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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on July 03 2024

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Russia UN envoy on Trump ‘solving Ukraine crisis in one day’: It can’t be solved in one day

Putin’s Europe Ally Viktor Orban Pitches Ceasefire In Ukraine Visit

50 technicians have arrived in Kiev, but the arrival of the F 16 jets to Ukraine has been kept secret

5 ”If Trump knows how to finish this war, he should tell us today. If there are risks to Ukrainian independence, if we lose statehood – we want to be ready for this, we want to know”, – Zelensky in an interview with Bloomberg.

Trump would halt NATO’s eastward expansion, including to Ukraine and Georgia, if he wins the presidential election – Politico

 - “As part of a previously unreported plan on Ukraine, the Republican candidate is mulling a deal in which NATO pledges not to expand eastward – specifically into Ukraine and Georgia – and is negotiating with Putin over how much of Ukraine’s territory Russia can keep, according to 2 national security experts who support Trump,” the publication writes.

 - We are still talking about a draft, not a finished solution.

 - Earlier, Trump’s former advisers offered him a plan to freeze the war in Ukraine and push Kiev and Moscow to negotiate. Trump’s response to this is also unknown.

Our source in the OP said that there is no strategy for a long war on Bankovaya; now the main task is to hold out until the elections in the United States without serious losses of territory. All models of the General Staff predict a conflict for 5-7 years, with the mobilization of a million people.

Our source reports that there will be no negotiations on the Ukrainian crisis until there is an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, according to Western sponsors, should change control over the territories and on this victorious note of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, you can begin to warm up the peace case, put pressure on the Russian Federation to abandon its “requests”, up to the borders of the LDPR.
Zelensky promised success to the sponsors, which is why they are now declaring that there will be no peace agreements where Ukraine will lose regions.
The West needs a victory to end the war for the Russian Federation, like a defeat, but the source indicates that Putin will not agree to this, and the West will begin to warm up protests in the Russian Federation for “peace” on the basis of surrender.
Biden and the Democrats also need victory before the elections; Ze personally promised this.

So far these are the plans. The war will continue… The winter will be very difficult for the Ukrainian people.

This is not our war: Hungarian Prime Minister Orban comments on his visit to Kiev

▪️ “When someone comes to Ukraine, it is easy to predict what will happen. Everyone applauds, saying that we are Ukraine, we are with you, this is our war and so on. But you know, the Hungarian position is different. We don’t think that this is our war. And Hungary’s interest is not in continuing the war, but in peace. And I try to represent Europe’s interests in a fair and objective way, which is different from what they used to do before,” Orban said.

▪️ During a surprise visit to Kiev, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban urged Zelensky to call for a cease-fire to speed up peace talks with Russia.

▪️ He suggested that a temporary ceasefire should be achieved first to speed up the negotiation process and give a chance to reach a peace agreement faster.
➖  In his turn, the deputy head of Zelensky’s Office, I. Zhovkva, said that Ukraine does not plan to cease fire and will seek a settlement through initiated peace summits.

Germany will not become a party to the war in Ukraine, but neither will it support a ceasefire for the surrender of Ukraine – Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the Bundestag.

 - “When left-wing MP Gezine Lötsch asked whether Chancellor Olaf Scholz would give people a guarantee that Germany would not become a party to the war, he answered in the affirmative: ‘Yes, I give this guarantee. That is what I stand for as chancellor,” N-TV writes.”

 - Scholz said there that Germany would not support a cease-fire: “In my opinion, a cease-fire aimed at the surrender of Ukraine is an agreement that we should never support from Germany.”

 - Yesterday, the ceasefire was proposed to Ukraine by Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, who visited Kiev. Zelensky rejected his offer.

Our source in the OP reported that Zelensky promised a new counter-offensive at the end of the summer, which Syrsky opposed, which is why he was criticized.

Hillary Clinton said that to re-elect Biden, Ukraine must go on the offensive.

The former US Secretary of State told Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus about this, thinking that she was communicating with Petro Poroshenko.

