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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on February 23 2024

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Zelensky Vows NEW Offensive

Battlefield Ukraine Resource Wars

Legal experts green light Russian asset seizure. Medvedev, F16 warning

‘Speak To Putin Or…’: German MP’s Chilling Warning As Ukraine Demands Taurus Missiles

Our source from the OP said that the Office of the President instructed the General Staff to transfer all accumulated reserves to the front line in order to hold off the enemy’s offensive and organize a demonstrative counter-offensive before the elections in Russia and at a time when the fate of the next loan for Ukraine is being decided in the United States (the first two weeks of March ). Zelensky, Ermak and Syrsky are going all-in. The price of this step is high, as it puts at stake the further possibility of defending the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but now it is important to demonstrate the offensive capabilities of the Ukrainian army.
Since it is important to receive an American loan of $60 billion, without this money Ukraine will not be able to conduct full-fledged military operations and will be forced to go on the defensive with a constant loss of territory.

We wrote that a new total mobilization is necessary for a new counter-offensive. At the same time, Zaluzhny opposed such a plan, understanding the consequences for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukraine will prepare a new counter-offensive in 2024 , – UP with reference to Zelensky’s interview

“We will be preparing a new counter-offensive, a new operation . Of course, I am not saying that we will just stand by.” About the situation in the Black Sea – “I won’t go into details, but they, the Russians, will get surprises .”

Zelensky also said that Ukrainians will survive without US support, but not everyone – “this is a tragedy for everyone, not just for Ukrainians.”

Ukraine will face potentially “catastrophic” shortages of ammunition and air defense assets by spring, according to internal US estimates.

Unnamed American officials told ABC television about this.

The vacuum of legitimacy is the main problem for Ukraine in the future, which will become clear from the weakening of international ties with our country.

Zelensky’s political opponents are increasingly raising the topic of ending the president’s five-year term , writes the Commander-in-Chief.

In particular, the ex-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, people’s deputy Dmitry Razumkov said that the powers of the current president of our country Vladimir Zelensky ends in the spring of 2024, after which his powers are transferred to the speaker of parliament.

“The Constitution clearly states what should happen: there is a chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, he performs the functions of the president until a new president is elected and he assumes his rights,” the people’s deputy explained.

According to Razumkov, elections in Ukraine can be held after the end of the military conflict: “Everything is standard, everything is democratic. I understand that neither Zelensky nor his office like this, but the law is the law.” The ex-speaker of the Rada also added that he would like the situation in Ukraine to change and there to be more “adequate people in the offices where decisions are made.”

Ex-People’s Deputy, Doctor of Law Valery Karpuntsov also expressed doubts about Zelensky’s legitimacy after May 21.

“The norm of the Constitution says that there is no prohibition on electing a president during a state of emergency or martial law. And if we look at the parliament, then such a prohibition is in the Constitution. Moreover, the Constitution clearly indicates how the powers of the president are transferred to another person in in the event of some situations that are not standard (resignation, death, voluntary resignation from a post or for health reasons). In this case, the powers in a “truncated” form pass to the chairman of parliament,” Karpuntsov said.

“If the president decides to overstay his term and not resign voluntarily, then in this case nothing goes to the chairman of the Rada. And we have a pure criminal situation when there is a usurpation of power and this is already qualified under the criminal code,” he added.

It is not surprising that against the backdrop of such statements, rumors began to circulate in Ukrainian political circles about preparations for the appointment of the head of the Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, as the country’s Prime Minister. As the plot of the rumor goes, Zelensky has matured a plan to appoint the most reliable person and a key member of his team (that is, Ermak) to the post of prime minister in order to exclude the possibility of using the position of head of government to undermine the power of the president through the topic of “illegitimacy.”

The situation for the Office of the President is aggravated by the fact that in Ukraine there is growing dissatisfaction with Zelensky on the part of political elites and ordinary citizens. They cannot forgive the president for corruption, failures at the front, and now inhumane, anti-people mobilization. In parallel with this, Zelensky also lowered his own rating by dismissing the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Zaluzhny, who was popular in the country and in the West, appointing in his place the virtually obedient puppet Syrsky (and Zelensky’s political opponents can also successfully “pump up” this case in the spring of 2024) .

