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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on November 28 2023

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Battlefield Ukraine Frozen Hell

NATO ‘Abandons’ Ukraine; Another Member Unable To Arm Kyiv Against Russia

German state media ARD reports that the Ukrainian army is exhausted, demoralized, and lacking ammunition.

We’re at the end, we’re all tired,” says Rysch about the current state of the Ukrainian army. “We have no one left to fight, and the enemy is becoming more and more active.”

Ukrainian troops are in a difficult situation. Russia has more drones, more artillery shells, more men and is attacking in many places on the front. Despite being exhausted, Rysch wants to continue trying to liberate the areas occupied by Russia. “This is our country, these are our people, they are waiting for us and we owe it to them to bring them home,” she says.

But Russia is very strong and very smart. “And it is acting strategically. Russia doesn’t think about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but rather about the next few years,” emphasizes the soldier with the brightly colored hair.

In addition, many of Ukraine’s partner countries apparently have hardly any resources available. “The barrel is slowly emptying, we don’t have any more,” says Colonel Reisner. Security experts have been pushing to ramp up production capacity in the West for over a year. Years would pass before Western countries could produce enough ammunition and equipment.

Meanwhile, disillusionment is also spreading in Ukraine. While the soldiers at the front are running out of strength, enlistment into the military is stalling. Management problems and corruption mean there is a shortage of capable soldiers and many units have not had a break for almost two years.

Olena Ryscha, the soldier, knows the minefields in southern Ukraine. Her unit was actually supposed to advance towards Tokmak during the Ukrainian offensive. But after weeks of fighting and heavy losses, the Ukrainians were just able to liberate a few destroyed villages.“There is no life there anymore,” reports Rysch. “Not a tree, not a fence, not a house, not a barn, not a pillar. Death hangs in the air. And death lies on the ground.” She will never forget this sight in her life.

Perhaps the Germans are finally having their own 1945 Führerbunker moment and realizing that the Russian wave is coming to sweep NATO from it’s borders for good.

Zee Leopards are burning Obergruppenführer Baerbock.

The conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhny was “predictable” and was caused by the fact that Ukraine’s counter-offensive this summer “didn’t go according to plan.”

A high-ranking source in the Ukrainian government told The Economist magazine.

The official says Zaluzhny may have acted unwisely by making statements contrary to his president’s public position, “but few in the government could find fault with his sober conclusions.”

“Now there is a blame game going on about who is responsible for the failure. Politicians say their generals are Soviet-trained idiots. And the generals say politicians are getting in the way of idiots. Victory has many fathers, but no one wants to be responsible for the deadlock “says the source.

Another factor in the confrontation was the criminal case about the Russian invasion in southern Ukraine, in which Zaluzhny appears as a witness.

But it could escalate into something more serious, and the commander-in-chief’s supporters say the threat of criminal charges is meant to keep him in line.

Therefore, Zaluzhny’s involvement in an absentee polemic with Zelensky “can be considered as an insurance policy,” suggests a publication source in the Ukrainian General Staff (we are probably talking about the commander-in-chief’s recent article, where he declares a deadlock at the front in The Economist magazine).

The publication points out that Zaluzhny has not yet expressed political ambitions, but Zelensky “knows how quickly Ukrainian society can create and destroy its leaders.” Moreover, according to polls, the president’s rating is decreasing.

Polls cited by The Economist show the president “is now tainted by corruption scandals in his government and concerns about the direction of the country.”

“Figures dated mid-November show that the balance of trust/distrust in Zelensky fell to +32%, which is half that of General Zaluzhny (+70%). Even the head of Ukrainian intelligence Kirill Budanov has a higher ratio than the president (+45%),” the magazine reports.


Our source in the OP said that a meeting was held at Bankova with the Head of the SBU about the situation in the Ukrainian army, due to the possible resignation of Zaluzhny. Vasily Malyuk suggested that Andrei Ermak consider Russia’s experience in solving a similar case with Prigozheny, but to do this through the hands of the enemy would drain the movement of the Commander-in-Chief. 

Colleagues, you very accurately described the situation that has developed in Ukraine. Only each of the scenarios has big risks, which is why they cannot simply dismiss Zaluzhny at Bankova and launched Bezugluya to remove the reaction.