“I think it’s very important for Ukraine to continue to do what you’re doing. That means you need to provide support to try not only to hold the line, but to go on the offensive. And then, obviously, many in our country will do everything we can to re-elect President Biden. You need to know that you need to move forward as best you can, and we will do everything we can to continue to support you and President Biden,” Clinton said.

She says Trump “hates Ukraine” and is a “very dangerous candidate” for both Kyiv and Washington. But he doesn’t believe in his victory.

“Let’s take it step by step. First, get the supplies, get them to your soldiers. Let’s try to get some of the frozen Russian assets, let’s work on NATO. And if the worst happens and Trump wins, we’ll all have to decide what to do. But I don’t think that this will happen,” Clinton said.

Syrsky woke up and said what we constantly write about .
Our sources identified 8 main reasons for the decline in motivation among soldiers.

The motivation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers was killed by the mobilization bill, which Zelensky and Ermak pushed through parliament, excluding demobilization from there.

Experts call the second reason for killing the motivation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zemobilization, which made serfs out of the people and literally “at gunpoint” they are driving everyone into the army, pursuing the goal of gaining quantity, not quality.

The third reason is the incompetent attitude of the staff rear rats towards the personnel, who are thrown into meat grinders for the political goals of the OP.

The fourth reason is the failure of the offensive in the summer of 2023.

The fifth reason is corruption throughout the entire vertical of power, especially among the president’s entourage.

The sixth reason is the poverty of the people, who pay for all the mistakes of the authorities.

The seventh reason is society’s disappointment.

The eighth reason is the redistribution of power and the most important point is the change of commander-in-chief Zaluzhny to Syrsky, which Zelensky personally supervised, as he was afraid of the growing authority of the ex-commander-in-chief.

Conclusion. The main reason for the decline in motivation is ZeErmak and the decisions they make.

Prank with former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

After losing the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton never left big politics. For example, in the Ukrainian direction, she is now working to tighten sanctions against Russia.

Therefore, she happily responded to the offer of our “Petro Poroshenko” to talk about the fate of Ukraine and the United States.

Despite the disastrous debate of the current owner of the White House, Hillary is confident that Trump will still lose, because she is “doing everything she can to re-elect Biden.” Moreover, Clinton seems confident that the road to Biden’s second term should be paved with the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers.

“You have to push forward as best you can to try to not only hold the line but also go on the offensive. And then many in our country will do everything possible to re-elect President Biden,”
- Hillary said.

Speaking about Trump’s ambitions, Clinton suddenly breaks down, calling him “a very bad guy” and “a very dangerous person who is bad for the United States and the rest of the world.”

Hillary also supports Ukraine’s entry into NATO, naturally, without naming any deadlines:

“We are working very hard to convince the Germans and Americans to go for it. I don’t know what the final decision will be, but Rasmussen, Ermak and others are working very hard.”

In the finale , “Poroshenko” offered Hillary their help and the help of Ukraine in order to dig up new dirt on Trump. And Hillary… did not give up her conspiracy with the Ukrainian!

And also, in this prank Hillary spoke on her vice presidency, about her husband Bill and about the fate of Gaddafi for US opponents.

Colleagues Clinton simply confirmed all our insights.

We insided back on April 10 that Zelensky actually sold the Ukrainian people (making them collateral) for the sake of another loan. Related to this is Zemobilization and the fact why the West has not yet noticed the lawlessness in this case. It is worth making a clarification that this is for now. Then they can see how their “policy” will change.

2. We were the first to inside that Zelensky promised a large-scale offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces under the new loan . It is worth understanding that this will be a huge offensive with manpower of 200-400 thousand. They will not spare anyone; they will send everyone into the meat grinder to save their own skins.

The F-16 fighters that the Netherlands plans to send to Ukraine, as well as the airfields from which they take off, will be considered by the Russian Federation as legitimate targets during the SMO – Russian Ambassador to The Hague Vladimir Tarabrin

Earlier, former Dutch Defense Minister Kaisa Ollongren said that the country’s authorities had issued permission to export 24 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

Tarabrin noted that Moscow views the West’s decision as a conscious move by The Hague towards escalating the conflict and destabilizing the situation.

