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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on November 30 2023

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Zelensky is RISKING Ukraine for his own GLORY!

Women Getting Conscripted To The Front Lines

The quarrel between Zelensky and Zaluzhny undermines the morale of Ukrainians

The split between the political and military leadership of Ukraine amid the failure of the counter-offensive is contributing to a “darker mood” among Ukrainians, The Week writes, citing English-language media. A number of corruption scandals also lead to a drop in the trust rating of Zelensky’s government, and there is a decline in strength in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and among members of their families.

At the same time, increasing Western support remains a priority for Zelensky, who fears “war fatigue.” Only with the help of his allies can he keep the military leadership and the public on his side, but the longer the war goes on without progress at the front, “the more the danger of losing national unity grows.”

Cognitive dissonance from the Office of the President raises more questions than stating the fact of the loss with reality. When the people’s deputy controlled by Bankovry openly attacks Zaluzhny according to the Kremlin’s manual, and the Office of the President does not react to this, but then Podolyak comes out and states in a BBC commentary that reports of a conflict between the political and military leadership of Ukraine are a lie.

According to him, there is “no political process in the country today,” just as there are no military men who think about politics and not about war.

“The priority for everyone is exclusively the war and the military needs of the country,” he said.

Constant talk about the “mythical conflict” is intended to create among different audiences (internal or external) the impression that there is no unity in the country, to show partners that Ukraine does not need help, and also to “significantly increase depressive moods,” Podolyak is convinced.

“What a conflict if the commander-in-chief is in the direct presidential management vertical. The President is the strategy, and the Commander-in-Chief is the operational management of Ukraine’s specific actions along the front line. Accordingly, all communications are direct and frank. At different sites,” he added.

Our sources close to Zaluzhny said that the Commander-in-Chief will not respond to information attacks from the clientele of the Office of the President. Zaluzhny’s team understands Bankova’s plan, which wants to drag him into a discussion with minor actors in order to lower his level and force him to make excuses before Ermak’s sixes.

Our source in the OP said that the Office of the President received information from the SBU about preparations for the creation of a social movement of veterans/volunteers and military personnel, the purpose of which is to protect the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Zaluzhny from attacks by politicians. On Bankova they consider this process to be political, from which Zaluzhny’s party will grow.

Zaluzhny was able to push through the decision to build defensive structures along the entire front line; we wrote that the Office of the President opposed it, considering such a step as Ukraine’s refusal of Zelensky’s strategy to return the borders to 1991.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Defense have created a joint working group on the construction of fortifications. It is no secret that over the past 2 months the Russian army has become more active in many directions of the front ; the Russian Federation is especially fiercely trying to capture Avdeevka in the Donetsk region, and in Bakhmutsky to regain lost positions.

In this confrontation, not only weapons and equipment are important, but also well-equipped fortifications. According to all the rules of military affairs, there should be three lines of defense , but the military alone cannot cope with such a scale of construction work. Therefore, according to the head of the Ministry of Digital Development, Mikhail Fedorov, they decided to create a working group from the Ministry of Defense for the construction of defensive structures . As Fedorov clarified, he will lead the group together with Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

The group will work as an operational headquarters and will coordinate the efforts of the authorities and the military in matters of construction of fortifications. As Fedorov emphasized, they plan to introduce reform to define areas of responsibility.

Thus, on the first line of defense, the construction of fortifications will continue to be carried out by military units . On the second and third line is the State Agency for Rehabilitation and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine through the involvement of private contractors. And the working group will coordinate everyone.

Our source reports that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will now be able to go on the offensive only in one case: if “turmoil/Maidan” begins in Russia. In other cases, the Ukrainian Armed Forces should now go into “deep” defense so as not to lose.
Will they make it?

We are watching…

Vladimir Zelensky admitted that “everyone forgot about Ukraine because of the events in the Middle East.”

The president said this in an interview in Kyiv with Nikkei and other foreign media.

“Today everyone has forgotten about Ukraine because of the events in the Middle East. I believe that this is exactly what the Russian Federation tried to achieve, and I am sorry to say that they achieved the desired result,” Zelensky said.

He also explained the reasons for the unsuccessful offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces this year.

“It is very difficult to reconquer territory that is fortified and where the fortifications are built in several lines. This is difficult for people,” the president said.

However, according to Zelensky, “negotiations on a ceasefire with Moscow can begin only after the Russian military completely leaves the territory of Ukraine.”

