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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 19 2023

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Putin Stands Vindicated As Zelensky’s Missile Strike Bluff Exposed; ‘Kyiv Behind Kostiantynivka…’

Ukraine and American Decline w/Col Doug Macgregor


Battlefield Ukraine Next Moves

In the West they openly write that the liberation of several villages cannot be considered an effective counteroffensive, and there are only a few days left before the final failure.

Ukraine and its allies, including the United States, may have placed too high hopes on the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counteroffensive, writes the New York Times.

“Ukraine is fighting one of the strongest armies in the world. If Ukraine manages to force Russia to retreat significantly, it will most likely take years, not months,” the article said, analyzing the counteroffensive.

Ukraine’s current achievements, which translate into the liberation of several villages, are aimed at achieving a big breakthrough – “although it may never happen.”

At the same time, time is running out – “in the fall it will rain, the terrain will become dirtier and more difficult to pass, which will likely prevent major successes on the battlefield.”

Meanwhile, Russian troops have stepped up attacks in the northeast in hopes of recapturing some of the territory it lost last year and forcing Ukraine to move its troops to the northeast.

“If enough Ukrainian forces are transferred from the southeastern front, the last major counteroffensive may fail,” the article says. 

Our source in the OP said that the Office of the President is very angry with Western journalists and is ready to tighten the rules for the work of foreign media in Ukraine. Bankova believes that Western publications are working on Kremlin narratives and discrediting the counter-offensive/AFU/Ukrainian authorities in the international arena.

Many people in Ukraine were interested in the fact that an American publication published an investigation into the tragedy in Konstantinovka precisely at the moment when Zelensky arrived in the United States and before his speech at the UN.
It’s just that such news does not come out in such media.
We immediately wrote that the rocket was Ukrainian, but at that moment everyone had information that it was an aviation one, since “Ukrainian landers” were flying over the city.
We agree with the version that the tragedy was organized for Blinken’s arrival so that all the world’s media would write about it. The goal was to create the necessary information background. For example , in this case, Blinken could not even publicly hint that Kiev should agree to peace agreements.
And yes, Blinken’s visit was symbolic, like a “last date.”

Drones flew across Lviv and easily flew over the entire country.
They ended up in an iron hangar/warehouse.
We previously provided insight into why the Russian Armed Forces are striking such targets.

At the same time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine states that almost everyone was shot down, but at the same time we know for sure that the arrivals were in Krivoy Rog, Khmelnitsk, Poltava region, Odessa region.

‘Ask Prigozhin if one bets on Putin’s promises’ – Zelensky makes cold remark at UN General Assembly

Zelensky Addresses The United Nations General Assembly

We wrote that the West was negotiating with Russia, one of these tracks was #формула_Салливана and now it hangs over Ukraine like the sword of Damocles.

Vladimir Zelensky finished his speech at the UN General Assembly, where he said that Ukraine is aware of attempts to make some shady deals behind the scenes, but Russia cannot be trusted: “I am aware of attempts to make some shady deals behind the scenes. Evil cannot be trusted. Ask Prigozhin if Putin’s promises are worth trusting. Please hear me. Let unity decide everything openly.”

Orekhovsky sector: transfer of additional forces of the AFU situation as of 11.00 September 19, 2023

🔻At the Orikhiv sector, fighting continues near Verbovoy. The intensity of enemy attacks has decreased, but in the coming days the offensive will resume with renewed vigor as part of Zelensky’s visit to the United States.

▪️ Now reserves are being moved to the front line to conduct a new assault. Units of the 71st Jaeger Brigade arrived to the west of Verbovoy to make up for losses, and in the area of ​​Balki Chubenkova three combined groups of the 82nd Air Assault Brigade and 46th Airmobile Brigade are on standby.

▪️ AFU losses are growing. Because of this, an unidentified connection was transferred from the Sumy region. In addition, another assault battalion took up positions in Veselyanka. Also northeast of Novopokrovka, the appearance of the 12th separate tank battalion was noted.

