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Worse Than Satan - Ahriman is Coming

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Worse Than Satan: Ahriman – The Antichrist – as described by Rudolf Steiner a Century Ago


Despite years of research while writing Antichrist 2016-2019, I had never read about Ahriman – an evil spiritual being in early Persian religion and legend. But the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) wrote about Ahriman at great length in his final years, portraying him as a future counterbalance to Christ.


Some students of Zoroastrianism think Ahriman may be the first description of the Antichrist. In the earliest texts of Zoroaster, in Yasna 45:2 of the Avestan language Gathas, “Angra Mainyu” was the “angry spirit” or spirit of destruction or evil which was Zoroaster’s antithesis to Ahura Mazda, the spirit of good and creation. In the Persian language that followed Avestan, “Angra Mainyu” became “Ahriman.” Much later Persian traditions would write Ahriman’s name upside down in contempt for the destructive one “whose religion is evil.”


Even later concepts of Ahriman describe the Creator’s omniscient foreknowledge of Ahriman’s future evil rebellion, but that it would be wrong “to punish Ahriman before he wrought evil” before he commits it. The world must wait for the conclusive battle between good and evil, even though the Creator knows how and when evil will inevitably lose. For centuries very little was said about Ahriman until the topic was revived by Rudolf Steiner. In addition to his expertise in German philosophy, Steiner was an adept of ancient wisdom teachings and occult traditions – but towards the end of his life he adopted Christianity (at least in some ways) on top of other unorthodox beliefs.


In the traditional Christian concept of the battle between good and evil, the personification of all that is good and holy is Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God and a form of God incarnate, while the main evil being Lucifer (also known as Satan) is the one attempting to overthrow God’s plans for the universe – and humanity in particular. In many non-Christian traditions, a lesser god does this by introducing fire or knowledge or technology to mankind and is viewed not as completely evil but as the wisdom-bringer or light-bringer. In similar traditions Satan/Lucifer suggests that instead of obeying God and accepting God’s limitations for us, through greater knowledge men can become like gods themselves. Steiner said: “Luciferic wisdom was of the utmost benefit to man” and should not be viewed as inherently evil unless taken to the extreme in which God’s supremacy is questioned.


This is certainly a rare perspective on Satan, but in line with the idea that before his fall from heaven, Satan was the wisest, most beautiful, and most powerful archangel of God. Whether viewed as a light-bringer or as completely evil – the culmination of Satan’s plans to take over Earth and humanity – in traditional religious thinking – will be at the end of the present world age through Satan’s own “son” or incarnation in human form, the Antichrist.


But Steiner seems to argue for a powerful triad of influences on mankind: at the center of Steiner’s theosophic view, Christ is the good and powerful center, balancing against two distinct sources of evil extremes. (This reminds me of “the middle path” of spiritual ascent in Buddhism.)  On one side, Satan acknowledges the existence of God and human spirituality, but argues that we should not be limited by God’s rule or restraints on our behavior or our acquisition of knowledge. Satan argues that we should aim to be like gods ourselves.


Ahriman, in Steiner’s theosophy, influences mankind to believe that there is no God or spirituality at all; that the material world is the whole of existence, therefore morality and religion are useless. While Satan may have helped to reveal scientific thinking and add it to early spiritual beliefs, Ahriman attempts to conceal by denying spirituality and removing religion from modern scientific thinking.


How did Steiner come to such views, and why should we take him seriously as having any kind of authority or knowledge on these topics? Steiner was an editor on the works of Goethe and Schopenhauer, and an expert on German philosophers in general. He received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Rostok – he was an accredited intellectual – and he founded his own new philosophy of Anthroposophy. This concept postulates an objective, intellectually understood spiritual world which can be directly experienced through the development of one’s mental faculties of perception, imagination, and intuition. It values independent thinking and conclusions based on intuition, though subject to rational, scientific verification. Anthroposophy merges science and spirituality without dogma or institutions, just individual rationalization.


