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Horses Skin Melt Off in California- Fukushima? People Are Next?

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“Nuclear Fallout is the residual radioactive material propelled into the upper atmosphere following a nuclear blast or a nuclear reaction conducted in an unshielded facility, so called because it “falls out” of the sky after the explosion and shock wave have passed. It commonly refers to the radioactive dust and ash created when a nuclear weapon explodes, but this dust can also be originated in a damaged nuclear plant. This radioactive dust, consisting of material either directly vaporized by a nuclear blast or charged by exposure, is a highly dangerous kind of radioactive contamination….It can lead to the contamination of aquifers or soil and devastate the affected ecosystems years after the initial exposure…. A wide range of biological changes may follow the irradiation of animals. These vary from rapid death following high doses of penetrating whole-body radiation, to essentially normal lives for a variable period of time UNTIL the development of delayed radiation effects, in a portion of the exposed population, following low dose exposures.“ Wikipedia (Nuclear Fallout)


There you have it! Years later the effects of nuclear fallout from Fukushima will have diverse effects on the population and animals following a series of low dose exposures. I believe it’s likely we may be experiencing this and the animals are showing effects before humans.


Horses and other animals have been dropping dead in Japan and now animals here in America are displaying similar effects. While experts suggest this is some type of “mystery illness” affecting our horses, they are not 100% sure of the cause, but Fukushima radiation hasn’t even been thrown on the table due to the extent of cover-up from this major disaster.


The video below dives into the “REAL” details of this disaster and leaves you asking the question is this due to Fukushima or something else… You decide…




What can you do in the meantime about being Radiated?


The most extreme precaution would be to move to the southern hemisphere, but that’s farfetched and probably not likely for a majority of the public, and chances are radiation will eventually make its way their also.  


Probably the worse area for ‘fallout’ is the West Coast: California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Current Geiger counter readings are showing outrageous radiation level readings in some coastal areas; which can eventually cause cancer, tumors, and problems with the thyroid to those repeatedly exposed, as we are seeing with animals in the coastal cities. The bad part is a majority of the food is grown in the west, which is also bad news for the east side of the US. If you live in the east, I’d suggest buying food produced in the east or southern hemisphere when possible. For those on the west probably the best solution would be to grow your own food in a greenhouse environment with soil that has been scraped from a depth of at least 4″ below the topsoil. I know it’s not possible to grow all your food, but at least this will reduce some of the radiation in food products being consumed. If that’s not possible, then try not to purchase products made in California: milk, dairy, vegetable, fruit, and poultry; due to potential contaminates; try more locally grown. 


For all persons in the US I’d suggest abstaining from ingesting any sea food from the Pacific Ocean, this is probably one of the worst sources of radiation you can expose yourself too. There are massive fish die-offs and many animal mutations. Eat fish from the Atlantic if you have to eat sea food.


For those on the West it’s possible that your drinking water has radioactive particles. I suggest using a Reverse Osmosis system, which may be effective in removing “most” of the radiation particles or drinking water drawn from below the ground.


For those in coastal cities, I’d also recommend taking iodine pills. This will ultimately prevent your thyroid from long-term damage. 



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    • Man

      radiation doesn’t select specific animals… also 2 headed animals are seen quite often

      • WeBeDoomed

        It wasn’t a ‘nuclear’ explosion. It was a steam explosion closely followed by a hydrogen explosion. However, I completely agree about the BS

      • AnyOne

        Exactly! If everyone/things skin was falling off than I would agree. BUT even so, what can be done about it anyway??? :arrow: Move off the planet LOL

    • M

      I’m glad that Calif. is having a drought. Less radioactive Calif. vegetables, wine and fruit going across the country.

    • MSG Chicken

      Karma coming back for dropping A-bombs on the civilian population of Japan. Who would of thunk, huh?

      Now, even olive trees are dying in Italy, of all places. Next year olive oil price should go through the roof and will never be a commodity item anymore.