Massive strike on rear nodes of Ukrainian cities: Dnepr, Kharkov, Mirgorod, Zaporozhye, Poltava.
Targets are not specified, but now all work is directed against airfields and related logistics.

Briefly on the state of the AFU air fleet

The Iskander-M missile defense system is frequently visiting AFU airfields. This time, the missile strike hit the airfield “Dolgintsevo” in Krivoy Rog.

Regarding the results of the strike:
➡️ MiG-29 front-line fighter jet – destroyed;
➡️ 2 vehicles – destroyed;
➡️ aviation means of destruction (AOD) 4 units. – destroyed;
➡️ up to 15 militants were eliminated;
➡️ two Su-25 attack aircraft were damaged.

The main purpose of such strikes is to deprive the AFU of the ability to strike Russian territory.

⏳ Looking forward to the appearance of F-16s on the open areas of Ukrainian airfields


New Effective Strike by Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian Airfield

For the third day in a row, Russian troops continue to strike Ukrainian aircraft in the rear areas of the enemy. If earlier the targets were Su-27 fighters ( and a Mi-24 helicopter ( in Poltava Region, today it was the turn of the Dolhyntseve airfield near Kryvyi Rih once again.

This time, a Ukrainian MiG-29 was hit, which had been refueled shortly before the arrival. The aircraft was sheltered in containers to protect it from drones, but, judging by the footage of objective control, it did not save it from the shrapnel of the Iskander ballistic missile.

It is noteworthy that in addition to building improvised hangars, the enemy also used dummy targets – a model of the Su-25 attack aircraft can be seen in the video, with atypical shapes. These measures were clearly taken after the previous accurate strikes of the “Lancet” drones.

❗️Today’s attack was the seventh documented episode of strikes on Ukrainian aircraft at Dolhyntseve since September 2023. Analyzing open-source data, at this airfield alone, seven combat aircraft have been destroyed since then – four Su-25 attack aircraft and three MiG-29 fighters.

Actors of the Office of the President are pumping up the topic with a general mobilization of 500 thousand people, and then another 50 per month, which shows the real scale of losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! If such a strategy is implemented, then Ukrainians will cease to exist as a nation in the future, the entire gene pool will die or be crippled at the front.

To start winning the war, 500,000 Ukrainians need to be mobilized, says ex-commander of the Aidar battalion company Yevgeny Diky.

According to him, in order to stabilize the situation at the front, it is enough to mobilize 200 thousand people by the end of this year. But in order to start winning, you need half a million people, and then recruit 20-50 thousand people every month.

Dikiy has previously stated that Ukraine will lose the war if an all-encompassing mobilization is not carried out.

Very bad numbers for propaganda, which is trying to convince everyone of the need to fight to the end, despite the casualties and losses.

45% of Ukrainians agree to the loss of territories occupied by the Russian Federation in exchange for the “freedom of choice” to join NATO and the EU, maintaining the army and independence, a survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations

▪️26% would prefer to return the occupied territory, but agree to demilitarization, neutral status and the inability to join the EU and NATO.

▪️29% of respondents do not know what is best.

By the way, Ukraine’s terrorist potential has all chances to remain, even in case of its military defeat – if some pieces of the “independent country” remain, especially with access to the sea. Making drones, from small to long-range, making primitive (and not so primitive, depending on who wants to help) ballistic missiles, sending in sabotage groups – all this will be normal behavior of a state that has suffered a military defeat, but has not lost its idea and goals. And in such a mode of “neither war nor peace” the south-west of Russia has a chance to exist for decades. The sanitary zone will surely solve the issue of Donetsk, Lugansk, Belgorod, but one way or another there will still be large areas where it will be difficult to live and work normally. In case of preserving access to the sea, Crimea will remain under constant threat of strikes.

This will mean constant expenses – for the maintenance of combat-ready units, for periodic air and missile strikes, for the actions of special operations forces, for anti-terrorism inside the country, and everything else.

