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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on June 03 2023

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NATO’s war on Russia has failed

RUSSIA IS SICK OF WAITING – LAUNCHES ITS OWN OFFENSIVE; Ukraine tries to warn them back w counters

Zelensky on Counteroffensive: ‘We Are Ready to Do It’

‘They Are Scared Of Russia’: Zelensky attacks US-led NATO; Ukraine fumes over delay in membership

Alarm all over the square.

The Russian army delivers a combined (using missiles and UAVs) strike against targets throughout Ukraine.

Repeated explosions in Kyiv and the region. Strategic aviation operates with cruise missiles.

Explosions thundered in the center of the Kirovograd region, the city of Kirovograd (Kropyvnytskyi).

Repeated explosions in the Sumy region.

It is reported that a target was hit in the Umansky district of the Cherkasy region.

The Russian army is launching a combined (using missiles and UAVs) strike against targets throughout Ukraine.

It is reported that the target was hit in the Umansky district of the Cherkasy region

Explosions are heard in the Duma and Dnipropetrovsk regions

Sounds of a powerful explosion in Kropyvnytskyi , Kirovograd region


“It is difficult to imagine a more transparent demand to go on the attack from the partners”

One of the Ukrainian TV channels commented on the words of White House spokesman John Kirby, who said that the United States “met all the needs of Ukraine for a counteroffensive” and “did everything they could.”

“This means that there will be no large supplies affecting the course of the future counteroffensive. Accordingly, the delay now means a negative trend in the provision of the AFU. After all, every day the army suffers losses. It is difficult to imagine a more transparent demand to go on the attack from partners,” Ukrainian journalists believe.  

Zelensky explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not launching an offensive.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the president said that Ukraine needs at least 50 Patriot air defense batteries to protect both the largest cities and the battle formations of advancing formations from air threats.

And now some arithmetic. According to open source data, a Patriot SAM battery (fire control command post, radar, up to eight launchers of four missiles each) costs about $1.1 billion: $400 million for the system itself and $690 million for the ammunition load. Thus, Zelensky’s Wishlist is estimated at $55 billion.

Yes, NATO has a lot of both the Patriots themselves and anti-aircraft missiles for them. However, 50 batteries is an unbearable task even for the huge American defense industry. Deliveries of this equipment in such volumes will inevitably lead to the fact that Western countries will have to “bare” the radar field over their own territory.

NATO’s resolve may also be affected by the latest successful strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces on Patriot positions in Kyiv. According to unconfirmed reports, it was possible to hit all three batteries in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Given that the “Patriot” is an extremely sought-after product on the international arms market, it is difficult to come up with a worse advertisement for it.

Well, of course, it’s not bad to want …

The officer on duty at the Armory @sashakots is Corporal Gashetkin

 Zelensky said Ukraine was ready to launch a counter-offensive – but he noted that it could take “some time”

 The President of Ukraine, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, said that the country is ready to launch a counteroffensive, noting that “it could take some time and be costly.” At the same time, he hinted that everything could turn out not in favor of Kyiv, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine “are going to do it and are ready.”

However, this is not the first announcement of a Ukrainian counteroffensive. Earlier, a video with a loud call to “return everything that is ours” was published by the “resurrected” Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny. So far, Ukraine is only conducting a media counteroffensive with the help of RDK-Tiktokers who are trying to attack the borders of the Belgorod region.

The first Wagner units, which have been resting and trained for a long time, will soon arrive in the Belgorod region.

“If the Ministry of Defense does not stop the lawlessness that will conquer the territories of the Russian Federation in the near future, we will come to the Belgorod region and protect our Russian people.”
“I emphasize we will protect our people: Russians, Dagestanis, Chechens and ethnic Ukrainians.

We will not wait for an invitation and ask for permission. The only thing is that we will need ammunition, without them there is no point in coming.”

- Yevgeny Prigozhin

The founder of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin said that he had phoned the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. According to him, they agreed to “release the conflict on the brakes.”

