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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on February 24 2024

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Ukraine vows triumph over Russian ‘darkness’ on two-year anniversary of war

‘Russia must lose to stop World War III’ | Ukraine: The Latest Anniversary Special in Kyiv

Uncertainty marks 2nd anniversary of the Russian-Ukrainian war

EU Leaders Arrive in Kiev Two Years since Russia’s Large Scale Invasion

Former Russian President Medvedev threatens to nuke the US, UK, Germany & Ukraine

Today is exactly two years of war, which has changed everything and forces us every day to rethink our political position/principles/meaning of life. Many believed, as in 2019, that the war would change our government and it would finally become Ukrainian, we all hoped. Now comes the realization that the main role of the state is to prevent war, and not to bravely take a blow while the whole world has abandoned you.

The war has reached a scale unprecedented in recent decades, with casualties, destruction, and, most importantly, putting the Ukrainian nation at risk due to a demographic tragedy.

The first year of the war was marked by the collapse of the Kremlin’s plans for a quick victory in Ukraine.

The second year destroyed the plan of Ukraine and the West for the rapid defeat of the Russian Federation.

The third year brings us transformation into a protracted war, after which the nation itself may not exist. 

Today is two years since the Ukrainian crisis began.
Our source gave a forecast for how long the military conflict will last.

Best script. Until spring 2025. After the US elections it will simply be frozen. They will sign some peace agreements. During this time, Ukraine will most likely lose two or three more large cities in the Donbass and will actually lose the Donetsk region.

Standard scenario until 2026-27. It will also end with peace agreements.

Negative, until 2030. This will be a simmering conflict. It will end with the complete collapse of one of the parties.

A “jubilee” pilgrimage of Western leaders to Kiev today to mark the second anniversary of the start of the SMO.

The prime ministers of Italy, Canada and Belgium have already arrived, as well as the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Meloni in this case also decided to combine her visit to Kiev with a speech at the G7 summit. Together with her, Zelensky will take part in the videoconference.

Before that, Rome managed to sign an agreement with Kiev on security guarantees, which actually denies them. As the Italian Foreign Ministry stated, “Italy’s security agreement with Ukraine will not be legally binding and does not provide for guarantees of political or military support.”

Bankaoi is already saying directly that without an American loan of $60 billion, Ukraine will have to conduct military operations entirely with manpower (accordingly, increasing losses among the country’s population).

Thus, the head of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, David Arakhamia, said that if there is no help from the United States or it is less than promised, then more Ukrainians need to be mobilized.

“If there is less help, we will need to mobilize more people. If there is more help, then the armament ratio increases and then you need fewer people, because you can cover some sections of the front with conventional weapons, and you don’t need as many people,” he noted He.

Arakhamia also “delighted” the Ukrainians with the fact that taxes will be changed to finance the training and equipment of the mobilized. And we remind you that to finance the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukraine will need an additional UAH 400 billion. And raising those funds will require sweeping tax changes. We can talk about increasing the rates of the main taxes: VAT and income tax. That is, to cover the need of more than 400 billion UAH, the authorities need to increase the VAT and military tax rates by approximately 6-7%.

By the way, the lack of Western funding also leads to the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will not be able to conduct combat operations fully and will be forced to go on the defensive with a constant loss of territory.

The military is tired of the authorities’ approach to people as a resource, when ordinary Ukrainians must give their lives for the elite.
“Let the sons of deputies fight, but I won’t fight anymore”: a Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter showed that he was able to escape from the front alive and unharmed, and is already abroad.

At the same time, our deputies are talking about total mobilization, which should close the gaps with Western technology. According to the General Staff’s plan, we will counter enemy artillery and aviation with the infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Office of the President continues to demonstrate a steady trend of failures in the international arena, and it all started with the NATO summit, when it became clear that the West was dumping Ukraine.
Zelensky’s attempt to use public/emotional diplomacy does not produce results, but only causes irritation among partners. At the Munich Conference we were publicly applauded, but behind the scenes there was complete disregard for our requests for military assistance. Now Bankovaya has achieved its goal and received public humiliation from our main ally, whose power has changed, but Warsaw’s approach to us has become even worse. We need to understand a simple truth, everything has changed and they look at us differently, but the Office of the President continues to use the old methods.


