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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 14 2023

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Russia Preparing Massive Retaliation

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet ‘almost completely defenceless’ after Ukraine destroys air defence systems

How Ukraine Plans to DESTROY the Russian Fleet in Crimea

U.S. Know-It-Alls in Ukraine – How expert is our military in fighting wars?

Ukraine’s military claims attack on Russian air defence system in annexed Crimea

The President’s Office sent a clear signal that a new weapon was used before striking Sevastopol.

The New York Times: The strike on a shipyard in Crimea underscores Ukraine’s growing ability to hit targets deep within Russia. It is unclear what weapons Ukraine used in the recent attack on Sevastopol. The commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Lieutenant General Nikolai Oleshchuk, suggested that we are talking about a long-range airstrike. Adviser to the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak hinted that new weapons were used in the attack.

Combined attack of the AFU in the Black Sea: how it happened

On the morning of September 14, Ukrainian formations carried out another attack on the Crimean peninsula.

▪️ First, 11 aircraft-type drones were launched from the outskirts of Odessa (for the first time in a long time, non-Mugins were used for this purpose) .

The drones were shot down by crews of the 31st Air Force and Air Defense Division at around 5.30 am over Yevpatoriya.

▪️ At approximately 5.50, the AFU struck the outskirts of Uyutnoye with an R-360 Neptune anti-ship missile, as a result of which the S-300 air defense missile launcher was hit (corresponding footage has already appeared on the online ).

❗️Again the AFU used the same tactics as a few weeks ago. After the UAV raid, the positions of the S-300 air defense system were determined – almost immediately they worked on it from Neptune. First, the AFU waited for the ammunition to be used up and then hit the air defense system.

🔻Also, over the past two days, the AFU have attacked several times a detachment of warships (OBK) of the Black Sea Fleet consisting of “Vasily Bykov” and “Sergei Kotov”.

▪️ A total of 12 unmanned boats were observed: six yesterday and six more today.

▪️ On September 13, three drones were hit by small arms fire from ships.

▪️ Three more were hit by naval aviation helicopters from the Kacha airfield and from the Vasily Bykov.

▪️ That night, five were destroyed on the approach to the OBK, and one was able to get close to the Bykov and hit the side (the degree of damage was not critical).

🔻As we said ( yesterday, the lack of reaction to the increasingly aggressive actions of the collective West at the hands of Ukraine is fraught with great consequences.

The impacts will be repeated in the coming days, and herbivorous responses are not the solution.

Advisor to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak, claims that Kiev is using Ukrainian-made weapons to attack Crimea .

He denies data from the Sky News channel that the Ukrainian Armed Forces used British Storm Shadow cruise missiles to attack Sevastopol. “ Sky News has its own sources. And they can comment there one way or another ,” Podolyak said in an interview with the Ukrainian Channel 24.

As is known, the Ukrainian authorities pledged not to use weapons received from the West for attacks on Russian territory.


In the context of the night combined strike in the Black Sea and Crimea, it is once again interesting to assess the actions of NATO intelligence in the run-up to this attack.

Yesterday, at least six aircraft and drones of the US Air Force and NATO Allied Forces operated over the Black Sea waters, ranging from AWACS and RTR (including for direction finding of air defense radars) to electronic reconnaissance.

And the strategic UAV RQ-4B generally carried out monitoring both south of Crimea and near the Krasnodar Territory, as well as the Crimean Bridge . The distance to Yalta and Sochi was about 100 km .

📌 We are not hinting at anything, but almost every NATO activity near the Russian borders is accompanied after a day or two by either provocations or attacks on the southern territories.

And if we add to this the constant filming of the Earth’s surface from military satellites, such as TOPAZ , which observed the shipyard for several days before the attack, then a more complete picture emerges.

By the way, some time ago the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of another unmanned boat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And right now, an R-8A anti-submarine aircraft is operating along the coast of Romania, which monitors the activities of Russian warships.


Our source in the OP said that Zaluzhny warned Zelensky about a possible suspension of the counteroffensive at the end of October. The Commander-in-Chief considers it necessary to prepare defensive lines in the recaptured territories so that the Russian army does not return them back in the winter.

Our source in the OP said that the Biden Administration reminded the Office of the President of the refusal to withdraw troops from Bakhmut in the winter and reminded them of the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Pentagon supported Zaluzhny on the pointless defense of Bakhmut, but Zelensky, through headquarters, approved the priorities for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and now our partners have remembered this cancerous decision.