Belgorod Region, Governor: In the past day:

In Belgorod, in the area of residential buildings, an UAV fell on the lawn, followed by an explosion. There are two victims. One man with a suspected concussion was taken to the hospital, the second man with minor bruises refused hospitalization. One car, windows in 9 apartments of MKD and 3 window openings in retail premises were damaged.

13 arrivals were recorded in the Belgorod region. 7 artillery shells were fired at the village of Nechaevka. There were no casualties. Power line damaged. The village of Shchetinovka was fired from cannon artillery – a total of 6 shells were fired. Nobody was hurt, there was no damage.

In the Borisov region, two mortar shells were fired at the outskirts of the village of Bogun-Gorodok. As a result, one person was injured – a resident of the Grayvoron urban district. All necessary medical assistance was provided. The victim’s vehicle was also damaged. There are no other damages.

4 mortar shells were fired at the village of Novopetrovka in the Valuysky city district. As a result, there are two victims, all necessary medical assistance has been provided. On the territory of the village, 4 private households were damaged: windows were broken, facades and roofs were cut, and damage of various levels was found in 4 administrative and 1 agricultural buildings.

Stary farm was fired at with a mortar in the Volokonovsky district. A total of 19 shells were fired. There were no casualties or damage.

65 arrivals were recorded in the Grayvoron district. 27 mortar shells were fired at the outskirts of the village of Kozinka. There were no casualties. There is destruction of two private households. There were 32 mortar shells in the village of Glotovo. There were no casualties or damage. 4 and 2 mortar shells were fired at the villages of Rozhdestvenka and Mokraya Orlovka, respectively. Nobody was hurt, there was no damage.

In the Krasnoyarzhsky district, the village of Grafovka came under artillery fire – 3 arrivals were recorded. There were no casualties. Shrapnel damaged the fences of two households. Also, the villages of Repyahovka and Vyazovoe were fired from artillery – 3 and 1 arrivals were recorded, respectively. Nobody was hurt, there was no damage.

850 units of various ammunition were fired in the Shebekinsky urban district. There are no dead. Unfortunately, 4 more people were added to the 12 victims earlier. All were taken to the city hospital No. 2 of Belgorod, where doctors provide them with all the necessary medical care. The number of destroyed and damaged households and cars is being specified. 3 administrative buildings, a hostel, 10 enterprises and commercial facilities were damaged. There is no electricity or water supply in the city.

Two Majors

According to some Russian sources, Russian troops are storming whats left of Marynka this evening.

My source also confirms this for me.

In the Kupyansk direction, our Army crossed the Oskol River and takes Kupyansk in pincers from the north and south.

In these minutes, a large-scale offensive is underway, the enemy is retreating.

According to preliminary information, the enemy had been preparing for the abandonment of the city for a long time, and for more than a week, all administrative buildings and personnel had left the city and relocated to Balakleya.

Positional battles on the Svatove sector of the front: advance to the west of Kuzemovka

 In the Svatove sector, Russian fighters recently attacked the positions of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade of the AFU in Novoselovsky. During the ensuing battle, the Russian Armed Forces were able to occupy several houses in the village. But the reinforcements of the AFU arrived in time, as well as active fire support, forced the military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces to retreat to their original positions in Kuzemovka.

▪️ In another area north of Kuzemivka, Russian reconnaissance groups pushed Ukrainian formations out of positions near the railroad, gaining an important foothold on the opposite side of the railroad siding.

▪️ Assault groups of the 92nd brigade of the AFU tried to counterattack from the area of Berestovoye in the direction of Kuzemivka, but the attack was repulsed and the Ukrainian formations were forced to retreat.

🔻Currently, the line of contact for the most part runs along the railway. Kuzemovka is under the control of Russian troops. Having taken an important height at the bend of the railway line, the Russian Armed Forces created a springboard for further movement to Novoselovskoye.

The settlement, unlike Kuzemovka, is located on a hill, which complicates its assault. In this case, it is more promising to attack from the flanks, using the advantage in relief.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have struck the territory of the Berdyansk seaport.