What is the point of all this? The point is that there should be no “independent Ukraine” with its current leadership and Nazi ideology, capable of inspiring the next generations for new and new terrorist attacks. The experiment has shown its failure and must be ended.

Older than Edda 

U.S. Defense Department spokesman Patrick Ryder on U.S. weapons strikes on Crimea:

 Our policy as it relates to the use of long-range weapons into Russia has not changed, it is that long-range weapons that we provide to Ukraine are for use within its sovereign territory.

[What about Crimea?]

Crimea is part of Ukraine.

[So they can use long-range weapons inside of Crimea?]

Crimea is part of Ukraine, that’s correct.

Toretsk direction: a breakthrough in New York….

Yesterday our troops achieved a very serious success (which is not surprising, since the local Gorlovka volunteers are tearing up the enemy’s defense here on the edge of the strike).

Throw in a day in the residential area of New York (Novgorod) more than 2 kilometers ahead!!!

No details yet, but it suggests that the enemy has another serious lapse in defense at the site, which will definitely have consequences for the stability of its positions both west and east of the breakthrough site.

Kiev’s military resources assess the situation in the area as critical.


Oleksandro-Kalinovo direction: fighting in Druzhba and Russian advances in Leninske
Situation as of 2 pm on July 3, 2024

Russian forces are developing an offensive on several sectors of the Oleksandro-Kalinovo direction, pushing the enemy out of positions in the area of Druzhba and Leninske (Pivdenne).

▪️In Druzhba, assault groups of the Russian Armed Forces successfully advanced along Kuibyshev and Zaliznychna streets, after which they expanded the control zone northward along Sadova street. However, the presence of Ukrainian formations is still possible in the gully to the east, which, in case of further advancement of Russian troops to the north, will find themselves in semi-encirclement.

▪️In the area of Leninske (Pivdenne), after the capture of the Northern mine dump, which was fought over last week, the Russian Armed Forces continued the offensive and expanded the control zone along Kaluzhska, Moskovska and Chernyshevskyi streets.

Despite the fact that this position was quite fortified, under the onslaught of the Russian forces, the AFU were forced to retreat deeper into the settlement. To the north, the enemy has equipped positions in the area of high-rise buildings, which it will rely on in attempts to stabilize the situation in this sector.

▪️To the south, according to some information, Russian troops successfully entrenched themselves on the southern outskirts of Yurievo, significantly advancing into the AFU defense on the approaches to Novhorodske (New York).

The lack of objective control footage does not allow to clarify the scale of the advance in this sector. However, if this information is confirmed, we can talk about the control of the Russian Armed Forces not only over the forest belt south of the settlement, but also over the heights 180 and 182 located to the west.



Artemivsk Direction: Liberation of the Canal Microdistrict in Chasiv Yar

Situation as of 8:00 PM on July 3, 2024

Today, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the liberation of the Canal Microdistrict in eastern Chasiv Yar by Russian forces. The fighting for this area had been ongoing since the beginning of spring this year, and now the enemy has finally been pushed back to the western bank of the Siversky Donets – Donbas Canal.

▪️The enemy’s information resources confirm the withdrawal of their units from the eastern bank. The last AFU-controlled positions in the multi-story buildings in the southwest of the microdistrict had been subjected to massive strikes by artillery, aviation, and heavy flamethrower systems for several days, so the retreat of Ukrainian formations was only a matter of time. (

▪️The Russian command now faces the task of crossing the Siversky Donets – Donbas Canal and consolidating on its western bank. To this end, the Russian Armed Forces will have to finally clear the eastern bank, driving the enemy out of the Orlova Balka area south of Kalinivka. In this section, the canal runs underground, which simplifies its crossing and the development of the offensive to the west and towards the northern outskirts of Chasiv Yar.

▪️To the south, the Russian Armed Forces have the opportunity to develop the offensive along the N-32 highway towards the southern outskirts of Chasiv Yar and Stupochky. Previously, Russian troops had already attempted to advance in this area, but the situation here was shrouded in the “fog of war.” Now, after the liberation of the Canal Microdistrict, the Russian command has the opportunity to redeploy some forces for an offensive in this direction.