This view of reality came after a personal vision Steiner had of meeting Christ in person. In Steiner’s words, his personal “experience culminated in my standing in the spiritual presence of the Mystery of Golgotha in a most profound and solemn festival of knowledge.” It may be difficult to take some of his unorthodox views seriously, but Steiner was not crazy. In addition to earning a PhD, lecturing in many countries, teaching as a university professor, authoring many books, and writing several plays – Steiner was also an innovator in many unrelated fields. He influenced local architecture and banking and the formation of “Camphill” homes for the developmentally disabled. He spoke out against anti-Semitism and the dangers of the new and rising Nazi party in Germany until Hitler made him flee Germany in fear. He founded the science of biodynamic agriculture, a holistic method of integrating entire farms into one organic “organism” which is now practiced widely in the United States and Europe. He founded the first Waldorf Schools, which holistically integrate their elementary school students’ intellectual and artistic development with practical applications – in over 2,000 schools in over 60 countries. Steiner was a renaissance man of many talents, but conforming to traditional religious views was not one of them.

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In 1919, Steiner gave a lecture in Zurich under the name “The Ahrimanic Deception.” Early in the lecture, he said: “From many anthroposophical sources, you will know that the further we go back in mankind’s evolution, the more we find a different constitution of the human soul, and something like an ancient, original wisdom underlying the whole evolution of humanity. You know, further, that certain traditions of an ancient wisdom of mankind were preserved in close, secret circles, right into the nineteenth century. They have even been preserved into our own time — but not, for the most part, at all faithfully.”


Steiner felt that all versions of “the truth” or “religion” or “the word of God” have been warped and mistranslated and abused, such that the forms we know today are – both by accident and intentionally – are misrepresentative of the true nature of things. Steiner stated that, “a great part of mankind today is already under the control, from one side or another, of Ahrimanic forces… The Ahrimanic impulse proceeds from a supersensible Being different from the Being of Christ or of Lucifer.… The influence of this Being becomes especially powerful in the Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch… the true nature and being of man is essentially the effort to hold the balance between the powers of Lucifer and Ahriman; the Christ Impulse helps present humanity to establish this equilibrium…”


Steiner continues: “Now it is characteristic of such things that they are prepared long in advance. Ahrimanic powers prepare the evolution of mankind in such a way that it can fall a prey to Ahriman when he appears in human form within Western civilisation… Ahriman will appear in human form and the only question is, how he will find humanity prepared?”


Will we have a strong Christian tradition and resist Ahriman, or will we have lost our spiritual way? Will we be mired in materialism and the glorification of the individual’s pursuit of pleasure – or will we cling to God and Christ through hard times (the Great Tribulation) or submit to evil (the great apostasy) under the dictatorship of Ahriman? Although the entire concept seems to present Christ as a mere balancing act, Steiner does acknowledge that while both Satan and Ahriman attempt to ruin humanity’s relationship with the divine, Christ raises humanity up from its descent into the material and brings us back to the spiritual.


Even this is hardly in line with standard Christian concepts, but since many writers delving into this subject say “Ahriman would seem to equate with the Christian perception of the Antichrist” – and I have been very interested in calculating the timing of the arrival of the Antichrist – I was intrigued to read enough to learn more about Steiner’s thoughts on this “Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch” and see if he felt that his studies of the occult clued him in to a more precise timing of the arrival of this Antichrist figure he called Ahriman.


From all my other research, I have concluded that the last great human civilization probably was at its peak around 10,500 B.C. and was destroyed no later than 9,600 B.C. Steiner seems to say that his ages correspond approximately with 2160 year zodiac ages, so if we are about five ages in then our current time frame is certainly in the same ballpark for the arrival of Ahriman – but this still leaves us with a vague range spanning a minimum of several centuries. Has Steiner been more specific? Yes he has.


Steiner believes that Lucifer incarnated into human form first, most heavily influencing human civilization up to and for a few centuries beyond the time of Christ. Eventually Christian teachings became widespread and influential, but there was no clear demarcation from one age to another, as in different places influences from Satan lasted longer before Christian concepts were introduced and took hold. Israel was also influenced by pre-Christian concepts long before Christ, as the Old Testament had been preparing His way since at least the time of Moses.


