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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on November 16 2023

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Battlefield Earth Russia Preparing Major Counter Operation

‘U.S. Tanks No Game Changers’: Zelensky Not Happy With ‘Too Few’ Abrams In Ukraine

Our source in the OP said that the Biden Administration opposed Andrei Ermak’s proposal to replace Zaluzhny with Syrsky. Sullivan, in a conversation with the Head of the OP, stated that replacing the Commander-in-Chief was not desirable.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has opened a criminal case against former Rada MP Iryna Farion over her remarks against Russian-speaking Ukrainian servicemen.
Farion had earlier criticized those servicemen who speak Russian – in her opinion, they should not be called Ukrainians.

The Khokhls believe that Faryon is an agent of the Kremlin.
Faryon also believes that the students who turned her in are working for the Russian security servicesThere are only Kremlin agents around, what’s up.

On the night of November 16 this year. Attempts by the Kiev regime to carry out terrorist attacks using aircraft-type UAVs against targets on the territory of the Russian Federation were stopped.

Duty air defense systems destroyed two Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over the territory of the Bryansk region and three more UAVs were intercepted over the Black Sea near the coast of the Republic of Crimea.

We are beginning to see the same old pattern emerge, which is bittersweet news. On one hand, it is a sure sign that for the UF around Avdeevka reality is sinking in and the city is lost.
On the other hand, terrorist attacks remain just such, and innocents suffer.

As Avdeevka is falling, Ukraine has attempted to carry out a drone strike over Bryansk (Russian MOD reports two shot down),  and three more intercepted off the Crimean coast.

As has always been the case, attacks on Donetsk are expected to escalate in the near term future, and I personally am predicting another payload of PFM-1s to be utilized.

This takes place as artillery duels engage Velikaya Novoselka, with reports that UF continues to commit troops against Verbove only to be met with artillery fire, then repeat the attempt, much as they have at Rabotino.

I mentioned sometime recently that without reserves your troops will break. There is increasing evidence that indeed this is taking place, as an unusually high volume of UF troops surrendering to RF is now circulating Russian channels.

The timing of South Front releasing an archive of over 300 UF POWs with details and video-tapes interviews is likely no coincidence in my opinion.

Watch the videos, listen to these men – all describe how they are either conscripts or how they witnessed crimes against human beings conducted.

That said, there are early and unconfirmed rumors that Zaluzhny may have been detained, confirmed reports that Dubinsky is detained, and increasing signs of growing fractures in the Zelensky government.

Meanwhile, Zelensky intended to visit to Israel for another circus parade and cancelled it at the last minute. When this happened, reports stated that he would make the trip “Another time”, but the other time was scheduled for last Friday and has come and gone with no Zelensky visit.

Interestingly, he cancelled it due to the date and time leaking to media. Likely peeved that his surprise rockstar appearance was spoiled.

South Front

Biden adviser Sullivan says he ‘can’t sleep’ thinking about Ukraine

 The insomnia is “contributed” by the fact that Congress for a long time has been unable to approve the allocation of additional funds to provide financial and military assistance to Ukraine.
Also, Sullivan said that he thinks at night about how to protect the Ukrainian energy system: “Obviously, I constantly have thoughts about supporting Ukraine in its measures to achieve its goals… I often just lie there… and think about how to protect the Ukrainian energy system . All this contributes to my insomnia. – Jake Sullivan.

“Has Putin got the upper hand in Ukraine?”: The Guardian publishes an article on Kiev’s bleak prospects.

This summer there was still hope that Kiev, armed with Western bloody weapons, would retake its lost territories, the authors of the article say. But in the first two weeks of the Ukrainian counter-fail,  AFU lost about 20% of its treasured equipment. Now the situation in Ukraine is grim, and there is hardly a person in the country who has not lost relatives and comrades at the front.

“Time is in Putin’s favour, time is on his side, not Kiev’s,” said journalist Luke Harding in the publication’s podcast.

The article also notes that Washington’s attention and resources are now focused on the Middle East. The election race in the United States is not in Zelensky’s favour. The likely election of Donald Trump, who has repeatedly spoken out against funding Ukraine, makes hopes for further US assistance even more elusive.