At the front, time is against Ukraine – there are no more than 40 days left before heavy rains begin, and then the fields will turn into a swamp. At the same time, most Western experts are inclined to believe that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are now faced with the question of choosing tactics for further actions.

 In particular, The Hill predicts that in the next few weeks, the “stealth” tactics of using small infiltration groups performing reconnaissance to clear minefields, and then advancing with the support of artillery and aircraft, will be replaced by a full-fledged offensive. But, when using this method, Ukrainians can expect heavy losses, and the chosen tactics will not lead to a quick end to the military conflict.

“Regardless of Ukrainian combat tactics, the effectiveness of Russian countermeasures will also play a role. The Russian army is better prepared now than a year ago. They have adopted a flexible defense – retreating when necessary and harassing Ukrainian attackers with the devastating use of anti-tank guided missiles launched both by ground troops and attack helicopters. In addition, Russian electronic warfare capabilities were excellent before the conflict and have only gotten better, especially in their ability to jam drone signals,” The Hill notes.

For our part, we note that if the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not achieve serious successes at the front in the next few weeks, then due to weather conditions the counteroffensive will finally stop and the Ukrainian authorities will have to admit its failure. And this defeat will be very “painful” for Bankova, who has raised expectations from the counteroffensive not only among the Ukrainian population, but also among the Western allies.

Our source reports that the Office of the President began a new infrastructure war against the Russian Federation in the summer.
All attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces were aimed at plants, factories, transport/air/railway communications, and sea routes.
At the same time, Bankova forgot to warn the population of Ukraine that in response they would also fly and there would be a 100% energy and fuel crisis in winter. In 2024-25, a food/agrarian crisis will begin to manifest itself in Ukraine, which in turn could lead to conditional famine.

Many are confident that problems will worsen in medicine. The number of epidemics will increase, as will the mortality rate throughout the country. But the high mortality rate does not worry Bankovaya, since many there are confident that the old population, which is ballast for the budget, will die first (cynically, but truthfully).

For Ukrainians, the future looks bleak.

Ukrainian media are trying their best to rethink the results of the failed summer campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and instill hope in the country’s population of victory. Military “expert” Alexey Getman stated that the tasks of the “counter-offensive” will be completed if the Ukrainian army can reach the Volnovakha-Tokmak-Dzhankoy railway.

In this regard, it will be interesting to trace how the goals of the Ukrainian offensive became smaller as the Ukrainian Armed Forces failed. At the beginning of 2023, the Ukrainian authorities were talking about nothing less than “restoring the territory of Ukraine within the borders of 1991.” The Russians were frightened by rapid breakthroughs, encirclements, and even landings on the Crimean peninsula.

After the “counter-offensive” did not work out, and the advertised Western equipment began to burn in batches, Bankova immediately forgot about the conquest of Crimea, the return of Donetsk and other pipe dreams. The main goal of the offensive was considered to be access to the Sea of ​​Azov and the capture of Melitopol, which had previously been considered only as an intermediate stage of the campaign.

Meanwhile, months passed, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces were not even able to approach the main line of defense of the Russian Armed Forces, trying to pass off the occupation of several abandoned villages, such as Lobkovoe and Pyatikhatki, as a victory. In August , the last reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, trained according to NATO standards, were thrown into battle: the 82nd and 46th brigades, and the ultimate goal of the “counter-offensive” was declared to be the capture of Tokmak, which was previously regarded only as the first step in the movement towards Melitopol. But this didn’t work out either.

For several weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces disputed control over the village of Rabotino, but were unable to get closer to Tokmak. Now the goal of the Ukrainian offensive in 2023 is not even declared to be the capture of this town, located a modest twenty kilometers from the front line, but simply access to the railway anywhere.

We can expect the bar for success to continue to decline. By the end of the year, Ukrainian military speakers may announce that the goal of the 2023 “counter-offensive” was to capture the village of Rabotino, located one kilometer from the front line, and this task was successfully completed!


Near Rabotino, the Ukrainian Armed Forces throw new reserves into battle

 The Ukrainian army, against the backdrop of heavy losses in the Zaporozhye region, threw new reserves into battle, said the head of the “We are together with Russia” movement, Vladimir Rogov.