At Bankova they began to understand the danger they had driven Ukraine into with confidence in Western support, but for now they are convincing everyone that the situation is under control.
There is a “rather gloomy atmosphere of disappointment” in the Office of the President of Ukraine due to problems with congressional approval of the US aid package. Politico writes about this with reference to a source.

At the same time, the publication’s interlocutor noted that in Kyiv they hope for the adoption of a bill on military support.

“Almost everyone is convinced that help will come soon. While the presidential administration waits for good news from the United States, it is also working to improve mobilization and military planning,” the source said.

Freedom of speech from Zelensky and his mongrels.

An Odessa businessman wrote on social networks everything he thinks about the government that dragged the country into this mess. Zelensky’s mongrels immediately ran to brand the blogger and call the SBU to carry out repressions against the citizen.

Ukrainians fought for democracy and freedom, but ended up in dictatorship and slavery.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are experiencing “pressure along the entire front”

The Ukrainian armed forces lack soldiers and ammunition. The German magazine Der Spiegel reports that, according to Western observers, “Russian troops have recently fired 5-6 times more artillery shells than the Ukrainians,” and in certain sectors of the front, for example, near Avdiivka, they record a tenfold superiority.

“Ukrainian soldiers at the front are exhausted after two years of war, some have been fighting for many months without a break,” and the change in mobilization legislation has been dragging on for months.

The magazine calls the abandonment of Avdiivka by units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces a strategic and psychological defeat for Ukraine. A difficult situation is developing in Rabotino.

“The loss of Rabotino will be another psychological blow for the defenders,” continues Der Spiegel.

About new sanctions timed to 24/02

We have become accustomed to their endless limitations and have learned to live with them.

But what I want to draw your attention to today is that these bans are no longer directed against the authorities or businesses in the country, as our opponent likes to talk about. They were taken against the entire population of Russia. For example, the ban on the Mir payment system and restrictions on the activities of companies involved in housing construction in the country.

The reason is clear – the worse it is for Russian citizens, the better it is for the Western world. Let them all suffer there.

We all just need to remember this and take revenge on them wherever possible.
They are our enemies.
Create possible difficulties for them in the economy, arouse public dissatisfaction with the incompetent policies of Western authorities, and develop and promote international solutions that infringe on the interests of the Western world. Do this constantly, systematically, and as openly as possible.

And also carry out other activities on their territory that are not usually discussed publicly.

In war, it’s like.

Dmitry Medvedev

Russian Armed Forces Carry Out Strikes on Enemy Targets in Ukraine
During the night of February 23 to 24, 2024

Last night, Russian troops once again launched a series of attacks on enemy targets in the so-called territory of Ukraine. Geranium-2 drones and cruise missiles were used in the strikes.

▪️ Kirovograd: Explosions were heard at the Kanatovo military airfield. Reports indicate that garages and warehouses in the facility’s vehicle fleet were hit. Several fuel tankers were destroyed, along with cargo vehicles and a machine used for installing ammunition on aircraft. A fire broke out on the premises.

Coordinates: 48.5698879, 32.3804229

Local authorities also reported damage to administrative and utility buildings from falling debris.

▪️ Odessa: As a result of air defense operations in the city, a residential building was damaged. Some sources mention damage to military-industrial complex facilities, although there is no evidence to support this claim.

▪️ Artillery strikes targeted front-line areas in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region and the DPR. Reports suggest that deployment points of enemy forces in Bolshaya Novoselovka and Kurakhovo were hit. Additionally, air defense activities were observed in the Nikolaev and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

🔻Over the past two nights in the so-called territory of Ukraine, attacks on targets in several rear regions have continued. Authorities have claimed to intercept nearly all targets, attributing the damage to falling debris and drones.

Meanwhile, there have been reports from Odessa. The southern defense forces stated that intercepting a drone over a residential area led to a fire, resulting in one fatality. Previously, such incidents were often linked to Russian UAVs, not Ukrainian air defense.


While the Russian Armed Forces were  striking military targets in the so-called territory at night, Ukrainian formations also took action and attempted to attack targets in several regions of Russia with drones.