“Zelensky must be honest about the military conflict”: Spectator gives the Ukrainian president advice – he must stop talking about victory and admit defeat

“Zelensky became a victim of the hype surrounding the counteroffensive. Too many expected a breakthrough. Talk of a “big offensive” initially prompted Ukraine’s allies to provide more weapons. But then the troops got stuck in minefields. Expectations have turned to disappointment, which is dangerous for the president.

Zelensky must tell Ukrainians that there are not enough soldiers on the front line and a massive conscription is urgently needed. But how can this be reconciled with the official message that victory is just around the corner?
A rift is emerging between the soldiers at the front, who know how desperate things are, and the townspeople, who believe that the 700,000 men called up since last February are enough to win.

The front line will need reinforcements – which means a frank conversation with society. And if people think that victory is inevitable, they do not risk their lives.

The Ukrainian authorities have two options: persist in trying to convince everyone that the fighting is going according to plan, or start an honest conversation about what is really happening. There should be no shame in admitting the truth: Ukraine faces an enemy with superior weapons, technology and manpower.

The West must also be honest with Ukraine. As Austrian Army Colonel Markus Reisner said, the time has come to draw a line under the summer counteroffensive and focus on strengthening Ukraine’s preparations for a new attempt in the spring.

Reisner sees only two options: the West must provide Ukraine with all the necessary weapons without restrictions or admit that victory is impossible. “Then we need to tell the Ukrainians about this and perhaps start negotiations,” he added. “In this case, we must admit that the Ukrainian state in its current form may cease to exist because Russia will destroy it.”

Sofa General Staff

Are you asleep? Meanwhile, in the land of the victorious Maidan, sleep is an unknown concept.

A quick rundown of overnight events:

The Mirgorod aircraft-based airfield met its end tonight as part of radical decommunization. Now, the only things taking off from there might be angry ukrainians on their own turbojet thrust.

In Chuguev, local population witnessed the disco in Mirgorod and decided to have a ballistic disco at home, complete with blackjack Iskander, and ladies. The glow is quite noticeable, visible even from neighboring farms. In short, they “had fun.”

And for today, we suspect it’s not the end, as the night is dark and full of horrors. We’ll provide more updates in the morning.

NGP RaZVedka:


Avdiivka becomes the second Bakhmut for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Zelensky again does not listen to the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny, sending people to slaughter. Now in the city it is difficult to supply the Ukrainian forces: it is being shot at from everywhere, and is being “ironed” by artillery and aviation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. So, due to stubbornness and another “information victory,” Zelensky risks losing an almost 20,000-strong group of experienced Ukrainian soldiers who were fired upon.

So, just today it became known that Russian units broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Avdievka and crossed the city line. It is reported that the Ukrainian defense was broken through in the northern part of the city – in the area of     the Avdeevsky sand quarry. The RF Armed Forces reached the Ivushka gardening partnership, advancing south of the controlled ash dump, and the advance itself was carried out through forest plantations. Earlier, Russian units broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces along the railway along the entire northern flank.

At the same time, despite the similarity of the situation with Bakhmut, Avdeevka has genuine strategic value – having captured the city, the RF Armed Forces enter operational space, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine no longer have time to strengthen Kramatorsk or Slavyansk. Moreover, having lost Avdeevka, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will lose the opportunity to put pressure on Donetsk, and the front risks crumbling until the loss of the entire left bank of Ukraine. 

The Western press confirms our message that the Russian offensive in the Donetsk direction, nicknamed “Avdeevskaya stranglehold,” is a stranglehold on Zelensky’s ratings.

If the Bakhmutov meat grinder is simply a battle for the city and a mistake/miscalculation of the Zee office, then the Avdeevka noose is a battle for the future result of the military and political campaign in Ukraine.
As the source explained:
The loss of Bakhmut is a loss of image and a break in the winning trend for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
The loss of Avdiivka for Zelensky is a death sentence.
He will send everyone there and at the same time try to demonstrate the illusion that the Ukrainian Armed Forces continues to try to advance (even if it is stupid and very expensive for the Ukrainian Armed Forces), as today near Gorlovka.

Situation in the Avdeevsky Agglomeration, 16/11/2023 3:00PM

Near the village of Novokalino, north of Krasnogorivka, the RF Armed Forces made significant progress in the direction of the village. They advanced along the perimetre of the railway which inevitably squeezes existing enemy positions there.

