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The Final Days

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I have written several articles over the last few years talking about possible end times scenarios, that could take place in the near future. While the timing is always tough to predict, the general trend of these events seems to be moving forward towards the final end time tribulation talked about in the bible, written thousands of years ago. I believe we are now on a collision course with destiny and nothing anyone does from here on out can delay or stop this. Not that we as humans could ever stop God’s plan anyway, but if we as a people can live according to the bible, God can certainly delay things for a while if he so choses. I do believe that we have way gone past the point of no return and the final days are here now. The final 7-year Tribulation, which will be hell on earth looks to be imminent, possibly starting within the next few months. In this article I want to lay it all on the line and show just how Satan has infiltrated every aspect of our society, and the moral decay in the world has reached heights we could only have imagined a few years ago.

In past articles I have talked about all of the signs that we have seen happen in modern times going all the way back to 1948, when Israel was reborn as a nation. This major prophetic event started the final count down to the tribulation, which looks to be on the horizon and could really start any day now from the looks of things. The signs in the stars, the moon, sun, and heavens continue to this day. We had blood moons starting with the tetrad of 2014-2015 and continuing up until January of 2019 with the Super Blood Wolf Moon. There is actually a series of 19 blood moons going back to the year 2000 and ending in January of this year. The next blood moon will not happen for another 2 years. As I explained in my previous article “The Signs Continue,” we have also had the Revelation 12 sign, Star of Bethlehem Sign, and the Sign of Jonah in the last few years take place as well. On February 19th of 2019, we also had the 2nd in series of 3 consecutive Super Moons take place. This was the brightest Super Moon in 70 years, meaning it was closest to the earth since 1948. On March 20th 2019 we will have another Super Moon take place on the feast of Purim, which is also the day that some Rabbis in Israel think the Messiah will appear. Keep in mind the Jewish Messiah that these Rabbis are looking for is not the Messiah Jesus Christ that Christians believe is coming back at the end of the tribulation period. Their Messiah will be the Antichrist that will deceive the world and bring in the final 7-year tribulation period. Because the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah and had him crucified nearly 2000 years ago, God has blinded them to believe the lie and this false Messiah that soon will come onto the world stage. Of course, any Jew or Gentile that truly believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is saved now and will not be caught up in this lie, but sadly many will.

One of the main goals of Satan is too depopulate the earth in order to sustain his utopia, with only the elite few left and the rest being slaves in order to sustain them. The UN says a sustainable world would have anywhere from 200 to 500 million people on it, meaning about 7 billion of us have to go away. Satan has been working for a very long time to achieve this goal. The beast system that has been set up, has now infiltrated every facet of our society today. One of the many ways to achieve population control is through abortion, which goes back to people sacrificing their children to Moloch in the ancient days. In 2018 we had almost 42 million abortions take place worldwide. This is the biggest silent genocide in human history that very few people talk about. When people argue about abortion and when a fetus (baby) can live safely outside of the womb, they are talking about the physical aspects of the body. Based on this people can make an argument that a baby cannot naturally live outside of the womb until the woman is several months pregnant. Of course, there is a debate in the scientific community about when exactly that happens and no one can quite agree. While it may be true that a baby cannot live outside the womb until a mother is pregnant for a certain amount of time, what we need to look at is the soul of the child and not the physical body. With powerful microscopes scientists can now see when conception takes place in labs where fertilization can happen in a test tube. They have seen a flash takes place when the sperm fertilizes the egg. It is my belief this flash is the very moment the soul enters those cells and that is when life begins. So, each time an abortion takes place, even if it is only 5 minutes after conception, a soul is killed and the soul of that baby immediately goes to heaven even if it has no body. This means that nearly 42 million children from 2018 alone are up in heaven now still developing, but that is how many children were killed last year and it is freighting that the world is allowing this to happen. The abortion situation has gotten so horrific that now we have bills being passed in states, that allow abortion to take place up until the time of birth. We also have politicians, such as the Governor of Virginia supporting infanticide, which means allowing a baby to die after birth if it survives an abortion attempt before birth, without giving the child medical care. This is just absolutely insane and it is another reason why we are so close to the end.