“We cannot recognize our territories as territories of the Russian Federation,” he explained.

Zelensky begins to travel en masse to the regions of the country. The international case faded into the background.
Sources highlight a number of reasons for this reversal.
1. In the West, no one is waiting anymore. The Ukrainian crisis is losing relevance. He is forgotten. They don’t give money.
2. Elections are coming soon and we urgently need to work to maintain the rating, which has begun to fall.
3. The war is fading into the background, which means there will be no victories at the front; it is necessary to “invent them” in other directions.
4. The conflict between Ze and Zaluzhny dealt a strong blow to the integrity of the system. Domestic trips are aimed at maintaining the system.

2024, unlike 2023, will be a “home” year. This year was an “international” year, where Ze traveled a lot , flew out, visited, but in the end he was taken for a ride everywhere and he flew by.

We are watching…

The more the Office of the President justifies that there is no conflict with Zaluzhny , the more everyone realizes that the conflict exists.
Bankovaya is trying to remove itself from suspicion in order to remove responsibility for future failures that will occur due to pressure on the military and squabbles within.

At the same time, the information attack on Zaluzhny did not stop.

Lies and hypocrisy are the main weapons of the Office of the President.

A completely unacceptable situation with air defense is developing in Ukraine.

Yes, from the beginning of the military conflict, the Ukrainian side demonstrated the ability to effectively use the relatively outdated Soviet-made S-300 and Buk air defense systems, as well as the German Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, and later more modern weapons, such as Patriot, appeared in the arsenal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

However, after nearly two years of fending off Russian cruise missiles and drone attacks, Ukraine is running low on air defense missiles and ammunition for anti-aircraft guns. And although the United States and European countries are trying to increase the production of missiles and shells to replenish Ukraine’s reserves, so far without much success. Moreover, Western manufacturers are unable to produce missiles and shells for Soviet-made air defense systems, which are in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces in quite large quantities.

As a result, existing air defense systems cannot cope with massive Russian attacks, there is little ammunition left compatible with Soviet launchers, and adaptation programs for old American missiles are delayed. That is why even “martyrs” ply almost unhindered over Ukraine.

The decline in interest in events in Ukraine is fatal

This was stated by German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock.

“The view of Ukraine is now disappearing from public opinion – this is fatal,” the diplomat said.

At this time, Russia began to deliver “harsher” attacks on the country’s infrastructure, the minister noted.

Against the backdrop of the current situation, the West should help Kiev with its winter protection, Burbock added.


Nato can outlast Russia in Ukraine, David Cameron told allies on Wednesday, saying its combined economic might was 30 times greater than Moscow’s.

Addressing his first Nato meeting as Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron called on member states to harness their collective advantage to deliver Kyiv enough weapons to defeat Vladimir Putin’s forces.

The meeting in Brussels came amid concerns in Ukraine over dwindling Western support while the conflict in Gaza continues.

However, Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of Nato, urged allies not to “underestimate Russia”.

He said allies should seek to sign more multi-year, multi-country deals to convince arms manufacturers to increase production to meet Ukraine’s demands for at least the next two years.

British manufacturer BAE Systems and 20 French defense firms have already opened operations in Ukraine with a view to eventually starting production there.

-Is he aware he had a whole city go bankrupt? The British version of “of course we can fund 2 wars”


Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation: There will be no truce with Ukraine, the goals of the Special Military Operation will be achieved

Against the backdrop of a wave of publications in the Western press about the need to freeze the conflict in Ukraine, about the so-called “Korean option,” some fears naturally arose that Russia might fall for this bait. Because a certain elite layer is still interested in this.

However, there was a positive vibe from the interview of Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov to Izvestia. (

Correspondent’s question: So you don’t expect a truce next year?

Answer from S. Ryabkov: Not only do I not expect a truce, I expect that the goals of the Special Military Operation will certainly be achieved.

In the same interview, Ryabkov said that the US’s readiness to force Ukraine to a truce next year “is not something that is not visible, but I can’t imagine it at the current stage”: “There is nothing to discuss with us on the conditions that Ukraine has put forward.” .

Let me remind you that we are talking about the so-called “Zelensky peace formula” of 10 points, involving the surrender of Russia, the withdrawal of troops to the borders of Ukraine in 1991, the payment of reparations, etc.

At the same time, the Russian diplomat emphasized that “on such a basis, not only will no agreements be possible, but dialogue is also impossible.”

