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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on December 01 2023

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Ukrainian secret services blow up strategic rail line deep inside Siberia

No Photo Evidence Yet Released for Ukrainian Severomuiskiy Tunnel Bombing

Though not yet confirmed by Russian sources, Ukrainska Pravda cites Ukrainian government sources stating that Ukrainian SBU is responsible for the detonation yesterday that cut off the main rail artery between Russia and China. This reports has been reported on heavily in western media.

While yesterday, CNN cited a source with knowledge of SBU operations told CNN. Today Dagens  (
The operation, as described by a source within Ukrainska Pravda’s law enforcement agencies, was carefully orchestrated in two stages to disrupt the crucial railway line extensively used by Russia for military purposes…

The Severomuiskiy tunnel is the primary means of rail travel between Russia and China. This step by the Ukrainians could be backlash due to rumors that circulated this month that Russia and China would begin on a new project in Crimea.

“We need 20,000 men per month to survive!” Ukraine’s top General admits DEFEAT

Ukraine’s Grim Future and EU Strategy in Ukraine

Battlefield Ukraine Dawn of New War

Ukraine will build defensive structures from Donbass to Western Ukraine.

He discussed the construction of fortifications on the main defensive lines, including the Avdeevsky, Maryinsky and Kupyansk-Limansky directions , as well as along the borders with Russia and Belarus.


Our source from the OP said that Zelensky agreed to the construction of defensive structures along the entire front line due to pressure from the West. After the US Secretary of Defense arrived in Kyiv and had a tough conversation, Bankova agreed to support the position of Zaluzhny, who had been demanding to start this process for three months, but headquarters ignored him.

Ukraine will build defensive structures from Donbass to Western Ukraine.

The President announced this in his evening address.

According to Zelensky, he held a meeting on fortification in all main directions – primarily in Avdeevsky and Maryinsky, as well as in Kupyansky and on the Kupyansk-Liman line, in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

In addition, fortifications will be built along the entire border with the Russian Federation and Belarus.

“We will work with partners to strengthen our defensive lines,” the president added.

Colleagues, the situation at the front is critical, and defensive structures had to be built in the summer, when Zaluzhny spoke about it at headquarters. Now we may not have time to prepare such a number of structures, due to the lack of experience and specialists, but of course the Commander-in-Chief will be to blame for everything. Politicians were solving their problems, and now they suddenly rushed to talk about defense structures, but it is worth remembering the experience of the Maginot Line.

We continue to talk about the defense of Kyiv and today we will show several more interesting documents.

Yesterday we showed the addresses of the outposts, and today we will show diagrams of strongholds, which include a system of trenches, firing positions, dugouts and dugouts. The defense system is organized quite intelligently and the commanders of the Kyiv garrison have been equipping positions according to all the rules of fortification science since last summer.

Politicians have only now agreed that it is necessary to build defense lines, but the Kiev garrison has been doing this for a long time. Although they are thieves, they are far from stupid.

We know that these documents will be interesting to see for those who are preparing to come to Kyiv as part of their units to communicate with Napoleon. And we don’t mean Russian troops at all.

We are Beregini! We know everything!

Poroshenko not allowed out of Ukraine for meetings in the USA and Poland

Despite an official document signed by the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Poroshenko was denied exit by border guards. According to him, the command was given “from above”.

Zelensky stated that he is willing to conduct elections in Ukraine, but he claims the majority of Ukrainians are “against it.”

In the same interview ( with the Associated Press, the Ukrainian president dramatically asserted that it’s impossible to convey “how difficult” his job is, yet he cannot fathom stepping down.

However, Washington has already decided ( that Zelensky needs to be “renewed,” and following the official acknowledgment of the failure ( of the counter-offensive, it becomes just a matter of time.

Even though elections in Ukraine have been canceled (, there is still at least one more option to replace the puppet in the presidential chair. This involves a military coup ( or “Maidan 3,” a prospect that Zelensky reportedly fears ( greatly.