Other forms of slow population reduction are adding dangerous chemicals to the water and food supply, the drug and prescription drug epidemic that is killing hundreds every day in the US and thousands globally, chemtrails that are sprayed in every country on earth now, the rollout of 5G, wifi, cell phone use, the amount of vaccines that children must take while they are very young, wars around the world, open borders which moves large populations of people from one place to another, the inflation of the currency which means people can buy less, the destruction of the manufacturing base in certain countries like the US, the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, gender fluidity (there are something like over 50 genders now, which is insane), the child and human trafficing that is a 32 billion dollar operation all over the world, and the teaching in schools that there are no absolutes in life and everything is up for interpretation. I could go on to explain all of these things further, but do some research into the globalist agenda and these operations are all supported by the elites that control this planet under the direction of Satan himself.

We are just about out of time, so I am using some stronger terms to try and wake people up to what is going on. All of these things mentioned above are against how God wanted us to live on this planet. By abandoning Gods laws for all this blasphemy, we have dug our own graves as a society and very soon there will be a day of reckoning for all this when the current system will completely collapse and the new one world system will take complete control. By weakening our immune systems, spirits, and souls so much, no one will be able to fight back against it. Many people even today have lost their God given ability to reason and have lost all forms of common sense. Many of the things the Holy Bible talks about are just common sense anyway if you think about it. Through all of these devices that Satan has used, we cannot even discern what makes sense anymore. One example is God made only 2 genders, Man and Woman in the garden of Eden. There are not 3 or more genders even if people would like to pretend that there are. If you are born a boy or a girl you will be that same sex throughout your entire life. You can have things surgically removed from your body, but that does not change the fact that your soul is still the same as when you are born. No matter how much you change the physical body it does not change what gender you were born with. A Man was made to be with a Woman and vice versa and that is a universal law that God set up. The bible calls it an abomination for men to be with men or women with women. These are absolutes that God set up and it is only Satan that has distorted the truth and many people have believed the lie. God made water for us to drink and food for us to eat. There is no need to add dangerous chemicals to our food supply if we just follow what God told us to do. G5 is a very dangerous weapon that will destroy people’s immune systems and ability to function when it is set up nationwide. I can go on and on, but you get the point that Satan and his globalists minions are using every means at their disposal to destroy much of humanity in order to complete the plan that has been in place since time began.

While all this is going on the globalists know that in order to fully implement their one world government, one world religion, one world currency, one world trading system, and mark of the beast system to track everyone on earth at all times there is one last piece of the puzzle that must be done. The peace plan (Trump’s ultimate deal) that Trump and Kushner have been working on for about 2 years now will most likely be the one that allows them to fully implement the plan. Once this peace plan comes out and is signed by all the main countries in the Middle East, according to reports it will divide up Jerusalem and give the eastern part to the Palestinians as the capital of their new state. The western part will be given to Israel and many of the holy sites will come under the control of the UN, Vatican, and possibly even Saudi Arabia. The Jewish people will be allowed to rebuild their third temple and the Antichrist will be revealed to the world. Jerusalem will become the capital of the New World Order and the Antichrist will set up shop there to rule the planet under his totalitarian rule. Half way through the 7-year tribulation he will walk into the temple and declare himself to be God, which will kick off the Great Tribulation period with the rest of Gods judgements to follow.

I know people have been discussing this for nearly 2000 years ever since Jesus talked about it during his life on earth, but now is the time where we see it all coming into place. 2018-2019 is the 70th year since Israel became a state and that year ends of May 14th 2019. There is good evidence to support the fact that the peace plan could very well be released before the 70 years is up. The plan maybe signed initially, but it will probably not be confirmed yet until after some calamity takes place shortly thereafter. The bible says in Daniel 9:27 that he (the Anti-Christ) will confirm the covenant with many of one week (meaning 7 years), which suggests that the plan is already in place. In Psalm 90:10 it says that a generation is 70-80 years long. Of course, Jesus talked about in Matthew 24 that the fig tree generation will not die off until all of the tribulation events take place. It is widely believed that the fig tree generation is the one that sees Israel reborn as a nation and of course that took place in 1948. 70 years later is this year and that ends on May 14th 2019. If you add 7 years onto this for the tribulation, we are already almost at 78 years at the time of this writing.

