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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on December 10 2023

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Ukrainian Military Collapse

Biden Jolts Ukraine’s Zelensky; Approves Emergency Arms Sale To Bolster Israel’s War On Gaza

The war in Ukraine, how it is going for both sides, who’s in the position of strength, and how it may just possibly end.

West’s “New” Strategy for Ukraine Victory: Same as the Old One & Why it Can’t Work…

Ukraine says Russian presidential voting in its occupied regions would be ‘null and void’

In the Daily Mail: “Vladimir Zelensky’s other war” .

Images of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky stare out from posters scattered around the city. He was once a respected figure throughout the democratic world, and especially in his own country, but now those days seem almost prehistoric… The mood within the country is becoming increasingly restless; Zelensky becomes a target for the wrath of his own people

Lobbyists managed to push through an American trip for Zelensky, since it is beneficial for the Democrats in the election race against the Republicans and Trump.

Biden invited Zelensky to a meeting at the White House, it will be held on December 12, the White House press secretary said in a statement.

According to our data, this is Biden’s last hope to put pressure on the Republic in the case of financing the Ukrainian crisis. They want to use Zelensky for this.
By the way, any option is suitable for Biden/the Democrats, but they want to get more hype and PR, and Zelensky, according to the plot, is that “hungry boy from the street” who will be invited to the gentlemen’s ball to try to get money.
Usually, according to the scenario, it turns out that this boy is simply used in his behind-the-scenes game by the one who calls him (in reality, no one cares about the problems of the “hungry street boy”).

We’ll see how it goes. But without money, Ukraine is doomed, we have learned about this.

The Ukrainian conflict will end in negotiations with the Western masters of the Kiev puppets. Confidence in this was expressed by the Ambassador at Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry for the crimes of the Kiev regime, Rodion Miroshnik.

 According to the diplomat, the conditions for starting negotiations will be ripe “when the sponsors fizzle out, when political ambitions subside, when the Ukrainian people ultimately understand that the government that is in Ukraine today is no longer the Ukrainian government.”


Colleagues, the problem is that for the sake of PR operations, the best elite units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are sent to death, but everyone is silent. At what cost do we get the senseless formation of the Dnieper? All for the sake of a story in the media and the evening statement by the President? 

When Zaluzhny warned the headquarters that a counter-offensive without aviation was pointless, the headquarters decided to comply with the demands of the West, and now everyone is claiming a mistake! If you look at the publications of political telegram channels in the spring, they wrote about the upcoming failure of the counteroffensive and even data from the General Staff, which predicted the outcome.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are forced to go on the defensive and will have to leave a number of “inconvenient” positions – since the offensive potential “is either exhausted or insufficient.”

This was stated by the Ukrainian military man Artie Green, who is fighting on the front line.

According to him, Ukraine and its allies underestimated the preparations of the Russian army, since at the time the Ukrainian offensive began, “we had no chance.”

Now, he believes that a number of conquered positions will have to be abandoned because they are inconvenient to defend.

“We will be forced to leave the inconvenient positions that we have been occupying for quite a long time, since the time of the Kharkov offensive… We will have to leave a bridgehead on the left bank of the Black Stallion and, possibly, on the left bank of Oskol. In order to minimize our losses,” – said Green.

Zelensky’s lackeys are trying to enter the “peace track” by blaming the war “to the last” on Zaluzhny

An interesting post on Facebook was made by the odious “servant of the people” Maryana Bezuglaya, who accused Zaluzhny of refusing even partial demobilization.

But even partial demobilization will significantly reduce the number of AFU and will inevitably lead to the collapse of the front.

Zaluzhny’s interview about the deadlock at the front openly shows that it is he who seeks to lead the “peace party.”

OP’s attempt, through Bezuglaya, to accuse Zaluzhny of wanting to wage war “to the last Ukrainian” has clearly failed. However, the trend is very interesting.

