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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on November 20 2023

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Lloyd Austin Meets With Zelensky In Kyiv

The war in Ukraine will not end quickly, Zelensky said

“For some reason, people treat this like a movie, and expect that there will be no long pauses in the events, that the picture before their eyes will always change, that there will be some surprises every day. But for us, for our warriors, this is not a movie “These are our lives. This is daily hard work. And everything will not end as quickly as we would like, but we do not have the right to give up and will not do this,” the president said at a meeting with journalists and Fox News management. “


The US told how the conflict in Ukraine will end

A war in the Middle East will force Washington to abandon its support for Kiev, writes The American Conservative. As a result , Russia will strengthen control over Donbass and Crimea , as well as liberate new territories . And Ukraine will have to give up the dream of NATO.

Moreover, for America this situation is already standard. Washington has long had a bad habit: getting involved in a conflict and then losing interest in it. The United States promises support, but in the end does not provide cover, does not help, and abandons its proteges, who are forced to die , the author states.


Colleagues, the technologists of the Office of the President have no other manipulation mechanisms, which is why propaganda acts so clumsily.
This tweet should be considered as a signal to the Ukrainian elites that the United States sees Zaluzhny as a future leader, and therefore is ready to negotiate with him as with Zelensky.


Our source in the OP said that the Office of the President wants to use the hatred of Ukrainians for the TCC against Zaluzhny, who personifies the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and therefore all excesses in mobilization are his responsibility. At Bankova they are preparing a series of information campaigns that should discredit the Commander-in-Chief in order to later dismiss him.

In regards the previous post  about blaming Zaluzhny, it’s already begun…

Zahluzhny is clearly to blame for the failed offensive, this according to Yevgeny Shevchenko of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada.

TASS reports:
“For seven months we have been promoting the counteroffensive and in the end we went where we were expected – right into the minefields. Is this the genius of the military commander’s thinking? Stop making fools out of us. We thought he was a great commander,” Shevchenko said.

Yes, stop making fools of us, we are doing just fine on that front without you.

Our source reports that in the case of “Zaluzhny’s leak”, Bankovaya did not come up with anything smarter than to disperse the thesis about a single decision-making center and the unity of the army. They say Zaluzhny is the saboteur of ZeErmak’s bet decisions.
Our insights themselves were indirectly confirmed.

But the speakers and political strategists of the Office of the President forget to voice the second part of the case, why Zaluzhny and his generals sabotaged the decisions of the headquarters. And that’s exactly the point.
1. The Commander-in-Chief, as a military man, refused to be a “sycophant” for the sake of his own career and in every possible way hindered Ze’s strategy for military operations for the sake of situational political goals. But at the same time, he never publicly entered into a fight with the “Ze-Woodpeckers”.
2. The Commander-in-Chief constantly spoke out against the chosen military tactics of the OP, which gave a situational advantage, but at a distance created a disaster.
3. The Commander-in-Chief always advocated the preservation of personnel, since he understood that the tactics of the OP would lead to a personnel disaster, when most of the experienced fighters would be put into meat grinders, and new ones would not have time to be trained during this time, which would weaken the quality of the army and lower morale.
4. The army loves Zaluzhny. They are simply afraid of Zelensky, because they will immediately fire you, brand you, and the tame SBU will imprison you. Ze love the rear rats that sit at the feeder.
5. Western generals speak to Zaluzhny, considering him an equal, supporting him behind the scenes (that’s why Zaluzhny hasn’t been removed yet). Western military leaders consider ZeErmak to be temporary workers and crooks.
6. If Zelensky receives a complete monopoly and no one can even comment on his situational decisions, then the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be given up. Within a year, the office will destroy the remnants of the army in stupid frontal offensives, which will bring the time of Ukraine’s complete surrender closer.


The West demands that the Zelensky regime, regardless of losses, demonstrate the impossibility of Russia’s victory. This was stated by SVR director Sergei Naryshkin.

The United States is directing the Ukrainian leadership to maximize mobilization to make up for huge losses, he added.

It is recommended that Kyiv set the conscription age from 17 to 70 years and carry out additional mobilization of women, Naryshkin noted.

There is a subtle yet unmistakable sense of gloom in Kyiv at the moment, and not only because of the dark afternoons and plunging mercury of an eastern European November. A number of internal and external factors have combined to create perhaps the most downbeat mood about the prospects for a swift and decisive Ukrainian victory over Russia since the first weeks of the full-scale invasion.

“At the end of last year and beginning of this one, there was such euphoria. Now we see the other extreme, the down, and I guess we will see some ups and downs for some time to come,” said Bartosz Cichocki, who last month finished a four-year posting as Poland’s ambassador in Kyiv.

