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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on November 24 2023

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NATO’s Logistics Boss Panics Over Russia’s War In Ukraine; Warns Europe | ‘Military Schengen Needed’

Here are indirect hints that the conflict will enter a frozen stage.
According to our data, there will most likely be a repeat of the situation that has existed for 8 years with the LDPR, as we insided back in 2022.
Only now the whole of Ukraine will play the role of the LDPR, and the Russian Armed Forces will constantly terrorize Ukraine with long-range drones and missiles.

An interdepartmental working group will be created under the Ministry of Defense on the construction of fortifications of the first, second and third lines of defense.

The only question is where they will get the money for this, which is already in short supply.

They are already telling us openly to negotiate because they will reduce the supply of weapons and money.

Zelensky has three options.
1. Repaint in a jump and begin to warm up the masses that a bad peace is better than a good war. Moreover, the people are already ready to make concessions. But this is a threat to the rebellion and Maidan-3, which will be staged by those who wanted to fight to the end. Western Ukraine will rock, which is why people like Farion began to be discredited and radicals purged.
2. Go on the defensive according to the principle of a frozen war. It’s like a Syrian scenario, where Ukraine will become the LDPR and will become poorer, and the people will continue to leave the country. But Ze will rule forever.
3. Continue the war. Replace weapons with more infantry (cemeteries will grow). At the same time, try to open a second front in the Transnistrian direction, which could again confuse the cards, and perhaps Ukraine will receive an official war from the Russian Federation and then the Russians will no longer fight with an army of one million, but of three million. Including conscripts and regulars. Then the loss of new territories will accelerate. For example, Moldova will gain control over Tiraspol, and Ukraine will lose another 3-4 regions. (Not an equal exchange).

Conclusion: there is no longer a good scenario for Ukraine, every one is bad or even worse for the ordinary Ukrainian. But the authorities will choose the option for themselves in order to sit at the feeding trough as long as possible.

Zaluzhny’s rating continues to grow. Among the people , even songs about him, as about Ataman, appear.

Nobody has been talking about Zelensky in a positive way for a long time, especially among ordinary soldiers.
That’s why Ze wants to resign the commander in chief. Envy and fear.

Now Bankova has launched a whole media attack on Zaluzhny in order to discredit him. The most notorious servants of the people, people’s deputy Shevchenko and Bezuglaya, were the first to go into battle.
We are waiting to see who else will be involved against Zaluzhny. We know that they are trying to “buy” warriors, but so far it has not worked.

The number of Ukrainians willing to sacrifice territories for peace with Russia is increasing, according to Bloomberg, citing poll results.

The publication highlights that the situation on the battlefield for Kiev has barely changed over the year, and Ukrainian authorities are disheartened that their allies underestimated the strength of Russian defense lines.

The support from Western countries is also not proving beneficial for Ukraine, as noted by the authors of the article. Furthermore, according to European officials quoted by Bloomberg, Kiev’s allies are gearing up for a scenario in which such support could diminish.


72% of Americans support a ceasefire in Ukraine, only 9% are against, – the Economist/YouGov poll
 ▪️28% support reducing military assistance to Ukraine, 27% are in favor of maintaining the current level, 25% are in favor of increasing military assistance, 20% found it difficult to answer.
▪️37% believe that no one wins the war, 20% – that Ukraine wins, 17% – that Russia wins.
▪️The assessment of Biden’s actions on the situation between Russia and Ukraine split Americans in half: 41% are satisfied and 41% are dissatisfied.
▪️Also, 68% consider Ukraine an ally or a friendly country, 16% – an enemy or an unfriendly country, the rest refrained from making a choice.


Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on Zelenskyy’s ouster: The easiest way to replace Zelenskyy is to hold an election in which Americans will support another candidate. So far, the Americans have not made a decision whether to remove Zelensky or not. What is Zelensky? It’s an inflated soap bubble, that’s all. That is, the army and security forces are subordinate not to him, but to the Americans.

Western Media is Slowly Drifting

We’ve seen it time and again. The initial narrative thrust of main stream media eventually wanes in the west. Little by little, the stark realization that what was thought to be is not what is, dawns on them.

So, when I read this article this morning, I knew the process had begun.