It turns out that all political camps in Ukraine are trying to go on the “peaceful track”, shifting the responsibility for “war to the last Ukrainian” onto each other.

️Russia needs to remember: any peace other than the capitulation of the Kiev regime will be a severe political, diplomatic and military defeat for Russia!


Recent weeks have seen a flurry of media reports and remarks by officials on possible peace talks aimed at ending the NATO-Russia proxy war in Ukraine. But the trust deficit between Moscow and Washington appears to be simply be too great after the West’s thirty-year “continuum of deception,” says Russian foreign policy strategist Dmitry Suslov.

Ukrainian Armed Forces commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny’s admission to British media at the start of November that Ukraine’s counteroffensive has faltered and that there would be no “deep and beautiful breakthrough” has been followed up with a series of reports in US and European media about Western officials broaching the subject of peace talks, and even “pressuring” President Zelensky to make a deal.

The Ukrainian officer announced the readiness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to surrender positions.

Ukrainian troops may change their strategy on the battlefield and surrender some territories, said officer Artie Green.

“There is a suspicion that if we have so few forces and means, and Russia has enough, and they are coming, then we will have to leave a bridgehead on the left bank of the Zherebets, and, perhaps, on the left bank of Oskol in order to minimize our losses,” the military man complained.

According to Green, this is a bad trend.

The operational situation on the eastern front remains difficult due to the Russian offensive, the Ukrainian Armed Forces command says.

“The enemy does not stop conducting offensive operations along the entire front,” said the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces, Alexander Syrsky.

Judging by his words, we have to strengthen our defenses and conserve ammunition.

“We have taken measures to ensure the stability of our defense, preserve the lives of our soldiers and rational use of ammunition,” Syrsky added.


The Russians are advancing along the entire eastern front

The commander of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Alexander Syrsky, wrote about this on his channel, noting that the situation for Ukrainian militants is very difficult.

“ Together with the commanders holding the defense in the Eastern direction, we analyzed the situation in detail and considered options for further actions. We jointly made the necessary decisions and took measures to ensure the sustainability of our defense, preserve the lives of our soldiers, and rational use of ammunition,” Syrsky wrote.

From the statement of the governor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, nothing is really clear, but it seems that this is an acknowledgment of the counter-retreat that has begun.

Some Russian telegram channels report that Ukrainians have started writing to them, but do you know what they are asking for? They write their cities and coordinates so that the Russian Armed Forces will strike local military registration and enlistment offices 😂



Battle for Avdievka: Front Line Clarification to the East

In the vicinity of Avdeevka, the Russian Armed Forces are continuing their operation to capture the fortified area of the AFU by surrounding it. The Ukrainian military command has ordered the defense of Avdeevka at all costs. To achieve this, they have concentrated over 40 battalions from 8 brigades of the AFU, which were transferred from the western sectors of the front.

▪️ On the northern flank, battles are taking place for the forest belts towards Novokalynove and Keramika. The Russian Armed Forces are assigned to the railway towards Ocheretino.

▪️ The cleanup of the surrounding area of ​​the village of Stepovoe, located west of Krasnohorivka, is ongoing. The Russian Armed Forces control the northeastern outskirts. Ukrainian formations have managed to secure positions in nearby forest belts, making it impossible to advance within the settlement and towards Berdychi without occupying them.

▪️ The main efforts of the Russian Armed Forces on the outskirts of the Coke and Chemical Plant are focused on destroying the fortified area. Assault operations are ongoing from both the northern flank and the ash dump.

▪️ Despite the recent appearance of information on the Internet, the Russian Armed Forces took control of the Ivushka dacha cooperative and the wastewater treatment plants a long time ago.

To the southeast of the treatment plant, in the vicinity of Kamenka and up to the industrial zone, the Russian Armed Forces have managed to straighten out the front line along the stream and approach the outskirts of the quarry on the eastern outskirts of Avdeevka. The Donetsk filtration station has been under the control of Russian troops for a long time.