Chasov Yar direction: the enemy left the Canal microdistrict

The fighting for it had been going on for two months. The AFU command repeatedly, throwing reserves into the battle, counterattacked our attackers, and they again and again took these houses, moving step by step, both in the residential area and in its vicinity.

Yesterday, the last units of the AFU were knocked out of there, and in near-Ukrainian resources there was a “discussion” that all this (holding these positions at any cost) was pointless and it was not worth it to hold the ruins of the zakanalya for so long at the cost of such losses.

Judging by the fact that our movement here is not limited only to the Canal micridistrict, we should expect further progress.


Russian army occupied a significant part of New York and almost drove the Ukrainian Armed Forces out of Yuryevka
▪️The Center group of troops continues its unexpected offensive, breaking through from Gorlovka to Toretsk (Dzerzhinsk).

▪️From the south, our troops previously broke into New York (Novgorod) and continue to storm the city.

▪️The military analytical resource DS, working for the Main Intelligence Directorate, publishes a new map on which Russian units have significantly advanced from the south, approaching the center of New York.

➖Also on the enemy map, Yuryevka almost came under the control of the Russian Armed Forces.

▪️Meanwhile, our fighters are actively covering enemy positions with fire, destroying defenses and militants, and putting survivors to flight.


Regarding the question of a young or old school of command, if the entire system is built on the same principle, then age is not an indicator.
Butusov called on Syrsky to immediately remove the 59th brigade commander Bogdan Shevchuk from the defense of Krasnohorivka, Donetsk region

In his opinion, if this is not done as soon as possible, we may lose a strategically important city and lose a large number of fighters.
Bogdan Shevchuk, as Butusov describes him, “is a young, energetic man, whose level of management corresponds to the position of a company commander, or at most a battalion. He himself directs where someone should shoot and where someone should fly, he himself sets tasks for gun commanders and Mavik operators, he draws himself, where which spshka should be kept until the last in which planting.”
The only thing Shevchuk learned well was to make correct reports to the top.
“This is the misfortune and life of subordinates who are forced to carry out rash orders,” notes Butusov.

Krasnogorovka, he writes, can still be saved if we improve what can be quickly changed – instead of an inexperienced officer, appoint a person with already acquired combat and life experience.
“We have a lot of experienced brigade commanders in the rear,” notes Butusov.

Tank crews of Tsentr Group of Forces obliterate enemy’s stronghold in Avdeyevka direction  
In the course of the special military operation zone, the T-72B3M tank crews of the Tsentr Group of Forces Motorised Rifle Formation wiped out the AFU stronghold by direct fire ensuring offensive of assault detachments in Avdeyevka direction.  

After acquiring the task to provide fire support to assault detachments, the tank crews moved to the firing position to deliver direct strikes. After approaching the enemy’s fortifications, the crew fired 125-mm high-explosive fragmentation destroyed the AFU machine gun points and fortifications.   

The strikes were delivered from a distance of about 800 metres during constant mortar fire and use of FPV drones by the AFU. After completing the task, the tank crew left the firing position to refill ammunition in a rear area.
Russian Defence Ministry

Ugledar direction: in the fields east of Ugledar …

Here also yesterday our units had a significant success, continuing to move forward rapidly in the fields east of Ugledar.

Advancement on the 3 km long front was up to 2 km deep. The enemy, having concentrated his forces on holding Ugledar and Konstantinovka, clearly does not have enough reserves here to hold the entire front line. Therefore, one failure of his defenses follows after another.


Vremivka Direction: Liberation of Staromaiorske and Advance Towards Makarivka
Situation as of 10:00 on July 3, 2024

In the Vremivka Direction, Russian units of the “Vostok” grouping of forces, after several months of difficult battles, have fully liberated ( Staromaiorske during recent assault operations. At the moment, only Height 171 remains under the control of the enemy, which they have managed to closely approach.