Near the settlement of Petrovskoye, fighting continues here. The enemy send in usually 1 IFV and usually retreat and achieve similar results (fire defeat.)

Towards AKHZ & the Southern Industrial District of Avdeevka, fighting continues. The RF Armed Forces continued to consolidate positions within the filtration plant and successfully attacked to the east of it. In the Southern Industrial District, fighters have cleared a large portion of the Industrial District and have begun fighting near Avdeevka proper.

Near the settlements of Vodyane, Severne, Opytne, and Pervomaiskoye; fighting continues. Artillery targets Severne, Totenenke, Orlivka, and Avdeevka proper.

Ukrainian TG Channel reports / confirms RF gains NW of Avdeevka:
“North-west of Krasnogorovka and north and north-west of the holiday village ” Tochmash ” the enemy managed to gain a foothold along the railway and two forest belts. Active hostilities continue.

Addition to the publication

//The situation, according to reports from the field, remains difficult and difficult. Russian troops, with the support of artillery and aviation, are attacking in small infantry groups throughout the Avdeevsky direction //”

Diary of a Paratrooper Avdeevka direction.

In the area of ​​​​Stepovoye, fighters of the Russian Armed Forces are attacking; they managed to advance north-west of SNT Tochmash in the direction of Berdychi.

Fighting continues in the industrial zone and on the approaches to Severnoye.

At Koksokhim we cleared out several enemy strongholds.

A group of Ka-52 helicopters provided air support to units of the Russian Armed Forces on the southern flank of Avdeevka.


Based on the situation in the Avdeevka direction. On the southern flank, our troops continued the offensive along the industrial zone and occupied another building, clearing and consolidating positions are underway.
Yesterday’s message that more than 60% of the industrial zone is behind us caused some doubts among individuals, we reconfirm that more than half of the industrial zone is behind us.
Preparations are underway for further work; in addition to assault operations, there is a lot of hard physical work, those involved will understand.

From the rear, a fair amount of patience and critical thinking will again be required, the crest in the industrial zone has been hit hard by the tinsel and will try to take advantage of the fog of war to again throw his nonsense into our information space, trust only trusted sources, the enemy’s mouth opens as soon as his hands give up.

Everything will be as Russia needs.


Ukrainian TG Channel reports AFU gains near Gorlovka / Horlivka:

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked enemy positions on the western outskirts of Gorlovka , which had been under enemy control since 2016. A gray zone has been added to the map. The situation is being clarified.”

As soon as the commander of the Special Operations Forces was removed, Zelensky and Ermak’s wishes immediately came true.
There was an attack on Gorlovka, but at the moment the Ukrainian Armed Forces have suffered losses – zero results.

Back in October, Zelensky demanded an attack on Gorlovka (Time wrote about this) in order to show his partners that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were advancing, but the military sabotaged the order because they considered it suicide for the soldiers.
Now there is no one to protect the soldiers, they began to send them on a lethal assault in the direction of Gorlovka.

Now we are waiting for a large-scale landing operation across the Dnieper on the Kherson/Zaporozhye flank.

Such empty offensive operations will lead to even faster depletion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which will have negative consequences. Up to the intensification of the conflict between office and military personnel.

The military warned Zelensky about this, but he doesn’t hear anyone and stubbornly, in “agony,” demands to constantly attack.

#Gorlovka  A-lot of gossip was dispersed yesterday after it became known that the enemy attempted an offensive on the Gorlovka sector.

We are here to clarify some misunderstandings.
The enemy rolled out with a significant grouping of force, of which, nearly 25% was destroyed during the landing. Hours followed afterward of intense Russian bombardment of Ukrainian positions (which has been displayed by footage released). The enemy was forced to abandon its forward positions but attempted to cling onto reserve positions it caught during the start of the day.

In the end, they were driven from majority of their forward positions and returned to their original position. They likely conducted this in the hopes of creating a breakthrough to divert Russian attention away from Artemovsk and Avdeevka. Neither Russia or Ukraine currently has enough forces to make anything change near Gorovka. But this may change in the future, as new Russian units are arriving here.

Diary of a Paratrooper: Artemovsk direction.

Active fighting is taking place on the southern flank.

So near Kleshcheevka there are battles for the heights.