On Monday morning, the US secretary of defence Lloyd Austin arrived in Kyiv on an unannounced visit partly aimed at reassuring Ukrainian leaders of Washington’s continued support, but renewed funding plans for Ukraine are proving hard to get through Congress amid Republican opposition and there are fears that it will only get harder as next year’s election gets closer.

“The choice is very simple. If we are ready to send another 300,000 or 500,000 lives of Ukrainian soldiers to capture Crimea and liberate Donbas, and if we get the right number of tanks and F16s from the west, we can do this,” Omelyan said. “But I don’t see the 500,000 more people ready to die and I don’t see the readiness of the west to send the type and quantity of weapons we would need.”


Lloyd Austin has come to Kiev – but he arrives against the backdrop of a very gloomy environment .

The Pentagon’s problems are getting worse – $1 billion is left to support Kyiv. It will have to be extended over the winter, so although Austin came, for the first time he did not bring new trenches to the Ukrainians, writes Malek Dudakov . The Pentagon failed its sixth audit in a row – it was unable to account for the $3 trillion in assets it had on paper . Much was spent on the Ukrainian front – but not everything reached Kyiv.

Failed audits will complicate attempts in Congress to push through large tranches for Ukraine and Israel. Taiwan, amid military escalation, remains without modern aviation. The Pentagon is hastily transferring weapons from its arsenals to Israel, unable to replenish them without money from Congress. 57 thousand shells had to be removed from the Ukrainian front , while Kiev is increasingly complaining about a shortage of weapons and a shortage of shells.

Austin’s empty-handed visit won’t help them much. Congress left early for the holidays to celebrate Thanksgiving. Then there is very little time left until Christmas. The coordination of Ukrainian budgets will stretch over the next two months – undermining the entire Pentagon strategy and threatening Kiev with a real scenario of the collapse of the front.


US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that Ukraine is completely dependent on help from the Americans and their allies

“Ukraine is completely dependent on this help. We need to join the others,” she said in an interview with CNBC, citing contributions from the EU and the IMF.


Either Ukraine is Russia or Russia is Ukraine’s Aleksey Arestovich believes the war will not end until one or the other is destroyed:

The Russian Federation is the only country whose historical center (according to their own statements) lies outside its borders.

If they call themselves Russia (Rus in Greek) and claim the heritage of Kievan Rus, then in their eyes we are Russians who were deceived by the West and some romantics.

In [Putin’s] picture of the world, he wants to return “historical lands”, including Kyiv, to Moscow’s control, and put an end to the question “who is Rus’”?

If Rus’ is us, then we are the heirs of one of the largest and greatest states in Europe, and the modern Russian Federation is a side branch of development that has stolen our history.

Until this issue is resolved, the reasons for wars will not go away.

In this framework, our entry to the borders of 1991 will not end the war, much less a return to February 23, 2022



Kherson direction: AFU attempts to advance in Krynok forest area
Situation as of 13:00, November 20, 2023

🔻The situation in the Kherson direction has remained unchanged for the past few days. The central part of Krynoki is still held by Marines from the Katran strike group.

▪️ Despite regular fire from Russian troops, Ukrainian formations have managed to establish supplies through Frolov Island, setting up two small crossings across the Konka River.

▪️ Thanks to this, along with constant artillery cover from the right bank and mortar crews from the island zone, the Ukrainian command is able to regularly rotate and replenish supplies.

▪️ During the night, fresh assault groups were deployed to Krynki and quickly took positions in the forest across the road. Currently, the units are waiting for reinforcements, with another assault unit held in reserve.

🔻There have been no significant changes to the west on Aleshkinsky Island. Ukrainian Navy Marines secured a foothold in the area of the large and small railway bridges a few weeks ago and continue to hold their positions.

▪️ Taking advantage of bad weather conditions at night, several assault groups were sent from the island to Sadovoe, Ponyatovka, and Ingulets for rest. They were replaced by detachments from the 35th Infantry Brigade.

🔻Enemy artillery remains active along the right bank of the Dnieper, and several MANPADS crews are stationed at the Krynok site to provide air strike cover for the Marines.

The activity of the AFU in the direction of Golaya Pristan has also increased. Units from the separate MTR center “South” have appeared in populated areas near the line of contact, which may suggest a possible activation in this area.


The Avdeevka stranglehold continues to tighten, and the supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has practically stopped; the city is in operational encirclement.

Information about the counterattack by Ukrainian troops has not been confirmed, and the Deep State telegram channel does not confirm this counterattack. According to him, the Russians advanced in the north towards Novokalinovoye.