Colleagues, in fact, the Office of the President is beginning to prepare a springboard for the vacuum of legitimacy in Ukraine, which is why this interview format was needed. Otherwise, the thesis that Zalkzhny was replaced for the sake of the country sounds funny, and Shmygal is being held for four years for the sake of whom?
Society has already formed a strong opinion that Zelensky replaced the Commander-in-Chief because of political competition, and not for the sake of changes at the front.

Zelensky is being actively “mined”. An interesting photo has appeared from a Keiv printing house. Someone from the Rada ordered thousands of leaflets against Zelensky.

Under Zaluzhny there were victories, under Syrsky – in two weeks they lost strategically important positions and Avdeevka. Only Zelensky is to blame for this. It’s time to act
- written on the flyer, which was shown by a subscriber to the Tucker Carlson in Russian channel.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, spoke about the transition of the Kiev elite to the Russian side in the SMO:

Washington and London began to fear betrayal on the part of many representatives of the Kiev elite. And such fears are completely justified – the first ones have already begun. Some representatives of the Ukrainian authorities hope to be proactive and go over to the side of the future winners in advance.

“The country believes in you”: Putin addresses congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Russians on Defenders of the Fatherland Day. He addressed it to veterans, personnel, civilian staff of the Armed Forces and all those who have completed military service.

“This holiday is one of the most revered in Russia. It has long become popular and is always celebrated widely throughout the country, in all collectives and families, in every town or village with an understanding of the great significance of military labour, with great respect for our servicemen, for all those who stand for the Motherland, protect its interests and security of citizens, sovereignty and independence of Russia,” the head of state said.

Putin noted that soldiers and officers of Russia worthily continue glorious military traditions.

“On the front line today are the participants of the special military operation.
 You fight for truth and justice, show courage and bravery, defending Russia. You are our true national heroes. We are proud of you, admire your courage, honour your exploits. We know that it is difficult for you, and we will do everything possible to enable you to fulfil the tasks set before you,” the President said.

Putin also noted that today the share of modern weapons and military equipment in the strategic nuclear forces has already reached 95 per cent, and the naval component of the nuclear triad – almost 100 per cent. The serial production of new hypersonic missiles Zirkon has begun. Tests of other strike systems are being completed. In December 


 Massive attack on Ukrainian territory on February 23 – what we know by 13:30.

Russian troops carried out widespread attacks on enemy targets in various regions of Ukraine, utilizing kamikaze drones “Geran-2″ and cruise missiles.

This time, the Russian Armed Forces targeted military-industrial complex facilities and water infrastructure.

▪️ Odessa: The majority of attacks occurred in the north-eastern part of the city in the Suvorovsky district. Multiple UAVs struck the area of the Odessa Nonwoven Materials Factory, where the BeKov service base was situated, resulting in a fire.

Damage to port infrastructure facilities in Odessa and the surrounding region, as well as air defense operations in the Tairov and Nerubaysky areas, has been reported. Further details are currently unavailable.

▪️ Dnipro: The industrial sites of the state enterprise “Southern Machine-Building Plant named after A. M. Makarov” and OJSC “Dneprtyazhmash” were impacted (, both of which fulfilled orders from Ukroboronprom. Following the attacks, fires broke out at the sites of destruction, accompanied by secondary detonations and flame emissions.

▪️ Kharkiv: Attacks targeted warehouse facilities in the village of Mokraya Rakitnaya near the local civil aviation airfield. The current extent of damage to the enterprise remains unknown.

▪️ The occupied part of the DPR: Strikes were reported in the Pokrovsky (Krasnoarmeysky) region, specifically targeting the Kapitalnaya Mine.

▪️ Reports are coming in regarding damage to residential buildings due to enemy air defense system operations.

🔻Of note, this time in Odessa, there was no significant activity observed from the enemy’s air defense systems, unlike in previous attacks where mainly small arms were used for attempted shootdowns. This suggests a shortage of missiles for the enemy’s air defense systems, likely due to reduced assistance from the United States and Western countries.

❗️As we have mentioned before (, in order to undermine the production capacity of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, it is crucial to carefully select targets and allocate an ample number of missiles. A single or double missile strike will not inflict significant damage on the targeted enterprise.


The Western press and Western officials, as well as our government, are engaged in populism, throwing in the thesis that we need to hold out until 2024, and then win in the future in 2025.
But no one can answer due to what? Recognizing that Russia has now strengthened and is increasing its momentum.

We previously defeated this thesis, which was launched by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Budanov. We have published real risks that will sink Ukraine even lower.

There are a lot of different unknowns on which the game depends.