Zaluzhny is now forced to observe a double conspiracy theory, and he is less afraid of Russian missiles or agents than of our special services. That’s why there was such an unambiguous reaction from the Commander-in-Chief to the murder of his adjutant; everyone understood the level of stakes well.
The Americans are ready to dump Ukraine according to the Afghan scenario, so as not to continue the bullish game. That is why the Sorosites are actively involved in the case with Zaluzhny and are ready to defend the Commander-in-Chief to the end.

Poroshenko is trying to use the situation to survive and remain in politics, which means he is playing for Zaluzhny to the end.

The only thing you didn’t write about the British and Russia, which needs to be taken into account, as well as about the position of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Armed Forces!


A deadlock has arrived in Ukraine, which “could lead to the final defeat” of Kiev , writes former US Ambassador to NATO and current director general of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Ivo Daalder in a column for Politico.

To avoid such a defeat, Daalder proposes that individual countries provide security guarantees that would extend to the territory currently controlled by Ukraine (but without admission to NATO).

According to the expert, American military officials and analysts with whom he spoke blame the failure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ summer offensive “on Ukrainian tactics and political decisions that made it difficult to achieve a military breakthrough.” Here again we recall the dispersal of forces in different areas, including near Bakhmut, instead of concentrating armored vehicles in one place with an attempt to break through the fortifications – “even despite the fact that the initial losses were high.”

Daalder also calls on the West to shift its focus from expecting Ukraine to win back much or all of its territory to securing its future in the West. And also a stable supply of weapons so that the Ukrainian Armed Forces can hold the line.

Our source in the OP said that the Office of the President began to model scenarios for the reaction of society and Western partners to the removal of Zaluzhny. Bankova is most concerned about the reflection of the soldiers and commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is why they began to withdraw some units from Kyiv and exchange them for controlled forces. Zelensky’s statements about Maidan-3 were made specifically to shift any protests and coup attempts to the Kremlin, for a harsh reaction from the security services. Andrey Ermak is least concerned about the US reaction, due to the latest Western claims against the Ukrainian government and the suspension of military/financial assistance.

Western journalists are already writing that in January Ukraine will face a shortage of weapons and loss of combat capability if the West does not speed up the supply of weapons and ammunition.
We have written many times that the shortage of weapons will increase, which will be replaced by manpower, which is also in short supply now. It turns out to be a circular “zrada”. If you go too far in the case of unlimited mobilization, you can get a Maidan.

Putin began his speech at the World Russian People’s Council with a moment of silence: I know that many representatives of the World Russian People’s Council are now in Donbas and Novorossiya among volunteers and volunteers, in the ranks of military units, together with their comrades-in-arms defending our brothers and sisters, the millions of people in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. I am sincerely grateful to the participants of the World Russian People’s Cathedral for the help you are providing to the front, to the families of our fallen heroes. They fought for us, for our Motherland. Eternal memory to them.

He also made a number of statements:

- Russia’s battle for sovereignty and justice has a national liberation character

- Modern Russia regains and strengthens its sovereignty as a world power

- Without Russians as an ethnos, there is and cannot be Russia and the Russian world

- Without a strong Russia, a strong world order is impossible

- It is the Russian world that has blocked the way of those who have declared themselves exceptional, but the dictatorship of the hegemon is getting decrepit

- Russians are more than a nationality, they are also a cultural and historical identity

- Being Russian is first and foremost a responsibility for the preservation of Russia

- The West does not need a big Russia

- Russia is now at the forefront of the formation of a more just world order

The story of the poisoning of GUR employees is just the beginning. Clown Zelensky has decided on a chain dog. The SBU will be the only intelligence agency with broad powers. They convinced the clown that they would serve faithfully and did not want to be scapegoats. All competitors under the knife, or under poison. SBU officers will have to manage to dispossess businesses in every city of Ukraine before the Russians arrive. 

“The dictatorship of one hegemon is decrepit, it has gone to pieces and is simply dangerous to those around it.
We are fighting for the freedom not only of Russia, but also of the whole world.”
- Putin

Putin: Our battle for sovereignty and justice is, without any exaggeration, of a national liberation nature. Because we are defending the security and well-being of our people, the supreme, historical right to be Russia – a strong, independent power, a country of civilization. It is our country, the Russian world, as it has happened many times in history, has blocked the way of those who claim today for world domination, for their exclusivity. We are fighting now for the freedom not only of Russia, but of the whole world. We openly say that the dictatorship of one hegemon – we see it, everyone sees it now – is getting decrepit. It has gone, as they call it, to pieces and is simply dangerous for others. This is already clear to the world majority. But I repeat – it is our country that is now at the forefront of the formation of a more just world order. And I would like to emphasize that no lasting and stable world order is possible without a sovereign, strong Russia.