Russia’s victory at the front is inevitable, I am 100% sure of it. And the main thing for us, taking into account the lessons of History, is not to let it be stolen. In this regard, the position of the Russian Foreign Ministry stated above inspires optimism.



Kherson direction: ongoing positional battles in Krynki situation as of 14:00, November 30, 2023
🔻The situation in Krynki in the Kherson direction remains largely unchanged: Ukrainian formations, positioned along the outskirts of the forest, are attempting to advance further, but without success.

Yesterday, two assault groups of Ukrainian Navy marines came under artillery fire from what is referred to as the “greenhouses,” followed by attacks from Russian reconnaissance groups. The Ukrainian marines were forced to retreat and were subsequently evacuated to the northern outskirts.
During the night, two enemy assault detachments arrived on the northern outskirts of the village by boat. Simultaneously, a personnel rotation took place under the railway bridge, which had come under attack by the Russian Armed Forces the day before.

🔻Overall, the situation in Krynki and the actions of the Ukrainian forces have become predictable, following a recurring pattern: crossing to the left bank – advancing into the forest – coming under fire – retreating to the right bank with casualties.
Nevertheless, the main concern is that despite the significant number of casualties, the Marine Corps still retains sufficient manpower to continue attempting to fulfill their assigned tasks, thereby forcing the Russian command to react.
In the upcoming weeks, as the ground along the Dnieper freezes and the water becomes covered with ice, the likelihood of ground attacks not only in Krynki but also in other sections of the front, especially where a bridgehead already exists, will increase.

Diary of a Paratrooper: There is practically not a single intact building left in Krynki.

An aerial photo of Krynki has appeared online, where you can see that there are no surviving buildings left in the village.

It seems that for the enemy this was just another media story, which he passes off as a “successful operation” while begging money from his own cuckold puppeteers.


Kupyansk direction. Situation at 13:00.

 Yesterday our army withstood several intense enemy counterattacks in Sinkovka and eventually gained a foothold on the northern outskirts of the village. At these moments, active combat continues with the use of heavy weapons and aircraft.

On the southern flank, the slow advance continues in the area of   Kislovka, Ivanovka and Orlovka.
The enemy “gritting his teeth” confirms our advance .


Krasny Liman 30.11 15:45

And one more good news for today.
It is reported that two buildings of the Ukrainian command and observation post were hit at once.

Our aviation performed brilliantly.
Soldiers from the field also report the destruction of one supporter.
The process is underway.


Today Der Spiegel notes Ukraine’s grip on Avdeevka is weak and Ukraine has major issues with both manpower and munitions:

Late in the evening, after a hard day at the front, “Som” contacted us via WhatsApp. His voice sounds dull, the pauses between his sentences are long. He seems tired, almost absent.

The situation is “very, very difficult,” says the soldier. The Russians tried to surround him and his men.
Avdiivka could fall soon, reports “Som”. This is mainly due to the Russians’ superior firepower. “They have ten times as much equipment as we do,” he says, “and 20, if not 30 times as many bullets.” The Ukrainians lack ammunition for mortars and guns. »Often we simply cannot fire back.«

The Ukrainian commander says the losses are also heavy. Of the 100 soldiers his company once had, he can sometimes only send 15 into battle. Some are dead, many are wounded, others are too exhausted to fight. “It’s similar in all the units here,” says “Som.”
“If they throw more forces into the fight,” says “Som,” “we will probably have to leave Avdiivka to them.”

Franz-Stefan Gady’s impressions match what “Som” and other Ukrainian commanders report in the field. There are no more men and vehicles to attack, says the expert. “There’s actually a lack of everything.” He sees Ukraine facing a “difficult time” because there won’t be enough ammunition for another offensive next year.

It didn’t work out at the front, try it on the Internet: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to refute the liberation of Khromovo by Russian troops

After the publication of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about the complete liberation of the village of Khromovoy near Artemovsk, Ukrainian channels received a new manual, according to which the enemy does not recognize the loss of the settlement and is trying to keep it at least online.
In fact, our fighters have already caputred this village and are repelling the offensive attempts of the Ukrainian Nazis.
In addition, to the north and east of Kleshcheevka, the Russian Armed Forces continue to press in the direction of the village and along the railway.

Chronicles of the Special Military Operation for November 30, 2023

On the fronts of the SMO, the situation has not changed significantly. In the Bakhmut sector, Russian units are launching an offensive in the area of the Berkhovsky reservoir, aiming to capture tactically important heights near Bogdanovka.