Likewise, Steiner says that secret societies like the Illuminati and Freemasonry have been aiming to achieve an “Age of Reason” for centuries, and this attempt at a New World Order in which Christianity is just for the weak and stupid masses as Frederick Nietzsche wrote in his philosophical book: Antichrist. This also creates a chronological overlap of influence in which materialistic and Ahrimanic principles have been pushed for centuries ahead of Ahriman’s arrival.


Steiner said: “Viewed historically, we find that the Luciferic preponderated in certain currents of cultural development of the pre-Christian age and continued into the first centuries of our era. On the other hand the Ahrimanic influence has been at work since the middle of the fifteenth century and will increase in strength until an actual incarnation of Ahriman takes place among Western humanity.” Steiner believed that Lucifer incarnated into this world in China in the third millennium B.C. – over 2,000 years before the central event of Christ’s incarnation in Israel. Although Steiner ‘s “Christianity” included some highly unusual views like: “men understood the Christ through what they had received from Lucifer” – Steiner still viewed Christ as the central pivot of humanity’s spiritual influences – and chronologically, that means that Ahriman should be expected to incarnate just over 2,000 years after Christ’s incarnation.


Geographically, since Lucifer was east of Christ, Steiner expects Ahriman in the West early in the third millennium: “there will be a Western incarnation of the Ahriman being some little time after our present earthly existence, [not long after those present at the lecture in 1919 are dead] in fact, in the third post-Christian millennium.” One blog writer even claimed many years ago that: “researcher Rudolph Steiner also spoke of Ahriman. He would, said Steiner, emerge in the early 21st century in North America.” While I cannot find these exact words elsewhere, and said blogger may have sensationalized such specific details, it does appear that Steiner believed in ancient wisdom teachings suggesting that the Antichrist spirit will incarnate into a Western leader soon after the year 2000. Is there any significance to such occult teachings, or is it all deceptive nonsense? Steiner seems to be against Ahriman, but he seems at least somewhat supportive of Satan.


We can see this in Steiner’s giant sculpture “The Representative of Humanity” (the sculpture itself is in Dornach, Switzerland, in the Gotheanum – Steiner’s tribute to the works of Gothe… and the image can also be found on the book cover of The Representative of Humanity: Between Lucifer and Ahriman. In the sculpture, Jesus Christ plays a central role, with one hand raised as if to prevent or at least cushion Satan’s fall from heaven – while Ahriman is trapped in a more hellish cave below ground.


We can also detect Steiner’s preference for Satan over Ahriman in his lectures: “Strange as it may appear to many people, it is just as one-sided to view the world solely through the Gospel and reject any other search into true reality, as it is to view the world from the standpoint of Galileo and Copernicus, or of university materialistic science in general… For do not forget what I explained at the beginning of today’s lecture, how in the time in which the Gospel falls, men were still permeated by the Luciferic impulse in their thought, feeling and general views, and that they could understand the Gospel by a certain Luciferic Gnosis. But the grasp of the Gospel in this old sense is not possible today. No real understanding of the Christ can be gained if one relies merely on the Gospel, especially in the form in which it has been handed down.”


Steiner is hardly a Christian source of information. So when his conclusions on the timing of the Antichrist are supportive of my own conclusions, should I still view this occult knowledge as knowledge none the less, especially when it agrees with what I have determined from the Bible? Satan has access to the very throne room of heaven… he knows the truth… but does he deceive or enlighten? Does he use Steiner to give a misleadingly wrong time frame for the arrival of the Antichrist to throw us off course? Or does he use Steiner to give us the true timing from an occult perspective knowing Christians will then cast the baby out with the bath water and discard the truth because of the source?


Although I do not believe in “Ahriman” or agree with Steiner’s theosophical triad or that Satan and Ahriman are opposite extremes of evil, this early 21st century timing for the appearance of the Antichrist does agree with my own timeline. In researching my recent books, I calculated from biblical information and other ancient sources that the politician who is eventually revealed to be the Antichrist will be a powerful Western politician and will have Satan incarnate into his assassination surviving, miraculously revived body in June 2016.


But even if I am one hundred per cent correct in my interpretation, the date and the identity of the Antichrist cannot be conclusively known by the entire world until that day, when God commands The Restrainer to stop restraining. Only then will evil incarnate into an apparently assassinated politician at a new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem which, as of 2015, has not yet been rebuilt on the Temple Mount. No amount of academic evidence can prove my timeline ahead of God’s schedule. My books may offer unique insights into the biblical Antichrist – but in the end we all need to watch and wait to know for sure.

