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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on June 08 2023

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UKRAINES SUPERWEAPON FAILING | Summer Offensive Update 08/06/23

Ukraine Lost a Leopard 2 Tank?! First loss of a Leopard 2 tank…


The enemy is attacking. Three columns of 7-10 infantry fighting vehicles. Our artillery is firing.
I know the initial statistics, but the Ministry of Defense will give general results tomorrow. It is certain that tangible damage was inflicted on the columns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the first minutes. The fight continues.

Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu stated  that today at 1.30 a.m. in Zaporozhye direction, the enemy made an attempt to break through Russia’s defence by forces of the 47th Mechanised Brigade numbering up to 1,500 men and 150 armoured vehicles. The enemy was stopped and driven back with heavy losses.

Yesterday on  7 June 2023, the enemy lost 945 troops, 33 tanks, 28 infantry fighting vehicles, 38 armoured fighting vehicles, three Krab self-propelled artillery systems, and other armament.

10 conclusions after the start of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zaporozhye:

1. The enemy approached the offensive with not the resources he had counted on. Attacks on warehouses with ammunition for Western types of weapons (Khmelnitsky, Nikolaev, Odessa region, etc.) did not nullify, but seriously battered the potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the result for the NATO summit in Vilnius should be shown.

2. In order not to miscalculate, Kyiv, with the very first echelon, threw French wheeled tanks into battle, and German Leopards and even the German Iris-T air defense system pulled up to the front end. On the one hand, to cover the offensive orders, on the other, to ambush our aircraft.

3. The first three days of the offensive for Ukraine ended in nothing. Due to the continuous mining of the fields, the enemy equipment was forced to march along the roads in columns, exposing itself to the blows of our artillery and aviation. Temporary successes in the South-Donetsk direction were leveled by the fighters of the OBTF “Cascade”. In order to urgently divert attention from failures at the front, Kiev undermines the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, counting on a pause, according to the scenario of the Malaysian Boeing.

4. The scenario does not enter and Kiev again goes on the attack on Zaporozhye. With blitzkrieg, too, clearly did not work out. The enemy expected that he would destroy our logistics and headquarters, and then, at the sight of the first Leopards, we would run headlong.

5. But we did not lose control of the troops – everything is in its place. There is no disorganization within the units either – we are giving a powerful rebuff. Despite the fact that Kiev throws its prepared reserves into battle.
Ours adequately meet the first wave of the offensive. Yes, with losses, but without fuss and confusion. Inflicting a large-scale fire defeat on selected enemy formations. Including destroying the radar of the vaunted German Iris-T air defense system.

6. Of course, this is only the beginning of Kyiv’s offensive. It comes in waves, almost without a break. It is especially difficult for our guys in the Orekhovsky direction. The enemy is trying to break through our positions in order to reach Tokmak and Pologi.
But both the mining of the fields and the layered defense worked, when you can retreat to more advantageous positions without losing strategic territory. Yes, it’s hard. But these days our army shows how to fight for our land, for every piece of it. Against all odds. Like 80 years ago. Handsome!

7. The enemy in this case suffers serious losses both in manpower and in equipment. From radio intercepts, it is clear that some units are already refusing to move forward, having received in the teeth. It is not enough to gather a crowd of people during the mobilization and teach them how to handle overseas equipment. Still, without serious offensive experience, it is difficult to fight against our units, which have been sitting on the defensive in these areas for almost a year.

8. In the Ukrainian media – solidarity silence about what is happening. But there is Zelensky taken out of the snuffbox, walking around the flooded Kherson. The Washington Post takes the rap for independent journalists: “It’s very difficult on the battlefield. Our artillery and aviation are working, but the Russians are also working. It is difficult for us and for them. The armed forces are advancing. But not as fast as we would like, ”the American edition quotes a soldier from one of the brigades.

9. The unprecedented activity of the enemy is also noted by our fighters. “They are having some kind of rocket day,” an officer from the Zaporozhye Front shared with me. – For the first time ever such a massive application. Neighbors were hit with HIMARS missiles right in the trenches. And not sorry? Nothing, we stand, hold on, answer. Aviation works great both day and night.” 

At the positions, they note that they are preparing to repel more massive attacks, which will most likely follow in the second wave of the offensive.

10. Official Kiev refuses, stating that it has not started any offensive yet. In the meantime, in Telegram, in urban Ukrainian channels, an announcement is being made today about the urgent collection of donor blood – in Krivoy Rog, Kharkov, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Nikolaev, Cherkassy, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk … Alexander Kots

The enemy has not yet thrown tank wedges into battle: a serious threat of a powerful offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine remains

This was stated by Dmitry Rogozin, who is at the front with a group of military advisers.