Finance papers are first to recenter. This has nothing to do with journalistic integrity, it’s simple pragmatism. What is the effect on the markets?

Financial World reports without commentary. It allows Peskov to speak without snide commentary. It’s refreshing to see no reference to “Ukrainian [name] said.”

From the article:
In his view, Ukraine previously convinced the West that it could defeat Russia militarily, but it is now evident that such a scenario is unattainable.

The western narrative is collapsing in on itself. The foundation was too hastily poured on unstable ground. Still, they built it anyways, knowing full well it would collapse.


In Ukraine, the failure of mobilization after the dismissal of military commissars: the problem is even more acute than the shortage of shells, – Secretary of the Rada Committee on National Security
 ▪️Kostenko, who serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that a situation has developed that needs to be quickly influenced, otherwise the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have very big problems at the front.
▪️According to him, unpopular decisions by the political leadership are needed . For example, reducing the age of mobilization .
Ukrainians, hide your children before it’s too late!

Against the backdrop of gigantic losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Kiev wants more women to command companies on the front line,” – Secretary of State of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

▪️Ukraine has “quite progressive legislation,” but gender stereotypes continue to operate locally, said L. Daragan
▪️We have already passed the stereotype that a woman cannot fight. Now we need to overcome the stereotype “a woman cannot command.”
▪️She also provided the latest statistics on the number of women in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As of October 2023, this is more than 62,000 = 7% of the total number.
▪️Previously, the New York Times published an article that Ukraine is trying very hard to attract a large number of women into the army.


Demoralized Ukrainian militants are going to flee from Avdeyevka

▪️An interesting story is observed in the Avdeyevsky direction, where militants from the 53rd brigade, defending in the area of ​​Severnoye, turned to their “brothers” from the 110th brigade, declaring that they would no longer be able to hold their positions (see video above).
▪️The 110th receives from Russian troops in Avdeyevka itself, being in the southern part of the “bag”. That’s why the “flankers” advised them to quickly run away.
▪️In turn, the Armed Forces from the 110th did not appreciate this approach, called the 53rd cowards, but also stated that they would leave their positions.


Regarding the situation in the Avdeevsky direction: In the morning, the assault on the remaining enemy positions began in the southern flank, specifically in the industrial zone.
Our tank crews, displaying great courage, swiftly advanced towards the front building located in an enemy-controlled zone and effectively neutralized it with direct fire. The tank gun fire ignited the ammunition stored in the building, resulting in multiple secondary explosions and the partial collapse of the structure.
Simultaneously, the adjacent building, where the enemy had entrenched themselves, was targeted by cannon artillery, leading to a fire and secondary detonations as well.
Unable to maintain control over the situation, the enemy foot groups hastily abandoned their positions, setting a record-breaking pace in their retreat However, not all of them.

Our assault infantry provided reinforcement and successfully cleared the enemy’s positions. Currently, we have control over 95% of the industrial zone.
Contrary to reports, the liberation of the entire industrial zone and the dacha village has not yet been achieved. We have been consolidating our presence on the outskirts of the village southwest of the industrial zone since November 22.

The Tigers continue to demonstrate exceptional performance, showcasing a high level of coordination between different units. The strikes are precise and well-timed, resulting in the desired outcomes.
The Ukrainian’s influence in the industrial zone has come to an end; any remaining hold they have, due to some misunderstanding, has highly uncertain prospects in the near future.


Based on the situation in the Avdeyevsky direction. On the northern flank, our gods continued the compaction of khokhl on the territory of the AKHZ, in the forest plantations west of Stepovoy.
By the evening, the Aerospace Forces launched bomb attacks on enemy targets in the area of ​​Stepovoye and Novokalinovo.

The assault infantry of the Russian Armed Forces conducted reconnaissance in force on the territory of Stepovoy, and also advanced north of Krasnogorovka, in the area of ​​​​the intersection of 2 railway branches.

The enemy snarls strongly, holding onto each position to the last, not paying attention to artillery and air strikes, until the units lose the physical ability to defend themselves.
Provided that the command is indifferent to the fate of the living infantry, this is a working tactic, up to a certain point, but any reserves tend to run out.
The defense of the Avdeyevka bridgehead greatly constrains the enemy on other flanks, since he is forced to maintain significant forces and reserves here, thereby exposing other directions.