While 80 years is still a possibility in my view, 70 years is a much more realistic view of when all this could begin. The bible follows patterns throughout the entire text. Many events in the bible take place in certain intervals of time. Some important intervals of time in the bible are 1 day, 7 days, 40 days, 7 years, 40 years, 50 years, 70 years, 100 years, 120 years, 1000 years, and 6,000 years. If we look at 70 years there are 3 distinct events that happened in 70-year time intervals. The first 70 year event is after the first temple was destroyed the Jews (Hebrews back then) were in captivity for 70 years. After this timeframe, they were released by King Cyrus and allowed to go back to Israel and rebuild the temple. The 2nd temple that was built by them and was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD or 70 years after Jesus was born. The third major prophecy is about the city of Tyre that was laid waste in Ancient Israel. After 70 years in ruins the city reborn, so the speak. It is interesting to note that biblical scholars have figured out that Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam was created. Abraham’s father Terah was 70 years old when Abraham was born. God prophesied that Abraham would be the father of a great nation that would be God’s chosen people and he is recognized as the father of Israel. Today we have Israel that was reborn in 1948. 2018-2019 is 70 years after Israel was reborn and 1948 years after the 2nd temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

Many of the prophecies in the bible have dual fulfillments meaning they were fulfilled in biblical times and are also being fulfilled once again during the end times. Another 70 in the bible is the 70 weeks of Daniel, which actually corresponds to 490 years because each week is considered a 7-year period according to biblical scholars. The last 7 years of this prophecy is widely believed to be the final 7-year tribulation on earth. The first 69 weeks or 483 years were fulfilled in biblical times during the time that Israel was a nation with Jerusalem as its capital. The final week or 7-year period will be fulfilled during the tribulation period, when God will turn his attention away from the Gentile nations and back to Israel to fulfill the end times prophecies in the bible. What is interesting in that this prophecy in Daniel has a dual fulfillment. In the year 1535 AD King Suleiman ordered that the walls of Jerusalem to be rebuilt on top of what was left of the ancient walls that once stood. 483 years after this is 2018-19 where we are right now. If the 70 weeks of Daniel timeline is correct then it would mean the final 7 years should begin before the 70 years is up. The other thing to keep in mind is that there is no major event or prophecy recorded in the bible that happened in a 73- or 80-year timeframe. The tribulation is a unique event that only happens once in human history, so it is certainly possible that this would be the only biblical event in history that would start on the 73rd year and end in 80, but based on the time patterns of the bible it is very unlikely. The much more likely scenario is that is starts on the 70th year and ends on the 77th, but we shall see.

Regardless of when the tribulation happens, we know it is very close based on everything we see happening. Whether it begins this year, next year, or whenever, it is imperative that everyone get ready for what is about to happen. The most important preparation you can make is to be right with Jesus Christ. I am certainly not saying believe what I am telling you as gospel, but do your own research and make sure to do it fast. If the bible is correct, which I believe it is, after studying the new world order system for nearly 24 years now, when I first started waking up to the truth of what is going on. After studying it all in the biblical context for the last several years now, I believe the bible is 100 percent truth and everything in it has either happened and will happen exactly as written. We may not always interpret everything in the book correctly, which is why there is has been a world-wide debate ever since it was written. Even if we do not understand everything written, it does not mean the book is not true. It is the most truthful book ever written and the only thing that will lead you to salvation and going to heaven when leaving this world. If you have come to the conclusion that you need Jesus in your life, please pray this prayer below or something similar truly believing that is true. There is not really a truly right or wrong way to say, but you must believe it in your heart.

Lord Jesus;

I am a sinner. Please forgive me. Come into my life and cleanse me of my sins and unbelief. I believe in you and in salvation through the blood of Jesus. I turn from sin and trust in Jesus alone as my savior. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

If you prayed that prayer for the first time, let me welcome you to the family of Christ, through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Please get a bible if you do not have one and try to get set up in a church or a group of believers in order to grow in your new life. We live in incredible times and I think we are very close to the final 7 years beginning, so there is not much time left of so-called normal life. Everything is about the change in a drastic way, so please learn as much as you can ASAP and get ready both spiritually and physically for what is coming.


God Bless


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