions, MoD told RIA Novosti;

▪️ Soon it will be possible to talk about the actual encirclement of #Artyomovsk, Pushilin said;

▪️ Turkey does not need to repeat the West’s anti-Russian sanctions, it needs dialogue first, the country’s presidential candidate Sinan Ogan told RIA Novosti;

▪️ Erdogan said he would not allow the West to drag his country into a war against #Russia;

▪️ The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy asked large international energy companies that “received incredible profits” due to the conflict in #Ukraine to send part of the money to restore the country’s energy infrastructure;

▪️ #Poland will demand that athletes from #Russia condemn a special operation to participate in the European Games, the country’s sports and tourism minister said;

▪️ Vicar of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra said that God will not forgive Zelensky for evicting representatives of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church from it.

Ukraine Front Update [30 March 2023]

Battlefield Ukraine Danger Close

Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (30 March 2023)⚡️

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation.
◽️ In Kupyansk direction, Army Aviation and artillery fire of the Zapad Group of Forces inflicted a fire damage on enemy manpower and equipment near Gryanikovka, Sinkovka (Kharkov region), and Novoselovskoye and Stelmakhovka (Lugansk People’s Republic).

💥 More than 50 Ukrainian troops and two motor vehicles were neutralised.
◽️ In Krasny Liman direction, aviation, artillery, and heavy flamethrower systems of the Tsentr Group of Forces engaged the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) close to Nevskoye, Chervonaya Dibrova (Lugansk People’s Republic), and Yampolovka, Torskoye, Grigorovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

💥 The enemy has suffered losses of up to 130 Ukrainian troops, two armoured fighting vehicles, one Grad MLRS vehicle, and one Akatsiya self-propelled howitzer in this direction in the past 24 hours.
◽️ In Donetsk direction, aviation, artillery, and actions of the ‘Yug’ Group of Forces eliminutes over 340 Ukrainian troops mercenaries, two tanks, four infantry fighting vehicles, six armoured fighting vehicles, nine motor vehicles, one Uragan MLRS vehicle, and D-20 and D-30 howitzers.
◽️ In South Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, Army Aviation, artillery of the Vostok Group of Forces inflicted a fire damage on the AFU units close to Ugledar and Vladimorovka (Donetsk People’s Republic), and Malinovka and Shcherbaki (Zaporozhye region).

💥The total losses of the enemy in these directions have amounted to over 25 Ukrainian servicemen and two armoured fighting vehicles during the day.
💥 In Kherson direction, the fire damage has neutralised up to 25 Ukrainian troops, 11 motor vehicles, and three D-30 howitzers during the day.
💥 Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have neutralised 93 AFU artillery units at their firing positions, enemy manpower and hardware in 107 areas.

◽️ A self-propelled launcher of the Buk-M1 SAM system the Ukrainian Armed Forces was obliterated Grebennikovka (Sumy region).

💥 An ammunition depot of the 126th Territorial Defence Brigade was eliminated close to Olgovka (Kherson region).

💥 A fuel depot of the 126th Territorial Defence Brigade was neutralised close to Zaliznichnoye (Zaporozhye region).
💥 Russian air defence systems shot down one Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force near Temirovka (Zaporozhye region).

◽️ Moreover, one Grom-2 short-range missile, three HIMARS projectiles, and two Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted close to Novoandreevka and Zeleny Gai (Donetsk People’s Republic).

A War Map and the Situation on the Fronts in the Evening of 29 Mar 2023; pub. 00:05⚡️

🇺🇦 Defence Minister 404 threatens ( an imminent offensive, conducting a psychological operation rather than reporting the facts. Everyone has already heard about the dried up ground, and a possible offensive on several fronts is not news to anyone. Reznikov’s rant should appeal only to one thing – not to listen to the Kiev regime’s enablers, but to focus on intelligence data to uncover the enemy’s plan.

⚔️ Situation on the Fronts for the past Day

🔹#Svatovo – #Kremennaya Direction:

In the #Kupyansk sector, the AFU are setting up firing points and strongpoints in preparation for our offensive.
In the Krasny – #Liman sector, fighters of 144th Motorized Rifle Division are advancing on the #Torskoye – #Terny line.

🔹#Artyomovsk (#Bakhmut) Sector:

➖ Fighters of the Wagner PMC are stepping up the onslaught towards Orekhovo-Vasilyevka and #Bogdanovka.
➖ In #Artyomovsk, the “orchestrators” are already in 👉 full control ( of the Sobachevka and Budyonovka districts, and they also continue to break ( the militants in the area of the Northern Bet and Vodokanal.
➖ In addition, reports emerge of the storming of the district administration building.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

➖ The RF Armed Forces continue their gradual coverage of #Avdeyevka. To the north our forces are advancing on Ukrainian strongholds in the #Novobakhmutovka area.
➖ Also, after the clearing of #Kamenka, the control zone near the reservoir adjacent to the settlement is being expanded.
➖ Meanwhile, south(west) of #Avdeyevka, the Ukrainian armed forces are reinforcing positions and transferring reserves to #Severnoye.
➖Furthermore, Russian soldiers have cleared the blocks adjacent to Izmaylovsky pond in #Pervomayskoye, thus continuing the offensive in the area.