The meat grinder has reached operating speed.
Everything will be as Russia needs.

*The report was published with a large time lag due to extremely unstable communications at the scene. Hope for understanding.


Our sources in the General Staff said that the situation around Avdeyevka is developing along Bakhmut’s path, both in terms of losses and in terms of their senselessness. In both places they defend to the last, throwing in more and more reserves at the direction of Bankova, and the military command has no influence on the situation. Zaluzhny’s opinion is ignored, and the rate has become a political instrument of the President’s Office.


The situation in the Avdeevka direction on 11/24/2023 – analysis from @Multi_XAM and @z_arhiv

It is worth starting with the fact that the “victorious” tone of the Ukrainian public until recently was replaced by a statement of the fact of the critical situation of the AFU near Avdeevka. Russian troops are pressing on the main areas of offensive operations. According to our format, we will not describe the actions of our troops, but on the contrary, we will analyze the position and maneuvers of the enemy.

With the support of aviation and artillery, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are advancing on the northeastern flank (in the direction of Keramik, Novokalinovo, Berdych, Petrovskoye) and in the south (in the area of Severnoye and Tonenkoye), forcing the AFU to leave positions. Significant successes are reported in the industrial zone of the Avdeevka coke plant, as well as in the area of dachas and in the direction of the Avdeevka quarry. Ukrainian resources record the abandonment of the AFU positions in the area of treatment facilities, where 12th separate infantry battalion and 21st separate brigade of Special Forces were previously stationed.

To the northwest of Krasnogorovka, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation occupied a forest belt north of the railway branch.

To the north and west of the Tochmash dacha village in the direction of Novokalinovo and the forest belt north of Stepovoye, the enemy holds positions with 109th, 129th separate brigades, as well as 107th, 236th and 237th separate battalions of the TrD, 1st presidential brigade, 22nd separate battalion of the Special Forces, 52nd separate rifle battalion, 1st tank and 31st mechanized brigades, as well as 3rd separate Special Forces regiment. The command of the AFU, understanding the operational plan of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, is trying to prevent the passage of our troops to the Ocheretino station, after which the supply of the Avdeevka garrison through Orlovka will be cut off.

In an attempt to prevent the Avdeevka group from falling into the operational environment, the command of the Donetsk OTG is transferring additional forces to the area of the AFU strongholds 25 km north-west in the area of Novaya Poltavka, through which two main supply arteries of the Avdееvka garrison pass at the intersection of roads from Konstantinovka and Pokrovsk.

On the southern flank in the area of the industrial zone, where the defense is still held by the 1st mechanized battalion of the 110th mechanized brigade, our forces are also advancing. Currently, the enemy has regrouped, withdrawing part of the units 1.5 km northwest to the area of the forest plantation. The information about the complete withdrawal of the 110th brigade from the Avdeevka direction does not correspond to reality. The 2nd battalion of the brigade holds positions in the area of the former recreation center “Tsarskaya Okhota”, the 3rd – in the area of dumps southwest of Promka. The withdrawal, most likely, meant the evacuation of damaged equipment, which was taken out by the engineering units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the enemy began to have problems with the supply of ammunition, which affects the decrease in the intensity of hostilities, forcing the AFU to retreat deeper and thus exposing suburban areas. Some ukrainian media are starting to prematurely report that Avdeevka is in an operational environment. The only option for the AFU to delay our advance is to continue to counterattack on the flanks, however, this is also a matter of time (until the supply is finally disrupted).

Most likely, in an effort to save soldiers, the AFU command will begin a gradual withdrawal of units as soon as new fortified areas, some minimal fortification and engineering in the strip from Konstantinovka to Kurakhovo (possibly even to Ugledar) are equipped at a depth of 15-25 km from Avdeevka, which will take time.