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— contributed by David Montaigne, author of 

End Times and 2019

Antichrist 2016-2019

The Two Witnesses of Revelation: Will Elijah and Moses Return in 2016?



Steiner, Rudolf. (Matthew Barton – translator.) The Incarnation of Ahriman: The Embodiment of Evil on Earth: Seven Lectures Given Between October and December 1919.


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    • Man

      you do know that Zoroastrianism became before Christianity. so that means that Christianity stole from it.

      Even worse, you acknowledge that the divine entities and the religion is true

      • MikeSavage

        You are claiming this Father, God thE Almighty, stole something from a false religion to create the ‘one true faith”. That claim is nothing short of insane. Christendom, which is all sects/denominations CLAIMING falsely to be Christian, has stolen many things, and taught nothing but lies since their inception in the fourth century. They are NOT Christian.

        • Judge Roy Bean

          You need to read chapter 2 ans 3 in Revelation as this the prophetic judging of the seven church types and Yahshua only finds two of the seven church types worthy.
          Much of organized Christianity is apostate. The reformers had a chance to take the church back to the first century Christian teaching which is nothing like today, with the false pagan holidays of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween, all coming out of the Great Whore church in Rome and some of passed to the daughters. Sunday worship replacing the true 7th day Sabbath one more serious error in the churches.

          • MikeSavage

            God finds NO church worthy of anything but destruction. Jesus and his Father taught AGAINST religions and churches throughout the scriptures. ALL of organized Christianity is apostate and is false religion, being called works of the flesh and Babylon the Great.

        • Man

          true scotsman fallacy.

          so how do you know that you know you are practicing the right religion? Because your basis of the Christian god is based on the bible that is put together by the council of Nicaea who also picked and chosed what practices and literature was canon.

          or haven’t you read all the Apocrypha texts…??

          besides Zoroastrianism came into being 1000 bc and they were the first monotheism that had similar myths/ god concepts as Christianity. if you reference their mythology and see them as true, then you are legitimizing the religion as true

          • Buffalo

            You will believe it when you die….then all your zorowhateverastrianism wont help u much maaannnn :wink:

            • Man

              hahaha serious, what kind of empty threat is that?

              Pascal wager is just so stupid.

              So how do you know that yours isn’t the faulty one?

          • Matt

            Religion has ability to make rational intelligent people stupid :grin:

            You are normally adopt the culture/religion you are born in too,doesn’t make it correct but if you are born in to it it will be as valid as anyone’s belief…

      • PeoplePower

        Warning Exposed: Elisabeth Elijah & Renee M Satanic Sisters in Cult!

        Renee Moses’s is a FRAUD. Stay away from this Satanist…

        Sept 23rd Failed Rapture Date of Renee M Now Says Jan 7th 2016

        Don’t be deceived, expose these frauds…No one knows the exact day of the Lord Almighty…

      • Anonymous

        Just because something claims to come first does not mean it came first. Earth’s history is far older than you think.

    • my2pesos

      Ahriman ~ Ham I Ran
      Ahriman ~ A Hr. I Man

      • my2pesos

        Rouhani ~ Hour an I
        Rouhani ~ Hour ‘n’ AI

        • Sean

          m2p was looking for you, what does George Orwell’s – INGSOC – mean?

          They say it means Socialism but that sounds too easy, I think it may mean something else, I don’t know, can you break it down and let me know, thanks

          • David Montaigne

            The “I” is misleading it means ENGlish SOCialism

            • King of Shambhala

              Steiner knew nothing about the Kalachakra and Shambhala.
              So, they inverted all the notions of good and evil.
              They thought good was evil and evil was good.
              It’s a human error to mix things up.
              People get IKEA furniture and few can assmeble it right.

              Steiner, Anthroposophy, and Shambhala
              Then we have someone called Rudolf Steiner, a German, and he left the Theosophical movement because he didn’t agree with them about Krishnamurti being the new messiah. He said that Christ will reveal the land of Shamballa (Shambhala) with his Second Coming, and Maitreya will be there as the spiritual leader of Shamballa. Maitreya in Buddhism is the future Buddha, and he calls him the Antichrist associated with Lucifer…

              Question: He calls himself this?