“I do not share the joyful reports about the “defeat of the enemy”.
Yes, we repulsed the first attack. Yes, well done.

But the enemy has not yet introduced the main forces of the breakthrough, primarily large tank wedges, has not driven them into our forward positions. And they are only in the vicinity of Orekhov in the most tank-dangerous direction – about 600 tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not counting the infantry fighting vehicles.

Therefore, it is too early to rejoice, gentlemen. First, let’s win, and only then we will “throw caps into the air.”


Russian rockets and “Geranki” flew to Ukraine⚡️ – explosions thundered in the Kirovograd and Kharkov regions

 Eyewitnesses report massive rocket attacks on the territory of Ukraine. Explosions thundered in the Kirovograd region. The probable target was warehouses with ammunition and equipment, as well as air defense systems.

Russian missiles were seen over the part of the Zaporozhye region occupied by Ukraine, as well as over the Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr regions.

In the Kharkiv region, local residents write about the arrivals of Russian “Geranek”⚡️ at the locations of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, explosions are heard in the region, the glow of a fire is visible.

Calibers slammed through a large ammunition depot in the city of Uman, Cherkasy region, for about an hour there has been a secondary detonation and scattering of ammunition over the area.

There are actually two questions: are there shells with depleted uranium and in which direction is the wind today?

”The situation [in Zaporozhye direction] is unchanged. ( The front line is after us. The enemy[AFU] is unable to break through. There are fights.” – war correspondent Aleksander Sladkov

from 2 o’clock in the morning, the VSU has been continuously getting hit in the teeth in its advertised large-scale offensive – dozens of burned tanks and hundreds of destroyed soldiers from the elite formations of Ukraine. it is obvious that everything is only gaining momentum, the enemy will soon bring up even more infantry and equipment (9 and 10 artillery tanks are still in reserve) and our fighters will have to withstand more massive waves of attacks. but at least the psychological advantage is now definitely on our side.

and this is very important for the fighters in the trenches – to see that all the Western goods accumulated by the enemy are burning in the same way as any equipment. check the reliability of the fortifications of the new defense lines, which today worked as they should. for example, our fighters in N. p. the pubic retreated to previously prepared positions, launched the enemy into the lowland, unwound artillery and returned the lines.

and in s. Novodonetsk, most of which had been taken by the Armed Forces the day before, our guys generally seized the initiative and regained full control over the village in shooting battles.

It will be difficult for the enemy morally now. Russians do not run at the first shots, as they promised in the propaganda, and new rolls will need to be made in a natural cemetery from hundreds of bodies of previous Ukrainian attack aircraft. at the same time, all the trump cards – both French and German technology – Kyiv for some reason abandoned on the very first day, it remains only to debunk the cult of the “Abrams”.

of course, what handsome men our warriors are, who stand on the lines – the units act in a coordinated manner. aviation and artillery work accurately. and the fighters in the first line of trenches, despite the fact that the enemy does not spare even expensive “Hymars” on them, steadfastly hold on and take battles one after another when the advancing enemy formations come closer.

our army today shows how to fight for our land and for our people

The White House said that the losses of Ukrainian forces were expected

White House spokesman John Kirby called the expected losses of Ukrainian forces in offensive operations and promised them all the necessary support from the United States and its fifty allies.

In an interview with CNN, the coordinator of strategic communications at the National Security Council was asked to comment on the reports about the “heavy losses” of Ukrainians in manpower and American weapons.

“Of course, we can expect losses in these intensified battles. We intend to focus on the fact that if, when and how President Zelensky wants to fight along this line or any other, he will receive all the necessary support not only from the United States, but also from our 50 partners,” Kirby replied.

Zelensky is well aware that no Ukrainian counteroffensive will succeed. And the Americans are well aware. And now these Ukrainians in German Leopards are burning down only so that by autumn without losing face, the White House, they could simply publicly admit the obvious.

 There is no chance for the Kiev regime to return the lost territories by military means. These Ukrainian corpses they are laid out  on the line of contact to satisfy their needs. That’s really the red line. A bloody one. Valentin Bogdanov 


Enemy Advances on #Zaporozhye Front: Heavy Fighting at Positions of Heroic Company from 291st Regiment does not stop⚡️

▪️ The armored fist of the AFU has been trying for 12 hours to break through the defenses of our troops near the town of #Orekhov in the area of #Rabotino – #Verbovoye.

▪️ The AFU armoured groups are attacking the junction between two company strongholds, having managed to take only one height 178.2 in half a day of fighting.