Putin: Today, Russophobia and other forms of racism and neo-Nazism have become practically the official ideology of Western ruling elites. They are directed not only against the Russian, but against all the peoples of Russia. The West in principle does not need such a large and multinational country as Russia.

Our diversity, unity of cultures and traditions, languages, ethnicities simply does not fit into the logic of Western racists and colonizers, in their cruel scheme of total depersonalization, separation, suppression and exploitation. That is why again they started the old chant, saying that Russia is a prison of peoples, and Russians themselves are a nation of slaves. We have heard it many times throughout the centuries. They have also heard that Russia, it turns out, needs to be pre-colonized today. And in fact, what do they need? In fact, they need to dismember and plunder Russia. If they can’t do it by force, then they need to sow confusion. I would like to emphasize that we regard any outside interference or provocation to cause inter-ethnic or inter-religious conflicts as aggressive actions against our country.

Putin: Russian is more than a nationality. This has always been the case, by the way, in the history of our country. It is, among other things, a cultural, spiritual, and historical identity. Being Russian is, above all, a responsibility. I repeat: a huge responsibility for the preservation of Russia. This is what true patriotism is all about. And as a Russian, I want to say: only a united, strong, sovereign Russia can guarantee the future and distinctive development of the Russian and all other peoples who have lived and live in our country for centuries, united by the commonality of historical destiny.

It is necessary to remember the lessons of the revolution of 1917 and the civil war that followed, and the collapse of the USSR in 1991. It would seem that so many years have passed, but people of all nationalities living today, even those born in the 21st century, are still paying for the miscalculations made then, even decades later.  For falling to separatists illusions and ambitions, for the weakness of the central government, for the policy of artificial forced division of the big Russian nation – the triune Russian people – Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians. The bloody hotbeds that emerged after the collapse of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union are not only still smoldering, but are flaring up with renewed vigor.
- Putin

The channel of Evgeny Prigozhin:

There is always a struggle between good and evil in the world. PMC “Wagner” is a force. Russian power. And this force is always on the side of good.

Evgeny Prigozhin

Based on the situation in the Avdeevsky direction. On the southern flank, the Russian Armed Forces continue to strengthen previously occupied positions in the area of   the industrial zone, prepare firing points and build new positions, since the existing ones belonged to the enemy and are well known to him. Large-scale measures are being carried out to clear mines from the surrounding area, since the enemy, when retreating, randomly laid mines wherever he had the opportunity.
The evacuation of 200 enemy troops from industrial areas, abandoned in large numbers by the enemy, is being carried out for sanitary purposes, as well as for future exchange for the bodies of our fallen heroes.

Khokhol uses a significant number of FPV drones, as well as 60 mm and 82 mm mortars, working on his former positions in the industrial area.
At the same time, cannon artillery and tanks practically do not work.
This is explained by an acute shortage of ammunition, which is confirmed by radio interceptions.
The intensity of hostilities in the Avdeevsky direction is very high; due to the current weather conditions, it is impossible to transport large volumes of ammunition along the only road through Orlovka; moreover, most likely the enemy does not have the required amount of ammunition in general along most of the front.

Our soldiers significantly reduced the potential of the Ukrainian during the assault on the industrial area, and this will still affect the defense capability of enemy forces in the near future.

Everything will be as Russia needs.


Confirmation has arrived of information about the advance of motorized rifle platoon-tactical groups of the Russian Army, according to preliminary data, the 1st Slavic Brigade and the Somalia battalion, directly to the private sector of the village of Severnoye on the southern flank of the Avdeevka fortified area of   the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On the topographic map (image 2) you can pay attention to the dominant heights south of Severnoye, on which machine gunners, tank crews and crews of the Kornet ATGM of the Russian army maintain direct fire control over all fortifications and temporary shelters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the village.

Thus, the neck of the Avdeevka cauldron being formed continues to slam shut inexorably.