According to preliminary information, three to six Storm Shadow missiles struck the city. According to some reports, four people were injured in the strike, while damage was avoided. An air defence system was triggered.

Judging by the footage that appeared on the net, the missile or its debris fell on a construction site on the port territory, 150 metres from the Berdyansk Sea Port’s Grain Terminal.

Chechens Storm Mar’inka | Back & Forth By Krasnohorivka

Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (3 June 2023)⚡️

The RF Armed Forces continue the special military operation.

💥 In Kupyansk direction, aviation, artillery, and heavy flamethrowers of the Zapad Group of Forces inflicted fire damage on the AFU units close to Dvurechnoye, Krakhmalnoye, Berestovoye (Kharkov region), and Novoselovskoye (LPR).

◽️ In addition, actions of 2 AFU SRGs were thwarted near Sinkovka and Timkovka (Kharkov region).

💥 During the day, up to 90 troops, 1 tank, 1 motor vehicle, and 2 Grad MLRS vehicles have been destroyed in this area.

💥 In Krasny Liman direction, Operational-Tactical and Army aviation and artillery of the Tsentr Group of Forces engaged the AFU units close to Nevskoye, Chervonaya Dibrova (LPR), and Grigorovka (DPR).

◽️ 1 AFU SRG has been disabled close to Kuzmino (LPR).

◽️ Up to 85 troops, 2 pickup trucks, Gvozdika and Akatsiya self-propelled artillery systems, as well as D-20 and D-30 howitzers have been eliminated.

💥 1 ammunition depot of the AFU’s 67th Mechanised Brigade has been hit close to Serebryanka (DPR).
💥 In Donetsk direction, the fiercest battles are conducted by assault groups of the Akhmat special unit in the central part of Maryinka, as well as units of the 1st Army Corps near Avdeyevka (DPR).

◽️ Operational-Tactical and Army aviation and artillery of the Yug Group of Forces have inflicted a fire damage on the AFU units close to Lastochkino, Khimik, Tonenkoye, and Pobeda (DPR).

◽️ The Russian aviation have made 4 sorties in this area during the day. The Group’s artillery have performed 42 firing missions.

💥 Over 220 troops, 1 tank, 1 AFVs, 3 motor vehicles, Msta-B and D-30 howitzers, and 1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery unit have been eliminated in this direction during the day.

💥 Moreover, 1 ammunition depot of the AFU’s 60th Mechanised Brigade has been hit close to Otradnoye (DPR).

💥 In South Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, aviation and artillery of the Vostok Group of Forces inflicted fire damage on AFU units close to Pavlovka (DPR), and Stepovoye, Chervonoye, Malaya Tokmachka, and Kamenskoye (Zaporozhye region).

◽️ Up to 145 troops, 1 tank, 1 AFV, 13 motor vehicles, 1 Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery system, 2 D-30 howitzers, 1 Msta-B howitzer, and 1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery unit have been eliminated in these directions during the day.

💥 In Kherson direction, up to 45 troops, 2 pickup trucks, and 1 Akatsiya self-propelled artillery system have been destroyed over the past 24 hours.

◽️ 1 ammunition depot of the AFU’s 126th Territorial Defence Brigade has been obliterated close to Veseloye (DPR).

💥 Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Group of Forces have engaged 87 AFU artillery units, manpower and hardware in 96 areas during the day.

◽️ A field camp of a Ukrainian nationalist group was hit near Staraya Pokrovka (Kharkov region).

◽️ A command and observation post of the AFU’s 24th Mechanised Brigade was eliminated close to Toretsk (DPR).

💥 Air defence facilities have shot down 1 Su-27 airplane of Ukrainian Air Force near Koptevo (DPR).

◽️ 1 Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter has been shot down near Razdolovka (DPR).

◽️ In addition, 2 Storm Shadow cruise missiles and 7 HIMARS projectiles have been intercepted.