This morning a new assault on the wetland began. Everyone worked: the assault groups of our regiment, reconnaissance, tank crews. Your humble servant worked in support of the assault – they dropped Gorynych on the head of the Ukrainians. In a nutshell, the Little Russian got hit with cabbage soup and left the wet area in a panic, abandoning the wounded. The reconnaissance group also recorded the enemy’s withdrawal from the houses of the village of Vinogradnik. They tried to withdraw in an organized manner, but with the BC, they were burned, and they began to have nightmares. A comrade who worked today on the “eyes” spoke about the escape of a group of 20 people. According to preliminary information, the industrial plant (in the South) is ours, now I’m waiting for confirmation.

Victory will be ours!

My call sign is Leader.


Flight of the enemy. Avdeyevskoe direction.

Filmed on the southern flank in the area of   the industrial zone, the same speed record that the Peremozhets set, making a massive and pushing reverse attack with up to a platoon of forces, scurrying away from our tankers.
They ran well, quickly, at some point it even began to seem that these were members of the Ukrainian marathon team, whom the brave TCC officers had caught on the streets, so out of habit they broke on foot from Europe.

No, non-brothers, you can’t grunt the new fort, where you ran, stand still, catch the cast iron. Was it in vain that you were gathered here?

Let us repeat separately that not everyone escaped from the industrial zone; the information being disseminated that the entire territory of the industrial zone is under our control is currently untrue. Let’s not rush, everything will be fine.


Near Avdeyevka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are retreating to Koksokhim... There is a base since the wounded are being pushed there… From the east, they are pressing…

11/25/2023 early morning


Artemovsk direction. On the southern flank north of Kleshcheevka, the Russian Armed Forces are attacking and trying to approach the enemy’s stronghold.

There is a slight expansion of territory control. We are trying to carry out attacks to gain a foothold near a large forest area, which will open up access to the Ivanovskoye-Kleshcheevka road for our forces.


Kherson direction  Today, our aviation carried out more than 100 strikes with UFAB of various modifications (250,500,1500), and the Aerospace Forces also carried out strikes with RBK-500 cluster bombs.

The main attacks were carried out on the Berislavsky and Tyaginsky districts, as well as on the bridgehead area in the Krynok region on our shore. The enemy today lost a large amount of manpower and various equipment .



Kherson direction: Bold Russian Armed Forces counterattack in Krynki
Situation as of 16:00, November 24, 2023

🔻Last night, the 810th Marine Brigade and the 144th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces launched a surprise counterattack against Ukrainian marines stationed near Krynki.

▪️ The swift attack resulted in the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) being driven out of the forest area, causing chaos and disorder among the Ukrainian Navy Marine Corps, who started retreating from their positions.

▪️ In a brief confrontation, the Ukrainian Navy marines regrouped near the shore, requesting evacuation, but were once again targeted by MLRS fire and suffered casualties.

🔻Currently, the hedgerows are free of enemy forces, and all AFU units have consolidated in private buildings along the banks of the Dnieper River. Two new assault groups were deployed from the right bank during the night for a counterattack. However, the Russian Armed Forces are currently holding their positions.


On the problems of integration of residents of the Kherson region

A tense issue for part of Russian society is the inaccessibility of their own housing. Constantly rising prices since 2021 (according to the head of the Central Bank, over the past three years the price per square meter has increased by 90% ) make the dream of having your own “home” practically unattainable. Russian military personnel, including those defending our Motherland in the SMO zone, also often cannot count on decent housing of their own due to the strong lag of military mortgages from market prices.

Against this background, one of the factors heating up the real estate market was the so-called “Kherson certificates”. This mechanism (approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 21, 2022 No. 1876) allows residents of certain settlements in the Kherson and Nikolaev regions (left as a result of the regrouping of the Russian Armed Forces to the left bank of the Dnieper) to receive social benefits for the purchase of housing. The size of such a payment for a family with two children is no less than 6.9 million. For example: our serviceman, who served for almost 20 years, has 6.8 million rubles in his savings account.

A seemingly healthy initiative collided with the realities of life. Facts of Ukrainian citizens using actually fraudulent schemes to illegally issue a certificate or monetize it have become widespread. The funds raised in this way are used to move to Europe for permanent residence. In other cases, the housing is rented and the “refugee” also lives in the EU.

What makes the situation worse is that some of these people not only shamelessly use federal budget funds, but also do not hide their Russophobic position. An indicative case is in Yevpatoria with a former resident of the Kherson region, who for the first time had the opportunity to live in her apartment at the expense of Russian taxpayers, who publicly shouted anti-Russian slogans.