              Alex: No, he calls Maitreya the Antichrist and associates him with Lucifer. Lucifer, one of the names of the Devil.

              …and he [Maitreya] will purge the world of misunderstanding of the Christian teachings and teach the true message of Christ. And his [Steiner’s] followers established what is called the Anthroposophical Society.

              So now we see a slight shift in the other aspect of how the idea of Shambhala developed in the sense that it was associated with destruction – in this case with Lucifer, even – that’s going to destroy wrong views and bring back the true teachings. Again, one has to remember that this is in a period of time when all these movements developed when they didn’t really have any further information, and so they were trying to adapt what they had learned from the little bits and pieces of the Hindu and Buddhist tradition, and tried to adapt it to help people at that time to deal with all the difficulties that they had, especially between the world wars.


            • King of Shambhala

              Well, as it says in the excerpt below also in the same way people in the comments here have no idea what the meaning of Kalachakra is and they mix up good and evil. They mix up Satan with God. Obama’s the Antichrist aka Satan and I’m the Messiah; Follow me fast or burn in eternal hell. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hurry said the Bible.
              Again, one has to remember that this is in a period of time when all these movements developed when they didn’t really have any further information, and so they were trying to adapt what they had learned from the little bits and pieces of the Hindu and Buddhist tradition, and tried to adapt it to help people at that time to deal with all the difficulties that they had, especially between the world wars.


          • Bill Lyle

            Red, there’s no decoding anything. There’s Anagram generators, online. Here, try this…..


            2pesos just needs a hobby.

          • my2pesos

            World’s Leader ~ Orwell’s Dread

    • magusincognito

      Luciferic spirits and Ahrimanic spirits are not congruent. However, they can (and do) work in concert. Anthroposophists have known about this for a very long time. And we don’t hide it from the rest. It’s right there; in the open. What you’re pointing at is most certainly not a new discovery…like Biodynamic farming that turns standard farms into Greenhouse Gas consumers (i.e. instead of producers) or Waldorf Education, which is the fastest growing school system in the world. And when the Star Wars Trilogy was written, who did George and Marcia Lucas turn to for help? That would be a think-tank of Anthroposophists. Interestingly, most have never heard of Anthroposophy. But it’s like anything else that’s new to people…they don’t know this, so it’s all wrong.

      • magusincognito

        And FYI: Dr. Rudolf Steiner was not simply and adept. He was an Initiate. He was clairvoyant since he was a boy. (And he goes into the difference between an Initiate and a plain ole clairvoyant in hi lectures.) Steiner’s lectures- that he corroborates via Akashic -on the Gospels are highly recommended.

        This stuff is not standard reading. Many of his lectures were not meant for the public- just those who had a background in the materials. They were released to the public years later.

        Steiner was one of the most significant human beings i modern times. People like Einstein were children compared to him. And he could pull apart their offerings using their science, then add- via the spirit -what was missing; point out why it is incomplete and incorrect.

        Those who do not like Steiner’s offerings are typically the dullards and those who simply do not want to have to re-learn things. (They like being ignorant slaves and believe that all should have to share their fate.)

    • magusincognito

      The Ahrimanic Deception A lecture by Dr. Rudolf Steiner:

    • magusincognito

      Ahriman’s (i.e. Satan) purpose was thwarted because he knew nothing of the divine plan whereby a being — the Christ — was to be sent to the Earth.

      The gods have placed Ahriman into the evolution of the earth, but, in making use of him, they have forced him to come down into the evolution of the earth without completing his own rulership.

      One who understands the entire evolution of mankind knows that the gods have overcome Ahriman by using his forces for the benefit of the Earth. But his power has been broken because the gods themselves learnt to know death in the being of Christ. They have forced him to come down into the evolution of the earth without completing his own rulership.

      If Ahriman would succeed in convincing men against all other convictions that man can live only in his body and that, as a spirit-soul being, he cannot be separated from his body, the idea of death would seize the souls so strongly that Ahriman would be able to realize his plans quite easily.