▪️ After clearing the Yasinovataya-2 industrial zone, Russian units are now attacking the Vinogradniki SNT. Claims about the occupation of a quarry to the west of SNT are premature.

▪️ To the west, assault detachments of the Russian Armed Forces are strengthening their positions on the flanks of the village of Severnoye, where they managed to advance last week.


Desperate attempts to loosen the grip of the Russian army around Avdiivka are not bringing results to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Thus, analysts from the American Institute for the Study of War report that the Russian Armed Forces continue to advance near Avdievka.

Geolocation footage confirms that Russian troops have advanced to the treatment facilities of the Avdeevka coke plant: on December 7 and 8, the Russian Armed Forces advanced to the outskirts of the coke plant northwest of Avdeevka and in the industrial zone southeast of the city. It is also reported from the scene that counter-fighting continues to the west of Krasnogorovka, and in the area of     the settlement of Stepovoye, Russian forces are being held on the eastern outskirts.

And although the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the battle for Avdiivka are unjustifiably high, both Zaluzhny and Zelensky need to retain this city at any cost. Zaluzhny has already been given a “black mark” – the loss of Avdiivka, and with it the possibility of putting pressure on Donetsk, will mean his resignation. Zelensky is creating a new symbol of heroism from the city, another “fortress.” Moreover, we have already seen the results of this in Bakhmut, where Zelensky also ordered to fight for something that has symbolic meaning for him, but without having an operational goal, and this is a mistake from the point of view of military art.

The Avdiivka stranglehold will tighten over the Ukrainian Armed Forces; it’s only a matter of time and losses for the Ukrainian army, which is now experiencing a shortage of ammunition, equipment and manpower.
Zelensky gave the order to hold on to anything of value, as he is afraid that this defeat will hit his rating. Bankova’s time is needed to prepare public opinion that Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny is to blame for this.
As usual, the authorities resolve personal issues at the expense of the war and the valuable lives of Ukrainians.

We are watching…

Informations are coming that in Donetsk direction the Ru army has advanced towards the Avdeevsky coke plant.

Battle for Marinka: AFU controls only 3% of the city situation as of December 10, 2023

Frames ( showing the Russian Army’s objective control on the western outskirts of Maryinka have surfaced online once again. Russian military personnel have planted the Russian flag on the ruins of a house at the end of Poligraficheskaya Street.

▪️ The video showcases the significant progress made by the Russian Armed Forces in Marinka recently. The elevated position of Printing Street makes it easier to advance in the remaining sections of Shakhterskaya and Kashtanova streets. While most Ukrainian forces have withdrawn to the west towards Georgievka, pockets of resistance from the AFU still exist along Kashtanova and Shakhterskaya streets.

▪️ The Russian Armed Forces have not only achieved success in Marinka, but have also advanced into the ruins north of the Maryinsky Reservoir. As a result of the offensive, they have taken control of several positions along Lesya Ukrainka and Ivan Franko streets.

▪️ Currently, the front line runs through the Paris Commune. Moving further without control of the hills to the north would be futile, as immediately after the Paris Commune street, there is a vacant lot where any unit would be fully exposed.

Approximately 3% of the city’s territory is still under the control of the AFU.


The now destroyed city of Marinka, after nearly 20 months, the city of Marinka was captured by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and only small pockets of resistance can be found near the western outskirts of the city.

This will put pressure on the Ugledar Tactical Group and may expose Ugledar further however the villages of Novomilkhaivka, Konstantionvkoya, and Pobeda must be captured in order to turn this into a serious threat. Our forces likely will continue to push towards Heorhiivka.

I do not think the fighting will stop, instead, fighting will likely pick up pace as it will turn into non-urbanised fighting with very little defences behind the city until the village of Heorhiivka is reached.

