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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 23 2023

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Ukraine peace plan, UN proposals to revive Black Sea grain deal “not realistic”: Russia

Battlefield Ukraine NATO Attack on Russian Crimea

Russia is Preparing a Swift Strike┃PMC ‘Wagner Group’ Takes Aim at ‘ODESSA’ and ‘KHERSON’

Moment Storm Shadow missile hits Russia’s Black Sea Fleet HQ in Crimea

Crimean city of Sevastopol hit by new missile attack

The Ukrainian Prime Minister calls for the construction of fortifications in the south similar to Russian ones

The Prime Minister of Ukraine stated at the regional economic forum in Kiev about the need to build fortifications as soon as possible.

“We see how the Russians have strengthened themselves in the Zaporozhye direction in six months. We need to strengthen absolutely no less in all directions along the entire front line. We are now working with the newly appointed Minister of Defense, with the Ministry of Defense in those areas and regions where such a need exists,” – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Well, while Ukraine is building defensive structures like the Russians, we will ask the question like typical Ukrainians: “What happened???” Has the vaunted counter-offensive really come to an end?

A bolt from the blue for Ukraine: millions of Europeans are praying for Putin’s victory

Eastern Europe is turning away from Ukraine, writes the Daily Express ( Poland is stopping arms supplies to Zelensky and blocking grain exports, along with Hungary and Slovakia, where a pro-Russian government is about to come to power. The Czechs stopped supporting the Kiev regime. The President of Croatia criticizes arms supplies to Kiev.

The growth of pro-Russian sympathies occurs not only in Orthodox but also in Catholic countries. The fact is that the liberal West and the conservative East of the European Union are now separated by a “cultural Iron Curtain,” and for many, Moscow is a defense against the godless and capricious West.

Europe blinks as support for Ukraine fades

Vladimir Putin’s plan seems to have worked, writes Politico ( Europe’s once seemingly unwavering support for Kiev is beginning to shrink. The most striking changes are in Poland, which has refused to supply Zelensky with new supplies of weapons.

But the problem for Kiev is that support is drying up not only in Poland. The same can be said about Estonia, Slovakia, and Hungary. Of course, in Kiev, they pretend that everything is in order, and the ranks of its patrons are not thinning. “But somewhere out there, Putin is watching and rubbing his hands,” the authors of the material assure.

They want to remove Zelensky from power due to the defeats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Ritter

Zelensky’s future as President of Ukraine is unclear due to a series of serious defeats at the front and the ruin of the country, former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter said on the Dialogue Works channel.

“He was challenged at home. His political future is in doubt. The Ukrainian army was defeated on the battlefield. The question now is not when the collapse of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will begin; it will happen sooner or later. The main thing is when the Ukrainian government falls,” says Ritter.

Now that we’ve seen Ukraine’s English-speaking tranny spokesman and Zelensky’s relationship with infamous satanist Marina Abramovic, flashback to 09/30/2022.

Putin addresses “Western elites” destroying Western society with gender insanity and “outright Satanism”.

Was he wrong?

A TV report in the Banderastan just reported local mass arrests  They report on the screen that as of this evening over 4,200 people have been arrested in Kiev and Kharkov alone!

The reasons for the Gestapo are:
- suspicions of transmitting information (gunners);
- simply suspicions of sympathy for Russia, determined by them personally, “by sight and by ear” (and of course data on the phone).

Judging by the scale of the action, they are arresting everyone who has even the slightest suspicion that they are not jumping, or that someone knocked them out for some inaccurate phrase.

The reason for the repression is currently unknown.
All of us there need to be three times more careful. If we find out what this is connected with, we will inform you further.

Two Majors

Missile attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Crimea on September 23

In the morning, Ukrainian formations again struck at the port infrastructure of Sevastopol . The enemy fired six Neptune anti-ship missiles from the Odessa region.

Berths No. 17 and 19 in the bays of Holland and Sukharnoy came under attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which were hit by two Neptunes, and the targets were the ships that were stationed there and were subject to decommissioning. The extent of the damage is still unknown.

According to preliminary data, the remaining missiles were shot down by air defense units. The fragments of one of them fell on Sukharnaya Balka (on the Internet this was mistaken for flying across the territory).

❗️The enemy’s strikes do not stop. Judging by the choice of objects not only in Crimea , but also in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are pursuing the goal of disrupting control, command and communication systems.


Our sources report that the General Staff, together with the British military, is preparing new strikes on Crimea; strikes on the Navy in Sevastopol and military airfields on the peninsula are important for the Office of the President. After the transfer of the first long-range missiles from the United States, a massive blow will be delivered to military infrastructure and the Koymsky bridge.