▪️ At the same time, new units may arrive within a few days. Since September 15, a convoy of military equipment in the amount of 132 units passed through Dnipro, including 56 Kirpi armored fighting vehicles, 20 Hummer armored fighting vehicles, ten VAB armored fighting vehicles, five Mastiff armored fighting vehicles, two BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, two Husky armored fighting vehicles, one MLRS RM-70 Vampire, 11 Grad MLRS and about 3.3 thousand people.


Vremevsky section: retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Novomayorsky and strikes by the Russian Armed Forces situation as of 15.00 September 19, 2023

Although attention is now focused on what is happening in Nagorno-Karabakh, the fighting in the special military operation zone continues: in the Vremevsky sector, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to regroup and rotate personnel to resume the assault on the positions of the Russian Armed Forces.

▪️Russian troops are actively striking enemy strongholds and other identified targets: concentrations of personnel of the 37th and 38th Ukrainian Marine Brigades were hit in Shakhtersk and Novoukrainka . During the counter-battery battle near Makarovka , the D-30 howitzer and the Polish Krab self-propelled guns were destroyed.

▪️At the same time, information is being received about the retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the northwestern outskirts of Novomayorsky. For several weeks they tried to cling to the development of the settlement, but the soldiers of the 40th Guards Marine Brigade remained stable in defense and repelled all attacks.

▪️Also in the forest belt west of Staromayorsky , forces of the 253rd battalion of the 129th TRO brigade, transferred from the direction of Makarovka, were seen. The introduction of reserves into battle indirectly confirms the losses of the 1st Brigade rifle battalion that was previously operating there.

Situation in the South Donetsk direction

▪️ In the Vremyevsky section, the enemy has completed the withdrawal of units from the north-western outskirts of Novomayorskoye; our artillery has added some excitement to this process. Otherwise, the Novomayorskoye-Novodonetskoye section remains calm. If the Ukrainian armed forces plan to attempt another breakthrough in this direction, we should anticipate increased shelling from their side, as it has been practically absent for the past two days. This is indirectly supported by the arrival of enemy reserves in the western districts of the Donetsk region. They could deploy these reserves both here and for attempts to breach the defensive line at Priyutnoye-Zavetnye Zhelaniya-Staromlynivka.

Not only the 127th Brigade but also their colleagues from the 129th Brigade have appeared near Staromayorskoye. We attribute this to an attempt to replace the 1st rifle battalion of the AFU’s 1st Tank Brigade, which, in its efforts to dislodge our units from the southwestern border of the village, also suffered a loss in combat capability.

▪️ On the Ugledar section, our artillery targeted Ugledar, Vodyanoye, and Novomikhailovka, prompting the enemy to respond with cluster munition along the front lines. Routine activity.


Soledar direction : concentration of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the flanks of Bakhmut
situation as of 13.00 September 19, 2023

🔻While the main attention of all media has shifted to the zone of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict , heavy fighting continues near Bakhmut in several areas. Despite statements by some Ukrainian sources about the capture of the village of Kleshcheevka , as well as the complete destruction of several brigades of the Russian Armed Forces, including the 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade, in reality this is not the case .

Fighting in the village continues, and most of it is in the gray zone. Yesterday, two assault groups of the 28th mechanized brigade again attacked the positions, trying to break through to the railway, but to no avail.

🔻At the same time, west of Kleshcheevka, as well as south of Andreevka, there is a concentration of new assault units. Three detachments of the 3rd assault brigade have taken up positions and are preparing for a new attack.

Similar preparations are observed in the north at the Berkhovskoye Reservoir . The other day, tank units of the 17th brigade arrived in Bogdanovka , which had been being re-equipped for several months.

❗️Judging by the simultaneous activation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the offensive on the flanks of Bakhmut will be coordinated in time, and the goal is to cover the city from both sides and cut off the supply routes of the Russian Armed Forces group in order to force them to resign.