Judging by the dynamics of the Deep State map over the past five days, the Russians have advanced to the northwest of Stepnoy, south of Vesyoly and from Yasinovataya.

That is, the Russians continue to implement their plan for the gradual encirclement of Avdeevka. The Ukrainian Armed Forces can stop it with a counterattack on the flanks, as was the case near Bakhmut in May. But the Russians obviously take this into account, and according to the Ukrainian military, they are strengthening their flank positions.


We continue to destroy ukrofacists along the entire Avdeevsky front and in the rear areas.

North of Avdeevka in the direction of Novokalinovo we have made significant progress, and there is also progress in the direction of Ocheretino.
Thus, they further expanded the control zone in the direction of the key supply road.

There are active attacks on Stepovoye using artillery, tanks, mortars, and cannons.

Between Stepov and Koksokhim, our fighters advanced in forest plantations.

We are attempting a careful assault on the coke plant itself, minimizing losses on our part as much as possible.

Fighting continues in the Industrial Zone and Vinogradniki.

To the north, the industrial zone forced the enemy out of their positions with the support of tanks and artillery, and occupied the recaptured areas.

Air bombs hit two enemy locations in Avdeevka near the Palace of Culture, Technology and Sports.

We are also actively using aviation and UAVs along the entire front.


Storm of Avdeevka: The Russian Army breaks through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in heavy battles
▪️ “The fighting continues around the entire city, the Russians are having success in a number of areas (including in the Novokalinovye area, west of Kamenka and on Yasinovatsky Lane). It is difficult in the wastewater treatment area, very difficult,” Ukrainian military analysts report.
▪️Russian troops attack north of Krasnogorovka and the Tochmash holiday village.
▪️North-west and west of the dacha village “Tochmash” the Russian Armed Forces are moving towards the dacha village “Zarya” and Stepovoy .
▪️The main forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fled from Stepovoye , the village is partially under the control of the Russian Armed Forces, partially in the gray zone.
▪️At the Avdiivka Koksokhim, an extremely difficult situation remains for the Armed Forces of Ukraine; north of the AKhKZ, ours are attacking along the forest belt in a western direction, the Ukrainians are retreating, increasing the gray zone.
▪️Heavy fighting continues in the area of   the Avdeevka industrial zone , our fighters are occupying new positions and gaining a foothold along Yasinovatsky Lane.
▪️Heavy battles continue.

There are successes in the Avdeevsky direction, and there is also a movement of our troops in Marinka. The Avdeevka garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is increasingly discussing leaving the city in radio conversations. In addition, the reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which were planned to strengthen Avdeevka, were sent to the Kleshcheevka area and to Maryinka.

It is too early to rejoice, but it is possible that the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces understands the hopelessness of the situation and does not expect to hold Avdiivka. Whether all units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will have time to escape from the city when the order to retreat comes, time will tell.


Based on the situation in Gorlovka. In the area of   the waste heap, the enemy tried to probe our defenses, positional shelling was observed from both sides, but due to the prevailing weather conditions, in particular because of the thick fog, it did not go beyond an exchange of pleasantries.
New attempts to attack from the enemy are expected, with improved weather conditions and after replenishing the losses incurred yesterday.
But, at the moment, the chances of any serious enemy advance in this area, according to our subjective assessment, are near zero.


The Russian military was able to land the US-made RQ-20 PUMA drone, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces used in the Zaporozhye region to monitor roads. It is reported that the drone fell into our hands undamaged. The footage from his cameras is now being studied.

Our science is interested in this trophy, first of all, for its battery. The AFU received the AE modification with an increased operating time of up to 3.5 hours. Very good for small hand-launched drones.

Corporal⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ for sashakots

What happened to the armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Orekhovsky direction ?

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reduced the use of heavy armored vehicles in the Orekhovo direction of the Zaporozhye Front in recent days due to rains and mud. This was reported to TASS by the chairman of the “We are together with Russia” movement, Vladimir Rogov.

“The bad weather has a very strong impact, over the weekend there were two attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to advance with heavy armored vehicles, but they were all stuck, there was severe mud in the Orekhovsky direction. Therefore, most of the attacks were using infantry, light and armored combat vehicles to land assault groups,” – Rogov said.

According to him, the weather makes it difficult to use UAVs for reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment, as well as the use of attack drones and kamikaze drones. “Now the main force is infantry, so the enemy’s losses are quite high,” the agency’s interlocutor explained. He added that, taking advantage of the bad weather, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are transferring reinforcements to the line of combat contact, first by rail to the Kyiv-controlled part of the Zaporozhye region, and then by road to the Orekhovskoe direction.