▪️ Our fighters of the heroic company of the 291st Regiment withdrew from the front line of trenches to reserve positions under heavy pressure, these trenches the enemy was continuously pounding for another 3 hours before the offensive with all kinds of weapons.
▪️ The soldiers of the company of the 291st Regiment, with the support of neighbors from the 70th Regiment, intelligence soldiers of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division and 22nd Special Forces Brigade, are holding the next support, this maneuver was planned in advance to deter just such a powerful offensive, the enemy broke off his teeth on the first support for many hours and now is breaking them on the second one.

☠️ According to preliminary reports, the AFU has already lost up to 16 tanks and 15 other vehicles.

▪️ Support is breaking through to our guys from neighbouring areas.

▪️ The heavy fighting has not stopped for many hours, artillery from both sides is not silent.

Boris Rozhin

Chronicle of the Fighting in the #Orekhov Section for 8 June 2023⚡️

🗓 Practically since midnight, Ukrainian formations have been trying to break through the defences of the 70th and 291st Regiments of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division and the 22nd Special Forces Brigade of the RF Armed Forces at the #Rabotino – #Verbovoye line.

During all this time, the AFU was only able to advance a little, occupying a tactical height at the line. As a result, AFU units lost more than 40 armoured vehicles, including several Leopard 2A4 tanks.

Thanks to a well-built defence and mining of the approaches, most Ukrainian mechanized units were not even able to approach the first line of the Russian army.

The fighting south of Malaya Tokmachka involved forces of the 65th Mechanized Brigade as well as the new 47th Mechanized Brigade of the 9th Army Corps. To complicate the supply of the RF Armed Forces grouping, the Ukrainian formations began to mine the tracks with DM-31 magnetic mines.

📌 The only area where the AFU has been able to advance is #Lobkove. The enemy remains present there, from where assault groups of 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigadeare attempting to attack the RF Armed Forces’ positions near the village of #Zherebyanki.

At the moment, the AFU has suffered huge losses in personnel and equipment, but the AFU grouping still has combat-ready reserves, including formations of the 9th and 10th Army Corps, as well as landing formations as part of the Maroon tactical group.


Destruction of AFU Column with Leopard 2 Tanks⚡️

🗓 Today (8 Jun 2023), footage ( of the repulsion of yesterday’s enemy attack in the #Zaporozhye direction has appeared on the web. A convoy of about 10 tanks, APCs and IFVs attacked Russian positions at the #Rabotino – #Verbovoye line from the direction of Malaya Tokmachka, but was stopped by RF Armed Forces fire.

💥 Some of the vehicles were blown up on mines and abandoned by their crews. Others came under artillery and ATGM fire in the wooded areas along country roads and in the fields.

47.496465, 35.932047
47.500864, 35.931843

🇩🇪 However, yesterday’s unsuccessful attack by the AFU is particularly noteworthy in that it involved at least 2 German Leopard 2A4 tanks. This is the first objective evidence of combat use of this type of vehicles by Ukrainian formations.

📌 The quality of the UAV photos makes it impossible to determine whether they were destroyed or damaged. However, some of the images show the tanks standing in the field side by side with other mined vehicles: with a certain probability at least one of the Leopards was indeed taken out of action.

MAJOR Flooding in Kherson, Russia Retakes Novodonetske

Zelensky visits Kherson

Putin warns after ‘barbaric’ dam attack; Russia wipes out 93 Ukrainian units

Destruction of #Kakhovskaya HPP – Situation at the End of 8 June 2023⚡️

▪️ The situation in #Kherson Oblast following the explosion of the #Kakhovskaya HPP is still dire. More than 600 km² of land is flooded on both banks of the #Dnieper, with almost 70% of it on Russian territory.

The most difficult situation remains in #Alyoshki, Golaya Pristan, #Korsunka and other downstream settlements.

Nevertheless, hydrologists believe that the water should finally decrease slowly over the next few days.

▪️ At the moment five dead and more than 60 injured residents are known. Some 20,000 people are still stranded in the disaster zone.

▪️ The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations continues to work in the flooded area – rescuers say more than 14,000 homes have been flooded and 4,000 residents have been evacuated. About seven hundred rescuers and two hundred pieces of equipment are involved in the work.

The victims will be paid compensation starting from 12 June.

▪️ Rospotrebnadzor believes that the samples of drinking water taken after the disaster in #Kherson region still meet the norms. Sanitary and epidemiological situation in the region has been monitored.

▪️ The Federation Council demands an investigation into the terrorist act at the #Kakhovskaya HPP. The situation is also under the control of Russian President Vladimir Putin and regional head Saldo.

📌 The Ukrainian authorities rejected a proposal by Turkish President Recep Erdogan to convene an international commission to investigate the circumstances of the destruction of the hydropower plant.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called it “a giveaway game with #Russia”.

▪️ The Ukrainian part of #Kherson oblast was visited by Zelensky as recently as yesterday – the video was published today. Meanwhile, in #Kherson itself the water level has reached the level of trolleybus wires in some areas.