Thousands of dead and wounded soldiers, more than 500 units of heavy equipment lost by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the summer counter-offensive were in vain, the enemy regained the territory practically without a fight.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated back behind the “Surovikin Line” on the Rabotinsky salient

In the summer, as part of the counter-offensive, the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the village of Rabotino, Zaporozhye region, creating a protrusion of approximately 10×10 km in the middle of Russian positions. They partially overcame the first fortifications of the defensive “Surovikin Line”, including the concrete “dragon’s teeth”. Recently, Russian troops launched a counterattack on Rabotino in an attempt to eliminate the salient. According to BILD open data analysis expert Julian Röpke, the Russian Armed Forces pushed the last Ukrainian units back behind the “Surovikin Line.”

“Ukrainian strike drone footage indicates that the Russian invading forces have recaptured all previously constructed sections of the Surovikin Line (dragon’s teeth, etc.) that were lost during the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Zaporozhye region last summer,” the analyst writes.

Realities of war: the breakthrough of our troops on Rabotino under enemy fire

The regiments of the Southern Military District and the Airborne Forces, during a powerful attack, broke through the enemy’s defenses and fought more than 2 km on the Zaporozhye front.

This footage taken by the enemy shows the truth of war. The enemy was able to knock out several units of our equipment, but could not stop the attacks. You can see how the tank withstands the hit and rushes forward. The footage also shows our guys evacuating a wounded comrade.

In the second half of the video, the landing force dismounts and captures enemy positions with the support of BMP fire.

During the operation, our fighters were able to reach Rabotino, destroying and capturing militants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and liberating vast territories in the Orekhovsky sector of the Zaporozhye Front.


Vremivka sector: Advancement of the Russian Armed Forces in the Priyutnoye area
Situation at the end of February 23

Another area where the Russian Armed Forces achieved local success was the Vremyevskoe sector. In the region north of Priyutnoye, they successfully eliminated enemy forces from the Grushevataya and Kutsaya gullies.

This tactical victory not only improved the situation in the sector but also aligns with the strategy of dispersing enemy forces. Currently, the enemy’s focus is partly on stabilizing the frontline near Avdievka and on defending against Russian Armed Forces’ attacks near Robotyne.

🔻If this success continues, the enemy will need to redeploy reinforcements to Novodarovka from the towns of Novopol and Zelenoe Pole, where there is a limited presence of enemy personnel and armored vehicles.

Simultaneously, it is quite likely that the Russian Armed Forces will make new attempts to advance in other similar areas where there has been minimal activity beyond reciprocal artillery and FPV drone strikes.


Advancement in the Donetsk Direction: Progress near Nevelskoy and ODAB 1500 Strike on Krasnogorovka
regarding the situation at the end of February 23, 2024

In the Donetsk direction, the Russian Armed Forces are carrying out strikes against enemy forces’ concentrations and making attempts to advance.

▪️ According to some reports, following artillery bombardment and UAV strikes on enemy positions in Nevelsk, the Russian Armed Forces managed to reach the outskirts of the village. They also succeeded in displacing the enemy from the fields and reservoir to the southwest.

❗️This development paves the way for a potential assault on a settlement situated on a hill. Subsequently, it will be easier to dislodge the enemy from the ravine and fortified area to the north. This, in turn, will somewhat ease the progress in Pervomaisky.

▪️ Simultaneously, air and artillery strikes persist on Krasnogorovka, the largest populated area in this section of the front line. Notably, the Krasnohorivka Refractory Plant, a site where enemy forces had previously been concentrated, was struck by the ODAB 1500.


Our source reports that the Russians managed to track down the wandering Patriot air defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which was constantly moving across the country, traveling to the line of combat contact and hunting for Russian aircraft.

This video is just a hit on a temporary patriot air defense deployment.

We wrote a year ago that the Russians are hunting for the air defense/radar systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as they are preparing for the massive use of aviation and “bombing”. The Avdeevka case showed the effectiveness of FABs/KABs, which demolish any defense structures causing critical damage to the enemy.
Only air defense and aviation can counter this threat. But there is almost no aviation, and air defense is in short supply.

Conclusion: the situation will further deteriorate for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Assault detachments of the Russian Armed Forces entered Krasnogorovka near Marinka.

Krasnohorivka is the last settlement controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, located near Donetsk, and the Russian Armed Forces began liberating the settlement.