It is amazing that in these conditions there are still no legal criteria that will allow us to cut off “amateurs” who eat at the expense of Russian citizens. Logical measures on the part of the state could be the obligation of certificate recipients and family members to live and work in Russia, as well as the possibility of taking away real estate if a person conducts anti-Russian activities.

Unfortunately, the program currently continues to function in its original form. As a result, significant amounts of budget funds are often wasted, not contributing to the integration of residents of the Kherson region into Russian society.

Two majors

Servicemen of the Dnepr group of troops continue to destroy military installations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the right bank of the Kherson region.

The temporary deployment point of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the village were destroyed. Bereslav.

According to preliminary information, more than 40 Ukrainian neo-Nazis were located there.


The situation in the morning on the Zaporozhye direction

In the morning there was a serious offensive by the Ukrainian Army, I don’t know if the counter-offensive ended, but their commanders clearly forgot to tell them about that fact, probably.

Three AFVs with personnel and a tank decided to make an assault. The leopard and the AFV were hit by fpv drone strikes.

The column rolled back and further drove pickup trucks for the evacuation of wounded.

After AFU decided that hummer is a safe means of transport, drove quite close and got another fpv drone during the withdrawal.

A military correspondent was wounded in the Tokmak area on the Zaporozhye Front by ammunition (vog) dropped by the Nazis from a drone while filming a report .

Boris died from his injuries.

The terrorist malignant neoplasm UGIL must be destroyed!

Vladimir Rogov

Zaporozhye direction. There are active and heavy clashes in the Zaporozhye direction.

The forces of the 108th Airborne Assault Brigade, 7th Guards Mountain Airborne Assault Division regained previously lost positions north of Verbovoye:
Previously, the forest plantation was occupied by enemy forces, after which the Paratroopers from the 108th Airborne Assault Regiment treated enemy positions with volumetric explosion ammunition, after which they carried out assault operations to regain control of the forest belt area.

The enemy, having suffered losses and carried out evacuation operations, again began shelling Russian positions with artillery and cluster munitions.

We, in turn, work with D-30 cannon artillery, drones with drops, 120mm mortars, BMD-4M and Gorse.


NGP RaZVedka:

Based on the situation in the Gorlovka direction. In the Mayorsk area, by yesterday night the enemy had entrenched himself in 3 positions in forest regiments north-west of Mayorsk.

The total number of the enemy in these positions is up to 25 people, they certainly do not pose a strategic threat, however, as practice shows, if the enemy manages to firmly cling to some positions, then the number of manpower at this point begins to grow rapidly, regardless of the losses that the enemy carries in the process of such a build-up of forces.
By the time the report was compiled, the enemy had not yet been driven out of this area.

All last night, as well as today, barrel and rocket artillery were fired at the enemy; enemy assault groups came under fire many times, not having time to reach their intended positions; some came under attack while retreating.

We will update the summary as new information becomes available.

Good luck to our soldiers!


Diary of a Paratrooper: The enemy transferred his best tanks to the Liman direction.

The Swedish version of the Leopard-2A5 Stridsvagn 122 tanks were spotted in the Liman direction.

Swedish vehicle firing points were discovered between Yampol and Torskoye. Moreover, the equipment is hidden in a coniferous forest and camouflaged with the Barracuda camouflage system, which reduces the visibility of combat units in the optical and thermal ranges.

But the onboard radars of the Mi-28NM and Ka-52M helicopters see the tanks despite the camouflage.
Such armored vehicles are hit by Krasnopol guided missiles or LMUR missiles.

After destroying the lion’s share of Leopards in the Northern Military District zone, the enemy began to take care of the equipment and hide it better.

The Swedish tank differs from the Leopard in a more powerful chassis, the frontal part of the turret is reinforced with armor, and a new information system that conveys the tactical situation and state of the tank systems to the commander and driver.


Chronicles of the Special Military Operation for November 24, 2023

Russian military personnel successfully counterattacked near Krynki in the Kherson direction. Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces eliminated the enemy from plantings south of the settlement, and some members of the Ukrainian formations also faced artillery fire during the evacuation. However, the AFU’s bridgehead in Krynki itself still remains.