Total mobilization in Ukraine, deliveries of Western weapons and the introduction of strategic reserves by the Ukrainian command have not changed the situation on the battlefield. These desperate actions have only increased the number of losses in the units of the Ukrainian armed forces. For six months of the so-called counter-offensive, the enemy has lost more than one hundred twenty-five thousand people and sixteen thousand units of various weapons.
Groupings of Russian troops are inflicting an effective and powerful fire defeat on the AFU. As a result, their combat capabilities have been significantly reduced. Our servicemen are acting competently and decisively, occupying a more favorable position, expanding control zones in all directions.


“Europe is not ready for war with Russia. In a conflict it will be “washed away” like the Holy Roman Empire was destroyed by Napoleon, warned Senke Neitzel, a military historian from the FRG.
✔️ At a defense conference in Berlin, a number of German generals suggested that NATO would not be able to win the “first battle” in a defensive war on the eastern flank because it is difficult to move enough troops and equipment quickly to the front line.
✔️ Neitzel called logistics a nightmare and said Germany would not be ready for war until 15 years from now at the earliest: “We will be standing by the coffins on soldiers’ graves. Because now in the event of war we can only die heroically. Without drones, without air defense equipment, without enough ammunition.”
✔️ High-ranking NATO officer Admiral Rob Bauer called, despite the “deeply held anti-militarist views” of Germans, “to lift the mental blockade that Germany should not be a defense leader. If we want peace, we must prepare for war.”
✔️ Row generals and military experts listed serious obstacles, including troop shortages, severely depleted ammunition supplies and the difficulty of moving up to 300,000 NATO troops up to a thousand miles from Germany to the front.
✔️ High-ranking NATO officials are increasingly pessimistic about Ukraine’s chances of wresting significant territory from Russia after the counteroffensive failed and are considering a plan to admit the remaining units into the alliance, Neitzel noted.
✔️ Brig. Gen. Vesa Valtonen of Finland compared the situation in Ukraine to the final phase of the winter war with the Soviet army in 1939-40 – the Finns were overwhelmed and forced to ask for peace. “You can’t win a war of attrition against Russia,” he concluded.”

Note: that the only nation in Europe dangerous to the Russians is being prepared for war again? Only a continental army can stand up to another continental army….
And ol’ Bismarck warned you, yeah

The leadership of our special military operation knows what goals it is pursuing. This operation is controlled on a permanent basis by the supreme commander-in-chief, and we do not see any reason why our goals should be revised. 


[Are you worried that everyone in the world is losing attention to Ukraine?] We are already seeing the consequences of global society shifting its attention because of the tragedy in the Middle East. And this is a fact. Only a blind man can fail to realize that. Attention equals help. No attention means no help. We’re fighting for every bit of attention. [You're a military leader. It's a very difficult job. Will you be able to continue this work for years to come? How long will you yourself continue? How much more do you feel you still have to give?] As long as it motivates the community. As long as it motivates the military. As long as it motivates the people of Ukraine and me. I do it because it’s my duty. And until the end of the war, of course. [And what do you plan to do after the war? Will you remain a politician?] I don’t know, I have many ideas.


Our source in the OP said that the Office of the President analyzed the format with the termination of Zelensky’s powers on March 31, 2024, when he loses legitimacy. According to the Constitution, the powers of the President until the next elections are transferred to the Head of the Verkhovna Rada, which could cause turbulence in power and cause temptation for Stefanchuk, but Bankova has taken precautions against such a scenario. The speaker of parliament is completely under control and must ignore this rule, otherwise he will be removed the next day, and the tame SBU will accuse him of attempting a coup.

 Colleagues gave an exact breakdown of US interests in Ukraine and why Washington needs a transfer of power. Our sources from the OP said that Zelensky stopped eating any food at receptions during international trips, for fear of being poisoned. Bankova is well aware that they can try to eliminate the president even without Maidan-3, which is why all food and water are tested for toxins/poisons.

“Endless war: Ukraine between courage and despair”: “Spiegel” put on the cover of the article that if Kiev does not go for a truce, it will be pointless to fight for years.