Earlier, Rogov reported that in one day in this direction, in the area of ​​​​the settlements of Rabotino and Verbovoye, Russian forces destroyed about 120 militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, three armored combat vehicles, and also, as a result of a counterattack, occupied three enemy strongholds.

Vladimir Rogov

Destruction of enemy groups and equipment in Serebryansky forestry. The “Amur” detachment from the “AKHMAT” special forces reveals the enemy’s location. This is how the combination of aerial reconnaissance and firepower forces works effectively.

The dropped FOGs accurately hit their targets, and our artillerymen are not inferior in accuracy. There are enemy fortified areas, dugouts with trenches, and vehicles. But all this is already a thing of the past. Russian fighters have long adapted to the enemy’s actions, timely calculating and stopping with preemptive strikes all his movements and attempts to gain a foothold.

I thank the AKHMAT special forces for the good results. I wish our soldiers good luck and further success! Victory will definitely be ours! AKHMAT-POWER!!!


Chronicles of the Special Military Operation November 20, 2023

In the Kherson direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) deployed fresh forces to the left bank of the Dnieper River and subsequently took control of the nearby forest area in the Krynok region. Despite facing regular bombings, the enemy continues to supply their group through Frolov Island. Additionally, there has been an increase in AFU activity in the Golaya Pristan area.

The offensive activity of both parties has been reduced in multiple directions due to worsening weather conditions. However, in the Avdiivka sector, the AFU made unsuccessful attempts to counterattack throughout the day in the industrial zone, despite suffering losses.

Russian air defense systems have successfully intercepted enemy drones for the second consecutive night in the Moscow region. The most recent attack was repelled in the vicinity of the city of Elektrostal. Thanks to the professional work of Russian anti-aircraft gunners, no casualties or damage occurred.


Russian War Machine Drives On

DEVASTATING FOOTAGE Revealed | Wagner Presence Increasing

Update on Ukraine: 20 November 2023

Special Operation, 19 Nov 2023, Main; pub. 18:23⚡️

▪️ The Ukrainian authorities, while calculating various scenarios for providing international assistance to Kiev, have faced the worst possible scenario, former Ukrainian ambassador to the #US Chaly said.

▪️ An adviser to the head of Zelensky’s office, Podolyak, doubted Kiev’s ability to confront Moscow in the long term.

▪️ Part of the West’s political elite imagines the conflict in #Ukraine as a “computer game” and believes that by supplying arms to Kiev it is possible to bring a peaceful settlement closer, Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto said.

▪️ Russian air defence shot down a Ukrainian drone in the Bogorodsky urban district of #Moscow region that was flying towards the capital, no damage or casualties, Sobyanin said.

▪️ The RF Armed Forces destroyed a fuel storage facility for Ukrainian aircraft at the #Kanatovo airfield in the #Kirovograd region and hit enemy ammunition depots near #Olshanitsa in the #Kiev region, the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said in its daily report.

▪️ In the #Zaporozhye direction, Russian servicemen have defeated the forces of 4 Ukrainian mechanised brigades, MoD said.

▪️ In the #Donetsk direction, the Southern Grouping of the RF Armed Forces has repelled 6 attacks by the AFU over the day.


Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (20 November 2023)⚡️

▫️ The RF Armed Forces continue the special military operation.

▫️In Kupyansk direction (, units of the Zapad Grouping repelled 3 assault group attacks of the AFU 30th Mechanised Brigade close to Zagoruykovka (Kharkov reg).

Clusters of manpower and hardware of the 14th, 41st Mechanised and 57th Motorised Infantry Brigades were hit by fire near Kurilovka, Podoli, Timkovka, and Sinkovka (Kharkov reg).

The AFU lost up to 30 troops, 3 MVs, and 1 2S1 Gvozdika SAU.
▫️In Krasny Liman direction (, the Tsentr Grouping repelled 2 assault group attacks of the 50th National Guard Regiment near Grigorovka (DPR). Troops and hardware of the 67th Mechanised and 125th Territorial Defence Brigades were neutralised close to Yampolovka and Serebryanka (DPR).

 The enemy lost up to  50 troops and 2 MVs.

▫️In Donetsk direction (, the Yug Grouping repelled 1 assault group attack of the 67th Mechanised Brigade close to Kleshcheyevka (DPR). Also, troops and military hardware of the 28th and 30th Mechanised Brigades were eliminated near Vasyukovka and Kurdyumovka (DPR).

 The enemy lost up to 130 troops, 2 AFVs, and 3 MVs.