In the Avdiivka sector, the Russian Armed Forces continue their offensive on the southern flank. The fighters are pushing back Ukrainian formations in the industrial zone near the Yasinovataya-2 station, gradually diminishing the enemy’s chances of maintaining control over the facility. Meanwhile, on the northern flank, Russian troops continue their positional offensive towards Novokalynove.

Furthermore, Ukrainian formations launched another attack on Crimea during the night, using a group of 13 drones from the Kherson region. The drones were intercepted in the area of ​​Dzhankoy and Cape Kartkazak. The AFU’s objective with this attack, considering the small number of UAVs deployed, was to determine the location of Russian air defense systems.


Russia CAPTURES Key Stronghold East of Avdiivka

Massive Thermobaric Strike | Ukraine Contests Russian Advances East of Avdiivka

MINOR Ukrainian GAINS Towards Kurdyumivka

Update on Ukraine: Battle for Krynky [24 November 2023]

Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (18–24 November 2023)⚡️

▫️In this period, the RF Armed Forces inflicted 31 group strikes with high-precision weapons and UAVs on the military airfield infrastructure, arsenals, storage sites for artillery ammo, weapons and military hardware, as well as enemy POL bases. Temporary deployment sites of troops, Azov nationalists, and Foreign Legion were defeated.

All the assigned targets have been engaged.
▫️In Kupyansk direction, units the Zapad Grouping  repelled 13 AFU attacks and improved the situation along the frontline.

Air strikes and artillery fire inflicted losses on troops and hardware of the 10th Mountain Assault, 57th Motorised Infantry, 14th, 43rd, 53rd, and 67th Mechanised Brigades near Sinkovka, Ivanovka, Zagoruykovka, Kislovka, and Kupyansk (Kharkov reg).

The enemy lost more than 305 troops, 2 AFVs, 16 MVs, and 7 guns.

▫️In Krasny Liman direction, units of the Tsentr Grouping repelled 10 assault squad attacks of the 5th National Guard, 12th Special Operations, 24th, 47th, and 67th Mechanised Brigades.

Strikes were launched at troops and hardware of the 31st National Guard, 117th, and 125th Territorial Defence Brigades close to Torskoye, Krasny Liman, Serebryanka, and Grigorovka (DPR).

The enemy lost over 740 troops, 6 AFVs, 15 MVs, and 3 guns.

▫️In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Grouping repelled 22 attacks and inflicted losses on AFU troops and hardware near Maryinka, Kurdyumovka, Vasyukovka, Artyomovsk, Andreyevka, and Kleshcheyevka (DPR).

The enemy lost more than 1,680 troops, 4 tanks, 10 AFVs, 18 MVs, and 14 guns.

▫️In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Grouping repelled 2 enemy attacks and took more  positions.

Air strikes and artillery fire inflicted losses on units of the 58th Motorised Infantry, 72nd Mechanised, 79th Assault,  27th and 128th Territorial Defence Brigades close to Novomikhaylovka, Staromayorskoye, Nikolskoye, Shevchenko, Novodonetskoye, and Konstantinovka (DPR).

The AFU lost more than 625 troops, 7 AFVs, 16 MVs, and 13 guns.

▫️In Zaporozhye direction, units of the Russian Grouping repelled 11 attacks near Rabotino and Verbovoye (Zaporozhye reg).

Fire damage was inflicted on troops and hardware of the 71st Jaeger, 82nd Assault, 33rd, 65th, and 118th Mechanised Brigades near Malaya Tokmachka, Uspenovka, and Novoandreyevka (Zaporozhye reg).

The enemy lost over 435 troops, 3 tanks, 21 AFVs, 22 MVs, and 4 guns.

▫️In Kherson direction, the enemy attempted to land infantry groups on islands and the Dnieper left bank.

The AFU lost up to 405 troops, 11 guns, 12 boats, and 26 MVs.

Units of the 32nd and 57th Mechanised Brigades have been hit near Tyaginka, Tokarevka, and Sadovoye (Kherson regi.

39 Militants have surrendered.

▫️Operational-Tactical and Missile Troops of the Russian Grouping destroyed 1 S-300 SAM radar and 2 US AN/TPQ-50 counterbattery radar stations.