      (Rev 6:6 [KJV])
      And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and [see] thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

      • Goimon

        Don’t quite know what to say, but I think your conclusion lacks of logic.
        The attack on Japan was a result of a attack from Japan first, they hit and got hit in return.
        But now it is a different scenario: The cause of Fukushima is a nuclear underground atomic testing from the communist state North Korea, which leads
        to Communism is the current problem.
        At least I see no ressentiments between Japan and the US, or their postoffices which that war was between at… :D Sorry for the poor grammar. :mrgreen:

        • MSG Chicken

          You are very wrong here!

          The truth was the Americans broke the code of the Japanese but was known to only a few military and politicians. It is well-known now they KNEW of the attack far in advance but were told to SHUT UP about it order to game Japan into war with the Americans to draw them into the unpopular conflict.

          The paper in Hawaii reported in advance of the attack but never reported further on it. Perhaps they were threatened by the Democrap president. (A very wicked man) for allowing thousands of sailors to be sacrificed along with several battleships.

          I can go on in great detail but it is all over the internet. Read it yourself and decide how wicked your leaders can be. 9/11 was also planned and thousand were sacrificed there.

          Democraps require human sacrifice to worship at their altar of political ambition and they seek your blood to obtain blessings and approval of the god of this world who is never happy unless he can climb a mountain of your skulls to obtain the holy grail of complete human destruction in the form of WAR!

        • M

          @ MSG Chicken
          You are very wrong here!

          The truth was the Americans broke the code of the Japanese but was known to only a few military and politicians. It is well-known now they KNEW of the attack far in advance…
          Total propaganda to induce guilt.

          There was no ‘code’ of the Japanese, as they weren’t even at war with us at the time.

          You need to stop being so gullible. Don’t believe every ‘American guilt’ conspiracy you hear.

    • Anonymous

      What a load of horse crap. This site is really good at taking unrelated crap, mashing it together, and cramming into some made up conspiracy.

    • Anonymous

      4 Fukushima Nuclear power plants went into meltdown and 3 explosions took place sending Tons of debris into the Atmosphere. The particles stay in the upper atmosphere until it rains or snows collecting the radiation. This is why the Horses are the first to become sick, they are feeding off grasses which are 92% rain water. It has been reported the entire Pacific Ocean is dying and it will only take another year to go up the food chain to Humans. Milk is contaminated with radiation, meat of all types. I wish everyone on the West Coast the best luck but you really should move, your homes are becoming encasements of radiation growing with every rain storm. Being so close to the coast is problematic for life forms and Arizona is the safest place in the country?

      • Chew

        3 reactors melted down, not 4. The radiation that was released with the hydrogen explosions contained a dozen kilograms of cesium-134+137 and Iodine-131. Not tons.
        If skin is falling off from radiation then it would be from beta burns, not from ingesting contaminated grass. Horses spend all their time standing so they would receive the least beta radiation. All other animals closer to the ground would receive higher doses. Besides, the first sign of a high dose of radiation in mammals is fur and hair loss. These horses still have their fur so the cause is obviously not from radiation.
        The “Pacific Ocean is dying” stupidity started with a study by the Monterey Bay Aquarium that was intentionally misinterpreted. The misinterpretation got so bad the aquarium issued a clarification:

        • Anonymous

          Chew is a debunker who is lying, 500,000 gals of direct contact radiation water have been released into the Pacific Ocean nearly everyday from run off as all holding tanks in Japan are to capacity. The amount of radioactive material released is 520,000 TBq into the atmosphere between 12 to 31 March 2011 compared to 900 TBq in 19 days by the Chernobyl disaster which killed over 1.2 million people. The Global Research Center says that radiation levels at radiation monitoring stations all over the country are elevated. As you will notice, this is particularly true along the west coast of the United States. Every single day, 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima enters the Pacific Ocean. That means that the total amount of radioactive material released from Fukushima is constantly increasing, and it is steadily building up in our food chain.
          So Chew lied just like all the rest of the Obama paid lairs, don’t trust this turd.

