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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 27 2023

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US inches closer to regime changing Zelensky

Battlefield Ukraine Coward of The County

The headquarters’ decision to launch the Azov operation was a mistake, which they are trying to present as heroism, while keeping silent about the losses.

“ The USA, Great Britain or Germany would not even go on the offensive without the support of aviation ,” American General Ben Hodges criticized all those dissatisfied with the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to the former commander of NATO Land Forces in Europe, such accusations are unprofessional and useless . He emphasized that the counteroffensive in Ukraine is not only military action on the battlefield, but also complex operations, including special forces, drone attacks, cyber warfare and the deactivation of Russian radars/air defense systems. 

We wrote that Zelensky’s trip did not go according to plan, and most experts call it a failure.

According to the Punchbowl News resource, the Senate resolution includes the allocation of $4.5 billion for Ukraine and another $1.65 billion for State Department assistance to Ukraine

The total amount of assistance to Ukraine in the US Senate bill to temporarily prevent a government shutdown is more than $6 billion.

If we take into account the Ukrainian budget deficit of 40 billion dollars, this means one thing: we do not have the funds to continue the war in 2024.

The president’s office has completely failed the “peace formula,” which was tested over and over again at international summits, albeit without much success (even the G7 countries supported Zelensky’s initiative with reservations, let alone neutral states and international organizations).

 The current situation is not surprising – Zelensky’s “peace formula” is a rather ambitious and unfounded document that can only be implemented in the event of a total defeat of Russia (there are no other options and are not provided for). But, given the situation at the front, especially with the failed counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, it is now quite obvious that the Russian Federation will not make unilateral concessions (as we observed after last year’s negotiations with Istanbul).

It must be admitted that the “point of no return” has already been passed in the diplomacy of Kyiv and Moscow, and Russia will enter the negotiation process only on its own terms.

Our source in the OP said that Zelensky will not freeze the war; the Office of the President is preparing a meeting at which they will decide how to find sources of funding for 2024 in order to continue the Azov operation.

A very interesting leak in the Western media, which threatens to escalate the war.

Ukraine wants to receive long-range missiles from the West to strike targets in Russia, Iran and Syria, where Shaheds are produced.

This is reported by The Guardian with reference to a document that Kyiv sent to its partners.

“The above can be carried out by the Ukrainian defense forces if the partners provide the necessary means of destruction,” Kyiv proposes.

Ukraine says the Shaheds have 52 European components of five companies headquartered in the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Japan and Poland.

Moreover, almost all imports to Iran come from Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Costa Rica.

According to the document, Iran has already diversified its production by using a Syrian plant with delivery to the Russian port of Novorossiysk. Drone production is also moving to Russian Tatarstan.

As usual, we turned out to be right that the Americans can give money to Ukraine, but not the whole amount, but a certain part.

The US Senate proposes to agree on $4.5 billion in aid to Ukraine in the short term instead of the $24 billion requested by the White House.

This money will be enough for Ukraine for a month. If the Europeans make more cuts, it will be a complete fiasco.
That’s why Ze sent everyone on the offensive. A result is needed for these to be singled out.
Back on September 18, we insided that Ze demanded results from the General Staff, that all forces be used to create a favorable information agenda for the trip to the United States, but then the attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces “choked.” Also, the lobbyists failed to organize a meeting with the “resps”, and Ze’s entire trip turned out to be negative.

Most likely, the West is forcing Zelensky to really throw all his strength into the last battle. (Have they really realized that Ukraine has two options, quick death due to the failure of the blitzkrieg, or slow death due to a protracted war, but at least the blitzkrieg has a scanty chance of success and the West in this case, if Ze fails the blitzkrieg, will save billions and face , making Vladimir Alexandrovich a scapegoat). This is exactly what Ze is afraid of.
Back in February, we insided out that an offensive in the Azov area would be a fatal mistake. And yes, on April 4, we insided that then the West demanded to launch a large-scale offensive in the spring, not in the summer.