The central bridge over the Oskol was blown up in Kupyansk

Also yesterday, air strikes disabled crossings in the towns of Nevskoye and Makeyevka.

Urgent: Kupyansk direction.

In the afternoon, our army recommenced large-scale offensive operations in the vicinity of the settlements of Sinkovka and Petropavlovka.

Currently, with the backing of armored vehicles and substantial infantry forces, we are advancing. Today, we have already captured over 10 enemy strongholds, and our heavy artillery and MLRS units are actively engaged.

Enemy reports corroborate our offensive.


Kherson direction: landings in the island zone of the Dnieper situation as of 18.00 September 19, 2023

🔻Despite statements from various resources about attempts to gain a foothold on the left bank, the enemy actually controls a small bridgehead in the island zone of the Dnieper .

Several sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the 131st reconnaissance battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were transferred to Kozatsky Island – now the northern part of the island is under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Mortar crews cover the forward detachments with fire. At the same time, at night, Ukrainian formations tried to rotate. From Olgovka the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces wanted to send the DRG by boat, but it was destroyed by artillery.

🔻Similarly, assault troops from the Normandy tactical group landed on the left bank of the Dnieper north of Podstepnoye , where they began equipping observation posts.

There are no signs of preparation for an offensive at the moment; Ukrainian formations are conducting reconnaissance, simultaneously shelling the forward lines of the Russian Armed Forces with artillery and mortars.

🔻However, a large concentration of manpower was noticed in Davydov Brod , and a large convoy of military equipment, including light armored ones, arrived from Krivoy Rog to Snigirevka . The choice of mobile vehicles is not accidental in the context of a possible operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the left bank of the Dnieper.

Small armored fighting vehicles will be able to move on soft ground. And in the vicinity of Kherson, pontoon-bridge units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been operating for a long time, so the Ukrainian formations are preparing a bridgehead and waiting for the most convenient moment to strike.

Ukraine Falls For Russian Trap | RU MOD Announce Kiev & Odessa As Goals

Russian attack kills one, causes fire in west Ukrainian city of Lviv

Putin’s Shahed Drones Decimate Ukrainian Warehouses .. Huge Flames Engulf Lviv Skies

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (19 September 2023)

▫️ In the Donetsk direction (, units of the Yug Group of Forces, in close co-operation with aviation and artillery, repelled 2 attacks by AFU assault groups near Mayorsk and Kamenka (DPR).

The enemy’s casualties were more than 225 servicemen killed or injured, 2 AFVs, and 3 motor vehicles.

In counter-battery warfare, the Russian troops hit a Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery system, 2 U.S.-made M777 artillery systems, and 1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer.

▫️ In Zaporozhye direction (, units of the Russian Group of Forces supported by helicopters, artillery, and heavy flamethrower systems repelled an attack by the AFU 71st Jaeger Brigade close to Verbovoye (Zaporozhye).

Clusters of AFU manpower and hardware were engaged close to Charivnoye, Belogorye, and Novodanilovka (Zaporozhye).

Over 175 servicemen, 2 AFVs, and 2 motor vehicles have been eliminated in this direction during the day.

In counter-battery warfare, the Russian troops hit 2 Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery systems, 1 U.S.-made M777 artillery system, 1 Akatsiya self-propelled howitzer, 2 D-30 howitzers, as well as 1 Msta-B and 1 D-20 guns.

▫️ In Krasny Liman direction (, well-coordinated actions of the Tsentr Group of Forces, strikes by Army Aviation and artillery fire repelled 3 attacks by assault groups of the 63rd and 67th mechanised brigades of the AFU near Torskoye (DPR) and south of Chervonaya Dibrova (LPR).

Up to 65 servicemen, 2 AFVs, 2 pick-up trucks, and 1 D-20 howitzer were neutralised.

▫️ In South Donetsk direction (, units of the Vostok Group of Forces repelled one AFU attack close to Staromayorskoye (DPR).

In addition, air strikes and artillery fire struck the personnel and hardware of the 110th Territorial Defence Brigade near Priyutnoye (Zaporozhye region).