In the Avdeevsky direction, the Russian Army is advancing towards Novokalynove, occupying new positions in the southern forest belt. Simultaneously, the enemy is advancing towards Gorlovka in the north, diverting the attention of Russian troops.

In the Kherson direction, in Krynki, the enemy has made several attempts to advance deeper into the territory. Despite successfully repelling all attacks from the AFU, the enemy has managed to slightly expand their zone of control in the village, constantly replenishing their losses through rotation.

The Russian Armed Forces launched a kamikaze drone attack on the Dolgintsevo airfield in Krivoy Rog, scoring a direct hit on an Air Force Su-25 attack aircraft. The strike was carried out from a distance of over 70 kilometers from the front, with another drone providing adjustment, indicating the possibility of Russian drones operating deep in the enemy rear despite their electronic warfare capabilities.


RUSSIAN FORCES CAPTURED KHROMOVE; multiple offensive operations reported – Ukraine SITREP D644

Ukraine Collapsing Near Bakhmut | End of Nov Russo-Ukraine War Update

Ukraine fires a salvo of Czech supplied grad rockets on civilians in Donetsk

Update on Ukraine: Ukrainian counter-attack in Synkivka [30 November 2023]

Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (30 November 2023)⚡️

The RF Armed Forces continue the special military operation.

▫️In Kupyansk direction (, units of the Zapad Grouping repelled 2 assault squad attacks of the 14th and 30th Mechanised Brigades near Sinkovka (Kharkov reg).

The enemy lost up to 45 troops and 2 MVs.

▫️In Krasny Liman direction (, units of the Tsentr Grouping repelled 1 assault squad attack of the 60th Mechanised Brigade near Yampolovka (DPR).

The AFU lost up to 250 troops, 2 AFVs, and 4 MVs.

▫️In Donetsk direction (, units of the Yug Grouping repelled 2 assault squad attacks of the 79th Assault Brigade near Maryinka (DPR).

Strikes were launched on troops and hardware clusters of the 93rd Mechanised Brigade near Andreyevka (DPR).

The enemy lost up to 270 troops, 2 AFVs, and 3 pickups. 1 US AN/TPQ-37 counterbattery radar station was destroyed near Zhelannoye (DPR).
▫️In South Donetsk direction (, units of the Vostok Grouping inflicted losses on the AFU 72nd Mechanised, 79th Airborne, and 58th Motorised Infantry Brigades near Novomikhaylovka, Konstantinovka, and Novoukrainka (DPR).

The enemy lost up to 100 troops, 1 tank, 2 AFVs, and 3 MVs.

▫️In Zaporozhye direction (,  ( of the Russian Grouping repelled 3 assault squad attacks of the 82nd Airborne and 71st Jaeger Brigades close to Verbovoye (Zaporozhye reg).

Strikes were launched at troops of the 118th Mechanised, 46th Air Mobile, and 15th National Guard Brigades near Rabotino and north of Novopokrovka (Zaporozhye reg).

The AFU lost up to 30 troops and 3 MVs.

▫️In Kherson direction (, as a result of actions of the Russian Grouping the AFU lost up to 55 troops and 2 MVs.

▫️Operational-tactical and Army Aviation, UAVs, missile troops and artillery of the Russian Grouping wiped out 1 rear command post of the 53rd Mechanised Brigade, 1 artillery battalion command and observation post of the 31st Mechanised Brigade near Krasnoarmeysk and Novogrodovka (DPR), 2 CT-68UM and P-18 radar stations for detecting and tracking air targets, and troops and military hardware in 118 areas.

Air defences intercepted 9 UAVs near Tokarevka (Kharkov reg), Lipovoye and Maryinka (DPR), Pshenichnoye (Zaporozhye reg), and Chaplinka (Kherson reg).

📊 In total, 544 aircraft, 255 helicopters, 9,310 UAVs, 442 air defence systems, 13,712 tanks and other AFVs, 1,187 MLRS vehicles, 7,205 guns and mortars, and 15,781 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the SMO.


Front #Summary for 30 Nov 2023 by 20:01⚡️

🔹In #Kherson Direction, the AFU are holding on to the centre of #Krynki with their “teeth”. Fierce fighting is continuing in the village, and our forces have managed to push the AFU out of a number of buildings. Amazingly, the AFU are bringing reserves to #Krynki. Their supply possibilities will improve if the #Dnieper is ice covered. Hopefully, we will be able to eliminate the AFU foothold before the frost.