▫️The BSF’s naval aircraft destroyed 12 AFU unmanned surface vehicles in the Black Sea waters heading towards Crimea.

▫️Air defences shot down 1 MiG-29 aircraft and 1 Mi-8 helicopter, 15 HIMARS and Olkha MLRS projectiles, 2 Neptune anti-ship missiles, and 176 UAVs.


Front #Summary for 24 Nov 2023 by 21:09⚡️

🔹In #Kherson Direction, fierce fighting is taking place in the #Poyma – #Peschanovka section. According to reports from the field, our army is storming the positions in #Krynki which the AFU had previously occupied. Last night the RF Armed Forces launched a counterattack and pushed the AFU back from their positions in the forest plantation adjacent to #Krynki. As of today, there are no AFU forces left. They are maintaining their positions in private buildings. Our military foiled another attempt of the enemy to land on the left bank.

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, an operational pause due to bad weather is again in effect. The AFU is carrying out rotation, bringing ammunition under the dense fire of our forces. Local attempts of small AFU groups supported by light armoured vehicles to take landings near #Rabotino were repulsed by Russian artillery and aviation fire. The enemy is not launching larger scale attacks due to the soft ground in the fields. Meanwhile, our army is slowly retaking the previously abandoned positions north of #Verbovoye and striking the entire #Orekhov section.

🔹In #SouthDonetsk Direction, our fighters are trying to advance on the southeastern outskirts of #Novomikhaylovka. They forced the AFU out of forest plantations and advanced. And the use of RBC-500s is reported.

🔹In #Donetsk Direction, along the entire #Avdeyevka frontline, our units have crossed the ATO line, which the AFU had held since 2014, a significant achievement. One of the important factors is the use of cluster munitions on AFU positions, which the enemy has long been using not only against our servicemen, but also for strikes on peaceful rear settlements. On the southern flank there are fierce battles near the Industrial Zone, the AFU cannot hold their positions and are withdrawing. On the western outskirts of the #Vinogradniki settlement the enemy still holds a number of positions, but our army is actively attacking. Probably soon the AFU will be forced to withdraw to the low-rise buildings of the southern outskirts of #Avdeyevka. On the northern flank, our units are conducting combat reconnaissance and artillery preparation. They are advancing towards #Ocheretino and #Novokalinovo.

🔹In #Bakhmut Direction, near #Kleshcheyevka, our fighters, having gained a foothold in the forest plantations at one of the key heights, achieved control on it, with help from heavy artillery and aviation. The enemy’s local attempts to counterattack failed.

🔹In #Svatovo Directions, again no tangible changes in the frontline. It is reported about the intensification of fighting near #Sinkovka, but, unfortunately, the enemy managed to repel the attacks of our army. Localised fighting is taking place in the #Serebryanskoye forest and in the area of #Torskoye.


Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of November 24

 ðŸ’¡Moscow tour guide Sergei Yartsev met with Denis Popov, a soldier of the 4th brigade of the NM LPR, a year after his heroic rescue of many Russian soldiers. Last fall, footage appeared on the Internet where the commander of an armored group and a first-wave militia, risking his life, took his comrades from a damaged armored vehicle in a field under fire. His infantry fighting vehicle was even shot down from a Javelin, but even this did not prevent our fighters from returning alive. Now, near Bakhmut, Denis spoke about himself, about the fate of his rescued comrades, as well as about the situation at the front and the life of the 4th Brigade.

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

Fighting continues for control of the heights in Kleshcheevka . Meanwhile, in Andreevka , our fighters managed to gain a foothold near forest plantations.

⚫️Donetsk direction

 In the Avdeevsky sector, the Russian army advances in the direction of Stepnoye , Ocheretino , and also Novokalinovo . To the south of Avdievka, our fighters are gradually moving towards the industrial zone. No changes in Marinka .

⚫️ Zaporozhye direction

 There is no change in the Orekhovsky sector – Russian artillery and aviation are preventing the Ukrainian Armed Forces from advancing in the Rabotino and Verbovoy areas. On the Vremevsky ledge, our fighters attacked northwest of Staromayorsky.


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