        • WeBeDoomed

          Chew, I can tell you really know your stuff. Don’t try arguing with the retards on here by using scientific facts, you’ll just fail. I know I’ve tried :sad:

      • Chew

        500,000 gallons of water has a mass of 2086 tons, not 300 tons. If you can’t do a simple volume to mass conversion correctly maybe you should start over with junior high.
        Your numbers about Chernobyl are hilariously wrong. Chernobyl released 85 PBq of Cs-137; Fukushima released 30. Chernobyl released 1800 PBq of I-131; Fukushima released 500.
        The “1.2 million dead from Chernobyl” nonsense came from a book written by a Greenpeace activist and published by the New York Academy of Science. The book failed to pass peer review but the New York Academy of Science published it anyway. What you will never see mentioned on the websites you visit is that the New York Academy of Science also concurrently published why the book failed to pass peer review. The peer reviewer said the book was closer to “science fiction than science”. You can read the peer review here:
        Its name is “Centre for Research on Globalisation”, not “Global Research Center”. It’s just as unreliable as BeforeItsNews.
        Again I have to explain to you that the “ton” is a unit of mass; it is not a unit of measure of radioactivity. It is as meaningless to say 300 tons of radiation is leaking into the Pacific every day as it is to say your TV consumes 300 inches of electricity per day. The actual amount of radioactivity leaking into the Pacific is 3 GBq of Cs-137 per day. Compare that to the atmospheric nuclear weapons testing conducted in the 50s and 60s which dumped 310 PBq of Cs-137 into the Pacific. By the time of the Fukushima disaster it had decayed to 100 PBq. So Fukushima increased the amount of Cs-137 in the Pacific by 30%. Whoop dee doo. There is still so much Cs-137 in the Pacific from nuclear weapons testing that the radioactivity decreases by 6 TBq every day. The leak from Fukushima would have to be 2000 times greater than it currently is to keep the amount of Cs-137 at a constant amount.
        Radioactivity doesn’t build up in the ecosystem. If it did then every plant and animal on the planet would be glowing in the dark.

        • stevesmitty79

          Radioactive material may not “build up” in the ecosystem but it does lead to more toxic constituents. Plutonium is a byproduct of the nuclear process. Once refined for use in weapons, it is considered the most toxic substance on earth. Several kilograms evenly dispersed would kill every human on the planet. There was a significant amount of plutonium less refined that was released from lost hybrid fuel rods. So your point that fugitive radioisotopes don’t “bulid up” is moot. This catastrophe is on an order of magnitude many times Chernobyl whose effects speak for itself. The Pacific ocean is in danger and no one is really doing anything about it. Eventually, many communities in the path of this release will be impacted. Time will tell just how much that will be. None-the-less, any more radiation exposure than is necessary is detrimental.

        • Chew

          “Several kilograms evenly dispersed” won’t kill every human on the planet because 3400 kilograms of plutonium was evenly dispersed worldwide during the era of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing. What did you think made all those big mushroom clouds during the good ole Cold War? Fairly dust? No, it was almost all fission bombs and fusion triggers made of plutonium. The fission of 57 grams of plutonium will generate a kiloton of TNT equivalent explosion but only a small percentage of the plutonium was fissioned before the bomb blew itself apart. The average efficiency of the fission bombs detonated was only 20%; the remaining 80% of the plutonium was vaporized, lifted into the upper atmosphere, and spread around the world.

          See Table II on page 8:

          Plutonium is one of the most toxic substances in the world because it is a heavy metal. Its chemical toxicity will kill you before the radiation does.
          The 3 reactors that melted down at Fukushima held 69, 94, and 94 tonnes of fuel, for a total of 257 tonnes. Chernobyl was a huge reactor; it held 191 tonnes. So the reactors at Fukushima only had a third more fuel. But Chernobyl had no containment building and no containment vessel. It was basically a reactor sitting in a warehouse. The lid was blown off and the core was exposed directly to the atmosphere. The graphite caught fire and lifted the fission products into the atmosphere. Fukushima pales in comparison to Chernobyl.
          If the 310 PBq of Cs-137 dumped into the Pacific by nuclear weapons testing didn’t wipe out the Pacific and the inhabitants living on its shores, then the 30 PBq from Fukushima certainly isn’t going to do it.

    • An Observer

      This article is a load of disinformation garbage. You found a selection of images of various animals with various genetic or disease oriented problems, made up an outlandish headline, and through the word Fukushima in there. Good job on spreading worthless fear mongering crap with no basis on reality.