💡 For the Past 30 Years #Ukraine has been selling off Soviet weapons en masse, and now officials from Bankova have taken up smuggling Western “gifts”. It is a problem that is little spoken about today, and in the West they try not to mention it at all. On the one hand, Kiev understands the importance of military assistance, all the more so because it is the basis of the combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces. But Kiev also understands the whole market in which it is possible to make good money by lining the pockets of the leadership. Read more in our investigation (

Ukraine is preparing “active actions” that will bring victory closer – Zelensky warns of the upcoming offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The main thing from Zelensky’s evening address:
- emphasized that the war has been going on for 400 days;
- said that Ukraine is preparing the next steps, some “active actions” that will bring victory closer.

Dmitry Medvedev in response to a petition to provide Ukraine with nuclear weapons:
Some of the most active Natsiks in Kiev published a petition to their drug president about “resuming the nuclear status of Ukraine” with the possibility of placing and using foreign (NATO) nuclear weapons by Ukraine.

And what? Tanks and missiles are being delivered, aircraft are almost ready to be delivered. You look, and they will give up their nuclear weapons. No pity for good people. Moreover, Biden may not remember to whom he gave his suitcase with codes.

And how should our citizens respond to this pig-Bandera apocalyptic nonsense?
Perhaps in the form of a Russian petition for an immediate preemptive (preventive) use of Russian nuclear weapons in the event that a grandfather with dementia still presents his suitcase to a white powder lover.
Or inadvertently lose it during the next visit to Kiev. 

Nationalist Austrian MPs Snub Zelensky Parliament Address

Lawmakers from the pro-Russia, nationalist Freedom party walked out of the lower house of Austria’s parliament on Thursday during a speech by Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky, protesting that it violated Austria’s neutrality.

Austria says its neutrality prevents it from military involvement in the conflict and while it supports Ukraine politically it cannot send the country weapons in its fight against the Russian invasion.

“It is sad that the FPO is the only party in parliament that takes our ever-lasting neutrality seriously, thereby also standing up for peace,” the FPO leader, Herbert Kickl, had said in a statement on Tuesday.

Lawmakers who walked out of the chamber left small placards on their desks featuring the party logo and either “space for neutrality” or “space for peace”.

A London gallery wants to remove a picture of Van Eyck because of mass complaints about the similarity of the character to Putin.

The painting was painted, by the way, in 1434.

Well, we already knew that Putin was, is and will always be

Russia arrests Wall Street Journal reporter on suspicion of spying

White House Reacts To Russia Detaining Wall Street Journal Reporter, Reveals First Response

After the arrest of the WSJ journalist, US Secretary of State
called on the Americans remaining in Russia to “immediately leave” the country

The Daily Beast asks Prigogine:
“Good morning,
My name is Dan Ladden-Hall and I’m a journalist with The Daily Beast. I’m currently looking into reports that Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich has been detained in Yekaterinburg after writing about Wagner PMC.
Is Prigozhin aware of this arrest? If so, why was Gershkovich arrested? Please send any comment you wish to make to me at this address.
Evgeny Prigozhin:
“Dear Dan, I am not aware of the detention of Evan Gershkovich in Ekaterinburg. If you like, I can check the torture cellar in my house to see if he is there. Among the American journalists I keep there by the dozens, I haven’t seen him at first glance. I can, if you like, also look at fresh graves of foreign journalists in my backyard. But if I’m not mistaken, we didn’t bury him there either”.

American spy Evan Gershovich denies that he was engaged in espionage activities. The WSJ leadership says that his arrest is not justified.
At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that Gershovich had been caught red-handed, which means that in the next 24 hours there will be operational materials from the FSB confirming the fact that Gershovich was engaged in military-industrial espionage. Well, then according to the standard scheme – a trial, a sentence, a term, an exchange.

The wind of change. Some Western politicians and military experts express the opinion that Ukraine will not be able to emerge victorious from the current conflict, since the country is led by a tyrant who no longer hides that he is ready to sacrifice the lives of Ukrainian citizens in order to achieve his own political goals.

After Zelensky’s recent interview with the Corriere della Sera newspaper, in which he said that he could not allow the surrender of Artemovsk, since then he would be pushed to compromise with Moscow, he was criticized even by allies providing financial and military assistance.

According to ex-Pentagon adviser McGregor, at the moment Zelensky does not realize what kind of public catastrophe he has created. “The President of Ukraine has actually stated that he can sacrifice tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives. He needs such sacrifices in order to create the impression that Ukraine can still win,” the expert is sure.

The UK also reacted negatively to Zelensky’s words about the inadmissibility of a possible compromise with Russia. British experts believe that Zelensky’s revelations speak of his political defeat in Artemovsk. “Zelensky does not even try to announce how many people he had to kill in Bakhmut. Zelensky is only worried that he made a mistake in front of his superiors,” said expert Laura Ryder.