“Now, as the second winter of the military conflict begins, it is clear: the hope for a new turn of events was in vain. The military conflict has degenerated into a positional war. What military experts knew long ago, the public now realizes as well: this conflict cannot be ended quickly militarily. It can last for years.
Zelensky’s tough stance – no negotiations until all territories are recaptured – is supported by the majority. The war is receding into the background in Kiev and no longer holds the city with a dead grip. “We will win in not one and not two years. And I’ll surprise you: we won’t win in five years either. You can’t postpone life for a period after the war,” says veteran lawyer Masi Nayem.”

American journalist Hersh claims, citing anonymous US officials, that Russia and Ukraine are allegedly conducting secret peace negotiations along the Gerasimov-Zaluzhny line, despite the objections of Zelensky and the White House.

In an article on the Substack platform, Hersh wrote that the issue of possible fixation of borders along the current front line with the retention of Crimea and the liberated territories of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions for the Russian Federation is allegedly being discussed; in exchange, an option is being considered in which Kiev could join NATO, but with a commitment that the alliance will not station troops or offensive weapons there.

 “The American official said that Zelensky was made to understand that it was not him, but “the military that would solve this problem, and negotiations would continue with or without you.” “If necessary, we will pay for your trip to the Caribbean,” the American official told me,” wrote Hersh.


The Office of President Zelensky began to split the army and the political establishment according to the principle: either you support the president’s policies in everything and carry out his decisions unquestioningly, or you are an “internal enemy.”

At the heart of the above-mentioned problem is the conflict between President Zelensky and the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, which has been going on since last year, but now it has turned into “open confrontation,” as noted in the Western authoritative media, linking the situation with the failure of Ukraine’s counter-offensive. Thus, Zaluzhny’s position often differed from Zelensky’s position on many issues. And Zaluzhny often contradicted Zelensky’s more optimistic public statements about the counteroffensive. Now there are mutual accusations about who is responsible for its failure, and many in the Ukrainian government (and, importantly, in the army) agree with Zaluzhny’s conclusions.

“Politicians say that their generals are idiots who underwent Soviet training. And the generals say that politicians are fools who interfere with them. Victory has many fathers, but no one wants to be the parent of a hopeless situation,” a high-ranking source in the Ukrainian government aptly spoke about the situation in an interview with The Economist.

However, the Office of the President is only aggravating the current situation by manipulating and covering up its own interests with national ones. Now in the country there is a colossal substitution of concepts and a configuration is being built that Zelensky is Ukraine, as a symbol: “hetman” or even “monarch”.

Colleagues, we agree with your scenario about a possible scenario for a change of power in Ukraine, which is being prepared by Western institutions or TNCs, and the Office of the President is presenting this as the Kremlin preparing Maidan-3.
It’s not for nothing that the SBU is spying on the Soros.

Let us only add that Ukrainian oligarchs, Akhmetov, Fiala (Western curator of Soros in Ukraine) and even Pinchuk will play on the side of the possible “conspirators”. At one point, everyone will abandon Zelensky…

Zelensky’s situation is getting worse. In fact, he never realized that he was just a pawn in a game where he was used and dumped when he became inconvenient. And he asks too much.

Poisoning of Ukrainian military intel chief’s wife likely ‘staged to oust Zaluzhny’, ex-CIA analyst says

The suspected poisoning attack on Marianna Budanova, wife of Kyrylo Budanov, is a true “who done it,” Larry Johnson, retired CIA intelligence officer and State Department official, told Sputnik.  (—ex-cia-analyst-1115301721.html)

He added that there are plenty of people and organizations with motives. Johnson said that some point the finger at “General Zaluzhy’s crew,” since Budanov is suspected of being behind the recent “birthday grenade death” of Zaluzhny’s chief of staff.  

Amid reports of bitter infighting in Kiev, Marianna Budanova’s targeting may have also been “staged to implicate Zaluzhny in order to add fuel to the movement to oust him,” Johnson said.