      • Anonymous

        It’s clear you are the one lying, saying Fukushima is not damaging the Pacific Ocean is clearly a lie of 10 on a 10 scale. Scientific America reported Star Fish are dissolving into mush. Over 3/4 of the fish have died off according to NOA and fisheries report that Crabs in the North Pacific have vanished. Wild life up and down the West Coast has vanished, this includes birds, bugs and marine life. Background Radiation across the US is reported to be the highest ever recorded Radcon 4. Infant deaths are at the highest level recorded for the North West United States and birth defects have ben rising. Radiation from Fukushima has been documented to be flowing into the Pacific Ocean at a rate of 500,000 tons a day from water used to cool the still hot reactors. It could take up to 150 more years for the reactors to cool down and Plutonium has a half life of 550,000 years. The Ocean currents bring all debris from Japan to the West Coast of the United States as we have seen with Boats and debris hitting our shores. Try lying to someone else your busted on Beforeit’

        • Chew

          Star fish turned to mush before Fukushima. The radiation from Fukushima hasn’t even reached the west coast yet so radiation can’t be the cause. Star fish are also turning to much in the Atlantic.
          NOAA reports the sardine and anchovy populations are experiencing their usual ~50 year cycle of decline and rebound. But again, the radiation from Fukushima hasn’t even reached the west coast yet.
          There is no such thing as a “Radcon 4″ level of radiation except on that privately-owned .com website, who incidentally, tries to sell you stuff. The readings that spike are from the usual Radon Washout that occurs after every rainfall.
          The “infant deaths” idiocy was from the hilariously flawed “study” by Sherman and Mangano who cherry-picked the cities with the highest infant death rates and excluded the cities with the lowest infant death rates then compared that to all the cities from the previous time-frame.
          The groundwater passing through Fukushima is 400 tons per day, not 500,000. Anyway, the “ton” is not a unit of measure of radioactivity. The amount of radioactivity actually leaking from Fukushima is 3 billion becquerels of Cs-137 per day. Is that bad? Ask the people living on the coasts of the Irish Sea. The Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Facility which intentionally pumps 15 billion becquerels of Cs-137 into the Irish Sea every day.
          The Fukushima cores are only putting out .01% of the heat compared to when they were shut down. That is not enough heat to melt the cores anymore and it certainly isn’t enough heat to melt through the 7 meter thick concrete basement floors.
          There is no isotope of plutonium that has a 550,000 year half-life. Its half-lives vary from 14 years to 80 million years, but none have a half-life of 550,000 years.

    • nemoricole

      It couldn’t be due to the radiation from Fukushima. This kind of abnormality has not occurred in Japan. Japan does not have so much chemtrail as you have, so the atmosphere is not as contaminated as Calif.

    • FusedNail

      Good. I hope California becomes a radioactive wasteland.

    • HfjNUlYZ


    • Pattie

      Deer continue to drop dead in Montana: (we personally know one rancher who allows hunters to hunt his land who told us that he has not one whitetail on his property–something that has not ever occurred in the forty years he has owned his property). Driving the roads of Montana you would see deer everywhere, now you see very few and the mule deer seem to be much smaller in size. It’s odd indeed!

    • porkrind

      Horses Skin Melt Off in California-
      Its NOT Fulushima!!!! I like Lisa’s reporting and I do believe that there are real problems with Fukushima but this is NOT one of them.
      It took me a whole 30 seconds to figure this one out and its so obvious after looking at the photo of the horse with the hot chick feeding it.
      You can clearly see the inside wall has been eaten by the horses. That type of wood is a pressed type wood called particle board and it contains Formaldehyde.
      Formaldehyde is a carcinogen!!! Please take the horses to the vet immediately for proper treatment.

    • porkrind

      Formaldehyde ingestion results in severe corrosive damage to the gastrointestinal tract followed by CNS depression, myocardial depression, circulatory collapse, metabolic acidosis and multiple organ failure. The toxic effects of formaldehyde in experimental animals include irritation, cytotoxicity, and cell proliferation in the upper respiratory tract, ocular irritation, pulmonary hyperactivity, bronchoconstriction, gastrointestinal irritation, and skin sensitization. Other reported effects include oxidative stress, neurotoxicity, neurobehavioral effects, immunotoxicity, testicular toxicity, and decreased liver, thyroid gland, and testis weights.