Attempt to disembark the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a boat near Tarkhankut

 Last night an interesting incident occurred at Cape Tarkhankut , which until now had not been known.

Under the cover of darkness, a Ukrainian boat with a DRG of the Ukrainian Armed Forces again tried to land troops on Cape Tarkhankut.

The speedboat moved along the coast towards Chernomorskoye at low speed: the bet was made on stealth.

However, the group was discovered by our border guards: a fighter opened fire on the craft. A shooting fight ensued, and the DRG was forced to retreat. The boat was escorted by a drone almost to the Odessa region.

🔻In this situation, the reaction of the serviceman who immediately opened fire on the DRG is pleasing. However, the question arises as to how the boat passed so far from the Ukrainian shores undetected, given that in recent times attacks on the landing force were carried out almost immediately after they left the Odessa region .

Either the boat was sailing in pitch darkness without means of navigation and communication, or it was using gas production and drilling rigs in the Black Sea to provide logistics for the boats. The infrastructure on the towers makes it possible to place not only weapons and equipment there, but also supplies to accommodate advanced groups.

Using them to their advantage to attack Crimea is more a fact than a theory. Do not forget that this happened immediately after the attack on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol . All the sailors’ efforts were focused on this, and the movement of the lone boat came as a surprise.

🔻In the context of intensifying attacks on Crimea, such attempts to land and drop a DRG on Cape Tarkhankut , which is extremely convenient in this regard, will happen more and more often. Moreover, for many months the British intelligence services have been preparing the Main Intelligence Directorate and Special Operations Forces units specifically for the landing operation in Crimea.


The enemy is strengthening the defense at the junction of Zaporozhye and the DPR The enemy is suffering significant losses and has stopped attempting an offensive

Members of the Vostok battalion report the situation on this section of the front :
➖”An amazing night – almost complete silence. This is a rare phenomenon in recent months. At another time, one could say that this is the calm before the storm, but now there is no such feeling – the enemy really suffered significant losses, and most importantly – he did not understand what tactics could bring him results. It would seem that everything has been tried. The last technique, when he continuously mixed us up with artillery for several days, and only then went on the offensive, led to the fact that he was unable to gain a foothold in positions, from which we retreated, and now they are again under our control. Moreover, the fortieth brigade even managed to crawl into territory that was previously considered under the control of the enemy. There is something to think about. Will he be able to accumulate strength to try his military luck again? “

The situation in the South Donetsk direction

At the Vremevsky sector, the Guards Marine Brigade fined a newly arrived enemy during a rotation north of Novomayorsky. Minus two pickups and one dugout at the positions was dismantled for change.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces showed some activity east of Urozhainy; enemy infantry groups were struck by artillery and TOS.

For the second day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ defense units have been trying to portray something to the west of Staromayorsky, but so far they have been discovered by aerial reconnaissance and received with artillery before reaching our positions.

In the Ugledarsky sector, our artillery was actively working in Konstantinovka, on duty through the forest belts northwest of Nikolsky. The rest is routine.

The situation in the Zaporozhye direction at 10:00 (Moscow time)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to advance and establish a presence in the northern part of Novoprokopovka.

We successfully destroyed 2 Bradleys and the personnel escaped. The AFU is escalating their attacks, conducting more frequent assaults, and incurring significant losses.

In Verbovoye, our paratroopers are preventing the enemy from approaching, and all AFU assault attempts are being thwarted.


As of this morning, clashes continue in the Verbovoye area. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to storm the heights and the village itself. Artillery is active. The Rabotino area is calmer; no active attacks have been recorded. Sporadic clashes continue in the gray zone.

Zaporozhye Front, NgP raZvedka reports

Reports about the so-called “breakthrough” of our defense line are fake.
In the Orekhovsky direction, the remnants of the 1st and 2nd battalions of the 82nd airborne brigade, with the support of the 71st brigade, are making unsuccessful attempts to storm our first line of defense in the area of   the settlement Verbovoye.

Enemy assault groups made a number of attempts to attack height 136.7, were unsuccessful, suffered losses and rolled back to their original positions.

Zaporozhye direction:

There were no breakthroughs near Verbovy, there were attempts at offensive actions by the Ukrainian Armed Forces yesterday, the attacks were successfully repelled.

In the direction, the 82nd Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is being punished; artillery does not allow them to raise their heads.

From the fighters on the ground: It’s not that there is no breakthrough. There were even 0 shellings yesterday and only a couple today.

Archangel of Special Forces


In Zaporozhye, on the streets, local underground fighters began placing signs with the call sign “Volga” and the already known frequency 149.200, on which one can surrender.
According to current statistics, according to this frequency, more than 800 people have already surrendered. who chose life. The topic gradually seeps through the enemy’s information cap.