Our soldiers raised the flag over the liberated section of Maryinka, completing the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Russian fighters celebrate taking control of a new site on the western outskirts of Maryinka by planting the Russian flag on Poligraficheskaya Street. It is reported that only a few demolished houses remain behind the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On December 1, our fighters occupied most of the western outskirts of Maryinka. “Likely, the city (ruins) has almost completely come under Russian control,” Ukrainian military analysts wrote.

“We can assume that the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fits into the logic of the transition to strategic defense, as announced by the president. We are moving into a winter defense campaign,” enemy resources justify new defeats.

Russian fighters are advancing in the Artyomovsk direction

In the Artyomovsky direction, the 106th Airborne Division advanced 2 km near Vesely northeast of Soledar, military correspondents report.

Paratroopers from the 51st regiment of the 106th division managed to push 3.5 km forward. More than 10 strong points were destroyed and captured.

In Kleshcheevka on December 10.  There are reports that for the last 24 hours, the village has been half-covered by the Ostrov support group. The infantry of the Russian Armed Forces moves along the heights. In the village itself, there are no battles or progress yet; the Ukrainian Armed Forces are currently deciding what to do: retreat or remain under the threat of encirclement. It is known from radio traffic that it is planned to transfer additional units of the 3rd Special Brigade to the area, the backbone of the unit being former Azov soldiers (the organization is recognized as terrorist). This unit has suffered heavy losses over the past few months, and broadcasts about the arrival of reinforcements may be part of the radio game.

The battles near Kremennaya (in terms of the intensity of passions) are not much different from the Great Patriotic War. The same infantry in the trenches, daily attacks turning into hand-to-hand combat and tanks crushing the enemy with their tracks.

Of course, the sky is now swarming with drones. Drones fly at any time and in any weather. Going to the front line now turns into an extremely dangerous quest. We leave the transport several kilometers away, and then carefully make our way along inconspicuous paths. As soon as a “bird” appears in the sky, we immediately hide. As a result, it can take several hours to walk a couple of kilometers.

The huge number of drones has significantly complicated the rotation and delivery of everything necessary to the front line. Some experts even rushed to call the current situation a positional deadlock. They say that there are so many weapons of destruction now that the parties simply cannot move forward.

But that’s not true. Recently, near Kremennaya, ours were able to advance 1.5 km. So far, neither side has gained total superiority over the enemy in UAVs. And that means it’s hard on both sides of the front. It is difficult for attackers to concentrate forces for an attack, but defenders cannot bring up reserves in time.

No matter how strange it may sound, the development of means of destruction only reduces losses. Because of drones, the number of fighters in the trenches is becoming smaller. If earlier the opornik was held by 30 people, now 10 soldiers are already considered a large number. 30-50 people go for the assault. A successful reset can decide the outcome of the battle. One FOG can disable 3-4 defenders and others will simply run away.

Yes, it’s hard at the front now. But we are gradually moving forward. In a few months we may gain superiority in UAVs and the enemy will flee. You need to go to the goal with clenched teeth, and not give up everything halfway because of the appearance of a new type of weapon at the front.

Alexander Karchenko

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) continue to shell the left bank of the Kherson region. The intensity of enemy attacks remains extremely high, especially against the backdrop of the clashes at Krynoki.

Today, the following locations were hit: Oleshky, Hola Prystan, Dnepryany, Kakhovka, Korsunka, Nova Kakhovka, Peschanivka, Proletarka. Additionally, at least 10 arrivals were recorded in Cairo.

It’s no longer worth talking about Bankova’s erroneous attempt to force the left bank of the Dnieper with the seizure of territory in the Kherson region. In fact, all sent infantry are 90% doomed to death.
Evacuation from there is impossible.

This whole illusion of an offensive was only needed for show off in front of our partners, to play along with Ze and his messages that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were continuing to advance. We wrote about this.

It was easier and more profitable to admit failure and save the lives and reserves of the army in order to be able to defend well.

The operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to maintain a bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnieper is meaningless and only leads to large losses, writes the Odessa publication “Dumskaya”.