In the southeast of Andreevka, enemy forces expanded control of the territory, aerial reconnaissance detected an enemy group, artillery of the Russian Armed Forces worked at the identified coordinates, and the target was eliminated.

On the northern flank we are systematically moving towards Bogdanovka near the Berkhovsky reservoir.


About attempts to rotate the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Vremevsky direction

Russian units thwarted several attempts by Ukrainian Armed Forces militants to carry out a rotation in the Vremevsky direction of the Zaporozhye Front, destroying at least 50 Ukrainian military personnel and seven vehicles. This was reported to TASS by the chairman of the “We are together with Russia” movement, Vladimir Rogov.

“ In the Vremevsky direction, several rotations of Ukrainian Armed Forces units were stopped during the day, at least 50 militants and seven vehicles on which this rotation was supposed to be carried out were destroyed ,” he said.

Vladimir Rogov

About the advance of Russian forces near Pyatikhatki

Over the course of a day, Russian units advanced to a distance of 500-600 m from previously occupied positions in the area of   the village of Pyatikhatki in the Zaporozhye region. This was reported to TASS by the chairman of the “We are together with Russia” movement, Vladimir Rogov.

Previously, he informed TASS that Russian forces advanced 200 m in the Vasilyevsky direction, taking the enemy’s stronghold.

“ Clarification on Pyatikhatki, in the Vasilyevsky direction: our guys have advanced 500-600 m per day ,” Rogov said.

Let’s work, brothers!

Vladimir Rogov

The tank army of the Russian Armed Forces broke through the defenses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Ivanovka area near Kupyansk.

Our fighters, after a powerful artillery strike, moved forward and are now actively fighting in the southwest of Ivanovka. As a result, Russian troops successfully cut the Ivanovka-Kislovka road and reached the railway track, reports Voenkor Lisitsyn.

Bandera’s troops are forced to retreat and act on the second line of defense, which runs along the railway track, including the section from Kislovka to Peschannaya.



Multiple Russian Advances STORMING Avdiivka

Avdiivka 6km From Encirclement | Stepove Falls | Black Sea

NATO Broke Into A Cold Sweat: Russian Army Launched A Full-Scale Offensive On ‘SLAVYANSK’

Update on Ukraine: Advances in Avdiivka/Kherson [16 November 2023]

Serious Combat Operations Evolved In The Horlivka Area

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (16 November 2023)

Part I

▫️ In Kupyansk direction (, units of the Zapad Group of Forces supported by aviation and artillery repelled three attacks of the AFU 32nd and 67th mechanised brigades near Sinkovka and Zagoruykovka (Kharkov region).

The enemy losses amounted to up to 110 servicemen, one tank, two infantry fighting vehicles, and one U.S.-made M777 artillery system.

▫️ In Krasny Liman direction (, the Tsentr Group of Forces’ units, as well as strikes of helicopters and artillery, repelled one attack of an assault detachment of the AFU 12th Azov Special Forces Brigade close to Chervonaya Dibrova (Lugansk People’s Republic).

In addition, strikes were delivered at clusters of enemy manpower and hardware near Torskoye (Donetsk People’s Republic) and Serebryansky forestry.

The enemy losses were up to 175 servicemen killed and wounded, two pick-up trucks, and two U.S.-made M777 artillery system.

▫️ In Donetsk direction, ( units of the Yug Group of Forces supported by aviation and artillery repelled 14 attacks, and inflicted fire damage on AFU manpower and hardware close to Kleshcheyevka, Artyomovo, Georgiyevka, and Novomikhailovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

In total, the enemy lost up to 240 servicemen killed and wounded, one tank, and three motor vehicles in this direction during the day.

In course of counterbattery warfare, one U.S.-made M109 Paladin self-propelled artillery gun, two Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery systems, three U.S.-made M777 artillery systems, as well as one MT-12 Rapira anti-tank gun were neutralised.

▫️ In South Donetsk direction (, units of the Vostok Group of Forces, helicopters, and artillery inflicted losses on manpower and hardware of the AFU 79th Air Assault Brigade and 128th Territorial Defence Brigade near Ugledar and Konstantinovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The enemy losses were up to 70 servicemen, two armoured fighting vehicles, and two pick-up trucks.