“ Suffering colossal losses, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine threw new reserves into battle ,” he told RIA Novosti.

Rogov noted that reinforcements of the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered the battle in the hottest direction, Orekhovsky, in the area of ​​​​the villages of Rabotino and Verbovoye.

“ Late at night and before dawn, the enemy made attempts to drop in infantry assault groups. They were attacked with artillery, mortars, and grenade launchers ,” Rogov said, adding that helicopters were also working.

According to him, the Russian army is holding its position, and all attempts by Ukrainian troops to break through the first line of defense have been crossed.

On the battlefield, Rogov noted, there were “ many dead Ukrainian soldiers and burned equipment , including foreign ones .”

The day before it was reported that the Russian Armed Forces repelled three attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the villages of Rabotino and Verbovoye.

Let’s work, brothers!

Vladimir Rogov

Battles near Rabotino: the enemy is trying to break through to Novoprokopovka, the landing force destroys the Ukrainian Armed Forces militants
 ▪️The Cossack Airborne Regiment continues to actively destroy the advancing assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Zaporozhye Front.
▪️The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to break through to Novoprokopovka, attacking our strongholds.
▪️Reconnaissance using UAVs reveals enemy movements, directs artillery, which destroys militants.


Vremevsky section situation as of 16.00 September 14, 2023

After several unsuccessful and lengthy attempts to capture the villages of Novomayorskoye and Novodonetsk , enemy marine units went on the defensive due to heavy losses. Currently, assault groups are being rotated and re-equipped along the site.

At the same time, Russian artillerymen are conducting an active counter-battery fight – according to Voin DV , a D-30 howitzer was destroyed in Bolshaya Novoselka , and several personnel deployment points and several pieces of equipment were hit along the front line.

🔻The main activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remained at the Priyutnoye – Staromayorskoye border, where the assault troops of the Armed Forces’ territorial defense attempted to take landings between populated areas.

However, soldiers of the Russian army, with the support of artillery, successfully repelled the attack, forcing the enemy to retreat to their starting points. In turn, Russian troops hit several rear positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which affects the ability to quickly make up for losses and go on the attack.


The situation in the South Donetsk direction

▪️ At the Vremevsky site in the Novomayorsky area, yesterday the day passed without active enemy actions. They tried to compensate for the failures with dense artillery shelling of our positions in this area. At night, our guns dispersed several groups of infantry in forest belts who tried to get closer to Novomayorsky . In the morning, one MRAP finally arrived at the north-western outskirts of the village, landed a group of infantry, while trying to pick up the wounded, got an FPV on board, began to hastily leave the place and was finished off by a second FPV as it retreated. The wounded troops scattered around the landing.

To the north-west of Novodonetsk, an attempt by a foot group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to enter the forest belt was stopped. Otherwise, no active actions.

North of Priyutnoye , the enemy is still throwing forces into small counterattacks on forest belts, suffering losses, and making no progress.

▪️ In the Ugledarsky sector, our guns dismantled several enemy air defense systems in Novomikhailovka and Konstantinovka . Army aviation helped them in this.


Ugledarsky section situation as of 17.00 September 14, 2023

Against the background of activity in the south of Ukraine, the situation with Ugledar is knocked off the information agenda. The last really serious clashes took place there several months ago.

First, Russian troops carried out an unsuccessful assault, attacking a large fortified area with completely mined approaches in a frontal attack, and then the Ukrainian Armed Forces did essentially the same thing.

🔻And now in the Ugledarsky sector there are only positional battles, where Russian artillerymen are trying to hit the rear areas, creating problems in supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine group.

Over the past 24 hours, the Russian army destroyed the deployment point for personnel of the 72nd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ugledar , and two ammunition warehouses were hit at the Yuzhno-Donbasskaya mine . A similar firefight is taking place at the Marinka-Novomikhailovka line.

This will not be able to somehow influence the situation at the front, but it will at least reduce the enemy’s operational capabilities to conduct attacks on Russian positions on the Pavlovka-Nikolskoye line.


On #Andreyevka for the Evening⚡️

🔹 In the afternoon, the enemy announced that they had managed to occupy #Andreyevka.

📌 It is noteworthy that this caused mild hysteria on both sides, as the AFUshnik began to to refute the Ukro MoD, while we began to claim that we had not lost #Andreyevka.