Counterbattery warfare hit 2 Msta-B howitzers, 1 Gvozdika SAU, and 1 D-30 gun.

▫️In South Donetsk direction (, the Vostok Grouping defeated troops and hardware of the 79th Air Assault Brigade near Novomikhaylovka (DPR). Up to 70 troops, 2 IFVs, and 2 MVs were neutralised.

▫️In Zaporozhye direction (, the Russian Grouping fire defeated clusters of troops and hardware of the 82nd Air Assault and 71st Jaeger Brigades near Verbovoye (Zaporozhye reg). Up to 20 troops and 2 MVs were neutralised.

▫️In Kherson direction (, up to 40 militants and 3 MVs were eliminated.

▫️Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, UAVs, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groupsing engaged AFU troops and hardware in 123 areas.

▫️Air defences shot down 5 UAVs near Verkhnekamenka (LPR), Peski (DPR), and neutralised 3 HIMARS MLRS projectiles.

📊 In total, 536 aircrafts, 254 helicopters, 9,045 UAVs, 441 air defence systems, 13,489 tanks and other AFVs, 1,185 MLRS vehicles, 7,138 guns and mortars, and 15,422  special MVs have been destroyed during the SMO.


Front #Summary for 20 Nov 2023 by 18:23⚡️

🔹In #Kherson Direction, the AFU reinforced from the right bank are storming western #Krynki. Our forces slow down the advance by remote mining and artillery strikes, but this is not yet having the expected effect. On the #Poyma – #Peschanovka line, ours hit several enemy groups, and another on a boat on the #Dnieper.

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, heavy rains turning to snow complicate the work of aerial recon, active artillery work is also on pause. On the #Rabotino – #Verbovoye line, our army repulsed another attack by small enemy groups. Near #Novofyodorovka, our units fight for several positions in the landings.

🔹In #SouthDonetsk Direction, the AFU reports the first use of cluster munitions by our army, allegedly RBC-500s near #Staromayorskoye. In #Maryinka, our forces started once again active operations.

🔹In #Donetsk Direction, on the northern #Avdeyevka flank, the AFU tried unsuccessfully to counterattack with infantry near #Stepovoye. Our units are expanding their bridgehead at the Coke Plant, taking new positions near the Sewage Treatment Plant. From #Krasnogorovka, our forces are advancing towards #Ocheretino and #Novokalinovo. To the south, west of #Vesyoloye, our fighters entrenched along two landings, and there are battles towards ST Ivushka. Near #Gorlovka our units retook previously lost positions. Enemy counterattack attempts were unsuccessful. Local Brigades are fighting here, with their homes behind them.

🔹In the #Bakhmut Direction, south of the city near #Kleshcheyevka, separate groups of our army periodically approach the heights that are important for controlling the neighbouring territory. Our fighters are gradually retaking territories, but we should not expect fast success. The enemy has enough reserves to resist our advance. The situation at #Andreyevka became clearer. Our units periodically enter the territory of the completely destroyed village, where is nothing left to entrench. On the northern flank our army is advancing towards #Bogdanovka.

🔹In #Svatovo Direction, our Aerospace Forces strike the enemy’s temporary deployment points along the entire combat line. From #Sinkovka and #Petropavlovka in the north to #Kislovka and #Stelmakhovka in the south. On the ground, our forces took up new positions in the #Serebryanskoye forestry.


War Map and the Situation on the Fronts for the Evening of 20 November 2023; pub. 00:05⚡️

👠The AFU has changed their tactics with regard to raids on bus stops in #Donetsk. Previously, the AFU used to launch artillery strikes against people waiting for transport. Today, however, in the Kirovsky district, the enemy used to do  ( by dropping a bomb from a UAV. Two civilians were seriously wounded.

⚔️ Situation on the Fronts over the past Day

🔹#Bakhmut (#Artyomovsk) Direction:

▪️ Near #Berkhovskoye Reservoir, fighting continues. Our fighters are advancing in the direction of #Bogdanovka. In #Kleshcheyevka, the Russian army continues to retake positions. #Andreyevka is in the grey zone, our fighters are entrenched near the village.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

▪️ The Russian army continues to advance in the area of #Steponoye, as well as in the direction of #Novokalinovo and #Ocheretino. In addition, our fighters are attacking to the east and south of #Avdeyevka.
▪️ In #Maryinka no change, fighting is ongoing on the western outskirts and near #Novomikhaylovka.

🔹#Zaporozhye Direction:

▪️ In the #Orekhov section, our fighters counterattacked west of #Rabotino and from the direction of #Novoprokopovka.
▪️ On the #Vremyevka ledge, counter battles are taking place.


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