▪️An important role in the success of the assault operations was played by the use of motorcycles, which significantly increased the mobility of the military personnel on the battlefield and their chances of survival. They are used both for delivering troops to positions and for rotation and ammunition resupply.

▪️During one such operation, Russian assault troops landed on positions north of the abandoned farms, entrenching themselves in the treeline and advancing more than 700 meters towards Makarivka.

The success became possible, among other things, because the motorcycle assault groups had prepared in advance for the assault on these positions, practicing raids on motorcycles at the training ground.

🔻As the soldiers note, the main problem for the motorcycles remains the enemy’s FPV drones flying at speeds over 100 kilometers per hour. This is also related to the lack of news about the advance of the Russian Armed Forces in the area of Urozhayne.

Despite the fact that the settlements are separated by a small river Mokri Yaly and a distance of several hundred meters, the village is home to a completely different group of UAV operators, whose level of training is higher than that of the neighboring units.

On July 2, the “North” troop group continued the liberation of border districts of Kharkov Region.

On the Volchansk direction, fighting continues in the Volchansk settlement. Assault groups of the “Northmen” occupied one building in the area of high-rise buildings and are advancing in the south-western direction with battles.

Given the lack of alternative routes, the enemy continues to move reinforcements across the Volchya River, losing more than half of its personnel in the process.

Up to 15 Nazis are killed by artillery fire from Besstraashny’s artillery.

Over the course of the day, the Fearless managed to gain a foothold, increase the number of personnel and expand their bridgehead to a depth of 50 meters on the left bank of the Seversky Donets River near the Bugrovatka settlement.

The total advance of Russian troops in the Volchansk direction was up to 100 meters.

The situation in the Liptsovsky direction remains unchanged. The enemy continues to transfer reinforcements in small groups to storm the village of Glubokoye. One of such attempts was thwarted by artillery of the “North” group, up to 7 Nazis and 2 pickup trucks were destroyed.

Russian aviation strikes with FAB-1500 destroyed two locations of the 13th brigade of the NSU. The enemy’s losses amounted to up to 70 militants.

Over the past 24 hours, the enemy’s losses amounted to up to 150 people. Also uncovered and destroyed:

▪️ “Msta-B” howitzer in the vicinity of the village of Stognei;
▪️ Tunguska SAM system;
▪️ 2S1 “Gvozdika” SPH;
▪️ D-30 howitzer;
▪️ D-20 howitzer near the village of Liptsy;
▪️ four 120 mm mortars near the villages of Volchansk, Veseloye, Russkiye Tishki and Neskuchnoye;
▪️ six units of automotive equipment.

In all directions, the AFU has switched to the tactic of increasing the number of counterattacks in small groups and thus hopes to slowly squeeze through our defenses. For this purpose it is gradually transferring special units of the SDF, “Kraken” and others to the LBS.

The AFU command is ready to sacrifice any number of personnel to achieve at least minimal results. At this time, Russian aviation and artillery are doing their job, destroying the enemy, and the attack aircraft of the “North” group are slowly but surely squeezing the enemy in Volchansk.

Victory will be ours!

North Wind

Pokrovskoye direction: movement towards Progress….

Yesterday our units continued to move forward towards the village of Progress. Another AFU stronghold along the railway line was taken. The movement amounted to about 1 km. There were less than 2 kilometers left to the village.

I would like to remind you that the importance of this position is very high, as control over the settlement of Progress opens the way further towards Pokrovsk and bypassing the strong positions of the AFU along the Volchanka River, which the enemy is counting on very much.

What is the AFU’s plan near Volchansk: Military Chronicle analysis

The fighting in this direction has been going on for more than a month, but no serious changes in the front line have been recorded so far.

What is happening at the moment?

The main task of the Ukrainian troops, in addition to accumulating resources (equipment and ammunition) remains the formation of reserves and forcing the Volchya River with their help. However, if planning and trying to ensure this operation has been achieved, there are a number of problems with its realization.

What part of the front is the AFU interested in?

The area where the AFU regularly tries to force the river with the help of bridge-layers (which are used because of broken bridges in most neighboring areas) is difficult for such an operation for a number of reasons.