🇺🇦 As a result, in the evening the Ukro MoD embarrassingly denied its statement about the occupation of #Andreyevka and admitted that heavy fighting was still going on there.  Our side also officially confirmed that the fighting in #Andreyevka was continuing.

🇷🇺 Our main positions there are near the railway, a significant part of the village is heavily destroyed and in the grey zone. No one has complete control over #Andreyevka now.  Further fighting is expected in this area.

📌  The enemy continues to transfer reinforcements to the area of #Konstantinovka and Chasov Yar in the hope of strengthening the pressure on the #Kleshcheyevka – #Andreyevka – #Kurdyumovka line. On our side they are also pulling up reserves.

Boris Rozhin

Why #Bakhmut is so Important for the AFU⚡️

🔹The importance of the #Bakhmut junction for the enemy is evident from the very dynamics of its offensive actions. We have already considered this issue (, but from the point of view of our potential plans. Let’s try to consider the #Bakhmut (#Artyomovsk) direction from the enemy’s point of view.

🤚 The fact of the #Bakhmut capture by the forces of the Wagner PMC and the subsequent transfer of the liberated area to MoD units determined the activity of the AFU in this area for a long time. If we consider the configuration of our positions in the area of #Bakhmut, it is objectively unfavourable for the AFU to attack on the northern flank. The attempt to gain a foothold in the area of the #Berkhovskoye reservoir and to create pressure ( near Dubovo-Vasilyevka was not successful, as we still occupy the dominant heights, keeping under fire control the direction to Orekhovo-Vasilyevka. While three months ago units of the 56th Separate Mechanised Brigade occupied positions along the border of #Berkhovka, at the moment we have pushed them beyond the reservoir. Having pulled back, the enemy is trying to hold a bridgehead here with the forces of the 57th Mechanized Brigade.

▪️ The concentration of the AFU in the #Zheleznodorozhnoye section is also not high. Here are the 225th Battalion of the 127th Territorial Defence Brigade, 30th Mechanized Brigade, 27th Artillery Brigade, and the 8th Special Forces Regiment. This is explained by the fact that the enemy does not expect a counterattack from our side in this area, as well as the location 15 km northeast of the reserve grouping in #Seversk.

▪️ The southern flank, the strip #Kleshcheyevka – #Andreyevka – #Kurdyumovka was chosen as the direction of the main strike due to its favourable configuration, as well as the proximity of the Chasov Yar fortification, logistically tied to #Konstantinovka. It is the fact of uninterrupted logistics that allows the AFU to provide rotation of troops in this area in the shortest possible time, transferring fresh reserves. The situation on the southern flank of #Bakhmut has much in common with the situation in the #Zaporozhe (near #Rabotino) and Veliko-Novoselovskoye sections. Therefore, when we talk about the dynamics of the situation, which implies a constant transition of control over the positions from the enemy to us and vice versa, we should take into account that the defence forces are not only smaller in number, but are here virtually without rotation.

🇺🇦 As for the enemy’s objectives, it is obvious that they are divided into three components:

✅ Tactical – to create an exhausting effect by forcing us to hold a large in number grouping in #Bakhmut, while the southern section of the front is in dire need of reserves.

✅ Informational and propagandistic – to take revenge for the biggest defeat of this year. After all, if we set aside the emotions that accompany reports about the situation in #Rabotino and on the #Vremyevka ledge, the enemy, having been advancing for more than three months, cannot boast of territorial gains comparable to the loss of #Bakhmut.

✅ Operative – in case of failure of the southern flank of #Bakhmut, the AFU do not exclude the possibility of going on the offensive simultaneously in the #Soledar area, as well as from the direction of #Seversk in the direction of #Rubezhnoye, creating a threat of a flank strike to our units conducting offensive operations in the direction of #Yampol – #Torskoye.


Kherson direction situation as of 18.00 September 14, 2023

🔻The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to consolidate in positions on the left bank of the Dnieper for further attacks in the rear of the Russian group. Over the past 24 hours, the enemy has made several attempts to rotate personnel at observation posts in different areas.

▪️On Aleshkinsky Island last night, they tried to drop a DRG on a boat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to replace group 126 arr TRO, but it was destroyed by Russian artillery. Two more groups went south along the Ingulets River, but were forced to turn around and go back.