The RF Armed Forces have seemingly advanced to the outskirts of Severnoye, and according to some sources, have actually taken a portion of the village. Days prior, the 53rd Brigade threatened to withdraw if supplies and reinforcements were not sent.

As others have pointed out, if Severnoye is taken, the bottleneck will be reduced to around 6km, and would put Russia in an even better position to practically halt all incoming traffic to the city, in effect, creating an operational encirclement. The enemy has so far admitted an advance of 300m.

To put it another way, 3km more and nothing will enter Avdeevka and nothing will leave. Unlike Artemovsk, where one route remained open the entire time, this will not be the case.

All military personnel unanimously declare that the defense of Avdiivka is pointless and will drain the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but politicians think otherwise. At headquarters, Zelensky continues to demand that Zaluzhny hold the city despite the losses and the decline in the morale of the soldiers.


Ukrainian formations have been intensively shelling the left bank of the Kherson region.

Today, Hola Prystan, Kozachyi Lahery, Kardashinka, Kakhovka, and Korsunka were hit by fire. Incidents were also reported in Novaya Kakhovka, resulting in the death of one civilian and damage to civilian infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Gornostaevsky District was targeted by the enemy, causing temporary power outages in some settlements.

Damage has been documented at the Kakhovka 330 kV substation, which plays a crucial role in the region’s power supply. The AFU has been targeting this facility for the past two days.

Kherson Direction: Positional Battles in the Forest Situation as of 19:00, November 28, 2023

🔻During the night of November 28, the Katran group command once again deployed assault groups to consolidate their position in the forest near Krynki.

▪️ Two detachments took positions in a small forest south of the village and began setting up strongholds. They came under heavy shelling and were later attacked by a reconnaissance group of the Russian Armed Forces. As a result, three people were killed and three more were injured.

▪️ In the morning, the injured were evacuated to a makeshift hospital set up in a warehouse on the northern outskirts of Krynoki. They were then transferred to the right bank via Frolov Island.

▪️ However, new assault groups arrived to replace them. Under the cover of artillery and drones, they once again moved towards the forest, attempting to establish a foothold in the deeper forest areas.

🔻Despite the losses and the inability of Ukrainian formations to advance further, the enemy has firmly entrenched themselves on the left bank of the Dnieper. This has been facilitated by the continuous and active support of artillery ( and drones. Additionally, the tactics of keeping silent about prevailing problems within the Dnepr group have contributed to their stronghold.

Some time ago, we discussed ( the challenges faced by military personnel in the Kherson Region. Unfortunately, some of these issues still persist today. One of the problems is the lack of competent and adequate management, which leads ( to unnecessary personnel losses, as described by Two Majors.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine organized a crematorium at the bone burning plant in Konstantinovka (DPR) due to large losses

According to the Military Chronicle, the bodies of killed Ukrainian soldiers are brought to this facility from several directions – the flanks of Artyomovsk, Soledar, as well as from near Avdeevka, 40 km to the south.

In the spring of this year, for the uninterrupted operation of the bone burning plant, industrial refrigerators for storing corpses, as well as powerful multi-fuel generators, were installed in a separate building. To supply the plant, a train with fuel arrives at the Kondratievka railway station, 5 km to the north-west, every 10-14 days.

In order not to cause panic among the local population, the bodies of killed Ukrainian soldiers are transported to the plant in ordinary trucks without the “Cargo 200” markings.

Due to the uninterrupted operation and, presumably, the lack of working industrial filters in the plant’s furnaces, there is a strong smell of burnt bodies in the area.


Boris “Colonel Cassad” Rozhin

Artemovsk (Bakhmut direction) 28.11 16:10

The guys from the spot report some progress of our troops and the occupation of important positions for the development of further offensive actions.

In particular, the Southern Group of Forces recaptured 2 Ukrainian fortified points. 1 enemy armored car was hit.



According to Vladimir Saldo, in conversations with Putin and the country’s military leadership, they made it clear to him that Russia intends to return Kherson. And not only.

“I spoke on Friday with the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and with the military – everyone is determined to return to Kherson. We will liberate our land. Next will be Nikolaev, Odessa and Izmail”

Boris “Colonel Cassad” Rozhin

Chronicles of the Special Military Operation for November 28, 2023

The ongoing bad weather continues to impact the intensity of hostilities along the entire line of contact. Russian troops near Avdeevka are consolidating their position on previously held lines and preparing for a further offensive against AFU positions.