In course of the counter-battery warfare, one Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery system and one UK-made FH70 howitzer were destroyed.

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (16 November 2023)

Part II

▫️ In Zaporozhye direction, ( units of the Russian Group of Forces, aviation and artillery inflicted fire damage on manpower and hardware of the 33rd, 116th, and 118th mechanised brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine close to Rabotino, Uspenovka, and Malaya Tokmachka (Zaporozhye region).

The enemy’s losses in this area amounted to up to 100 servicemen, two tanks, two armoured fighting vehicles, as well as one Giatsint-B gun.

▫️ In Kherson direction (, up to 70 servicemen and two motor vehicles were neutralised as a result of fire defeat during the day.

Also, one U.S.-made M109 Paladin self-propelled artillery system, one U.S.-made M777 artillery system, and Msta-B howitzer were hit during counter-battery warfare.

▫️ Operational-Tactical and Army Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of Forces eliminated one command post of the AFU 128th Mountain Assault Brigade near Dmitrovo (Zaporozhye region), as well as manpower and military hardware in 132 areas.

▫️ Fighter jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down one MiG-29 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force close Krasnoarmeysk (Donetsk People’s Republic).

▫️ Air defence systems have shot down two HIMARS MLRS projectiles and one U.S.-made JDAM aerial guided bomb.

▫️ In addition, 26 unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down close to Kremennaya (Lugansk People’s Republic), Novoandreyevka, Lipovoye (Donetsk People’s Republic), Mirnoye, Romanovskoye, and Pavlovka (Zaporozhye region).

War Map and the Situation on the Fronts for the Evening of 16 November 2023; pub. 00:05⚡️

🫶 Readovka’s military correspondent Maxim Dolgov together with our special correspondent Daniil Dmitriev visited the hottest section of the front – #Avdeyevka. Already on the way the team’s car tried to catch up with the enemy drone. On the spot they managed to get acquainted with the life of the “Archangel” school of drone pilots, involved in the massacre of many Ukrainian UAVs.
 Read more about the flights over #Avdeyevka and successful work in the most difficult conditions in our report (

⚔️ Situation on the Fronts over the past day

🔹#Svatovo – #Kremennaya Direction:

The Russian army advanced in the area of #Ivanovka, approaching the railway. In addition, ours advanced at #Torskoye. Meanwhile, fierce fighting is going on near #Belogorovka. The AFU, using armoured vehicles, are trying to attack, but Russian artillery is not giving ( the enemy any chance of success.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

▪️ In the #Avdeyevka sector, fighting continues in the area of #Steponoye (#Pertovskoye). Our fighters have advanced near the #Slagheap, as well as in the industrial zone south of #Avdeyevka.

🔹#Zaporozhye Direction:

▪️ In the #Orekhov section the AFU continue to unsuccessfully attack our positions in the areas of #Kopani, #Novoprokopovka and #Verbovoye.
▪️ On the #Vremyevka ledge, the Russian army is advancing in the direction of #Staromayorskoye.

💥 The Russian Aerospace Forces shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 near #Krasnoarmeysk in the #DPR.

⚡️ The Russian Army struck ( the headquarters of the 115th AFU Brigade in #Dimitrov in the #DPR. The enemy command located the headquarters in an administrative building, but it was detected by our drones. After two missile strikes, the headquarters was destroyed.

#Chronicle of the Special Military Operation for 16 November 2023⚡️

🔹The RF Armed Forces are conducting active offensive operations in the area of #Avdeyevka. On the northern flank, the fighters are developing success in the vicinity of #Stepovoye (#Petrovskoye) and moving towards #Novokalinovo. On the southern flank, fighting is taking place in the #Vinogradniki station, the local industrial zone and south of Severnoye.

🔹In the #Kherson direction, an attempt at another enemy crossing near #Krynyki was foiled. The enemy suffered significant losses in manpower and retreated to the right bank of the #Dnieper.

🔹In the #Orekhov section, several attacks by the AFU were repelled near #Verbovoye. In addition, Russian troops launched several missile strikes on the headquarters of the 115th Brigade of the AFU in #Dimitrovo near #Zaporozhye. Meanwhile, clashes continue on the #Soledar direction at the tactical heights near #Kleshcheyevka.


Russian soldiers sing about their mission in Ukraine


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