▪️Two more boats with groups of six people from Ponyatovka and Sadovoy intended to land west of the Cossack Camps , but one boat was successfully hit near Daryevka , and the second went upstream of the Ingulets.

Coordinates : 46.742168825227395, 32.810282100769754

🔻To the east, the DRG once again landed on Kozatsky Island on one boat under the cover of mortar fire. At the same time, Russian troops shot down one watercraft near Olgovka , and also destroyed a mortar.

The situation in the island zone remains the same: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are landing on the left bank, but so far without attempts to advance inland. This is facilitated by regular strikes by Russian troops either on boats or on enemy strongholds, which prevents Ukrainian formations from establishing supplies on the opposite side.


Russia Builds NEW 70km Defense Lines in Zaporizhia

Both Ukraine, Russia reports drone attack as war rages on

Russian Counterattack Near Bakhmut

Turning Point?


Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (September 14, 2023) Part I

▫️ In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces utilising the results of aviation, heavy flamethrower systems, and artillery strikes repelled eight attacks of assault detachments of the AFU 80th Airborne Assault Brigade and 59th Motorised Brigade near Klescheevka, Berdichi, Pervomayskoye (Donetsk People’s Republic).

▫️ The enemy’s losses for the day have amounted to around 350 servicemen killed and wounded, three armoured fighting vehicles, five motor vehicles, three U.S.-made M777 and M109 howitzers, and one D-30 howitzer.

▫ One ammunition depot of the AFU 28th Mechanised Brigade has been hit close to Dileevka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

▫In Zaporozhye direction, units of the Russian Group of Forces supported by Army aviation, artillery, and heavy flamethrower systems repelled three attacks by the AFU 82nd Airborne Assault Brigade and 71st Jaeger Brigade close to Verbovoye (Zaporozhye region).

▫Up to 95 servicemen, one tank, two armoured fighting vehicles, and three motor vehicles were neutralised.

▫In the course of counter-battery warfare, U.S.-made M777 and M119 artillery howitzers, one UK-made FH-70 howitzer, one Msta-B howitzer, one D-20 and one D-30 howitzers were wiped out. 

▫️ In South Donetsk direction, the Tsentr Group of Forces’ units, aviation, artillery, and heavy flamethrower systems repelled one attack of an assault detachment of the AFU 128rd Territorial Defence Brigade close to Priyutnoye (Zaporozhye region).

▫️ Up to 140 servicemen, one tank, two armoured fighting vehicles, and three motor vehicles were neutralised.

▫️ In Krasny Liman direction, the Tsentr Group of Forces’ units, aviation, artillery, and heavy flamethrower systems repelled one attack of an assault detachment of the AFU 63rd Mechanised Brigade close to Chervonaya Dibrova (Lugansk People’s Republic).

▫In addition, strikes were delivered at clusters of enemy manpower and hardware near Seversk, Grigorovka, and Serebryanka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

▫️ Up to 55 servicemen, three armoured fighting vehicles, three motor vehicles, and one D-20 howitzer were destroyed.

▫️ In Kupyansk direction, the Zapad Group of Forces units, air strikes, and artillery fire repelled one attack of the AFU 30th Mechanised Brigade near Sinkovka (Kharkov region).

◽The enemy suffered losses of up to 130 servicemen, two infantry fighting vehicles, and three motor vehicles in this direction during the day.

▫️ In addition, in the course of counter-battery warfare, one AFU M777 artillery howitzer, one M109 Paladin artillery system, as well as one US-made AN/TPQ-36 counter-battery radar station were neutralised.

▫️ Two AFU ammunition depots were annihilated close to Berestovoye and Tikhoye (Kharkov region).

▫️ In Kherson direction, up to 70 servicemen, one armoured fighting vehicle, seven motor vehicles, as well as one D-30 howitzer, were neutralised by fire.

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (September 14, 2023) Part II

▫️ Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Group of Forces have engaged AFU manpower and hardware in 143 areas during the day.

▫️ In addition, one P-18 air target detection and tracking radar station was destroyed near Novopavlovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

▫️ Two command posts of the AFU 100th Territorial Defence Brigade and the 15th regiment of Ukraine’s National Guard  were hit near Serebryanka and Krasny Liman (Donetsk People’s Republic).

▫️ One AFU ammunition depot was wiped out close to Trudovoye (Zaporozhye region).

