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Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Part III - Declassified US Military Documents Confirms Protocols

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Vatic Note:  This Military Intel Study was triggered by the discovery of the Protocols of Zion back in the early 1900′s due to its blatant intent to take over nations and undermine their sovereignty and the US was concerned about their own after having WW I.   Europe was also concerned as was the US about Russian Bolshevism and its threat to the world, and the rumor was it was run by International Jewry (Zionists).   This is a beginning of the HISTORICAL account of that study, and various hearings held and testimony at congressional hearings as a result of the release and declassification of this top secret document trying to determine whether these protocols had succeeded in underming the nations interests and safety.  Its a very enlightening document and well worth taking the time, if you really want to understand what is happening in our world.  Please keep in mind the term Jewry in 1919 was the equivalent of Zionism today which is different than the terms ”Israeli’s” or “Jews” since the zionists are neither.  Keep in mind,  Israel was not a state at that time, rather it was called Palestine.  Also keep in mind it was the British that carved up the ME after WWI in order to control the oil.  Its interesting to see what the concerns and issues of the day were back in 1919… Since I am a history buff, this was absolutely fascinating.

Declassified US Military Intelligence Documents Confirmed Genuineness of the Protocols Of of the Elders of Zion In 1919.
Thursday, 17 May 2007

November 22, 2001

The Power And Aims Of International Jewry (Zionism?)

Read the following declassified United States Military Intelligence Division Report on the Protocols of Zion and you will see that the US MID believed the Protocols to be authentic. Everything else is just Zionist noise.

THE POWER AND AIMS OF “INTERNATIONAL” JEWRY (Use in 1919, today its Zionists and will be reflected for accuracy here since ashkenazi’s are not ME Jewry)

The below given report is a U.S. War Department investigation and evaluation of issues generated by Zionist power. It was compiled in August 1919 and given SECRET classification until 1973.

A hard copy of this document may be obtained from U.S. National Archives in Washington DC, – its number is 245-1.   (This is PART 1, of serial parts as transcribed by PAPUREC.)


The recent emphasis in American public opinion placed on the part the Jews have been taking in world events, has seemed to warrant the Department in undertaking a preliminary study of the particular matters in controversy and also the larger question of the scope of Jewish influence in world affairs today. Among the more important points around which controversy has waged are:

1. The authenticity of the so-called Jewish Protocols, which purport to set forth a Jewish plan, centuries old, of world domination.

2. The question of how far Jewry as such is connected with Bolshevism, not only in the Soviet Government of Russia and Hungary, but in all the other countries of the world and particularly Germany and the United States.

3. The various phases of the Polish question:

(a) Whether the Jewish anti-Polish propaganda in the United States has been based on actual widespread Jewish Pogroms in Poland, or

(b) Whether, on the contrary, the stories of pogroms have been greatly exaggerated as a part of a deliberate Zionist propaganda to get for the Jews in Poland minority rights which both factions of American Poles publicly denounce as amounting to the creation of a state within a state.

(c) How serious is the nation-wide secret boycott against all Jews and Jewish goods recently started by the American Poles and other Slavic sympathizers ?

It is self evident that in controversies such as these the Jews are strongly on the defensive on one side while the Slavic peoples are bitter in their denunciation upon the other. The important thing for us, however, is the fact that Americans in the main do not sense the situation nor appreciate its dangerous possibilities. Unfortunately there is too much truth in the charge made by the Slavs that the reasons for this is that the American press is so largely owned and controlled by the Jews. Witness the fact that the so-called Jewish Protocols which constitute by far the most serious charge against the Jews of those above enumerated, have never been mentioned in any American publication other than the official report of the Senate Judiciary Committee containing the testimony about the Protocols.

III. THE JEWISH PROTOCOLS:  (vatic has reorganized the info a bit for easier reading but has changed no content at all.  If you wish to see it as we received it click on link above)

The so-called Jewish Protocols purport to be the official pronouncement of the program of Jewish world domination drawn up by Theodore Herzl the founder of the modern Zionist movement and presented by him in 1897 to the inner circle of the first Zionist Congress at Basle, Switzerland. A summary of them was first published in Russia about 1905 by Serge Nilus who claims to have had a copy stolen from the Zionist files in France. In 1915 [barely legible on doc. possibly reads 1916] Nilus wrote another book entitled “IT IS NEAR RIGHT AT THE DOOR”, dealing largely with the danger of the Jew in world affairs. Here he sets out what he claims to be the full and exact translation of the Protocols. This book was published early in 1917 at a Russian Monastery near Moscow, but shortly after the first Russian Revolution of 1917 it was ordered suppressed and so even in that country it was exceedingly difficult to obtain.

Dr. George A. Simons testifying before the Senate Committee said (Pages 135, 136 and 137 of the Record):

Senator Nelson: Are Lenine and Trotsky Yiddish ?