▪️ In Lipetsk, the AFU attacked the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant, located on the left bank of the city. A fire broke out at the ore sintering and preparation shop, but it was quickly extinguished. There is no threat of hazardous substances being released.

Close to the incident site, you can find the Lipetsk Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP-2), which plays a crucial role in the region’s power supply, and the 260th Central Missile Artillery Base, responsible for ammunition and explosives disposal.

▪️ Air defense systems destroyed three drones over the Tula region. Eyewitnesses reported temporary traffic blockages on Odoevskoye Highway due to explosions. Thankfully, there were no casualties or damage as per official reports.

▪️ One drone was intercepted in the Kursk area without any consequences. Following artillery shelling in the border Korenevsky district, power supply disruptions occurred temporarily in the villages of Vnezapnoye, Gordeevka, Viktorovka, Troitskoye, and Uspenovka.

▪️ In the Bryansk region, an unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed over the Starodub municipal district. Fortunately, there were no casualties among the population or damage to infrastructure.

▪️ In the Donetsk People’s Republic, over 20 drones were intercepted daily over Donetsk and Makiivka. One of the drones was neutralized near a military unit and subsequently rendered safe by explosives experts.


Orikhiv sector: seizing control of a school in the center of Robotyne
situation as of 16:00, February 24, 2024

🔻Russian units, during the day and under the cover of armored vehicles, managed to breach the defense line in the center of Robotyne and take over the ruins of the school.

▪️ Footage from objective control shows the movement of several armored personnel carriers of the Russian Armed Forces along Shevchenko Street. It is significant that the vehicles are traveling from west to east without concern about being hit from the side.

This indirectly suggests that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are retreating to the northern outskirts of the village in the cemetery area. The only viable defense position remaining for Ukrainian forces in the eastern part is the House of Culture. It is currently unclear whether the Russian Armed Forces have gained control of it.

🔻The situation on the ground is evolving rapidly, with positions changing hands throughout the day. The top priority for the Russian Armed Forces now is to consolidate their position on the captured lines and prevent the enemy from launching counterattacks from either side.


Orikhiv sector: Battle for Robotyne situation as of 21:30, February 24, 2024

Russian units, having occupied a school in the village center, continued their attack on the eastern and northern parts of the village.

▪️ Units of the 70th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment ( landed troops in the central part of the village and to the east near the Palace of Culture, which the enemy ultimately failed ( to hold.

▪️ From the objective control footage, one can observe the almost complete absence of enemy fire, except for a single shot in the direction of the attacking infantry fighting vehicles – apparently, the Ukrainian formations did not anticipate such a daring approach by Russian armored vehicles.

🔻While the armored vehicles suppressed fire, the landing party secured a foothold at the landing site and advanced to the enemy positions in the northern part of the village. Under heavy fire and artillery strikes, the enemy retreated to the cemetery area, relinquishing the eastern and central parts of the village.

Ukrainian formations attempted several times to recapture the positions but were unsuccessful. Units of the AFU are being swiftly transferred to the Robotyne area from the Vremevsky sector.

To impede the advance of Russian units, Ukrainian formations are remotely mining the approaches in the Novoprokopovka area, on the northern outskirts of Robotyne, and west of Verbovoy.


The Ukrainian Armed Forces are losing the village of Rabotino, control remains on the outskirts – source.
The reserves abandoned to “extinguish the enemy’s breakthrough” were unable to repel the attacks.

In December, we insided that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would lose Rabotino in the coming months, indicating the risks and reasons.

Many people also noticed that after Avdeevka Ze was near Rabotino and after Avdeevka, the Russians took Rabotino.
Now Ze was in Kupyansk – is he next?

We are watching…

The Russian Army is conducting a powerful assault on Rabotino, armored vehicles have broken through to the center of the enemy’s fortified area!

On the Zaporozhye Front, regiments of the Southern Military District began a new wave of offensive, broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and fought for the main enemy fortifications.

Difficulties of the enemy when retreating

Almost along the entire front line, our troops have an advantage in conducting combat operations. The enemy is retreating and facing new difficulties, writes ( the Paratrooper’s Diary.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation actively use unmanned aerial vehicles at the front, which regularly attack the enemy; activity, although somewhat lower than the enemy’s, is increasing hourly.