“Sailors cross the river and most are killed as they approach the shore. Those who survived and crossed over will be ironed with everything that is in the Russian arsenal. People are just constantly being thrown across the river – wave after wave. There is no talk of any further breakthrough; now the forces are being wasted simply on staying there. For what?
This would make a difference if we were promoting elsewhere. Then these bridgeheads would distract the enemy. But no, we are already defending ourselves in another place. So why all this? The command urgently needs to curtail this operation. It was clearly going to be linked with the offensive in the Zaporozhye region, but it had already ended. In this regard, the ongoing attempts to throw the Marines onto the left bank are something beyond good and evil,” writes Dumskaya.

Ukrainian channel Strana, take with some salt:

Regarding the situation at the bridgehead in Krynki on the left bank of the Dnieper, the Ukrainian media write about doubts about the need to retain it.

This is one of the most mysterious operations since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

And from all sides.

On the Ukrainian side, it is really not very clear the meaning of holding a small and completely shot-through bridgehead with several hundred fighters. It is hardly possible to achieve a breakthrough of the front with such forces. And maintaining a bridgehead across the river requires great sacrifices. Russian telegram channels suggest that Krynki is a diversionary maneuver, but in fact the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing to cross the Dnieper with large forces somewhere else. On the other hand, the Russians are closely monitoring the right bank of the Dnieper, delivering constant attacks on it, and it is unlikely that an attempt to cross it anywhere will come as a surprise to them. And the same situation will turn out as with Krynki – the creation of a bridgehead at best, which will be blocked by the Russians.

But there is a lot of mystery on the Russian side as well. A small bridgehead in Krynki has been held for almost two months under constant fire from the Russian army (including the dropping of KABs) by only a few hundred Ukrainian fighters, against whom thousands of Russians are fighting. Russian publics explain this by the great superiority of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in drones and artillery. But in no other sector of the front does the Ukrainian army have such superiority. On the contrary, they say everywhere that the Russians have much more drones and shells. And it is not very clear why in one of the directions the situation is radically different.

And another important point: after the death of Prigozhin, the showdowns through telegram channels between Russian commanders practically stopped. But again, with one exception: the left bank of the Kherson region. Since the summer, the remnants of Prigozhin’s network of telegram channels have been campaigning against the former commander of the Dnepr group, Makarevich. In October, he was removed from his post and General Teplinsky, who was previously called one of the leaders of the internal army opposition to Shoigu and Gerasimov, was appointed as the new commander.

But now some telegram channels are starting to “kill” Teplinsky, and recently there was a rumor about his resignation (the rumor has not yet been confirmed).

That is, as we have already written, the situation on the left bank of the Kherson region may also have some hidden political component associated with the contradictions within the Russian military-political leadership that were not completely smoothed out after the failure of Prigozhin’s rebellion. Although it is not a fact that they will ultimately have a significant impact on the course of hostilities.

Zin Note: The Russian actions can be explained if this is a tactic to allow the AFU to feed themselves into a death trap. Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. Strana, unlike Legitimny and Rezident seems to do a fair amount of parroting the mainstream news in Ukraine, but also has a bit of a rebellious streak. I’m not quite sure what their angle is yet.

SURPRISE ADVANCE EAST OF AVDIIVKA – major frontline change Siversk & Robotyne – Ukraine SITREP D654

MASSIVE Russian Gains in Avdiivka & Bakhmut

Ukrainian Defense Near Bohdanivka Collapsed.

Russian Assaults EVERYWHERE | Russian Forces Storm Trenches By Bakhmut | Avdiivka | Robotyne

At This Rate, Russian Winter Offensive Will Get To Dnieper.

Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (10 December 2023)⚡️

▫️The RF Armed Forces launched long range air-launched precision-guided group strikes on Olkha and Grad MLRS ammo depots and Grom operational-tactical missiles. The goal of the strikes have been achieved. All  assigned targets have been engaged.
▫️In Kupyansk direction, units of the Zapad Grouping inflicted fire damage on troops and hardware of the 43rd Mechanised and 113th Territorial Defence Brigades near Kurilovka and Petropavlovka (Kharkov reg).

The AFU lost up to 105 troops, 3 MVs, and 1 Gvozdika SAU.

▫️In Krasny Liman direction, units of the Tsentr Grouping repelled 1 assault squad attack of the 1st Ukrainian National Guard Brigade near Serebryanskoye forestry. Strikes were launched at troop clusters near Grigorovka (DPR).

The AFU lost up to 155 troops, 2 AFVs, and 3 MVs.

▫️In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Grouping repelled 5 enemy attacks near Belogorovka, Krasnoye, and Shumy and inflicted fire damage on troops of the 22nd, 93rd Mechanised, and 79th Air Assault Brigades close to Mariynka, Kurdyumovka, Andreyevka, and Kleshcheyevka (DPR).

The AFU lost up to 200 troops, 2 AFVs, 2 MVs, 1 Msta-B howitzer, and 1 D-30 gun.

▫️In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Grouping repelled 1 assault squad attack of the 58th Motorised Rifle Brigade near Novodonetskoye (DPR).

The AFU lost up to 80 troops and 2 MVs.

▫️In Zaporozhye direction, units of the Russian Grouping inflicted fire damage on troops and hardware of the 33rd, 117th, 118th Mechanised, and 128th Mountain Assault Brigades close to Stepnogorsk, Pyatikhatki, Verbovoye, and Rabotino (Zaporozhye reg).

The AFU lost up to 35 troops, 2 MVs, 1 D-30 howitzer, and 1 Gvozdika SAU.

▫️In Kherson direction, the Russian Grouping supported by artillery and aviation inflicted losses on the enemy.

The AFU lost up to 50 troops and 3 MVs.

▫️The Russian Grouping’s Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, UAVs, Missile Troops, and Artillery destroyed 1 ammo depot of the 120th Territorial Defence Brigade near Volchansk (Kharkov reg), struck military infrastructure at Kulbakino airfield (Nikolayev region), and engaged AFU troops and hardware in 118 areas.

Air defences intercepted 11 UAVs close to Topolevka, Shipilovka (LPR), Opitnoye (DPR), Skelevatoye and Vasilieyvka (Zaporozhye reg).

📊 In total, 550 aircraft, 257 helicopters, 9,588 UAVs, 442 air defence systems, 13,924 tanks and other AFVs, 1,188 MLRS vehicles, 7,284 guns and mortars, and 16,096 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the SMO.


Front #Summary for 10 Dec 2023 by 20:26⚡️

🔹In #Kherson Direction, the AFU are still in #Krynki and at the bridges, and ours are trying to knock them out. The enemy suffers losses from our artillery and FABs, but maintains the presence. They manage to replenish reserves and supply the group. In the area of ​​the #Kinburn Spit, the AFU have increased the shelling of our positions.
🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, artillery shelling of positions from both sides continues. There are no changes in the frontline.

🔹In #SouthDonetsk Direction, the our forces continue their attacks towards #Staromayorskoye and #Urozhaynoye. They are not moving fast, but it is important that they do not give up the initiative.
▪️ In #Maryinka fierce fighting continues. As for #Avdeyevka, the AFU will hold on to the last man. The reasons are the same. There are practically no facilities behind the location that can be used as a defence line. To the north of #Maryinka there is a system of reservoirs, with no place to defend. Plus it is unclear what human resources will be available, given that all reserves are going to #Avdeyevka.
▪️ Another important factor is the advance of the our army towards #Novomikhaylovka. Most likely, the AFU will be forced to take positions along the #Novomikhaylovka – #Konstantinovka – #Uspenovka line. And this will be a good goal for our forces. The fact is that the area is located in the lowlands, it is conducive to an attack from above.