Meanwhile, in the Kherson area, Ukrainian marines attempted another advancement in a small forest south of the village of Krynki, supported by artillery and drones. Russian troops are responding with concentrated fire on identified enemy units.

In the Vremyevsky sector, units of the Russian Armed Forces are engaged in local battles on the approaches to Staromayorsky. Simultaneously, Russian troops are attempting to secure tactical heights on the southern flank of Bakhmut. In response, the Ukrainian command is deploying additional forces to the area to maintain their occupied positions.

Ukrainian forces continue to launch attacks on front-line settlements in Russia. In the DPR, the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk came under heavy fire, resulting in six injuries. In the Zaporizhia region, missiles were fired at a kindergarten and a hospital in Tokmak, causing casualties among medical staff.


Ukraine RETREATING From Avdiivka Southeastern Stronghold

Southeastern Avdiivka Has Fallen | Weather DISASTER | Ukraine Suffers From Political Strife

Ukrainian advance in Robotyne [28 November 2023]

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (28 November 2023)

▫️ In Kupyansk direction (, units of the Zapad Group of Forces supported by aviation and artillery repelled four attacks launched by assault detachments of the AFU 57th Mechanised Brigade near Sinkovka (Kharkov region). The enemy losses amounted to up to 30 servicemen and one D-20 howitzer.

▫️ In Krasny Liman direction (, helicopters and artillery of the Tsentr Group of Forces delivered strikes at AFU manpower and hardware near Torskoye and Grigorovka (Donetsk People’s Republic). The AFU losses amounted to up to 40 servicemen and two pickup trucks.

▫️ In Donetsk direction (, units of the Yug Group of Forces supported by aviation and artillery took more advantageous lines and positions near Artyomovsk (Donetsk People’s Republic). In addition, three AFU attacks were repelled and enemy manpower and hardware suffered losses near Chasov Yar, Kleshcheyevka, and Georgiyevka (Donetsk People’s Republic). Up to 135 servicemen and three pickup trucks were neutralised in this direction during the day.

▫️ In South Donetsk direction (, units of the Vostok Group of Forces supported by helicopters and artillery inflicted losses on manpower and hardware of the AFU 58th Motorised Infantry Brigade, 72nd Mechanised Brigade, and 128th Territorial Defence Brigade near Novomikhailovka, Ugledar, and Urozhaynoye (Donetsk People’s Republic). The enemy lost up to 75 servicemen and two motor vehicles.

▫️ In Zaporozhye direction (, units of the Russian Group of Forces repelled one attack launched by an AFU assault group close to Novopokrovka (Zaporozhye region). In addition, air strikes and artillery fire struck the personnel and hardware of the 65th and 118th mechanised brigades close to Rabotino and Malaya Tokmachka (Zaporozhye region). The enemy losses were up to 65 servicemen, two U.S.-made M113 armoured personnel carriers.

▫️ In Kherson direction (, as a result of artillery fire and air strikes, the AFU suffered losses of 40 servicemen killed and wounded, five motor vehicles, and one Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system.

▫️ Operational-Tactical and Army Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Groups of Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit the following facilities: AFU UAV Training and Application Centre, an aviation fuel depot, three detection radars (two P-18 and one ST-68), as well as manpower and military hardware in 103 areas.

▫️ Russian air defence forces intercepted two HIMARS MLRS projectiles. Furthermore, during the day, six unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted over Fedoseyevka, Shipilovka (Lugansk People’s Republic), Vladimirovka (Donetsk People’s Republic), Komsomolskoye (Zaporozhye region), and Golaya Pristan (Kherson region).

Russian Defence Ministry

Special Operation, 28 Nov 2023, Main; pub. 18:37⚡️

▪️ Russian units in the #Donetsk direction have taken more favourable lines and positions near #Artyomovsk, the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said;

▪️ According to MoD, Kiev lost up to 385 militants and 2 APCs in different directions over the day;

▪️ Russian troops hit AFU drone training and use centre, aviation fuel storage and three radar stations, MoD said;

▪️ The wife of the head of Ukrainian military intelligence Budanov has been poisoned with heavy metals and is in hospital, Ukrainian media said;

▪️ The Russian group of troops ‘West’ disrupted the rotation of a brigade of Ukrainian troops in the #Kupyansk direction, MoD said;

▪️ The reconnaissance officers of the Central Military District who entered into the first contract for military service in the RF Armed Forces are undergoing combat coordination and additional training in the combat zone, MoD said;

▪️ Ukrainian media reported explosions in Kiev-controlled #Kherson.