Thus, when the enemy retreats without first equipping defensive fortifications, he no longer has the opportunity to effectively dig in.

According to the stories of the Ukrainian military, due to the high activity of Russian drones, it is very difficult to create new defensive positions. Consequently, losses in the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also increasing.

Digging trenches for infantry has already become problematic. When someone is outside, they are immediately spotted by a drone. Then a second drone appears, and something comes after it, enemy media reported.

But it’s not just the activity of Russian drones that is hampering the Ukrainian army at the front. The internal problems of the Ukrainian armed forces are becoming increasingly clear. First of all, we are talking about a large-scale shortage of personnel in the warring brigades.

In addition, the Ukrainian military complains about a lack of motivation among its personnel.

Battle for Avdeevka: Capture of Lastochkino and Clearing of Northern
situation as of 19:00, February 24, 2024

🔻Russian units are making progress in the Avdeevsky direction. The Russian Ministry of Defense shared footage from the AKHZ territory, confirming the completion of the clearing. This development enabled the attack on Lastochkino from two directions: from the north, near the plant, and from the south through the Durnaya beam.

▪️ Faced with the risk of being surrounded and enduring constant airstrikes, the enemy retreated ( from the village. Subsequently, footage ( emerged showing Russian fighters in the village. The Russian Armed Forces now have full control of the settlement.

▪️ Additionally, there are numerous reports of the capture of Severny by the fighters of the 1st Slavic Brigade. While unconfirmed, given the progress in Lastochkino, the Russian Armed Forces may have achieved success in this area too, as the situation in Severny had significantly deteriorated.

The absence of objective control personnel in the area hampers an accurate assessment of the real situation. It is possible that the clearing of the remaining Ukrainian formations is already underway, with the main forces retreating northwest towards Tonenky.

🔻The situation between Lastochkino and Severny remains unclear – there is no information yet on its capture. However, if the AFU withdraw from Severny, holding these positions will become untenable.


Russian Army completes the assault on Lastochkino and Severnoye, the enemy is retreating!

 - “🅾️ grouping” and the 1st Army Corps continue their offensive near Avdeevka, completing the mopping up of Lastochkino and Severnoye, as well as attacking in Pervomayskoye.

 - As recently as yesterday, the AFU reported that “the Russians have taken almost all of Severnoye, heavy fighting is going on.”

 - “The Russian Armed Forces have again started to activate in the Avdeev operational zone. There is no talk of any stabilization. After several days of respite and consolidation in Avdeevka, they are attacking further. They have tactical successes in the direction of Orlovka, Severnoye, Nevelskoye, Pervomayskoye and Lastochkinoye”, – Ukrainian military analysts modestly write.

 - Also, Russian troops are pressing west of the AKHZ and have advanced to Orlovka by almost 1.5 kilometers.

 - The AFU General Staff said in a morning bulletin that yesterday our troops conducted 9 attacks near Lastochkino, North Pervomayskoye.

With reports coming in that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are withdrawing from Lastochkino, it seems likely that line number 4 on the map will be the next interim front-line in the Battle of Avdeevka (which remains ongoing until the Ukrainian retreat can be said to be over and a new, stable front-line crystallizes). The maximal positional outcome of the battle (line 5 on the map) remains a way off. However, it would be reasonable to be cautiously optimistic that it could yet be achieved before this specific battle is fully over.

Military expert Boris Rozhin writes:

After lunch, the enemy reports that the remaining forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have withdrawn from Lastochkino due to the threat of encirclement. From our side, the release of Lastochkino has not yet been officially announced, but apparently this will be done in the next 24 hours. It can be expected that after the completion of the battles for Severnoye, pressure will begin to build up on the enemy’s main line of defense west of Avdeevka – Berdychi-Orlovka-Tonenkoye.

Shoigu called for humanity towards Ukrainian prisoners

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu inspected the group of troops of the Russian Armed Forces “Center” in the special military operation (SMO) zone, the officers reported to him about the mass surrender of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in Avdievka. In response, the head of the ministry called for humanity towards Ukrainian prisoners

“ You heard what the Supreme Commander-in-Chief said: humanely, as it has always been,” Shoigu noted.