Church accused of Russia ties defies Kyiv eviction

The struggle for the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

🔹 ( Meaning. Lavra is the greatest shrine of Russian Orthodoxy. It is called the third inheritance of the Virgin. The monastery was founded under Yaroslav the Wise. Almost all the key events and personalities of our history are connected with it. The Lavra keeps many great shrines: from the most ancient icons of the Mother of God to the relics of Ilya Muromets
🔹What is Kyiv doing? By order of Zelensky, the task of forcibly transferring the Lavra to the schismatic Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), which was created under Poroshenko to fight the Russian Orthodox Church, is being completed
🔹What is OCU? An artificial organization created from Ukrainian priests who betrayed the Russian Orthodox Church. Independence was granted to them by the Patriarch of Constantinople, who is financed by the United States. In ordinary life, the OCU is completely controlled by Kiev: the priests bless the murders of Russians, they have been repeatedly seen with weapons on the front line, and they see their main task as destroying the Russian Orthodox Church and taking its place
🔹How will they pick up the Lavra? Under the pretext of breaking the agreement on the stay of an Orthodox monastery in the national park (the Lavra is located in a protected area), the Ukrainian authorities demand that the monks leave the Lavra. Those who transfer to the OCU are promised the opportunity to stay in the monastery
Will they use force? Kyiv will try to avoid violent clashes, as it is afraid of unrest among the parishioners. Bribery and blackmail methods are used to force a certain number of monks to join the OCU. The media actively discredit the abbot of the monastery. Danger threatens authoritative priests and social activists who may come out in defense of the Lavra. They can be isolated by force and even killed
🔹How is the Ukrainian Church protected? Badly. Initially, a negotiating scenario was chosen, which slowed Kiev down. For several years, an attack on the monastery was being prepared, traitors were being bought, forces were being formed ready to enter the Lavra in place of Orthodox priests. The ROC and the Ukrainian Church turned out to be unprepared for the fact that they would be obligated by force. Currently, the Church does not have the necessary resources to stop Zelensky’s lawlessness
🔹What will happen next with Lavra? Kyiv will transfer the monastery to the OCU. There will be demonstration services. The enemy is clearly trying to be in time for Easter. It is possible to try to hold two Easter services at once: according to the Orthodox and Catholic calendars. Then, depending on funding, anti-Russian work will begin from the position of the Lavra
🔹 And then what? Orthodoxy in Ukraine will be declared true only under the auspices of the OCU, other churches will be banned. On the basis of Ukraine, they will begin to prepare schismatic priests for the Baltic states and Belarus. The OCU will try to conclude an anti-Russian alliance with the Georgian and Armenian churches, and in case of refusal, it will start persecuting them with the support of the United States. In parallel, the process of merging with Catholicism will develop. Without changing the name, in the coming years, the schismatics of Kiev will begin the transition to the Catholic calendar, services in the Ukrainian language, and will also take the initiative to revise the pantheon of saints. Ushakov and Nikolai 2 will be outlawed, and Mazepa, on the contrary, will be elevated to the  highest rank

We are on the verge of a world religious war

Metropolitan Pavel, vicegerent of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, wrote down an appeal to Zelensky: Mr. President! I tell you and your pack that our tears will not fall to the ground, they will fall on your head. Do you think that, having come into power on our backs, you can do this? The Lord will not forgive you or your family!
Because today 220 brethren have been thrown out into the street. Because you were unable to receive Metropolitan Onufry of Kyiv with the Synod. You could not stop the Minister of Culture, who is obsessed with rage, anger and hatred, which means that he does everything with your permission. Woe to you! Be afraid!

Having desecrated the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, President Zelensky himself declared a holy war, Ukrainian opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk said .

“Kyiv is historically called the second Jerusalem, and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra for the Orthodox is the same as the Vatican for Catholics or Mecca for Muslims,” he said.

Now the task of every Orthodox person will be to return the Orthodox monastery and save Kyiv from desecration, Medvedchuk believes. In connection with these events, the politician asked himself the question: “Zelensky is a madman or a provocateur?”

TRUMP: Calling Russia a “gas station with a bunch of nuclear weapons” and calling Putin “an authoritarian gas station with a legacy of nuclear weapons from the old Soviet Union” is exactly the kind of simple-minded thinking that led to decades of failed diplomacy and eventually war. And what will this war lead to?

Under my administration, we have been tough on Russia, tougher than under any other administration, but we have also shown respect for Russia and the Russian people. We have demonstrated an understanding of Russian history and the fact that Russia lost more than 20 million lives in World War II. They fought alongside us. Such neoconservative rhetoric mocking Russia’s nuclear weapons and hints that Putin should be tried and presumably executed as a war criminal only increase the likelihood of a deadly nuclear escalation.

Ukrainians Will Die Of Cringe As Mark Hamill Lends Voice to Air Raid Sirens


Ukraine Update, US F-35 Fleet, Erdogan Talks Peace, US Top LNG Exporter, Russian External Debt..


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