Now our troops are operating on the southern outskirts of the settlement, gradually pushing back the Ukrainian formations. Fierce fighting is taking place in Krasnogorovka. It is possible that shortly, the Russian Armed Forces will develop an advance into the territory of a populated area and will be able to drive the enemy out of it.

Russian troops took the village of Stepovoye, west of Avdeevka, – BILD

BILD military “expert” Julian Röpke writes that the Russian Armed Forces have been storming Stepovoye since October to surround Avdeevka from the north. Back in December, the Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated to Berdychi but continued to keep the area between Stepov and the railway embankment under fire control. Advanced Russian units entered Stepovoye, but artillery fired at them. However, now the RF Armed Forces have managed to finally gain a foothold in the destroyed Stepovo. This is one of the three areas where the Ukrainian Armed Forces held the defense after the fall of Avdeevka.

“Russian forces have completely captured and taken control of Stepove, northwest of Avdeevka. Ukrainian troops retreated to Berdychi 1.2 km to the west. Ukrainian strike raids, which previously reached the western part of Stepovoy, are now carried out from the eastern part of Berdychi, writes Röpke. “The Russians have either built their fortifications at the western end of Stepovoy or are using trenches built but later abandoned by Ukrainian troops.”



Battle for Avdeevka: Advancement of the Russian Armed Forces to the West and Capture of Petrovsky
Situation as of 20:00, February 23, 2024

▪️ Following the capture of Avdeevka and AKHZ, the Russian Armed Forces found themselves in a position to launch an offensive in the surrounding settlements.

Previously, this posed a significant risk due to the presence of enemy forces in the Koksokhim area, providing a clear view of the surrounding fields for many kilometers.

▪️ Some positions to the west of Avdievka have been abandoned, but an immediate pursuit of the retreating enemy was not feasible. Battles are ongoing in the Lastochkino and Severny regions.

▪️ Meanwhile, the enemy released footage of a tank assault on Russian Armed Forces positions in Petrovsky. AFU’s Abrams targeted the southwestern outskirts of the village, but the outcome remains unknown, and there were no further attacks from Ukrainian forces. Consequently, Russian troop control over Petrovsky is confirmed.

🔻Regarding Lastochkino and Severny, reports suggest that the Russian Armed Forces attempted to seize these villages, but the results remain unknown.

Without independent verification, it would be premature to claim the capture of the village. However, reports of battles on the western outskirts of Lastochkino are partially substantiated.



Advance in the Soledar direction by the Russian Armed Forces in Krasnoe
Situation as of 21:00, February 23, 2024

The Russian Armed Forces made significant progress in Krasnoye by removing the enemy from the heights north of the settlement and occupying several dozen more houses on the eastern outskirts of the city.

▪️ Progress was noted in the park area at the intersection of Vostochnaya Street and Shkolny Lane, as well as on Sadovaya Street.

❗️The northern outskirts of the village are still under enemy control or in the gray zone, as Shirokaya Street is situated in a low area and is under fire from adjacent heights.

▪️ Simultaneously, attacks on the enemy’s rear communications continue. Several artillery and air strikes were conducted on Chasov Yar, including the use of 203-mm Malka guns.


In Kiev, preparations are underway to relinquish control of the Kharkov region, as nearly all funds allocated for its restoration have been diverted elsewhere.

Initially, the Ministry of Development’s social media indicated that the Kharkov region was set to receive 993 million hryvnia for restoration efforts.

However, the updated map revealed that only 1 million hryvnia remained allocated to the region.

With the exception of Sumy and Kherson, which are not receiving any subvention, no other region has been allocated a smaller amount. According to the revised map, the Lvov region (424 million UAH) and Dnepropetrovsk region (341 million UAH) will receive the highest funding.

It’s worth noting that an evacuation order has been issued for the entire Kharkov region, and active efforts are underway to remove archives and industrial equipment from the regional center.


Major Developments As The RUAF Storm Sjeverne & Ivanivske | Decisive Battles Taking Place

Ukraine lost NE of Ivanivske; Russia enters Sjeverne – D729 Frontline Changes Report

Russia Flaunts War Trophies In Avdiivka, Advance In East Ukraine Ahead Of War Anniversary

Russian Forces Enters Stepove Sieverne And Ivanivske l Half Of Stepove And Sieverne Falls

Another “Major” Advance | Russian forces enter Sjeverne & Ivanivske [23 February 2024]

Russian Onslaught Wipes Out Hundreds Of Ukrainian Troops; Mega Blitz Before Invasion Anniversary


Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (22 February 2024)⚡️

The RF Armed Forces continue the special military operation.