Battle for #Maryinka – Situation until 14:00 on 1 December 2023⚡️

🗓 A few hours ago there were reports of a complete sweep of #Maryinka. The reason was a morning video ( with a Russian flag hoisted above a house on Komsomolskaya Street on the westernmost outskirts of the town.

ðŸ“Coordinates: 47.9455520, 37.4847957

🔹 Nevertheless, it is very premature to talk about the capture of #Maryinka. The enemy is still holding positions in the northwestern part of the town. And a lot of work still needs to be done to completely eliminate the Ukrainian forces in this area.

❗️The difficulties for carrying out assault operations are still the same: the city is now complete ruins, which are perfectly visible from the air from all sides. The fighting actually goes from basement to basement, there are simply no other shelters in this area. This creates difficulties for consolidation at the taken boundaries.

📌 The AFU, however, has similar problems, with the adjustment that as the RF Armed Forces advance slowly, they will find it increasingly difficult to supply their pockets of defence in the ruins of #Maryinka.



Russian Advance DEEP Into Maryinka

Surprise Report: Marinka Has Fallen

The Russian flag is raised over Maryinka, turned into a fortress by the enemy in 2014.

▪️The fighters filmed footage of them occupying the western outskirts of the regional center of Maryinka and raising our flag over one of the destroyed buildings.
▪️The enemy still continues to hold positions in the northwestern part (this is 5-7%).
▪️The clashes in this locality consist of battles from basement to basement, since due to completely destroyed buildings, there are simply no shelters.
▪️However, the very fact that ours went through almost the entire Marinka from edge to edge suggests that soon the settlement may be completely cleared.


Based on the situation in Marinka. The spreading reports about the complete liberation of the inhabited Marinka are premature.

Our troops are indeed successful in their offensive on the western outskirts, however, we currently control about 90% of the territory of the settlement, so we should not rush things too much.

The liberation of Marinka will be an important tactical victory, but the enemy has been considering this scenario for a long time and has been preparing for it.

Back on October 18, we reported that the enemy had begun building fortifications in the area of   the village. Elizavetovka, fearing the threat of a breakthrough from Maryinka.


BILD military analyst Julian Röpke states that the Russian army has completely captured Marinka.

“After 20 months of intense attacks, the Russian army has completely captured the city of Marinka in the Donetsk region. The last Ukrainian defenders were driven out of the once peaceful city of 10,700 inhabitants, which now lies in ruins,” he wrote.

Earlier, Russian military publics announced the advance of their troops to the western outskirts of Marinka, Donetsk region.

Moreover, some telegram channels claimed that Marinka was completely captured, while others claimed that the battles for the city were still continuing on the outskirts.

Ukraine did not comment on or confirm this information. The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet made any statements regarding Marinka.


Unfortunately, Maryinka is not yet under full Russian control, according to Marat Khairullin. There’s no need to rush these reports, and we must allow the men to continue their work. Good news will be coming soon, but getting ahead of their deeds with empty claims is not the way to go. The men in the video above have no identifying colors, and the authenticity is questionable. Trust only official sources!

One source that you can absolutely rely on is Marat Khairullin and you can follow his channel here:


While the Russian Army has broken through on the southwestern outskirts of Maryinka (with an advance of over a kilometer over the past couple of days), a minor segment of the northwestern part of the town remains under the control of the he Ukrainian forces. Estimates of the territory under Ukrainian control vary, but they are in the low single-digit percentage points.

The fighting is currently fierce and ongoing, with the Ukrainians attempting (unsuccessfully) to counterattack against the lost positions.

Reasonable estimates put the timeline of Maryinka’s complete liberation at 2-3 days, so, let’s say mid-next week, to be safe

Don’t forget also that, right beyond Maryinka, there is Georgievka, which may not be as heavily fortified as Maryinka used to be, but is nonetheless a serious schwerpunkt.

There is no suggestion, at this time, of the Russian Army being anywhere close to operational freedom of maneuver in this sector. The dominoes of Avdeevka and Krasnogorovka (and Ugledar) would have to fall first for any long term plans to start taking shape.