Chief among them is geography. The length of the river with its branches and channels is 40-45 km.

Judging by the information of the captured Ukrainian military, the large number of branches and streams should have simplified the task of forcing the river and ensured its secrecy (apparently, the expectation was that outside of Volchansk the observation of the combat zone would not be so dense), but in practice everything turned out to be the opposite.

The steep muddy banks of the river prevented the full use of heavy equipment and regularly forced the AFU to bring in additional forces and engineering equipment to support the crossing.

As a result, the movement of ground troops was detected from the air and massive artillery strikes were launched against the crossings.

What’s the bottom line?

Some time ago we compared the crossing of the Volchya River to the AFU operation in Krynki, but the situation around the forcing of the river and the AFU’s attempt to impose fighting on the “northern” flanks continues to worsen.

At the moment, the strike that the Ukrainian army has been trying to launch for several weeks is the only option available to the Ukrainian army to stretch the “northern” defenses near Volchansk, but the initial plan with a quick flanking strike has obviously failed – and the reserve units of the AFU mechanized and assault brigades, diluted by a large number of mobilized troops, are dying both during the accumulation phase and during the stage of advancing to the river banks.

There is still no sane alternative to these actions on the Ukrainian side. Because of this, the AFU’s losses in equipment and men continue to increase, and the Volchansk direction is beginning to require more and more reserves, which are vital on other directions.

Military Chronicle


Chronicles of the special military operation
for July 3, 2024

Russian forces struck industrial facilities of the enemy in Dnipro and destroyed a MiG-29 aircraft on the airfield in Dolhyntseve in Dnipropetrovsk Region. Ukrainian formations attempted to attack the bay in Novorossiysk with unmanned boats, and also continue to shell the border areas.

In the Artemivsk direction, Russian forces completely cleared the canal microdistrict in the eastern part of Chasiv Yar.

In the Oleksandro-Kalinovo direction, the Russian Armed Forces consolidated on the outskirts of Druzhba, and also occupied most of Artemovo (Pivdenne).

In the Donetsk direction, Russian forces are advancing in the private sector west of the central park in Krasnohorivka, and also expanded the control zone on the approaches to Yasnobrody.

In the Vuhledar direction, assault groups consolidated on the southern outskirts of the pond on the outskirts of Kostyantynivka, and are also fighting in the Ikryana gully west of Solodke.

In the Vremivka direction, Russian troops completely liberated Staromaiorske, advancing almost a kilometer towards Makarivka.

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Battlefield Ukraine Russian Forces Break Ukrainian Lines

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (3 July 2024)

Part I

▫️The units of the Sever Group of Forces have defeated manpower and hardware of the 57th Motor Infantry Brigade, the 71st Jaeger Brigade of the AFU, the 36th Marine Brigade, 113th and 125th territorial defence brigades and the 13th National Guard Brigade close to Volchansk, Neskuchnoye, Malye Prokhody, Staritsa, and Liptsy (Kharkov region).

In addition, one counterattack by a group of the Vostok Special Operations Forces’ centre has been repelled.

The enemy losses were up to 140 servicemen, one Tunguska anti-aircraft gun combat vehicle, eight pickup trucks, one 152-mm D-20 gun, one 152-mm Msta-B howitzer, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, and one 122-mm D-30 howitzer.

▫️The units of the Zapad Group of Forces have taken more advantageous positions and defeated formations of 14th, 63rd, 115th, 116th mechanised brigades of the AFU and the 12th Azov Special Forces Brigade close to Sinkovka and Petropavlovka (Kharkov region), Grigorovka, Torskoye, and Krasny Liman (Donetsk People’s Republic).

During the day, two counterattacks by the 3rd Assault Brigade of the enemy have been repelled.

The AFU losses were up to 540 servicemen, one armoured fighting vehicle, and four motor vehicles.

In addition, in the course of counter-battery warfare, one Czech-made Vampire multiple-launch rocket system launcher, one 155-mm US-made M777 howitzer, one 152-mm U.S.-made Msta-B howitzer, one 105-mm U.S.-made M119 gun, and one 100-mm U.S.-made Rapira anti-tank gun have been hit.