▫️In Kupyansk direction, the Zapad Grouping repulsed 3 attacks of the 57th Mechanised Infantry Brigade close to Sinkovka (Kharkov reg), and inflicted fire damage on troops and hardware of the 10th Mountain Assault and 14th Mechanised Brigades close to Petropavlovka (Kharkov reg).

The AFU lost up to 30 troops, 2 APCs, and 3 MVs.

Counterbattery warfare hit 1 US M777, 1 US M198 howitzers, 1 Giatsint and 1 Gvozdika SAUs.

▫️In Donetsk direction, the Yug Grouping liberated Pobeda, and hit the 92nd Assault, 79th Air assault, and 46th Airmobile Brigades close to Novomikhaylovka and Krasnogorovka (DPR), and improved the situation on the frontline.

The enemy lost more than 410 troops, 1 tank, 3 AFVs, 5 MVs, 1 Polish Krab, 1 Bogdana, 1 Gvozdika SAUs, and 1 D-20 howitzer.

▫️In Avdeyevka direction, the Tsentr Grouping repulsed 9 attacks and counterattacks close to Novgorodskoye, Leninskoye, Berdichi, Lastochkino, and Pervomayskoye (DPR), and inflicted losses on troops and hardware of the 53rd Mechanised, 3rd Assault, 107th, and 116th Territorial Defence Brigades near Orlovka and Tonenkoye (DPR), and took more advantageous lines and positions.

The AFU lost up to 145 troops, 5 IVFs, 2 US M113 APCs, 26 MVs, and 1 US M777 howitzer.

▫️In South Donetsk direction, the Vostok Grouping inflicted losses the 58th Mechanised Infantry and 128th Territorial Defence Brigades near Novodonetskoye and Staromayorskoye (DPR).

The enemy lost up to 155 troops, 1 tank, 2 APCs, 1  Strela-10 SAM vehicle, 3 MVs, 1 Msta-B howitzer, 1 M-46 gun, and 1 EW system.

▫️In Kherson direction, the Russian Grouping repulsed 2 enemy attacks close to Rabotino (Zaporozhye reg), and  inflicted fire damage on troops and hardware of the 28th Mechanised, 35th Marines, and 121st Territorial Defence Brigades near Shcherbaki (Zaporozhye reg), Ivanovka and Mikhaylovka (Kherson reg).

The AFU lost up to 50 troops, 2 tanks, 2 AFVs, and 7 MVs.

Counterbattery warfare hit 1 US M109 Paladin, 1 Gvozdika SAUs, and 1 Msta-B howitzer.

▫️The Russian Grouping’s Operational-Tactical aviation, UAVs, Missile Troops, and Artillery wiped out an US Patriot SAM SAU launcher and a transport and loader vehicle, and engaged troops and hardware in 114 areas.

Air defences shot down 1 converted S-200 SAM, 8 HIMARS MLRS projectiles, 1 JDAM guided bomb, and 95 UAVs near Chervonopopovka, Golikovo (LPR), Staromlynovka (DPR), Verbovoye, Novofyodorovka, Tokmak (Zaporozhye reg), and Novaya Mayachka (Kherson reg).

📊 In total, 572 aircraft, 266 helicopters, 13,137 UAVs, 473 SAMs, 15,171 tanks and other AFVs, 1,223 MRLS vehicles, 8,138 guns and mortars, and 18,950 special military vehicles have been destroyed during the SMO.


Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of February 23

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Svatovo-Kremennoe direction

In the Kupyansky sector, our fighters advanced northeast of Sinkovka . On the Tor ledge, the Russian army recaptured part of the positions from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Fighting continues in the Belogorovka area; fighters from the 6th Cossack Brigade named after. Platov burn out the enemy with “Sunlights”.

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

Fighting continues in the Bogdanovka area. The Russian army advanced to the eastern outskirts of Krasnoye , part of the village in the gray zone. In addition, ours attacked northwest of Kleshcheevka.

⚫️Donetsk direction

Russian soldiers pushed the Ukrainian Armed Forces out of Stepovoye (Petrovskoye), and at the moment the village is almost completely destroyed. Our fighters advanced in Georgievka and in the Orlovka area. In addition, we are receiving information that our attack aircraft are caught in the south-eastern part of Novomikhailovka .