Mr. Simons: Lenine is from a very fine old Russian family, so we are told, and is intellectually a very able man. A fanatic, he was called the brains of this movement. Trotsky is a Jew. His real name is Leon Bronstein.

Senator King: Why are they so bitter toward religion, especially the Christian religion ?

Mr. Simons:   There is a gentleman here in America who last night called on me, Dr. Harris A. Houghton, I think is his full name. I knew him out in Bay Side when I was the pastor of that church. He called on me last night. He is a Captain in the United States Army. I had not seen him for six years. He asked me whether I knew anything about the anti-Christian element in the Bolshevik regime. I said, “Indeed I do”. I do know all about it.” He said, “Did you ever come across the so-called Jewish protocols ?” I said “Yes, I have had them.” “I have a memorandum” he said, “and last winter after much trouble I came into possession of a book which was called “REDUSTI, ANTI-CHRIST.” Now, Dr. Houghton in the meantime had investigated this. He had come into possession of this book, which is quite rare now, because it was said that when the edition came out it was immediately bought up by the Jews in Petrograd and Moscow. That book reflects a real organization. That book is of some consequence. But the average person in official life here in Washington and elsewhere is afraid to handle it. Houghton says that even in his intelligence bureau they were afraid of it.

Senator King: Tell us about the book. What is bad about it ? Is it anti-Christian ?

Mr. Simons: It is anti-Christian and it shows what this secret Jewish society has been doing in order to make a conquest of the world, and to make the Christian forces as ineffective as possible, and finally to have the whole world, if you please, in their grip; and now in that book ever so many things are said with regard to their program and their methods, which devetail into the Bolshevik regime. It just looks as if that connected in some way.

Now, I have no animus against the Jews, but I have a great passion for truth: If there is anything in it I think we ought to know. The man who wrote it is considered a truth-loving man, a man held in the highest esteem by the authorities of the Russian Orthodox Church. ******

Senator Nelson: In this book that you refer to is there anything that goes to show that this Bolshevik government of Russia are supporting, directly or indirectly, this book of protocols ?

Mr. Simons: Before answering that question I should like to see that translation, because I do not know how this thing has been done. (A pamphlet was handed to the witness.)

Senator Nelson: You have seen the original book ?

Mr. Simons: Yes. Some very finely educated Russian generals of note have told me that they considered this as an authentic thing, and they say the marvelous part of it is that nearly all of that is being executed under the Bolsheviki.

It is true by his extravagant statements since giving this testomony Dr. Simons has been somewhat discredited. However, while on the stand, under oath, he spoke with unusual care, and other people who had been in Russia at the time covered by his testimony were unable to criticize his story. Those of his statements reprinted in the press brought out the first public condemnation of Bolshevism by such Jewish leaders in America as Louis Marshall.

Recently the Department was able to examine what is said to be the only copy now in the United States of this Nilus book containing the Protocols. At that time photostatic copies of the Russian text were made for the Department files.

As stated above, there has been no reference in the press to the existence or the contents of the Protocols, nor to Dr. Simons testimony concerning them, although there was wide publicity to this more general charges as to the part the Jews were taking in the Bolshevik Government and an equally wide publicity to the vigorous denial of leading American Jews to this letter charge. Nevertheless, the testimony concerning the Protocols, which was given at an open public hearing and which has recently been published in the official Senate Report, has given them a certain limited publicity. We have been informed at second hand that an English translation of the Protocols has been shown to Justice Brandeis and Jacob Schiff each of whom vigorously disclaimed their authenticity, Mr. Schiff asserting that they are a creation of German propagandists. This explanation seems almost impossible considering the circumstances of the Russian publication – facts which perhaps were not made known to him, at the time he saw the translation, much less probable than the suggestion said to have been made by Justice Brandeis that the Protocols are the creation of a fanatic Russian anti-Semite.

It is not the purpose of this memorandum to make any argument toward establishing their genuineness. As previously stated, [hand written insert illegible] the Protocols are attributed to Herzl himself and one certainly must note the identity of thought found in the Protocols on the one hand and in Herzl’s public writings, and in the writings of other prominent past and contemporary Jewish leaders on the other. (Note 1.)

Note 1:

Protocol 1, page 1: “According to the law of being might is right.”

Protocol 1, page 3: “Our right lies in force.”

Herzl, “The Jewish State”, page 2: “For this, as indeed every point which arises in the commerce of nations, is a question of might. ******* In the world of today and for an indefinite period, it will probably remain so, might precious right.”

A number of similar illustrations such as the quotations relating to the “Terrible power of the Jewish purse” are set out in Appendix A.

Some of the important events which have occurred since 1897 have fulfilled in a striking manner the predictions and aims expressed in the Protocols themselves. (Note 2.)