    • Syco

      god is dead, satan is a fairy tail, religion is the biggest lie ever told, and if there is a hell we are already there.

      • Armed Gentleman

        Man, it must suck to be you. How come you haven’t killed yourself yet?

        • Elekwense

          He just wants to party a few more days until the inevitable, like staying up late on Sunday night to try and delay the Day of Judgement. He can’t admit that he’ll return to god, so he lies to himself by believing he’ll cease to exist to make himself feel better.

    • MikeSavage

      The antichrist does NOT refer to any individual, it refers to all who are antichrist. Any religion of man and their members are antichrist. jews are antichrist. Pagans are antichrist. Anyone believing in falsehoods about God or Jesus are antichrist, such as those who believe in a pagan trinity. God, Jesus, and God’s holy spirit are NOT a trinity. In fact, all but about ten million on Earth now are antichrist. The term refers to them all as a class or group, NOT TO AN INDIVIDUAL. The teaching that the antichrist is an individual comes from antichrist religions like those who make up Christendom, all sects/denominations of Christendom. The teaching comes from man, not from God.

      • Maxxy

        Mike…..there will be an ‘individual’ who will assume the mantle….he’s a supernatural being, with an identity and personality. Was created by the LORD, in “the full pattern”….All the rest of what you think about it…is, in my opinion, your own desire to judge others.

        • MikeSavage

          No, what you are repeating from false religion is not true. No single, one antichrist exists, or ever will. It is ALL who are part of religions, and all who reject God in other ways besides rejecting Him through religions.

          • Maxxy

            mike….I’ve no doubt that you see it exactly the way you see it, and can find ample reason for your understanding….I can probably see some of what you say, too but…there is another reality coming, and it will manifest exactly like it has been, manifesting…….in the image of God. The scripture tells us what it is all constructed of and how and why its all necessary. Your “sophistry”, and your singular and peculiar interpretations make you look a bit silly and uninitiated. Like, you don’t get out much, and when you do, its among individuals who don’t know what you’re talking about at all…..makes you feel powerful don’t it, son? How many have you tried to deceive with your drivel? But the real question is -’why?’

      • Damien

        A man of sin or man of lawlessness is a figure referred to in the Christian Bible in the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians. He is usually equated with the Antichrist in Christian eschatology.

    • Anonymous

      Mostly reminded me of Daniel 10:12-14 And he said to me : Fear not, Daniel : for from the first day that thou didst set thy heart to understand, to afflict thyself in the sight of thy God, thy words have been heard: and I am come for thy words.
      13 But the prince of the kingdom of the Persians resisted me one and twenty days: and behold Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, and I remained there by the king of the Persians.
      14 But I am come to teach thee what things shall befall thy people in the latter days, for as yet the vision is for days.

      • my2pesos

        Space Train ~ Persian Cat
        Space ‘n’ Train ~ Satan Prince

    • zero

      Interesting. For a while I was into “Abraham Hicks” teachings, until it dawned on me that what they teach is essentially the direct opposite of what all the great spiritual teachers in history taught. AH is all about pursuing and satisfying your earthly desires, while earthly desires have been universally regarded as a barrier to true spirituality throughout history. Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism all warn against being seduced by material desires, other faiths probably do too, but I haven’t studied them all.

      Krishna: “That man attains peace who lives devoid of longing, free from all desires and without the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine’.

      “But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.” James 1:14

      Buddhism teaches that there are three poisons that lead to evil:

      1. greed or desire, is attraction to something we think will gratify us.
      2. anger, hatred, animosity, ill-will, aversion.
      3. ignorance or delusion.

      AH teaches all three in various contexts.

      It makes me wonder if “Abraham Hicks” is actually “Ahriman Hicks”. If you take the view that they’re leading people astray through selfishness and pursuit of earthly desires, they’ve been very effective at it. There are about 331,000 YouTube videos related to AH, and many millions of views.