Marinka Situation at 21:00  Today our army carried out an intense attack using a large number of attack aircraft and armored vehicles.

After a massive artillery bombardment of enemy fortifications in the western part of Marinka. Our army knocked out the enemy from a number of fortifications.

In the evening it is known that the enemy remains and holds defenses in several fortifications in the north-west of the city. The enemy is also trying to counterattack and restore positions. It is known that a fierce battle is taking place at these moments. But it is already clear that in the near future the Russian Defense Ministry will declare the settlement liberated from the enemy.

We are working


Another Russian Strike on #Dolgintsevo Airfield⚡️

🗓 Yesterday, footage of a new Russian strike on the #Dolgintsevo airfield near Kriviy Rog appeared – the target of the Lancet was an Su-25 attack aircraft. This is the fourth documented case of Ukrainian aircraft being hit at this site since the beginning of autumn.

ðŸ“Coordinates: 47.8860700, 33.5308400

💬 That said, the video has sparked discussion on the web that the target could have been a mock-up. And yet, there is an explanation for some of the moments:

▪️ The “shabby” marks on the hull are more reminiscent of the characteristic ( “pixel” camouflage, which the Ukrainian Air Force first began painting in 2012. And the lantern could be covered with an improvised cover.

▪️ The target has no visible disproportions, and also has drop tanks, wingtips and brake flaps, which is relatively high detail for what appears to be a mockup.

▪️ There is also nothing fundamentally strange about the lack of activity around the planes at the time of arrival and fires after. During previous attacks on #Dolgintsevo, the sides 👉 also stood ( in splendid isolation and did not always 👉 light up ( when hit.

❗️A really controversial point is the strange connection between the wing and the engines. However, this can also be explained by errors in visual perception due to insufficient camera resolution.

▪️ By the way, yesterday morning residents of Krivoy Rog observed seven Ukrainian planes passing along the same route. The event is clearly connected with the arrival of the Lancet in #Dolgintsevo at the same hours.

📌 And once again we note the ability of the RFArmed Forces to hit targets 70 km from the front line with loitering ammunition and exercise objective control, which indicates the increased combat capabilities of the Russian troops in at least several areas.


Artyomovsk direction. Northern flank

After the capture of Khromovo (Artyomovskоyе), our army today continued to develop its success in the area of   the settlements Georgievka and Bogdanovka.

The offensive is actively supported by the Aerospace Forces and the MLRS. There is progress, details will be available tomorrow. The enemy is retreating .


Ukraine Faces a “Christmas Carol” Scenario
Ukraine’s supporting myth of the Ghost of Kiev during the early war has long since given way to the stark reality of the Ghost of Bakhmut.

This spirit looms large this Christmas season as Ukrainian soldiers go on the defensive. Ask, what kind of defense can these men hope to mount this winter? 9 months ago (, Russia’s campaign in and around Bakhmut resulted in an average lifespan for frontline soldier of just 4 hours.

This ghost has sat with them. Can the specter of defeat change Ukraine’s path towards annihilation?

In Ukraine, an alternative ending is being written for the Dicken’s classic novel. Tiny Tim will not make it, his parent’s will be destitute, and the feiry pits of hell are all that await Scrooge on Christmas morning.

Update on Ukraine: Russians advanced in Stepove Again [1 December 2023]


Battle for #Avdeyevka – Situation until the End of 1 Dec 2023⚡️

🔸 Russian Forces are slowly but surely continuing to push through the defence of the AFU around the #Avdeyevka fortified area.

🔹 On the northern flank, the main battles are taking place in the area of the railway line near #Stepovoye (⚠️on map they named it #Petrovskoye), where the Ukrainian forces recently counterattacked and forced the Russians out of the village’s outskirts. However, after several strikes, they withdrew to their initial positions.

▪️ Fighting is also continuing near the #Avdeyevka Coke Plant, where so far the main efforts of the Russian Army is focused on the fire defeat of the powerful stronghold to avoid casualties among the personnel.