Furthermore, it is impossible to read far in the Protocols and in the public writings of Hess, Herzl and other Jewish Leaders without being impressed with the constant reiteration of certain fundamental principles and ideals. Among the more important of these around which the forces of Jewry are now rallying are the following:


1. The Jews are a nation held together by their commom enemies. (Note 3.)
2. With the Jews Nationality and Religion are inseparable and co-extensive.
3. All groups of Jews from the extreme radicals (Poole Zionist) to the most conservative, are united in this National Religious Movement.
4. Once a Jew always a Jew.
5. The teachings of the Talmud still exercises a profound influence on Jewish life.
6. Judaism and Socialism are different expressions of the same movement.
7. The Jews consider themselves the original exponents of internationalism and the League of Nations. (Note 4.)
——————————– O ————————————
Note 2: The coming of a world war is predicted which the Jews are to secretly promote. The creation of the chaos of Bolshevism is described as to be worked out by Jews all over the world as a step towards Jewish world dominion. For a fuller discussion of these and similar illustrations see Appendix B.

Note 3: See Herzl’s “Jewish State” page 4, and Dr. Solomon Prest, of the United Synagogues of America. (New York Times, June 17, 1919, page 3.)

Note 4: For a full discussion of these principles with citations from Moses Hess, Theodor Herzl, Bernard Lazarre, H. Sacher and the lectures now being distributed by the Zionist Organization in America, see Appendix C.

In any event the Protocols are of suggestive value in the study of present-day International Jewry. They indicate possible or probable fields of Jewish activities, aims and methods, and as such, without relying on them at all as evidence in themselves, we have used them as a point of departure for some phases of our study.


(a) There is, of course, a vast amount of material in the Department relating to this problem. Here, however, a mere outline will be sufficient to indicate the general tendencies. The following quotation will illustrate the widespread participation of Jews in all revolutionary movements:

(1) Theodore Herzl’s “JEWISH STATE”.

Page 8. “Educated Jews without means are fast becoming Socialists.”
Page 10. “When we sink we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of the revolutionary party.”

(2) Theodor Herzl’s “CONGRESS ADDRESSES”.

Page 13. “That the Jews constitute a disintegrating element is habitually maintained.”

(3) Lecture on “SOCIAL ZIONISM” published and now circulated by the Zionist organization of America.

Page 4. “From the days of the prophets down to the present time the Jew has been the inveterate enemy of tyranny and our contribution to the ranks of labor leaders and social philosophers is one of the marvels of history. In ancient times it was Isaiah, Jeremiah and the lesser Prophets who thundered agains those who added “house to house” while the common people were suffering against huger and privations. The thinkers and leaders of the Socialist Party during the last century, Karl Marx, Ferdinand Lasalle and many others were Jews, even though some of them sold their birthright for “a mess of pottage”. In fact any careful historian must come to the conclusion that the Jews are a race representing the great social factor in modern history.”

(4) Rabbi Judah L. Magnus, who has been very closely associated with Jacob H. Schiff, in a speech before the Jewish Labor Congress January 15, 1919 published in the JEWISH FORUM for February 1919 states:

Page 722: “When the Jew gives his thought, his devotion to the cause of the workers and of the dispossessed, of the disinherited of the world, the radical quality within him there, too, goes to the root of things, and in  Germany he comes as Marx and a Lasalle, a Haas and an Edward Bernstein; in Austria he becomes a Victor Adler and a Friederich Adler; in Russia a Trotsky. Just take for a moment the present situation in Russia and Germany. The Revolution set creative forces free, and see what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service. Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviki; Bolsheviki; Majority and Minority Socialists whatever they be called ******* Jews are to be found among the trusted leaders and the routine workers of all those revolutionary parties.”


(Continued in Part IV)

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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      /story/119/044/The_Big_Lie_of_the_Protocols_of_Elders_of_Zion_Shows_How_Hate_Kills.html -=- -=- -=- -=-
      The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum reports: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the most notorious and widely distributed antisemitic publication of modern times. Its lies about Jews, which have been repeatedly discredited, continue to circulate today, especially on the Internet. The individuals and groups who have used the Protocols are all linked by a common purpose: to spread hatred of Jews. The Protocols is entirely a work of fiction, intentionally written to blame Jews for a variety of ills. Those who distribute it claim that it documents a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. The conspiracy and its alleged leaders, the so-called Elders of Zion, never existed.” has captured on the Internet, the 1921 London Times article proving “The Protocols” are a forgery. It provides a transcript of Philip Graves’ articles published in the London Times, August 16 to 18, 1921, entitled “The Protocols of Zion – An Exposure.” The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was part of the Anti-Semitic campaign used by Adolf Hitler in his book, Mein Kampf. When Adolf Hitler came to power, the Nazis made “The Protocols” required reading for German students. In The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jewry 1933–1945, Nora Levin states that “Hitler used the Protocols as a manual in his war to exterminate the Jews.” The apocryphal “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” has also been republished throughout the Middle East and Arab world in contemporary times. The charter of the Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas explicitly refers to the Protocols of Elder of Zion as factual, and it is referenced in Article 32 of the Hamas Charter.

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