We are watching… but everything is bad, the Ukrainian Armed Forces hope that the Russians will run when they see the attack.

About 10 thousand Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers surrendered in captivity since mid-summer using a special radio wave.

 The servicemen used the open radio frequency 149.200 Volga, a representative of the operational services told 


The Russian Federation is developing a missile equipped with a high-frequency generator of immense power, intended to neutralize the enemy without firing a single shot.

In the West, Alabuga is referred to as a “secret weapon” described as “more potent than a nuclear bomb,” capable of “disabling entire armies.” This electromagnetic missile has the capability to disable all enemy electronics within a 3.5 km radius.

“The military intends to install these weapons on the latest Russian drones to deter enemy aircraft. Additionally, such a system can be used to destroy missile warheads and communication devices on airplanes. Furthermore, it can block the automatic loading of tanks, detonate artillery shells inside the gun turret, and eliminate enemy soldiers hiding underground at depths of up to 100 meters using radiation,” as reported by the Daily Star.

Vladimir Putin recently mentioned that Russia is working on weapons based on new physical principles at the Eastern Economic Forum.

He stated, “Even when considering security, weapons based on new physical principles will guarantee the security of any country in the near historical perspective. We are well aware of this and are actively pursuing it.”

Furthermore, this summer, Russian troops have already received remote clearance vehicles called “Listva” (Foliage). These vehicles can detect and disarm radio-controlled land mines using ultra-high-frequency radiation.


Sirens sound in Crimea due to possible enemy missile strikes. Traffic on the Crimean Bridge is currently suspended.

We do not completely rule out further attempts to strike the peninsula with both missiles and drones. NATO satellite reconnaissance was ( actively filming various areas of Crimea, including the bridge.

Over the past 24 hours, American TOPAZ satellites have identified 54 positions of interest. These include air defense position areas and military installations.

The attack, if it occurs, will most likely be carried out in several waves, where drones and decoy missiles will be used first, and then several cruise missiles to more confidently destruction the target.

Kamikaze drones are once again flying en masse across Ukraine.
Arrivals have already been recorded in Nikolaev at the Kulbakino airfield.
Now it flies around Krivoy Rog, most likely also through airfields or related infrastructure.
Also, part of the UAV is sent to the south of the Odessa region and even to Vinnitsa.
Some of them are constantly hitting the north of Ukraine.

According to our data, the Russian Armed Forces release 50+ kamikaze drones Geran-1 and 2 per day, and Ukrainian military officials deliberately underestimate the numbers of daily UAV strikes so as not to provoke depressive moods in society, due to the fact that Russians now have a lot these “birds” that they can safely produce about 1,500 Geraniums per month throughout Ukraine. Imagine how much damage they cause to the rear of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and this is not yet the maximum limit. Soon, according to our forecasts, there may be 100-200 “birds” per day, and Bankovaya is aware that the Russians are increasing production. Ukrainians are not told about this. They are afraid to provoke disappointment, depression and thoughts among the masses that everything is lost, we are fucked…

We are watching…

Our source reports that the offensive in the Azov direction is very difficult. Heavy losses and a dense Russian defense line are doing their job. All the soldiers are dissatisfied with the fact that Bankovaya decided to once again throw everyone purely at the “spears” in order to recapture another village at the cost of the lives of thousands of soldiers and dozens of equipment.

“Putin may have ordered the Russian military commanders to hold all of Russia’s original defensive positions [in Ukraine] to create the illusion that the Ukrainian counteroffensive had produced no tactical or operational results, despite substantial Western support.”

Institute for the Study of War

The situation in the Zaporozhye direction at 10:00.

Yesterday, someone not smart began to spread panic about some kind of attack and offensive actions of the AFU, and everyone immediately picked it up. Yesterday we flew a UAV (screenshots were provided) and there was silence, the artillery only worked on our side and on the enemy’s side.