Front #Summary for 28 Nov 2023 by 19:01⚡️

🔹In #Kherson Direction, localised fighting continues in #Krynki, our forces storming AFU positions. Local reports say that the Russian Army is building up its forces at the #Poyma – #Krynki line, while the enemy’s artillery is not so active due to the weather. Attempts by our military to eliminate the AFU footholds cannot be ruled out. At #Poyma itself another Ukrainian SRG was hit during an attempted sortie.

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, after a slight improvement in weather conditions, the AFU artillery is working very powerfully. Ours note the highest density of strikes. Under the cover of fire the enemy is trying to advance near #Verbovoye, ours are holding the defence. At #Rabotino our fighters captured AFU militants, their equipment got bogged down in the mud during the retreat. New attempts by the enemy to attack near #Rabotino and #Novoprokopovka were again unsuccessful.

🔹In #SouthDonetsk Direction, our forces are pushing the AFU out of the landings at the #Priyutnoye – #Staromayorskoye line, with the initiative on our side. Over the past few days, our forces have managed to take control of important heights, worsening the enemy’s position. For this reason, the AFU is transferring reinforcements from the #Kherson direction to these lines.

🔹In #Donetsk Direction, on the southern #Avdeyevka flank. the Russian army took full control of the village of #Vinogradniki, the AFU withdrew behind the quarry to the northwest. Now the industrial zone bridgehead is reinforced from the south. Reports about the approach to #Severnoye are somewhat ahead of the events, according to the latest data to the village remained about 1 km. On the northern flank of the AFU, we again tried to counterattack in #Stepovoye, but our attempts were repulsed. Ukrainian channels say that according to the military the defence of #Avdeyevka is pointless, but Zelensky allegedly demands to hold the city no matter what.

🔹In #Bakhmut Direction, on the southern flank, our army continues to storm the heights near #Kleshcheyevka, the AFU is still holding on, heavy fighting is ongoing. Our artillery tries to prevent the enemy from bringing in reinforcements. At #Khromovo, the Russian assaults are also not yielding tangible results yet, but our military has the initiative.

🔹In #Svatovo Direction, fierce fighting near #Sinkovka continues. Our forces again tried to enter the territory of the village, which is destroyed. It is difficult to keep its territory under control, so the fighting is shifting southeastwards to #Orlyanka and #Pervomayskoye towards #Petropavlovka.

💥In #Odessa Region, a strike on a Neptune launching complex is reported. It would be good if the information would be confirmed.


Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of November 28

 The Armed Forces of Ukraine complain about the lack of military command, incompetent command, and the mobilization of “psychological” attacks from the positions of the Russian army. Our soldiers wake up the enemy in the morning with Gazmanov’s songs. The sound broadcasting BTR-80 helps them in this, with the help of which they call on the enemy to surrender at a range of up to 6 km. The militants have a choice of two options – either to comprehend Russian culture in warmth and safety, or in a cold trench with a huge chance of becoming the 200th.

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Svatovo-Kremennoe direction

In the Kupyansky sector there are battles for Sinkovka . Meanwhile, our fighters counterattacked in the Chervonopopovka area, there is progress.

⚫️Donetsk direction

 Fighting continues near the Stepnoy and coke plants. The Russian army is advancing in the area of   the industrial zone and SNT Vinogradniki . In Marinka, our fighters continue to storm the western outskirts.

⚫️Zaporozhye direction

 In the Orekhovsky sector, the Russian army repelled attacks by the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Rabotino . In addition, the enemy unsuccessfully attacked at Verbovoy . On the Vremevsky ledge, our fighters are gradually advancing in the Staromayorsky area.

👠During the day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled residential areas of Donetsk several times. In the Azotny microdistrict, a market was hit by the Grad MLRS, and during the busiest trading hours. In the evening, the enemy fired several American HARM anti-radar missiles at the private sector. Five houses were heavily damaged.


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