▪️ Also, fighters of the Russian Army have successfully advanced south of #Novokalinovo, occupying strongholds along the water body. Having advanced across the railway line, the position of the RF Armed Forces has significantly improved in the context of the #Novokalinovo offensive.

🔹 West of #Avdeyevka, the RF Armed Forces assault squads, supported by artillery and aviation, took important positions on the hills east of #Severnoye. Similarly, they managed to seize strongholds to the west, worsening the enemy’s position not only in #Severnoye, but also to the south in #Pervomayskoye.

▪️ There, as a result of a successful breakthrough, the RF Armed Forces advanced along the reservoir. At the same time, the AFU in this area provide less resistance than before. Losses in militants and successes of the RF Armed Forces affect the morale of the AFU, which simplifies the assault on the lines. At the moment, the main problem is caused by the mines that litter the fields around the settlements.



Vuhledar Sector: Positional Battles and Counter-Battery Warfare of the Russian Armed Forces
Situation as of 17:00, December 1, 2023

Since our last update ( on the situation near Vuhledar in mid-September, there have been no significant changes. The area is currently experiencing trench warfare with occasional FPV drone raids, sporadic attacks by small groups, and battles for hedgerows.

One of these clashes occurred in the morning when the AFU attempted to dislodge fighters from the 39th motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Armed Forces from their positions. The assault proved futile for the enemy, as they lost one armored car and were forced to retreat to their original lines.

Along the line of combat contact, there is a routine exchange of artillery strikes. Whenever possible, Russian troops engage in counter-battery combat. According to data from the Creamy Caprice channel (, in November, they successfully targeted and destroyed five enemy howitzers and MLRS in the sector.

In general, Vuhledar and its surroundings have not been a primary focus for either the AFU or the Russian Armed Forces. Neither side is launching large-scale offensive actions.


The situation in Krynki. The enemy is conducting a massive landing and trying to break through.

The Russian Armed Forces blocked the enemy in the populated area itself, according to incoming information from open sources and from the ground, 60-70% of the populated area was under attack.

Groups of boats come in, hit on the approaches, but there are too many of them. Now in Krynki, according to our estimates, there are about 300 people.

In terms of enemy losses, we provide him with 15-20 per day, 200x consistently. The enemy is in no hurry to break out into a shooting battle, even though we force it, we have to practice it with resets and artillery. They are trying to hide in houses that are successfully dismantled by our MLRS.

Also, APU fighters on fast boats were again seen; the evacuation group of this unit was destroyed a few days ago near the Konka River.

The village turned into a point of constant death for the enemy. The ASU are now sitting in basements and in forests where they are being pinned down, despite the losses in personnel, they are making further attempts to create bridgeheads.

Spetsnaz Archangel

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (1 December 2023)

Part I

▫️ In Kupyansk direction, units of the Zapad Group of Forces, aviation, and artillery inflicted fire damage on manpower and hardware of AFU 14th, 30th mechanised, 101st, 103rd, and 113th territorial defence brigades near Sinkovka, Petropavlovka, Peschanoye, Kislovka, and Kulagovka (Kharkov region).

The enemy lost up to 35 servicemen, two tanks, three pickups, as well as one Bukovel-AD electronic warfare station.

▫️ In Krasny Liman direction, units of the Tsentr Group of Forces, helicopters, and artillery repelled one attack launched by assault groups of the AFU 12th Azov Special Forces Brigade near Serebryansky forestry.

In addition, strikes were delivered at clusters of enemy manpower and hardware near Torskoye, Seversk, and Grigorovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The enemy lost up to 65 servicemen and two motor vehicles.

▫️In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces supported by aviation and artillery repelled six enemy attacks and inflicted fire damage on AFU manpower and hardware near Konstantinovka, Dyleyevka, and Grigorovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The AFU losses were up to 300 servicemen killed and wounded, four pickups, one Akatsiya self-propeled artilllery system, one Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, and two D-30 howitzers.