A brief summary of the Artemovsky direction.

On the territory of the village Krasnoye (Ivanovskoye), our troops knocked out the enemy from the second line of defense, and fierce battles are taking place in the center of the village.
Success in Krasnoe is extremely important from a tactical point of view for the future advance towards Chasov Yar.

The Collapse | Time Ran Out For The Ukrainians As The Full Rout Begins!!!

Russian Ballistic Missiles Destroyed The Group of Finnish and Colombian Mercenaries In KURAKHOVE

Robotyne Front Collapsed l Massive Russian Advance On Several Fronts

MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS | Robotyne Armored Assault | Russia Captures Lastochkyne | New Stage

Russian Motor Brigades Capture Stepove | Ukrainian Sjeverne & Ivanivske Defenses Crackle

Russian forces capture more grounds at Ivanivske and Pryyutne – Ukraine Frontline Changes Report

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (24 February 2024)

▫️In Kupyansk direction, units of the Zapad Group of Forces inflicted losses on units of the AFU 30th and 32th mechanised brigades and repelled three counterattacks near Sinkovka (Kharkov region).

The AFU losses amounted to up to 55 servicemen, two pickup trucks, and one Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer.

▫️In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Group of Forces improved the tactical situation along the front lines and inflicted losses on units of the AFU 28th Mechanised Brigade and 241st Territorial Defence Brigade near Krasnoye and Kurdyumovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Moreover, one counterattack launched by an assault detachment of the AFU 42nd Mechanised Brigade was repelled near Bogdanovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The AFU losses amounted to more than 395 servicemen, two tanks, four armoured fighting vehicles, nine motor vehicles, one Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer, and one D-30 howitzer.

▫️In Avdeyevka direction, units of the Tsentr Group of Forces continued to take more advantageous lines and positions, as well as inflicted losses on manpower and hardware of the AFU 24th and 53rd mechanised brigades.

Two counterattacks launched by assault detachments of the AFU 59th Mechanised Brigade and 3rd Assault Brigade were repelled near Pervomayskoye and Latochkino (Donetsk People’s Republic).

The AFU losses amounted to up to 425 servicemen and wounded, three tanks, 10 armoured fighting vehicles, and 24 motor vehicles.

▫️In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Group of Forces inflicted losses on units of the AFU 108th Territorial Defence Brigade near Lugovskoye (Zaporozhye region).

In addition, one counterattack of the AFU 58th Mechanised Brigade was repelled near Shevchenko (Zaporozhye region).

The AFU losses amounted to up to 125 servicemen, six motor vehicles, and one U.S.-made M777 artillery howitzer.

▫️In Kherson direction, units of the Dnepr Group of Forces supported by artillery inflicted losses on units of the AFU 65th and 118th mechanised brigades near Rabotino and Verbovoye (Zaporozhye region).

The AFU losses amounted to up to 35 servicemen, eight motor vehicles, one U.S.-made M777 artillery howitzer, one Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer, and one D-30 howitzer.

In addition, one AFU field ammunition depot was destroyed.

▫️Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of Forces have engaged AFU manpower and hardware in 117 areas during the day.

Air defence units shot down two Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 aircraft near Yasenovoye and Selidovo (Donetsk People’s Republic).

One JDAM guided aerial bomb and two U.S.-made HIMARS MLRS projectiles were intercepted over the past 24 hours.

In addition, 92 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles have been neutralised close to Volnovakha (Donetsk People’s Republic), Chubaryovka (Zaporozhye region), Novaya Zburyevka, and Novaya Mayachka (Kherson region).

Front #Summary for 24 Feb 2024 by 19:21⚡️

🔹#Kherson Direction:
⚫️The intensity of fighting on the ground decreased. Some AFU presence on our coast remains. Our army continues to sweep. AFU Drones and artillery cause a lot of difficulties.

🔹#Zaporozhye Direction:
⚫️In the #Orekhov Section, our forces are already attacking from the #Rabotino centre, which we confidently control, towards the House of Culture site, where the AFU is still holding the defence. Ours are pressing, the AFU is moving fresh reserves from #Orekhov.