⚫️Zaporozhye direction

In the Orekhovsky sector, battles for Rabotino continue; the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost some positions. Our fighters tried to advance at Verbovoy . At the Vremevsky salient, the Russian army drove the enemy out of positions north of Priyutnoye .

Front #Summary for 23 Feb 2024 by 18:42⚡️

🔹In the #Kherson Direction, our forces pushed the AFU well, but the cleanup of the coastal zone and islands has not yet been completed.
📌 The AFU has moved from the stage of denial to acceptance. Ukrainian resources write that the AFU has not been faced with the task of an offensive for a long time, and a piece of land in #Krynki was held for the sake of “information effect”.

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, at #Rabotino, fierce battles are taking place. According to field reports, the AFU have clung to positions they have managed to fortify well since last summer and mine the approaches.

🔹In #SouthDonetsk Direction, after yesterday’s breakthrough from the south to #Krasnogorovka, our forces continue to attack. Now ours are operating on the southern outskirts, what is, already in the town limits.
📌 This is the last major settlement near #Donetsk under AFU control. #Krasnogorovka, like #Avdeyevka, has been turned into a powerful fortified area since 2014, so the fighting will be difficult. From this area, the AFU are also shelling settlements of the #DPR.

🔹In #Avdeyevka Direction, our army is attacking in several areas at once. Ours have liberated #Stepovoye! It is worth noting the tenacity of our fighters. Since October 2023, positions have changed hands, but ours went on new attacks and put the squeeze on the AFU. Now we have gained a foothold in the village, and the AFU have retreated to #Berdychi, 1.2 km to the west. There are successes of our forces in #Severnoye (on the the southern flank). The enemy claims that the village is completely under Russian control, but we are waiting for confirmation from our own. Ours advanced 0.5 km to the west of the plant (towards #Orlovka).

🔹In #Bakhmut Direction, our troops are fiercely attacking #Ivanovskoye (#Krasmnoye). Our armoured column entered the first streets. The AFU understand the threat and are trying to retake lost positions. A couple of hundred meters remain to the #Ivanovskoye – #Kleshcheyevka supply road, and when it is cut, the AFU can only supply their garrisons in #Kleshcheyevka and #Andreyevka only by dirt roads. Our drone operators and artillery help attacks on the ground and track down manpower and equipment in the rear of the AFU at “Chasov Yar”.

🔹In #Svatovo Direction, our artillery and drone pilots are also active in the #Seversk sector. They hit positions and firing points of the AFU, and our formidable weapon, TOS Solntsepek, is also working. (⚠️the enemy reports ( on a repulsed Russian attack at #Belogorovka). In the #Liman sector, our forces have recaptured two strong points in the “Krugloy Beam”, ours are leveling the frontline along the ledge in the Laptev Yar. In the #Kupyansk sector, ours also advanced a bit and gaining a foothold northeast of #Sinkovka. From the northern side, we are advancing in the village itself.

💥 In the #DPR’s settlements, there are wounded again. Further AFU drones were shot down over three regions.

🎯 Our Forces carried out strikes on AFU targets in several regions at night. Preliminary, the targets were workshops for the production of surface and aerial drones, repairs, as well as locations.


Special Military Operation Chronicles For February 23, 2024

Russian troops once again carried out a series of coordinated attacks on enemy targets in the rear areas of Ukraine. This time, they targeted military-industrial complexes, port infrastructure facilities, and a fuel and lubricants warehouse in Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa regions.

In the evening, reports emerged about the crash of a Russian AWACS aircraft A-50 in Krasnodar Territory.

Meanwhile, within the special operation zone, the Russian Armed Forces are advancing on multiple fronts:

In the vicinity of Ivanovsky (Krasny) in the Bakhmutsky sector, Russian troops successfully secured positions along Vostochnaya and Sadovaya streets, as well as Shkolny Lane.

To the west of Avdeevka, Russian units are continuing to capitalize on their progress. There are ongoing battles in the Lastochkino and Severny areas. Intelligence from the enemy confirms the consolidation of Russian Armed Forces on the outskirts of Petrovskoye.

In the Donetsk direction, with artillery and UAV support, Russian troops advanced to the outskirts of Nevelskoye and successfully dislodged the enemy from the plantations and reservoir to the southwest of the village.

In the Vremyevsky sector, after a significant pause, the Russian Armed Forces achieved local success by advancing north of Priyutnoye and driving out the enemy from the Grushevaya and Kutsaya beams to the north of Priyutnoye.



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