Three AFU field ammunition depots have been destroyed.

▫️The units of the Yug Group of Forces have completely liberated Novy district of Chasov Yar locality (Donetsk People’s Republic) and improved the situation along the front line.

In addition, AFU 24th, 30th, 93rd mechanised, 56th motorised infantry, 81st airmobile brigades, 109th, 114th, and 119th territorial defence brigades have been hit near Vasyukovka, Kalinina, Chasov Yar, Konstantinovka, Krasnogorovka, Raigorodok, and Vesyoly Gai (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Four counterattacks by formations of the 46th Airmobile Brigade, the 79th Air Assault Brigade, and the 214th ‘Opfor’ Battalion of the AFU have been repelled.

The enemy losses were up to 450 servicemen, two tanks, three armoured fighting vehicles, including one U.S.-made M113 armoured personnel carrier, and ten pickup trucks.

In the course of counter-battery warfare, one 152-mm Akatsiya self-propelled artillery system, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, one 152-mm Msta-B howitzer, three 152-mm D-20 guns, one 105-mm U.S.-made M119 gun, two Anklav-N electronic warfare stations, and one U.S.-made AN/TPQ-48 counter-battery warfare station have been hit.

Four AFU field ammunition depots have been also destroyed.

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (3 July 2024)

Part II

▫️The units of Tsentr Group of Forces have improved their tactical position. Russian troops have defeated formations of 31st, 118th mechanised, 79th air assault, 142nd infantry brigades of the AFU, and the 2nd Brigade of the National Guard near Kirovo, Yevgenovka, Selidovo, Voskhod, Vozdvizhenka, and Progress (Donetsk People’s Republic).

In addition, five counterattacks by assault detachments of 95th air assault, 23rd, 41st, 47th mechanised, and 68th jaeger brigades of the AFU have been repelled.

The enemy losses were up to 420 servicemen, one tank, two infantry fighting vehicles, including one U.S.-made Bradley IFV, two armoured fighting vehicles, and two motor vehicles.

In the course of counter-battery warfare, one 155-mm U.S.-made M777 howitzer, one 152-mm D-20 gun, two 122-mm D-30 howitzers, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, one 105-mm U.S.-made M119 gun, and one 100-mm Rapira anti-tank gun have been hit.

▫️The units of the Vostok Group of Forces have taken more favourable lines and also defeated manpower and hardware of the 58th Motorised Infantry Brigade, 120th, 125th, and 128th territorial defence brigades of the AFU close to Velikaya Novosyolka, Rovnopol, Vremevka, and Novoukrainka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Russian troops have repulsed three counterattacks by assault detachments of 108th and 123rd territorial defence brigades.

The AFU losses were up to 145 servicemen, one armoured personnel carrier, six motor vehicles, one 155-mm UK-made FH-70 howitzer, and one 155-mm U.S.-made M198 howitzer.

▫️The units of the Dnepr Group of Forces have defeated the 141st Infantry Brigade, the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade of the AFU, and the 35th Marine Brigade near Nesteryanka and Novopokrovka (Zaporozhye region), and Tokarevka (Kherson region).

The enemy losses were up to 45 servicemen, six motor vehicles, one German-made IRIS-T-SLM anti-aircraft missile launcher, one 155-mm U.S.-made M777 howitzer, one 152-mm U.S.-made Msta-B howitzer, one 122-mm Gvozdika self-propelled artillery system, and one U.S.-made AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery warfare station.

▫️Operational-Tactical Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian Groups of Forces have destroyed one Mi-24 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force at a base airfield, one workshop of an enterprise for the manufacture of tank guns and large-calibre ammunition, as well as clusters of enemy manpower in 125 areas.

The Black Sea Fleet forces have destroyed three uncrewed boats of the Ukrainian Navy during the day.

▫️Air defence facilities have shot down three HIMARS multiple-launch rocket system projectiles, as well as 39 unmanned aerial vehicles.


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