By the way, this is the second time [the AFU have broken through Russian defenses near Verbovoe] as far as I remember. The first time was about three weeks ago in the same exact place))).

But I don’t remember that Pan Tarnavsky ever reported that his troops left the “broken Russian defense” in order to “break through” it again today for the second time.

What a bunch of wretched “peremogniks”… They are desperately in need at least some kind of “peremoga” [victory] …


Battles near Kremennaya: the “🅾️” group inflicts fire on the Ukrainian Armed Forces and prevents them from improving their tactical position

 ➖In the area of   the Torsky section, the enemy is trying to find a shortcut in order to cut off the ledge we occupy. Thus, the enemy made another attempt to attack our units with the forces of one platoon of the 67th infantry brigade with the support of an infantry fighting vehicle. As a result of the shooting battle and artillery fire, he suffered losses and retreated to the west.
➖Artillery is actively working in Serebryansky forestry. Our units destroyed the Kozak armored car and other militant vehicles . Sporadically, our units make daring raids on enemy positions and take them by surprise.


The situation in the Kherson direction.

According to our sources behind enemy lines, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are transferring additional forces to the city of Kherson and nearby settlements.
Personnel and a significant amount of armored vehicles are being transferred, mainly Western-made wheeled armored fighting vehicles, as well as Soviet BTR-70, BTR-80 and infantry fighting vehicles; trains with equipment are moving both from the Odessa region and from the central regions of Ukraine.
According to our calculations, which are fascinating and clearly do not cover the whole picture, over the last week at least 150 units of equipment arrived in Kherson, in addition to the already existing ones and over 3 thousand people.


FULL FRONT UPDATE: Ukrainian Reinforcements To Kherson?

Leopards Arrive At Kreminna | The Challenges Of The Ukrainian Advances

Advances in Verbove

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (17–23 September 2023) Part I

▫️ In the period from 17 to 23 September 2023, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out 12 group strikes with long-range ground-based and air-launched precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles against facilities for the repair of aircraft and armoured vehicles, oil refineries, storage depots for ammunition, precision weapons, and weapons of foreign manufacture, centres for the reconnaissance and training of Ukrainian militants, as well as locations where foreign mercenaries were stationed.

▫️ As a result of the strikes, significant damage was inflicted on the logistics system of the AFU groups operating in Kherson and Zaporozhye directions, the capabilities of the enemy’s repair and recovery bodies were reduced, and part of the stocks of cruise missiles and depleted uranium ammo, launchers of multiple-launch rocket launchers, and anti-aircraft missile systems transferred by the West to Ukraine were destroyed.

▫️ In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces have repelled 28 attacks launched by assault groups of the 53rd and 110th Mechanised, 79th Air Assault, and 3rd Assault brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces close to Kleshcheyevka, Avdeevka, and Maryinka (Donetsk People’s Republic) during this period.

▫️ Over the past week, as a result of air, missile, and artillery strikes in this direction, the enemy’s losses amounted to more than 1,455 Ukrainian troops killed and wounded, 16 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 25 motor vehicles, 15 field artillery pieces, and three MLRS combat vehicles. In addition, three ammunition depots and two military echelons of the 37th AFU Marine Brigade were destroyed at loading stations.

▫️ In South Donetsk direction, Russian units have repelled five enemy attacks with concerted action during the week, continuing to defeat clusters of AFU manpower and hardware. The enemy’s losses in this direction amounted to over 950 Ukrainian servicemen killed and wounded, 14 armoured fighting vehicles, 32 motor vehicles, and five field artillery pieces. In addition, two ammunition depots were wiped out.

▫️ As a result of the significant losses and the low morale, the Kiev regime is withdrawing units of the 38th Marine Brigade and the 110th Territorial Defence Brigade of the AFU to rear areas to restore combat capability.

▫️ In Zaporozhye direction,  Russian troops repelled eight attacks by combined assault groups of the 71st Jeager, 47th Mechanised, and 46th Airmobile brigades of the AFU near Rabotino and Verbovoye (Zaporozhye region). During the fighting, more than 515 Ukrainian servicemen, 24 armoured fighting vehicles and 19 motor vehicles were destroyed. In addition, 35 enemy field artillery pieces were neutralised as part of counter-battery warfare.

▫️ In Kupyansk direction, Russian units continued to hit the manpower and equipment of the 14th, 30th and 32nd mechanised and 25th airborne brigades of the AFU in the areas of Sinkovka, Ivanovka, and Berestovoye (Kharkov region). More than 215 Ukrainian troops, six armoured fighting vehicles, 18 motor vehicles, 24 field artillery guns, and one U.S.-made M1097 Avenger missile system were destroyed in this area.