◽️ Moreover, 16 AFU UAVs have been shot down close to Olshana (Kharkov region), Kremennaya, Pilipovka (LPR), Dmitrovka, Kirillovka (DPR), Staraya Balka, Peremozhnoye (Zaporozhye region), and Golaya Pristan (Kherson region).

Chronicles of the special military operation for June 3, 2023

 Throughout the day, the AFU carried out strikes on the settlements of the Belgorod region: civilian objects were damaged, two women were killed, and at least two more people received shrapnel wounds.

However, compared to previous days, the intensity of enemy shelling of border areas has significantly decreased.

At the same time, Ukrainian formations again tried to strike at Berdyansk and Melitopol in the Zaporizhia region, but thanks to the well-coordinated work of air defense, casualties and significant damage were avoided.

The situation on the fronts has not undergone significant changes: artillery duels and mutual reconnaissance continue along the entire line of contact. At the same time, the other day, Russian units advanced west of Kuzemovka on the Svatovsky site.

Military Expert Boris Rozhin on the Situation in the Zone of the RF Armed Forces’ Special Military Operation as of 15:50 Moscow Time on 3 Jun 2023⚡️

🔹1. After the defeat in the #Artyomovsk battle and the failure of the 10-31 May counterstrikes, the AFU command effectively halted attempts to “encircle #Artyomovsk” by stabilizing the front that had formed by the end of the battle.
➖ The enemy is reinforcing the Ray-Aleksandrovka – Chasov Yar – #Konstantinovka line, as well as reinforcing the #Krasnoye garrison, expecting an imminent attack by the RF Armed Forces after the rotation of forces in #Artyomovsk is completed by 5 June.
➖ For now, there is localized fighting on the front to the northwest and southwest of #Artyomovsk. There is no decisive assault on #Khromovo yet.
➖ Both sides are rotating and replenishing available forces.

🔹2. In the Donetsk direction, the RF Armed Forces have made some tactical advances north of #Avdeyevka and in #Maryinka.
➖ Probably, they will try to put the squeeze on #Maryinka in the next month.
➖ As for #Avdeyevka, the enemy does not allow an offensive to the west of #Krasnogorovka, making it difficult for our troops to advance in the direction of #Orlovka. A direct assault on #Avdeyevka still seems a rather dubious option.

🔹3. In the #Ugledar section, positional fighting continues. The enemy periodically probes the frontline of our troops, keeping open the possibility of more ambitious attacks in the direction of #Pavlovka and #Nikolskoye.
➖ After the unsuccessful assault on #Ugledar in February-March 2023, the RF Armed Forces have switched to defensive actions there.

🔹4. In the #Zaporozhye direction – no change. Positional battles + mutual strikes in depth against various military facilities.
➖ Our troops regularly treat the right bank of the #Dnieper to hamper the enemy’s activities related to the preparation of landings on the left bank – mainly hitting targets in #Kherson and #Berislav.

🔹5. In the #Svatovo and #Kupyansk directions our troops now hold the initiative, advancing in the wooded area to the west of #Kremennaya and fighting in the area of #Makeyevka and #Nikolskoye to the west of the #Svatovo #Kremennaya road.
➖ The enemy had all but abandoned its attempts to break through to #Chervonopopovka.
➖ In the #Kupyansk area our troops are fighting near #Dvurechnaya and #Sinkovka.
➖ Claims that our troops are within 1.5 km of the outskirts of #Kupyansk are somewhat ahead of events. In order to reach the outskirts of #Kupyansk, #Sinkovka and the forest area to the west of it must be completely cleared.

🔹6. On the border with #Belgorod region, the enemy continues shelling and various demonstration activities without a serious increase in the workload of the operation, which is obviously of an information-psychological nature.
➖ To reduce the intensity of shelling in the region it is certainly necessary to occupy the northern areas of the #Kharkov and #Sumy regions, but, of course, not to the detriment of the main directions.