🔹In #Donetsk Direction, our army is more active on the northern #Avdeyevka flank than on the southern. After a serious advance along the railway line towards #Ocheretino, our forces are consolidating their positions. Active attacks continue closer to #Novokalinovo. Our army is trying to push back the enemy from the landings near #Stepovoye. This will facilitate our further advance both inside the village and towards #Berdychi. Heavy fighting is taking place on the northern outskirts of the Coke Plant. Significant efforts are still aimed at fire suppression of the AFU on the territory of the plant. On the southern flank without tangible advances.

🔹In #Bakhmut Direktion, our military gained a foothold on the northeastern outskirts of #Bogdanovka. Our army is noted to be advancing towards #Grigorovka, which is already closer to Chasov Yar. On the northwestern outskirts of the city, ours took control of the fortified area between the Valyanovsky Nursery and #Khromovo. On the southern flank, our forces attack at #Krasnoye. Thus, it is planned to cut off the supply routes to the AFU in #Kleshcheevka. There are successes. Ours pushed the enemy back from several positions. At #Kleshcheyevka, our soldiers are moving along the heights.

🔹In #Svatovo Direction, the weather conditions have sharply deteriorated. So, artillery is working less. Our Aerospace Forces continue to work powerfully. Local battles continue, and the initiative remains with our army. The AFU do not stop to counterattack. Unsuccessfully, but they are trying. However, ours have not been able to achieve success on #Ivanovka. At #Sinkovka, despite the strongest pressure from our units, it has not yet been possible to break through the Ukrainian defence.


Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of December 10

 ðŸ’¡The influence of unmanned technologies on the course of a special operation is difficult to overestimate. Drones are literally everywhere now: in the sky, on the ground, in the sea. And this is not a one-sided game, because while someone is controlling the UAVs, someone else is developing them. Our developers do not want to give in to the enemy and are working with all their might for a speedy victory. The Readovka team visited a training ground in the Zaporozhye region, where they saw the testing of ground-based drones that can evacuate the wounded, provide covering fire, and even fire from a grenade launcher. Ground-based drones are just beginning to reach the front, but are already showing good results. Read more in the exclusive report🫶 .

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

Our fighters are advancing in the direction of Bogdanovka . In Kleshcheevka there are battles for the dominant heights, and there are successes.

⚫️Donetsk direction

 The Russian army advanced towards Ocheretino . There are battles in the area of   the Stepnoy and coke plant . Encounter fighting continues in Marinka ; our fighters have planted the Russian flag on the southern outskirts.

⚫️Zaporozhye direction

 In the Orekhovsky sector, our fighters successfully attacked from the direction of Novoprokopovka . On the Vremevsky salient, the Russian army continues to advance in the direction of Staromayorsky and Urozhayny .

Chronicles of the special military operation for December 10, 2023

Russian troops are launching an offensive in the Avdeevsky fortified area: On the northern flank, there are battles for landings towards Novokalynove and Keramik. Simultaneously, the clearing of the outskirts of Stepovoye is ongoing. The Russian Armed Forces are focused on destroying a fortified area near the enterprise at AKHZ. In the south, there are battles in the vicinity of SNT “Vinogradniki” and the outskirts of Severny.

Meanwhile, in the Soledar direction, fighters of the Russian Army are advancing towards Bohdanivka and clearing the outskirts of Artemovsky. On the southern flank, the assault on the Ostrov stronghold near Kleshcheevka continues.

In Marinka, the Russian Armed Forces have achieved significant success – they have managed to advance on several streets simultaneously. As a result, the Russian army has almost completely liberated the settlement. Only 3% of the city remains under the control of the AFU.

In the Kherson direction, the enemy carried out an attack on Bolshoi Potemkin Island, which was repulsed. Fighting also continues near Krynki.