Everything went as normal. There was no attack.

In the morning, the Grad MLRS worked on enemy positions south of Orikhove.

n.p. Verbovoe – several groups of infantry, supported by artillery, decided to launch assault operations but were covered by fire from our artillery.

Archangel of Special Forces

Why don’t I write about the situation in Rabotino-Verbovoy?
According to my information, everything there is the same as a week ago. There are no significant changes at the front. There are battles going on. The battles are tough, but so far without any drastic changes for the enemy.
The Ukrainian counter-offensive is entering its fourth month.


The situation in the South Donetsk direction

▪️ There is progress at the Vremevsky site north of Priyutnoye . Assault groups of the 5th Army drove the enemy out of two strong points in a forest belt and destroyed up to 18 militants. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, with the support of artillery, tried to counterattack, but were unsuccessful and were suppressed by gunfire from the 5th Army . It was also possible to thwart an attempt to evacuate the wounded by the enemy. The car that advanced from the direction of Novodarovka was destroyed.

In Prechistovka, the enemy is increasing its efforts to gain a foothold in this locality; it does not risk advancing towards Novomayorsky .

▪️ At the Ugledarsky site, everyone has already appreciated the effective work of the 155th Guards Marine Brigade in identifying and destroying enemy armored vehicles and manpower. In addition, one can note the ongoing work to destroy the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ air defense forces in the villages of Novomikhailovka-Konstantinovka-Elizavetovka by all available means – from artillery/MLRS to LMUR/FAB.


Denis Pushilin spoke about the situation in the DPR:

In the Krasnolimansky direction, the enemy is trying to conduct reconnaissance in force, the attempts are neutralized, the enemy is partially destroyed, partially thrown back to their original positions;

In the Artyomovsk direction, the enemy tried to squeeze out our units along the Avdeevka, Kurdyumovka, Kleshcheevka line, the enemy did not achieve results;

In the Avdeevsky direction, exchange of artillery strikes, improvement of positions, increased gray zone in the area of ​​the settlement of Krasnogorovka;

In Marinka, improving the position of our units in the western part of the settlement;

In the Ugledar direction, the enemy’s attempts to conduct reconnaissance in force were recorded; the enemy was destroyed and partially thrown back into position.

About attacks on Ukrainian Armed Forces positions in Vugledar

 Despite the relative lack of news about attempted attacks in the Yuzhnodonetsk direction and a slight decrease in enemy activity near Urozhainy and Staromayorsky , heavy combat work continues near Ugledar .

Several videos have recently been published showing targets being hit in a city occupied by the enemy. Air bombs with UMPC strike buildings occupied by the enemy. Even if the sheltered personnel are not destroyed, Ukrainian formations have to spend time clearing the rubble and rotating personnel affected by the attacks.

Coordinates: 47.780521, 37.245132 ; 47.777698, 37.243292

 It is somewhat more difficult to reach armored vehicles hidden behind buildings by air strikes, and for this purpose cheaper kamikaze UAVs are used, which allow them to fly around an obstacle and hit a target that is unattainable for “classical” weapons.

Coordinates: 47.777761, 37.249982

 It should be understood that not all blows fall into the open, and in reality many more are inflicted. Preventive work against enemy concentrations allows you to keep the enemy in constant tension and limits the possibilities for attacks , since it makes it difficult to form reserves and assault groups.

Russian forces are stopping attempts by the Ukrainian army to restore supplies to their group across the Oskol River in the Kharkov region. This was announced by the head of the military-civil administration of the region, Vitaly Ganchev.

“Our fighters have advanced well and gained a foothold in strongholds, but the enemy is bringing in new reserves. The enemy has become more active in the use of aviation and heavy artillery. All attempts [by Ukrainian soldiers] to restore supplies across the Oskol River are being stopped,” Ganchev said on the TV channel “ Russia 24″.