🔹#SouthDonetsk Direction:
⚫️In the #Maryinka Sector, heavy fighting continues in #Novomikhaylovka, our units are fighting for Timiryazev Street. In #Krasnogorovka, our army is exerting the strongest fire impact on the AFU.

🔹#Avdeyevka Direction:
⚫️On the Southern Front, our units are cleansing #Severnpye.
⚫️In the #Lastochkino Sector, our military entered the  #Lastochkino village itself. Powerful air and artillery strikes forced the AFU to retreat. The village is being cleared.

🔹#Bakhmut Direction:
⚫️South of the City, to the east of #Kleshcheyevka, our forces crossed the railway line at one of the sites, and are developing an offensive.
⚫️In the “Chasov Yar” Sector, our troops are trying to gain a foothold on the eastern outskirts of #Ivanovskye (#Krasnoye). The enemy is counterattacking, heavy fighting is ongoing.

🔹In #Svatovo Direction:
⚫️In the #Seversk Sector, without changes.
⚫️In the #Liman Sector, without changes.
⚫️In the #Kupyansk Sector, without changes.
📌Our army is focused on fire defeating AFU positions and reserves.

💥 The AFU have hit an apartment building in #Donetsk, causing dead and wounded. Ukrainian drones have been intercepted over three regions of #Russia. In the #Lipetsk region, the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant was attacked, the fire was eliminated.

🎯 Our Aerospace Forces launched a new combined strike against military and industrial facilities in #Ukraine last night. According to preliminary information, in the #Odessa region, another drone assembly workshop was hit; In Dnepropetrovsk, workshops of the Dneprohim, Yuzhmash and Dneprtyazhmash Plants; In the #Kirovograd region, equipment on the territory of the #Kanatovo Airfield. The AFU reserves along the frontline were also hit.


Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts on the evening of February 24

⚡️ Exactly two years ago – on February 24, 2022, the world to which everyone was accustomed changed forever. For two years, the great Russian army has been showing the whole Earth where there is light and where there is darkness. A special military operation is not just a war, of which there have been many over the past decades. This is a revolution of meanings that has knocked out the support from the foundation of the currently existing world order, based on illusions, not truth. And to finish the job to the end, all you need is Victory.

⚔️The situation on the fronts over the past 24 hours:

⚫️Bakhmutskoe (Artemovskoe) direction

Fighting for Bogdanovka continues. Our fighters are gradually advancing in Krasnoye . There are battles for heights near Kleshcheevka .

⚫️Donetsk direction

In the Avdeevsky sector, the Russian army took Lastochkino, through which the Ukrainian Armed Forces garrison in the city was supplied. In addition, ours knocked out the enemy from Severny. In the Maryinsky sector, battles for Novomikhailovka continue.

⚫️Zaporozhye direction

Russian attack aircraft finally entered Rabotino , where they had already managed to gain a foothold. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been driven out of the school and the eastern part of the village.

💥Russian anti-aircraft gunners shot down two Ukrainian MiG-29s in the Selidovo and Yasenovo regions of the DPR.

Chronicle of a special military operation For February 24, 2024

Over the past day, the Russian Armed Forces launched a series of combined attacks on targets in the rear regions of the so-called. Ukraine. Near Kirovograd, the hit occurred on the territory of the Kanatovo military airfield. Meanwhile, Ukrainian drones attacked the Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works in Lipetsk .

In the Bakhmut direction, Russian units slightly expanded the zone of control at the Bogdanovka – Krasnoye ( Ivanovskoye ) line. In the latter, the RF Armed Forces are consolidated on the eastern outskirts.

In the Avdeevsky direction , Russian assault units knocked out the enemy from the village of Lastochkino and began clearing the village of remnants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. At the same time, there are reports of the release of Severny , but there is no confirmation of this yet.

Russian troops are consolidating on the southern outskirts of Krasnogorovka , and are also advancing along the S051138 highway. At the same time, Ukrainian formations shelled the Voroshilovsky district of Donetsk twice: according to the latest data, one civilian was killed and two more people were injured.

In the Zaporozhye direction there are battles in the area of     the Rabotinsky ledge . Assault units of the Russian Armed Forces occupied the central and eastern part of Rabotino , the enemy retreated to the area of   the local cemetery with losses.



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