    • larry

      Radiation is not selective.

    • Blessed

      I don’t see any Veterinary reports on the domestic animals. I find it curious that there are no reports or tests done on these animals. I do know there is quite a cover up on radiation levels on the West Coast and Hawaii. We will always be lied to. People need to remember that the “powers that really rule the world want all but 500,000,000 people/slaves to remain when all is said and done. Agenda 21, Georgia guide stones, etc. The world is ruled by the king lies, where will you ever find the whole truth?

    • criss2002r1

      I wish my skin would fall off then I would fly home…..

    • Earthmuffin33

      Alfalfa would’t effect only the white skin on a horse. Its something external. Probably too much UVb.

    • Pix

      Going by the photo’s that is not skin melting off, there is nothing wrong their skin, it’s hair loss. Which could be from mange, or ring worm, or many other such mundane causes of hair loss in animals, even a reaction to antibiotics can cause hair loss in animals… so as usual Lisa is spewing ignorant fear porn.


    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Humm, thought I had commented on this…

      If it happened to animals how come it did show up in humans??? And don’t give me the crap about government cover-ups!

    • rugerdooger

      It’s obvious someone’s never worked on a farm before.

    • resonator

      When your skin falls off you see muscle tissue.
      I don’t see that here.
      I see missing hair.

    • BungalowBud

      These are radiation effects from small amouts. I have the fallout effect from a Nuclear attack that is on my web site. It’s too scary to put on here but later? I can’t stress enough the importance of our Radfo Model to save 500,000 lives but the radiation effect of millions can also be achieved. This varies day to day and your location to the major cities when this occurs. I have the sources that verify that it will occur. The timing is importance and also the completion of this model and building data. I need data from Chicago & NYC and they refuse to release the data. What can you do? For now, for an introduction.

    • Quirin

      ((sigh)) This is just not HOW radiation WORKS. It’s not LIKE on Gilligan’s Island when the vegetables mutated horribly and hugely. Radiation tends to give creatures cancer, and generally just KILLS living things. Meanwhile, the picture you are using for a lead-in is from an article entitled, “Rare Virus Vesicular Stomatitis Now Spreading Rapidly” ( and it has NOTHING to do with radiation. And this is how stupid spreads… :/

    • STRAW

      People will never admit its Fukushima…its to scary to wrap there minds around so they will tell themselves it can’t be, to cope with lying to themselves.

    • 131313

      The horse in the picture you provided hasn’t lost its skin, it’s only lost hair! Geez!

    • conscious soul

      There is ONLY ONE WAY, and that is through Jesus/ Yashaya. Please accept Christ into your heart and repent of your sins. Admit that you are a sinner and do everything you have within yourself to turn away from those sins. Jesus/Yashaya will not let you go once you give yourself to him. He sacrificed himself for ALL of us. Of course its not always easy.  Ephesians 6:12 ” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.  Accecpt the way of the light, grow your faith in Christ, stand in your faith. These are the last days and WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR SOULS! Love you ALL! GOD bless and may he have favor with us all!

    • The Watcher


    • David Gordon

      Looks more like sunburn. Only the white areas of the paint horses are affected. The skin under most white fur on any species is usually pink. The Japan farmer has a white Shetland and other paints are in the picture. Also many competitive horses are shaved – taking away much their protection.

      Not to dismiss the severity of the (planned) Fukushima disaster, but increased solar – not nuclear fall-out – radiation may be the culprit. The sun is brighter whiter and hotter than when I was a kid. We used to use yellow crayons specifically for the sun – what kid would do that today? It is white-hot now.

      BTW I use powdered sugar on my dog’s pink nose – works great – stays on – not poisonous – no sunburn this year. Also: Texas is a State not a city and foal is pronounced like goal, not fowl.

    • Scorpallain

      It is a horrible skin disease but thats all it is..not radiation. If it was radiation humans would have their hair falling out also along with every other animal out there and everyone would be sick. Like one poster said, ” Radiation doesn’t select specific animals” .

    • Solar)Geometry

      For following a leader that was quoted as saying, “Fear not”, Lisa sure finds a lot of things to fear.

    • charlie2dogs

      is the skin falling off of the humans that work with the horses?

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