Chronicle of a special military operation for September 27, 2023

 A temporary calm continues at the front. In the Starobelsky direction there are sluggish battles in the Serebryansky forestry area. In the Bakhmutsky section , violent clashes continue in the area of   the railway between Andreevka and Kleshcheevka , both settlements are in the “gray zone”.

In the Donetsk direction, units of the Russian Armed Forces were able to somewhat improve the tactical situation by taking control of a strong point on the approaches to Krasnogorovka . In the Yuzhnodonetsk and Orekhovsk sectors, the situation has not undergone significant changes: there are mutual exchanges of blows and rotation of battered units.

Massive shelling of the border regions of Russia continues: throughout the day, settlements in the Kursk , Belgorod , Kherson regions, as well as the DPR , were under enemy fire. Unfortunately, there were casualties and destruction.

Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of September 27

 ðŸ‘‹The soldiers from the 810th Marine Brigade performed their duty so well that their unit not only received praise from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, but also became the first in history to be awarded the Order of Ushakov.

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Svatovo-Kremennoe direction

 The Russian army continues to gradually drive out the militants in the Kupyansky sector. In addition, ours attacked enemy positions in the Serebryansky forest near Dibrova .

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

 Our fighters counterattacked in Kleshcheevka , depriving the Ukrainian Armed Forces of the chance to cling to the railway. Encounter fighting continues in the Andreevka area.

⚫️ Zaporozhye direction

 It’s quiet near Pyatikhatki – the militants decided not to try their luck in this area. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not stop attacking in the direction of Verbovoy, as well as west of Rabotino , but without success. On the Vremevsky ledge there are no changes – positional battles.

💡Now, as part of the Russian army, they have begun to form specialized reconnaissance and assault brigades designed to break through enemy fortifications and conduct combat operations behind enemy lines. The idea itself is not new, because something similar was already practiced in the Red Army at the end of the Second World War. Ordinary infantrymen, but more prepared, coped with the assault on Nazi fortified areas. As now, because the offensive is decided not by the best of the best, but by simple professionals.

Colossal Losses Storming Verbove & Andriivka

Front #Summary for 27 September⚡️

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, our forces are observing the movement of small AFU infantry groups along the #Verbovoye – #Rabotino line. As the AFU is hitting our forward positions with cluster ammo and aviation, and trying to coordinate into battle orders, ours are preparing for another wave of attacks, striking with artillery. The destruction of a large AFU military depot in #Kazatskoye is confirmed. It is reported that there were about 10 AFVs in addition to ammo.

🔹In #SouthDonetsk Direction, north of #Priyutnoye, our fighters pushed back the militants from two more strongholds in the landings. The AFU made attempts to regain their positions, hitting with artillery, but ours held their ground. The AFU are reported to be building up reserves in #Prechistovka, and further deployment to #Novomayorskoye and new attacks are likely.

🔹In #Donetsk Direction, they report intensive work of our artillery, powerful strikes were recorded in the area of the Koksokhimichesky Plant, where heavy AFU artillery and armoured vehicles are located.

🔹In #Bakhmut Direction, our forces face a hard time. Fierce fighting continues on the #Andreyevka – #Kurdyumovka section. The AFU tried to break through to the Russian positions near the railway. But our guys are good, stood firm, and they repulsed the attack with 3 IFVs on fire. On the southern flank near #Andreyevka, enemy groups periodically enter the plantations near the railway. Our forces are entrenched behind the railway and hit with artillery. On the northern flank between Orekhovo-Vasilyevka and #Zaliznichnoye the AFU tried to break through with 2 armoured vehicles, ours struck with ATGMs, the enemy did not get through.

Oleg Tsarov

Russia’s Killer Kamikaze Drones Made With European Tech; ‘Secret Document’ Exposes West

Russia: Government accuses U.K of involvement in Bucha Massacre

Prank with Sarah Ashton-Chirillo


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