      • Sight.Eternal

        I am not familiar with Abraham Hicks, so I really can’t give an opinion about him. In your comparison quoting the scripture from t he book of James you need to understand that James was speaking in regards to the human heart condition towards sin and where it actually comes from in the first place. James is explaining that all sin starts in the heart first and it’s not a result of something outside of ourselves that brings us to commit to sin in the first place. A man can be rich and lack for nothing but still hate his brother in his heart because that is the condition of his heart towards his brother. Jesus told his followers that a man who looks upon a woman and lusts after her has committed adultery in his heart and is just as guilty of committing the physical act of adultery as far as the LORD is concerned. It’s a heart issue to begin with, not because of. A person could have everything and still be be greedy

    • Lucifer Morningstar

      I’m your worst nightmare… :evil:

      • Anonymous


      • Maxxy

        …like a pimple on my arse…could give me nightmares….

    • Doccus

      I can’t swear to this, but I beleive that the original case the “Exorcist” was based on was something to do with the persian Ahriman. It may in fact the the very entity that was being exorcised. Any professional exorcists out there know their demons and are able to confirm this?

    • Bill Lyle

      I’m just happy that Montaigne didn’t try to tie this legend to Obama, for once.

      • King of Shambhala

        It’s refreshing to see the sodomite Bill Lyle admit he’s an Obama fan in that comment above.
        Why do these shills work forr Obama?
        After all Obama’s got no birth certificate.

    • James - Divine Love Spirituality

      From The Urantia Book we understand who Lucifer and Satan really are, their level of authority in our local part of Creation and their negative influence upon us – what their rebellion against Jesus and God is all about, some of which is touched upon in this article by David. Read the papers on the Lucifer Rebellion as it puts so much misunderstanding into a perspective that not only actually makes sense but one that we can relate personally to in all our lives.

      Anyhow, the thing Christians who are believers in or followers of or adherents to any part of the Christian religion fail to understand is that Lucifer and Satan didn’t know about Jesus’ planned and unexpected arrival on Earth. They had everything rocking along nicely. They were evolving different religions through the various ages, slowly progressing humanity toward one homogenous state of living and so one contrived religion. But then suddenly Jesus appeared, the very person they are rejecting and believing they are better than, so what to do? A state of panic ensured.

      And not only were all their plans suddenly looking like going down the plug hole, but Lucifer and Satan’s reign itself was instantly ended with them being interned on a prison world – re:The Urantia Book. So then what happened?

      And this is where The Urantia Book is invaluable for it introduces us to two other major players that are rarely if ever spoken of, two other major evil spirits that were fully in league with Lucifer and Satan and were in fact their partners in crime who were dealing directly with Earth – Urantia. Lucifer and Satan were overseeing their rebellion on numerous earth worlds and their affected mansion worlds in spirit, whereas Caligastia and Daligastia were dealing directly with Earth.

      Jesus by his coming terminated the Lucifer Rebellion as in stopped Lucifer and Satan from continuing to negatively influence the rebellious planets. But Jesus didn’t completely terminate the rule and influence of Caligastia and Daligastia, who as The Urantia Book informs us, were able to keep going negatively influencing humanity though to a somewhat lesser degree than before owing to the ever present influence of Jesus’ Spirit of Truth that he liberated upon his death and ascension to the Father in Paradise.

      So with Lucifer and Satan out of the picture and with Jesus’ Spirit of Truth supporting all truth-seeking souls on Earth, how were Caligastia and Daligastia and all their like-minded evil spirit followers and supporters in the mansion worlds to keep going with their plans of keeping humanity under their control and carrying out Lucifer’s and Satan’s original ideas. What could they do?

      And so naturally what they did was use Jesus and all he said to their advantage. So they sought to influence and bend the minds of individuals on Earth who were happy to go along with their cause, even possibly unknowingly, but because it appealed to their own needs for power. So they contrived much of the Bible, adding and subtracting all that helped their cause, resulting in the Christian religion as we know it today. So unknowingly, by being ‘Christian’ you are unwittingly supporting the Evil Ones in their quest for one dominant all-controlling religion. And one in which they’ve masterfully presented with it being contrived of falsehoods and untruth all to sound like it’s in keeping with what Jesus – the Master and God wanted, but it’s not, it’s designed to keep you living untrue to yourself, looking in the wrong direction and worshipping in fact a false Jesus.