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (16–23 September 2023) Part II

▫️ In Krasny Liman direction, units of the 63rd and 67th mechanised brigades and the 12th Special Operations Brigade made unsuccessful attempts to attack the positions of Russian troops near Yampolovka and Torskoye (Donetsk People’s Republic) Chervonaya Dibrova (Lugansk People’s Republic) and Serebryansky forestry. As a result of courageous action by units of the Tsentr Group of Forces, air strikes, artillery fire and heavy flame-throwing systems, 15 enemy attacks were repelled.

▫️ The enemy’s losses in this direction amounted to up to 435 Ukrainian servicemen killed and wounded, 15 armoured fighting vehicles, 16 motor vehicles, and eight guns.

▫️ In Kherson direction, the enemy made unsuccessful attempts to seize bridgeheads on islands and the left bank of the Dnepr River. In military operations, the AFU have lost up to 445 Ukrainian troops, nine armoured fighting vehicles, 35 motor vehicles, 11 field artillery guns. In addition, eight sabotage and reconnaissance groups were disabled.

▫️ During the week, the enemy attempted to strike facilities on the Crimean Peninsula with cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. In the course of repelling the attacks, Russian air defence systems destroyed five cruise missiles, one Neptun anti-ship missile, and 37 attack drones.

▫️ Fighter jets of the Russian Armed Forces and air defence system have destroyed the following aircraft over the past week: Su-24m, Mig-29, and two Su-25 ground-attack aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force near Novovladimirovka (Nikolayev region) and Novorozovka and Novopokrovka (Zaporozhye region).

▫️ In addition, Russian strike drones hit a Ukrainian Mig-29 fighter jet at the Dolgintsevo airfield (Dnepropetrovsk region), as well as two ST-68 radar stations for detecting low-altitude aerial targets near Volnyansk (Zaporozhye region) and P-18 and PRV-16 radar stations for detecting aerial targets near Novopetrovka (Kherson region).

▫️ Air defence and electronic warfare systems have shot down and suppressed 257 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles during the week and intercepted 46 HIMARS MLRS shells, nine Storm Shadow cruise missiles, two JDAM air bombs, and three HARM anti-radiation missiles.

Russian Defence Ministry (

Chronicle of a special military operation for September 23, 2023

 For several days in a row, Ukrainian formations have been carrying out massive attacks on Crimea . This time the port infrastructure of Sevastopol came under attack.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are gathering forces to the flanks of Bakhmut, preparing an attack on the city. There are battles near Kleshcheevka and Andreevka , but there are no changes. Russian troops also identified the first Swedish-made CV9040C infantry fighting vehicle in this direction, which they destroyed.

Positional battles in the landings continue in the Vremevsky and Zaporozhye sectors of the front. The enemy makes sorties from time to time in small infantry groups, but to no avail.

Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of September 23

 ⚡️The Russian army does not stop “geranizing” the enemy’s infrastructure. In Dnepropetrovsk, Russian missiles and drones worked throughout the night in industrial zones. In the Odessa region, the port infrastructure itself fell to the Russian “Caliber”. In addition, objects in occupied Zaporozhye were targeted.

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Svatovo-Kremennoe direction

 There are no changes in the Kupyansky sector – the Russian army is gradually taking control of the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of     Sinkovka and Petropavlovka . In the area of   the Karamzinovsky salient, our fighters managed to recapture a number of militant positions near Novoegorovka.

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

 The Russian army is fighting for the heights in the area of   Dubovo-Vasilievka and Berkhovka . Our fighters also, with the support of aviation and artillery, counterattacked in Kleshcheevka and Andreevka , where the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered heavy losses.

⚫️ Zaporozhye direction

 In the vicinity of Rabotino , in the western part, there are oncoming battles. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to break through at Verbovoy . Meanwhile, ours resumed attacks in the Nikolskoye area.

💡In the USA they thought for a very long time (already the norm) and finally decided to deliver 404 long-range ATACMS missiles, despite ridiculous excuses and attempts to stall for time. However, the Biden administration did not announce this publicly. Why are these missiles so important for the Kyiv regime? Everything is extremely simple – French and British cruise missiles, although long-range, are launched with the help of Ukrainian aviation, the existence of which will soon become history. But American “toys” require less – just HIMARS systems, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have enough of, and they won’t have to be retrained for several years.

Russian Army Gets New ‘Flying Radars’; A-50U Can Counter Storm Shadow, Upcoming F-16


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