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, the snowfall has made the mud even more muddy. It is difficult to move forward, but our forces retain the initiative. Some more territories have been retaken from #Rabocino. We are gradually playing back the counteroffensive. The AFU does not stop attacks north of #Verbovoye. Our military is holding the line.

🔹In #South Donetsk direction, without significant changes. Our Army continues to press the AFU on the #Priyutnoye – #Staromayorskoye line and consolidates after the latest advances.

🔹In #Donetsk Direction, at #Avdeyevka, it is most active. Rains are expected, and if they are heavy, the fighting will certainly subside. Meanwhile, on our southern flank we came close to #Severnoye, the coverage of the village is planned. To the west, our forces are fighting for the approaches to #Tonenkoye. On the northern flank our forces are advancing towards #Novokalinovo and #Ocheretino. Fierce fighting is going on near #Stepovoye and to the west of the #Slagheap. Ukrainians are writing about our wide range of ammunition. Successes at the front are the most direct evidence of the development of the Russian military-industrial complex.

📌 #Avdeyevka has become a powerful fortified area over 10 years. From here the AFU has been hitting #Donetsk all this time. Avdeyevka coke plant is the heart of the fortress. When our army takes control of it, the liberation of #Avdeyevka will get easier. Kiev is fighting and will fight to the last for #Avdeyevka, because from there, our army will rush to liberate the entire #Donbass. There are no seriously fortified positions up to the #Kramatorsk – #Slavyansk line.

🔹In #Bakhmut Direction, our forces also maintain their initiative. The AFU tried to retake positions near the #Berkhovskoye Reservoir, but ours repulsed the attacks and expanded the bridgehead. There is also progress near #Bogdanovka. There is no confirmation yet that our forces have entered the village, which is well fortified. This is where the AFU withdrew from #Bakhmut in the spring. According to some versions, our idea is to pass between #Bogdanovka and #Khromovo towards Chasov Yar.
South of the city fighting is ongoing near #Kleshcheyevka and #Andreyevka, with no change in the frontline. It is also not yet possible to push the AFU away from #Kurdyumovka.

🔹In #Svatovo Direction, the AFU is expecting a Russian offensive. There are signs that ours will storm #Torskoye and #Zarechnoye, eliminating the AFU bridgehead on the #Zherebets River. In the area of #Zagoruykovka, our forces have cut into the AFU defence and are expanding their zone of control. There is fighting on the #Sinkovka – #Petropavlovka line. Our army held the lines after the enemy counterattacks, and maintained its presence in #Sinkovka. At the #Ivanovka – #Kislovka line, our forces are advancing slowly but steadily. The AFU is transferring reserves to #Kupyansk and further to #Petropavlovka and #Podoli.


War Map and the Situation on the Fronts for the Evening of 30 November 2023; pub. 00:04⚡️

💡The Russian Army’s successes have sparked talk of the need to liberate #Seversk, where fighting has been raging for a long time. Now Cossacks from the legendary 6th Platov Brigade, formerly the 6th Cossack Regiment of the #LPR PM, are working ( there. The fighters hunt the enemy both on the ground and in the air. The evidence of the unit’s high performance is a simple statistic, because of them the AFU lost at least 50 militants killed and even more wounded over the past three days.

⚔️ Situation on the Fronts over the past Day

🔹#Bakhmut (#Artyomovsk) Direction:

▪️ The Russian army foiled attempts by the AFU to attack near the #Berkhovskoye reservoir and also advanced near #Bogdanovka. Fierce fighting continues in #Kleshcheyevka and #Andreyevka.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

▪️ In the #Avdeyevka sector, our fighters advanced in the area of the railway near #Steponoye. At the Coke Plant the fighting does not stop. In addition, the Russian army attacked in the area of #Severnoye.

🔹#Zaporozhye Direction:

▪️ In the #Orekhov section, the Russian army counterattacked west of #Rabotino, regaining part of the positions. The AFU attacked near #Verbovoye, without success.
▪️ On the #Vremyevka ledge, there was counter fighting.

⚡️ 404 Aviation again ( underwent “lancetisation” on the ground. An Ukrainian Su-25 was destroyed ( at #Dolgintsevo airfield. Even concrete fortifications didn’t help against the Russian UAV.


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