Over 115 servicemen, 3 AFVs, 5 motor vehicles, and 1 Msta-B howitzer were destroyed.

▫️ In Kupyansk direction (, aviation and artillery of the Zapad Group of Forces inflicted fire damage on manpower and hardware of the AFU close to Tabayevka, Cherneshchina (Kharkov), and Stelmakhovka (LPR).

Up to 20 servicemen and 2 motor vehicles have been neutralised. In counter-battery warfare, Russian troops struck AFU’s D-20 and D-30 howitzers.

◽️ In Kherson direction, ( up to 25 servicemen, 2 motor vehicles, and 2 U.S.-made M777 artillery systems have been eliminated during the day.

▫️ Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Group of Forces have engaged AFU manpower and hardware in 127 areas during the day.

▫️ 2 ammunition depots of the AFU’s 57th Motorised Infantry and 35th Marine brigades were hit near Slavyansk and Bogatyr (DPR).

3 command posts of the 67th, 100th, and 109th Territorial Defence brigades were hit in the areas of Serebryanka, Grigorovka, and Aleksandropol (DPR).

Russian air defence facilities have shot down one Su-25 airplane of Ukrainian Air Force near Novopokrovka (Zaporozhye).

In addition, 16 HIMARS and one Uragan projectiles have been intercepted during the day.

38 UAVs were shot down near Novovodyanoye, Zolotarevka (LPR), Berestovoye, Aleksandrovka, Yevgenovka (DPR), Novomikhailovka (Zaporozhye) and Kairy (Kherson). 

Russian Defence Ministry

Chronicle of a special military operation for September 19, 2023

 The Russian Armed Forces attacked targets in Lvov . One of the targets was a warehouse near an aircraft repair plant, where a large fire was recorded.

The situation on the front line remains steadily tense. Near Kupyansk, Russian forces renewed attacks in the Sinkovka area, and also managed to damage or destroy at least one crossing over Oskol .

In the Soledar direction, the enemy is amassing forces and preparing new attacks. Despite the battles near Kleshcheevka and Andreevka , the Ukrainian Armed Forces are concentrating new assault units.

The enemy is regrouping in the Yuzhnodonetsk and Zaporozhye directions . Artillery and aviation are working on concentrations of Ukrainian forces. Airborne groups of the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to be active near Kherson .


Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of September 19

 ðŸ’¡Russian engineers perform miracles over and over again. If earlier our army lacked the means to quickly engage targets at a distance of more than 50 km, then ours remembered the Lancet. And now they have improved it. Judging by the successful kamikaze drone raid on the Dolgintsevo airfield near Krivoy Rog, during which at least one MiG-29 was hit , the Lancets began to fly 70 km, although previously the upper limit of the range was 50 km. Such innovations will greatly help the Russian army to further terrorize Ukrainian self-propelled guns and MLRS.

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

 Fierce fighting continues in Kleshcheevka , already strewn with the corpses of Ukrainian militants. In Andreevka , ours tried to return previously abandoned positions. Russian fighters also attacked from Kurdyumovka.

⚫️ Zaporozhye direction

 In the Orekhovsky sector, the Ukrainian Armed Forces ceased active, unsuccessful offensive operations. While there are oncoming battles to the west of Rabotino and attempts to butt heads at Novoprokopovka and Verbovoy . On the Vremevsky ledge , militants attacked at Novodonetsky and Novomayorsky.

💥Our anti-aircraft gunners shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 in the Novopokrovka area of   the Zaporozhye region.

⚡️The Russian army worked all night on infrastructure facilities throughout 404. In the Kharkov region, a missile strike was carried out near an armored plant in the Kholodnogorsk district. And in the Odessa, Lviv and Khmelnytsky regions “Geraniums” bloomed. In Lviv, a strike on an industrial facility caused a large fire. It arrived near Odessa via the port infrastructure. And in Khmelnitsky, the airfield in Starokonstantinov was targeted.


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