▫️In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Group of Forces, helicopters, and artillery inflicted fire damage on manpower and hardware of AFU 58th mechanised infantry and 79th air assault brigades near Novomikhailovka and Ugledar (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The enemy’s losses amounted to up to 95 servicemen, two motor vehicles, one U.S.-made M777 artillery system, and one D-30 howitzer.


Part II

▫️ In Zaporozhye direction, units of the Russian Group of Forces repelled six attacks launched by AFU assault groups close to Rabotino and Verbovoye (Zaporozhye region).

In addition, air strikes and artillery fire struck the personnel and hardware of AFU 33rd, 65th mechanised brigades close to Uspenovka and Malaya Tokmachka (Zaporozhye region).

The enemy’s losses amounted to up to 30 servicemen, two pickups, one U.S.-made M777 artillery system, and one D-20 howitzer.

▫️ In Kherson direction, as a result of the Russian Group of Forces’ actions, aviation, and artillery the AFU lost up to 105 servicemen, seven motor vehicles, and one D-20 howitzer.

▫️ Operational-Tactical and Army Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Groups of Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit the following facilities: one UAV Training and Application Centre in Zaporozhye region, one air-delivered ordnance depot in Kirovograd region, one P-18 radar station for detecting and tracking air targets near Lozovoye (Kherson region), as well as manpower and military hardware in 106 areas.

▫️ Russian air defence systems have shot down one Mi-8 helicopter of Ukrainian Air Force near Tyaginka (Kherson region).

One MiG-29 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force was shot down near Peresadovka (Nikolayev region).

In addition, two HARM anti-radiation missiles and eight HIMARS missiles have been intercepted over the past 24 hours.

Thirty eight unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted near Shipilovka, Nyrkovo, Belogorovka (Lugansk People’s Republic), Gorlovka (Donetsk People’s Republic), Novofyodorovka (Zaporozhye region), Skadovsk and Sofiyevka (Kherson region).

Russian Defence Ministry

Front #Summary for 1 Dec 2023 by 18:42⚡️

🔹In #Kherson Direction, #Krynki remains the hottest point. The AFU do not abandon their attempts to advance south of the village centre towards the forest belt. Ours are fighting back and even improving their positions. There is calm near the railway bridge, the enemy is not making any attempts to reach the road to #Alyoshki. At the same time, some presence of the AFU remains.

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, north of #Verbovoye, the AFU are heavily shelling our positions. Apparently, they are preparing new attacks. Near #Rabotino, our forces are slowly regaining the positions they left at the peak of the AFU counteroffensive.

🔹In #South Donetsk Direction, active actions on the ground have frozen, a sea of mud. Our army had the initiative, and now the military is waiting for persistent frosts to continue attacks. In the meantime, artillery duels are raging along the entire line of contact. Our aviation strikes positions of the AFU. Our army is also advancing south of #Novomikhaylovka.
▪️ In #Maryinka, the reports of the liberation are a little premature. The Russian flag is flying over one of the last houses on the southwestern outskirts, which means that the Russian army controls a part of #Maryinka south of the #Osipovka River. But the AFU still holds positions in the northwestern part of the city. The enemy is retreating, the supply route is under the fire control of our forces. The frontline is slowly but surely moving away from #Donetsk.

🔹In #Donetsk direction, in the #Avdeyevka sector, fierce fighting continues unabated. On the northern flank, our forces have advanced near #Stepovoye. Fighting is ongoing at the outskirts of Coke Plant. On the southern flank, our army is attacking at #Severnoye.

🔹In #Bakhmut Direction, our units repelled an AFU counterattack near the #Berkhovskoye Reservoir. And they also advanced a little further towards #Bogdanovka. On the southern flank without changes.

🔹In #Svatovo Direction, our military took positions in the #Timkovka tract. This is to the west of #Orlyanskoye, a village to the south of #Yagodnoye. Thus the frontline is approaching #Ivanovka from the north. Our army has resumed active fighting near the #Zherebets River. Ours are pushing the AFU from the left bank.