 #Chronicle of the Special Military Operation for 8 June 2023⚡️

🔹 Since the very night, Ukrainian formations have been trying to break through the defense line of the RF Armed Forces in the #Orekhov section. Thanks to the competent actions of the defenders and the advantage in the air, the AFU units lost more than 40 armored vehicles, including at least four Leopard 2A4 tanks.

🔹 Despite the failure of the Ukrainian offensive, it is too early to relax: the enemy is just beginning to attack seriously in the #Zaporozhye direction. In addition, a blow should be expected in other sectors of the front.

🔹 After the undermining by the Ukrainian side of the #Kakhovskaya HPP In the #Kherson region, a difficult situation persists, the Russian left bank of the #Dnieper suffered the most. The most difficult situation persists in #Alyoshki, Golaya Pristan and #Korsunka.

🔹 In the evening, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a missile strike on the location of the AFU in Uman in the Cherkasy region. According to preliminary information, one of the affected targets was the Ukrainian S-300 air defense system.

War Map and the Situation on the Fronts in the Evening of 8 Jun 2023; pub. 00:14⚡️

🇺🇦 The extremely active but pointless offensive actions of the AFU can be interpreted either as an ordinary diversionary manoeuvre or as a failed 404 attempt to launch a “great offensive”. In any case, the result was such a failure for the AFU that it is hard to believe it. But the “German cats” burning in the steppes dispelled ( all doubts. The heavy expensive ( #NATO equipment was simply blown up on mines and burned after the fire of ATGMs. But do not rejoice too soon, because our task is not only to hold back the onslaught in #Zaporozhye, but also to prevent ( enemy success in other parts of the front.

⚔️ The Situation on the Fronts over the past Day:

🔹#Artyomovsk (#Bakhmut) Sector:

▪️ The AFU are crushing ours near #Berkhovka, as well as advancing near the E40 highway. Heavy fighting is taking place near #Kleshchiyevka.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

➖ In the #Avdeyevka sector, the militants have managed to advance near #Vodyanoye, with parallel counterattacks near #Opytnoye.
➖ In #Maryinka, the Russian army continues to storm the western outskirts.

🔹#Zaporozhye Direction:

▪️ The AFU attempted ( to launch an offensive in the strip between Malaya Tokmachka, but failed to break through the front, the militants’ burnt-out armoured vehicles being direct proof of this. The enemy also attacked near #Neskuchnoye, was ambushed and retreated, suffering losses. At night the militants unsuccessfully advanced towards #Lobkovoye and #Vasilyevka.

Ukraine Front Update [8 June 2023]

Special Operation, 8 Jun 2023, Main; pub. 22:37⚡️

▪️ Shoygu reported that tonight Kiev attempted to break through the defences in the #Zaporozhye direction, the enemy was detected in time and a pre-emptive strike was launched. As a result of the two-hour battle, the enemy lost 30 tanks, 11 infantry fighting vehicles and up to 350 personnel;

▪️ Ukrainian troops on Thursday night tried to breach the defences of the 58th Army of the RF Armed Forces to then reach the sea, Army Commander Major-General Ivan Popov said. “There is hard work ahead of us, everything is just beginning,” he said, commenting on the reflection of the offensive in the #Zaporozhye direction;

▪️ Ukrainian troops have lost 945 troops and more than 100 pieces of military equipment in fighting in the past 24 hours, Shoygu said;

▪️ Shoygu has checked the preparation of equipment for shipment to the special operation zone at the arsenals and storage bases of the Western Military District. The minister demanded that the deadlines for accepting equipment from enterprises and its delivery to the troops be reduced, and drew attention to the installation of additional protection for armoured vehicles in view of the special operation;

▪️ Putin discussed the situation in the region following the sabotage at the #Kakhovskaya HPP on the phone with the acting head of #Kherson region Saldo and instructed the Emergency Ministry to provide assistance to all affected households in accordance with Russian regulations, Peskov said;

▪️ Pushilin, in an interview with RIA Novosti, described the situation in liberated #Artyomovsk as difficult due to constant shelling by Ukrainian forces, but controlled;

▪️ Russian heavy flamethrower system Solntepek has hit Ukrainian military strongholds near the villages of #Kirovo and #Druzhba in the DPR’s Artyomovsk district, Astafiev, head of the Army Group South press centre, told RIA Novosti;

▪️ Ukrainian troops shelled an evacuation point in Golaya Pristan, killing two people, including a pregnant woman, Saldo said;

▪️ The death toll in the shelling of #Gorlovka by Ukrainian troops has risen to 4, with another wounded person dying in hospital, the mayor said.

NYT admits: journalists ask Ukrainian soldiers to hide their patches


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