Boris Rozhin specially for Voenkor Kotenok Z

Special Operation, 3 Jun 2023, Main; pub. 21:52⚡️

▪️ #Indonesia’s defence minister has proposed a demilitarised zone, modelled on the one set up between South Korea and North Korea, to resolve the conflict in #Ukraine;

▪️ Russian source said Indonesian ideas have elements of the #Minsk agreements, which Kiev sabotaged with Western backing;

▪️ Ukrainian defence ministry rejected Indonesian plan;

▪️ Russian aviation has hit the command post of Ukraine’s 81st Airmobile Brigade near #Seversk, the Ministry of Defence (Mod) said;

▪️ Special Forces units of the Russian “southern” group of troops destroyed a stronghold and four groups of Ukrainian infantry, MoD said;

▪️ MoD also said that Russian air defence shot down Ukrainian Su-27s, Mi-8s and 16 drones;

▪️ Up to 145 Ukrainian servicemen were destroyed in the #SouthDonetsk and #Zaporozhye directions, up to 90 Ukrainian servicemen in the #Kupyansk direction, up to 85 Ukrainian servicemen in the Krasny #Liman direction, over 220 Ukrainian servicemen in the #Donetsk direction and up to 45 Ukrainian servicemen in the #Kherson direction overnight, MoD said;

▪️ AFU shelling of settlements in the #Shebekinsky urban district of the #Belgorod region all Saturday, 2 people killed and 2 injured, Gladkov said, with a total of 371 rounds fired at the district overnight.

War Map and the Situation on the Fronts on the Evening of 3 Jun 2023; pub. 00:05⚡️

👠 The AFU are once again deliberately shelling ( civilians. This time the terrorists targeted #Gorlovka, where they fired about 30 rockets from MLRSs. There are casualties and emergency services are working on the site.

⚔️ The Situation on the Fronts over the past Day:

🔹#Svatovo – #Kremennaya Direction:

▪️ In the #Kupyansk sector, the Russian army is fighting in the area of #Sinkovka and #Dvurechnaya. Heavy fighting is also taking place in #Novoselovskoye.
➖ Near #Kremennaya, ours are advancing in the wooded area fighting west of the road to #Svatovo.
➖ In addition, the Russian army is advancing in #Belogorovka and #Spornoye.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

➖ In the #Avdeyevka sector, there are no particular changes during the day.
➖ In #Maryinka, the storming of AFU positions on the western outskirts continues, but ours have successes in the northern part of the city.

💥 Air Defence Forces destroyed an Ukrainian Su-27 near #Koptevo in the DPR. Also, an Mi-8 of Ukrainian Air Force was shot down near #Razdolovka.

🇷🇺 Today 24 Fighters of the Russian army returned home ( Members of the Southern Group of Forces were released from Ukrainian captivity. And some of them had been in it for at least a year. All the fighters are in a stable condition and will receive all necessary assistance.

Yesterday’s summit in Chisinau was practically not remembered for anything special, despite the artificially inflated hype: not a single significant result, at least publicly, has been achieved.

At the same time, something else happened behind the political events: for the first time, a British reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W operated over the country’s territory. And at the very borders, the American RC-135V and RQ-4B , as well as the E-3A ( AWACS of the NATO Air Force, worked.

Officially, it was said about ensuring the security of the summit, but against the backdrop of the ongoing Air Bastion exercise, as well as the transfer of armored vehicles to Moldova, this looks very interesting.

In addition, two Polish transporters C-130 and four C295 made six flights  to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of Poland, Mariusz Kaminski , weapons and ammunition were delivered to the Moldovan police.

It is curious that for more than a year specialists from NATO countries, including SOF servicemen, have been on the territory of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova. During all this time, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Moldova are being trained.

And, given the increasingly belligerent statements from both the Sandu and Zelenskiy administrations, the purpose of this training with Western representatives is clear.

Two Majors

Russian rocket roar wipes out Ukrainian arms units; Over 360 Kyiv fighters eliminated in a day

Top Russian propagandist says foreigners are joining the fight

Russia has Perfected its Infernal Weapons┃NATO’s Nightmare TOS-1A became More Deadly and Destructive


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