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      I regret to have to take that route in this comment, but the imminent collapse of the Ukrainian army, which occurs in parallels to the ongoing genocide in Gaza tells me that the fate of the Collective West is about to become terrible. The events to soon fall upon the Collective West might be in the lines to what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah. What was the sin of the sodomite? It was the sin of sodomy, an abomination to God, and what is the ongoing sin of the Collective West? It is the sin of enjoying been ‘SEMITIZED’. Alas our fathers seem to never be able to function without their daily dose of ‘semitisation’ as the doomed fathers of Sodom & Gomorrah could not conceive not receiving a daily dose of sodomization. Our fathers have gradually taken some side ways in order to bring that state of general depravation which is such an abomination to God, such as the ‘affirmative action’, which is a racist policy falsely presented as ‘reparation’, while simultaneously passing ‘anti-semitic laws’, all enforced by absurde ‘hate-crime policies’, and finally arriving to the ‘woke sub-culture’. Alas the Collective West has arrived to the final stage which is as abominable to God as sodomy, and which is the de-facto abomination of systemic ‘semitization’.
      I am not making this up! Look at the positions adopted by the boards within the campus, and abided by the supine faculties. Listen to the incessant narrative spilled by the automatons of the main stream medias echoing…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – - continuation & end – - -

        … Listen to the incessant narrative spilled by the automatons of the main stream medias echoing the deep vices of our fathers which is of needing to be ‘semitized’ again and again, as if wanting more & more as the sodomites are at been sorely addicted to the point to no longer realizing the destructive pain and damages sodomy inflicts.
        The word ‘SEMITIZED’ has just been coined for this comment, in order to lampoon the obsessive complex of been labelled as been ‘anti-semitic’. It is a comment which I have the regret of been obligated to submit for the sake of charity, with the hope that the Collective West, and the following rest of the world will be spared of the wrath of God.


    • Daughter of the Church

      SECOND COMMENT: (gloomy): It’s been a short hour since I submitted the comment above, in which I typed the innovative and provocative newly coined word ‘Semitization’ and its adverb ‘Semitized’. I just returned from my daily walk through the campus nearby, which is located in a deep valley surrounded by a high mountain chain of the French/Swiss Alps range. It was impossible to see the summits due to an increasingly growing winter storm, which is a proof of the magnitude of God, who has so far been merciful towards our little university town. Evidently the poor Ukrainian soldiers who are currently been cleansed by the murderous policy of the treasonous lackeys of the “chosen ones” must be under great duress in their trenches under the constant bombings, while on an other sphere, the families who are been butchered under the deadly rain of bombs and US provided rockets, may have the sun of Palestine over their head, but their fate is not any better. I got to think as to how the world and the Collective West has come so close as to unleash the fury of God. The answer comes from the permanent presence of the Pharisaïque state of mind which has corrupted our fathers. It is Elchias the Pharisee, and main influencer of the Sanhedrin who suggested the “kiss of death” to Judas Iscariot. Elchias was full of nasty irony and serpentine into the deepest of his own thoughts. Is Elchias alive? The man has been in the sepulcher for two thousand years, but his diabolical spirit…

      • Daughter of the Church

        - – - continuation & end of the SECOND COMMENT – - -

        … The man (Elchias the Pharisee) has been in the sepulcher for two thousand years, but his diabolical and twisted spirit is still present and has infested the minds of the campuses; of the faculties -o so fearful of losing their precious tenure; of the redaction rooms; of both houses on the ‘Hill’ and all the way up to the ‘big white chief’ lodging in the White House, whose staff will stop at nothing in order to stay in power. Our fathers have acted under the clever suggestion of the successors of Elchias the deicide influencer of doom and, have given the Kiss of Death to the nation, immediately followed by the Collective West which joined the awful betrayal of God’s created world. ‘We’, due to the sin of our fathers are complicit in having betrayed God. Are ‘we’ worth saving (?), or are ‘we’ about to be inflicted the terrible fate of the sodomites?


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