📌 Personally, I am very pleased and inspired by the successes of our army in #Avdeyevka. I have been to those parts many times. Once #Avdeyevka was a peaceful suburb of #Donetsk with forests and fields and a large factory. After that it turned into a stronghold of terrorism. A lot of #Donetsk citizens were killed from there. Women, children. This stronghold is so powerful that from the very beginning of the SMO our troops didn’t know from which side to take this fortress. The shooting from there at the capital of the #DPR has become even more frequent and meaner. Looking at the map, it is clear how much combat work remains ahead. In the case of #Avdeyevka, we know exactly what we are fighting for. First of all, for a peaceful sky over #Donetsk. And for everyone who was killed in #Donetsk from #Avdeevka over the years.


#Chronicle of the Special Military Operation for 1 December 2023⚡️

🔹The most high profile event of the day was the large number of publications about the capture of Maryinka in the #Donetsk direction. In fact, the RF Armed Forces have occupied several streets in the southwestern part of the town and planted a flag on one of the outermost houses. It is still premature to speak of the full capture of the town, although the situation is developing more and more strongly in this direction, the AFU still holds positions in the northwestern part of the town. (⚠️According to Coon, Soldiers of the 103rd Regiment of the 150th Division of the RF Armed Forces declared full control ( over #Maryinka)

🔹In the #Avdeyevka sector, the AFU units on the northern flank have advanced in the forest belt south of #Novokalinovo. West of #Avdeyevka, the Russian Army significantly improved its tactical position by occupying important lines on the heights east and west of #Severnoye, bypassing the settlement from the side. In addition, after capturing the AFU strongholds in this area, the enemy also abandoned part of its positions in #Pervomayskoye.

🔹In the #Kherson direction, the AFU conducted another landing in #Krynki. At the moment, there are several hundred Ukrainian militants in the destroyed village, who crossed from the right bank. Nevertheless, the enemy is suffering significant losses trying to gain a foothold and is not taking active actions yet.

🔹In the #Kupyansk section, the RF Armed Forces are expanding their zone of control around #Timkovka, occupying tactically important heights. In the #Bakhmut area fighting is ongoing on the approaches to #Bogdanovka to the south of the city and near #Kleshcheyevka on the northern flank, with no significant changes.

🔹We have also clarified the information on irrecoverable losses in the ranks of the AFU of foreign mercenaries for the entire time of the SMO. They amounted to more than 536 thousand people, of which almost 215 thousand were killed, and more than 800 thousand more were temporarily dropped out.


War Map and the Situation on the Fronts for the Evening of 1 December 2023; pub. 00:05⚡️

👠There is Good News from the #Donetsk direction. Fighters of the Russian army managed to bypass #Maryinka from the southwest and occupy the outskirts of the city. The AFU is currently holding the northwestern outskirts, for now*. After all, the only route for enemy supplies is already being shot by us. This is what the consequences ( of the failed Ukrainian offensive look like. We need to do the most damage to the enemy now.

⚔️ Situation on the Fronts over the past Day

🔹#Bakhmut (#Artyomovsk) Direction:

▪️ In the area of #Berkhovskoye Reservoir, the Russian army repelled attacks by the AFU. In addition, our fighters have advanced in the direction of #Bogdanovka. There is fierce fighting in #Kleshcheyevka and #Andreyevka.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

▪️ In the #Avdeyevka sector, our fighters have advanced south of #Novokalinovo. Fighting continues in the railway area near #Steponoye and at the Coke Plant. In addition, there are successes to the east of #Severnoye.
▪️ In #Maryinka, the Russian army managed to occupy part of the outskirts in the west of the city*.

🔹#Zaporozhye Direction:

▪️ In the #Orekhov section, the Russian army regained part of the positions in the #Rabotino area. The AFU attacked northwest of #Verbovoye.
▪️ On the #Vremyevka ledge without changes, there are counter battles.

💥 Russian Antiaircraft Gunners shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 near #Tyaginka, #Kherson region, and a MiG-29 near #Peresadovka, #Nikolayev region.

(*⚠️According to Coon and Kotenok, Soldiers of the 103rd Regiment of the 150th Division of the RF Armed Forces declared full control ( over #Maryinka)


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