▫️ Fighter aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces shot down one Mi-8 helicopter of Ukrainian Air Force near Krasny Liman (Donetsk People’s Republic).

▫️ Russian air defence units intercepted four HIMARS MLRS projectiles during the day.

▫️ Furthermore, during the day, 53 unmanned aerial vehicles were neutralised and suppressed by radio electronic warfare means close to Verkhnekamenka, Topolevka (Lugansk People’s Republic), Peski, Vasilevka, Krasnaya Gora (Donetsk People’s Republic), Novofedorovka, Vasilyevka (Zaporozhye region), Aleshki and Novaya Kakhovka (Kherson region).

Chronicle of a special military operation for September 14, 2023

 Ukrainian formations once again attacked Crimea . This time the target was air defense systems in the west of the peninsula. Also during the combined attack, unmanned boats tried to hit ships of the Black Sea Fleet . As before, the massive attack was preceded by reconnaissance activities of NATO aircraft.

Heavy fighting continues on the line of contact. On the southern front, Russian forces are stubbornly defending, trying to inflict as much damage as possible on the advancing Ukrainian forces with meat assaults.

The main enemy activity is taking place at the Priyutnoye – Staromayorskoye line, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to take landings between populated areas. In addition to Zaporozhye , the Ukrainian Armed Forces are active in the Kherson direction , sending DRGs to the left bank of the Dnieper and islands on the river.


Front #Summary for 14 September⚡️

🔹In #Kherson Direction, the AFU again targeted Cossack Camps, 1of the 2 boats was destroyed, the other escaped. At #Alyoshkinsky Island, some remained.

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, battles near #Novoprokopovka and #Verbovoye. They attack with infantry to save equipment. Ours captured 12 militants, incl. an US merc. The AFU gather reserves at #Orekhov. We strike with artillery and aircraft.

🔹In #SouthDonetsk Direction, decreased AFU activity, rare infantry attacks fail to bring any success. They flood our positions with cluster ammo. We also took PoWs.

🔹In #Bakhmut Direction, battles for #Kleshcheyevka. It’s still unclear, if we withdrew from it, and #Andreyevka to establish the new frontline along the railway. Most likely, both villages are now in the grey zone, the AFU has no firm control, while ours try to counterattack. On the northern flank, our forces expand their bridgehead near Orekhovo-Vasilyevka and at the #Berkhovskoye Reservoir.

🔹In #Krasnyliman Direction, the Russian Army is attacking again. There are successes in the #Serebryanskoye forest on the #Dibrova side, and near #Novoyegorovka.

🔹In #Kupyansk Direction, nine positions have been taken  on the #Sinkovka – #Petropavlovka line.

Oleg Tsarov

Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of September 14

 ðŸ¤”The Kiev regime is firmly targeting the Black Sea Fleet. The Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to attack the patrol ship “Sergey Kotov” with the help of five naval kamikaze drones, but all the UAVs were destroyed by the ship’s weapon systems. This is confirmed by video footage of the destruction of drones, which was posted by GUR 404. Apparently, for “victory” in the Ukrainian media, simply a video recording of the attack, even if it was completely failed, is enough.

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Svatovo-Kremennoe direction

 In the Kupyansky sector, the offensive continues in the Sinkovka and Petropavlovka areas. On the Karamzinovsky ledge, our fighters are advancing in the Novoegorovka area. In addition, Russian soldiers successfully attack in the Serebryansky Forest , from the direction of Dibrova . In addition, in the Seversk area, ours do not give the enemy a chance to attack without losses and failures. Especially notable are the Russian artillerymen from the 123rd Brigade, who are a terror to the trench Nazis.

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

 Fierce fighting continues in Kleshcheevka – part of the village is in the gray zone. In Andreevka also, but information about control of the settlement. militants is not true.

⚫️ Zaporozhye direction

 The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to break through to Novoprokopovka and Verbovoy , but without success. Russian aviation is actively working against militants in the Rabotino area. On the Vremevsky ledge, without much change – the Ukrainian Armed Forces are hammering Priyutnoye and Novomayorskoye.

 ðŸ’¥The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed a Ukrainian Mi-8 in the Krasny Liman region of the DPR.

⚡️At night, the Russian army worked on the enemy’s infrastructure in the Dnepropetrovsk region. According to preliminary data, Geraniums hit targets in the area of   the Dnepr-Liski freight railway station.


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