      And so because of this, Jesus himself came to James Padgett to tell us just how false this Christian religion is, how wrong it is and where it goes wrong, and to re-tell us – re-reveal – the lost truths he said all those years ago which if followed, such as longing directly to the Father for His Divine Love, will help us heal our soul of our wrongness and point us in the right spiritual direction toward Paradise, and help us understand really what Jesus was all about and who he really is.

      But whilst you maintain your belief that Jesus is God, and that Jesus died for your sins and that Mary his mother immaculately conceived him and all the rest of the made up stuff, you’ll never see your way clear of the untruth, nor will you understand that by adhering to the Christian religion you are actually doing exactly what Lucifer and Satan wanted. That you’ve fallen for their sophistry, that you are unknowingly following them, that you are anti the real and true Christ, that you are an anti-christ, and that you are anti the truths Jesus reveals and teaches us in the Padgett Messages.

      And worst of all, that you’re continuing to hurt yourself, causing yourself great soul-pain, all of which you have to keep suppressing by constantly reasserting your belief in this false ‘religion of truth’.

      The true religion of truth is the Religion of Feelings, which if you’d like to look more into and understand how to heal your wrongness can be looked at here:

      • James - Divine Love Spirituality

        This part interests me: “…the Antichrist will be a powerful Western politician and will have Satan incarnate into his assassination surviving, miraculously revived body in June 2016.”

        Following my previous post, lately Caligastia and Daligastia have also been removed from directly interfering with humanity, all of which has meant that the mansion world spirits, which are all spirits who have lived lives on Earth, are now in something of a dilemma as what to do, now all the higher Evil Ones have been removed. So there have been many power struggles going on between the controlling factions, all the different religions, the elite dynasty lines, and anyone else and any other group that wants to have a say in the future of humanity from spirit. And those power struggles are then passed on through to people on Earth who represent each of these spirit groups.

        So what might be possible is this politician David is referring to, or possibly another, undergoing something of an assassination experience only to be miraculously healed whereby one of the higher controlling mansion world spirits will be able to move closer to him, even potentially ‘possessing’ his body and mind to some degree.

        It’s incorrect to say that Satan will incarnate into this person as that goes again the Laws of Incarnation, so that can’t happen; and as I said, with Satan not being available any longer in person, then possibly some other sort of possession might occur with a higher mansion world spirit symbolically representing Satan.

        And if this happens it’s possible that the person because of the injury and being healed would show a marked change in personality, and even an ‘acceleration’ of sorts into a higher gear seeming to have more advanced psychic or intuitive powers, a greater mental capacity, and greater vision and sense of his own self-importance and confidence in being able to carry it out, all such ‘new’ attributes resulting from the unseen influence of the higher spirit or groups of spirits at the back of such a personality.

        This is of course all speculation, but something mighty spectacular will need to happen if such prophecy is to come to fruition, even if most of the truth involved is actually wrong. So we await the middle of the year to see if any of what David says happens.

    • Pix

      “Worse Than Satan – Ahriman is Coming”

      Worse than Satan, Ahriman and every demon you can imagine combined… the all knowing giant invisible IT, who all knowingly created them.

      • i am David

        i don like ahramen noodles cuz they hurt my teeth and i don lissen to pix as well cuz pix is stoopid

        i am David

        • David Mushbraine

          Davids my twin bruther. its why we look zactly teh same.

        • Pix

          Not so stupid I have to resort to puerile name calling. At least I make valid points and can debate them with objectivity.


    • Louis

      The above article says: “Steiner believes that Lucifer incarnated into human form first…”

      Sorry Steiner, but Lucifer doesn’t have the power to incarnate into human form. No angel, either good or evil, can assume a form of living human flesh.

      Read the Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas to learn the truth about angels.

      • Maxxy

        Never take any advice from Louis ….he is a papist and as such, worships a false Christ. He cannot offer any truth in these matters… his understanding has been corrupted by the traditions of men.

        • Louis

          Maxxy the genius says — “never take any advice from Louis.

          I know Louis very well — in fact Louis is me.

          Louis doesn’t give advice. All Louis does is discern sound doctrine from the best and most sanctified minds and repeat it.

          If you can’t see that, Maxxy, then you’ve got your head stuck up your you-know-what.

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